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The enormous amount of support. It was incredible. Any time, day or night, there was always someone, whether it be the Coaches, Ambassadors or my fellow challengers who were there to offer support, guidance, a bit of tough love or encouragement through the forum and social hub.



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Reason to start The Challenge

I'm looking for some motivation to take my fitness to the next level. I'm a stay at home mum & need the discipline of commiting to the challenge to be able to say no to eating my children's left overs & making a real effort to stick to a plan.
I've got a 2 year old and a 1 year old & would love to get into the best shape of my life & be a fantastic role model for my daughters. I am ready!!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Where do I start… Well I never thought I would say this…. but structure. In the past I have never lasted more then about 3 days to any sort of “diet” or new "healthy eating regime". I think the clear & easy plans provided is one of the reasons that I was able to complete this challenge so successfully. All of the guidance, meal plans, training programs, everything was right there at your fingertips. No excuses. There was no reason for me to question what I could & couldn’t do. It was all set out right there or me, so I couldn't go wrong. If I had questions or needed to make changes, all the the options were provided to me by the Max & Maxines Team.

I also feel that I can’t not mention the enormous amount of support. It was incredible. Any time, day or night, there was always someone, whether it be the Coaches, Ambassadors or my fellow challengers who were there to offer support, guidance, a bit of tough love or encouragement through the forum and social hub. Through this process I have made a really great bunch of friends & the best part is that we have all been through this journey together. I had never really used Instagram prior to this & rarely facebook, but it was just invaluable in giving me that extra motivation and push when I needed it. It sounds strange, but I am really going to miss this challenge!!

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The times where I struggled the most would have to be when I was feeding the children. In the past, I would always eat their left overs. Breakfast, lunch & dinner, my mouth was the garbage bin. I really had to change my mindset, that it was more wasteful to put all that unwanted food in my mouth then in the bin. Thank goodness I am at the point now, where I don’t even have to think about it.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I can hand on my heart say that this challenge has been life changing. Coming into the challenge I seriously could not believe that 12 short weeks could have such a major impact on my life. I had read the previous challengers blogs and thought that would not happen to me. 12 weeks later, here I am, Im not even craving bad foods. This is a total turn around for me. I previously got by on sugar highs and fatty foods. Every time I crashed I reached back into the cupboard or fridge for that next sugar high, but not any longer. Food does not control my life or my emotions. I do. And that is such a great feeling to have.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Stop thinking about it and do it. Seriously, do what you need to do so that you are in a position when the next challenge starts that you can really prioritise your health and well being. You are worth it. You can do it. This is possible for everyone.

12 weeks is not a long time to put yourself first and really focus on being as fit and healthy as you can be and finding your best you. You know you want to! So come along for the ride. You won’t regret it.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I truly put a lot of thought into doing this challenge. Before I started I read through every top 10 - maybe even top 50 challengers blogs. I knew that if i was going to do this, I had to commit 100%. So when it came to registration day, I was ready. I just went for it. I had made a deal with myself that I was going to be one of those amazing people who MADE IT! And every night that I got through another day, I was stoked. 1 day down thats worth a celebration. One week down, celebrate. Then suddenly it was 4 weeks down and so on. Now I am here, at the final stages of this challenge and its been worth every second. I am so overwhelmingly proud that I have done this and can hold my head up high. No cheat meals. No missed training sessions. No regrets. And best of all, I feel great.


