FAQ’s / Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

  • What is the Challenge?

    The Challenge is Australia's toughest and most effective transformation competition! It is an online 12 week program of hard training and disciplined nutrition designed to not only achieve dramatic change in your physique, but also teach you what you need to know to maintain and even improve your gains for a lifetime. Challengers register online, posting a 'before' picture, and have the option to enter the Challenge Competition with a 'public' account (where other challenge participants can see your transformation and pictures) or skip the competition with a 'private' account (where only you can see your picture). Challengers then have 12 weeks to achieve the best transformation they can. After the 12 weeks, you post an 'after' picture and if you've met the requirements are in the running to win some fantastic prizes! The pictures are judged to determine who has made the biggest transformation from 'before' to 'after'!

    During the Challenge you receive: all the training plans you will need for the 12 weeks; all the nutrition and meal plans you will need for the 12 weeks; shopping lists to help you prepare; tips and advice on the correct mindset and ways to ensure your success for the 12 weeks and beyond; the secrets to staying in the best shape of your life and to stay in control of your fitness and physique; advice on all supplements you will need for the 12 weeks; 24/7 Knowledge and Support from our team of 37 Professional Coaches and ambassadors; our coaches have decades of experience and most of our Ambassadors are our Top 10 men and women from the previous year's Challenges - real people who have lived and breathed the Challenge first hand ready to share their experience and knowledge with first time Challengers!

  • When is the next Challenge?

    The next Challenge STARTS on Monday 22 January 2018.

  • Can I start the Challenge early? Or do it in my own time?

    Unfortunately you cannot purchase and follow the plans on your own outside of the set dates.

  • Can anyone do the Challenge? Are there any restrictions?

    The Challenge is open to all men & women of all health and fitness levels and abilities. The only restriction is you must be 16 years or older to be a private participant, and 18 years or older to be a public participant, at the time of registration.

  • Can I do the Challenge if I have dietary requirements?

    We have meal plans to suit Vegan and Vegetarian requirements. In addition, we also have a Vegan protein called Maxine's PURE that is suitable for Vegans, and those who are lactose and gluten-intollerant. 

  • Can I do the Challenge outside of Australia?

    You can complete the Challenge outside of Australia. If you are overseas during registration, then you can register and upload your before pics from outside Australia but must do the following:

    • Take a picture as normal but hold a copy of a MAJOR OVERSEAS DAILY newspaper as proof of the date the pic was taken. Please note it must be a daily newspaper only and from a major capital city. No local or regional papers, or magazines will be acceptable unless via prior consent from the Challenge team.
    • Complete the registration successfully online.
    • After you have completed registration, send the Challenge Admin team an email (Challenge@aminoactive.com.au) explaining your situation and requesting an 'overseas' registration. In this email state how long you will be away, where you are and when you will be back in Australia.
    • Include your official 'before' picture, with another that shows a close-up picture of the newspaper clearly showing the headline and date printed on the cover, as well as your full name and email you used to register.
    • You will then receive email confirmation back from the Challenge team confirming the entry as OK or not. (In the unlikely event it is declined we will specify why).
    • You will be then placed on our 'overseas registration list' (which only we see).
    • When you return to Australia you will need to email the Challenge Admin team again to advise when you return to Australia and provide another photo with a current national newspaper as proof.

    • *Please note that ALL the above must be done if you wish to register from overseas.

    In order to be eligible for judging in the optional competition you must be residing in Australia for the MAJORITY of the Challenge (minimum 6 of the 12 weeks).

    If you wish to do the entire Challenge outside of Australia you can but you just won't be eligible for judging and prizes.

  • What if I am overseas when the Challenge finishes?

    If you are overseas when the Challenge finishes, you can still complete the process as long as you have access to the internet and Challenge website.

    If you won't have access (or are unsure if you will) you can prepare your answers to the finishing questions in advance, take your photos, and give these along with your login details to someone who will have access to the internet, who can complete it on your behalf.

    If you are unable to have someone do it for you, you can still participate in the Challenge but unfortunately you will not 'officially 'complete the Challenge, and simply will not be eligible for judging.

  • Can I do the Challenge anonymously? And who can see my profile if I am Public?

    You have the choice to have either a Public or Private profile.

    If you have a PRIVATE profile only you can see your photos and information.

    If you have a PUBLIC profile it will only be visible to other logged in Challenge participants. Any and all information contained within a Public profile cannot be searched via Google or external sources.

  • What information can challenge participants or public voters see?

    If you have a Public account other challengers and voters from the public can see only the before/after/progress photos, any/all journal entries posted, and any fitness stats or information you have logged (eg weight, fitness test results etc). They will not however be able to see any of your private details like your phone number, or address, which are only recorded for the purposes of getting in contact with you or awarding prizes.

  • Do I need to be a member of a gym to do the Challenge?

    No we offer both gym and home training options. However if you do choose to train at home we do recommend having some basic equipment to get the most out of your program, including:

    • a bench (adjustable if possible)
    • a barbell with interchangable weights (or fixed of a few different weights)
    • a dumbbell set with interchangable weights (or fixed of a few different weights)
    • Fitball/Swiss Ball
    • Resistance Bands (2 sizes recommended - light and medium or depending on your level)
  • How do I Pay? Is there a payment plan option?

