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Get Strong - Beginner

Reason to start The Challenge

After successfully completing Maxine's Challenge in 2013 and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle going forward I hit a road bump about 6 months ago with work and personal issues, unfortunately I turned to unhealthy foods for comfort. Knowing how amazing I feel during and after the challenge I knew I had to get back on track, find my inspiration and get healthy both in body and spirit.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

That it gave me lots of confidence, energy and enabled me to do things I wouldn't have thought possible. It assisted me to set some really tangible, yet stretch, goals to aim towards. This was achieved with a step-by-step approach to diet, exercise and moral support. The many tools available and the online support made the Challenge very achievable and enjoyable. I liked that I gained back a sense of balance in my life. My emotions were out of control, along with my eating, mostly related to stress.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The many social events I had to explain why I wasn't drinking or eating all the nibbles. Oh and some of the comments about my weight, physique etc from a few curious individuals.

I also encountered unemployment after 16 years in a similar role followed by many rejections from job interviews, the death of some close friends and a relative, a serious health scare and starting a new job (finally) with the huge learning curve that comes with this including lots of interstate travel. However, using the tools and new and developed skills from the Challenge I was able to face these undesirable events without resorting to my normal binge eating and sulking in a corner.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The Challenge has provided me with the tools and strength to confront those tough challenges in life, both emotionally and physically. Having a strong body and mind is a wonderful asset and the Challenge has definitely allowed me to fine tune both these enabling me to confront and conquer some extremely hard situations in the past 12 weeks. It's developed my strength of character and much resilience, knowing I can get through the tough times without resorting to food or falling apart into a depressed state. Knowing I've conquered my emotional eating has been the biggest win and I will take this skill I've developed forward and forever. I've also gained much energy and a new zest for life. My running speed has improved dramatically and I'm much more active in a wider range of sports then I was previously. Having more energy to exert with my family, including my new fur baby is priceless.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Don't think about it, just do it!

It will change your life and make you a much fitter, happier and healthier version of yourself - you WILL NOT regret it.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I did the 'get strong program program' and that's certainly how I feel today. I also get quite a lot of comments about how fit and healthy I look, even from strangers. They all want to know what I've been doing.
Also thank you to my 7yo daughter who took all my photos, timed my HIIT sessions and supported me through the challenge.


  • Donna Mumford
    22 May 2016
    8:29 PM

    What a glorious morning I awoke to. Got quite a lot of cardio in, took Tia my dog for a 45 minute run then had a long beach walk with with my daughters and the dogs this afternoon. I couldn't get to the gym prior to it closing so I did a 25 min HIIT session. When I looked for our good camera to take my final photos today my hubby informed me he'd taken our camera to his work, so I'll have to wait until Tuesday to do my photo's. I'm a bit annoyed as I'd have liked to get it over and done with to be honest, but given this is my lifestyle now it doesn't really make much difference. I have reflected on the 12 weeks and am very proud of my achievements and how I've handled some really terrible and heartbreaking situations. I still have a big day ahead of me as I'll get results of my tests. I feel calm actually (after an initial panic) and realise that whatever the outcome I can get through it. I'm slightly sad the challenge has ended, however I know that this challenge has strengthened my resolve and made me a much stronger person. One of the things I'm most proud of is that I've inspired quite a few people to lead healthier lifestyles and that means a lot to me.

  • Donna Mumford
    20 May 2016
    9:42 PM

    Back on track and have been giving it my everything this final week. Up early and at the gym for a shoulder, chest and ab session, followed by a 20min HIIT sprints on the treadmill. I also took my dog for her first ever 5km run around the lake. She did so well but was absolutely knackered afterwards haha. It's so lovely having a dog as a running companion. Decided to try my bikini on for a test run today prior to final pics. As I normally don't see my bottom I was absolutely thrilled to see my selfies and see the progress I've made on my butt. I knew my shoulders and arms have changed quite dramatically and I've received lots of comments in the past 5-6 weeks, especially the past 10 days. However I didn't realise my butt has quite a lot of definition and is so much higher and rounder....all those lunges, squats and leg sessions have paid off! I'm hoping my legs show more definition with a tan as I've worked hard on them all challenge. Using the Maxine's supps have assisted me no end in recovery. Prior to using the recovery and Creatine I took days to recover, especially my legs, so I've been able to go heavier and harder in my workouts knowing I won't pull up so sore. I've just stuck to the plan this week and will continue to do so. Funny enough I'm not craving anything and definitely won't stop training or eating clean after the challenge as its become my everyday lifestyle. Okay I may have an ice-cream haha.