  • Annie Chamberlain
    8 Nov 2015
    8:25 AM

    Week 12!! Wow - what a strange feeling!! 12 weeks done and dusted!! Well - its not over just yet. I still have to arrange having my photos taken. My husband is working away at the moment so I have to wait for him to come back so we can get photos taken at the same time. I dont feel ready yet... not physically more - I need a spray tan, the right outfit (i think im there), I would love to get a friend to do my hair.... not sure on the day so not sure when i start eating a little more carbs... so many things to think about... It seems strange as I know I am a different person to who I was 12 weeks ago, but Im still so nervous about having my photos taken. That I would look strange in gym gear getting photos taken... but I am excited to see the final product. So how has my last week been? GREAT! i havent really been counting down or anything - i found that once I started doing that it was a bit of a struggle for me - so its best that I just take it one day at a time. Makes me think back to when I first started and that was really how I had to do to get through it. At the end of every night I would just be so happy that I had successfully completed 1 day and then 1 day turned into 1 week then 1st check in. I just took it in little stages. I have been training so hard in this last week, to be honest, I have trained so hard for this entire challenge. Hard, heavy weights. Cardio that counts. Eery session has counted. No slacking off. I would still LOVE to make top 50... I am however very very aware of how many amazing transformations there are out there. I have had lots of wonderful support and am part of the Maxines/Max's Instagram family - and I know that everyone has been working hard and there are so many people that deserve that top 50 title. Just getting to the end of this challenge and being totally satisfied with my results - seriously that is a win. But top 50 would be a like a little cherry on top! So, we shall see. Food wise, I am not planning any "naughty" meals after this challenge. I am happy to just keep on going. I dont really want to lose any more weight, but I am really happy with my current food choices & the way it is making me feel. So i will probably just increase my food portions & have the occasional treat. Sounds boring, BUT seriously - my food has been anything but boring. Healthy, nutritious food doesnt have to be bland or boring! Photos more sups - I went in to buy my 4th box of nite time shake for the challenge - & got some more intraboost. The guys at Nutrition Warehouse have been so supportive - they gave me a free Max's water bottle - ahh so stoked!!! Turkey mince salad - mmm I'v been loving turky mince in this challenge. I think its a bit nicer then chicken mince, Ive also been using a bit of ice-berg lettuce lately in place of my usual dark green lettuce. Its a nice change - crunchy & moist, but I dont think it is quiet as nutritious. Ab check - its like abs one minute gone the next.. heres hoping that for the final photo they want to come and play nice :)

  • Annie Chamberlain
    4 Nov 2015
    8:28 AM

    Week 11 Day 3 getting so close to the finish line. This is just a little blog as I have a crazy busy day ahead of me. I was thinking this morning, there has been a lot of talk lately about eating burgers or whatever when this challenge ends - so its had me thinking... what am I going to eat. To be honest, Im really enjoying what I am eating. Im not feeling depreived and the plan allows for my meals to be really satisfiying. I think that the 12 weeks of good, clean eating has set in & is habbit now! Wow! Hard to think that this is really me talking?? I just actually dont feel like eating chocolate or lollies or burgers anymore. We shall see when the challenge ends. Its not to say I will never, its more, I will occassionaly when the urge strikes, but i have no desire to run out and get something "off plan" to eat just because I can & that feels pretty darn good. :) Photos - Ab workout - getting there. well I guess this dish is technically "off the plan" - but super healthy, super delicious. Fresh Prawn Salad with Quinoa & chilli beets .mmmmm living on the Coast is the best! Berry Burn Bar - yummy. They are all very good. I think my favourite would have to be Mint - or maybe the cookies & cream. They are all very moreish! It takes a fair bit of self control for me not to gorge on them!!

