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“It’s been a holistic change, mentally, physically and soulfully as well and I can’t get over the support and the pats on the back I have received.”



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Reason to start The Challenge

After having my last child 9 years ago my weight has been creeping up. I have always been into fitness, but have let it go by the way side. I always feel fantastic when i train so i will commit to this challenge and will give it 100% for myself and my family. I am entering this with my gorgeous husband who has an amazing physique but would like to shred some weight and also encourage me along the way. :)

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Where do I begin...EVERYTHING, the community of the forum was wonderful. The coaches were always there answering questions and being professional mentors. Some of their support has changed my life for ever. Thank you Janet Kane, you're one powerhouse of a woman! The gorgeous women who started off as strangers are now some of my besties! Such amazing women to be all on the same page sharing stories and challenges. Very inspiring. Friends for life now. I loved how I had to discipline myself when it came to cravings and getting off my butt to head to the gym. The feeling after doing a HUGE workout is just so unbelievable. It's a pity people go through life without ever experiencing that feeling of euphoria! I also loved how all the nutrition and training is all set up for us so we can achieve our goals without worrying about HOW TO! It's all there, believe in the process and it works! and YES it does! My husband Rick and our girls have been a tremendous support. My youngest is now my nutrition coach and questions everything that goes into my mouth, so all this hard work is rubbing off on our children which is wonderful. Rick has been my ROCK (Literally Dwayne Johnson ROCK). TEAM AWESOME. Doing this challenge together has been amazing. I recommend doing it with another person or a team so there is constant support around you. WOW my body changing. I look at my before pic and my pic now and I am completely a whole new person. I am loving what I see and so proud of myself (without being egotistical). I feel confident in my clothes and have more energy. I have inspired others to get fit and healthy. My inbox has been inundated with requests on how I did it, which is amazing. Feeling the love. Oh and I must say how drop dead gorgeous my husband Rick looks. So ripped. I call him lumpy as his muscles are popping all over the place. So proud!

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest part for me was the first two weeks. I had severe DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) BIGTIME. I felt like giving up as I was so sore. But training the sore bits actually helped relieve it, that and epsoms salt baths! Heat packs, tiger balm, massage. And my chocolate cravings....thank goodness for the Maxine's bars and cookies and coffee. If they didn't have them it would have been more difficult. Being prepared is the ultimate in this challenge. Knowing everyday what to eat and train. Getting your headspace in order so I didn't stress. Preparing rice and salads for the week helped heaps. Being tired at time was a struggle, but after doing the training my energy came back. Being tired is part of the process, so I just trusted with what Fred and the coaches were telling us and knew I was not alone.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

EVERYTHING!! I was once a caterpillar and now I'm a butterfly who has wings to soar and fulfil my dreams. It's made me feel confident that I can achieve my Personal Trainers Cert and help others achieve their dreams. I will show them my before pic and have empathy and compassion as I've been there before and know that anything is possible it you believe and want it enough. I now look at food differently and make healthy choices. I love to train everyday, especially with weights as it changes your whole body shape. This challenge has changed my mind, body and soul and I'm so grateful for this challenge.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

YOU CAN AND YOU WILL. Believe in yourself and commit self love and appreciation for 12 weeks and you'll see a difference in yourself and your outlook on life. Literally everything changes. It's an amazing feeling. Words are hard to describe how you will feel. Make sure you get on all the social media sites and get involved and ask questions when you feel down or need to know about something. People are always there to help. The forum was an amazing support place that you could go to and questions you thought were silly were normally asked by someone else. We are all in this together. Its a real community with real people. As Nike says "JUST DO IT"

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Don't procrastinate any longer. You only have one body for the rest of your life so make sure your soul is living in a happy place. Nourish it with nutritious foods and love it with exercise and rest. You will not regret one thing about changing how you look and feel. It's an amazing challenge and be prepared for a wild, bumpy ride..but hey, life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself. Just when you think you have nothing less, push just that bit further, the mind gives up before the body does. Pain is temporary, victory is forever. xxx