  • Donna Mumford
    16 May 2016
    9:43 PM

    Sometimes life throws you real curve balls - for about 10 days I had a really sore right side, under my arm, I thought I'd pulled a muscle. When it didn't go away I told my husband who noticed a lump beside my breast. OMG I couldn't believe I didn't notice it. So I have been on an emotional roller coaster ride whilst I wait to get a mammogram and ultrasound. To say I've gone off track is an understatement. Just when I should be tightening everything up in the last week and a half I've let go as I've plunged into a dark abyss. I spoke to my doctor today which helped me keep positive and for the next five days I'm determined to finish what I started even with this dark cloud above my head. I've decided I need to focus on the positives and take every day one step at a time. Despite the situation I need to remember that I've already come a long way emotionally, physically and spiritually in the past 11 weeks. I've dealt with unemployment, deaths and now a health scare. It goes to prove that life can challenge you and you need to rise above it. So that's what I shall do...I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm strong in many ways. So I've set my alarm for 5.30am to go for a run, hit the gym at lunchtime and have planned my meals again...let's see this thing through to the end :)

  • Donna Mumford
    10 May 2016
    9:10 PM

    Hotel gyms, hotel and airline food have become my norm for the past 4/5 weeks. I wont complain as travelling means I have a great job after being out of work for a couple of months. However, it has made the challenge, well more of a challenge on many levels. I'm doing the very best I can without a full gym and control over my food. My plan is obviously to continue to push myself and tighten everything up, however I'll also be happy to maintain what I've achieved to date. I'm on the Gold Coast tonight so I'm going to take advantage of this and go for a run along the beach first thing tomorrow morning, followed by a gym session in the gym despite being limited by equipment. Took my first 'selfie video' tonight and was happy with how my back is looking - I never get to see it so it was a nice surprise. My motivation and mindset is high and I'm determined to push hard for the final week and a half :)

  • Donna Mumford
    7 May 2016
    7:51 PM

    After 2 days working 8-6 at the Australian Practice Nurse conference im exhausted. Food hasn't been perfect but I made the best choices from what was available. I did have a couple of naughty chocolates. I got up early this morning 5.30 and took the dogs for an hour walk & then squeezed in a gym session on my way home - it was hard going as I was soooo tired. Doing a long run tomorrow, followed by legs at the gym. Off travelling for work again this coming week -arghhh. It does make sticking to a routine difficult, but I'll just have to do the best I can with limited gym exposure and reliance on hotel food. So close to the end I don't want to fall over in the last couple of weeks.

  • Donna Mumford
    5 May 2016
    11:29 AM

    Feeling like my progress has come to a hault and I need to sit down and reassess my routine now I'm working full time and travelling extensively. Up at 5 for a hour running session with sprints - 2km warm up then 4x3min efforts & 6x1min efforts. I was exhausted afterwards as I really put in and went hard. Omelette for breakfast and then took the dogs for a 40min walk. Gym tonight. I'm at a two day conference in Melb and won't have much time to spare for exercise. Frustrating that my gym has limited operating hours, opening 7am on Saturday, so can't squeeze a session in during the morning. Might try to make it for an evening session - of course gym closes at 8pm -grrrr. I'm getting frustrated with my stomach as when I lose weight the loose skin and stretch marks appear much worse. I'm sure others struggle with this first world problem too, however I'm seriously contemplating surgery to remove the skin and hence stretch marks (well some of them). It's embarrassing, especially doing things like planks, where if my top hangs open or goes up it exposes my tummy skin hanging down. I also never get the full look of abs as the stretch marks and skin hide this even though I work so so hard. The upside is my legs and butt have progressed well during the challenge and I'm really happy in that respect. I shall take that as a win and not obsess over something that I can't change (for now) and just admire others six packs with a little bit of envy.

  • Donna Mumford
    3 May 2016
    6:14 PM

    Happy to see more definition in my legs, must be all those stairs at work! Did the bicep/tricep/chest and abs today-think I'll be feeling it tomorrow, no pain no gain. Photo bombed by my dogs!

  • Donna Mumford
    3 May 2016
    10:38 AM


    Last night I was able to attend running group after a 2 week absence. We did a 10km run in the dark through Templestowe which is very hilly and as such challenging. The best thing about running group was I had lots of comments about my physique and people noticing how toned and muscular I've become. It's nice to have compliments and keeps me motivated.

  • Donna Mumford
    30 Apr 2016
    8:43 PM

    Had to work today presenting at a conference so an early gym session and a very quick walk of the dogs - emphasis on quick. I've struggled with food for the past three days as I've been away from home and again dictated to by hotels, however I make the best choices presented to me. I did sneak in a small desert - opera cake, about the size of a matchbox, two reasons I ate it. Firstly I adore it and it was a very small portion, secondly I buckled under pressure from work colleagues who constantly told me to to shut them up I did. Sometimes you just need to eat a small amount to appease the crowds so you can just get on with it! So glad to be home and in control of my food. Although off to Qld for work Thurs/Friday again (insert large groan). Most exciting this week is I've lost just over 2cm from my hips - sooooooo happy :):)

  • Donna Mumford
    27 Apr 2016
    9:29 PM

    Proud of myself today, nutrition was 100% despite a very emotional day with the funeral of my husband's boss's son who died from a senseless and gutless king hit a week and a half ago. To watch this loving family endure the death of a son who had his whole life ahead of him was heartbreaking. Being an emotional eater I usually would resort to my chocolate and ice cream for comfort, instead I focussed on taking the dogs for a long walk with my daughter and we had a really good talk. I didn't make it to the gym today, but did do my early boxing session which today was super hard. I'll hit the gym tomorrow for the leg session which strangely I'm looking forward to. Oh and first world pants are not fitting me, too baggy.

