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"I honestly liked the Maxine’s products the most! Without the bars and the shakes I wouldn't of made it through and been able to stick to the nutrition so tightly. The bars and the shakes were so tasty that it did not feel like I was missing out or depriving myself of anything."



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I have always been fairly active, but have gained 8kgs since the birth of my son who is now 6 months old. I had a good pregnancy and did not gain much weight...I actually gained nearly all the weight whilst I was breastfeeding - as I ate everything in sight!

I want to have more energy and feel good about myself.. so that I can enjoy my son and my husband. I want to make a change now, as I want to be fitter and healthier than I was pre pregnancy and be a better version of myself for my family.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I honestly liked the Maxine’s products the most! Without the bars and the shakes I wouldn't of made it through and been able to stick to the nutrition so tightly. The bars and the shakes were so tasty that it did not feel like I was missing out or depriving myself of anything. Plus I loved what having the Maxine's products has taught me about health and nutrition. I was not aware of what a huge role supplements can play in regards to your nutrition and physically strengthening and toning your body. I actually thought they were a bit of a 'croc' before I started this challenge. I am now a big believer! I have learnt so much about rest and recovery, in which Maxine's supplements play a huge role. I believe I have the Maxine's supplements to thank for assisting in repairing the injuries I was carrying. I also love the amount of support on the Maxine's Website and the fact that the plans were just so simple and easy to follow.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Part of the hardest thing for me was overcoming my knee and shoulder injuries. I was not carrying anything too serious, luckily (bursitis in the knee and a strain in a ligament of the ACL) but at times when they played up it hampered my motivation and it frustrated me that I couldn't push harder. In fact it nearly stopped me from entering the challenge all together, as I thought what is the point in doing it if I can't do it properly? But I decided to push on and so glad I did. As it helped make me stronger and I healed faster! Food was the next hardest thing.. I am a big food lover and this has always been my downfall. But I managed to overcome what could have been plain, bland and boring food, by spicing it up and getting creative with what I cooked and how I cooked it. I ended up falling in love with the food and not going to bed every night in a carb coma! And like I said the Maxine's bars and shakes helped immensely with this.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The challenge has had a massive impact on my life. I am a happier friend, Mum and wife. Not only did I transform myself outside, but inside as well. I feel so proud of taking on the challenge and completing it successfully. I am stronger, fitter and more determined than I have ever been. I find the strength training almost therapeutic and it has not only given me physical strength, but also brought out my mental strength, grit and guts. It has empowered me and helped me deal with the grief of losing my Mum. I lost my Mum 18 months before the challenge started, just before my son was conceived. This helped motivate me to be a healthy version of myself so I can enjoy my family and have heaps more love to give!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

I would say DO IT.. It clearly works! It is so well set up, with all the support you need. It is so hard positing that first pic.. But that is the biggest motivator and why this challenge works. It is amazing what can be achieved in 12 weeks and it is only 12 weeks to a new healthier you. The Maxine’s products are amazing and what got me through. All you have to do is trust the process. If you do you will not be disappointed and be super proud of yourself at the end! DO IT!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I started this challenge at the heaviest I have ever been and now I’m in the best shape of my life. The Maxine’s Challenge just came along at the right time for me, only 6 months after giving birth to my beautiful son Henry. I am so thankful that my good friend and fellow challenger Stacey convinced me to do it. Ever since having my son, I was understandably exhausted and low on energy and just ate to stay awake basically. But now I am eating the right things and I have so much more energy and I love life. I now see food as fuel and have the utmost respect for my body and what it is capable of… Pretty much anything –as this is what childbirth and the challenge has taught me. I think most women think their body will never be the same after having kids and it isn’t. But I am blown away that my body is even better and I am so grateful to be happy and healthy. I am also grateful for the support of my husband and just adore our little family. This challenge is extremely well set up and in my mind there is nothing the Maxine’s Team could do to make it better. At the end of the day, you are the one that is accountable for your health and happiness. One of my favourite quotes is ‘If it is important to you you’ll find a way, if not, you’ll find an excuse’. I made sure to remind myself of this everyday, as it wasn’t always easy juggling everything. Sometimes I even did my workout as late as 9 or 10pm at night. But I made sure I got it done, as I was determined to finish this challenge to the best of my ability. So proud of myself!


  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    17 May 2015
    10:35 PM

    DAY 84/ 84 WOOT WOOT The last day.. Can't believe it! Well so proud of how far I have come & have the pics to prove it! Have included some pics of me in my check in gear and I'm oh so happy with my transformation.. (I'm saving my bikini shots for the final check in!) Although I was so determined to do well, I never thought I would get such good results.. Strength training has shaped my body in a way I didn't think was possible.. Not only am I heaps more toned, I also feel physically stronger and fitter than I have ever been.. and it is a great feeling! Such a great end to the challenge, with Stace staying over at my place last night. Pics done this morning and then off to Moos Cafe to celebrate our achievement with a big breaky.. We also met up with Stace again and had a beautiful dinner with friends.. (my last supper before wisdom teeth put tomorrow! EEK) Even though I celebrated with food.. I actually don't crave the bad stuff that I used to and plan to keep up this healthy lifestyle! I haven't had any alcohol in 8 weeks WTF..??? (had a drink at a wedding in week four.. little slip up.. but no regrets) ..Before the challenge it wasn't unusual for me to drink three times a week.. So that is a massive achievement! Overall I have been very consistent.. which is the key.. I only missed probably a handful of workouts.. but I wouldn't call them missed because I always made them up the next day and did extra whenever I could.. I was also consistent with food and like I said have changed my attitude when it comes to nutrition.. Food has always been my downfall (and Alcohol) so it was nice to get my head around that.. I also didn't think it was possible to get the results I have, as I was actually carrying a knee and shoulder injury throughout the challenge.. Oh to think what will and might have been if I hadn't been! I would of been able to lift heaps more .. It was almost an excuse not to do the challenge.. but in fact the challenge has helped heal my injuries.. thanks to strengthening the muscles and using the supplements to repair the muscles.. I am also proud to think that nine months ago I had a little baby in my belly about to pop out! And now I am in the best shape of my life. I love being a mum and want to be the best role model possible (yep so cliche.. but true).. I was always used to joke that I was never having a baby because I respect my body too much and that having babies wrecks your body! But now that I have been through pregnancy, birth and labour and have my little Henner Burger, I actually respect my body more and am amazed at what it is capable of.. So I plan to keep it maintained and in good condition! I have included my measurements -50.5cm down woo whoo.. CRAZY.. I've put my weight from last week in.. 62.5kg..(10.5kg DOWN) I may weigh less when I do my check out, but maybe not.. Down 8.3% Body Fat.. so in a much healthier range.. I think I blogged that my goal was 25 or 26% .. so pretty close. Not to sure how accurate the body composition scales are.. but it is still are good indicator. I would still like to gradually lose another 3kg.. (get under 60kg) didn't quite get to my adjusted goal of 61kg.. but you never know.. still have to weigh in... Overall so happy and feeling comfortable and confident and looking forward to continuing to be healthy and happy!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    17 May 2015
    3:51 PM

    DAY 83 / 84.. Well it is actually DAY 84 WHAT???? But got to get you up to date on yesterdays movements before I pee my pants and get super excited about today and how far I've come!! I've got so much to write about.. but will save it for later tonight when there is peace and quiet.. won't go too nuts though as I will have to save some for the check out process! Had the spray tan yesterday.. lovely.. Did my workout beforehand.. so not to sweat it off.. last workout!!! Exercise: CARDIO - 18 min Treadmill Level 11 Speed Interval - 155cal burntAND Fitness Test.. improved on everything! So happy with the results.. feeling strong!! Nutrition: B: Choc Latte Shake, Coffee & Apple L: Protein Chicken & Vege Mini Muffins & BURN Bar D: Baked Basa, Salad & a bit of Risotto .. mm carbs (see pic) A BURN Bar, 10 Almonds, a couple of Coffees, Shake & Night Time Shake My bestie Stace stayed over last night.. we did our photos this morning and we are both so happy! He abs have popped right out.. what a biatch she is! We had a lovely night looking at past challengers photos (to get an idea of what to do) whilst sipping our hor Maxines Night Time... Yummo! Will do my measurements tonight YAY.. Will be interestiung to see.. Oh and of course my monthly visitor came last night.. OF COURSE!! I was wondering why I was feeling a bit bloated and gross.. (it is not regular) so I stopped having so much dairy and had cut out yoghurt the last couple of days.. but clearly it wasn't that.. Will wait to weigh in when I check out...

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    15 May 2015
    10:55 PM

    DAY 82 / 84.. So only two more Blogs after this one.. What am I going to do with my nights?! Had a bit of a rough morning with Henners and his teeth.. took an hour to get him down for his morning sleep.. which is unusual.. but he finally went to sleep once the Neurofen kicked in! So got to go downstairs and get my workout on! In the arvo we went to Invy and visited my girlfriend and her new baby boy.. oh so cute! Henry had a ball. Spray Tan in the morning YAY excited.. Going to do a Treadmill Run and the Fitness Test before I go.. will be the last workout of the challenge.. OMG!! Exercise: CARDIO - 18 min Treadmill Level 11 Speed Interval - 155cal burnt WEIGHTS - Chest, Triceps & rest of Legs Nutrition: B: Oats & Choc Latte BURN Powder with Chopped Dates & LSA (see pic) L: Protein Chicken & Vege Mini Muffins & BURN Bar D: Tuna Salad (see pic) A BURN Bar, a couple of Coffees, Shake & Night Time Shake

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    14 May 2015
    10:45 PM

    DAY 80 & 81 / 84.. Blogging for Yesterday & Today.. WTF 3 more days!!! Yesterday was an epic day.. as went to Traralgon early morning.. dropped Henners off at the sis in laws and got my hair cut.. which was lovely.. Told Hayles, my sis in law, all about the challenge.. So I think she is pretty keen to do the next round.. YAY Day 80 Exercise: ..Was home very late from the Valley and Henry who is teething hard was exhausted (had to do a few stops on the way home).. so instead of doing my workout when I got home I decided it would be more sensible to do it in the morning, rather than going to swimming, and let Henry have his full morning nap.. Which worked out better. Wedsnesdays I do Back, Shoulders, Biceps & Abs.. Did half my legs Monday so will do the other half tomorrow (fri) when I do Chest & Triceps. Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt & Choc Latte BURN Powder L: Protein Chicken & Vege Mini Muffins & Broccoli Salad (packed lunch and some for Hayles too) D: Baked Basa & Salad (see pic) A BURN Bar, a freah vegie juice, an apple a couple of Coffees, Shake & Night Time Shake Day 81 Exercise: WEIGHTS-Back, Shoulders, Biceps & Abs CARDIO-Morning- Treadmill Speed Interval Level 11 Incline 1 - 18 min - 155calEvening- Netball Training 60 min -400cal Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt & Strawberry BURN Powder L: Tuna, Brown Rice & Quinoa & Broccoli Salad D: Protein Chicken & Vege Mini Muffins & Salad (see pic) 2 BURN Bars, 10 Almonds, a couple of Coffees & Night Time Shake... Weighed in at 62.8kg this morning.. YAY in the 62ssss.. lost over 10kg on the challenge WOOT.. Lost 11kg since I got back from holidays the week before the challenge started .. Maybe I will getinto the was my adjusted goal WHOOP Maxines Singlets for me and Stace arrived (see pic) YAY so we can wear them in our photos...

