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Follow our tailored programs to simplify your transformation

Whether your goal is to get toned or get strong, we provide you with a completely structured training plan, plus all the support and guidance you’ll need to meet your goals. Whether you like to train at home, at a gym or with a personal trainer; whether you live in the city or in regional Australia; train alone or with other people, there’s no excuses! It’s all there for you!

If you are training at home we do recommend having some basic equipment to get the most out of your program. This includes: a bench (adjustable if possible), a barbell with interchangeable weights (or fixed of a few different weights), a dumbbell set with interchangeable weights (or fixed of a few different weights), a Swiss Ball/Fit Ball, and Resistance Bands (2 sizes recommended - light and medium or depending on your level).

There are 5 programs to choose from. If you are unsure which one to choose, or decide the one you have chosen isn’t right for you, don’t worry you can change at any stage during the Challenge.

Find your Fitness

The Find your Fitness program is aimed at Women who:

• Don't want to train in a Gym with weights but love the great outdoors or Cardio options
• Have excess body fat to lose
• May not have done a lot of exercise recently
• Can dedicate 30 – 45 minutes 4 – 6 days a week

New Mum

The Maxine's New Mum Program is aimed at Women who:

• Have had a baby in the last 24 Months
• Have some Baby Weight to lose
• May or may not be Breastfeeding
• Need some Baby friendly workouts

Tone & Shape

Designed for women who:

  • Are wanting to lose Bodyfat and obtain some good muscle tone
  • Are carrying some extra body fat that is hiding your progress
  • Want a more defined healthy looking body

If you are carrying a fair amount of body fat and looking to make a change in your body and fitness, then this program can help you achieve a toned and healthy body. It's about getting moving through cardio, and getting introduced to consistent weight training, which will help strip body fat and tone your muscles.

The Tone and Shape program includes Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options.

Get Strong

Designed for women who:

  • Are currently in reasonable shape and carrying some good muscle tone
  • Have some experience in weight training programs
  • Want to take their physiques to the next level
  • Require functional strength and power for their sport
  • Want a 'competition' type preparation and physique

If you are a naturally thin build or have a petite frame, and want to add some strength, lean muscle and definition to your frame, this is the program for you. It is for those who have some experience in weight training but want to build on this and take their training, and physique, up a notch. Or for those who love to play sport and require more strength and power to assist and improve their performance. It means working hard in the gym with solid weight training, and following careful nutrition so you add quality lean muscle, building a strong and defined body.

Get Strong includes Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options

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