  • Donna Mumford
    26 Apr 2016
    10:16 PM

    Hit the gym at 5.30am as soon as the doors opened & did the new workout which I enjoyed immensely. Then had my first day at the office in my new role, couldn't believe I did about 9000 steps at work! Came home and did a HITT session with my daughter then enjoyed chilli beef with sweet potato as I'd pre prepared it and didn't have a lot of time tonight. I'm really ecstatic with my mindset this challenge. Not only am I feeling strong mentally whilst having to deal with many stressful situations that normally have me stuffing my face, I've also set my own goals and not once compared myself or my progress with others-this is about my journey, growth & development and to date I'm really happy with my progress & strength of character......and my booty is looking good too haha. I'm going to just enjoy the rest of the challenge and continue to be inspired by the wonderful Maxine's community

  • Donna Mumford
    25 Apr 2016
    10:19 PM

    Tried to log on today and realised I hadn't done my wk 8 progress pic. Asked hubby to take a quick pic and he informed me he'd lent our camera to someone, so tried to resort to my mobile and guess what - memory full! So I waited for my daughter to come home and asked her to take the pics tonight. Not really the best scenario for taking my pics but at least they are done. I promise to be organised for my final pics. Went for a run today with my running group, we went a bit further than I was expecting, almost 18km. I was starving when I got home as I find it hard to run after eating. It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect. About half way though our run the Roulettes flew in formation over our heads (for the Anzac March) it was amazing. Took the 7yo to the astro turf today and we took the trainers off her bike and wholla she was riding it in no time. So proud of her and whilst she was riding, falling, getting back on and riding again I thought to myself you know undertaking this challenge is a bit like my daughter learning to ride her bike, never give up and keep at it even if you do fall off occasionally, because in the end you'll succeed and do it without even thinking about it. Tomorrow is my first day in the office in the city (Docklands) so I will need to get to the gym right on opening (5.30am) so I can get to work on time. Have had a big evening cooking so I'm prepared for the week, you know the saying 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail'.

  • Donna Mumford
    23 Apr 2016
    3:22 PM


    Was relieved this morning when I weighed myself for the first time in a week. I'm almost 5kg down from my registration weight. I was worried that being away for work and having less exercise and not in control of my food I may put weight on! Hit the gym this morning for a leg and shoulder session.- I have a feeling I will feel it tomorrow. I will print out the new maxine's exercise routine and follow this exactly for the final 4 weeks starting tomorrow. I really want my abs to show up more in the final couple of weeks, although given my really bad stretch marks I can only do the best I can and probably will never see the bottom two due to excess skin and stretch marks - or tiger strips as I've heard them referred to. As much as I'd love to have smooth lovely flawless skin on my stomach I have three amazing daughters instead :):):) Off to walk the doggies now, week 8 pics I shall get taken tomorrow.

  • Donna Mumford
    20 Apr 2016
    10:59 PM

    I'm not enjoying being away from home for work for so long, oh well only 2 more days of the hotel gym and food. Mind you the food at the hotel is nice and given I'm having oats with some fresh raspberries for breakfast each day I'm not complaining. I find it interesting that without me saying anything my new work colleagues have made some judgements about my lifestyle based on how I look. For instance someone said 'you obviously workout loads and eat super healthy' but in a slightly condescending manner. Sometimes I think people like to put you down a little to make themselves feel better about their bad choices. Oh and they have soooo many excuses for why they don't exercise or why they are 20 kilo's overweight etc which they seem to feel compelled to tell me?!? At least today our training focussed on health coaching, motivation and having a positive mindset - which was brilliant. This morning I overslept by half an hour - never helps when you don't press the green button on the iphone to activate the alarm - doh! So I didn't have a lot of time to workout so I did a HIIT sprint session - boy did I sweat. I was still sweating a little after my shower and couldn't put my make-up on properly. Also when I put my work pants on they were super baggy. Tonight after work I had an early dinner and then at 8.30 headed to the gym for a bicep/tricep workout...again I had to utilise the scarce gym equipment but that was fine I managed to put in a good session with the equipment at hand and finished off with an ab workout. Looking forward to a run around Sydney harbour tomorrow morning....and yes I've ensured my alarm is activated :)