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    12 May 2015
    11:15 PM

    DAY 79 / 84.. Only five days left.. cannot believe it! Excited but also a bit sad as it means I get my wisdom teeth out in 5 days too EEEK Stace is staying here Saturday night and then we are taking eachothers photos Sunday morning.. Getting spray tan Saturday morning.. Luckily no netball for me this weekend as DWWWW don't have a C Grade.. which works out well for the end of the challenge yay! Going to do a tready run Saturday morning, as well as the final fitness test, before I go get my spray on! Have a Hair appointment in Traralgon tomorrow.. which also works out nicely.. good hair for the photo YAY.. Actually booked this appointment way before I even joined the Challenge! So will drop in on the sis in law and Henners will play with his little cousin while I go get my hair done yay Today... Exercise: CARDIO- Morning: 18min Speed Interval Level 11 on Treadmill-155 cal burnt Evening: Netball Training 60 min - 400 cal burnt WEIGHTS- Chest & Triceps Nutrition: B: Choc Latte BURN Shake, A lemon Water & Coffee L: Chilli Tuna, Brown Rice & Quinoa, & Brocoli Salad (see pic) D: Protein Chicken, Egg & Vege Mini Muffins (see pic) A couple of BURN Bars, a couple of coffees, green teas & a shake & Night Time Shake

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    11 May 2015
    11:28 PM

    DAY 76, 77 & 78 / 84.. Blogging for Saturday, Sunday & Monday (Today!) What a lovely weekend.. Day 76.. Exercise: GAME DAY! Played Netball against INVERLOCH at home.. Unfortunately a loss... played the whole game in GK, so didn't get as much Cardio in as I would of liked! Still burnt around 400cal Nutrition: B: Oats, Berries & Choc Latte BURN Powder L: Can of Tuna, an apple & a BURN Bar (this was the packed lunch I took to Netball!) D: Tuna & Ratatouille A BURN Bar and a couple of Shakes & Coffees & you guessed it.. my last Protein Mug Cake (until the challenge is over!) Day 77.. Exercise: Rest Day! Big Day driving to melbourne and back for Mothers Day. My first Mothers Day as a Mum! Was awoken with Breaky, Beautiful Natives & a Couple of books from my little Henner Burger.. feel pretty blessed. Was bittersweet really.. sadly it was the second Mothers Day without my Mum. My Mum passed just before Henry was concieved. So was a beautiful, but an emotional day. Went and visited Mum at the cemetry and filled her in on the goss .. then spent the arvo with Andre's Mum.. which was awesome. We went to Chadstone and got my bathers for the final photo eeek! I love them.. its exciting actually feeling comfortable in a bikini! Nutrition: B: Mothers Day Breaky made by my husband.. 1 Wholemeal Toast, 1 Poached Egg, 50g Smoked Salmon & Avo.. (see pic) L: Bit of beef, Chicken, Garlic prawns & Salad D: Amazing Rocket, Walnut & Apple Salad with Chicken (see pic) 1.5 BURN Bars, Green Tea, Coffee & Shakes... Day 78.. Exercise: Week 12 WOOT. .Smashed the exercise today as needed to do yesterdays, as well as todays, which was always the plan CARDIO: Did 3 separate Speed Intervals (Level 11) on Tready Morning: 2 x 14min (28 min) total 240cal burnt Evening: 1 x 30min total 260cal burnt - grand total of 500cal burnt YEOW WEIGHTS: Back,Shoulders, Biceps & Abs & a little Legs (done in morning between 2 x HIIT Sessions) Managed to go grocery shopping with Henners toady and what was terrible weather.. poor thing has a cold again. Nutrition: B: Choc Latte Shake & Coffee L: Vegie Omelette & 1 Wholemeal Toast & Avo D: Chilli Tuna & Ratatouille 1.5 BURN Bars, 10 Almonds, Coffee, Green Tea & Shakes

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    8 May 2015
    10:56 PM

    DAY 74 & 75 / 84.. Blogging for Yesterday & Today.. Day 74 Exercise: CARDIO- An hour of Netty Training- a disappointing 300 calories.. freezing cold.. and a bit of standing around, which was frustrating Nutrition: B: Oat Pancake with Berries & Sprinkling of BURN Powder (see pic) - didn't rate it that highly L: Chilli Tuna with 1 Wholemeal Toast & Vegie Soup (see pic) D: Cajun Chicken, Grape Tomato & Avo Salad (see pic) A BURN Bar, a couple of Coffees, Shake & Night Time Shake .. yep as a Choc Pudding h eLP Day 75 Exercise: WEIGHTS- Chest & Triceps CARDIO- Morning- Treadmill Speed Interval Level 10 Incline 1 - 18 min - 140cal Evening- Treadmill Speed Interval Level 11 Incline 1 - 14 min - 110cal Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt & Choc Latte BURN Powder L: Chilli Tuna, Brown Rice & Quinoa, Grape Tomatoes, Avo, Balsamic Vinegar & Dates (see pic) D: Chicken & Vegie Frittata Creation! (see pic) 1.5 BURN Bars, 10 Almonds, a couple of Coffees & Night Time Shake- as a Pudding AGAIN Weighed in at 64kg this morning.. so feeling better about the plateau issue! Would be awesome if I could shift one more kilo, so I will have lost exactly 10 kgs doing the challenge. Thinking next week I will cut out the oats and yoghurt & just have a shake for breaky - then omlette for lunch and tuna or white fish for dinner.. just to get rid of a bit more belly fat.. AND no more protein cakes!! Damn you late night forum stalking...

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    6 May 2015
    10:44 PM

    DAY 73 / 84.. Well starting to feel like I have more energy.. which is awesome.. I was able to do two exercise sessions today! Also had an Osteo appt today.. and again Dr Rose worked her magic.. shoulder is going really well.. We were actually discussing how the challenge has been good for my recovery of both my shoulder and knee.. as she believes the amount of protein I have been consuming has been assisting to heal and repair the muscles.. She said it will be interesting to see how my body responds once I ease up on the diet. I plan to still continue on, but obviously I will not be as strict. Exercise: CARDIO- Morning: 18min Speed Interval Level 10 on Treadmill-140 cal burnt Evening: 30min Speed Interval Level 10 on Treadmill-245 cal burnt WEIGHTS- Morning: Back, Shoulders, Biceps & Abs Evening: Legs Well made up for not going to netball training last night! Tomorrow is supposed to be my legs day but I know I just won't have time.. as have we Swimming, Mothers Group & then Netball Training... so better off doing it tonight. Nutrition: B: Choc Latte BURN Shake & a Nespresso MMM L: Awesome mass omlette with Avo & Mustard (see Pic) D: Vegetable Soup & 1 Wholemeal Taost with Avo A BURN Bar, a couple of coffees, green teas, a shake & a Night Time Shake & a Protein Cake in a MUG... AGAIN.. no protein at dinner .. but had it covered throughout the day.. On this day my BURN Bars & Choc Latte Powder arrived... YES! Opened up the box at the Post Office and smashed down the Berry BURN Bar- the only flavour I hadn't tried and OMG .. Amazeballs.. I seriously don't know what my fave is now.. Check out my set up in the pantry now.. (see pic)

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    6 May 2015
    8:42 AM

    DAY 72 / 84.. Well this is yesterdays blog.. Some wild weather here yesterday so spent most of the day with the Hen Burger in front of the fire.. which we have now made Henry proof! (see pic) He is just into everything at the moment.. keeping me on my toes Exercise: CARDIO- 18min Speed Interval Level 10 on Treadmill-142 cal burnt WEIGHTS- Chest & Triceps Did not make netball training.. first one missed! Very disappointed.. but I had a late appointment at the docs with Henry and could not make it in time... Was nice to spend a Tuesday evening at home.. it was crazy wild weather anyhow! Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt Choc Latte BURN Powder & A tsp of LSA (see pic) L: Chilli Tuna, Brown Rice & Quinoa, Sauted Mushrooms & Pinenuts with Avo & Grape Tomatoes (see Pic) D: Oven Baked Chicken with Indian Spiced Cauliflower & Zucchini 10 Almonds, apple, a couple of coffees, green teas & a shake & Night Time Shakediguised as a Protein Cake in a MUG... AGAIN On this day my nespresso pods arrived YEOW!!!! Thank goodness Still no BURN bar arrival yet... awaiting on more Choc Latte Powder also (almost out) Ordered myself & my bestie Stacko a Maxine Singlet of the website yay... (hopefully they come before the end of next week) Wanted to get something for us for completing the challenge ..and also to thank her for making me do it! It is all beacuse of her I am so happy and loving life even more now! Serious!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    4 May 2015
    10:54 PM

    DAY 71 / 84.. Well I was going to start the mini cycle (7 day Shape Up Plan).. and maybe do it for three days since I've only dropped like half a kilo in two weeks.. it appears my weight is plateauing.. BUT.. ALAS.. I felt sick about only having one meal a day.. PLUS I read heaps about it on the forums and its not something that is being recommended this year.. what a relief!!! PHEW..I may just try and cut back on my portions a bit.. because it is not as if I am starving... Exercise: CARDIO- 30min Speed Interval Level 10 on Treadmill- 238 cal burnt Nutrition: B: Choc Latte Shake L: Omlette with heaps of Vegies & Avo & Mustard D: Oven Baked Chicken with Indian Spiced Cauliflower & Zucchini (see pic) 10 Almonds, a couple of Coffees & Shakes & Night Time Shakediguised as a Protein Cake in a MUG... OMG Have you noticed I have not been having any BURN bars the past few days? That is because I have run out... EEEKKK.. waiting for my delivery to arrive.. at least it is keeping me in check for now, as I was over indulging a bit in the BURN Bars.. I have a PROBLEM

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    3 May 2015
    4:09 PM

    DAY 70 / 84.. Day 70 WTF.. Officially going into Week 11... I can't believe how far I have come! I am actually excited for the next two weeks.. My body is holding up well.. Shoulder feels good.. ready to go hard for the last two weeks.. Exercise: WEIGHTS- Back, Shoulders, Biceps & Abs CARDIO- 22min Speed Interval Level 10 on Treadmill-175 cal Burnt.. I will try and do another sesssion tonight, once the H Man goes to sleep.. Love my Speed Intervals! Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt & Choc Latte BURN POwder L: Omlette with heaps of Vegies, 1 Wholemeal Toast & Avo & Spicy Sauce D: Baked Salmon with Salad 10 Almonds, a couple of Coffees, a Shake & Night Time Shake AND a Protein Cake in a MUG... OMG (see pics) I found a recipe today .. posted by a challenger on the Forum... 1 scoop protein powder1/4 cup almond milk1 heaped teaspoon of oat flour (throw some oats in a food processor and take out when fine like flour)1/2 teaspoon baking powder1 heaped teaspoon of cocoa1 teaspoon natvia or granulated stevia Mix it all in a large mug and cook in microwave for 25-35 secs (depending on your microwave)... Was awes I even liked the mixture more than the cake.. was like choc mousse YUM

