A Leg Workout with little or no weights.

Can use DB or Resistance bands if available, otherwise no weights is fine.

Warm up your legs with bike or similar.....

1st Superset:
A) 10 x Stationary lunges each leg with DB if you have them 
B) Lunge 40 steps with the same weight
x 3 sets

2nd Superset:
A) Crab walk with resistance bands if you have them otherwise without bands (in a squat position 40 steps)
B) Squat Pulse for 30 seconds
C) Full Body Weight Squats for 30 seconds
x 3 sets

3rd Superset:
A) Step ups , same leg for 30 seconds, then wall sit 30 seconds
B) Step ups other leg for 30 seconds, then wall sit 30 seconds
x 3 sets

4th Superset:
A) 30 second pulse squats
B) 30 second full squats
x 2 sets

5th Superset:
A) 30 seconds pulse lunge one leg
B) then 30 seconds other leg
x 2 sets

Then to finish.....

A) Pulse squat for 30 seconds
B) full squats 30 seconds
x 3 rounds non stop

Enjoy !!!!!!!.. your legs should be spent in the end..

You are Welcome