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Reason to start The Challenge

I successfully completed the challenge in 2016 making it in to the top 50, unfortunately over the past two years life got in the way of training and my nutrition went out the window. It’s true what they say about failing to plan is a plan to fail, because I soon found myself stopping at the servo for a sausage roll or chocolate bar at 3 o’clock in afternoon when I had skipped breakfast and lunch. To start off, the weight was a slow gain and I found myself thinking it was ok as long as I stayed under a certain weight, finding every excuse under the sun as to why today I didn’t exercise or eat nutritious foods. Well I hit that weight and exceeded it by just over 10kgs. My digestive issues, poor sleep and fatigue hit again but with a vengeance this time round even my thyroxine has been increased again just to cope with the increase in weight. But my biggest kick in the pants was when I saw what my unhealthy eating habits was doing to my family. Where once my kids would eat healthy foods, they too had fallen victim to the sugar addiction, craving fatty processed foods all day!
I know the Maxines challenge works, the nutrition plan is easy to follow and everyone is so supportive there is no excuse to fail. This time around I have decided to invest in my health fully and have signed up to do platinum. I am hopeful that with the increased support I will learn how to maintain after the challenge is completed and change my mindset that this isn’t just for 12 weeks, it’s for a lifetime.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I loved everything about the challenge. The simplicity of the meal plan and the variety of choices so each meal could be individualised and changed daily to keep it interesting. The training plans were brilliant and easily adaptable for times when the gyms were closed during Covid and I had to rely on minimal equipment and items around the home. The support from the coaches and fellow challengers in the forum and Facebook pages really helped keep motivation high, and push through to the end.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Initially the hardest thing for me was letting go of past behaviours, and allowing myself the opportunity to do this for myself. I felt so much guilt at the beginning for racing out to exercise instead of spending time with my kids and husband but by week 5 everything just clicked into place and I realised that by putting myself first and getting my body in to a better condition the time I spent with family was actually more fulfilling.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Where do I start. Obviously my body has changed completely, I am fitter and stronger and weigh a lot less. But the biggest impact this challenge has had has been on my mental health. I find myself smiling again. I get enjoyment out of the simplest things and I am now able to manage stress in a more productive way. I am no longer self medicating with alcohol when times get tough, I have found that I am more tolerant with the kids and I am able to emotionally and physically support my patients.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Definitely give it a go, Dedicate 12 weeks to the program, put in 100% and you won’t be disappointed. I would highly recommend spending the money and signing up for platinum to get that extra support to push you to the end. This program does work, and it’s something that is sustainable. What are you waiting for!?!?

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I started this challenge in the worst shape of my life, I was so embarrassed by what I had become that I was too ashamed to even go to the gym. It was tough to get started, but once I was committed I just followed the plan and reaped the rewards. I had already lost 7kgs before the challenge started but by restricting calories to 1200 a day. I got the shock of my life when I started on 1800 calories and my physique changed rapidly. I lost just over 11kgs in the 12 weeks, went from a size 14 to an 8 and started building some nice lean muscle. I have developed a healthy relationship with food and enjoying pushing my body to see what else I can achieve. Now I am just waiting for the sun to shine so I can rock this bikini down the beach!!!


  • Clare Wasley
    9 Aug 2020
    3:10 PM


    Last day of the challenge today, but not the last day of my journey. I am over the moon with my results but now I have new goals. This challenge has definitely pushed me to try and achieve bigger and better things.

  • Clare Wasley
    30 Jul 2020
    6:47 PM


    10 days left of this challenge...wowee it’s gone so fast. My journey is not over, I will be doing the September challenge with bigger and better goals. Good luck everyone, let’s finish off strong

  • Clare Wasley
    28 Jul 2020
    6:07 AM


    So today I decided to start going through my wardrobe and see what now fits and what I can get rid of. I have had an assortment of sizes in there for the last 3 years, ranging from my smallest size 8 to my most recent size 14. I started on the 14’s, and binned the lot, next came the size 12...and yup binned. I was thinking awesome I can wear my favourite size 10 denim shorts again this summer....ummm nope too big. So it looks like some shopping is in order once this challenge finishes!

  • Clare Wasley
    24 Jul 2020
    8:01 PM


    End of week 10 reflection. I am proud of myself. I walk with my shoulders held high, because I know people see a confident women walking. I smile and make eye contact because I know they aren’t thinking geez she needs to lose weight. I no longer drink alcohol to cope with stress, in fact I can’t remember the last time I felt stressed, upset or angry. I no longer drink alcohol to fit in, or have confidence to socialise. I no longer cancel plans because I have nothing to wear. I no longer put other people first. I refuse the extra shifts at work if it’s going to ruin my plans to workout or I have plans with family. I have hand on heart done everything I can this challenge to get the best results for myself, I have no regrets, and what more could I ask. This challenge has inspired me to continue on my fitness journey.