  • Annie Chamberlain
    25 Oct 2015
    9:37 PM

    Oh my goodness!! Week 10 already! Say whaat? I cant believe that we are here. Feels great. It's felt hard. It's happening. I am getting this done!! It feels so good to make this acheivement. Well to know that I will be making it. I know that I am not there just yet but I will be. Before I signed up to Maxines Challenge, my husband actually said to me that I would not last a week. To be honest, part of me felt the same way. I've tried to be healthy previously, I've said "right im not eating sugar this week" or "im only eating salads this week" at least once a month I think I made these little commitments to myslef & always failed within a few day. So saying that I was actually going to stick to something for 12 entire weeks... well - to be honest I completely understand why he said that. But something was different this time. I feel like I had a point to prove & although this entire journey has been difficult at times & right now I am pretty damned exhusted - there is something that I am just loving about this. I love the transformation. I love having said I was going to do something and actually doing it. I love how god I feel when I make healthy food choices & I just love all the support & encourangement that has come along with this challenge. Now down to bussiness. Food pretty good choices. Felt so hungry today. Youghurt & fruit for breakfast. Almonds & apple for snack. I had a very average tasting peice of fish today for lunch. It is unlike me to have something that isnt tasty for a meal.. so it left me a little unsatisfied. I ended up having a protien bar & a shake. Not too bad. Exercise - its my only day off weights. So cardio today - I found a little yoga place down the road from me - so I thought I would run there and then do yoga afterwards. I havent gone for a run in ages - its amazing how much the strength training must be having on my running. with next to no running in 12 weeks - i ran 5 k in 28minutes - just a really easy pace & i didnt really feel that out of breath. then 1 hour of yoga. It was more of a stretch and relax class. Photos Beef Stirfry - mmmm yum. My lovely lunch stir fry. Loads of veg. 1/2 cup of brown rice. just the right amount of meat. Ginger, garlic, onion & a touch of Tamari. Seriusly - loved it. My dishes. Just another day in the Chamberlain household. So many shakers. One thing I do not love about this challenge is the amount of washing! & this was just 1 mornings worth of shakers for my husband & I. Leftovers. So this is what I deal with daily. White bread with peanut butter. Mmm. It goes in the bin. If it's soemthing really delcious that the children havent eaten I have to ask my husband to deal with it. I have a really hard time throwing out yummy food. I know - my mouth is not a rubbish bin. I am getting so much better at it. I feel pretty good that for this entire challenge, I have not eaten any left overs.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    22 Oct 2015
    8:50 PM

    Week 9 (its day 4) Im feeling so grateful tonight. I had a bit of a funny day. So, Thursday morning - my plan is, as it always is on a Thursday. Weights - followed by a spin class. Its the only day of the week that I really put the weights & cardio together & its always a bit of a rush as my bubbas are in the creche & I am only allowed 90minutes in total. Anyway - my 2 year was so tired - so i didnt want to leave her in the creche for that long so - smashed out my weight session GREAT. But then I still had to do my cardio!! Totally GRATEFUL my husband came home from work early - so I got to get my cardio in. We are at the pointy end of the competition & every session counts. So in the end I went & climbed Mt Coolum (twice) - 30 or so minutes - up the mountain & back & up again. Sweaty. Feeling great that Im getting it done!! Photos: Ab Check - getting there - but i really want them to pop. I am so happy with my progress BUT - this journey is not over. I know that I have to keep pushing through to get to the best bits!!! Its so exciting & so close - but there are no excuses to stop! Food Glorious food - just because there are restrictions - doesnt mean that you are restricted! This is all in the meal plan. Quinoa, roasted beets, onion & capsicum. Avocado. Peri Peri seasoned Chicken tenderloins. It was seriously delicious!! XT Burn! - ahhh killing it. This is definitely helping me get through my workouts. I love it!! It feels like a naughty little treat!!! pumps me up & I think its helping me out with my results thus far. Chin-up hands. Thanks Janet. Its not all glamour in this challenge that for sure. I have been doing Janets chin up challenge & my hands are definetly coping a beating. I was so fatiugued today when i did my chin ups - but got through them plus a few extra (why not). Yesterday i did 4 consqecutive unaasisted chin ups!! So proud of myself & every day im at the gym doing them - at least one person comments on how strong I am or look. Actually an old man said to me today - wow ur guns are so big - no wonder u dont have sleeves on your shirt - you would just pop out of them! ha ha - so funny & lovely. my hard work is paying off & there is only more to come.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    17 Oct 2015
    2:27 PM

