5 Ways to reduce calories without trying.

Here are 5 easy tips that will save you cut Calories in your diet without trying too hard.

We all want to reduce our Calories, but no one likes to restrict their foods, try starting with these hints to change what you eat, without the pain of dieting!

1. Eat Dark Chocolate instead of Milk:
Dark Chocolate is lower in sugar and Milk fats, it is also less Moorish, so easier to stop at a few squares instead of eating the whole block.

2. Swap your fries for baked Potato:
We all love fries, but the oil adds more calories than we need. A yummy alternative is to cut a potato or sweet potato into Wedges, spray with some coconut oil and season with herbs, garlic, paprika or sea salt and bake them in the oven.

3. Don't drink your calories:
500ml of soft drink can contain around 200 Calories, as well having a huge amount of added sugar. Sweetened Fruit Juice, alcohol, flavoured Milk are all calorie dense. Carry a bottle of water with you where ever you go and get into the habit of drinking it throughout the day, if you are not thirsty, you won't be tempted with a Coke mid afternoon.

4. Reduce Bread:
If you are having a Burger or even a sandwich, remove the top slice of bread or bun and eat it with a knife and fork. This will reduce the Calories by up to 100 and you will eat slower rather than shoving it into your mouth quickly, so the feeling of fullness will take over before you finish. Don't forget to wash it down with water.

5. Change your snacks:
If you are out and about, instead of grabbing a chocolate bar popping in to the bakery for a snack, go to the supermarket. Buy a punnet of Berries or some cut up Carrot or Vegetable sticks. This will save you heaps of calories and you will feel better for it!