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162 cm


Tone & Shape - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

Being a busy mum of two and working full time I have always struggled to get myself to the gym and stick to a program. I am looking to make this challenge the starting point to a strong and healthy step forward into the new year.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

There were so many things I liked about the challenge!

I found the consistency and practicality of the meal plan gave me the ability to meal prep and ensure I was always eating the right foods, at the right times and I found I was looking forward to each meal/snack throughout each day. The meal plan also helped me create a healthy relationship with food, carbs in particular, and I learned how various food groups help in my training in their different ways, also helping in creating and supporting the me in maintaining consistency during the 12 week plan.

I took a lot away from the weekly podcasts as they were timely in the advice they gave and often helped me overcome my mindset obstacles for that week and kept me motivated.

Most of all I liked the confidence I gained at the gym. Before the program I would stick to the cardio machines, and avoid the weight racks as I often felt intimidated because I was never really sure if I was using the equipment correctly. Now I feel comfortable using most of the equipment, and have found the gym to be a supportive and often motivating place to be.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

I found the weekends the hardest, as I was often out and about with my kids, and having to be super prepared with the food I needed for the day. This meant that spontaneous day trips took a bit longer to prepare for.

I also found that because I had finally activated my motabolisom for the first time in about 10 years, I was hungry, and had to keep reminding myself that the feeling was the program working.

I also found that people were very opinionated when it came to women in training and the words ‘feminine’ and ‘ ‘muscular’ became two competing concepts in conversations and I found myself repeating to concerned friends “strong not skinny”.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The challenge has helped me build my sense of identity as now I have found what drives me- what fills my cup.
I have a stronger sense of confidence and self worth as I feel so good, and am surprised and proud of what I see in the mirror now.

The challenge has become a platform for bigger goals for me now, as I have found something I enjoy doing and I know now that I can fit so much into my day/week!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

The challenge is about finding something that motivates you. It helps to create a healthy relationship for you with food and exercise and throughout the challenge there is so much to learn in regards to establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To keep on track and stay motivated it is important to go back to WHY you started the program, what you are doing it for and before you know it, the challenge is over and you feel and look like the 12 weeks of hard work and dedication was worth every minute of it!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

throughout the challenge I was surprised at how quickly I gained strength and how motivated and committed I was to the programs.

I loved hearing that my journey had inspired my friends to take a look at their own lifestyle and begin their own self improvement journey.


  • Amanda Callaghan
    6 Apr 2018
    9:45 PM


  • Amanda Callaghan
    6 Apr 2018
    5:44 AM
    30 Burpees
    30 Push Ups
    37 Crunches
    38 Alternate Lunges
    75 Plank
    35 Jump Squats
  • Amanda Callaghan
    4 Apr 2018
    1:13 PM


  • Amanda Callaghan
    29 Mar 2018
    6:21 PM

    Holy muscles💪!!!! Where did they come from! And did I mention veins... hard work is paying off!! Yeah!

  • Amanda Callaghan
    19 Mar 2018
    11:35 AM

    Super stoked with myself today!! Had another inBody scab today and I’ve lost another 2.6 % body fat. Week 1 BMI 21.9 PBF 21.8 WHR 0.84 BMR 1327 Body fat mass 12.4kg Muscle mass 24.5kg WEEK 8 BMI 20 PBF 13 WHR 0.80 BMR 1378 Body fat mass 7kg Muscle mass 26kg It’s great to keep track of these results to stay motivated, and gain more of a sense of achievement!

  • Amanda Callaghan
    17 Mar 2018
    6:24 PM


  • Amanda Callaghan
    17 Mar 2018
    6:24 PM

    I started looking at and learning our newest training program today, and I’m honestly really enjoying learning so many exercises. Caught a glimpse of my arms in the mirror and can’t believe how much shape and definition that is beginning to form. This has made me pumped for a focused next few weeks. I can’t believe there is only 4 weeks to go! - and this is only the beginning 💪.

