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"The discovery's I made about myself. I discovered I am a strong woman, if I push myself I can do things I thought were beyond me."



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I was fit and in great shape,,,,25 years ago!
I want to get that back, I saw the challenge last year on tv, I did the challenge, I was 87kg and lost 12kg, I still have a few kg to go so I am going to do it again.
My husband did the challenge with me but didn't register, he also lost 12kg so he has registered this year and we will do it together.
I can't believe how much better I felt about myself when I lost the weight, especially buying new clothes!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The discovery's I made about myself. I discovered I am a strong woman, if I push myself I can do things I thought were beyond me.
I discovered I have self control, I don't need a glass of wine at night or chocolate before bed.
I discovered the joy at buying clothes that fit and size 10 looks much better than size 16.
I discovered how great it is when people compliment me on my achievements.
I loved to log in to the forum and read the motivating things and advice offered, I enjoyed going to the Gym with my husband as it was something we could do as a couple that doubled as a good example for our four children and I liked having a start and end date so I could focus on each day.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

With 5 people to feed each night the constant food preparation and shopping and for fresh food was a challenge, the kids were happy to eat the meals we were eating which was great but a lot of work keeping up.
Sometimes it was hard to fit it all in with work commitments and often we would go to gym after 10pm.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I was thinking surgery was the only way I was going to lose weight, I was considering Lipo and a tummy tuck. I was worried about the expense, risks and outcome of surgery.
I have had better results for a fraction of the cost by doing the challenge, I can see my future as a fitter leaner woman, I know I will not go back to where I was because this has become part of my life.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it! Don't over think it just get on with it!
It can change the way you approach each day, motivate you and help you become a healthier version of yourself.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

This challenge was about being the best version of myself I could be, it was about seeing what I could achieve and changing my habits for the better!


  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    17 May 2015
    5:19 PM

    First day back to reality, have been sorting through the photos to see which ones to use, in the bicep pic the tan has turned green under my arms, not sure if I should use that one! I wanted an orange bikini with a bandeau top but left it a bit late to find one, good thing is bikinis are cheap this time of year, I found an orange one with the wrong top and a pink one with the right top (will get lots of use in the spa so don't mind having 2) have done pics in both, will have to decide. Picture is of my shock today, these are my jeans from last year, they were always too tight so I never really wore them as I would be undoing the top buttons after an hour or so. thought I could wear them today but when I put them on they fell straight to the floor! Yes!! Final Measurements: Week 1 week 12 Chest: 92cm 87 Waist: 79 74 Stomach: 90 85 Thighs: 59 53.5 Till next time :)

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    16 May 2015
    7:23 PM

    Weight 66.25kg The Champagne cork has popped, we did it!! Celebrating 12 weeks of being the best we could be. I am proud I stuck to the program, never missed a training session, ate clean and lost 9.90kg. When I started the challenge in July 2014 I weighed 87.0kg, now after this challenge I am more than 20kgs lighter. I AM A WINNER! (In my eyes anyway). What now: I have thought a lot about this, champagne and a few treats this week then back on track, now that the challenge is over I feel like I need a new challenge. What got me through was this was a competition and I forgot how competitive I am. I was a Gymnast then coached for years producing many state titles winners, I hated to lose! My Son was in the Australian swim team and won quite a few national age titles, I confess I was a swim mum!! I feel like the Maxines challenge has bought back my competitive spirit, but what to compete in? I don't think I have the work ethic to be a bodybuilder (Janet you constantly amaze me) but after seeing Neil and Pippa I am thinking Powerlifting? This Gym thing is a lot of fun and I am strong, I looked at the results of the Aussie Masters games and I would have won the over 50's ( were very few competitors I admit) but it is an aim I may persue, a goal I can work toward and a new goal to strive for, thank's Maxine's you have bought me back from the fat, lazy and unmotivated world I was stuck in. Everyday we need goals, when we don't have a goal we are just going through the motions, this was a great goal to strive for, it gave me quality time with my husband, it made me feed my family a healthier diet and it motivated me to get up, put myself out there and acheive my best.