  • Donna Mumford
    19 Apr 2016
    8:19 PM

    Soooo my new grey shorts looked like I'd pee'd my pants after my workout tonight, haha. Luckily I was in the gym at the hotel and only a couple of other people were on the rowers and didn't see my super sweaty crotch! Again had to modify my legs session to suit the equipment available which was fine and I still felt I had a good workout, well if my sweating was an indication then I did work hard! I've had a minor flu for the past few days which I've been fighting off, however this morning I woke with lots of 'flem' on my lungs, so I took about 10 mins coughing it up and trying to breathe properly. Needless to say I didn't run as much as I'd have liked today, only managed a 5km run, but it was very hilly so I got a good workout. Then did a 15 minute HIIT session in my hotel room as I had some extra energy after my shorter run. Food has been challenging, especially lunch as it's all rolls and sandwiches so I am being naughty and taking the filling out and only eating a little bit of bread. I packed a lot of food and had some almonds and a maxine bar on hand so I was able to eat these during the day so I wasnt tempted by the morning and afternoon tea. I've also ensured my meals at night have fitted into the program, tonight I had the most amazing salad of slow cooked lamb, kale, beetroot and onion - loved it so much I'm actually going to ask the chef for the recipe. Feeling really positive and in control even though I'm travelling and not in control of my environment. Oh and I got asked if I was related to Michelle Bridges today haha, I wish!

  • Donna Mumford
    18 Apr 2016
    9:04 PM

    All I can say is I've never been so challenged by my emotions than during this challenge. From rejection after rejection looking for a new job to the death of my mother in-law from my first marriage, and my oldest daughters Nana, to an absolute tragedy yesterday with the king hit on my husbands boss's son Patrick which left him on life support and today he passed away. We are devastated for his amazing loving family and just so sad at this senseless crime. All I can say is usually I'd resort to food for comfort, but I've stayed strong (most of the time) and kept to the Maxine's challenge. Actually working out has assisted me through the darkest times - strong body=strong mind. I'm away this entire week in Sydney for induction for my new job. Having the correct food is proving difficult, however I've made a huge effort to stick as close as I can to the challenge. The only option for lunch today was rolls, sandwiches and wraps. I had a wrap and half a roll. Luckily I had a Maxine's bar to eat this afternoon as I was starving. Went to Coles and bought oats and yoghurt for breakfast so I'm not tempted by the goodies at the breakfast buffet. The hotel has a small gym, open 24hrs, so I can workout during my stay in Sydney. Did a back and shoulder workout tonight, I had to modify my routine a little to suit the equipment and it got a bit crowded after there was three of us in there, but nonetheless managed a reasonable workout. Now to figure out how to run from St Leonards to Opera House tomorrow morning haha. BTW love the toilet paper at my hotel!!

  • Donna Mumford
    15 Apr 2016
    8:28 PM

    Decided it was time for a Friday Flex pic, so I got my daughter to take a pic. I'm pretty happy with my progress. Hoping to tone the legs some more and get my abs poppin. Five and a bit weeks to achieve this :) Also got a video of my doing a set (5) pull ups using our outside Pergola.

  • Donna Mumford
    13 Apr 2016
    5:07 PM

    Boxing this morning then walked the dogs for 45mins and having a HIIT session later tonight with my daughter. Shoulders are a tad sore from my workout yesterday. Took a few selfies last night as I've been getting quite a few comments about my arms and that I'm looking a lot leaner. I'm terrible at selfies and they came out a bit blurry. I've not told too many people what i'm doing so it's nice to get positive feedback. Mind you some people do say 'why you want muscles and to get thin'! I do try to say I'm just getting stronger and fitter. Went shopping today for work clothes, boy it took all day and I must have accumulated near to 10,000 steps haha - best cardio ever!!

  • Donna Mumford
    12 Apr 2016
    10:02 AM


    It's been a few days since my last entry, only due to the fact my computer was offline. So beginning of week 7 (half way - whoop whoop) and I'm feeling really motivated and determined. Weighed myself, I'm exactly 4kgs down...not that weight is the be all, but it's one indicator. I shall do my bodyscan next week and hopefully have dropped my fat %. Think I shall get a proper dexa scan after the challenge to see how I went. So best news is I start my new job in a week. Bad news is this will mean a HUGE change to my routine, so here's hoping I can sustain my training and keep up with the food prep. After near 7 years working from home it's really will be a big change to me and my family. It's an exciting role though and one that I'm passionate about, chronic disease management. After twisting my ankle on Friday night I went for my first outdoors run last night with running group and it is all good, actually after dropping 4kgs I'm running a lot easier and faster - hooray. Nearly keeping up with the 3 fastest guys. We did 10.5kms last night and my average speed was well under 5min/km (even on the hills). I'm also noticing that my recovery from weights is much better since I've been taking Maxine's recovery and creatine. I used to get really sore, especially after leg workouts, now I'm bouncing back much quicker. I'm also upping the weights slowly but surely which I'm really happy about. I'm in Sydney all next week for training so will have to rely on hotel food - at least I wont be tempted with the kitchen (the downside of working from home). Also hoping there's a decent gym. Walked the dogs for an hour this morning, now off to the gym for a shoulder, chest and abs session. Might squeeze in a quick 30 min HIIT session with my daughter tonight too.