  • Gaynor Longden
    19 Oct 2014
    7:15 PM

    Well here it is and here we are. I really dont know what to write. feeling emotional. Had a great photo shoot with Dave yesterday. Rick looks bloody amazing. so proud of him. he looks so hot!! i'm speechless. posted my pic on facebook and cant get over the wonderful response. people are so kind. i saw a couple of my friends today and they want to know all about it. i even inspired my friend Emma to swim in the local pool this morning as my picture and transformation had inspired her. this is what i am loving most about this challenge, is the effect my effort is having on others. this drives me to keep going and excel even more. loving it!! went out for a hens night last night. had my first half pint of guiness and a glass of champers and today i am suffering from it. HUGE headache. i suppose alcohol is poisen to the body and today has proven that. so tired and feel yuck. my healthy body has told me today that it doesnt like alcohol. hubby and I still have our bottle of meot to drink. hes at work today, so will wait until either tonight or tomorrow to drink it! I wonder if this is the last opportunity to write in our blog today. :( I feel i have so much to write, but can't find the words as there are so many thing i want to say. the biggest one is THANKYOU. Thank you, to Maxine's Burn and to myself for finishing this challenge and seeing something through to the end. WIll sign off now and post some more photos from my phone. Will miss you x

  • Gaynor Longden
    17 Oct 2014
    8:13 PM

    Had some fun in the gym yesterday. put this pic up on facebook and wow what a fantastic response. so inspired by their comments. us humans are a funny bunch. when we are happy we want the world to know and how people respond back is a reflection of how they feel about you. people now want to know my 'secret'....bloody hell, it's not secret, its called HARD WORK!! and self belief and will power. I now look at food differently. watching my portion size and if its going to benefit my body. love this way of life. photos tomorrow. then lunch with the girls. i wonder what i'll have?? maybe some hot chips?? or go straight for dessert?! I'm being realistic about this and dont want to undo all my hard work. i WILL maintain this body I have created as I only have one. i'm actually nervous for some reason about having the photo's done?? a great friend is doing them. he hasnt seen me in a long time so I wonder how he'll react! was going to get hair done and another tan today, but I am feeling happy with everything, so why bother changing something if it aint broke! hubby working till 2am. he didnt want to go to work. he's excited too. he looks HOT. he has been so committed and i'm 100% proud of his achievements. amazing for 47!! i tried on a couple of pairs of bathers to show him....his jaw was on the floor. couldnt have been prouder! he tells me all the time how great i've done with this challenge and how very proud he is of me! just picked my mum up from being away in melbourne....she wouldnt stop talking about what an amazing place it is.....Rick has been before and I've only been there for a few hours! We are hoping to spend more time there next month....wink wink...

  • Gaynor Longden
    16 Oct 2014
    5:38 PM

    Sent this pic to my hubby. He likes it!! he he!! feeling great. Tan done yesterday. will have a top up tomorrow for the areas that are missed. I still cant believe its only 3 days now...... very excited about the future. The time is NOW. Had an amazing meeting with a wonderful personal trainer. I already knew walking into her studio that this is what I was meant to do. She just reinforced it. The curtain has been drawn back, and there I am standing there, ready to pursue my dreams. To help create other peoples dreams!I am focused, driven and ready. Thanks to this challenge and all your wonderful support ladies, the time is NOW! Exciting times ahead. I wish everyone success with their lives and share your knowledge with others....they are listening! xxx