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    12 May 2015
    7:48 AM

    Weight 67.80kg My goal was to lose 8kg this time and I havenow lost 8.35 so I have acheived that goal which is amazing! Last week I was eager to finish and looking forward to the end of the challenge but this week I am wondering if I have done enough, do I need another week or two? Am I the best I can be after 12 weeks? Could I have excercised harder or dieted stricter? I am so happy with how my body has responded, after 4 children (including twins) my stomach has stretched so much I thought I would never see my abs again, but for the last 20 years they have been there all along, just hiding and waiting for the fat to move away so they could come out again. At 5ft 8 I never thought it was possible to wear a size "small"as I would never be described as small but that is the size I am now buying, and it feels GREAT. So what to do the final week, I will get a tan, bit embarrasing but it will make the final pics look better. Jim and I will take the pics of each other, we are proud that we have got our bodys back into shape and if for some reason we gain weight one day we will at least have photo's of when we looked at our best. I can't see us gaining much though,our eating habits have changed and going to the gym together has become a big part of our lives. So bring on the last week!!!!

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    8 May 2015
    8:48 AM

    The T.Shirt says it all: MAXINES for the body you want! I think I finally have the body I want, not perfect, there is always more you can do, but I am really happy! Biggest problem at the moment, nothing fits!! 12 months ago I was a size 14-16, I did the Challenge last year July-October and bought a whole new summer wardrobe in size 12. Now we are going in to Winter and I have enormous pants and tops from last winter, none of the pants stay up, they look ridiculous with a belt, the tops hang down around the neck and look like tents, so off to Doncaster I went and found much to my surprise I am now a SIZE 10. So between Jim and I we have spent heaps on clothes (mostly me)! Is it worth it,,,,YES I was begining to think I would need a tummy tuck or Liposuction last year, much more expensive and painful that the challenge, it was scary to think of being knocked out and cut open then being in pain for ages, this was so much easier! Now, back to the shops, I hear DJ's has a sale today!

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    3 May 2015
    11:23 AM

    Weight 68.6 Great! Have taken some selfies ( Ha Ha feel like a teenager ) and can see the definition showing now. Chest is more muscle than boobs now, hopefully this will mean when I'm old I won't have them sagging around my waist! Feeling this week like I am ready for this to be over, I'm tired, counting down the days then I will have a week off Gym and give myself a few treats, will stick with the program after that though, at least the Gym sessions and clean eating, it's not really that hard it just takes over your mind to the point where I am thinking ahead constantley about my next meal and workout. I am trying to imagine I am an athlete and this is my job for 2 more weeks, train hard, eat right and be organized! Then it will be maintenance and who knows where from there! Have been enjoying reading the latest blogs, everyone that's still going is so committed, most are really positive and it makes you feel good to know that there are people all over Australia doing this, I am not alone! People at work, friends, Gym members are all noticing now, it is lovely to get so many nice compliments, no one has been negative at all. Jim is back on overtime and working 14 days straight at the moment, he leaves home at 5.00am and gets home at 6.00pm, I have been giving him dinner straight away then he has a sleep and we go to Gym around 9.30pm, the gym is quiet then so we can spread out with our supersets, the overtime should finish this week and hopefully he is doing enough to keep his job, they are laying off approx 50 people when this job finishes as they don't have a lot of work coming up, cross your fingers!!!

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    26 Apr 2015
    1:30 PM

    Todys weight 69.10 Starting weight 76.15 Lucky our Gym is 24Hrs!! Had a really busy day yesterday so we hit the Gym at 11.50pm, thought as we coould sleep in today it would be ok, we were the only ones in the Gym so the supersets were great, we could use ALL the equipment without sharing, was great! Training is going well, I had some flat days last week but have come through, I thought I might be getting a cold but I am pretty sure I just ran myself down doing too much, as a mother you seem to have so much on your mind at once, I have 3 kids between 18 and 21 still at home and 1 who has moved out, I have everyones coming and goings running through my head as well as shopping for food, meal times seem to be differant for everyone with Uni, work and socialising! Have not missed a workout though and walking everyday even if its just 30mins, Nutrition is going well, I wish those kids would stop eating my food, have hidden the Burn Bars and cookies in my bedroom! Have added 2 pics, 1st one shows the vein up my bicep, very excited to see a vein, am thinking that means there is a thinner fat coverage. 2nd pic is my tricep, am excited to see shape!

