Waking up to Energy - Kate Alderman

We are evolving as a planet and a new understanding is taking place. We are moving into a world based on energy.

Many are beginning to understand that we are more than a physical being - there is energy involved.

Atoms are physical particles. Atoms consist of electrons, protons and neutrons and these consist of energy. Energy is not physical as there is no substance. Atoms are therefore like "nano-tornados".

We are made out of energy and because energy has no boundaries we are an energy field. We are broadcasting our energy out to the world, as there are no borders to our energy.

Our energy affects others and theirs affects ours. The higher vibration of love and light always prevails over fear and density.

We communicate through our energy; our feelings are our gage and tell us how we're doing. If we have light energy we feel radiant, positive and motivated. If we have dense energy we feel lethargic, negative and have little enthusiasm.

If we can read energy we feel guided and know what is going to happen next. If we can't read energy we have no idea what's about to happen.

When we are faced with a choice and need to know whether to do this or to do that, we ask our heart not our head. Our heart is far more accurate than our rationale thinking. Our heart communicates with us through our feelings and is our monitor of energy, vibration and the ultimate tool when it comes to making decisions.

When faced with options tune into the feelings of your body. Now state option A and listen to your body's feedback and feelings. Now state option B and again feel what is happening within. One option is likely to make you feel good and the other may produce an ache or nausea. It's important to remember that when we're developing ourselves we often take things on that make us feel uncomfortable, however this feeling of unsettledness comes with a hint of excitement and this is necessary for personal growth and expansion.

Stay aligned with the heart for a smooth and graceful experience of life!


Kate Alderman