  • Gaynor Longden
    14 Oct 2014
    11:10 PM

    Went to the shops today and bought a bikini. I'll be honest and say i wasnt 100% happy with the way i looked. Must be those horrid lights and mirrors. Bought it anyway. Body needs a good tan. Booked one in for tomorrow arvo. Had my waxing done today...yeeeeowsa!!! Ricks tan has completetly disappeared. Both of us arnt happy. Spoke to the lady that did it and she said sometimes it!!!! So hes ringing her back tomorrow for a refund. Im going for a dark tan. Its a booth but have been told its fantastic. So lucky we found this out about ricks tan before the shoot on saturday. found a bargain $7 high, very high beige coloured heels to wear. I cant even walk in them. Luckily they only cost me $7!! i have a hens night on sat night. So i will be indulging in a few ales me thinks. Will take it easy as i cant stand hangovers. did a great shoulders, tris and legs this arvo. Burn baby burn. my monthlies are creating fluid as i feel heavy!! I still dont have them....waiting, waiting. Just dont want them on sat...grrrrrr. Timing is so out. My body looks like its carrying fluid too. Not a good look. off to bed shortly. Tired. butterflies are everywhere for me at the moment....and i didnt even realise it but the beauticians company name is Chrysalis.....bizaarrrrr.. Need to start doing my childrens book. Its obvusly calling me!! MUST DO IT!! lots a luff x

  • Gaynor Longden
    13 Oct 2014
    11:27 PM

    Trained hard cardio yesterday. My poor stationary bike just wanted to take off and be on the road!! Lol. busy day so had to do weights at home today. All good. Was a little rushed, but managed all the reps and sets. Yay!! hubby had a spray tan today. FAR OUT!!!! He's body is popping...omgeeee!! Never seen it like this...ever!!! Very happy hes married to me!! Look all you want, but hes mine, mine mine!!!! seeing my beautician for a tidy up tomorrow ready for my tan on friday and photos sat. Really nervous about having them done!! Never had to pose before. Will look up some of Janet's videos for some tips. Need to buy my first bikini after being married for 13 years! Wore one on my honeymoon. Excited about trying them on. I need some glass shoes ( rick calls them stripper shoes!! Huh!!!) prob just get some skin coloured heels! Having my hair done tomorrow. Nice pamper day....if waxing is a pamper!!! Eeeek!! Ive been watching food hospital on channel 4. Love that food can be our medicine. If only everyone knew this! Seriously considering studying this. Become a PT and specialise in nutrition. Im sure im not the first or last person to become this, but i am me, and i can make a difference. In my own way.. very excited about the future. Finally finding my feet. loving everyones posts. Everyones being so happy and positive. Their energy is electrifying! 6 days to go......weeeeeee!!!!!

  • Gaynor Longden
    10 Oct 2014
    11:11 PM

    Woah, what a night. Had a great workout with the hubby and took a whole scoop od betapump. Its great stuff. It can certainly help with an extra rep or two. But woah...wish someone had told me not to take it after lunch! I we took it at 4pm and did our workout. Went to bed at 11pm and just laid there tossing and turning, till 4am. Got up and pottered around for a while. Rick was up a few times too saying he couldnt sleep. finally got to sleep and was woken at 7.00am with dogs barking!! Grrrrrr. Luckily we have ear plugs. Got up around 11am.felt good all day. A little tired. Been a very busy day. will try half a scoop tomorrow morn before my weights. Hopefully by the time i go to bed it'll have worn off. Its great stuff and everyone should try it! Scales said 78.3 this morning. Happy days !! Xxx

