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165 cm


Tone & Shape - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I've been watching how other past challengers have transformed their bodies and I want to be one of those people. It's time I took back control of my body and learn to say a BIG no to bad food choices. The Maxine Challenge is just the motivation I need to get me started on the road to a better body and lifestyle. I love going to the gym but sometimes just don't know what workouts to do and my body never seems to change no matter what I do. Now I can follow the workouts laid out for me. I made myself a promise this year to be around the same weight I was before having my three children over twenty years ago and before my birthday in August. Bring it on!!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I loved the fact that all the workouts and meals were planned out for me in advance and it was so easy to follow. The coaches and Ambassadors were always on hand to give advice, encourage and motivate you when the going got tough. Food choices were great and more than enough and you were given two option plans to choose from. So easy!

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest thing about the challenge was sometimes completing all the sets in regards to some of the exercises. To offset this I would then drop a set or drop the weight so as to complete the required amount. There were some days when I was so exhausted, but I reminded myself why I was doing this and pushed on. Giving up never entered my mind, no matter what. Being such a chocoholic and a, ‘I must have a biscuit or two person’ with my cuppa, it was hard at first going without, but it doesn’t take long for your body to stop craving sweet things. I started to really feel the hunger towards the end of the challenge, so that was tough.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The biggest impact the challenge has had on my life is that for the first time in years I am happy with my body. I haven't been this weight in 28 years. Actually, I have never been 55kg at all!!! I beat the goal weight I set myself at the beginning of this. So thrilled. My self- esteem is at an all- time high. I always dreaded wearing shorts because every time someone looked me up and down I felt like they were judging how my body and legs looked. I hated that dimpled orange peel look they had and knew I had to lose weight and tone them up to try and eliminate that effect. They are not perfect, but just because the challenge has finished doesn’t mean that I will stop. My tummy has definition!!! Yeah! I’m stoked! Hard work and commitment does pay off. As I kept saying to myself at the gym, ‘no pain, no gain’. I feel so healthy, fit and full of life. Thank you so much Maxine Challenge. You have changed my life and I am so glad I had the courage to do this.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

If you are serious about turning your life around and becoming a healthier and fitter person, then The Maxine Challenge is definitely for you. Follow the plan religiously and you can’t go wrong. Throughout the 12 weeks your body will transform in ways you never thought possible. Think age is a problem? Think again! If I can do this at age 58, then so can you. Go for it! Sign up for the next challenge, and discover the new you just waiting to emerge. You have nothing to lose (except weight).

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Throughout this challenge I learnt some very valuable lessons along the way that I would like to share with others:
• You signed up for a 12 week challenge, not an instant results challenge
• Stop comparing yourself to others, our bodies are all different
• STAY OFF THE SCALES!! They are your worst enemy. They make you doubt your progress
• Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get ripped abs. It’s not all about getting abs, it’s about transforming your body and lifestyle so you can continue living a healthy lifestyle long after you finish the challenge
• When self- doubt comes knocking telling you this is too hard, tell it to go away. You can do it, you know you can
• Bring up past challenger profiles like I did to keep inspiring you. They kept me motivated.
Lastly, I want to thank the Maxine Challenge Ambassadors and Coaches for all their help and support throughout this challenge and fellow challengers who shared posts with me. I will be forever grateful! It has been an awesome journey and adventure. One I will always remember.


  • Anna Nietner
    1 Aug 2017
    8:18 PM

    Can't believe it is already Week 11 of the challenge. Working out more hoping to see results at the end of Week 12. Getting so close to my goal weight that I set myself, will be over the moon if I get there. Hunger and tiredness sets in from time to time, just have to push through it and keep going. Amazing how the body stops craving sweet treats after not having them for so long. Great feeling, so proud of myself for sticking to clean eating and not giving in to temptation. Gone are the days of having a cup of tea with a biscuit or two or sneaking into the pantry to raid my stash of chocolate. Now it's tea with some almonds, a much healthier option. Feeling so happy!

  • Anna Nietner
    16 Jul 2017
    10:24 AM

    Well just checked in for Week 8. Nearly 2kgs lighter than last check in. Will have to train harder and cut down on portion size I think. I haven't eaten any junk food in 8 weeks and yet it is slow to come off. I am happy that I have stuck with it, let's hope the next 4 weeks brings about a bigger transformation. I can do it.

  • Anna Nietner
    17 Jun 2017
    10:54 AM

    Just weighed myself and took update photo. Was dreading that I wouldn't see any change even though my clothes have been looser and I felt lighter. I'm happy with the result and ready to launch into the next 4 weeks. Have to find a way to stick to eating correctly while in Singapore. That will be a challenge but hopefully I can find ways to substitute food and still eat well.

  • Anna Nietner
    3 Jun 2017
    9:08 PM

    Wow, week 2 nearly over already. Have stuck to the plan religiously and have started to see the results. Someone even commented on whether I had lost weight. I told them I was on the Maxine's 12 week challenge. Makes you feel good about yourself when you see the hard work paying off. My cravings for sweets are gone and not even missing them. Go me!!

  • Anna Nietner
    25 May 2017
    8:19 PM

    Great day. Up at 5:15 for a 90min cardio and core session at the gym. Off to work, then too nice a day to stay inside in the afternoon so headed off on my bike for a 27km ride. Smashed it today! Not even missing my sweet treats. Feeling so good for having done it!

  • Anna Nietner
    24 May 2017
    7:47 PM

    Three days down and keeping to the plan. Body feeling pretty sore but I know that is a good sore. Am loving my workouts at the gym. Get a bit hungry from time to time.

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