5 myths stopping you from losing weight

1. It's just how you're made

Weight and size are directly related to environmental, rather than genetic, factors and everyone can change their shape through changes in lifestyle. The National Weight Control Registry keeps track of those who lose weight and assess whether they can keep it off. The resounding result is that you can affect your weight and you can keep the weight off once you've lost it.

2. Eat less and exercise more to lose weight

There is a common myth that eating less and exercising more is the only way to lose weight. While these steps will help you to lose weight, they are not the only consideration in the equation. Counting calories that come in versus the calories that go out can be helpful in losing weight, but you must also take into account what you are eating. If you eat 2,000 calories of cake, for example, this is not equal to 2,000 calories of a healthy and balanced meal. What you eat matters as much as how much you eat, so it is essential that you pay attention to this too.

3. Health changes take significant weight loss

Many people believe that they need to lose a significant amount of weight before they start feeling the benefits of weight loss, but this is simply not the case. Research has shown that a slight weight change of just 10% can have a very significant and positive change to the blood pressure and sugar control in individuals, which in turn will make their general health improve. Weight loss at any level will benefit you and with each kilogram dropped you have one less kilogram to carry around.

4. There is a 'best' diet

People can lose weight with a whole range of different diets and there is no single diet that is the 'best' solution for weight loss. 45% of people are able to lose weight on their own following their own dietary controls while 55% use a wide range of different structured weight-loss programs. Many people will try a number of different diets to find the one that's right for them, but you can benefit from a range of different changes to your diet.

5. You have to give up alcohol to lose weight

While alcohol is high in calories, you do not have to give up alcohol in order to lose weight. Alcohol is just one factor of many that will impact on your weight and overall health, so there is no need to give it up. Of course, alcohol in moderation is better than excessive drinking, but there are plenty of people who both drink and are able to control their weight.

If you want to lose weight then you should forget these myths and go for it. With some simple lifestyle changes, you can start to shed the pounds in no time at all.