5 ways to increase Incidental Exercise

It's common for us to look for the easiest way to do things. Although there's nothing wrong, it saves us time and effort, when it comes to body fat reduction this can really interrupt our results.

During winter weather it's common for us to move less. In the warmer weather we get outside more often, we tend to walk or ride a bike to where we need to be. Social exercise is more common when the sun is shining. In winter weather we park our cars as close as we can to where we need to be to avoid getting cold and wet. Our quick strolls turn into short drives. Beaches and Nature Parks are vacated.

Sure we do our cardio in the gym as usual but the enjoyable incidental exercise we've forgotten about is put to an end. If you're wondering why you gain a few extra kilos over the winter this could be your answer, well at least part of it.

So here are some tips that will put you ahead:

Look at where you can add some walking
Park your car further away and enjoy a quick brisk walk. Go for a short walk during your lunch break and soak up some winter sunshine. Vitamin D comes from sunshine and we all could do with more of this during the darker winter months. Bare as much skin as you can to allow for absorption.

Take the stairs
Forget the elevator/lift, always use the stairs and you'll burn a significant amount more calories.

Move and groove
Sing, dance and groove along to the music whilst in your car. You can do this at home too and it makes house chores and food prep far more interesting and fun.

Carry your shopping
Use carry bags or a shopping basket instead of trolleys when doing the shopping.

"Work Squats"
For those who work in an office and find themselves sitting most of the day I recommend standing up each time you take a phone call. If you take numerous phone calls throughout the day you'll find yourself performing "Work Squats".

Stretch or flex
If you find yourself with some idle time use this to stretch or flex. The most common time is during ad breaks whilst watching television. Stretching is possible even if you don't have floor space as you can stretch whilst standing. Doorways and shelves are great for stretching, especially upper body. Flexing and squeezing are great too and assists with mind muscle connections, your weight training will benefit greatly.

By Kate Alderman