Challenge Podcast Episode 1 - Pre Challenge Podcast

Welcome to episode 1 of the Challenge Podcast. 

Hosted by Helen Booth who is a past challenger and now the Platinum Manager. In this episode she speaks with fellow past Challenger Dianne Laidler. Together they explain what's required to be prepared for the MAX's or Maxine's Challenge.


Intro: [00:00:08] Hello and welcome to the challenge podcast brought to you by Max's and Maxine's Challenge with your host Helen Booth past challenger and now Platinum Manager.

Helen: [00:00:40] Hey, everyone! Welcome to the Challenge podcast. You're with me, Helen Booth. Today we're going to speak about preparing for the new challenge. I'm here with Dianne and of course, Timmy. Welcome guys!

Dianne: [00:00:54] Welcome. Thank you!

Helen: [00:00:56] We're going to run through the challenge website.

Dianne: [00:01:03] Then, we are going to talk about what we have to do before you do your challenge. If you signed up, you're ready to go. You're all excited? What do you have to do? When you go into your pantry and it's full of packets of Smith's crisps and chocolate bars. What are you going to do with those? They're not on the plan.

Helen: [00:01:24] Disappointingly, get rid of them before we start.

Dianne: [00:01:30] And how do we get rid of them?

Helen: [00:01:31] Just eat them.

Dianne: [00:01:33] No. We give them away to someone else who wants them. We Don't throw them in the bins because that would be a waste.

Timmy: [00:01:39] My address is .....

Dianne: [00:01:41] Send them to Timmy who can probably eat them without too many tragic circumstances, not like the rest of us.

Helen: [00:01:49] Okay. First, we got to clean out the pantry and get rid of anything that's got sugar in it. Anything that doesn't have a color green on it. Greens are a very important colour.

Dianne: [00:02:00] Anything in a packet like biscuits.

Helen: [00:02:03] Any cereals, coco pops, fruit loops, and anything like that should beout of sight,

Dianne: [00:02:10] Get your shopping list off the website or look at your nutrition plan, and go straight to the supermarket with the list in hand. Only go up the aisles you need to go.

Helen: [00:02:20] Before you go though check out what you've got in the way like spices because some of the spices you already have on hand. You don't really need to buy them again. Check your fridge as well on what vegetables you've got. On your freezer, check if you've got veggies and meat. You don't really need those straight off if you really got them. That will save you a bit of money too.

Dianne: [00:02:40] Get rid of the soft drink. That can go out of the fridge. What else can go out of the fridge? What have we all got inside our fridge?

Helen: [00:02:47] Cream. Milk. Cheese . Yum. Well, they have to go. That's only for twelve weeks, but this will change you to have a new healthy life.

Dianne: [00:03:01] Probably in twelve weeks you won't want to go fill your fridge with those things again, anyway.

Helen: [00:03:06] No, definitely not. I didn't.

Dianne: [00:03:09] Yeah. You think you will now, but you won't. Take our word for it.

Helen: [00:03:14] Yep. So you got a list in hand, and you also have an exercise plan because there might be a few things you want to pick up if you're going to do a home workout, maybe resistance bands from Kmart. They have some really cheap ones. And also Don, they have cheap dumbbells, too.

Dianne: [00:03:28] You can buy anything at Kmart. Pretty cheap. You don't need much.

Helen: [00:03:31] Fitball. Yoga Mat. They even have weights. Foam rollers, definitely. You gotta need a foam roller especially in the first month. Give you the tip. It's going to hurt. No. It's gonna be good for you, and you're going to enjoy it. We're all here to support you. Let us go back to what you got to do. Shopping, you got your list. Off you go.

Dianne: [00:03:55] Yes. Don't go up the lolly and candy aisles. Stay right away from that. Go to the fresh fruit aisle. Buy what you need. You probably don't need to go to the deli. You can't think how much you need to buy at the deli. Maybe some shredded chicken and fish. You can go get your fish and meat, but stay away from your hams and things like those. You don't need bacon. You do need all those green vegetables. So you walk over to the produce, over to the green vegetable aisle, and load up your trolley.

Helen: [00:04:29] Sounds like a great idea.

Dianne: [00:04:32] If you haven't gone to a gym, and you want to use a gym for your program, that might be a good time to go and have a look at a few. There might be a few gyms closeby.