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    2 May 2015
    10:01 PM

    DAY 68 & 69 / 84.. Blogging for Yesterday & Today.. Day 68 Exercise: WEIGHTS- Chest & Triceps CARDIO- 45min Speed Interval Level 10 on Treadmill-Level 10 is a killer- 357 cal burnt Nutrition: B: Shake- Choc Latte Burn Powder L: Chilli Tuna with Brown Rice & Sauteed Vegies (see pic) D: Baked Salmon with Salad (see pic) A BURN Bar, an Orange, 10 Almonds, (see pic) Celery sticks, a couple of Coffees, Shake & Night Time Shake Day 69 Exercise: WEIGHTS- Legs today- as didn't get to it after Netball Training Thursday- lucky I didn't have too bigger game at Netty today CARDIO- Netball Match today.. Had a win WOOP- only got to play a half though BOOO.. burnt 400 cal. Aso did HIIT Session on the the Tready- Speed Interval Level 10= 175 cal burnt. Nutrition: B: Oats, Berries & Choc Latte BURN Powder L: Clean Chicken Cacciatore with Brown Rice (see pic) D: Healthy Chile Con Carne with Avo & Low Fat Greek Yoghurt (see pic) BURN Bar, Half an Orange, a couple of Coffees & Night Time Shake Feeling a bit better than the last couple of days.. thinking about doing a mini cycle.. 4 shakes and one main meal a day.. next week for 3-5 days.. hmmm.. weight just isn't shifting Love that my fitbit talks to me after being charged... (see pic) I'm trying to capture it saying 'WOOT!' which it did the other day.. so funny.. I always say 'WOOT WOOT' whenever I get excited about something!!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    30 Apr 2015
    5:09 PM

    DAY 66 & 67 / 84.. Blogging for Yesterday & Today.. Day 66Exercise: WEIGHTS- Back, Shoulders & Biceps (will do abs tonight) - Late night sesh!! Struggled but got there CARDIO- 26min Speed Interval Level 10 on Treadmill-Level 10 a lot harder- 220 cal burnt Nutrition: B: Oats with Berries & Choc Latte Burn Powder L: 2 Poached Eggs, 1 Wholemeal Toast & Mushrooms & Vegie Juice D: Clean Chicken Cacciatore, with Rocket & one Tablespoon of Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt A BURN Bar, a couple of cashews, a couple of Coffees, Shake & Night Time Shake Day 67 Exercise: WEIGHTS- Legs & Abs- will have to be done when I get back from netball training.. Henry had swimming this morning and then refused to have his arvo nap- so couldn't do it during the day CARDIO- Netball Training tonight.. UGGH so tired but gotta go Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt with Strawberry BURN POwder L: Clean Chicken Cacciatore with Brown Rice (See pic) D: Lentil Soup & Salad Almonds, Green Shake a couple of Coffees & Night Time Shake Feeling drained and exhausted EEEEKK- but will suck it up

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    29 Apr 2015
    8:18 AM

    DAY 65 / 84.. Blogging for Yesterday .. I've logged into My Fitness Pal for 65 days in a row YAY.. everyday since the chjallenge started (See Pic) Exercise: WEIGHTS- Chest & Triceps Cardio- 22min Speed Interval Level 10 on Treadmill- Upped it a level- which was a fair bit harder- 175 cal burnt. Netball Training about 650 cal burnt. Nutrition: B: Had Choc Latte shake- then did Cardio & Weights- then had a poached egg on Toast with Avo & Mushrooms L: Late Lunch of a Omlette with vegies & Spicy sauce.. before netty D: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt with BURN Powder 2 BURN Bars, Some baked eggplant chips (see pic) a couple of Coffees & Night Time Shake Have included my calorie breakdown for yesterday too- the Macro Nutrients again

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    28 Apr 2015
    8:07 AM

    DAY 64 / 84.. Blogging for Yesterday .. Big Day as we had to drive to Melbourne as Henry had a specialist appointment. He had surgery when he was 5 weeks old. So was to check up on his progress and see if everything is as it should be. And it was.. so now we don't have to go back again, which is good! We met up with Omi/Mum in Law and had coffee.. she was interested to know all about the challenge and the Maxine's products.. so I gave her one of my BURN Bars to try, which she loved! Exercise: CARDIO Day.. 30 min HIIT Session - Level 9 Speed Interval on the Tready- burnt 259 cal - going to up it to Level 10 today- then plan to go up to Level 11 next week and Level 12 in the last week- to up the anti a bit, as I'm getting fitter it is getting a bit easier Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt & Strawberry BURN Powder L: Chicken Salad from Olivver's- which is a new Healthy Fast Food Franchise- at the Service Station on the way home - thank god for that.. (see pic) Also had a piece of wholemeal pita D: Baked Basa Fillet, Salad & Ratatouille (see pic) BURN Bar, 15 Almonds, Apple and a couple of Coffees & Night Time Shake Have included my calorie breakdown for yesterday too- the Macro NutrientsI

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    26 Apr 2015
    11:15 AM

    DAY 62 & 63 / 84.. Blogging for Yesterday & Today.. Day 62.. Exercise: Match Day - Netball in Korumburra- we got absolutely smashed! by like 40 goals.. LOL .. I could not believe the score when I came off.. well I sort of could because I was getting flogged down in GD.. the ball was always there so I had a very good workout!! - didn't feel like that much of a flogging (as in the score) though- Burnt around 700 cals- Played better than last week- although didn't think I was deserving of one of the best on awards- but I'll take it.. I do try my guts out every game. As well as Cardio did a Chest & Tricep Weights Session- Went down into the shed to the home gym at half time of the Hawks game- as husband was doing my head in.. He is a psycho Hawthorn Supporter. Thank god for the Home Gym.. I am so lucky! Nutrition: B: Oats, Strawbs & Choc Latte BURN Powder L: 2 Wholemeal Toast with Smashed Avo & Half an Orange- Checked out the Macronutients for the Wholemeal Toast and its pretty much the same as Brown Rice- so that is why I had it for lunch, as it was the only thing I could stomach before netball.. The game was a couple hours later than usual (because of Anzac Day)- so was weird having lunch before the game. I then had a Can of Tuna & another BURN Bar (instead of arvo shake) straight after the game D: Cajun Chicken Salad NOMS BURN Bar, 10 Almonds and a couple of Instant Coffees & Night Time Shake Day 63.. Exercise: WEIGHTS - Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abs CARDIO.. 30 min of Speed Interval Level 9 on Tready- 259 cal burnt Nutrition: B: Omlette with Vegies, Dijon Mustard & Avo L: Tuna, Brown Rice & Quiona & Salad & Avo D: Tuna (big Can) & Ratatouiile COUPLE O SHAKE.. BURN Bar... COUPLE O GREEN Teas.. COUPLE O COUGH EEES

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    24 Apr 2015
    10:44 PM

    DAY 61 / 84.. So today was a quiet day at home which was nice.. poor Henry has a really bad cold.. very snotty nose... I think he caught it from me.. This is the first real cold he has had, so pretty lucky. Exercise: Weights- Back, Shoulders & Biceps.. Shoulder still pretty sore.. so hopefully holds out this last few weeks. Did weights in morning whilst Henry had his sleep. Then he had another sleep in the arvo so did 2 x HIIT Sessions on the Treadmill.. and did the fitness test in between... Total of 32 mins doing Speed Interval Level 9 Incline 1. Wasn't sure how long the Hen Dawg would sleep so that's why I did two separate runs on the Tready.. wanted to make sure I did the fitness test before he woke up.. He had a good sleep, so got to do a bit extra! Big improvements overall on the fitness test- except lunges .. they were the same. But I was suprised how much I had improved.. in particular squat jumps and crunches.. Feeling fit and strong!!! Nutrition: B: Omlette with Vegies, Avo & Hot Sauce L: Cilli Tuna, Ratatoullie & Quinoa & Brown Rice D: Pesto Chicken, Sauted Mushroom, Onion, Capsicum & Toasted Pine Nuts.. WTF what a combo .. weird but tasted ok One and a Half BURN Bars.. 10 almonds and a couple of Shakes & Instant Coffees

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    23 Apr 2015
    9:42 PM

    DAY 60 / 84.. So excited about measurements, so posting them again! Total 44cms lost WOOP (see pic) Tried on my motivational piece of clothing- my trusty old cut off denim shorts- they fit YAY bit snug.. but back in em' (See Pic) Very Happy, back to my old self (but way more toned!) Can't believe its Day 60 (Week 8 Day 4) that's CRAY CRAY! Henry's swimming lesson this morning it! Also did I mention I have to go back to work in 8 weeks :( Organising my part time contract at the moment BOOO Exercise: Weights- Chest & Triceps.. The program is definitely more intense which is great.... Also.. had netball training 85 mins- burnt 520 cal. Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt, Berries & Strawberry BURN Powder L: Curried Egg & Tuna Salad with Greek Yoghurt & Avo (didn't feel that great after it.. was too creamy with the yoghurt in it.. see pic) D: Sardines on Wolemeal Toast- I know Sardines are not the best.. as high in fat -but did not eat until 9pm and it was my best option.. needed some carbs as none at lunch. Had netball training and had a shake before I left (as did my weights before netball) Apple, 1/2 BURN Bar, 1 Bliss Ball and a couple of Shakes & Instant Coffees Mindset... PUMPED Very motivated by my measurements and photos!!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    22 Apr 2015
    8:46 PM