  • Clare Wasley
    11 Jul 2020
    9:36 PM


    Week 8 checkin complete. Physical changes are definitely there but mental changes have far exceeded what I expected. Loving the menu plan with platinum, something I feel I can continue long after the challenge is finished! The amount of food I am eating is so much more than I ever imagined I could eat and still lean down. I am hoping my legs lean out a bit more before the 12 weeks is over, but I know it took me nearly 3 years to get to my pre photo/weight so I must stay focused and keep pushing through. It might take a few more months to get where I want to be and that’s ok.

  • Clare Wasley
    5 Jul 2020
    10:34 PM


    End of week 7!!! The great wardrobe clear out has commenced. All my size 12 and 14 clothes have hit the pile on the floor and replaced with Size 10....and a pair of size 8 skinny leg jeans that have sat in my wardrobe with the tags still on for 3 years!!! When I started the challenge, I wanted to try and make it to top 10 but now I don’t even care. I know I am going to finish strong and my results so far are amazing....I am so happy with where I am at and what the future holds. Yes finishing in the top 10 would be the icing on the cake, but it’s not about the competition anymore.

  • Clare Wasley
    3 Jul 2020
    10:39 AM


    Week 7 day 5 The time is just flying by and I am already looking forward to doing the next challenge. I don't think I have felt this good for such a long time and it's not because of the number on the scales. Working out with the pt is AMAZING! It shocks me everyday what my body can do, I am learning to push through and get those reps in even when i hit muscle fatigue.

  • Clare Wasley
    24 Jun 2020
    9:39 AM


    I see 6’s!!!! YAY, I know I shouldn’t focus on what the scales say but I couldn’t help but get excited this morning when I saw 2 x 6’s at the start of my number. Yesterday as I was taking my old dog for his daily walk I realised that I was smiling away...smiling at the beautiful day, smiling at the people walking past...oh my I actually happy??? No more diverting my eyes and sinking in to the shadows, no more making up excuses for not going out because I have nothing to wear. Yes, I think for the first time in 2 and a half years I am truely completely happy. I feel confident in myself, I have renewed energy, I am actually happy to be alive.

  • Clare Wasley
    21 Jun 2020
    10:57 PM


    End of week 5!!! I can’t believe I have got this far without missing one training session and nutrition at 100%. Last week I learnt that even when life sucks and you want to throw it all in, staying on track and eating healthy actually feels better than filling up on processed junk and alcohol.

  • Clare Wasley
    14 Jun 2020
    1:48 PM


    Last day of week 4 I am really proud of my first 4 weeks, I have been trying different meals but staying within nutritional plan. I have increased intensity in all my workouts and lifted heavier weights at every opportunity. Goal for next phase is to just keep’s working so why change

  • Clare Wasley
    9 Jun 2020
    10:30 PM


    Day 2 week 4.... It’s hard to believe we are nearly finished the first phase of the challenge. I am so proud of myself, not 1 workout missed, not a day where I have walked less than 10,000 steps and not a day where I have strayed from the program....not a lick, sip of anything not on my plan. I am absolutely loving not having to count calories, I know exactly how much I can have of the foods on my plan and I am getting the hang of this meal prep. For the first time in a long time, I am not panicking about food. Exercise is just part of my daily life, I am enjoying it and feel so much better for doing it. Bring on the next 4 weeks. Good luck everyone...let’s smash it!!!

  • Clare Wasley
    6 Jun 2020
    12:08 AM

    Day 1 v week 3 day 5

  • Clare Wasley
    6 Jun 2020
    12:07 AM

    Day 1 v week 3 day 5

  • Clare Wasley
    6 Jun 2020
    12:07 AM

    Day 1 v week 3 day 5

  • Clare Wasley
    3 Jun 2020
    11:57 PM


    Oh week 3, and all I can say is holy moley triceps!!! Tuesday’s workout was an absolute killer! I am starting to learn to get inventive with my program and getting heavier with my weights. One down side I have re Aggrevated an old shoulder injury from all the tricep dips, walk outs and tap plank so I have had to change it up a bit. Now doing tricep push downs, sit-ups, and normal plank. Pain has settled down a bit this week so hopefully it’s on the end again. This morning my weight seemed to drop significantly. I worked night duty last night. Are all my normal food yesterday and stuck to water and green tea overnight. I was so hungry I think I drank about 5litres and yet the scales dropped 600grams overnight. Less than 2 hours later (After my power nap) it was down a further 600grams. I totally expect it to rise again tomorrow but it sure was nice to see 68 as a starting number 😂

  • Clare Wasley
    31 May 2020
    7:12 PM


    End of week 2. There has been some tough moments this week. A couple of times I have questioned my reason for doing this challenge. The competitive part of me at the start of this challenge wanted to win, but Over the last few days I have gone over and over it in my head and realised that the only person I am competing against is myself. The challenge isn’t about winning it’s about challenging myself to be a better person. Stepping out of comfort zones, And developing a better relationship with food and exercise. All my life I have been put down for not being the perfect size. I was a size 8 and I had people tell me I was too small and yet at a size 12 I was told I needed to lose weight. I know my husband and children love me for the person I am, in their eyes I am I just need to see it myself. I have a terrible relationship with the scales, daily weights are still driving me mad but since day 1 I have lost over 20cms and feel great. (Pic day 1 v day 12) and 3.5kgs.