Helen: [00:04:43] They might have some good plans. Sign up for free or cheap weeks. Get this for nothing or that for nothing.

Timmy: [00:04:58] Do they have gym plans?

[00:04:58] No. Gym special.

[00:05:01] Gym special. Sign up specials.

Dianne: [00:05:02] You can always talk them round. If you go in there and they say it's a hundred dollar joining fee, just look at them and say, really?

Helen: [00:05:09] I'm doing a 12-week challenge. I am not paying a hundred dollars to sign up here.

Dianne: [00:05:15] What can you do for me?

Helen: [00:05:16] Anytime Fitness may be down the road or something like that.

Dianne: [00:05:19] There's always a few gyms nearby. It is Important to go to one that is either near your home or your work. There might be a better one that's twenty kilometres away, but you will really go there?

Helen: [00:05:29] Twenty kilometres away is a long way.

Dianne: [00:05:31] If you drive past the gym on your way to work, try there.

Helen: [00:05:34] Yeah.

Dianne: [00:05:34] Go there first.

Helen: [00:05:35] Sign said he'll be there on your way home too so you'll be able to go on your way home from work. You can go in the morning.

Dianne: [00:05:41] Do you need a PT? Have you been to a gym before? You might need to book in a few PT sessions. Even though the forums there, coaches and ambassadors can help you, but they can't actually see your technique. Sometimes, it's good to get a PT when you're doing exercises like a deadlift. Second, to make sure you're not going to strain anything and also to make sure that your techniques are correct.

Helen: [00:06:03] Don't get any injuries because that could put you out for a week or two. There are a few PTs listed on the website.

Dianne: [00:06:10] Yeah. You can go to our website and have a look and see if we've got a PT near you. We don't have many on it yet, but I'm hoping to get more.

Helen: [00:06:18] Okay. So we've been to the supermarket. We're going into Kmart. We want some dumbbells and some other resistance bands while we're there. Treat yourself to a new outfit.

Dianne: [00:06:28] Yeah. You are going to need some leggings and tights. Guys are going to need some new shorts.

Helen: [00:06:33] Tank tops.

Dianne: [00:06:35] Good idea. Maybe get two outfits.

Dianne: [00:06:37] If you're in Kmart, you'll probably get three. If you're going Lorna Jane , you probably get half an outfit. You might get a tank top for the same price as three outfits in Kmart.

Helen: [00:06:47] Body Shops. They have good sales on, and they're also good quality. Cotton -on Body.

Dianne: [00:06:55] Cotton on body?

Helen: [00:06:55] Yes. Cotton on body. That's it. That one.

Helen: [00:06:59] The Big W have some, too. They have gears, as well. They have bands, clothes and all sort of stuff.

Dianne: [00:07:07] Yeah. Also another good thing to buy while you're at the supermarket or at Kmart, are some plastic containers.

Helen: [00:07:14] Yeah. A little bento box. That's good for meal prep. I think they were actually in Woolworth's.

Dianne: [00:07:21] Okay. So you just get your meal prep container, and then when you go home put all your fruit and veggies. You sit there on the bench and get yourself comfortable. Put the radio on and the music on. Start chopping, washing and straining. By the time you have chopped them all up and put them into the containers, you don't have to do it every night after work. You don't have to cut up your food. It's all done. It's In the fridge, and that's a good way to get it over with. You can do it in half an hour. By the end of the challenge, you'll be doing it in 15 minutes.

Helen: [00:07:52] Yeah. It's also good to select a day when you want to do your meal prep. Pick a day of the week, and just stick to that. It might be Sunday morning and you might be having a lazy morning and you're still in your PJ. Start your meal prep at lunchtime. Stick on some music and stay at home on a Sunday when it's cold and miserable. Do your meal prep. It does set you up for the next week. I do meal prep every Sunday. I don't have to cook my meals at all for lunch or dinner. It's just a matter of putting them all together the night before. They're already pre-cooked.

Dianne: [00:08:24] Yeah. I do all my veggies once or probably twice a week. And then, I just cook the meat, chicken or whatever I'm having when I get home. Fry the veggies together.

Helen: [00:08:34] You''re done. So much easier, isn't it?

Dianne: [00:08:37] Yes. Make sure you get good knives to chop up those veggies. You don't want a blunt knife. Yelling at those slices. You know that is zoom zoom zoom in.