    Week 8 day 6.. Leg day. Its such a killer of a workout. But got it done today. Today was also my first day trying out Janets new Chin-up Challenge. I managed to get 3 out unassisted - then i moved to the assisted machine to finish off my first set of 10. Then i moved back to the bar - so in total I managed 13 unassisted & the rest assisted. I dont know if its the coffee talking or what - but I feel really excited about the possibility of getting out 30 unassisted chin ups. Obviously im not going to get them all out in one go (well maybe one day...) but on Monday (thats my next weight training day) - im going to give it a red hot go. I love this little goal. & every day for a month... On a side note - there is a girl at my gym who is dead keen on her weights - I often ask her for advice when im not 100% sure on things - shes definitay a person id put on my motivational board (if I had one of those) anyway - (blushing) she came up to me & complemented me on my chin ups & said that she couldnt even do 1. It felt nice for me to be encouraging her for once & talking to her about pushing past her current limits. Anyway - changes are happening!! Woop Woop (yep too much coffee I think) :) Also - Im not sure if I have ever put this out into the atmosphere - but I want to get into top 50! Ok I said it. The sky hasnt crumbled. 3 weeks & 1 day to drive this bad boy home.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    14 Oct 2015
    9:00 PM

    Week 8 YAY checked in. Feels great. I have no idea what the heck is going on - but I am SUPER pumped. I just want to smash out the last 4 weeks of this challenge & give it my best shot. Its funny because on Sunday I was just feeling really tired and run down - I took my first day off in weeks. Obviously that is exactly what I needed. Also I got a massage on Thursday last week. Anyway - its like I have just turned this corner & Im on the home stretch & I just want to sprint to the finish line. The new program is pretty hard - lots of weights, high intensity & a lot of cardio. Its only Wednesday - but so far so good. After dinner tonight I felt like I had a bit of energy & the dog looked like he had a bit of energy to - so I went for an extra walk. I only went fot about 20 - 25 minutes but every bit counts & I pushed the pram with my 12kg 2 year - so that got the heart beating. The last 3 days I have been so spot on with the meal plan. To date I have still not had a cheat meal & I think its safe to say that I will not be having a cheat meal. I was talking to one of my girlfriends the other day - about if I will continue to eat like this. And I will. I have a new favorite breakfast - Greek Yoghurt!! Who would have thought. At the start of this challenge I didnt even want to try that for breakfast. I think that the other thing that mihgt be helping me is seeing some results. I catch a glance in the window or mirror & I think - wooow - is that me? I know it is, but Im just getting a bit of tone & I can see now that over the next 4 weeks if I push it out, I am going to physically be in a position that I have never been in. And that feels GREAT!!!! Photos My new addition to cardio is Swimming. I love, love, love swimming but never really get a chance to find time for it. I signed up for a 10 visit pass including creche, this means that I have to drop a HIT class at the gym. But I have commited to it now. Such a massive workout swimming. The squad really pushes me along. Family Hill Sprints - My husband & I took the kids down to the beach in the afternoon do get our cardio done. Its the perfecet spot and the little one loves getting involved running up & down the hill. Cant wait for it to get a bit walmer so we can jump in the ocean when we are done.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    6 Oct 2015
    8:23 PM

    Week 6 I feel like i have not blogged in ages. Not sure what was going on with that. Life I suppose. Week 6 was tough. It was mentally & physically a rough week. I think that there was a few things going on. Having put my all into training and sticking to the plan since registration day, it just all caught up with me. I am absolutely so proud to say that I have not had a single cheat meal... now that does not mean that I havent put more in my mouth then I should have - but i pretty much toughed it out & feel so much better for it. So for the detail of what I did that was not on the meal plan... well I do love watermelon - & so do my daughters. It just started with a bite.... & then i just kept going. Had way too much. I know it is only watermelon, but it didnt end there. Then I had some nectarine. Some macadamia nuts. 2 burn bars!!! In the end, I dont even think I was hungry. But it was like i just couldn't satisfy my tummy. Anyway. whats done is done. The next day I had a tummy ache & I truly do not want to do that again. Results - well yes I am still very happy with how I have been traveling along. I am starting to get some Abs coming along. They are slow in progressing, but they are getting there. I have to be standing in the right light - but seriously at this stage in the challenge to be there - I am very happy & feel that by the end it is achievable. INBA - so I went to go support my brother who was competing in the INBA. This was a great motivation for me - just seeing all of these amazing athletes who I can only imagine have all worked so hard. Not that I want to get on stage & do that - but there was a category of mums - people just like me, who have had children & have still been able to eat well, train hard & get a rocking 6 pack. Thats one for the ladies!!! Pictures... lets see what I've got :) Sweet Potato Chips.... MMMMMmm yummy! We can only have 100g, but they are so yummy! especially with loads of Pink Himalayan Salt Abs - so there are two tummy photos - one where I am just standing normally & then another where I have the exact right light & position & hey presto = ABS!! (well the begining) hopefully there is more of that to come ;) INBA Mums - here is a picture that I took - I dont actually know any of the ladies up on stage.. but they were pretty amazing. Mums. We CAN DO ANYTHING Bi workout - As you can see, I still have more work to do. But 6 weeks in - I am still here. Still slogging it out at the gym & the kitchen. Its all happenng. & Im excited about it!! Chicken Mince Stir Fry - ahhh yep. Loving it. If only you could taste it. Just shows that you can eat beautiful food & be healthy.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    24 Sep 2015
    4:08 PM

