The Snowflake effect-is it sabotaging your result?

Feel as though you're smashing it at the gym but your body isn't changing shape? You're putting a tremendous amount of effort into training and you're eating clean? Well.... most of the time anyway?

I know, it may be just one 'small treat', you could have eaten the whole packet.... it's just one, what harm could it do? Sound familiar?

This stop/start approach to your nutritional habits could be what is holding you back.

How often are you allowing yourself treats?

If you really want to see results from the effort you are putting into your training, it's time to STOP IT. Give your body a chance to build some body fat loss momentum.

Think of Day 1 as the snowflake. Day 2, a bigger snowflake as it finds another and builds as it joins forces, day 3 bigger again, day 4 bigger and bigger.... And so on.
One week of clean eating with no cheats whatsoever = snowball, rolling down the hill getting larger and larger.
After a full week of no cheating, you're more than likely going to see some results and improvements in body composition.
After 2 weeks the snowball has gained considerable momentum. This is when you will definitely see some major improvements.
The longer you continue, the more momentum is gained. Changes will come easily and with less effort once the momentum has built.

If you decide to have that one 'small treat' all of the clean days and weeks you had accumulated are lost. You lose the momentum you had gained and begin the whole process again, back at the top of the hill as the little snowflake.

It may seem hard at first but it does get easier. Before long you've reached a new level and you're looking back at the past weeks as easy-peezy and you wondered why you didn't do it earlier. There's plenty of time to celebrate and enjoy the physique you've created. You will get there and it'll be more than worth it!