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169 cm


Get Strong - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I find the challenge helps to keep me focused and gives me a foolproof way of training and nutrition that is healthy and easy to follow.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The new group format- being able to be in more than 1 group, I have found so many new, encouraging, supportive, like minded people who I can now call friends and will continue to encourage and inspire each other to be better versions of ourselves

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

I think the hardest thing for me was quieting my own self talk that occasionally popped up and was trying to tell me I wasn't worth it. But I did.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I started this round, mentally, not in a good place. I had completed the challenge at the end of last year, so physically, was not at the beginning of my health and fitness journey but definitely had a long way to go. Here at the end of this challenge I find that I'm ready to continue my health and fitness and I recognise self care is not selfish but rather a necessity and I actually look forward to continuing eating and training and setting goals to achieve which all help me mentally as well. I can achieve anything I set my mind to achieve. I have a level of confidence in myself that I don't think I've felt before and I like what I see when I look in the mirror, being positive about myself whilst recognising that I'm a work in progress

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

If you are serious about changing your health and fitness then sign up. This challenge has worked for me, the results are obvious to all that know me, and so many others. You get a nutrition and training guideline every 4 weeks, there are recipes you can try and forums and groups that you can chat about anything and so many coaches and ambassadors involved to get advice from so you too can get the results you are after...oh and the supplements are delicious.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I have my health back and I have Maxine's challenge to thank for that and this is only the start of a better version of me


  • Anne Diamond
    3 Apr 2017
    4:37 PM

    Well taken out temporary gym membership at another gym until mine reopens. Flood damage 😢. Anyway, still managed to get it done with some delays as I tried to find equipment in a foreign gym.

  • Anne Diamond
    31 Mar 2017
    3:10 PM
  • Anne Diamond
    29 Mar 2017
    11:29 AM
  • Anne Diamond
    19 Mar 2017
    8:50 PM
    15 Burpees
    27 Push Ups
    53 Crunches
    58 Alternate Lunges
    2 Plank
    42 Jump Squats
  • Anne Diamond
    13 Mar 2017
    11:47 AM
  • Anne Diamond
    12 Mar 2017
    9:44 AM

    I've come a long way but still a long way to go...enjoying the journey

  • Anne Diamond
    11 Mar 2017
    11:25 AM
  • Anne Diamond
    11 Mar 2017
    11:24 AM
  • Anne Diamond
    9 Mar 2017
    10:15 PM

    Sneaky gym selfie after chest/arm/ab day

  • Anne Diamond
    6 Mar 2017
    2:33 PM

    My shoulders must be bigger by now...after 1st session of phase 2...back and shoulders 😂😂😂

  • Anne Diamond
    4 Mar 2017
    6:17 PM

    Last shoulders, arms and abs for phase 1 bring on a new 4 weeks

  • Anne Diamond
    2 Mar 2017
    3:44 PM

    Last week 1-4 legs done...change is coming

  • Anne Diamond
    28 Feb 2017
    9:57 PM

    Photos ready for tomorrow. Bit disappointed with my measurements and don't see any change but I'll keep trusting the process and see what happens over the rest of the challenge

  • Anne Diamond
    22 Feb 2017
    11:53 AM

    Today I have to say I'm pretty pleased with myself and my training for today. I ran 5km on the treadmill and got 29:59- yeah under 30 mins. Then did Crossfit and thought I was using a 15kg bar- turned out I was actually using a 20kg bar so lifting 5kg heavier than I thought and only missed the time cap by 2 seconds

  • Anne Diamond
    21 Feb 2017
    4:50 PM

    Then its stock up day

  • Anne Diamond
    21 Feb 2017
    12:13 PM

    Post cardiNo

  • Anne Diamond
    20 Feb 2017
    9:53 PM

    Surround yourself with positive, motivating, encouraging people. Had an emotional meltdown before Crossfit but the coach said stay and do the workout and everyone was so wonderful.

  • Anne Diamond
    20 Feb 2017
    7:33 AM


  • Anne Diamond
    17 Feb 2017
    5:25 PM

    Flex Friday = leg day because I was a miserable shit to do it yesterday....but better late than never

  • Anne Diamond
    15 Feb 2017
    8:20 PM

    45kg push press pb

  • Anne Diamond
    14 Feb 2017
    10:11 PM

    When you already have postural hypotension and your new medication makes you dizzy....oh well doing what I can

  • Anne Diamond
    13 Feb 2017
    12:12 PM


    Nearly back to high school weight

  • Anne Diamond
    11 Feb 2017
    10:38 AM

    Shoulders arms and abs day so has to be flex in progress

  • Anne Diamond
    10 Feb 2017
    7:42 PM

    Making sure I get a lot of green veggie goodness...and apparently it's good for your brain too and tastes alright (thank goodness)

  • Anne Diamond
    10 Feb 2017
    11:42 AM

    Leg day

  • Anne Diamond
    7 Feb 2017
    11:49 PM

    When you're feeling anxious but have to pick hubby up from work at midnight, go lift heavy shit at your 24hr gym

  • Anne Diamond
    5 Feb 2017
    4:36 PM

    Measurements Chest 89cm Arms 31cm Waist 85cm Hips 104cm Thighs 57cm Calves 37cm Plank 1:21

    16 Burpees
    24 Push Ups
    42 Crunches
    29 Alternate Lunges
    1 Plank
    37 Jump Squats
  • Anne Diamond
    4 Feb 2017
    5:40 PM
  • Anne Diamond
    4 Feb 2017
    5:40 PM
  • Anne Diamond
    4 Feb 2017
    5:39 PM


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