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172 cm


Get Strong - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

Last year I had bilateral foot correction surgeries and completed this challenge to keep me on track post recovery. The challenge did that and more. I'm still restricted in what exercises I can do but the bonus is I'm free of the Moon Boot and Velcro Shoe. This time around I want to see how far I can push this middle aged body and become the very best version of me I can be. Strong, fit and healthy. I believe I'm capable of this and I love this challenge for the focus it gives me. So let the fun begin.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Loved the Get Strong training plans. Pushed me right out of my comfort zone and I achieved so much more than I thought I could. I started with the bar only for squats and now I can squat 50kg. I deadlifted 65kg. I curled 12.5kg DB's and without even thinking about it I can pull myself up from the ground.
I also love the support from the coaches, ambassadors and our Over 50's group. It is so good to be able to connect with a bunch of like minded people who are the same stage of life. They keep me inspired.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Those moments when I questioned why at my age, I was pushing myself so hard in the gym. I could just stay home eat chocolate and watch reality TV. Then I remembered how I used to be and I never want to go back there again. I like this me much better.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

It has given me the ability to see that I am capable of so much more. I am stronger, fitter and faster than I ever thought I could be. I've learnt not to be afraid of lifting heavy and trying new things. I've learnt what I need to fuel my body with for long term health. With those things comes feeling good on the inside which brings confidence and pride in myself.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Having done just a couple of these challenges I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. The challenge not only helps to change the external but more importantly our mindset. Put in the work, follow the plan and I promise you won't regret it.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I committed, I trusted and I pushed myself. This has been my best challenge yet and I couldn't be happier. Loving my new muscles and shape and feeling confident in my understanding of nutrition. Ya gotta be happy with that!


  • Astrid Delbridge
    17 Apr 2018
    9:22 AM

    Week 12 All checked and I am so pleased with my challenge this time. So much stronger than I ever thought I could be. Feeling confident in my understanding of what I need to fuel my body with and how to train to get the best out of this middle aged body. My husband took this pic of me at gym. No make up, messy hair, just me. All those posing pics are really hard work. How do people tense every muscle in their bodies without looking like they're going to bust a valve? Anyways had a blast this challenge and looking forward to my next goal of True Grit at the end of April.

  • Astrid Delbridge
    8 Apr 2018
    5:43 PM

    Week 11 Aside from being hangry this week I’m doing ok. Along with the strength I’ve gained I’m really pleased with how my cardio fitness has improved. I hate long stretches on the treadmill. So boring. Conditioning, cardio circuits are my thing. Downloaded a Tabata app, crank the tunes and smash out 46mins and 7secs (says the app lady in her American accent) and then I feel great. I know I’m getting fitter as it’s a little easier than it was eleven weeks ago and I can get more reps out per 20 second burst. Blasting away that middle aged spread. Now if I could just match my head to how my body feels I’d be all good. 😂

  • Astrid Delbridge
    2 Apr 2018
    8:38 AM

    Week 10 Have pulled my lower back rope slamming of all things. Weights increased on some exercises. Up to 55kg leg extensions. Decided to stay the same or decrease on others to concentrate on form to be kinder to my body. I’m training really hard and loving it, eating to nourish my body and feeling great. Gotta love this challenge.

  • Astrid Delbridge
    26 Mar 2018
    3:40 PM

    Week 9 Weights are still increasing. 12.5kg Bicep Curls this week and that is the biggest I've ever lifted for that exercise. Proud of me. Happy with how much I have achieved this challenge and I am feeling great. Just goes to show if you follow the plan and put in the work it will happen even when you're 57. Sometimes you just have to put those pics together to see the changes happening. Monday legs day for Al and I. He's not doing too bad at all for an old guy of 64. Proud of him too.

  • Astrid Delbridge
    19 Mar 2018
    2:09 PM

    Week 8 Sitting on 50kg squats, 65kg dead lifts, 20kg single arm rows and all other weights have increased slightly. 5 chin ups this morning too. Crapping myself over some of the exercises on the new GS plan. Way hard and I don't even know what some of them are. If I make a commitment though I always follow through so looks like I'm in for a world of pain and Google and I will be on first name basis. Clothes are fitting much better than before and I'm still feeling pretty good. Yay! More eggy pancakes and directing the gym traffic!