Helen: [00:08:45] You can get them in Kmart or Big W, too.

Dianne: [00:08:49] Yes. Just be careful you don't chop your finger off because you don't want to see bits of finger in your food. That's disgusting.

Helen: [00:08:57] You can actually get in there. I'm one of those little boxes of old dice things and put your carrot in the top. Bang! It just go straight through.

Dianne: [00:09:06] Food processor if you want. Sit that on the bench. Get it done. Blender. It's a good idea for smoothies. You need a blender or a Neutra Bullet because there's nothing like a protein shake with some frozen fruit. That's a little bit thicker to make it look like ice cream your protein and we put up new Neutra Bullet. Great.

Helen: [00:09:33] You can also make ice cream. Ice and protein powder. Lots of things to think about, and lots of things to buy. If you start early you can buy little bits and pieces as the weeks go on, and you don't have to get everything all at once. Your food you do but all the little non essentials you don't really have to.

Dianne: [00:09:55] Yes. It seems a lot, but you're actually saving money by not buying junk food, take away meals, alcohol...

Helen: [00:10:01] ..chocolates and all those yummy things.

Dianne: [00:10:04] Yeah. That won't be yummy after twelve weeks.

Helen: [00:10:08] Nah.

Dianne: [00:10:08] You don't want them in.

Helen: [00:10:09] Nah. So we've done the shopping...

Dianne: [00:10:12] ...been to the gym, picked out a gym, and made a session with a PT. So, we're all good.

Helen: [00:10:17] What do we do now?

Dianne: [00:10:18] Well, they're going to log on to the website. First thing is to set up your profile. A lot of people put this off. They can't wait to see their plans and they'll say, I'll come back to my profile. But it is important to take your photo, and upload it fairly quickly. You want it to be done at the start. Not next week when you've already done a week of the challenge. You want to do it at the start.

Helen: [00:10:40] Your tummy has gone down and not bloated anymore from all that crap food. You need to do this stuff.

Dianne: [00:10:45] You need a realistic picture of where you've started.

Helen: [00:10:47] Yeah.

Dianne: [00:10:47] Because that's for your record.

Helen: [00:10:49] Take your measurements as well. Measure your arms, stomach, chest, hips, and legs. Measure it all and write that down because measuring will have changes in it. You can measure yourself if not every week, every block or every four weeks, and you'll see good results. Yeah. Give yourself a little journal, and just write everything in it. It's good even the way you're feeling and things like that. You can model that as well. .

Dianne: [00:11:14] You can do that on the website. There's a journal function in it. At the end of the challenge, you can download your journal to PDF, and keep it forever to remember your journey by.

Helen: [00:11:24] Something that I forgot to do.

Dianne: [00:11:29] Set up your profile page. Once your profile page is set up, you'll find more options on the page. You can do things like, changing your program from that page. If you've picked the beginner program because you haven't trained for a while, and you're thinking you'll need to start with beginner. But when you start you think, Oh this is probably a little bit too easy, you can change it to intermediate fairly easily on your profile page. If you find that intermediate is a bit hard, you can go back to the beginner if you want. Go to advanced even if you're feeling fantastic. From your profile page, you can change your email address. You can set up your picture that people can see on the forum next to your name. You can do a few things from there, but you need to set your profile up first.

Helen: [00:12:16] Lots of people forget to set up their profile. And then they'll email us and say, I can't do this and I can't do that. It's because you haven't done your profile fully. You might put your name in and your photo up, but it's not finished. You have to finish the whole thing, and then you can get access to the whole site.

Dianne: [00:12:32] And that brings up, are you going to be a private challenger or a public challenger? Pretty much, it's 50/50. For every public challenger, there's probably one private challenger as well. But, you don't see the private challengers. We always recommend that you go public because we have a much better finishing rate. People tend to complete the challenge if they put their photo up there for people to see. You don't have to make the decision straightaway.

Helen: [00:12:57] What date is it?

Dianne: [00:12:58] It's about five or six week in. You have to decide by.

Helen: [00:13:03] Yes. You can change that sixth-week mark if you want to. We'll let you know the date that has to be changed by.