  • Donna Mumford
    9 Apr 2016
    1:54 PM

    Yesterday was a very difficult day. My mother-in-law from my first marriage and my two oldest daughters Nana passed away. She was a very strong woman who raised 4 children on her own, one with a disability - in the end she was so frail and tired. Needless to say I was pretty emotional and let my guard down with food last night, eating a few lollies and some ice-cream. The old me would have eaten half a tub of ice cream instead of just one small scoop. To top off the day I twisted my right ankle taking the rubbish out last night and boy did it hurt. I iced and elevated it straight away and it's feeling better today, however I missed running group as I didn't want to risk further damage. Instead I went to the gym and did a shoulder/chest workout early this morning. Off for a big walk now with the dogs to enjoy the lovely Melbourne sunshine whilst it lasts.

  • Donna Mumford
    6 Apr 2016
    9:17 PM

    What an unusual day I've had today! Started off with my 45 min boxing session, my favourite cardio session. I then cooked up a storm with lots of meal prep. Decided to go for a walk with my oldest daughter, younger daughter and the two dogs. It was raining but we braved the weather and headed down to the local lake, only 500m away. Whilst walking around the lake which was very flooded, my puppy (18 week old boxer) accidentally fell off the rocks and into the water and didn't resurface so my oldest daughter jumped in and retrieved her....OMG the drop from the edge was about 6 feet. To my relief they both surfaced safe and sound. Needless to say our walk was cut short as my daughter had to walk the 1.5km home drenched. I then did a bicep, tricep and ab workout. Was so happy to increase my incline bicep curl with dumbbells to 12.5kg x 6 x 4 sets. I also upped my dumbbell rows on the bench to 20kg x 8 x 4. To finish the day off I landed a new job after having 3 interviews and sitting the psychometric testing - verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and inductive reasoning - boy oh boy it's not easy landing a management job now days - after 16 years of being in the same job (industry) it was a shock to my system applying for jobs, interviewing and having assessments. Now to enjoy the job and do some great work. The change hopefully wont upset my challenge routine too much, although I think very early morning gym workouts will now be on the cards.

  • Donna Mumford
    4 Apr 2016
    1:56 PM


    Started today with lots of enthusiasm. Hit the gym bright and early and really gave it my all. I am attempting to do wide grip pull ups, so did half a dozen reverses (I think that's what you call it) - however next time I shall try these at the BEGINNING of my workout and not the end! Off to walk the dogs on this glorious sunny Melbourne day and then joining my running group at 7pm for a 10-12km run. Made a scrumptious lunch today with left over baked sweet potato and spicy mince mix. I use a lean mince then boil the kettle and rinse the mince in a colander to get rid of as much fat as possible. I then add a variety of veg and flavour with a chilli spice mix. It was so yummy :)

  • Donna Mumford
    2 Apr 2016
    9:50 PM

    Today I did my third mPort body mapping since starting the challenge. As it's located at Westfield and is super convenient I've decided to use this as a tool to assist me measure my progress. Was pretty happy with a 4% fat loss and 4% muscle mass gain. My waist hip ratio has decreased by 3% and 4cm from my waist. Whilst not 100% accurate, it is cool (and confronting) to see your avatar, but it does demonstrate progress. Went for a 12km run this morning and walked the dogs for an hour, but had a rest day from the gym. I was 100% on track with nutrition until my hubby bought home some chocolates (my favourite) and I had about 4 - oh dear. Back on track tomorrow and will include an extra 20 minutes on the cross trainer.

  • Donna Mumford
    31 Mar 2016
    9:56 PM

    Today I had a sleep in - hooray!! It felt so nice to get up at 8.30am. I then did a HIIT session with my daughter, my legs were so sore :(. I then decided that I'd better do my fitness test, possibly not the best day when my legs were screaming out stop stop. Managed to improve on all exercises, although only just. Took the dogs for a long walk and then hit the gym later this afternoon for a bicep/tricep session and finished off with treadmill sprints - 5 min warm up, 10 x 1min sprints (progressively getting faster until I reached speed 16) and finished off with a 5 min walk. I was very hungry after my workout tonight, and hubby had cooked kangaroo sausages for dinner, so I had one before eating my own dinner, not ideal and I need to ensure I have my dinner ready after my workouts so I'm not tempted. Managed to cook up some cauliflower rice with veg, chicken and prawns.