    DAY 58 & 59 / 84.. Blogging for Yesterday & Today.. as this morning I finally uploaded my week 8 progress pic... AND I am so happy! I didn't expect that amount of progress.. now I'm even worried about wether I'll have any more in the tank? As in- I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight.. where my body feels comfortable.. so maybe I will plateau now..?? But not to worry I'm going to keep chipping away and keep being consistent and doing what I've been doing ...because it obviously works! I guess I didn't expect to be happy with the results so far because people haven't really noticed.. except my team the awesome foursome.. who I've been sharing stuff with. But I guess it has started to come together in the last week and a half really.. plus I was wearing baggy clothing and stuff so it wasn't really obvious that I was overweight AND I'm also pretty much a hermit now! Not quite!! But just not as social as normal so I don't get tempted! I've therfore readjusted my goal and would love to get down to 61kg.. I'm 65kg now.. my pre pregnancy weight yay. So 4 and a bit kgs to lose.. But not too worried about the number on the scales, just want to get rid of the rest of the wobbly bits.. plus I feel smaller than pre pregnancy .. as I am way more toned. Also did my measurements and have lost a further 18 cms!! Total 44cms lost (see pic) Day 58.. Exercise: Weights- No Deal.. Had a remedial massage.. more like torture... and was told in no uncertain terms was I to do any weights.. especially chest, bicep, shoulders, triceps (my bad shoulder got quite the workout).... So did a fair bit of Cardio though as had netball training 80 mins- burnt 550 cal. Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt & Choc Latte BURN Powder L: 2 Poached Eggs, 1 Wholemeal Toast & Sauted Mushrooms.. plus Freah Vegie Juice (Apple, Orange, Carrot, Beetroot, Celery & Ginger- Helped with the head cold for sure)- Henners and I ate at a cafe before grocery shopping! D: Oven Baked Basa Fish & Salad BURN Bar and a couple of Shakes & Instant Coffees Day 59.. Exercise: WEIGHTS - Did Legs as Needed to give upper body a rest (see yesterday) CARDIO.. 18 min of Speed Interval on Tready.. burnt 141 cal.. haven't quite finished the weights as Hen Dawg woke up before I could finish .. going to go back downstairs to the gym after my BLOG Fest to smash the rest out.. will do a bit extra to make up for yesterday Nutrition: B: Omlette with Vegies, Hot Sauce & Avo L: Tuna, Brown Rice & Quiona & Salad & Avo D: Oven Baked Pesto Chicken, Eggplant Chips & A Salad COUPLE O SHAKE.. BURN Bar... COUPLE O GREEN Teas.. COUPLE O COUGH EEES

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    22 Apr 2015
    4:53 PM

    DAY 55, 56 & 57 / 84 Blogging for Saturday, Sunday & Monday Day 55 Exercise: GAME DAY! Played Netball against TOORA in Toora.. Unfortunately a loss... wasn't my finest hour in GD.. but enjoyed the game and burnt 750 cal Nutrition: B: Oats & Choc Latte BURN Powder L: Tuna & Broccoli Salad (very proud of myself.. made a packed lunch to take to netball!) D: Squid Salad at the pub... had only half though as poor Henry was super tired and we had to go home.. (kind of my fault as we left way too late!) Had apple, small tub of Greek Yog, BURN Bar and a couple of Shakes & Instant Coffees Day 56.. Exercise: Weights Day for me! Did 26 min Speed Interval on Tready first.. 230 cal burnt... Then into Saturdays weights.. Nutrition: B: Oats, BURN Powder & Berries L: Tuna, Brown Rice & Ratatoulie (with a little sour cream) D: Healthy Chile Con Carne with Avo & light Sour Cream Burn Bar, Green Tea & Shakes... Day 57.. Exercise: Week 9 Woop.. Almost missed my exercise but made myself do it at 8.30 at night! (was not going to start off the last 4 weeks with no exercise.. oh the shame) glad I made myself do it even though had crappy head cold.. CARDIO.. 38 min of Speed Interval on Tready.. burnt 335 cal.. sweated it OUT.. YEOW Nutrition: B: Oats & BURN powder L: Tuna, Brown Rice & Ratatouille D: Chicken Volute Meal made on the Thermi (course one Potato & Leek Soup, made using sweet POT TATE TOES) COUPLE O SHAKE.. BURN Bar... 10 Almonds

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    22 Apr 2015
    4:28 PM

    Day 52, 53 & 54 / 84.. Blogging for last Wednesday, Thursday & Friday... Playing catch up as I finally posted my progress pic and am not locked out anymore yay! Exciting times.. so proud of how far I've come.. but will catch up with Nutrition & Exercise for last week before I get carried away blogging about it! Luckily I record everything via My Fitness Pal App... Don't want to miss blogging about any days, now that I have the blogging BUG! Day 52 Exercise: Did a 26 min HIIT Session.. Treadmill Speed Interval Session (Level 9) .. which is my new fave cardio option.. 229 calories burnt, plus weights.. Also did a 30min walk with Henry around Gatha town as I had an Osteo Appt. Knee is all sorted but unfortunately my shoulder is still no good.. so if it hasn't improved after this treatment then I will need to get an MRI to see what is going on. Nutrition: B: Small Serve of Yoghurt with Strawberry BURN Powder PLUS a Latte with Choc Latte BURN Powder.. needed something quick and on the go! L: Tuna & Broccoli Salad D: Protein Shake as was feeling a bit BLAH as getting to that time of the month.. plus had quite a few snacks Had some rice crackers with avo... hmmm.. not the best but not the worst and 1 and a half BURN Bars and shakes Day 53.. Exercise: Cardio Day.. Thursday so had netball training.. 95 minutes.. a lot of standing around going through different plays etc.. so burnt 520 cal.. Nutrition: B: Oats, BURN Powder & Berries L: Omlette with vegies & 1 Wholemeal Toast D: Lightly crumbed Whiting with Salad Burn Bar, Almonds & Shake... On this day I felt crap because my monthly visitor arrived.. Damn it.. Also had Henry's swimming lesson in the morning.. so great timing.... He loves swimming it is so much fun! Almost ready to rock a bikini instead of a one piece LOL Day 54.. Exercise: Was still feeling crappy as so did not exercise BOOO.. needed to reserve my energy for Netball match the next day.. Nutrition: B: Omlette, 1 Wholemeal Toast with Vegemite- I miss VEGEMITE L: Chilli Tuna, Brown Rice & Ratatouille D: Healthy Chile Con Carne made in the Thermomix with Avo & Light Sour Cream - was a hit! (hubby had it in TACOS) COUPLE O SHAKE.. 1.5 Burn Bars... I think I have a problem... And 2 Cups of Green Tea.. Back on it.. RATE IT!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    14 Apr 2015
    2:52 PM

    DAY 50 & 51 / 84.. I am running out of days.... LOL. At the start I was like this is taking ages.. and now I'm worried that 33 days left isn't enough time !! Day 50.. Exercise: No exercise... I know not cool but I was so sore (see new plan below) made up the weights session today and did a bit of extra cardio. I also just had a revelation.. why am I making myself do the weights on the said days when it does not suit my schedule at all?? It doesn't matter if I change the days around.. as long as I do it right?! DAH So Weights Days are: Tuesday & Friday AND Wednesday & Sunday Cardio Days: Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays.. It makes more sense for me to do it this way as Netball Training is Tuesday & Thursday & Game Day Saturday. There is no way I can do my weights Saturday before or after the Netball Match as I am way to stuffed and sore.. So I have moved Saturdays Weights to Sunday. Then Monday is just a plain Cardio day, as I am too sore from the weekend to do my weights. So my Cardio days pretty much fall on my Netball days except for Tuesday ..where I double up, which is fne as I am then recovered from weekend after only having to do Cardio on Mondays. Having said that -I am also doing a bit extra Cardio on my weights days too my 'warm up' before weights. I try and do anywhere from a 15 to 30 min HIIT session on the Treadmill. So now I feel better! I felt like I was setting myself up to fail for the week before ..but switching things around makes me feel energised and organised... I have done this when Week 8-12 plans are just about to come out LOL! But yeah hopefully it is not too much different and I'll just move it around to suit my schedule. Nutrition: B: Plain Egg Omelette with 1 Wholemeal Toast (Bread will be cut completely from week 8 onwards-promise!) L: Chilli Tuna with Sweet Potato & Pea Risotto (that I made for Henners LOL) D: Lightly Crumbed Whiting with Kale Slaw & Grape Tomatoes NOM Picked up another Maxines Parcel from the Post Office yay... I think now I am stocked up enough to last me until the rest of the challenge.. YAY. tried the cookie and cream BURN Bar.. DAMN love that flavour too... Day 51.. Exercise: Weights & Cardio Day on the new schedule! Did Weights .. starting to enjoy the weights more now that the home gym is fully set up and I am familiar with it all. Got this awesome poster online which explains all the exercises and muscles targeted. (see pic) Also did a 22min HIIT session on the Tready (Speed Interval).. then off to Netball Training tonight... which will be hard core.. as Tuesdays is fitness training, where as Thursdays concentrates more on skills and game practise. Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt, New Strawb BURN Powder & a couple of strawbs (see pic) L: Chilli Tuna & Broccoli Salad (see pic) D: Herbed Chicken & Kale Slaw Shake, some Kale chips & A Burn Bar

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    12 Apr 2015
    10:38 PM

    DAY 47, 48 & 49 / 84.. Blogging for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today!) Exciting times as I now fit back into my old bras (not so exciting for my husband!) Yes my boobs are getting smaller (sad face) .. never thought I'd post a pic of me in my undies (not that bathers are much different) but I have.. as proud of how far I've come!! Day 47.. Exercise: Did a 18 min HIIT Session.. Treadmill Speed Interval Session (Level 9) .. which is my new fave cardio option.. 159 calories burnt, plus Thursdays Weights. Nutrition: B: Another Mass Omelette with Avo NOMS (see pic) L: Tuna with one piece of wholemeal toast plus roasted Eggplant & Sweet Potato.. Yes weird but in a rush to go into work (see pic) and this is what I chucked together.. D: Vegie Soup & a Protein Bar Maxines Stuff arrived on this day WOOT WOOT- so now I have started taking Maxines Night Time.. It tastes devine- I still heat it up and it tastes like a creamy Hot Choc- even though I always make with water... Also got the Choc Mint BURN bars- think they are my favourite flavour thus far! Another late night.... Day 48.. Exercise: Weights day.. But did it today instead as had a Netball Match yesterday... Was lucky I could even walk today little lone do my weights as I played GD for the whole game against a chick half my age... burnt 867 calories and did over 9000 steps.. so fitbit tells me.. WAOH- and very proud as I got a best on award from the coach! Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt, BURN Powder & Berries L: Home Made Sweet Potato & Capsicum Mini Frittatas, with hot sauce D: Freshly caught Grilled Flake with Brown Rice & Quinoa & Basil Pesto and Rocket OH YEAH Day 49.. Exercise: Cardio Day.. but also did my weights session from yesterday... Henners and I had to make ourselves scarce today whilst Andre put in a new window in the Nursery. We went to Sandy Point and visited friends.. whilst there we also did a 5km walk around Sandy Point. Also did a 22 min HIIT Session on the tready - my fave -speed interval.. 450 total calories burnt Nutrition: B: Yoghurt, BURN Powder & a couple of strawbs L: Don't ask lol! My friend, crazy Kimmay, made homemade pizza and I could not resist D: More Fresh Flake NOMS and a little Sweet Potato and Pea Risotto Apple, A few almonds, Shake and had a little left over vegie soup as dinner late.. plus BURN Bar