Dianne: [00:13:08] If you decide you want to be private and you don't want to put a picture up there, then you get to week six or seven and go, I should have been in public. Now, I really want to. You don't have that Before picture so you won't be able to do it. So put the picture up. If you're private no one will see it. Not even the coaches and ambassadors. They can't see it either until you go public. If you decide to stay private, that's great. But just in case you do decide that you want to go public later, just pop your picture up. Same with your check-ins. Make sure you check in.

Helen: [00:13:42] If you don't put your pictures up, you're not eligible to be in the challenge competition either. You've got to check in, and you've got to have all your photos up.

Dianne: [00:13:50] Yes. The reason for that is if you haven't got a Before picture, the judges won't be able to look at your Before and After for judging. That's why you won't be in the competition.

Helen: [00:14:04] You get towards the end of it. You've done really well, and then the competition require to include a photo up or didn't change to public. Yes. It's disappointing. Have a look around the website. There's so much information there. Under training, nutrition, mindset, the social side of it. There's so much in our forum, anything that you need to ask. You just get on there and just have a search. Let's say you're looking for something on a recipe or you're looking for something on a certain training exercise, search it first. If there's nothing there, then ask away. There's mindset, training, nutrition, and general chit chat.

Dianne: [00:14:48] Admin.

Helen: [00:14:48] Yeah. Admin. Just ask away. That's what it's there for. It's there to support you.

Dianne: [00:14:55] Even if you don't want to put the question on the forum or contribute to a thread, you should still visit the page as much as you can. Read what other people are saying. Someone might have a question. When you read the question you think, wow, I wanted to know that too.

Helen: [00:15:07] I felt like that. I didn't do much on the forum when I did my challenge. I did read it a lot even though I didn't comment. I think I only did two comments and that was it. I got a lot out of it. It was really good. There's also the Facebook page which is really good prior to the challenge starting and also between challenges. Plus, it's more of a social page. We try not to ask too many questions on them because we don't have coaches on there. Facebook page is really good just as a general chit chat between challenges and ambassadors. There are people on the Facebook page who are not doing the challenge, but are thinking about it. There are people doing the challenge. There are also past challengers and ambassadors on there, as well. Plenty of different people, just chat away. They just put up anything. They put their feeling and photos for the day.

Dianne: [00:16:01] That's really a supportive page.

Helen: [00:16:02] Yeah.

Dianne: [00:16:04] Everybody pretty much on the Facebook page will give you support rif you need it. They're all really positive. There are not any of those internet troll type people on there. Get rid of them real quick. Another social thing you can do is go to the community tab, and you'll see the social hub. If you've got Instagram, you can hashtag our hashtags. We are #challenge, #Maxineschallenge18, or #Maxschallenge18. Your pictures will show up on the social hub. All the other challengers can see them. You can have a look at the social hub, and see what everyone else is doing. That's pretty motivating too. Seeing people out there training, what they're eating for lunch, putting up pictures. That's a really good page to visit. If you don't have Instagram, it doesn't matter. You can still look at other people's pictures.

Helen: [00:16:49] You can get lots of ideas. There are different meals, and what people are doing. The plans are really basic plans. You can just get ingredients so sometimes to see somebody else put it together in a different way than you have, it makes a bit of variety to your meals .

Dianne: [00:17:04] You can form a group if you've got friends doing the challenge. You're all from the same gym or just a group that you might be interested in. The 50 plus group is for some with over 50 challenges. I think there are all kinds of groups going on there.

Helen: [00:17:19] Forties, the vegans, there's the young mummies, and there are lots of different groups.

Dianne: [00:17:27] If you join a group you'll be able to chat to the other people in that group, on the forum, and in your own thread so that other people who are not in the group can't see it. It's a good way for you to have a chat to people that might have something in common with you.

Helen: [00:17:41] ...other than the challenge.

Dianne: [00:17:43] Yes, young mums can talk about things. They can talk about their babies, and how the young mums do the challenge. I mean, I did the challenge when my kids had grown up. They could basically tie up their own shoes and feed themselves.

Helen: [00:17:58] Trying to find time to look after young baby.

Dianne: [00:17:59] Yeah.

Helen: [00:17:59] Go to the gym, prepare their food, look after the family, and what else can they talk about?

Dianne: [00:18:04] The resources tab is pretty good. If you go in there, there's a mindset tab. There are lots of mindset messages from Craig.

Helen: [00:18:12] Craig Harper?

