My challenge experience By Angela Adams

One afternoon I was sitting flicking through the TV channels and I came across Max's Muscle TV, on my second large block of chocolate (yes second) it showed all these transformations and thought wow I would love to give this challenge ago and I am thankful I did.

Signing up for the challenge has been the best decision I have made it has changed my life for the better, I used to be a sugar addict and my diet was so bad, but I found Max/Maxine's products tasted that good I didn't miss the naughty food and still don't. I have become so much more confident in myself, I feel like a new person, I am fitter, healthier and stronger.

My 12 week challenge was tough, I had a couple of slips ups because I was not prepared with my food but I learned from it and made sure next time I was prepared so I would not slip up again, food prep was a big thing for me. I also avoided the scales until it was check in time, your weight will fluctuate everyday day all day, so I took progress photos and measured myself along the way instead, I learnt motivation will come and go and I had to push through those days when I didn't want to work out or follow the food plan. I had so many obstacles during my 12 week challenge and at times I wanted to give up, but I didn't I kept going and I said to myself you're a strong person you can do this! I took it one day at a time.

Staying on track can be hard but you have so much support to help keep you on track and to keep you focused, there were days I lacked motivation but I would jump on the forum and the Facebook group for support to help me get through those days, the support during the challenge on the forum and the Facebook group is beyond amazing, it kept me on track. If I was unsure of anything I would pop onto the forum and ask, another key to my success was Craig Harper's podcasts they are full of valuable information to help you succeed during the challenge and beyond. The podcasts kept my mindset strong, the Coaches and Ambassadors are amazing and are there to help you with your journey along the way.

I am so grateful I now get to be a part of the challenge and help challengers on their journey during the 12 weeks. I want to see challengers succeed and will provide tips and advice from my experiences during my challenge wherever possible to help them, it is such an amazing feeling to see challengers grow into strong, fitter, mentally strong versions of themselves and I am thankful I get to be an Ambassador to such an amazing brand and to such an amazing challenge.

Max/Maxine's challenge is not easy but no challenge is ever easy, if you are thinking about giving it a go do, you will be amazed what you can achieve in 12 weeks, I was so unfit at the start of the challenge I could not even complete a cardio class but by week 11 I was a powerhouse, my body is now fit, strong and healthy and I couldn't be happier.

The challenge changed my life and it will change your life, challenge yourself.