  • Gaynor Longden
    9 Oct 2014
    11:24 PM

    Top up of supplies today. Bought the Betapump pineapple orange flavour. Boy that stuff is saweeeeeta!!! Not used to so much sugar taste. Didnt really know what to feel in the gym. Had a good session with hubby in the home gym. Gosh he's looking amazing. Ive attached a photo of him. Vavoooom!!! He's done an amzing job. Hes always done weights but not to this extreme. Hes been so focused and determined, its rubbed off on me. Thankgod we are doing this together! He pushed me with my biceps today. I was trying to take photos of him but they all ended up blurry as i couldnt hold the ipad still....great lactic acid build up!!! Went to the zoo today. Walked for 3 hours. Had a great time. The kids love animals so its the perfect place to go! We had a hoot!! rick went to put the artificial sugar into his coffee at the zoo and our youngest (9) said " dad dont put sugar in!!!" Lol... She's been our nutrition coach. Always watching and questioning everything that goes in our mouths. Bless her xxx i still cant believe its nearlly over :(((( sad!! Scales said 78.8 this morning. Weeeeee!!! Happy happy. Still, im not concentrating on the scales. Clothes are baggy. Love it. oh and got a bargain today. A black maxines burn tshirt for $10 at the suppliment shop...very happy purchase!!! Hubby says i look hot in it!! He is my hubby so i pay him to say nice things ;))) chat tomorrow xxx

  • Gaynor Longden
    8 Oct 2014
    1:45 PM

    I looooove these tank tops "These are the only plates I clean"..... love it. I'm going to try and find them!! The other picture is me at the gym in the need of a tan!! he he!! definition is coming along. a few more weeks of this nutrition and exerise should have them popping. it might not be by week 12, but im happy with who i see in the mirror! Coming towards he end of this challenge and im a little sad. the girls here are AWESOME. made such wonderful friends. wishing we could all live closer so we could meet in person. Louise Russell sure has inspired me with her journey, after losing her parents and being so dedicated. there are no excuses!! she's amazing. xxx watched the incredible Amanda and Janet on Muscle TV doing their shoulders.... DAMNNNN!! they are super hot women! smok'in!! and they've had children. there really is no excuse. just love'em! looking into becoming a PT. my work is staring to run dry so I need another solution as my girls are both in private school next year and need the dosh! When I get my qual I would like to hit the big companies and assist with their fit for work programs. probably better money too. I will definatley study more after the course as there is so much to learn about fitness and nutrition. I think it'll never stop. great workout for the mind/brain anyway! I also love kids and want to help those with poor self esteem issues. especially boys who are skinny and get picked on (like my nephew). it's be great to transform them mind, body and soul so they c an hold their heads high and be confident in this big wide world! i also would love to study REIKI. I believe we are all energy and if I can help someone feel great, then I will do it. I will try to incorporate this with being a PT. I know if will benifit, especially after a hard session. the mind is such a powerful force, but the heart is what matters. cardio today. will prob do a ton up with the hubby later. feeling like i'm getting my period headache. yep its that time again. gosh they come around fast. just waiting now for them to arrive..ugh!! chat later x nup no ton up. The whole family walked around the lake. 5klms. Rick and i had our weighted vests on. Much harder carrying 7 kilos. Actually its just dawned on me. 7 kilos was what i was carrying beofre this challenge. Wow. Incredible. I feel great, just starving at 4pm everyday. Hubby had rice cakes with peanut paste. I had to have one. Starving. And almonds. hubby barbecued the chicken tonight with home made veg soup. Yummy. craving so much for chocolate. Had maxines choc cookie. Thank goodness we have them here....all those showbags from our royal show filled with will power is strong! bed now. Chat tomorrow x

  • Gaynor Longden
    4 Oct 2014
    1:29 PM

    Tried to make a collage out of my photos but the damn collage maker kept freezing! obviously couldnt handle to look at my photos as they are too hot!! he he he!!! Just hopped off the bike after bed. fasting cardio. hoping it will do the trick to shred some of that fat. in saying that it is 11.25am and nearly time for lunch. slept in till 9....yes 9am!! school holidays and my body is knackered from a huge cardio session last night. 7.2klm an hour on 7 incline for 2 mins then hop off and do 20 jump squats (ouch) and 15 pushups. I kept it up for 30 mins. it was more like a HIIT !! awesome. slept like a baby! made yummy veg soup for dinner and had some spag bol mince. kids had the pasta! not missing the pasta one bit. I love bread, but havently really missed that either. eating porridge, protein powder and maca powder now. forcing it down. not hungry. will head to gym later to do weights. chat tonight xx