    Payments must be a single one-off payment for all programs, and can be done via Credit Card.

  • What are the terms on refunds?

    We do not refund for change of mind. For full information on our payment and refund policy please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

  • What support will I get through the Challenge?

    As well as providing you with all the necessary Training and Nutrition Programs you will also have full access to a large variety of online video tips about nutrition and training. Most importantly you will have access to the Challenge Coaches, Ambassadors, and the Challenge Community via our Forum for support! Even though we have separated the Challenge for men and women for judging purposes, one of the MOST important parts of the Challenge process is the community that develops between Challengers as the 12 weeks progresses – we are all in this together and here to help each other!!

  • Am I automatically part of the competition?

    Some people wish to do the Challenge anonymously, or only do it for themselves and not be part of the 'competition' side of it. Therefore everyone who registers is automatically given a 'Private' account. When you set up your profile in your DASHBOARD you will then have the option to choose a 'public' profile and enter into the competition.

  • When do I get my Training & Nutrition Plans?

    Your first 4 weeks of training and nutrition plans will become available 1 week prior to the start of the Challenge.

  • Do I have to follow the plans exactly as they are?

    We understand that every person and their lifestyle, preference and schedules are different. That is why we encourage people to use the plans as a guide. They will work the way they are, but you can also modify them to suit your needs.

  • What if I am between 2 programs?

    You can mix and match both/2 programs. When you set up your profile in your DASHBOARD you select separate training and nutrition programs. You can choose the same (eg. LEAN / TONE & SHAPE) or you can choose a different training to nutrition. This is what makes it customisable. You can then change at any stage throughout the Challenge if you feel you need – e.g. if you're advancing in the training plan or you need to ramp up your fat burning diet.

  • When do we get access to the Forum & Coaches?

    This will become available 1 week prior to the Challenge start date.

  • Who can see my details?

    All details (including photos, journal entries, stats and forum posts) are contained within the website and only visible to registered challengers. If you have a private profile then only your name will be visible to other challengers.

  • What prizes are available?

    Grand Champion:
         • 5 Star Luxury Australian Holiday
         • Weekend in Melbourne for the Challenge Gala, to be held at the M.C.G on Saturday 16th December, including:
              * Tickets for you and 1 guest
              * Return flights for you from your nearest Major Airport (if required). Guest flights not included.
              * 2 nights' accommodation for you and your guest in a double or twin room at the Pullman Hotel from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th December.
              * Airport transfers
       • Maxine's/MAX'S Prize Pack valued at over $700 RRP
       • Official Top 10 Placegetters Medal
       • Opportunity to become a sponsored Ambassador for the next Challenge.

    First Runner-up:
       • $1000 Cash Prize
       • Weekend in Melbourne for the Challenge Gala, to be held at the M.C.G on Saturday 16th December, including:
           * Tickets for you and 1 guest
           * Return flights for you from the nearest Major Airport (if required). Guest flights not included.
           * 2 nights' accommodation for you and your guest in a double of twin room at the Pullman Hotel from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th December.
           * Airport transfers
       • Maxine's/MAX'S Prize Pack valued at over $700 RRP
       • Official top 10 Placegetters Medal
       • Opportunity to become a sponsored Ambassador for the next Challenge.

    Second Runner-Up:
       • $500 Cash Prize
       • Weekend in Melbourne for the Challenge Gala, to be held at the M.C.G on Saturday 16th December, including:
           * Tickets for you and 1 guest.
           * Return flights for you from your nearest Major Airport (if required). Guest flights not included.
           * 2 nights' accommodation for you and your guest in a double of twin room at the Pullman Hotel from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th December.
           * Airport transfers.
       • Maxine's/MAX'S Prize Pack valued at over $700 RRP
       • Official Top 10 Placegetters Medal
       • Opportunity to become a sponsored Ambassador for the next Challenge.

    Remaining Top 10 place-getters:
       • Gala tickets for you and 1 guest to be held at the M.C.G on Saturday 16th December
       • Prize Pack valued at over $700 RRP
       • Official Top 10 Place-getters Medal
       • Opportunity to become a sponsored Ambassador for the next Challenge.

  • Do I get anything at the end of the Challenge?

    All people that complete the Challenge will receive an official Challenge completion certificate.

  • What is included in the Platinum Starter Pack?

    In your Starter Pack you will receive:

    • Maxine's NIGHTtime protein
    • Maxine's BURN protein
    • Maxine's Recover
    • Maxine's merchandise
    • Maxine's product samples

    VALUED AT $250 RRP!

  • Do I have to use Maxine's supplements?

    If you are doing the Challenge then we highly recommend using the Maxine's supplements. The Challenge weekly meal plans on this website are designed specifically around the Maxine's Supplement range to ensure that you get the best results. Maxine's products are formulated to achieve results, with specific proteins, fat burners, recovery and other nutrients designed to support each individual nutrition plan. We use the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best results. We know some people may want to use other products and other brands. But be aware that not all supplements are of the highest quality or true to label claims. These poorer quality or unsuitable formulas will definitely reduce the effectiveness of your program, so insist on the best. Make sure the supplements you choose are of the highest quality from reputable suppliers and specifically suited to your training goals.