    Week 5. Ive had a pretty good week. With the new training program I have lost my rest day & a few carbs :( . Losing the rest day was not so bad. Went for a run early in the morning and then i just took it easy all day. not sure if its the new program or 5 weeks (plus 2 weeks prior to the start date) of spot on training & nutrition, but feeling a bit deflated. 2 days ago I had an extra burn bar - one after the other - and then today... the same thing. Argh - annoying. I know that in the scheme of things it really isnt such a big deal... but its frustrating me that I have given in. Anyway. I have had a massive day of training & have been up since well before the sun as the little one has decided that I dont need sleep. All in all, I know that I should not beat myself up over it. I am working hard. I am otherwise sticking to the meal plan. And I am training really well. So I know its not a massive deal. But why am i doing it?? photos day in the life of me food wise. Salmon for dinner. mmmm a rare treat. It was devine. I savoured every mouthfull. Mango yohurt for breakfast - so i have been very dubious as to if the yoghurt breakfast would fill me up. Anyway - week 5 & I finally tried it. It was delicious. Soo yummy. Loved everymouthfull. Happy to have this again!! It probably helps that I really like mangos! Steak, Mushrooms & Veg for dinner. Clearly I love my food. Again - yum!! thats the thing - so this food - no problems - I love everything on the meal plan, its just making sure that I dont have the unncessary add ons. Chest day - me - pushing as hard as I can. no more Rest day Sunday - this was me at our little picnic - had to be a bit more orgaised then usual - but lunch all packed with a tuna salad. Beautiful day at the beach with the family.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    16 Sep 2015
    8:06 PM

    Progress Photos - Week 4. So here are my front, back & side photos. from rego until week 4 - now. side by side. I am happy with this. Cant wait til next check in now. Still absolutely hate having these photos of where i was... but thats the journey. Lets do this.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    16 Sep 2015
    7:51 PM

    Week 4. Had a few days offline due to check-in. It was just a mental thing for me - but I just couldnt upload my 4 week picture until the 4 week point. Every Sunday I take a photo front, back & side - so naturaly it had to fall on the Sunday. So what have we missed.... me being sick, me working hard, me not giving in. I am happy with my results so far. initially i was a little concerned that I was looking more skinny then strong... however, I had a look over the previous years top 50 & their progression photos. It seems to be the way for a lot of the girls. So I am not too worried now. Just trust that the program works & keep working hard. Yesterday was my first day of the new program (weights wise). It was great to try out. It is so different to how I have ever trained before. I have always done weights - but generally I would go into the gym with no plan & just use whatever machine or weights were free & only exercise each body part just once. So this is new to me & my body. & Im loving it. but im also getting totally smashed & exhausted. I was so hungry today - i think its the new training. Hungry, tired. My 2 little girls are not sleeping well either so that doesnt help. Anyway. I am still here, still committed & giving it everything that I have. Photos Yummy fish salad for lunch. my little baby girl - up at 4:30am... & she is still smiling. She's always so happy! Chicken & mushroom dinner. This was SOOO yummy. Literally just Chicken, mushrooms & a little bit of greek yoghurt. Oh & spring onions. Chicken stirfry with Konjac noodles (NO CARBS)!! WHAT??!! yep. Very nice.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    8 Sep 2015
    1:49 PM