  • Gaynor Longden
    3 Oct 2014
    12:27 AM

    Wow saw pics today of Kim and ErYn. Amazing bodies and transformations. So proud of them. Very inspiring. So glad they are happy with their bodies too. yay!!! went to the royal show with hubby and kids today. Was tuff. Lots of yummy smells. Donuts especially. Hubby and I had a stir fry without all the veg, just the meat. It was ok! Not worth the price! Kids bought loads of show bags with chocolates. We took our protein bars with us thank god!! They are a life saver! So proud of hubby and I for not caving in. came home late and hit the gym. Motivation was low. Had some Greek yogurt with protein powder before my workout. I was starving. Did the trick. Felt better after. workout was hard. Just wanted to eat dinner. Hubby and I made it together. Seafood marinara on a bed of salad. And a coke zero. Yum. feeling tired now. Cardio tomorrow. Time is flying by. We've decided to get a spray tan on sat. will post pics when done. Looking forward to seeing now it changes the body. Chat tomorrow. Xx

  • Gaynor Longden
    1 Oct 2014
    12:06 PM

    Woke up late. Went to bed early. Apparently i was snoring all night . Woke with a sore gland on my neck. Nooooooooo. Have taken 2 sambucol forte. They are fantastic and have been telling eveyone about them. They kick in quick and help get rid of colds fast. Missed my weights and cardio yesterday. Will do them all today. i also have severe carple tunnel in my left hand. Keeps falling alseep and sometimes when i lift weights it clicks and send like an electric shock down my arm. Yeeouch!!! I had my right one operated on and fixed when my first child was born 11 yrs ago. I think i'll be getting my left one fixed after this challenge. Its so annoying. school holidays here and its going to be a warm one. Prob take hubby, kids and dog to the beach later. Will check in tonight. X Ok, just completed my workout i was supposed to do yesterday. phew. shoulders are burning. a couple of pics to see progress. just need to lose some more body fat so the muscles punch out. they are there, but hidden under fat! 2 and a hald weeks of good nutrition. hubby and i are going to have a spray tan this week to see how it looks for the final photos. need to find some nice bathers for my final pics. we've arranged a good friend to take some pics at another friends gym. very excited and nervous at the same time. i've given this challenge my all, so i am happy with myself and how committed i have been. some girls on the facebook are really struggling and i feel sad for them. i want to hug them. have told some of them to get back to it and go strong. be so nice to catch up weekly with these woman and boost each other. i hope they finish. our body is a temple and needs to be nourished with good healthy food. it hosts our soul so we had better look after it. xxx

  • Gaynor Longden
    30 Sep 2014
    10:05 PM

    Feeling incredibily flat today. I even feel nausea. Worked today, so up early. Was falling asleep on the drive home. Not good. Had yogurt and protien powder and maca powder for breakfast. Didnt feel like porridge, which i shouldve had for carb energy. had almonds for mornig tea. Egg salad and rice for lunch then a mandarin. Then coffee at 2pm. They mustve put a sleeping tablet in it. Sheesh!! Didnt eat for 5.5hrs. Thats prob why i had the energy dump. Got home ate 3 rice cakes with peanut butter and a protein bar. I was famished. Tried to eat bbq chicken and veg. Couldnt do it. Feel sick now! havent done any exercise. Feel guilty, but body and mind says no. I hate given in to it. But the nausea make me feel terrible. No more work this week, so looking forward to getting back to training hard again. Hate this!! had some wonderful feedback from some awesome women. Did a profile pic for Nicole patrick who is struggling with her cellulite and self imagine. her body is the body i want when we finish this. I put her two pics together and sent them to her on the forum. She looks amazing. Even her kids think so! Love helping people feel good about themselves. They deserve it xx tomorrow is a new day. Itll be wonderful xx

  • Gaynor Longden
    28 Sep 2014
    4:20 PM

    Welcome to the Ton-up workout!! Phew. Bloody hard cardio session. 40 minutes non stop torture! Hubby and I smashed it. he's definatley a distraction wearing no top!!! Shesh!!!