  • Donna Mumford
    31 Mar 2016
    12:26 PM
    22 Burpees
    45 Push Ups
    62 Crunches
    42 Alternate Lunges
    128 Plank
    35 Jump Squats
  • Donna Mumford
    30 Mar 2016
    9:04 AM

    Feeling really quite strong and focussed atm. Last night hit the legs and back. I PB'd Romanian deadlift (55kg) and leg extension (50kg) - so pretty happy with that! Just have to keep pushing a little more each session :) Boxing this morning and we hit the shoulders hard, so I may have to rethink my gym session today, might change it to to biceps/triceps/chest and do shoulders and legs tomorrow. I still need to do the fitness test, will look to complete this later today after I take the dogs for their walk. Thought I'd take a sneaky bathroom selfie - as the fat is being shed I can see my waist is shrinking and more definition is starting to show in my arms and slowly on my back. I do struggle with some 'back fat' issues so it may be last to go. I bought some new clothes about 6 weeks ago and now they are quite loose. First world problems I know, but it does get difficult when size 6 become a little big - time to invest in belts haha. Having my daughter doing a bikini program is really keeping my nutrition in check - I'm not struggling at all and feeling very satisfied with the food.

  • Donna Mumford
    28 Mar 2016
    9:34 PM

    Day 1, Week 5. For me this is a time I really need to focus and continue on my journey and commit 110%. There's no room for complacency at this stage and I see the road I need to take to get the end result (hence the picture). Obviously being Easter temptation was all around. I admit I did have one very small chocolate egg - just to ensure I had a taste, and to be honest it didn't taste as nice as I was anticipating, actually I was disappointed that it didn't give me the pleasure I normally associate with chocolate. I figured this was a good sign - I'm always seeking instant pleasure from food, perhaps I need to focus on areas in my life that will provide more long lasting pleasure such as achieving goals, relationships, friendships, enjoying nature and having a strong and fit body that I desire. Got the the gym early today for the 8am start, only to have the gym open 15 minutes late as one of the instructors slept in! So I had to do a quick bicep/tricep workout, managed to squeeze 6 exercises in which was good. Then I did a 10km run with my running group and finished off the day with a 45 minute walk with the dogs (pretty slow pace though). I somehow managed to stick to the plan even though we had lunch at my mum and dads. Mum cooked roast chicken with veg, so all good. They did try and push cheesecake and ice cream on me, but I politely declined. I had a coffee with my cookies and cream Maxine Bar instead. I've set my alarm early for a leg/back session at the gym, best I get some sleep, goodnight :)

  • Donna Mumford
    27 Mar 2016
    8:46 AM


    Happy Easter!! Determined to stick to the program over the Easter break, so far so good. To motivate myself I took my measurements this morning and my waist has shrunk by 2cm in the past two weeks and my bust by 1cm, no changes elsewhere. I need to find my baseline figures for a proper comparison. Yesterday I snuck in my shoulder/chest workout before a 13km run. I think I was buzzing from the pre-workout and seemed to effortlessly run, always nice. Later in the day I took the dogs for a 40 minute walk. Made a skinny noodle stir fry last night with prawns whilst the family ate pizza.

  • Donna Mumford
    24 Mar 2016
    11:41 AM


    I'm getting better at the collage software. It's great to be able to compare side-by-side pictures. After almost 4 weeks of hard work I can see the fat loss and toning, especially around my bottom and legs....and nice not to have the muffin top! I used to be able to feel this 'jiggle' when I ran. Got up this morning and did a HIIT session with my daughter. Off to walk the dogs shortly, lunch then hitting the gym either this afternoon or tonight. With school holiday pick-up an hour earlier I don't want to rush my session. I'm finding that now I'm seeing results is really spurring me on and I enjoy being a role model to my older daughter who's week one in her program (some bikini body program). I really enjoy helping others reach their goals and getting them through tough workouts, it pushes me too. I've decided that if I can get through Easter without the sniff of chocolate then I'm going to reward myself with a new outfit - yey.

  • Donna Mumford
    23 Mar 2016
    9:42 PM

    Forgot it was week 4 check-in, would have liked to take the pic first thing in the morning, but it was taken after lunch by my 7yo. It was a good feeling fitting into my tri shorts without a huge muffin top. I can see that I've lost some fat and toned up, but no major difference. My back pic shows more dramatic changes, will need to post that tomorrow, still getting used to collage software. I worked sooooo hard today, started with 45 minute boxing, 75 minute bicep/tricep/shoulder session, 30 minute HIIT session and 45 minute walk with the dogs. Have to make the most of not working at the moment. Food was 100%, had my favourite dinner salmon and veg - yummo.

