Wyn Malloy

Challenge Leader

Wyn Malloy is a local Victorian.

Wyn was selected as a TOP 10 Maxine's Finlalist on completing her 2nd Challenge, and is a valued member of the 2016 Challenge Leadership Team.

In Wyn's 2014 Challenge she achieved results beyond her expectation overall she lost 11.8kg and a combined 54cm from her chest, stomach, hips and thighs.

A regular gym goer for several years going 5 days a week Wyn hadn't achieved the results she wanted, having managed to maintain the weight loss into 2014 a number of family circumstances contributed to the weight creeping back so Wyn committed to the Challenge again in 2014 to get herself motivated and back into shape. Wyn has two jobs, one full-time and one casual and works 6 days a week.

Prior to the Challenge she had all her favourite takeaway shops saved on her phone under "favourites". She is now better organised and does meal preparation on Sunday for the week ahead. Coincidently, a week prior to the 2014 Challenge starting her phone died and she lost all her contacts and she says she thinks it was fate intervening! 

Wyn reports she now has more energy and more zest for life and no longer does she get home from work and crash on the couch instead you will find her in her spare time doing some sort of physical activity, or enjoying her newly developed love of trail running through National Parks.

Wyn enjoyed blogging, which surprised her. From the outset she was hesitant about it, and wasn't really sure if she had any worthwhile or interesting things to share but she soon found herself becoming a daily blogger and always on the lookout for photos to take and post .

Wyn would like to say to anyone thinking of doing the Maxine's Challenge that "The majority of us are everyday people juggling everyday commitments if we can achieve these results, so can you!"

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Facebook: Wyn Malloy Maxine's Challenge Ambassador