5 Spices to help you lose Bodyfat!

Do you love to add spices to your meals? We know that Spices can change that boring piece of Chicken or Tofu into a whole new taste sensation, but what are the best spices to use when you are trying to lose Bodyfat?

Coach Adam Gee has some recommendations for you. 

  • High in Curcumin, turmeric decreases lipogenesis (formation of fat) while increasing the breakdown of body fat on a calorie restricted diet. Turmeric will keep you losing fat even after a long period of calorie deficit and help you enjoy your food, particularly if you mix it with cumin and coriander on baked chicken.
  • Cinnamon moderates insulin release in response to high GI food. This will help you lose weight by preventing large insulin spikes, as well as assisting concentration by mediating blood sugar levels. Cinnamon also tastes awesome and is delicious on rice, oats or even sweet potato.
  • Getting run down on your diet? Get on the garlic. Garlic is a potent immune booster, it speeds up your metabolism and is high in vitamin C which can assist with reducing adrenal gland fatigue (a problem associated with high amounts of exercise) while reducing cortisol.
  • Coriander consumption has been proven to assist with digestion, primarily through assisting the digestive enzymes amylase and lipase (which digest carbs and fats).
  • Chilli can aid in boosting metabolism and is a great way to spice up any meal.

So pop these Spices in your pantry and use them with your Nutrition Plan to keep burning fat and to make your meals taste delicious!