  • Donna Mumford
    22 Mar 2016
    4:56 PM

    I'm really enjoying walking the dogs each morning with my oldest daughter, it's lovely to see the sunrise and start the day with a good chat and feel invigorated. It just means I have to reshuffle my day to fit in running and a gym session - which is proving difficult, but not impossible. I'm also doing a HIIT session with my daughter at night where we can. Last night we did it together whilst my 7yo daughter was our trainer, boy oh boy did she work us hard, and make us laugh - this makes doing plank even harder :) I had an interview for a job today and felt really good afterwards, complete contrast to what occurred Friday during my presentation. Fingers crossed I get a second interview and land the job!!! Although not working does give me more freedom to exercise. My eating has been good and now having my daughter and husband on track is going to assist me tremendously. I've got a whiteboard with the weeks meals written up so we all know what's happening. I definately stick to Maxines get strong nutrition plan, just have to change some days around to suit everyone's schedule. So tonight is stir fry beef and veg, one of my favourites. I did swap a burn bar for broccoli chips today as I was super curious to know what they tasted like. Actually they are nice, albeit a bit salty. I like the idea of having something healthy that's super crunchy to keep the cravings at bay. I have always enjoyed crunchy textures so these are good to stop me reaching for something I'd regret. I bought some more burn bars...I think I have over 100 in my cupboard now!!! I adore the choc raspberry they are awesome. Also thought I'd try the recover and creatine. I tend to pull up very very sore from training, especially legs so hoping this helps so I can keep pushing harder as I progress with the challenge. Also bought some new runners, they are saucony - very lightweight with a low drop heel and flexibility - more of a racing shoe. Taking my husbands soccer team for a run with hill repeats tonight so hopefully the new shoes handle well. Also treated myself to some 2XU (my favourite brand) of gym/running pants and a top - I shall test them out tomorrow at boxing. All in all I'm feeling positive and on track. I haven't weighed myself, but my clothes are fitting much better and today I tried on a pair of size 6 jeans (skinny fit) and they looked quite good. One of my treats when finishing is to buy myself a new pair of jeans for winter. Hope everyone else is smashing it and feeling empowered, I know I am :)

  • Donna Mumford
    19 Mar 2016
    8:45 PM

    Up early to take the doggies for a walk and it was absolutely pouring with rain so I had to hold off until after running group. Today's run was 12km with 6 tempo laps of about 800m. Took my daughter Molly to the Arnold Classic today - it was very busy and made it difficult to get to some stands, however we certainly stocked up on Maxine products 3 boxes of bars, creatine and recover. Also got a few pics with some rather good looking fitness models, I am a bit of a fan of Jaco DeBruyn. I had a lovely chicken salad at Grilled today. Usually I'd eat the whole lot, but today I thought you know what, I'm almost full I'm stopping and getting the rest to take away. Was proud of myself for doing this...prior to the challenge I'd have scoffed the lot. Tomorrow I'll hit the gym early and do a big session, shoulders, chest, biceps including some HIIT on the treadmill. Looking forward to using my new Maxines products :)

  • Donna Mumford
    18 Mar 2016
    6:39 PM

    Difficult day today (emotionally) - after scoring a 2nd interview I had to deliver a presentation to the CEO and two other staff, unfortunately I misinterpreted the brief and I don't believe I hit the mark. I came out of the interview feeling defeated and certain that I wasn't successful. I'll find out Monday but if I was a betting person I'd say there's a 95% chance I haven't scored the job. On a positive note I'd normally stuff my face and drink to dull the negative feelings, so I'm proud of myself for sticking to the plan. I hurt my back yesterday and so my swapped my leg session I had planned yesterday for a bicep/tricep session and hit the legs this morning. Speaking of legs I'm starting to see much better definition in my legs, an area I've always struggled with. Cant wait until Sunday for Arnold Classic to get extra motivation. I always feel inspired when I'm surrounded by like minded people.

  • Donna Mumford
    17 Mar 2016
    11:00 AM

    Mid way through week three and I'm feeling confident. Nutrition has been good, albeit a slight mishap last night with the dog eating my chicken - that will teach me to leave it within reach. So I had to resort to a small piece of home made lasagna I'd cooked for the family to have with my salad. At least it contained lean beef! I have a second round interview tomorrow and this has meant I've had to pull out all the stops to create a presentation on implementing a new policy within an 2 days!! Phew it's been time consuming and obviously I want to get the job so I'm devoting a lot of time to it. I didn't make the gym yesterday so will do a big leg/back session today. At least I've been walking the dogs each day for about an hour and I did do boxing class yesterday morning so I am still doing something. I've decided to go to the Arnold Classic on Sunday with my oldest daughter, so hoping for lots of inspiration. Took a pic of myself today in the tri shorts (my goal shorts) I want to wear very comfortably at the end of the challenge - I must say they look a lot better and I'm definitely seeing a big difference in my clothes. Some size 6 work pants that were getting very cosy are now a bit loose. Scales are sitting bang on 59kg (around 2.8 down) so I'm on track, although I vow I wont be dictated to by the scales.

  • Donna Mumford
    15 Mar 2016
    9:59 AM

    Visited my daughter for the first time in Shepparton, she moved about a month ago for Medical School. It was so hot and humid, so I went for a 10km run early in the morning on Sunday - ended up in the middle of the Mad Cow Mud Run haha. Yesterday I hit the weights and did shoulders and chest. I then joined my running group which ended up being a long run, just shy of 17kms. I was a little annoyed as I hadn't prepared nutrition wise for such a long run and kept thinking 'arghhhh I'm eating into my muscle'. When I came home I fueled up on poached eggs, toast and avocado, I was staaaarving. We then took our dog for a leisurely walk. I've decided not to weight myself for a few weeks, so i redid my measurements. I've lost a cms from my waist, thighs, arm and bust - not heaps, but it's a start. Interestingly I didnt lost from my hips, which is normally the first place I lose weight. Today I'm taking the dogs for an hour long walk, then hitting the gym for legs and back session. I might even sneak a 30 min swim in tonight during my daughter's swimming lesson. My goal for this week is to eat regularly, add more HIIT sessions and concentrate on form in the gym.