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    24 Apr 2015
    9:12 AM

    Arms last night, feeling a bit flat, need to go to AAA and get some more protein.Will run first then off to work, I am over my job, I work for a Toll road, people don't want to pay tolls so it is not a popular place with the public, most people are nice but there is a lot that feel the need to be rude and abusive!

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    20 Apr 2015
    9:03 AM

    Weight this week: 69.95 Yay in the 60's for the first time in 25 years! Measurements down: Start: Now: Chest 92 90.5 Waist 79 76 Stomach 90 87 Thighs 59 55 Looking forward to the new training program, I loved the heavy weights and low reps but I need to burn more fat, the muscle is there but I want to see those abs. Jim going great as well, have included some back pics we took while taking our week 8 pics, yes we added a coat of tan, feel a bit odd going to gym today with tan, people have already started asking me if I compete, I am a long way from that kind of shape but it is nice to get the compliments.

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    14 Apr 2015
    11:42 AM

    Weight week 7 1.05kg I am excited for photos this week, abs are starting to come through!! I did this practice selfie, think I might need a bit of tan, everything on track. Diet great, exercise great! Highlight of the week, 5 wide grip chin ups by myself!! Husband working hard, we are pushing each other, we both want to look great at the end, we will be the over 50's with the hot bodies! Ha Ha!!

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    5 Apr 2015
    12:15 PM

    Todays weigh in: 71.55kg Loss of 700grams, I am happy with that!!! I will be under 70kg by the end, 68 would be good but we will see how it goes, I have lost 1 clothes size already, have to start thinking about what to wear in final pic, if I want a bikini I will need to move quickly before they are all gone from the shops or online is too late. I like the idea of bike pants and a crop top better at the moment though! Have made this weeks picture a handstand, I haven't been upside down for a while and I was worried my wrists would give way but I got up so I proped up the phone on a chair and put the camera on delay and took a pic. Training great, still going heavy, highlights today were Skull Crushers 27.5kg and Triceps pushdowns 25kg for sets of 8, also 1 arm DB rows up to 25kg and Lat pull to 60 on the machine. Nutrition great, not tempted to eat Easter eggs, have a choc shake instead, if I have learnt anything it is that I have more willpower and focus than I previously gave myself credit for. Walked 6kg yesterday with Jim, he is blitzing the Gym, looks great, he is squatting 125kg and benching 105kg, we are both focused on the end result and pushing each other to the max. It is also great for us as a couple to have a common interest and something we can do together for the long term.

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    2 Apr 2015
    8:28 PM

    I made the vegtable frittata from the recipes page, didn't really have the right sze pan so it came out flat like a pizza! Tasted good though! I am not worried about the Easter Chocolate, I can always eat chocolate after the challenge if I want it, I am thinking of Easter as a few days off work where I can concentrate on spending more time working out. Luckily we have a 24hr gym so we can come and go as we please. Trained well tonight Chest was strong, luckily I had Jim to spot me, trying to get sets of 8 with a plate on each end for bench press but struggle on the last rep every time lately, I think it is in my mind, need to visualize that last rep. Dropped the DB's for flat flys to 15 and did sets of 10 slowly with a good stretch at the bottom, great Ab workout again, I really want a 6 pak!!! We are doing mini ab circuits with 3 rotations of 3 exercises, we are using weight and doing sets of 15, so far so good.

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    31 Mar 2015
    3:39 PM

    Weight this week: 72.25 A bit more gone, Yay!! I have added a picture of my hand, the callous's are a reminder of my hard work in the gym. No gloves for me, I want to see the evidence when I'm not in the gym to remind me. I am lifting heavy at the moment, put 20kg weights on the shoulder press machine for 8 reps on my last set, went up on the front plate raise to 15kg plates as well, will push heavy for as long as I can, hoping for at least 4 weeks. My cardio is good, 4.42km yesterday, average speed 7.18 k/ph this is good for me, cardio is not great, I run a bit walk a bit, hoping to run all the way at some stage. Nutrition has been spot on, is easier in some ways on the days I work because I only eat what I take with me, when at home I seem to be clock watching waiting for my next meal! On a good note, the gym we go too, South Pacific in Nunawading has rewarded Jim and I with a free month for our hard work, that is a saving of $120.00 for us this month, really great of them!!! We must stand out, 2 oldies pushing fairly heavy amongst the young ones, not many husband/wife combo's our age in the gym.