Dianne: [00:18:13] Yes. He'll help you go. You might just feel like you need a bit of a lift, and you can listen to that. You'll probably resonate with what Craig's saying. He's pretty good at that kind of thing, the You Project.

Helen: [00:18:25] Yes, the You Project.

Dianne: [00:18:25] It is really interesting. Craig just talks to people who have done good things in the community. That's another good thing if you're out for a walk. You can just plug that in. Listen through your headphones while walking. It passes the time.

Helen: [00:18:38] There are lots on there, too.

Dianne: [00:18:39] Yeah, there's heaps.

Helen: [00:18:40] I think he's adding them weekly, isn't he?

Dianne: [00:18:42] Yeah.

Helen: [00:18:42] Yeah. We'll be adding podcasts weekly, too.

Dianne: [00:18:45] Our podcasts are probably there. Kate has got some really good meditations on there. If you need a bit of relaxing especially at night, you can listen to her. She's good.

Helen: [00:18:57] We probably need to go over the photos just with the newspaper or the image. Just remember that the very first photo that you need to take has your full body, head to toe with a current newspaper, or the PDF which you can download from the website. That's there too. That's new. If you are by yourself and you take your photo play around beforehand with timers and things like that first. It really does help.

Dianne: [00:19:24] My advice is, this drives me nuts. When you do your Before photo, don't do it standing in front of a toilet, in a messy bedroom, in a shower with your towels all over the floor.

Helen: [00:19:38] It looks terrible.

Dianne: [00:19:38] It distracts from you. We want to see you. You stand in front of a wall or something. We don't want to be busy looking round the room saying, oh my God..

Helen: [00:19:46] ..look at their messy room.

Dianne: [00:19:46] a messy person..

Helen: [00:19:50] It does distracts from the actual person.

Dianne: [00:19:53] It distracts the judges, too. When they're judging, they're probably thinking, I don't know. Do they really see the photo? We used the Before and After photos of the top 10s on the website a lot. So if your Before photo is kind of standing in front of the shower with a towel draped all over you, hundreds and thousands of people will see that photo if you get to the top 10ten

Helen: [00:20:20] If you're by yourself, you're just by yourself, aren't you?

Dianne: [00:20:24] Well, I did my photo by myself. When I first did the challenge, I was so embarrassed to hell. I don't want anyone to see me. It was actually hard because I tried to put on a little table (bedside table), but it was too low so I had to put something on top of that and it kept falling off. It was driving me nuts. But eventually, I got it. I set the timer, ran back to the walls, and stood there in my undies trying not to laugh at myself...

Helen: [00:20:54] ..or cry at yourself?

Dianne: [00:20:55] That was fine. It worked out alright.

Helen: [00:21:01] I just dragged my husband in. We take twenty photos. No, you can't use that. No, you can't use that. Oh, that was okay. I think I did that every single time. Anyway, head to toe photo with a newspaper or the PDF. What else do we need to remember? Get yourself a new pair of runners. I can't push it probably hard enough. They may be 6 months old. Get yourself a brand new pair of runners and get fitted. It does make a whole lot of difference to your feet, legs, hips, back, shoulders, neck, and your whole body. Remember that your legs hold you up. If they fail in the first month, your legs ...

Dianne: [00:21:45] You're going to be exercising a lot.

Helen: [00:21:47] Yeah.

Dianne: [00:21:48] So you don't want to be uncomfortable.

Helen: [00:21:50] Nah. You've got to have a really good pair of shoes. I think I went through three pairs of runners because I walked every single day. You can get fitted on a shop, and then you can look online that will say recommended. You can find them cheaper online. Just make sure that they are suited to you, and that you're comfortable with them because there's nothing worse than blisters.

Helen: [00:22:13] What else is there, Dianne?

Dianne: [00:22:13] Coaches' articles are here on the news tab. There are heaps of articles. Well, this will be our twelfth challenge. Some of them have been there from the start so there are lots of articles. If you're new to the challenge, it would take you days to read them. You can just have a flick through. Think of what articles you're interested in. Another thing, you can read past top 10 transformations on the resources tab. It's a good idea to have a look at those. Read about other people's journeys. A lot of the top tens have written fairly comprehensive journals along the way. Some of them didn't write any journals, but others have written a lot of things in their journal. If you read through them, that can help you with your challenge as well because you can see what other people did.