  • Donna Mumford
    11 Mar 2016
    6:26 PM

    After visiting the QVMarket yesterday I have lots of yummy seafood. I baked two whole fish today then took off the yummy tender flesh and had it with a salad at lunch - you certainly can taste the difference when it's super fresh to store bought or frozen. I keep forgetting to have rice or sweet potato with it....will include with dinner tonight. I'm not finding sticking to the food an issue, just timing of it as some days I leave too long between eating then feel a bit famished - which is danger zone for me as this is when I can binge. I've had a good week of gym work and have been able to up my weights or reps. Although today I dropped the weight on squats as I've watched others do this (i.e Janet Kane) and they get very low, so I am concentrating on my form. I only added 20 kg to the bar and just concentrated on getting as low as possible and really push up from the bottom. I'll be interested to see how I pull up tomorrow. Having a dog has really been great, my boxer puppy can now go outside for walks after being fully immunised, so lots of long morning walks. Today we did an hour and 10 minutes and watched the sun rise. I'm also doing a 5km walk again tonight with hubby and the dog. Off to my daughters in Shepparton tomorrow so going to try squeeze a shoulder session and some sprints in tomorrow morning before I leave.

  • Donna Mumford
    8 Mar 2016
    4:25 PM


    So I survived the weekend which involved a Day on the Green, traditionally a time to drink lots of alcohol, snack on cheese, biscuits, dip and eat a big fat burger. I made lots of carrot, celery and cucumber crudites, chicken and broccoli salad and water - I must admit I did dip my cridites into my friends hommus dip a few times! It was also my daughters birthday and we ordered takeaway chinese, I didn't want to appear anti-social so I had steamed ginger fish and added my brown rice. Monday I decided to start the week on a high so got up early and went to the gym at 5.30am (back and legs sesh), walked the dogs for 45 mins then went to run group and did 12 km....oh my gosh I killed the run which surprised me as I thought I'd struggle - managed a sub 5min/km average. Gym today was shoulders and chest, did a set of 4 x 60 sec battle ropes to finish and my arms were killing me - could hardly drive the car afterwards. I PB'd a couple of exercises today which I was pretty happy with. Looking forward to dinner tonight - swapping chicken for ocean trout (I'm a little chickened out of late). Tomorrow morning is boxing, my favourite exercise for the week.

  • Donna Mumford
    5 Mar 2016
    2:41 PM


    Woke up feeling wrecked so decided to have an active rest day (swap for Sunday). Besides I was chomping at the bit to take our dog 'Tia' a 14 week old Boxer for her first outside walk with hubby. We're also off to a Day on the Green so I have made a lovely chicken salad, broccoli salad and crudite carrots, cucumber and celery to chomp on. I'll also pack a Maxine bar, I bought the raspberry white chocolate so looking forward to trying it. Finally did my fitness text, although whilst planking Tia the dog decided to come over an take advantage and lick my face so I decided to stop. At least next fitness test I should be able to smash this one! I'm down 2kg so far which is nice, although I'm now going to hide the scales and just go with the process as I know it works.

    16 Burpees
    40 Push Ups
    61 Crunches
    41 Alternate Lunges
    96 Plank
    34 Jump Squats
  • Donna Mumford
    3 Mar 2016
    11:05 AM

    Day 4 and still feeling good. I missed my planned early gym session as my alarm didn't go off, always pays to set it for am, not pm! So I went a little later to the gym, but it was nice and quiet. I need to get some sprinting done today, but was so drained from the gym session I decided to go out later tonight. My baseline back pic shows the 'excess' weight I've put on over the past 6 months, those shorts used to fit without the muffin top. My first challenge food wise is today at lunch - having Malaysian, so this will be interesting, I shall look at the menu in advance and decide what option is going to fit into the plan, unfortunately I can't avoid it, so I shall make good choices from what's available. Exercise wise has been excellent, even convinced hubby to do 1000 steps with me, I love doing it as it's a great challenge. I finished then had to go back to get hubby. I was so proud he managed to get to the top.

  • Donna Mumford
    29 Feb 2016
    5:24 PM


    Day one and my body is definitely ready and willing, it's perhaps my state of mind that's lagging behind. The past 6-8 months have been extremely testing and taking a toll on my body, mind and spirit. However, the thought of having a healthy and strong body and nurturing myself with great food I know will propel me to a better place emotionally - I'm looking forward to feeling happier and healthier. Off to the gym for a session followed by my running group - always a lovely social pick me up.

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