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    24 Mar 2015
    8:48 PM

    2 Blogs in 1 day, couldn't resist when I found these pics on the computer. 2014 Challenge week 1 (OMG I was a fatty)! and week 8. 2015 Challenge week 4. Had the day off today, went to Gym, went for a walk/run and then while Jim is training alone tonight I got bored at home and did a 30min Youtube pilates! The energy levels are rising,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    24 Mar 2015
    12:40 PM

    Enclosed a picture of the bottom shelf of the pantry, had to hide the cookies and bars in our room or the kids sneak them!! I haven't blogged much this time, last challenge I blogged weekly so will try to get that up again, I look at the forum daily but haven't posted yet, all my questions seem to be answered and not as many questions this time. Last year by week 4 I had lost 5.9kg, this time a bit disappointed with only 2.8kg however I have much less to lose this time so I am probably on track, also between challenges we kept the exercise up so instead of easing into Gym we didn't break stride and just kept it going. I have also started lifting heavier to increase muscle this time, I am not sure how far I can take it but am interested to find out, even though I am over 50 I can still push some heavy weights. Doing lots of abs and core strength as well, if I am home at night I have found you tube to be a great source of pilates or ballet workouts. Nutrition is pretty much spot on, have a cheat glass of wine on Sunday nights but other than that stick to the program, it is interesting to note that after the last challenge we stopped dieting ( although tried to keep good habits ) and only gained back 1 kilo, that included Xmas so I think the plan definatley sped up my metabolism. Measurements taken at week 4 show 2 cm off stomach and hips, really happy with that, that is where I need to lose the most, am getting a haircut this week so maybe I will look at some nice new clothes to complete the transformation, not too much yet though, still hoping to drop another size for winter. Saba and Witchery became my favorite stores after the last challenge, there is no better feeling than picking up something nice and knowing it will fit!!!!

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    9 Mar 2015
    2:24 PM

    Weigh in this week lost 900grams, not a huge amount but on track, I think I need to lose 8kgs this challenge so its all good. Highlight of the week was making all my gym sessions and sticking to the diet, lowlight was not doing as much cardio. I worked 9-5 this week so was hard to fit it all in. I still need to get rid of the flab around the middle, first 2 kids I lost it but the twins were a killer, HUGE stretch of the poor old tummy!!! Although they are now 18 so I guess I need to get over it and get it off! Wights: Monday Tues Thurs Friday Sunday Cardio: Monday Weddnesday Saturday Had some almost alone time so I took a selfie Video at Gym while I did Incline DB's.

  • Dianne Holwell-Laidler
    5 Mar 2015
    10:26 AM

    I have been flat out at work so this is my first blog. This is my second challenge and I am much better prepared food wise this time, cutting up enough vegies for a few days and putting them in containers in the fridge. I am a bit flat as I've been training at night, I am definatly a morning person! I am statrting later today so I had a great session in the Gym this morning, even though I didn't have Jim ( husband also doing the challenge ) to spot me I still managed to get out 8 reps with 65kg Bench Press for my final set, I then Incline DB Press 3 sets 10-8 with 25kg which is good for me. Highlight of the week was 85kg Deadlifts for 8 reps, things to work on are chin ups, still only can do 3 on my own and my flexibility which is crap! I don't really feel hungry or tired but seem to have a constant feeling of lack of energy, hoping this will pass as time goes on. After our great results last challenge we have 7 of our friends doing the challenge, Laura has set up a facebook page for us which is great, it helps keep you going when you see what the others are doing! Starting weight 76.15 1 week weigh in 74.15 Loss 2.0kg Starting Measurements: Chest 92cm Waist 79cm Stomach 90cm Hips 97cm Thighs 59cm

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