Helen: [00:23:09] It's good to read back through people's journals, too. I tried to read as many journals as I can. I just want to see why they started, and what they've been through. A lot of them are just like little diaries of people. Someone's had something happen in their life, they've just fallen off the wagon, or they're just sick of the way they look.

Helen: [00:23:27] ..or If they're doing a great job..

Dianne: [00:23:29] You can like the journals, too. You can react to the journals. There's some little emoji things.

Helen: [00:23:35] Maybe it would be nice. It's something that we can write one word in, like a thumbs up, great job or something like that. That would be really good to be able to save it.

Dianne: [00:23:43] It's good when you've written your journal. It would pop up on the latest journals, and other people have liked it.

Helen: [00:23:48] Yeah.

Dianne: [00:23:48] Yeah, they like me.

Helen: [00:23:51] It's like with the social hub, too. It's nice to put things up in the Facebook page. All people will like, comment, and tell you that you've done a great job. It really helps to motivate you. Let us talk about choosing your program. If you're not sure which program to choose, have a read of what's on the challenge website about the different programs. If you're not sure, try the forum (if you can) and just ask. You can use the Facebook page as well. Just ask about it If you're still not sure.

Dianne: [00:24:23] Yes, the coaches will help you. If you're a public challenger and you have chosen your program, but you're not sure, the coaches can click on your name and they'll see your picture. They'll be able to tell you if they think you're doing the right program or if you should change.

Helen: [00:24:40] We have Tone and Shape, and we have Get Strong. We also have a Platinum program. It's more like an online PT who goes through the whole twelve weeks with you, goes through your weekly check-ins, program and measurements. They'll look at your photos and support you the whole way through. You can talk to them, and they'll ring you every ten days, isn't it?

Dianne: [00:25:03] Yes. I think the coaches try to ring their platinum challengers every couple of weeks, if they can. Every week there's a form that you fill in with your measurements, photos,if you've got any questions on what you're doing, the coaches will respond weekly. They'll let you know if there's anything you should be altering in the program to suit you, and ask how you are doing. They'll track your measurements, and your photos to give you a little bit of extra advice. If you need that extra support, you think (maybe I'm not sure if I'll be motivated to do the challenge), then platinum might be a good option because you know you've got to check in every week. If you don't check in, someone's going to ring you and say, how are you going?

Helen: [00:25:40] Guess who that might be?

Dianne: [00:25:41] That might be me Helen.

Helen: [00:25:42] That might be me.

Dianne: [00:25:44] That's Helen's job. She's pretty good at that. She'll get right on your back.

Dianne: [00:25:47] She'll make sure you...

Helen: [00:25:50] I just want to support you to let you know that there is somebody there. An example is that I've got somebody new that came on this week. He wasn't motivated enough. I started talking to him and got him motivated and back on track again with three weeks out. I mean he's giving it his all again. That's where the platinum program is brilliant. You'll have support from your coach, and you'll also have support every day from me. If you need to email, text, ring or anything. Is there anything else?

Dianne: [00:26:24] We can talk a bit about the competition at the end. It's like twelve weeks away from the start. Challenge is a competition if you're a public challenger. You've put up your Before photo, your week four photo, your week eight photo, and then at the end you put up your final photo. You need the newspaper again for that one. You can also print the PDF or hold it up on your iPad. Judges will come and it'll take days, literally days, to make sure everyone's photo is looked at. They read journals. They read why you did the challenge and how you went. They'll look at your photos. It's a huge job.

Helen: [00:27:03] They'll look at your whole twelve weeks. They'll look at every single person that finishes.

Dianne: [00:27:09] We pretty much lock them in a room so they can't escape.

Helen: [00:27:14] We don't feed them either.

Dianne: [00:27:17] They've come up with their top fifty male and female challengers of people who finished. Top fifty will get a T-shirt sent out to them with top fifty on it, which is good to have. Get your picture up on the website. Amazing to think that thousands of people would start this challenge. If you can get in the top fifty, that's a huge effort.

Helen: [00:27:35] Very exciting.

Dianne: [00:27:39] The top ten are all sent prize packs out. The winner can win a holiday, second prize is a thousand dollars, and third prize is 500 dollars. All the top ten get prize packs valued at about 700 dollars worth of supplements, merchandise, and they can also become an ambassador for the challenge for the next challenge if they want to.

Helen: [00:27:58] It is really good.