    Week 3 Recap. Im a little sick at the moment. Nothing too bad. Headache sore throat. Luckily it was at its worst on my rest day so i have not missed a training session this week. Thursday is my biggest training day as i get in some weights (legs/chest/back) then I do a spin class. After the big session i had a few rice crackers with peanut butter -I was feeling a little guilty about that. No so much for having them, but maybe it was the last one where I should have held back. Anyway. I might try to steer clear of peanut butter from now on. It is just too tempting for me!! It was delicious :) Sunday was Fathers day so we went to Noosa & had a picnic in the park. It was lovely. I hadnt planned the salad but went to the IGA & got everything I needed to ensure that we stuck to the plan. BBQ chicken is probably not the best option & I couldnt weigh it but I had the breast & stuck to the plan. Other then that, nutrition for the week has been great. Although now I say that, In the spirit of truth, honest & self disclosure.... my berries & yoghurt at night time... I think I am getting a little to generous with both the berries & the yoghurt so from now on Ill have to get my husband to measure it out for me. Its the one thing that I am a little too liberal with. Photos: Chicken stir-fry - mmm one of my favourite meals. Ginger, chilli, garlic & a touch of soy & lemon or lime juice what ever I have at the time. It is delicious & absolutely beautiful. Im always 100% satisfied after this meal. Even with NO CARBS! who is this person??? New Gym Clothes - I had a coffee date with some friends (Child FREE!!!) this is very rare for me SOO I just had to check out if there were some new gym clothes with my name on them. Turns out THERE WAS!! Super exciting!! especially seeing that gym clothes is all I wear these days. Few muscles starting to take shape to!! (If I do say so myself) Kids getting excited about some new sups!! - So I decided to stock up on some more chocolate nighttime. I tried to get some online but a few places are all out so I headed down to Mass Nurution & stocked up! Its my most favourite shake of the day & I dont want to even try to switch up my flavours!! Shameless Selfie - This was on my rest day. Not sure if it showed. But I was so exhausted. Ive heard some people saying they hate rest day... but after my Saturday morning workouts Im so glad that Im not setting foot back in the gym until Monday mornings. I love working out - but I deserve a break sometimes to!! Tricep Kickbacks - me using that new bar for the first time. Ha ha -dont even know what its called. I better get my lingo right before people start wondering what the hell I am doing in the gym!! :)

  • Annie Chamberlain
    1 Sep 2015
    1:41 PM

    Week 2. having one of those days . Well moments. I am not sure if its a good day or time to be writing my blog. Hope im not going to bring anyone down... Maybe this will give me a little kick up the bum that I need this afternoon. Nutrition wise - I have been good today... I had a stirfry for lunch & for some reason I crave some sweet food after a stirfry. Maybe i put in too much soy sauce. So I have had a green tea. Might need to make another as that hasnt seemed to curb my cravings. But on a lighter note... only 2 hours before i can have a burn bar!!! love those things!! So the week that was. I feel like i had a pretty good week. Exercise I shifted a few things around and was able to fit in all of my sessions. I even roped a few of my friends into doing some hill runs with me. Much more enjoyable to run up a hill when ur not doing it alone. This week is the first week that i have really noticed a difference in my body. I try to check in with myself once a week by taking a photo. Usually I have to zoom the camera right in to see any changes :) this week I could step back from the photo and still see the difference!! So I am looking forward to the 4 week check in photo as I am proud of my results so far. I think that the 4 weekly check ins will keep me accountable. Nutrition for the week has also been good. I have to say that its been hard making the yummiest looking & smelling vegemite & butter on toast for breakfast for the little ones... mmm butter is my weakness. & ham & cheese sandwich. They are also very tasty... but none for me :) So what have I learnt this week. 1. Put food back in the fridge the moment you have finished preparing your meal... Especially strawberries. Its very easy to "just have one" or two... 2. Rope your friends into training. Its fun. 3. Rest days are amazing. I had such a big week. So I really feel like I deserved my rest day. My body was just tired. Photos; Off to the gym with the family. Roasting some beetroot, brussel sprouts & red onions. Tasted delicious. Hill runs - we run at the beach. It is a lovely spot and the kids sit down the bottom of the hill & play in the sand. my hand. My thumb is so weak. but this splint has made it possible to do almost everything.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    24 Aug 2015
    2:04 PM

