7 ways to Creative Happiness

Feeling down?

When did you stop dancing, singing, playing, laughing, spending time in nature or solitude?

We all get caught up from time to time. We all know how great we feel after doing these things but too often we forget. It's easy to fall into a practice of doing more, placing further commands on ourselves and not ever stopping to enjoy the simple things.

It takes very little time and minimal effort. Try these:

  • Sing as loud as you can in the car. No one can hear you go your hardest!
  • Whistle, sing or hum in the shower.
  • Dance whilst cooking dinner or doing housework.
  • Get in a child's world. Don't be serious, just let go and have crazy fun. They love it!
  • Watch a comedy, funny YouTube clips or read a side-splitting book or article.
  • Take your cardio out of the gym and into Nature.
  • Spend time in Nature meditating or doing nothing. This brings so much peace into life and is really worth the time.

Nothing is something worth doing!

Remember, Authentic Joy is a state of being when one is happy regardless of their situation or circumstances.

Kate Alderman