Marina Georgievski


Wanting to get back in shape after having her two children, Marina always found herself falling into a stereotype of simply being a busy mum. The Challenge was the commitment she needed to focus on her goals and be a role model and inspiration for other mums out there to feel their dreams can also be achieved.
Marina loved belonging to a community of like-minded people which gave her the confidence to come out of her shell. It helped her realise who she really is—a strong, independent, unique, supportive and determined woman, which has all attributed to making her a better person, mum, wife, sister and friend. Marina has learnt to love herself and the body that is her home; stress less over the little things, and appreciate the simple things in life.

The program is simple and clear to follow. I found it was made easy for us, I didn’t have to think much at all. Marina Georgievski