    A quick note on quality. MAX'S and Maxine's products use only the highest quality proteins sourced from top manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe, making our protein supplements amongst the highest quality anywhere on the globe. Our amino acid and metabolism boosting formulations use only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and botanicals, and all our products undergo stringent Quality Assurance Testing, GMP testing, FDA testing and micro biological analysis, and are all manufactured in Australian Food Standards, TGA or FDA approved facilities to ensure you get pure and potent supplements that you can take with confidence. To ensure you are getting optimum results make sure the supplements you buy have these standards as a minimum.

  • Which program should I choose in the Maxine’s Challenge?

    When registering for the Challenge you have an option to choose which program you would like to follow based on your fitness goals. Please find program descriptions below:

    Tone & Shape

    Designed for women who:

    • are currently carrying a reasonable amount of body fat
    • are relatively new to serious weight training programs
    • want a leaner, athletic and more toned physique
    • may have been in better shape in the past and want to turn back the clock !

    If you want to strip fat and shape your body with exercise then this is the plan for you. For many women, a lean and toned figure is the ultimate goal. And this program can help you get there. It's not just about losing weight or being thin. It's about achieving that athletic toned and healthy body that sets you apart. We want you to hit the weights, embrace cardio, and commit to a disciplined diet for 12 weeks, and we promise outstanding results.

    Get Strong 

    Designed for women who:

    • are currently in reasonable shape and carrying some good muscle tone
    • have a petite frame, are quite thin but want to build shape and definition
    • have solid experience in weight training programs.
    • that are currently training and regulars at the gym
    • want to take their physiques to the next level
    • require functional strength and power for their sport
    • want a 'competition' type preparation and physique

    For you girls who are ready to take that next step with your health, fitness and commitment to training, this is your choice. Our Get Strong training and nutrition plans are designed to build strength and add muscle to your frame. This means really stepping up in the gym with hard training and a commitment to push harder and heavier than ever. It means paying close attention to your diet to support optimum results. If your passion is exercise, or you love to play sport that requires strength and power, this step up program is designed to give you outstanding results in only 12 short weeks.

  • What is included in my customized personal profile on the Platinum Plan?

    Your profile will include your 'before' photo, your chosen program, and your reason for starting the Challenge. It will also include your starting weight and measurements, and your starting fitness test results, which can be updated every 4 weeks. You will also have a section to write journal entries and add photos so you (and others if you are public) can see your progress and read your journey).

  • How much support will I get from the Coaches on the Platinum Plan?

    You will get an initial phone call at the start of the Challenge, then you will fill out an assessment form at the end of week and your coach will respond on what they believe you should be focusing on the next week. This will likely be via email. Your Coach will also be available as their schedule permits to help with issues you may encounter during your Challenge within reason.

  • When will my online personal training start if I am on the Platinum plan?

    Your online Personal training will start when the Challenge officially starts on Monday 6th February. 

  • Can I choose/nominate my coach on the Platinum Plan?

    No, this is chosen for you based on Coach availability. Coaches will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

  • Can I contact my Coach directly on the Platinum Plan?

    No, however you can request they contact you through our contact page and they will follow up by email or phone.

  • What do I need to know about the Social Hub?

    A few important things to remember to use the Social Hub to it's maximum: 

    1. You can login either using Facebook or Twitter or Create an account using the Stackla 'Create your account' tab. Follow the steps and will have your own Stackla login and password. You can use this to interact with people via our Social Hub. 
    2. You can also click on 'Edit your profile' located on the top right hand corner of the Social Hub when you click on your profile icon. You can use this to connect your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 
    3. When posting on any of your social accounts about the Challenge use the hashtags #maxchallenge17 #wearechallenge for the MAXS Challenge and #maxineschallenge17 #wearechallenge for the Maxine's Challenge. Our Social Hub will pick up your post if it contains these hashtags.
    4. Feel free to comment using the comment option located at the bottom of every tile in the Social Hub. You can also 'Like' posts as well as share them across your own Social Channels. 

    Why the Social Hub: 

    • We use the Social Hub to bring all the commentary online across the board on every social channel talking about the Challenge to the one place.
    • We provide you with a tailor-made social experience for the entire 12 weeks and more.
    • We want our Challengers to see more of their social content, we give it to them. We showcase it all into a single page where you can view, share and interact. At the Challenge we take the pain out of social.

  • Can I do the Challenge if I am breastfeeding?

    In order to participate in the Challenge you need to use the relevant supplements that are prescribed in the nutrition plans. As the Maxine's products have fat burning ingredients in them and the effects of them are still unknown on breast milk, and therefore on the baby, we do not recommend breastfeeding mothers participate in the Challenge, and rather wait until mothers are finished breastfeeding just to be safe. Although, as we are not doctors and therefore cannot safely advise, we suggest taking the ingredients to your doctor and getting their advice. They may advise otherwise and therefore be OK to participate.