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    10 Apr 2015
    7:54 AM

    DAY 45 & 46 / 84.. Back on the blog again.. will do todays later tonight! Busy couple of days.. Found out my request to extend my maternity leave is most likely rejected (was going to extend til Jan next year) so have been looking into child care arrangements etc.. Had a look around yesterday at a Child Care Centre where Henry will most likely go.. Hard being so isolated not many options around! Going into work to put in my Part Time application today... Day 45.. Exercise: Cardio! Did a 30 min HIIT Session.. Did Treadmill Speed Interval Session (Level 9) .. which is my new fave cardio option.. really gets my heart pumping and me in a sweaty mess.. 2 min fast running/ 2 min fast walking.. burnt 265 calories.. so nearly 100 cal per 10 min Nutrition: B: Mass Omelette! Made for me and my sis (see pic) L: Tuna & Brown Rice & Quinoa Salad & Brocoli Salad & Pine Nuts (see pic) (tried out the Coles Brown Rice & Quinoa quick sachets.. which was really nice & less calories too!) D: Choc Latte Shake with Skinny Milk (as I had a really late lunch) Day 46.. Exercise: Weights day.. but ran out of time to do weights as had netball training.. burnt 600 cal.. will do the weight session today. Bought some new asics netburners online.. so excited! Nutrition: B: Oats, BURN Powder & Berries L: Two poached Eggs on Toast .. (not ideal but only healthy option whilst out and about and no lunch packed!) D: Cajun Chicken, Roasted Sweet Potato & Eggplant Had mothers group on this day and we were all there for a change! (see pic) All the bubs are growing up too fast!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    7 Apr 2015
    8:09 AM

    DAY 43 & 44 / 84.. Well yesterday we had my family Easter celebration at our place.. Such a beautiful first Easter with Henry! I made sure that all the food for lunch was healthy except for my sis in laws famous potato salad (which I did not eat by the way .. even though potatoes are my favourite thang) We had garlic prawn skewers and cajun spiced chicken breasts on the webber. I made a garden salad, a broccoli salad and a beetroot salad.... Lucky I am not a big fan of chocolate or desserts and I was able to resist all of these... CHEESE on the other hand is an entirely different story.. please see below :( Day 43 Exercise: I did no exercise.. rest day:( Will be making up for it today as I will be doing both Monday & Tuesdays weights plus I have netball training tonight.. Nutrition: B: 1 Toast plus 2 poached eggs with avo L: 1 Garlic Prawn Skewer, Cajun Chicken Breasts & Tons of Salad D: Choc Latte Shake Had 2 coffees with almond milk... and a shake.. and I had a bit of a slip up where I may have had quite a bit of cheese, crackers and dips... BLAH... But I did not go overboard thank goodness.. as I realised I wasn't even that hungry.. My bro bought all the nibbles and would not take the leftovers with him.. (and there was a lot) so I gave some to my other brother and chucked everything else in the bin.. I may have been crying while I was doing it.. BUT I did it! So proud! Also did I mention I had not one drop of alcohol! Very pleased with myself.. so I am over the cheese thing already... Day 44 Exercise Plan to do a HIIT session and weights from yesterday this morning.. and todays weights... plus netty training tonight WOOP.. then my guilts about yesterday will disappear.. 6 weeks left .. going to give it my all! Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt, Berries & BURN Powder L: Chilli Tuna & Broccoli Salad D: Cajun Chicken, Avo & Beetroot Salad Also the Easter bunny brought me the best gift ever.... The home gym is finally set up yay!!... Pics to follow shortly...

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    5 Apr 2015
    6:56 AM

    DAY 41 & 42 / 84.. Half Way..Happy Easter!! Well have been up with Henry since 5.15am! Bloody daylight savings!! Hopefully this means he will have a decent morning nap and I will get a good workout in downstairs in the gym before the family comes for lunch! Day 41 Exercise: Weights Day.. But will be doing weights today instead as did Cardio - first round of Netball. Thought I better preserve my energy. Was a twilight game and we came off with a win which was exciting.. Really liking my GD position.. hopefully I get to keep playing there even though I am vertically challenged! Felt really fit and strong on the netball court.. so can't wait to see how I feel by the end of the season! Nutrition: B: Oats, Berries & BURN Powder L: Tuna & Brown Rice Salad with Avocado D: Lightly Crumbed Whiting, Roasted Eggplant Chips & Beetroot Salad with Greek Yoghurt (see pic) Had 1 Coffee with Almond milk, Takeaway Long Black- did a massive grocery shop before netty! BURN Bar and nighttime shake.. had a Maxines Cookie rather than shake after netball to assist in recovery and because I knew dinner would be late... Day 42 Exercise Plan to do a HIIT session and weights from yesterday this morning Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt, Berries & BURN Powder L: Fish & Salad D: More Fish & Salad This morning I thought I would treat myself to my old nespresso skinny latte with half a teaspoon of sugar.. given it is Easter Sunday... And I don't like it anymore.. was so not strong enough and the suger did nothing for me.. only drank half then got myself a long shot with a bit of almond milk! Was feeling bad but then I am now actually happy I did that because I know I'm not missing out on anything!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    3 Apr 2015
    10:11 PM

    DAY 40 / 84.. Happy Good Friday!! Weighed in this morning at 67.9kg.. yay in the 67s!! Exercise: Cardio Day... HIIT Session of 25min Treadmill Program - Speed Intervals Level 9.. burnt 225 calories.. was intense! Nutrition: B: Awesome Omelette with Mushrooms, Leek, Red Onion, Capsicum, Grape Tomatoes & Avocado (see pic) L: Cajun Chicken, Roasted Gold Sweet Potato, Eggplant & Zucchini with Grape Tomatoes, Avocado & Greek Yoghurt YUMMY (see pic) - Healthy vegies chips for me & Henry! D: Healthy Beef Bolagnaise & Zucchinni Pasta (see pic) Had 3 Coffees with Almond milk, Apple, Almonds & 1/2 BURN Bar and shakes Been drinking soo much water today to ensure I'm hydrated for netball tomorrow.. excited!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    2 Apr 2015
    4:47 PM

    DAY 39 / 84.. Hello collarbones!! Definitely more defined through there Today Henners decided to sleep through mothers group so we did not get to venture out.. plenty of housework to do though! YIPEE.. was actually good to stay home for a change Exercise: Weights Day.. Well started off doing my circuit downstairs for a bit of extra cardio but was interupted by the Henner Burger.. so got a 25 min circuit in.. will have to do my weights when I return from netball tonight.. Nutrition: B: Oats, Berries & BURN Powder L: Tuna & Brown Rice Salad with Avocado YUMMY (see pic) D: Cajun Chicken & Beetroot Salad Had 3 Coffees with Almond milk, BURN Bar and shakes .. Sticking to the plan woop .. still pretty sore today.. off to Netball training tonight.. should be a pretty decent training as first game this saturday.. looking forward to it! ... Here I am back from netty training.. actually had half a maxines cookie before training to get me through it.. Dinner very late like 9pm.. eek! Had a tablespoon of yoghurt with my cajun chicken yum.. And netball training was pretty intense, burnt 685 calories.. so total 885 calories for today, plus did my weights after training! Am Stuffed!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    1 Apr 2015
    10:11 PM

    DAY 38 / 84.. Today Henners and I headed to Gatha Town.. I dropped my car off and had four new tyres fitted and then headed to the Osteo and saw Dr Rose who worked on my shoulder.. she reckons it is a slight strain of one of the ligaments around the ACL joint.. so knee all good but a little pain in shoulder.. but a lot better..Did grocery shopping too.. Exercise: Cardio day.. did almost 90 mins of walking the pram.. Whilst Henry slept hard. Got the heart rate up as very warm today.. Opted for walking on this day as I did not want to undo all Dr Rose's hard work- she did a lot of work on my shouder in particular. Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt, Berries & BURN Powder L: 1 Yolk & 3 Eggwhite Omlette.. with left over vegies (leek, capsicum, zucchini & red onion) plus avo and half a piece of wholemeal toast with a bit of vegemite (missing the vegemite- toast left over from Henry!) (see pic).. Grocery shopping today! D: Tuna, Grape Tomatoes, Avo, Rocket, Lemon & Seasoned Baked Eggplant Slices with a little lite tzatziki.... GEE WIZZ i'm getting very creative! (see pic)... was a very late one by the time we got back from Gatha and Groceries done etc Had 2 Coffees with Almond milk, Apple & 10 Almonds, had a BURN Bar in arvo instead of shake as was on the go... Will have a shake before bed tonight.. MMM Warm Choc Latte .. oh yes I also had a long black at a cafe whilst i caught up with an old work mate! .. feeling pretty sore today.. my first time having DOMS I reckon as started to lift heavier now that the knee and shoulder is on the mend

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    31 Mar 2015
    9:46 PM

    DAY 36 & 37 / 84.. Into Week 6 Woot Woot Read Janet's post about Week 6 which inspired me.. as I did feel like I was plateauing a bit.. got me back on track! Day 36 Exercise: Weight Training Day... I did not train on this day.. missed a session.. 2nd missed.. made it up today though! Feeling good now Nutrition: B: Low Fat Jalna Greek Yoghurt, Berries & BURN Powder (see pic) L: Chilli Tuna & Ratatouille & a Green Smoothie D: Leftover Clean Chicken Cacciatore with Zucchini Pasta (I now have a Vegetti WHOOP) (see pic) I thought it was a BURN Bar day (seriously I did) so I had one, plus apple and 10 almonds eek.. (and of course I still had my BURN bar today lol) Day 37.. Exercise: Weight Training Day .. Did yesterdays and todays weights.. I know big session.. but better than skipping all together. I also smashed out a Cardio Circuit involving Tready run 8 min & 12 different exercises - did it twice. Then had Netball Training tonight... so 2.5hrs of exercise today.. burnt 900 calories. I think I made up for yesterday... well in my mind I have. Nutrition: B: Oats, Berries & BURN Powder (see pic) L: Chicken, Brown Rice, Zucchini, Celery, Red Onion & Canned Tomatoes (see pic) D: 1 Egg Yolk & 3 Egg White Scrambled Eggs with Pesto, 1 Toast & Avocado BURN Bar day YAY.. had that and 2 coffees with Almond Milk of course.. And the two shakes.. proud of myself no other snacks!! Feeling really good.. the A Grade coach at netball tonight told me he has noticed my fitness has really improved.. And my strength. I was so excited! I do feel like I am much fitter and stronger and its nice that someone has noticed ...

