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163 cm


Get Strong - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I have many reasons to do the challenge, my family, my health, my appearance, my (lack of) confidence, and that's just a few.
My four year old mentioned that I have 'wrinkly' thighs the other day. He meant 'dimply' but the point is that I don't think that my wrinkly, dimply layer suits me, so I have to sort it out.
I have registered for the challenge a few times but have completed it only once. I have let myself go and lost all forward momentum. I just need a push and I know that the Maxine's Challenge will give me a good shove.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The results! The way that I feel now and the fact that my goal of kick starting my health and fitness again has well and truly been achieved.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

There are many factors that can work to make the challenge difficult.

I have injuries and issues with my knees, feet and wrists....but I worked around them or found alternatives.

We are off grid and use a 12 volt fridge and freezer so we have limited fridge space....but I basically did some meal prep for the following day each night while cooking dinner.

I work out at home and at various times had between 1 and 4 kids in my home gym/shed.....but they knew the guidelines and the smaller ones had toys in my shed and the bigger ones would have turns on some of my equipment.

We have had quite a stressful period during this time and being able to focus on my workouts was a great stress release for me.

While many things could have made the challenge hard, I believe that because I went into it with the right mindset I did not find it too difficult to deal with anything that cropped up.

That being said, nutrition is the harder part for me and using the supplements really helped. In particular, the Maxine's Night Protein which was great for curbing my urge to nibble at night.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Well I'm not restricted to only wearing trackie pants (because they're the only thing that fit) anymore!
I'm healthy, strong and I feel great. I feel more self assured and confident and not like I'm fading into the background.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

I have no new or profound advice. If you really want something, heads down and work hard for it. Only you can do that.
Be consistent and don't give up.

It's hard, learn to enjoy it. The training will get easier as you get fitter, and when it does - up your weights and make it HARDER!

The Maxine's Challenge provides all the resources you need to change your health and fitness lifestyle.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Being a bit social media shy I haven't been as involved in the community aspect of the challenge so much in the past, although I have always read some journal entries. This time I got a little more involved with the forum, which is a great resource, and found that all responses and feedback were very encouraging and supportive.

I really love the Maxine's Challenge and will be taking part again in September as I continue on in order to reach my goals.
Thanks to all those involved in making this happen.


  • Emma Jordan
    5 Aug 2018
    6:17 PM

    This is a tummy lift, poof saggy skin gone!

  • Emma Jordan
    5 Aug 2018
    5:30 PM

    Final measurements. Stoked. Not done yet, but never will be. Congratulations everyone, so excited and pleased for everyone who finished the 12 weeks. If you didn't, don't give up, keep trying 😊

  • Emma Jordan
    5 Aug 2018
    5:19 PM

    So finally did my final pics. Was a bit disappointed that my abs were not as prominent due to my sagging stomach skin. I was thinking, if only the lighting were better, perhaps I didn't eat enough to plump up muscles? But you know what? I have four beautiful children, I have some saggy tummy skin, that's what I have. My children are written on my body and I don't want to change that.

  • Emma Jordan
    4 Aug 2018
    1:04 PM

    All my trackies have holes in them! Luckily I have shrunk! Starting to fit into my old clothes that have been hidden away in the wardrobe for years, whoop whoop! I refused to pass them on as I knew that I would one day get back into them. And here we are!

  • Emma Jordan
    2 Aug 2018
    6:30 PM

    So I had another body composition scan done today. The one I had at the beginning of the challenge showed a body fat percentage of 29.1. My goal was to reduce that to 20%. My results today showed a body fat percentage of 18.3 so totally hit that goal! I know the scans aren't entirely accurate but I'm taking it! I'll have another done at the end of the next challenge and see how I'm tracking then, I reckon I can improve on these figures.

  • Emma Jordan
    31 Jul 2018
    6:22 PM

    I don't feel that my body has visually changed much over the past few weeks (we'll see once I do photos) but that's ok. Getting stronger everyday. I started the challenge with 70kg on leg press and am now pressing 170kg. Today I did 12 unassisted chin ups (started on 4) and on Friday I planked (arrgh! Not my favourite) for 5 min, first fit test did 2min. I also did a 5 minute wall sit, I think the first time I had done a timed one was about 3min. So all big improvements for me and am coming up with new goals all the time. Very happy!

