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155 cm


Tone & Shape - Beginner

Reason to start The Challenge

My reasons for entering the challenge is because my weight has spiralled out of control.
In just over 12 months I have gained aprox 15kg which last time took unhealthy habits of starving myself and poor habits to loose.
I'm almost at my heaviest again, and cannot stand looking at this large body and feeling unhealthy.
I would love to loose my excess weight and gain better fitness and have a more slim physic, so I have the capacity to be able to keep up with my son, and to be healthy enough to have more children in the future.
I have rescently quit smoking, and now the next step to better health is my weight, and I don't think that there is any better way to self improvement than by tackling this challenge!
I look forward to completing this challenge with my fiancé, we will be doing the challenge together.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The training! I loved all of the training programs that were provided. Before I started thss program I loathed exercise, but now love going to the gym, attending fitness classes and PT sessions. The program has given me the confidence to not feel intimidated by exercise and the gym, as all the training that was require was achievable. I also enjoyed the vast support and conent that the was provided through the meal programs, forums and the weekly email updates. Having access to all of this has been key to my success.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest hurdle I have have had in this program is my mindset and self doubt. At the start of the program I had a a lot of days where questioned if I could do the program and struggled with what I thought was a lack of result. With reading the forums and having acess to all the program had to offer, It has helped me along the way. Having meal plans, and training guides on hand has been amazing!

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

This challenge has a positive impact on my life, I have gone from a lifestyle of poor diet and no exercise to the complete opposite. I now have the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I have learned to love and enjoy exercise and clean eating. This program has given me a positive outlook my life and living a better and healthy lifestyle.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Just do it! Do what I did and don’t think about or question if you can do it, just sign up and try it. You will never know if you don't have a go. It worth while with all the support and content that is offered to from the program and through the forums.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I am grateful that I was introduced to this program, if I had never tried this program I have no doubt that nothing would have changed in my lifestyle. I still would be eating bad food, and no exercise. Being that I am a competitive person, it has given me the extra drive to work hard and stick to it! No only has the program given me confidence to change my bad habits, step foot in a gym, but also has given me the distraction to quit smoking. Never in my life have I felt proud of my achievements, but I am proud of how much I have changed and make better choices for myself.


  • Debra Rivo
    27 Feb 2018
    4:28 PM

    Just restocked on my proteins 👌

  • Debra Rivo
    11 Feb 2018
    10:30 PM

    Bring on week 4! Feeling keen and pumped for the week ahead.

  • Debra Rivo
    10 Feb 2018
    8:42 AM

    First spin class today, smashed it 👊 Still feeling a little diflated from the time of my last journal, as I feel more bloated than ever. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong 🤔 Or if I need to be training more than once a day or add more cardio. Read a good thread this morning that has helped a little bit, as I have been solely focused on weight loss which hasn't really happened. Still following the meal plan ok and enjoying the food, however I am craving cheese my old worst enemy.

  • Debra Rivo
    31 Jan 2018
    1:05 PM

    Pretty rough day yesterday, mentaly. I had weighed myself for the first time since the challenge had started and was disappointed with the result. Turns out that the guy at this un named supp store sold me the wrong protein. This protein I have been using is designed for muscle mass and weigh gain not fat loss. Feeling really disappointed that I have been set back a week. But today feeling better, as my local gym sells the Maxine's brand, which I brough and will switching to straight away, going for better results next weigh in. Feeling confident!!!

  • Debra Rivo
    29 Jan 2018
    11:05 PM

    So one week in and feeling good today. The last couple of days of the first week were tough. The biggest part of the week was the lack of proper rest, due to being up so late most nights meal prepping for the next day. The exercise program was tough, it made me tired and extremely sore, especially from the squats and lunges. A total recap of the week Monday - confident Tuesday - confident Wednesday - tired and sore Thursday - tired and questioning myself Friday - tired and sore Saturday - feeling energised about the weekend and the upcoming rest day Overall a good week and looking forward to the remainder of the program now that the first week is done

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