  • Clare Wasley
    29 May 2020
    4:49 PM


    Yucky day in Albany today. Luckily I got up early for my walk and beat the rain and wind. Weights day 4 (intermediate because I felt like a challenge) completed. I must say I am looking forward to the gyms reopening so I can increase weights properly! Weight dropped significantly since Wednesday . I know I was carrying some fluid (good ole hormones) but I suspect it will only rise again. I just want to get under 70kgs soon, it keeps teasing me only to be taken away again.

  • Clare Wasley
    28 May 2020
    11:13 PM


    Oh my feet are going to hurt tomorrow! Got a bit carried away with my afternoon walk, was such a beautiful day, just couldn’t stay inside

  • Clare Wasley
    27 May 2020
    12:42 AM


    Week 2 day 2. NSV I am actually on my way to a coke Zero free life! I have had a pretty bad addiction to coke Zero for years now, drinking up to 2 litres a day. I didn't ever think there was a problem with it because hey, it's got no calories (well very few) and I was still sleeping like crap regardless of the amount I drank. Last week I made a conscious decision to cut down to get ready to quit altogether. I found I was managing well with just one can a day and it was often in the evening with my dinner. (I used to start drinking them around 10am) Yesterday and today I decided to give cola flavoured intraboost a go with the soda stream, and although it wasn't quite the same I realised it's actually the bubbles that I like and sparkling intraboost did the job. I am now 2 days coke Zero free and my water intake has hit 3 litres a day. I haven't noticed any changes in my sleep yet but I think that's now being interrupted by DOMS

  • Clare Wasley
    22 May 2020
    9:44 AM


    Day 5 wk 1 So I have had a couple of low moments this week, the morning weigh in is playing with my mind, Seeing the number creep up and then drop again on a daily basis had me running scared. Normally I would have fiddled with the program, or quit altogether if the scales showed me gaining weight but thankfully I watched the video by Maxine’s trainers and it put my mind at ease. I have decided regardless of what happens, I am sticking to this program 100%. Weight is just a number, I feel healthier than I have for months. I am sleeping so well, my indigestion is a thing of the past and I have energy. Why do we constantly put unachievable goals in our heads about what we should weigh/look like to please other people. Today is week one photos again. Side by side with day 1 of prep week and I am shocked. 2.6kg Down but more importantly 11 cm from my waist, 5cm, from my hips and Not so joyously 4 cms from my chest.

  • Clare Wasley
    18 May 2020
    12:25 PM


    DAY 1!!!!! How exciting, looking forward to this journey. Went out this morning and bought some new joggers because my feet are so friggin sore from all the walking I have been doing. Daily weighing has me a little freaked out, seeing the numbers going down as then out of the blue go up had me on edge yesterday but I know I have done everything right to the plan so trusting the process and sticking with it.

  • Clare Wasley
    17 May 2020
    9:14 PM

    Last day of prep week, and I am so proud of myself. I totally smashed it this week. Over 105,000 steps recorded. Weight loss of 3.1kgs, 2 cms from chest, 8cms from waist and 4cms off hips. I have stuck to this plan 100%, not a stray gram of food over plan, not a sneaky bite or sip. My feet ache like no tomorrow so it’s off to buy another pair of shoes tomorrow. Looking forward to continuing this journey.

  • Clare Wasley
    15 May 2020
    1:03 PM


    Day 5. Today is meal prep day. I am starting nights on Monday and working all weekend so getting prepared now. I have been going through my recipe books and trying to convert recipes to fit my nutrition plan, and today’s was my take on curried cabbage. Looks pretty good (might need a bit more curry powder) and 100% to plan.

  • Clare Wasley
    14 May 2020
    10:21 PM


    Prep week day 4 It’s taken me 4 days to remember where to go to start my journal, but that’s the bonus of prep week. Not being able to go to the gym had me on edge starting this challenge, but then I regrouped and realised I would use this to my advantage. What better way to learn to exercise efficiently at home then to be thrown in the deep end. I quite often in the past have missed training days because of work, kids, etc but I am hoping that the program teaches me that goals are still achievable with minimal equipment. Pro’s to this week. Finally after 3 days of sugar detox I am sleeping better Indigestion has not been an issue since day 2 Digestion issues have resolved Bloating decreases Energy increased Motivation high Water intake over 3L each day And for the first time in a long time I have used all the vegetables I bought for the week by day 4...I usually throw out 50% of them. Con’s Some muscle soreness

    8 Burpees
    16 Push Ups
    21 Crunches
    22 Alternate Lunges
    31 Plank
    22 Jump Squats

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