8 great things about Cinnamon

The wondrous spice cinnamon has so many health benefits, it is no wonder it gets included into many dishes.

  • It is a natural digestive assisting you to gain more nutrients from your foods.
  • It also is a powerful anti-bacterial that helps gut health.
  • It is easily added into the diet by sprinkling cinnamon powder onto your meats, vegetables, gorgeous on baked sweet potato, baked chicken breast, into egg whites to make pancakes, or even made into a tea with boiling water.
  • Mix cinnamon, cardamom and star anise into boiling water and let infuse for 3-5 mins. Drink either hot or cold to really satisfy that sweet desire.
  • Cinnamon helps with weight loss as it¬†reduces blood sugar levels, the feeling of contentment or being full, encourages you to eat less. That's always a plus for monitoring weight.
  • Can assist in lowering Cholesterol
  • Increases Blood Circulation¬†
  • Great source of minerals

By Janet Kane