Laughlan Harkin

Fitness Coach

Lockie Harkin

Age 40
Gender Male
Father of 2 young children
Location Victoria
Occupation Owner of "The Training Ground Vic" Rosebud
Gym The Training Ground – Rosebud
Trains 4 days a week

Qualified Personal Trainer
Qualified Advanced Strength and Resistance Coach
Qualified Rehab Trainer
Diploma in Building surveyor/inspector at Chisholm
1993 VBL Jnr Vic Middleweight title
1993 VBL Jnr Vic Light heavyweight title
1993 VBL Jnr Aus Middleweight title
2005 INBA Vic Tiltle 3rd Novice
2005 INBA Aus Title 3rd Novice
2010 IFBB CCI 2nd Novice
2010 IFBB VIC Title 2nd Super Heavyweights
2010 IFBB AUS Title =4th Super Heavyweights

Lockie has been involved with coaching the MAX'S/Maxine's Challenge since 2013 and currently in the process of opening The Training Ground in Rosebud Mornington Peninsula and hopes to be open early March.
Lockie is from Victoria is a family man who loves Training and Family time.

In the industry for over 20 years he knows what it takes to get back to training and sport after Injury, having injured his back and having had surgery. His experience not only comes first hand but he is also a Qualified Advanced Strength and Resistance Coach, and Qualified Rehab Trainer.

Lockies more competitive side is made up of winning Amateur Victorian middle, light, and heavyweight boxing titles as well an Australian Middleweight title. He has also competed in Bodybuilding competitions winning several titles including 2nd in Super Heavyweights in 2010. His future goals are to get back to where he left due to his injury and compete again.

Future goals to help others reach their fitness goals and be a leading example for my children.

“I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.” Laughlan Harkin