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Reason to start The Challenge

This is 3rd time lucky and I was compiling excuses to simply not bother. I had a scan that indicated points for improvement including body fat reduction and thought really what can be the excuse NOT to improve this? I like how the challenge has matured to support women at all stages including Mum - how awesome and also get strong!! Something we shouldn't fear and is great to support healthy aging. When I nearly convinced myself I was too old I touched base with Helen (coach) who shared a bit of her inspiring story and that she still uses the challenge macros - now a healthy lifestyle challenge that is something that has my interest......let the challenge begin.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Accountability!! Whatever, I was going to finish this. This was my 3rd attempt and the check-ins were really important to keep it real for accountability. Put those check-ins on the calendar as a FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. I also enjoyed the range of resources from recipes, you project, access to previous challengers stories and podcasts I loved there was a Fighting Fit 50+ group I was finding I got a bit isolated/discriminated sometimes as an older person training in the ‘outside world” – not at Maxine C there is a great diversity of competitors – you will find “other you’s”. Was great to see fitness test improve, another good keep it real measure to encourage and challenge yourself - I couldn’t even do jumping jacks when I started due to injury.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Sticking to it!! It would have been so easy to NOT log on, to NOT go to a workout, to NOT eat the best choices, NOT go to classes, to say NO because of injury for the first 9 weeks. Adding rehab time and modification of exercises made for tricky time management: attend class, do rehab, do routine modified – BUT doable  So good to train injury free for last 4 weeks and challenge myself to see what I could do again 

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Can do attitude!! There was a lot IN the road to NOT do this challenge but I was really looking for a lifestyle change and got it. It really made me try new things and get out of my comfort zone and trust me I have been so uncomfortable sometimes - learning new skills you have to be so humble and just stubborn getting through the beginner skill stage (where you fail a lot - thinking handstands here particularly!!) The lifestyle changes I now enjoy are: a great family routine for food prep, great family routine for exercise, the dog loves this (more walks!), where I simply accepted there are some things in classes I cannot do I know ask how can I do them (rope climbs now can do, handstands on the way, body weight lifts reps improving). Our family workouts are going really well - great family time succeeding and failing together in a really hard work and dinner together after as we are starving !!! Bonus lost 10% of the original weight and can fit into clothes I have ordered for years in the hope that I could fit back into - done!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Have a go – the app makes this really accessible anytime anyplace you have your phone – can’t think of a why not anymore. Make it fun try new things, get back some you time. Decide what a win is for you - it doesn't have to be all about the weight - there is so so much more if you decide you want it.
Find out what you are putting in the road of what is your definition of success - too busy, too old whatever !! - understand it, get rid of it if you can and JUST DO IT!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Having not got through 2 previous challenges I had to look hard at the "why", so I didn't fail again. I decided this challenge had to not just about losing weight and strict eating (that alone I didn't think was enough to make me hang in for 12 weeks) it needed to be more than that. I made the challenge for me about lifestyle, “ a new more positive routine” but also about trying new things and different exercise experiences including where possible hanging with the family (we mostly managed 5-6 classes together a week) – I had a ball!!

I still got scared a lot, I also failed a lot, but I started to succeed too – what fundamentally changed was I can’t do to what do I HAVE TO DO to be able to do this? It might sound like a midlife crisis but is it SO possible to do your first-hand stand and rope climb at 51 and really…..WHY not?

I am very grateful to the people around me who just spent the extra time to encourage and teach me what was too overwhelming to get in a class situation when I decided I should (in theory) be able to do this. And all the workarounds for the first 9 weeks to maintain fitness in as smart as way as possible (thank you Physio & Class coach) to ace some PB’s in the last 4 weeks injury free finally (thanks PT Steve) including body weight chin-ups, body weight tricep dips, dumbbell incline chest press 17.5 kg (I chased them for so long!!), and again class coach to nail that rope climb and handstand (Chris the young pt thank you for your logical and patient instruction and provision of structure and work towards). Thank you to Maxine challenge community for sharing their struggles and their triumphs – so much inspiration.

I feel I am not naturally athletic at all but now I have decided I am at least good at trying :) Now I don’t worry about being over 50, it has a go-to SEE at least what IS possible and have a bucket load of fun. I was also encouraged as to what is possible in terms of fitness by participating in my first adult sport anything, the World CrossFit Games – very intimidating but a great learning experience.

Looking forward to continuing to raise the bar and that hope that groups like our Fighting Fit 50+ rock on!

Thanks also to my ever faithful dog Coco (who also lost weight) who was always up for a walk no matter how late or how hot it was :)

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