Dianne: [00:28:00] They're going to love it.

Helen: [00:28:02] I was an ambassador for for four years so I loved it.

Dianne: [00:28:05] Yeah.

Helen: [00:28:06] That is really good. It's great being able to support other people and go through each challenge with everybody again.

Dianne: [00:28:14] You pretty much know every single person who's doing the challenge.

Helen: [00:28:17] It's very rewarding actually just to see people and to change people's lives because in just twelve weeks, so many lives have changed. Just to see them all is very rewarding.

Dianne: [00:28:29] Especially when you see someone come back to you. You can see their transformation. They might have gone off and done something else for a while, and then come back and say, oh I remember them.

Helen: [00:28:39] Some of them used their first challenges just to get their heat eating underway. They get to the second challenge to help build themselves up. The third one, they use just to build the muscles. You go from the first photo in January to the end photo. They're hot. They just change. Their mind, body and look just changed. It is amazing to watch someone go through a whole year of it.

Dianne: [00:29:02] Yes. The challenge is not particularly about winning it. It is like an extra little thing that's put in there. It's more about improving your lifestyle, getting healthy, getting your fitness, and getting into a good routine of exercise.

Helen: [00:29:18] Your family is healthy too. The kids watch and they learn from you. If you're unhealthy, they're unhealthy, too.

Dianne: [00:29:26] Someone will win. In every challenge, someone wins, so that's a bonus.

Helen: [00:29:30] Worthy winner.

Dianne: [00:29:31] Yeah.

Helen: [00:29:32] That's great. Mentioning the phone call, well, I did get top ten.

Dianne: [00:29:37] Helen came third in her challenge. How many people were in that challenge? It was like 18,000.

Helen: [00:29:45] I think it was 10,000 women and 10,000 men started it.

Dianne: [00:29:49] That was huge.

Helen: [00:29:51] It was huge. Twenty thousand people. Probably that was 2014. It was the best year. 2015 was big too, but I don't think it was as big.

Dianne: [00:30:03] No, I think 2014 was the biggest.

Helen: [00:30:03] That was just amazing so I reckoned we've taken them a week to go through everybody.

Dianne: [00:30:07] Yeah, definitely.

Helen: [00:30:10] Big job. All right. We're all done,I think. Our shopping's done now. Plans are done. If you have questions after you've been through all of that and you can't find on the website the forum or the Facebook page..

Dianne: [00:30:25] can send us an e-mail. It's You can give us a call during business hours. It's either Helen or I will pick up the phone and have a chat.

Helen: [00:30:35] We can help you out with whatever you want helped out with.

Dianne: [00:30:39] I like it when people call, and they want to have a chat. Saves me working?

Helen: [00:30:48] Chit-chat? It's good to talk to challengers, too. You talk to them and then you see them on social media. And you go, oh, I just talked to that person the other day. And then, you can connect to that person and have a bit of a chit chat with them.

Dianne: [00:31:02] We're pretty approachable. We're nice people, aren't we?

Helen: [00:31:05] Yeah, we are. Time's coming up.

Dianne: [00:31:08] I think that's about it.

Helen: [00:31:10] Prep week opens up next week, I think. It's time to get ready to start the challenge. Hope your excited?

Dianne: [00:31:18] Yeah. Good luck!

Helen: [00:31:23] Prep week is an exciting time, and then you can't wait to start.

Dianne: [00:31:25] And we'll be doing it with you because we always start the challenge. I don't always get past the first week.

Helen: [00:31:31] I think we're going to do an in-house one.

Dianne: [00:31:33] I think we are.

Helen: [00:31:34] It means that everybody here at Amino will be doing an in-house challenge.

Dianne: [00:31:37] We'll have to stick it out for twelve weeks.

Helen: [00:31:39] Yes. You gotta leave that in.

Dianne: [00:31:46] I'm not doing my photo in my undies. Putting it up in the workplace.

Helen: [00:31:51] We have seen posters up on the wall.

Dianne: [00:31:54] No no. We did it. I did the challenge in 2015. I did 2014. Helen beat me so I got dark so I did take twenty fiftteen.

Helen: [00:32:03] And everybody I know that beat died the.

Dianne: [00:32:07] My whole aim in life now is to beat Helen in something. How are you, Candy Crush?

Helen: [00:32:12] I beat her in 2015.