  • Astrid Delbridge
    13 Mar 2018
    9:42 AM

    Week 7 Right out of routine this week as we were away for most of it. Managed a few cardio sessions, swam a lot and kept as active as possible. Ate a few extras like nuts, protein bars and my servings were larger than normal but I'm OK with that. It's called life and learning that I can go on holidays or out and I don't have to eat all the food. I turned 57 last week so it's taken me quite a few years and 7 Maxine's challenges to get that stuck in my head. Feeling really confident in my decision making regarding what I shove down my gob. I feel so much better when 90% of the time I eat healthy, nourishing food. Whaaaatt! Epiphany. Managed 3 chin ups too this week so I know I'm getting stronger. Ya gotta be happy with that.

  • Astrid Delbridge
    4 Mar 2018
    10:54 AM

    Week 6 Dead lift 65kg yesterday. 💥 Feeling healthy, strong and fit. Eggs 🤮 Over them so making them into a pancake. Scoop Maxine’s Burn, egg allowance, some chia seeds and a bit of baking powder. Serve with some berries and a sprinkle of seeds. Also obsessed with the overnight oats recipe, using Max’s Banana Cream Pie. Stealing from husband’s stash. 😉 Breakfast favourite meal of the day.

  • Astrid Delbridge
    26 Feb 2018
    8:58 AM

    Week 5 Absolutely loving training at the moment. It's challenging me, taking me out of my comfort zone and I feel strong. Still working on my stick legs. Seriously my 64 year old husband has more leg definition than me. I understand that I have age, gender and injury going against me but I'm stubborn so I'll keep trying to get those lumpy muscle thingys on my legs or bust a valve trying. Actually I probably will bust a valve. Been close.

  • Astrid Delbridge
    18 Feb 2018
    3:03 PM

    Week 4 So tired this week which showed in some of my training sessions. Was unable to increase weights but gave that some thought. It is what it is. I’m a 56 year old working mum and nanna with on going injury restrictions. I accept that and I adjust accordingly around it. Doesn’t mean I don’t push out of my comfort zone but also know I have to take care of me and respect my body. Pretty happy with my check in and looking forward to the next four weeks of carbs at dinner. Squeeeee!

  • Astrid Delbridge
    12 Feb 2018
    12:55 PM

    Week 3 Now to be known as the week of the great sweat. Hot weather, middle aged lady, increased weights being lifted and some hard core cardio has resulted in so my glowing complexion. I eat well, I train as hard as I can, I've cut back on the coffees, increased my water intake, I'm sleeping reasonably well and the results are showing. According to the In Body scan I had this week I've gained some weight and I don't care, not one iota. My goals are strength, fitness, longevity, sustainability and becoming the best version of me. If that means I sit a heavier body weight that I'm able to sustain for the long term then that's what I'm meant to be and that's a good feeling. I can just focus on gaining muscle, enjoying my training sessions and taking care of my health. Ya gotta be happy with that.

  • Astrid Delbridge
    5 Feb 2018
    1:43 PM

    Week 2 Less crying like a B and more lifting this week. More ugly gym face though. Got the go ahead from Dr to get back to whatever I'm comfortable with at gym so hit the squat rack for the first time since early last year. Started with the bar only and it felt ok so kept going up. Got to 20kg with minimal discomfort. Aiming for a little higher each training session. All weights have increased each session except calf raises. Too much pain with that one. Also following the food plan as is and cardioing my heart out three times a week as per GS plan. Smashing ropes, lifting weights and cleaning up my diet has got me feeling pretty good. Who knew?

  • Astrid Delbridge
    28 Jan 2018
    10:42 PM

    Week 1 Well that was fun! Nearly cried like a B training legs on Thursday, have eaten my body weight in salad, half a cow and a couple of chickens and I still don’t have HUGE muscles. To top it off I now have an addiction to coffee with Maxine’s protein and ice. 😂 Training has been hard for me. Feet hurt more than I expected with the increase in weights but It’s ok. I have faith that little by little, bit by bit I’ll get back to where I was. Maybe just maybe I might even be a little bit better than I was before. Ya just never know.

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