  • Amanda Callaghan
    15 Mar 2018
    3:38 PM


  • Amanda Callaghan
    15 Mar 2018
    3:37 PM

    Feeling a little hot and cold about things this week, and needing to keep coming back to why I started this... because I want to transform my body, to fit fitness into my every day life, to live a healthy lifestyle. I hurt my back last week but after a quick visit to the chiro, and a day of rest, I was back at the gym (doing other exercises that wouldn’t aggravate my back), and I found that keeping routine, was key as I didn’t give myself a chance to loose my momentum. This week I’m hitting the gym harder and with more intent and focus, bumping up the weights and slowing my movements down. I am working hard on my cardio days and found that by attending a class I do t get a chan e to get bored and before I know it, it’s bern 45 mins, and I’m done! This week I’m getting more comments on how ‘fit’ I’m starting to look and im loving it! My abs are starting to pop, but so too is my hernia 😣. which is still impacting my confidence, so I will need to look at getting that fixed in the near future! I’m still finding it quite easy to stick to the diet, but finding my water intake a bit all over the place, so will need to work on that this week too!

  • Amanda Callaghan
    26 Feb 2018
    10:46 AM

    Week 6- still going strong!! 💪 Today is a PB for me in regards to cardio: 10km cycling - 25 Mins 45 burpees 120 mountain climbers 90 jump squats 150 skipping 90 sit-ups w/legs on box 45 sumo squats 45 lay down pushups I think I’m going to throw up 🤢 I promised myself to do better in cardio and there you have it! Looking forward to doing upper body this afternoon 😂😅

  • Amanda Callaghan
    19 Feb 2018
    12:35 PM


  • Amanda Callaghan
    19 Feb 2018
    12:35 PM

    Inbody scan week 0 BMI 21.9 PBF 21.8 WHR 0.84 BMR 1327 Week 4 BMI 21 PBF 15.6 WHR 0.78 BMR 1374

  • Amanda Callaghan
    19 Feb 2018
    10:47 AM

    Week 5- today I’ve been walking through the shops, and getting asked where I train!!!! Yes! I’ve never been asked this in my life!! #hardworkispayingoff

  • Amanda Callaghan
    16 Feb 2018
    10:29 PM

    Feeling motivated, I attempted the new program this afternoon, and after quite a bit of on-the-spot googling I worked out most of the exercises which makes me feel ready to kick start weeks 5-8! I need to sort out my cardio tho, there is only so many intervals on the bike my attention span can withstand. Going to have to bite the bullet and give some of the Tabata sequences a crack gah! #goals

  • Amanda Callaghan
    12 Feb 2018
    6:04 PM

    Week 4- feeling good, getting stronger every day, and seeing those little pins dropping lower and lower on the machines (more weight) each week and being able to do more during my workout is such s good feeling. I am not as tired going into this next week, and still enjoying the food. Starting to see some good results physique wise which is keeping me motivated! Bring in week 4!!!

  • Amanda Callaghan
    7 Feb 2018
    6:59 PM

    Feeling low in energy and motivation today, didn’t feel like going to the gym but made the effort which turned into half an effort, and left before I finished the plan for today- at least I showed up and gave it everything I had left in the tank today. The gym seems to be getting busier, which is also rattling my confidence- know it sounds silly but it’s definately an obstacle i’d Like to overcome. I’m craving ‘shapes’ but going to have dinner early instead ha ha! Hubby comes home tomorrow night (it’s been a long two weeks without him). Going to try to do a bit more exercise tonight- after the parent info night at school for master 10. Wish me luck!

  • Amanda Callaghan
    5 Feb 2018
    8:08 AM


    Day 1- week 3, I have been able to fit the gym and exercise in my life each and every day as a ritual, and I’m enjoying it! I’m enjoying the confidence I am getting each time I turn up and the machines are becoming familiar, and each time I’m able to increase weight, peddle faster and run faster and further! I’m starting to feel strong and energized even at the end of my day, post work. Yesterday I spent my Sunday afternoon meal prepping and even though it took a fair while and was a fair effort, I know it’ll make my week a breeze when it comes to eating the right foods and the right amounts. I am however finding that I’ve not been mindfully eating, savoring the food - for the first time in over 10 years I’m starting to feel hungry.... I always thought that to loose weight you had to starve yourself, and so I did, leaving me lethargic, unmotivated and emotional (and the weight I would loose wouldn’t look or feel any different because I wasn’t getting toned). Now, I’m feeling strong, motivated, (yes hungry) but at least now I know that I am doing it the right way, and my body is already starting to thank me for it! and I’m sure mindful eating will come .. in time.

  • Amanda Callaghan
    29 Jan 2018
    3:58 PM

    I survived week 1 with only a few set backs (sprained wrist and what I thought was a broken toe) kept to the meal plans stringently, and had a good amount of energy each day. I’m looking forward to seeing what this week brings.

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