6 Exercises you can do on the Couch.

Do you need to get up off the Couch but don't really want to go far?

Are you in the middle of your favourite TV show?

This may be the work out for you!

Triceps Dips. Slide your bottom forward, Keep your hands on the Couch, legs outstretched (or on the coffee table). 10 -15 Dips

Squats: Stand up, arms out in front and squat down to the couch and back up. 15 – 20 reps

Leg Crosses: sit on the edge, legs straight out in front off the ground. Cross your Right leg over left, then alternate. 20 Reps

Push Ups: Hands on the Couch in a push up position, or hands on the floor and feet on the couch to make it harder. 10 -15 Push ups

Tucks: Sit on the edge, legs together, bring your knees in to your chest and bak to the start. 20 Reps

Single Leg Squat: Front foot on the floor, back leg on the couch behind you. Bend and straighten front leg. 15 reps each leg

Repeat the workout 3 – 5 rounds.