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    29 Mar 2015
    10:22 PM

    DAY 35 / 84.. Well I'm baaack Exercise: Cardio Day... Long walk 80 min.. with Henners in the pram along the beach.. (burnt almost 300cal) such a good day.. actually pretty sore today.. from weights and netty yesterday.. Nutrition: B: Low Fat Jalna Greek Yoghurt, Berries & BURN Powder L: Tuna & Ratatouille & Avo (see pic) D: Clean Chicken Cacciatore (see pic- put the recipe into My Fitness pal app.. has 225cal a serve- so had my brown rice with it too, as did not have this at lunch) See a pic of my coffee with Almond Milk.. had 3 of these today eeek. Also had the almonds & two shakes half a BURN Cookie and some celery ... eeek

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    29 Mar 2015
    9:53 AM

    DAY 32, 33 & 34 / 84.. Well finally blogging again.... Will do todays later tonight Day 32.. Exercise: Netball Training.. 80 mins... 550cal burnt & Weights as per schedule Nutrition: B: Low Fat Jalna Greek Yoghurt, Berries & BURN Powder L: Tuna & Brown Rice Salad & Avocado D: Clean Cauliflower Soup & Zucchini Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes & Tuna (dammit forgot to take a pic.. but will definitely be having it again! -Andre even ate it.. WTF??) Had mothers group at my place today.. so I had a few extra nibbles.. all healthy of course.. brown rice crackers, celery & roasted broadbeans.. And did I mention I am now having my coffee with Almond Milk (a dash & unsweetened of course!) nice and nutty.. another idea stolen from the forum.. on which I stalk late at night lol! Lower in calories too WIN WIN On this day my BURN products arrived yeow! (see pic) I had run out of BURN Bars... opened the box at the Post Office and smashed one down straight away...mmmmm.. NOMS Day 33.. Exercise: Cardio day .. but had a rest day as a bit sore and did plenty of Cardio yesterday.. felt really guilty having a rest day though.. kind of by default.. Had Hen Dogs Maternal Health Check up in the morning then had to drive around for an hour and a half while he slept.. then friend visiting from melb who I met at a cafe and had poached eggs with... (no omelette this morning .. no time.. so had egg fix at lunch- one extra yolk though eeekk- H Man had my extra piece of wholemeal toast (see pic) NOMS).. Made awes dinner for guests (See pic) loved by everyone..colourful and healthy! Nutrition: B: Low Fat Jalna Greek Yoghurt & BURN Powder L: Wholemeal Toast with 2 Poached Eggs, spinach, tomato & mushys D: Cajun Chicken, Sweet Potato Wedges, Avo & Beetroot Salad (see pic) Had the snacks and also had a coffee in the morning .. and some broadbeans ..not buying those again- too morish (They are prob too high in carbs) Day 34.. Exercise: Weights day.. but also did a fair bit of Cardio (made up for yesterdays lack of) as had a practise match for Netball.. Also did 20min incline walk and burnt 605 cal total.. Weights also done & dusted! (another late night weight sesh!!) Nutrition: B: Oats, BURN Powder & Berries L: Cajun Chicken & Beetroot Salad (packed a healthy lunch for me and fellow challenger stacks on who came and watched my little henasaurus and me play netty) D: 2 Beef Rissoles (& a little pesto) & a Avocado Salsa NOM (see pic) More late night Forum Stalking.... Helps keep me motivated!!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    25 Mar 2015
    11:39 AM

    DAY 30 & 31 / 84.. Measurements after 4 weeks woop woop! Waist: 86cm (around the belly button) 80cm -6Lower Hips: 104cm 101cm -3Upper Hips: 93cm (around the hip bone) 90cm -3 Chest: 87cm 84cm -3Bust: 90cm 86cm -4 Right Thigh: 58cm (30cm from knee) 54cm -4 Left Thigh: 56cm (30cm from knee) 54cm -2Right Arm: 29cm 29.5cm +.5Left Arm: 29.5cm 29.5cm 0% Body Fat: 34.8% 32% Total lost -24.5cm So pleased with the measurements!!! And Body Fat down 2.8%.. My goal is to get it down to 25% now... by the end of the challenge that is! But my weight is still the same 68.8kg... I think I know why that is!!! So disappointed.. Yes I went off track at the wedding on the weekend.. but I am well and truly back on my game and hoping to have a loss by Monday.. no more falling off the wagon for me.. as I am well and truly back on having seen my progress re: measurements.. Very motivating! Day 30.. Exercise: Weights day.. Did the program but also did quite a bit of Cardio as well.. got to burn off the binge from the weekend! 40min Circuit and 70min of Netball Training.. 780 calories burnt.. Nutrition: B: Jalna No Fat Natural Yoghurt, Berries & BURN Powder L: Spiced Chicken Breast & Broccoli Salad (See pic) D: Vegetable Soup & 7 Protein Chicken & Veg Muffins Had the shakes and also had a coffee in the morning and the arvo & three dates Supposed to have BURN Bar- ran out .. had half a Maxines Cookie instead.. Hopefully my Maxines stuff will arrive in the post by the end of the week.. No shops in Walky Town! Day 31.. Exercise: Cardio Day... Will be doing my circuit downstairs tonight when husband gets home.. Nutrition: B: 1 Egg Yolk & 3 Egg White Scrambled Eggs with a tsp of pesto (yum - a sometimes condiment!) & 1 Wholemeal Toast.. (see pic.. I know program says apple, but no apples left.. going shopping today. Also on the forum someone said they swapped too as same macro nutrients as apple) L: Tuna & Brown Rice Salad D: I think dinner will be white fish & salad tonight!! And a clean cauliflower soup Having 10 Almonds, 2 Shakes & 3 Coffees MINDSET... I'm going to smash this!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    23 Mar 2015
    10:48 PM

    DAY 27, 28 & 29 / 84.. Well the weekend was a very busy one Was proud of myself Friday night as had the girls night out at Dirty Dancing.. behaved myself and had soda waters and a long black whilst the girls had copious amounts of wine! Not so proud of Saturdays effort at the wedding.. had a bit of a blow out.. a few drinks that is. But I am not going to dwell on it and let it affect my progress.. Nothing is going to stop me these next 8 weeks.. no more social events.. and if there was or is.. I will be able to control myself Day 27.. Exercise: Rest Day- did todays weights tomorrow (swapped rest day) Nutrition: B: Oats, Berries & BURN Powder L: 3/4 Egg and Lettuce Sandwich- at the Ceremony D: Chicken Ceasar Salad- at the wedding Had Coffee & BURN Bar & a few too many drinks at the wedding Day 28.. Exercise: Went for 50min walk with Henry in the Pram and did yesterdays 27/3 weights Nutrition: B: 2 Poached Eggs on Toast with Mushrooms, Avocado & Spinach (out for breaky with family) L: Protein Chicken & Veg Muffs D: Vegetable Soup & 4 Protein Chicken & Veg Muffins (see pic) Had the snacks and also had a coffee in the morning and the arvo & three of the bliss balls I made! Day 29.. Exercise: So today was first day of new weights program.. also did a 40min circuit and 40min walk with Henry as feeling a bit guilty about Saturday.. but I am upping the anti anyway and want to include more Cardio to melt away more fat.. Nutrition: B: Oats, Berries & BURN Powder L: Chilli Tuna & Broccoli Salad D: Seasoned Chicken Breast & Eggplant chips with Homemade Healthy Tatziki (see pic) Had 10 Almonds, Bliss Balls x3, 2 Shakes & some Capsicum Strips & 3 Coffees Back on it.. on my GAME that is

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    20 Mar 2015
    1:43 PM

    DAY 24, 25 & 26 / 84.. Well finally blogging again after the lock out.. Weighed in yesterday morning.. lost another .4 kg since Monday... -4.2kg loss since the start of week one.. 68.8kg being my week four weightWas pretty happy so decided to try on my fave pair of jeans.. just for shits and giggles.. to see how far I have to go and WTF they actually fit !!! (see pic.. no muffin top even!!) I was so excited as I have not worn them since before I was pregnant WOOP! Then I got my progress pic taken.. I can see a difference less bloated and less dimply.. but still so so far to go! Day 24.. Exercise: Weights as per schedule Nutrition: B: The Omelette with Capsicum, Red Onions, Mushrooms & Avocado on the side (and 1 piece of Toast) L: Protein & Vege Muffs that my mates Stace & Jess (fellow challengers) made up (see pic) D: Chilli Tuna & Broccoli Salad (see pic) Had the snacks and also had a coffee in the morning and A Green Machine smoothie.. plus a BURN Bar Day 25.. Exercise: Cardio... Interval running along the beach..with Henners in the pram.. burnt 450 cal Nutrition: B: Low Fat Jalna Greek Yoghurt with mixed berries & BURN Powder L: Protein Chicken & Veg Muffs D: Chilli Tuna & Broccoli Salad (see pic) Had the snacks and also had a coffee in the morning and the arvo & two of the bliss balls I made! Day 26.. Exercise: So its another Cardio day.. just waiting for Henners to go down to sleep and then I will bust out a circuit and do the fitness test Nutrition: B: Had my omelette as scrambled eggs & Avocado on the side (and 1 piece of Toast) (see pic) L: Salmon & Brown Rice Salad D: Protein Chicken & Veg Muffs Going to Dirty Dancing tonight woop woop... 'now I've had the time of my life....'

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    17 Mar 2015
    10:02 PM

    DAY 23 / 84.. Not too late tonight for a change! Just having my hot choc protein shake and half a Maxines Cookie... NOMS I only realised 10 minutes ago that today was a Cookie day and ...did I get excited! Nearly forgot all about it! Exercise: Cardio Day- Did lots of housework today and was a bit disappointed I didn't get out with Henners in the pram.. But did Netball Training tonight and burnt 570cal- Knee is fine at the moment (yay) it is now my shoulder thats bothering me! I reached all my fitbit goals today (yay) I have decided from next week onwards I'm going to hit it hard.. and workout twice a day most days.. nutrition is good but I think I can up the anti on the exercise (now that the knee is on the mend- lets just hope the shoulder holds out!) and really get results.. I feel really good now and just want to give it my all and have no regrets at the end that I could of maybe done extra.. This week is a busy one.. and I have two social events.. the last 2 social events until the end of the challenge.. which is great Meaning I'll just be able to focus on the challenge... Friday night I'm going into the city to see Dirty Dancing the musical for a friends birthday.. big drive there and back in one night Then Saturday we have a good friends Wedding (she used to be my PT! And still is when I book her!).. and the inlaws are staying at our place to look after the Hen Burger (our darling 7 month old Henry that is!) Also my husband has promised me we will finish organising and setting up the home gym by Sunday at the latest YAY So after the weekend I will be able to focus and concentrate hard on achieveing my goals.. But I have actually been doing really well and I'm really proud.. just want to push harder! Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt with Berries and Choc BURN Powder (see pic) L: Chilli Tuna & Broccoli Salad NOMS.. forgot pic dammit D: Healthy Beef Bolagnaise with Steamed Zucchini (see pic) Had the snacks being a shake and a BURN Bar and also had a coffee in the morning and in the arvo... Plus I made Healthy Raw Cacoa Bliss Balls today (see pic).. they are calorie dense similar to Janets recipe on this website.. I had 3.. I probably wouldn't of had that many if I remembered about the cookie.. But still had the cookie anyway! Plus both my lunch and dinner were fairly low in calories..