  • Emma Jordan
    26 Jul 2018
    11:33 PM

    10 chin ups today! (Happy Dance!). Husband response: "Cool, do 20". Me: "I will.....sometime in the near future!" 😆

  • Emma Jordan
    25 Jul 2018
    5:40 PM

    So my husband made me a little verandah off the front of my shed/gym so now I don't have to exercise in the rain! And then rigged me up a chin up bar! What a legend!

  • Emma Jordan
    21 Jul 2018
    6:58 PM

    I wanted to see my back, so got husband to take a pic. Am a little bit excited, can see muscles!! 😆

  • Emma Jordan
    17 Jul 2018
    11:31 PM

    Well made it through the hunger, I just needed to do my workout -was a bit late today. Really trying hard to think about whether I really am hungry and to drink water when I think that I am.

  • Emma Jordan
    17 Jul 2018
    4:24 PM

    Huuuuunngry, and I only just ate

  • Emma Jordan
    16 Jul 2018
    6:46 PM

    Love this, bargain buy from Aldi! I have very limited floor space in my gym/shed (so much so that I do a lot of barbell work out in the rain!), so this is very handy! Very tired yesterday, went pretty hard on Saturday, still managed conditioning. I had thought I would go for a walk but didn't make it that far.

  • Emma Jordan
    10 Jul 2018
    7:19 PM

    Just did my first workouts for wk 9. Legs A and B&S. Legs were tough, I have incorporated JD's leg challenge into my weekly workout regimen, so this is going to be a big week for legs!

  • Emma Jordan
    10 Jul 2018
    11:52 AM
  • Emma Jordan
    7 Jul 2018
    1:56 PM


    Just completed check in. Pretty happy with results so far and super delighted to have made it back into the 50's (kg range). Haven't been this weight in about 6 years!

  • Emma Jordan
    6 Jul 2018
    7:23 PM

    -Burpees on toes with push up and jump -Push ups on toes -Jumping lunges -Plank on elbows and toes

    18 Burpees
    56 Push Ups
    58 Crunches
    62 Alternate Lunges
    270 Plank
    59 Jump Squats
  • Emma Jordan
    5 Jul 2018
    6:51 PM

    Printed new workouts today and worked out my starting weights for wk9. Going to up my cardio for the next four weeks as well. I'm excited!😜😄

  • Emma Jordan
    5 Jul 2018
    5:24 PM

    Starting to see some definition in my legs when I flex, which is nice. But I'm aiming for definition that you can see when I'm doing nothing!😆 Goal for September challenge.

  • Emma Jordan
    1 Jul 2018
    2:10 PM

    I quite often feel like I do try hard during my workouts but feel like when I'm finished that I haven't done enough. Winter is hard for me to do extra (short days) as I have no light in my shed/gym, aiming to get a hurricane lamp to see if that will give me enough light. Also got family, work, life obligations that we all do, makes it harder to actually fit any more in. While I do all prescribed workouts, I still have that feeling that it's not enough, maybe because I always have more energy, maybe I'm just not going hard enough?

  • Emma Jordan
    26 Jun 2018
    8:40 PM

    Noticed how heavy some people are going with deadlifts and thought that perhaps I am just cruising with the weights and need to ramp it up a bit. So did some experimenting with my deadlifts, did 2 reps at 65kg but too heavy for me to complete a set. Did one set at 55kg but had to finish final 2 sets at 45kg. Still considerably heavier than I was lifting and has encouraged me to try a lot heavier across the board rather than just a couple of kg at a time. Am now aiming to be able to complete all deadlift reps at 65kg by end of challenge. More goals! Also aiming for 10 chin ups, I'll go for overhand grip once I achieve 10 underhand.