    BEFORE PHOTOS Oh I meant to put these up. I really dont want to. This is the nature of this challenge... & reality. Back & Side in addition to my registration picture.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    24 Aug 2015
    1:54 PM

    Week 1 Done & Dusted. Start of Week 2. So the week that was. Not to bad. I probably learnt a few things this week. 1. be structured with my meals. I didnt have a set meal in mind for lunch when i was shopping so I thought Id just buy a hot chook. Got home measured it all out & had it with a lovely salad. Great. But then beacuase there was left over chicken & my bad habbit of just picking at food I ate a little extra. Now, it wasnt a lot & it was lean. BUT I do realise that if I said that with every meal & snack, then thats when I will let things slip & start overeating. So, I do think its better for me just to have my planned meal cook just that & then I cant just pick at things. 2. Distinguish between huger vs boredom or some other emotion. Ok so sometimes I really do need to eat more. But most afternoons I have been feeling really run down and tierd. I have to work out, what days do I need that extra protein shake or can of tuna Vs what days do I need to just get out of the house or keep my little hands busy so I am not reaching for the fridge. Im getting there. But a few times I have let myself get too hungry & then Im not functioning where I should be. 3. Weights Weights Weights. Sometimes I just need to pull myself into line. I do enjoy weights... but I also love doing yoga. & I semi scaraficed a workout to be able to do yoga. Maybe this is more of a time management issue. If I can fit in my plan all my weights then I can reward myself with a yoga class. Overall, I am pretty happy with my week. I am feeling stroger. The body hasnt really caught up with my new diet and exercise plan. There are some changes but they are small at this stage. Thats totally ok. I know that my body will make some changes, but that it might just do it at a different rate then other people. NOT FREAKING OUT just yet. :) Photo: HIT workout this morning. Basically the workout was about 30minutes of interval training. Burpess, Kettlebell, Squat jumps, lunges, TRX & push ups.

  • Annie Chamberlain
    17 Aug 2015
    2:39 PM

    Day one... here we go... I registered two weeks ago so have been sticking to the plan pretty much in regards to nutrition and training. Im doing the "get strong" program. At this point I havent really noticed any changes physically. But i feel stronger in the gym. I am a mum. I am a wife. I am a person that loves the gym. I guess where i really let my self down is in the nutrition stakes. You know, its easy to just to finish off what the kids dont eat. Or after a night where the kids dont sleep,I know the next day I feel like i owe myself to eat what I like & im tierd so look for fast energy with high calorie foods. & lets be clear, I have a two year old and a one year old, so i have not slept through a night since my eldest was born 2 & a half years ago. I have had a little set back already unfortunately.... I dislocated my right thumb yesterday morning. Oh man so frustrating & silly. I was trying to fix a tyre on the pram and my thumb made this pop noise & I saw it come out of its socket and then it just went back in. So I had a big sulk & thought that would put an end to my weight training and a lot of my cardio options for a while given almost everything requires your hand.... but I got it together and started planning. If I cant do weights I thought Id just smash out the cardio get rid of some body fat & get straight back into the weights when my hand had recovered. I mean, I have set this goal, I have prepared, I have planned, which is very unusal for me, I am just not a planner. ANYWAY.... my hand is still bruised, swollen & sore however I got up went to the gym to see what I was capable of. As it turns out with my hand strapped i really didnt have too many issues. I got out my full weight session. GREAT!! I am supposed to be doing cardio this afternoon. I am thinking of a Mountain Climb which we live fairly close to.

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