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    16 Mar 2015
    11:58 PM

    DAY 21 & 22 / 84.. It is sooo late at night again.. I'll be lucky if I get this blog in before midnight My plan to exercise earlier was an epic FAIL Also weighed in this morning.. lost another .9 kg.. so happy about that -3.8kg loss since the start of week one.. feeling good!! Day 21.. Exercise: So it was a Rest Day and I did exactly that.. i needed to catch up on ZZZZs so had a 2hr nap in the morning at 9am when Henners had his morning sleep.. just what I needed.. we then headed out to the shops in the arvo and got all our groceries for the week Nutrition: B: The Omelette with Capsicum, Red Onions, Mushrooms & Avocado on the side (and 1 piece of Toast) L: Can of Tuna & half a Maxine's Cookie (I know!! not great!! But thats all I could muster up on the way to get groceries) D: Healthy Chicken Fajitas with Gauc (No tortilla for me- see pic) Also added light sour cream- which can apparently have in moderation- so a bit of a treat! Had the snacks and also had a coffee in the morning and 10 almonds in the arvo... Day 22. Exercise: So I've been in my gym gear since 9 am and still am as I write this lol! That is what sort of day I've had... I was going to get the Weights Session out of the way when Henners has his nap at 9am- it didn't happen as there was a massive ANT Invasion in our pantry... it took me nearly all day to clean it UP! WTF I went for a walk/run with Henry in the pram for like 35mins at 5pm- burnt around 200cal- a bit of interval training between the Electricity Poles! (see pic) sprint to one, then walk to the next, sprint again and so on... Then did another late night weight session.. again 10pm! But at least I did it... Nutrition: B: Rolled Oats with mixed berries & BURN Powder L: Tuna & Brown Rice with Salad & Avocado (see pic) D: Salmon & Salad & Avocado (see pic) Had the snacks and also had a coffee in the morning and the arvo. Had a BURN bar today.. which wasn't on the menu.

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    14 Mar 2015
    11:55 PM

    DAY 20 / 84.. It is sooo late at night again.. I really need to go to bed earlier.. next week I will try Exercise: So I did another late night workout- started at 9.30pm .. It is just so much better and easier to do once the little one goes to bed... no interruptions. Did my weights session whilst my husband cleaned out the shed.. we need to make room for the home gym.. it is still not fully set up as we have a bit of reorganising to do.. Maybe by the end of next week? bloody better be! I also went for a 5.5km walk early this afternoon, with Henners in the pram.. along the rail trail in Fish Creek.. Took like an hour and ten as had to keep stopping for Henry! Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt with mixed berries & BURN Powder (see pic) L: Tuna & Brown Rice with Ratatouille (see pic) D: Grilled Flake & Salad We had dinner at the pub.. no beer for me.. soda water and lemon. I also had grilled fish, but I have to confess I had about six hot chips.. couldn't help it.. But I did leave a whole serve of chips on my plate..can't believe I did that.. chips are my fave.. so pretty proud of myself! Had the snacks and also had a coffee in the morning and the arvo. Had a BURN bar today.. which wasn't on the menu.. just really felt like I needed it! Was a bit extra hungry in the arvo.. These late nights are killing me.. Got to get out of this bad habit!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    14 Mar 2015
    7:57 AM

    DAY 19 / 84.. This is yesterdays blog -as I could not post was way too exhausted... I've been blogging too late at night and then I can't stop reading the forums.. its addictive Exercise: (Yesterday) So I did another late night workout- started at 8.30pm not to bad.. Cardio day- but also made up for my missed weights session from Wednesday Did my circuit- Tready and exercises and weights..burnt 300 calories Starting to feel really strong in my upper body and also a heap of improvement in my core strength. Legs a bit stronger.. but haven't been working them that hard due to the knee.. which feels fine today by the way YAY Nutrition: (Yesterday) B: 1 Egg Yolk & 3 Egg White Omelette & 1 Toast with Mushrooms, Red Onion, Tomato, Capsicum & Avo L: Tuna & Brown Rice Salad with Avo (see pic) D: Oven Baked Rosemary and Garlic Chicken Breast & Ratatoullie Had the snacks and also had a coffee in the morning and the arvo. Morning coffee had with my Double Choc BURN Bar- Put it in the microwave for 20 secs- WOW! NOMS! (see pic) Stole this idea from someone on instagram- best idea ever.. felt like I was cheating... Also still loving having my Choc Latte Shake heated up in the microwave for 1 min.. Have it on the go (see pic) Haven't felt like cheating- because it feels like I am cheating as the Maxines products are so YUM! I will post todays blog later tonight Bitches!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    12 Mar 2015
    11:34 PM

    DAY 18 / 84.. I am icing my knee as I blog- it is not too bad... Busy day driving around the country side - Swimming Lessons and then Mothers Group in the arvo Whilst in the heated pool with the Hen Dog, in my one piece swimsuit with Rash Vest over the top... I imagined myself in the pool in less than 10 weeks from now- swanning around ...NAKED.. I won't really.. but hopefully I'll be that hot that I will want to swim around naked.. I told the other Mums at Mums Group about Maxines, they seemed very interested.. I was suprised you know as there are a lot of negative people out there.. Exercise: What was I thinking- as if I was ever going to do Weights tonight after Netball Training- What? Cardio day today and I did 100 minutes of Netball Training- hardest one yet -burnt 700 calories- really pushed myself So still got yesterdays weight sess to make up- will do it tomorrow along with more Cardio! Oh and you are probably wondering about the new home gym.. only half set up- we should be able to finish putting it together on the weekend Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt and a Scoop of Maxines BURN Choc Latte (again needed a quick breaky- took Henry to swimming lessons) L: Chicken Cacciatore- with half cup of brown rice (only a small serve so had a awes salad too) D: Salmon with Vegies with a bit a Garlic & Soy Today I got really hungry on the way to Netball Training- (as have my dinner when I get back) finally got over it about 10 minutes into training.. so all good.. no caving Had the snacks and also had a coffee in the morning and the arvo.. long black with a dash of skinny milk ..Having my night time shake now..Choc Latte .. nearly put Henry's formula in instead of the Protein powder.. again .. DUH.. need sleep.

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    11 Mar 2015
    11:08 PM

    DAY 17 / 84.. Today I finally went to the Osteo... And I'm a work in progress... Had to rest today.. Damn it! Back into it tomorrow- I am going to do weights and cardio tomorrow (Netball) Have to go back to the Osteo again- couldn't get in until 1/4.. but Dr Rose said I can still train, but just no prolonged running- as thats what seems to have aggravated it last time- so short intervals and bursts should be ok- just have to listen to my body So netball fine, my mini circuit fine and hopefully weights fine I am so sore now though- hopefully it is just part of her working her magic- she really is a miracle worker, she cured my bad hip and has really got my achilles tendonitis under control.. She thinks I have bursitis in my knee Also worked on my shoulder as well- as I have twinged a muscle there too! Hence why no weights at all today I am falling apart.. hmmm .. I have my knee taped now too (see pic).. hopefully that helps Exercise: Its a weights day but no weights for me (SAD FACE.. that is not sarcastic.. that is serious sad first workout missed BOO..) Went for a half an hour walk in Gatha Town with Hen Dog in the pram.. burnt around 115 calories LAME Very disappointed that that is all I can do today.. went to go downstairs and do an incline walk on the treadmill.. but had to stop myself.. because 1) Dr Rose said to take it easy today AND 2) My knee is actually really sore from the work she did on it today It actually feels worse than when I went there- but me thinks its all part of the process It has been really good over the past week and I'm putting it down to building muscle and making that area stronger and also all the protein I've been having- which is assisting in repairing the damaged muscles Nutrition: B: Jalna Low Fat Greek Yoghurt and a Scoop of Maxines BURN Choc Latte (Swapped breakfast for yesterday- had Yoghurt today as needed a quick easy breaky due to going to the Osteo) L: Broccoli Salad with Tuna- same as yesterday Nom Nom Nom D: Chicken Cacciatore- with half cup of brown rice (had this at dinner instead of lunch) definitely a healthy version of Cacciatore- using homemade stock and canned tomatoes) Had the snacks and also had a piece of celery in the arvo and a coffee in the morning.. long black with a dash of skinny milk ..(see pic) Have my night time shake as a Choc Latte and zap it in the microwave for minute- tastes like a mocha.. (see pic) .. mmm

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    10 Mar 2015
    9:54 PM

    DAY 16 / 84.. Today is a Cardio day.. I'm starting to get stuck into it now that my knee feels a lot better... Will be seeing the Osteo tomorrow.. so will know whether I can go hammer and tongs after that! Exercise: Went for an hour long walk along the Tarwin River with the H Man in the pram .. burnt around 230 calories Then it was off to Netball Training at 6pm, where I burnt about 600 calories.. so good Cardio day! Nutrition: B: 1 Egg Yolk & 3 Egg White Omelette with Wholemeal Toast.. Onion, Grape Tomatoes, Garlic, Capsicum & Mushroom added to the Omelette (Have swapped breakfast for tomorrow- having Yoghurt tomorrow morning as need a quick easy breaky due to going to the Osteo) L: Broccoli Salad with Tuna- have attached the Broccoli Salad Recipe.. Yummo (see pic) D: Lentil Soup & Salad topped with Sauteed Mushrooms & Pine Nuts (Same as yesterday- as had to use the rest of the soup and didn't eat until nearly 9pm.. due to Netball Training) Had the snacks and also had 8 Almonds and some raw capsicum in th arvo and a coffee in the morning.. long black with a dash of skinny milk (cannot get rid of the skinny milk yet.. but will soon.. no sugar and hardly no milk is hard enough!)

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    10 Mar 2015
    12:03 AM

    DAY 15 / 84.. (Started this post before midnight!) I think I will start doing a breakdown of my exercise and nutirition for each day.. What a weekend.. pretty proud of myself (mostly) for the effort I made on the weekend. My mindset has definitely changed. The old me.. booze hag me.. would of thrown the challenge out the window.. but I didn't ...I stuck to the plan. It was a big weekend as I had the engagement party of a friend of mine (as well as the hens party that I went to SOBER on friday night). It was like a High School Reunion with my girlfriends on Saturday.. like girls gone wild. I did have a couple of vodka sodas.. but nothing else outside the meal plan.. although I had an extra half of a Maxines Cookie yesterday.. geez they are good! But I resisted McDonalds when the others got it on the way home. Yes.. I had to sit in the car with them and smell it, whilst they ate it.... Not even a single fry! And I SO love fries mmm fries. I'm starting to enjoy the self control that I have acquired! It makes me feel empowered or something! Well I'm starting to feel like all the hard work is paying off.. got on the scales this morning and have lost another 1.2kg.. so 2.9kg all together.. which is very exciting. I also feel less bloated. I have finally attached some side photos- clearly I'm not sucking anything in.. but yep definitely less bloated- I can kind of see a little difference with the other photos too just the last two weeks.. It is still a battle to take those photos.. OH so hideous.. but I figure that not that many people will see them, as no one can spell my last name anyway! With food I'm sticking to the plan but changing a few things up as I don't like steak- but I use the My Fitness Pal App to ensure I have the right balance of Carbs, Protein & Fats. Attached is photos of my breakfast, lunch and dinner Nutrition: B: Porridge, Berries & BURN Powder L: Brown Rice, Tuna, Sauteed Mushrooms, Tomato & Zucchini with garlic D: Lentil Soup & Salad with Sauteed Mushrooms & Pine Nuts Snacks as per plan- had a few extra almonds though in the arvo Exercise W: 70.1kg (Body Fat 33%) C: 10 minute warm up jog on Tready then Weights as per plan- but just did Body Weight with leg exercises (taking that easy with Knee)