  • Emma Jordan
    23 Jun 2018
    12:22 PM


    Down 7.6kg so far. Amazing! Everything seems to have clicked for me during this challenge. But this also the first challenge I have done not breastfeeding and also the first time using supplements, which I am positive helps, especially with keeping hunger at bay. Stressful time at the moment, working out definitely helps with the stress levels too. Managed a little run on Thursday, 4km, knees still hurt but I can't help it...I love to run! Don't think I'm ever going to manage a PB again (due to knees) but managed an average 6:30km. Is ok, better than 8min! Going heavier on new workouts, I'm like the Princess with the pea on the triceps floor press! Any bit of grit on the floor of my shed seems to dig right in under my shoulder blades!

  • Emma Jordan
    21 Jun 2018
    10:17 AM

    BAM! And now I'm hungry! Been cruising along until this point, now it's gonna be harder being hungry all the time.

  • Emma Jordan
    7 Jun 2018
    11:34 PM

    Checked in today, progressing well I think but I feel better than I look! Really hoping to achieve some definition in my sausage legs (always a problem area for me) but I don't know if this will be difficult given that I have two bung knees. I have been doing all workouts and going well with nutrition but have been very conscious of not doing too much too soon as per JD's article about taking it slow and steady in order to progress and break through plateaus. Last time I completed the challenge I remember feeling quite exhausted and falling asleep very early in the evenings but I haven't felt like that so far. Perhaps I can only remember the last few weeks of the previous challenge and this is still coming up?!? My long term goals are to get back to pre babies weight (55kg) and to wear size 8 skinny jeans bought in 2011 but never worn. I'm aiming for these by Christmas though and am doing the challenge to reboot and change lifestyle. So just getting started really!

  • Emma Jordan
    6 Jun 2018
    11:43 PM

    So far I have been feeling great but I got very little sleep last night so today I just felt like a rubber band -stretched right out, cranky and trying not to be. Haven't felt like this in ages so a good lesson to get into bed earlier. Been checking out check in pics, lots of great progress, excited to see the chang s in the next four weeks! 😊

  • Emma Jordan
    4 Jun 2018
    9:45 PM

    So another big achievement for me this past week, did a plank for 4 minutes! Was doing a fit test at the gym where I have been doing some group fitness classes. I was only aiming for 2 minutes! Would never have done that on my own, I actually don't like planking much at all, a minute seems to last forever when I time myself at home. A little annoying though because now every time I do a fitness test from now on I will feel that I have to better that time 😖😫😊

  • Emma Jordan
    31 May 2018
    6:30 PM

    And last night my husband had a block of my favourite chocolate and I did not have any. Huge, HUUGE achievement for me! I'm a crazy chocoholic, feeling proud of myself just for choc denial alone!! 😆

  • Emma Jordan
    31 May 2018
    6:25 PM

    A little tired, still feeling great though. I KNOW that I feel good when I exercise and eat well so I dunno why I let myself get to the point of being 'blurgh'. I want to stick at it and continue with the healthy habits and so far that seems pretty doable. I have had periods in the past when it all just seemed too hard. Hope everyone else is feeling good and going hard! 🔥🔥

  • Emma Jordan
    26 May 2018
    9:55 PM

    End of week 2 and feeling pretty good! This is my first challenge using the supplements from Maxine's (just finished breastfeeding) and I really feel that they help with my hunger. Last time I completed the challenge I was HUNGRY all the time. This time not at all....yay!

  • Emma Jordan
    13 May 2018
    3:37 PM

    Burpees with push ups and jump Push ups on toes Lunges no jumping Plank on elbows and toes

    17 Burpees
    50 Push Ups
    48 Crunches
    36 Alternate Lunges
    120 Plank
    44 Jump Squats
  • Emma Jordan
    8 May 2018
    2:19 PM


    Had a body composition scan last week (see pic), will be doing another at the end of the challenge. A little bit shocking but not too unexpected given how out of shape I feel at the moment. My body fat percentage is 29.1, eeek! That puts me in the ‘over’ category. Hoping to reduce that to 20% or less by the end of the 12 week period. I have no idea if that’s a bit ambitious but I will get there. Good news is that my Skeletal Muscle Mass is also ‘over’, so hope to maintain or improve upon this. Hopped onto scales this morning and they appear to have given up as they are weighing about 15kg too light. Not such a problem though, at least I won’t be able to obsess about my weight during this period. Will have to use measurements and fit test instead.

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