Chin Ups - Janet Kane

We are all at differing levels with the chin ups and women particularly lack the back strength naturally, so don't be hard on yourself, it will come with persistence and progression and oh what a feeling it is when you can!

We have progressions for chins.
Start with-
Hang and hold and then do scapula retractions whilst in the bottom of the hang (where you squeeze your shoulder blades together and poke your chest up) to connect with your back muscles
Assisted chins with a machine (start with your body weight on the pins, then decrease the weight each time)
Use a resistance band and jump up and slow your descend to increase strength.

Once you can do a few of these, try the next stage-
Body weight, jump up and slowly descend, aim for 6-10 sec descend and keep pushing your chest up to the bar connecting with your back
Do 2 or 3 of this tempo. (it really puffs you out)
Try this every couple of days at the beginning of your workout, just 2 or 3 jumps from a step and slowly descend
The position of your hands will impact which back muscles we are targeting and they vary with degree of difficulty and important to do all positions for a well-balanced back.
Hands Supinated (underhand) shoulder grip, is the easiest (like how I use chin up and easy in the same sentence....!) and will target more of the middle back. Your biceps get a good workout here.
Hands neutral (palms facing) middle back
Hands pronated (overhand) wide grip, is the hardest and will target the back width.
A strong back is essential for your posture, life movements and aesthetics.
Persist with these and keep us posted with your progress.