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    7 Mar 2015
    12:22 AM

    DAY 12-14 / 84.. So very proud of myself! Just returned from a friends Hens Night and did not drink a drop of alcohol or eat any of the party food.. And there was so much food and it was awesome food that I usually love to eat.. DId someone say cheese?! mmm About the only thing I could eat there was the plastic cucumber that we used for 'Pin the penis on the hunk' .. oh well! I did have a BURN bar though.. I had it in my handbag just in case and had to eat it (I already had one today).. so that helped me control myself a bit. Cardio day today and yesterday.. I have attached my 'Fitness at Home' Exercises.. I do a mini circuit in my gym downstairs. I do 8 minutes running on the tready on1% incline, at level 7.5.. then I do one full set of the exercises and then repeat.. usually this takes 35 minutes. I did this yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday).. except today I did one more 8 minute run at the end.. and burnt 420 calories in 45 minutes. Very happy with that.. as I try and burn a 100 calories every 10 minutes on my cardio days. Also pretty happy with how my knee is feeling at the moment.. hopefully it is on the mend. I have also attached my hideous back photo.. this was taken at the same time as my profile pic.. so at Week 1. Still to do side shots though. Another reason I decided to sign up for the challenge is my friend Stacey, who is also doing the challenge, sent me a pic of LIndsay Turner's transformation.. I was like waoh.. amazING!! Then I was like... What the? HEY! I know that chick! I spent New Years in New York with her in 2012! (She happens to be my friends brothers girlfriend lol) it blew me away.. Shit just got real! I was like .. that is a real person, if she can do it, so can I! So thanks Lindsay!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    5 Mar 2015
    5:55 PM

    DAY 10-11 / 84.. So Day 4 of Week 2 or Week 1 Day 4! Did not blog yesterday.. as it was a massive day! Didn't do my weight session until 10pm at night. Feeling a bit sleep deprived.. but didn't realise how much until after my workout last night... when I made a Protein Shake for me and a bottle of Formula for Henry's 'Dream Feed'. Well all I can say is I am never buying Vanilla Protein Powder.. because I wondered why my shake tasted like curd and Henry's milk was brown... hmmm.. Lucky Chocolate is my flavour of choice or the H Man would be a mini Max! Living in a small town is great because we are right on the beach.. but it means I have to do a lot of driving and there has been a lot of appointments in town lately. I also have my own gym set up in the garage downstairs as it is too far to go to a gym.. but I do love my little gym and it is about to get a whole lot bigger! We are picking up a home gym (a full machine weight gym woot woot) from my bro in law on the weekend. At the moment my gym consists of a treadmill, a set of dumbells 4.5kg, a barbell, up to 18kg, a step and a skipping rope! So very excited to be getting the new equipment. I have been looking at the Train in the Gym plan and think I might follow that instead.. as I will be fully equipped! I forgot to post the result of my weigh in Monday.. down to 71.3kg.. a loss of 1.7kg ..oh yeah So I'm happy with that.. as it is that time of the month and I'm always bloated and heavier. I'm trying not to weigh myself so much.. I am addicted to it.. have got into the habit of weighing myself every morning. So I have got my husband to hide the scales and only bring them out on Sunday night! What a loser I am! I also did all my measurements the Sunday night before the challenge started and plan to re-do them every 4 weeks. So here they are: Waist: 86cm (around the belly button) Lower Hips: 104cm Upper Hips: 93cm (around the hip bone) Chest: 87cm Bust: 90cm Right Thigh: 58cm (30cm from knee) Left Thigh: 56cm (30cm from knee) Right Arm: 29cm Left Arm: 29.5cm % Body Fat: 34.8% I have Body Composition Scales .. so hence the % Body Fat.. I will log this every week along with my weight. So this week my Body Fat % was 33.5% Not sure how accurate it is.. but at least I will have a bit of an idea how much body fat I am losing. Still to do my cardio today.. will do a mini circuit downstairs in the gym once the H Man goes to bed.. Knee still pretty sore, which is getting me down a bit. Looking forward to seeing the Osteo next wednesday morning. Posted a pic of me and the Hen dog enjoying a Healthy Lunch in the park.. me a Tuna Salad and Henry got stuck into the grass!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    3 Mar 2015
    2:30 PM

    DAY 9 / 84.. So Day 2 of Week 2.. I look up at the top of the website, which says 'Now we are at.. Week 1 Day 2..' And... I feel like I'm getting ripped! But I'm sure as the count down progresses I'll be wanting to squeeze more days in to ensure I get my hot bikini body! I am making really good food choices and I am really pleased with myself. I'm sticking to the plan, but I'm being creative with what food I make and how I present it. It is so yummy and makes it so much easier to stick to the program. I don't feel like a rabbit or like I'm eating wet cardboard either. WINNING! For example today I made Ratatouille in my Thermomix.. It was amazeballs. I added my tuna (its not a tumor!!) to it and it was like a party in my mouth.. I have posted a couple of pics. I think this will be a bit of a go to meal over the next 12 weeks.. nothing in the RAT TAT TOOLY but vegies, herbs and a little olive oil. I think I am lucky with the nutritional plan as I absolutely love tuna and avocado.. mmmm. And oats and eggs.. mmmm. But I'm not a big red meat fan. So tonight I'm going to make healthy beef bolognaise in the Thermi... to get a bit of a red meat fix.. But no pasta for me.. this will be served on top of steamed zucchini YUM. What I am not to pleased about is my exercise. Usually this is my THANG. But I'm really conscious of my knee and don't want to hurt it. That said I am doing what is required.. but just not pushing myself as hard as I would like. Cardio day today... so netball training tonight.. which is usually pretty hardcore. I burn anywhere from 600-700 calories at training- so I think I have cardio covered today. I have always used a Polar heart rate monitor and tracked all my workouts, but just before the challenge my husband got me a Fitbit Charge HR for my birthday and man I'm obsessed.. this is extra motivation for me! Yesterday when in Traralgon I suddenly realised my fitbit was missing from my wrist when I was in Target.. lucky there was hardly anyone in there because I let out a loud shriek .. My bub Henry thought it was hilarious..! He laughed all the way back to the car as I ran with the pram through the streets of Traralgon like I had lost my baby! I could see people looking in the pram as I sprinted past.. they were confused, thinking... there is a baby in there.. why is this woman running possessed like the dingo got her baby??! Thank goodness it was on the ground next to the car.. I did not care what people thought of me when I was reunited with my fitbit I grovelled on my knees in the ashphalt, clutching it in my hands. Don't think I could continue the challenge without it! So all is well in the world again...

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    2 Mar 2015
    9:17 PM

    DAY 8 / 84.. So I didn't blog yesterday.. nor did I take my side photos.. and now my husband is asleep on the couch and I can't wake him up...! More like... I am not getting in my bathers at 9pm at night. Or maybe what is really putting me off is getting more hideous photos taken again! When my husband took the first lot I looked at it and was like -'that is a really bad angle.. take it again..' Then he took another one and I was like 'geez your a shit photographer.. take it again.' Every bloody photo he took was shit ..and then I realised . I'm just frumpy and overweight! I was mortified, I was so mortified that I laughed.. because if I didn't laugh, I would cry. Then he laughed too.. we laughed hard together and then he told me 'that's not what you really look like in real life.. you don't look that bad' and then I laughed again.. I thought -that is so sweet. Then I quickly realised it was no laughing matter and I slapped myself across my fat face. So no photos tonight.. but what I will be doing instead, is putting on my gym gear and going downstairs (to my home gym in the garage) and getting my weight session on. Yes late I know but have had a busy day.. Went to a Dental Specialist in the Valley today.. about an hour and half away from where we live. I have to get all my wisdom teeth out .. and will be going into hospital to get it done- dodged a bullet there. So there I was at the counter and the receptionist tries to book me in for my procedure on May 11.. I looked in my calendar and was like.. NO WAY.. that date is the last Monday of the challenge. My mind quickly shot to my 'before' photo -yep frumpy and overweight .. that chick looks really unhappy... then 'after' photo -yep banging hot Lara Bingle like body... But hang on .. what is that .. OMG that woman looks like the Elephant Man!! So now it is happening on May 18.. the Monday after the challenge- dodged another bullet there- as long as I take my 'after' photo on the last Sunday! So how committed am I? (or vain?).. I'm planning my life around this challenge!

  • Angela Wilken-Eilers
    28 Feb 2015
    10:06 PM

    DAY 1-7 / 84.. Wow Week 1, nearly done! I haven't done more before photos as yet- but plan to get my husband to take some more back and side photos tomorrow night- for extra motivation. Anyway.. I thought I better get this blogging started without the pics or else it will never happen! Talk about the before photo being a motivation .. geez! Three of my close girlfriends are doing the challenge and one of them, Stacey.. was trying to get me to join.. My first response was NO WAY.. I can't post a before photo -that takes guts! Then I thought .. that's not really good enough! All I do is think about my weight and how I want to be fitter and healthier.. I'm just going to have to suck it up. Plus, I also thought if those three girls are really hot skinny bitches at the end of this ... and I'm still overweight and unhappy.. I'm going to be really pissed. So I wasn't entirely convinced, but once I saw my before photo.. well I was in shock.. I was disgusted and suddenly motivated to do something about it. So here I am! I'm already so proud of what I've achieved in a week. I've totally changed my mindset. This week has been a really challenging week personally.. so if I can get through this week and stick to the plan.. I should be right for the rest of the challenge. I hurt my left knee at netball training the friday before the challenge started. I'm not quite sure what is going on with this knee, but I must of moved funny over a month ago and it hasn't felt right since. Nothing major major.. but I'm so worried that I'm going to make it major major if I don't ease up. So last friday night we went for quite a long run at training and that seemed to aggravate it and it was so sore and swollen the next day- so I iced it etc. And it was heaps better Sunday morning. This was nearly another excuse not to do the challenge. But I didn't let it stop me.. just haven't gone too hard with cardio this week.. opting for walking over running most of the time and taking the leg weights easy. Anyway, I was to see the Osteopath Wednesday morning, but had to cancel unfortunately... Because we had to rush my 6 month old son Henry to Hospital in the early hours of the morning. He had an extremely high temperature.. it was very scary. It turned out to be a bacterial infection and he is on the mend now, thank goodness. But of course I haven't had much sleep this week and have been very worried about the little cherub. It also dawned on me that it has been 18 months this week since I lost my mum to Cancer. That sent me on another emotional rollercoaster.. but I wasn't going to let anything derail me. I wish she was here to share in the joy that is the H Man. But I know she is quietly cheering me on and this is further motivation to take care of my health so I can enjoy the H Man even more.

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