The 15 Minute Stair workout you can do at Lunchtime

Do you sit down all morning at work? Have no exercise equipment at home? Do you have 15 Minutes and a flight of stairs?

Then the Stair workout is for you!

It will tone your Booty and give you a calorie burning workout in one go. Running or walking on flat ground is like relaxation for your Glutes but make them climb and they will Burn.
Make sure you have at least 10 steps and a handrail for safety, your foot should fit nicely on the tread.

It is important to be extra careful on the stairs. Start your warm up slowly and get used to the step. Then get stuck in!

  1. Warm Up: an easy jog up and walk down for 1 minute.
  2. Side step: From the bottom, Face the rail, hands on the rail, right foot on 2nd step, Left foot on first, step Right up one, then Left up one and repeat to the top then jog down. Face left and repeat. Do this for 3 Minutes.
  3. Triceps Dip: Feet on the ground Hands on Bottom step AMRAP 30 seconds
  4. Side Hop: From the bottom facing the side, holding lightly onto the Rail, Hop up one step, then back down. Repeat 10 times on each side.
  5. Push Up: Hands on whichever step is comfortable, the Lower the harder, or to make it even harder hands on the floor and feet on the step. AMRAP 30 seconds
  6. Jog: Up and down for 3 Minutes
  7. Plank walk: Start in plank at bottom of stairs with palms on first step. Walk right hand up to next step, then left. Walk right hand back down, then left. That's 1 rep. Switch sides; repeat for 10 each side.
  8. Air Squat: Going up the stairs, on each step drop into a low air squat until you reach the top, jog down 3 Minutes

Got a bit more time? Repeat the workout,,,,,,