Tanya Lowe


Tanya is a Maxine's Shape-Up TOP 10 Finalist, 39,  and a mum of 3 beautiful children. In the best shape she feels she has ever been she completed the challenge after snapping her achilles. Surgeons told her that this was to be a 12 month recovery period for this type of  injury, but that did not slow Tanya down. With the injury and not being as active as she usually was the first few months saw her putting on excess weight.

She began the Challenge 6 months after her surgery and was 100% comitted to training, nutrition and her yummy supplements. Along the way there were plenty of personal hurdles including a change of career, and her 15 year old son moving away to WA to live with his dad. She found the Maxine's Challenge kept her going through these hard times and helped her to reach her goal of making the TOP 10.

The change of lifestyle, the exercise and change of food have been nothing but positive for Tanya she is a happier person, and feels much more confident in her own skin.

Tanya is still comitted to her training and as an ambassador has now set herself new goals of competing in the Arnold Classic in March 2016.

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Eat, sleep, gym, repeat. Tanya Lowe