  • Gaynor Longden
    27 Sep 2014
    8:17 PM

    Went to my sis in laws for a intimo bra party. didnt try anything on or get fitted as my boobs are changing so much that i'll wait until i am happy with my weight then get them fitted. i'm still sitting in a 12DD, but they have lost their umph!! I ate three pieces of sushi and 3 large strawberries and water with lime. everyone else had champagne. i cant beleive how strict i am. came home had 2 rice cakes with peanut butter then headed to the gym. absolutely smashed the weights today and did cardio at the end. very proud of myself. pushed really hard today. will be sore again tomorrow..yay!! hubby had the kids so i didnt have to worry about them. hubby is now on 2 weeks holidays with the kids. I am only working tuesday next week so we are off to the royal show one day next week. its starting to warm up too. Yay! got into some jeans that i havent been in for about 2 years. as you can see from the pic they fit great - even baggy! sorry about the pic, i was running late. the other shot is me after my session at the gym. they dont have any long length mirrors so this is all i could manange without getting caught taking a selfie!! he he!! hubby is in our home gym now. vvvavoooom he's looking HOT!! will upload a pic of him. so proud!

  • Gaynor Longden
    26 Sep 2014
    11:30 AM

    I absolutely love my Ninja blender!! Do yourself a favour and get one. it makes great vodka slushies too just quietly!! Lol! ive just blasted my oats to make it into a powder... Oh emmm geeee! Amazing! Hubby thought of doing this as he loves a british product called ready brek, which is powererd oats! So we make our own. Its soooo smooth. I added maca powder and vanilla protein powder....tastes like to try it!!! posted my silly happy dance video yesterday!! I showed my hubby and he laughed. So glad its making people smile, even if its only for a few seconds, ive made a difference to someone elses life if i can make them smile! If you cant laugh at yourself, then theres no hope!! ;) did a great weights session at the gym yesterday. I still have the doms. Ive had the doms for 8 weeks now!! He he he!! But its a good uncomfortable pain! Really being strict with my diet, so i can 'cut up'!! Get some definition of muscle. going to a bra party tomorrow where my sis in law makes yummy food and she said there will be bubbles there too....mmmm champagne. Rick and i are saving ourselves for the end to celebrate with our bottle of moet! Really looking forward to that! So excited about getting our photos done. I cant imagine rick all shaved and tanned. he's looking amazing and i'm so proud. He feels great too which shows through his demeanour. cardio today. Might head to the gym this morning and hop on the eliptical. Do some hiit workouts! Im so motivated when i am there, and of course having music in my hear helps!! Must make a new playlist. I love the new song trumpets, its got got great base......cause im all about the base, bout the base, no treble!!! Lol catch ya tonight x back again. ended up going for a walk along the beach with the dog. i had my 7 kilo weight vest on. boy it makes it tuff!! i had a good puff going to hopefully that was enough cardio. did about 4.5 klms. felt like 10! took the vest off and my shirt was wet! such a great day in perth for a walk. our beaches are so gorgeous. they are my second home. ive been looking at the blog. some on the mens transformations are amazing. people are so kind with their compliments too. hubby is looking great and people are noticing which is nice. hubby is very low key but loves the comments. they certainly inspire him to give it his all. so proud. xxx

  • Gaynor Longden
    25 Sep 2014
    2:38 PM

    Today is a great day. Actually everyday is a great day, but today I'm officially in the 70's....79.8kilos to be exact!! Woop woop. Made a happy dance video. Told Janet I'd make one once I hit the 70' here it is!!! BECAUSE IM HAPPY!!! xxx

  • Gaynor Longden
    22 Sep 2014
    5:58 PM

    My gym buddy. BOSS!! follows me everywhere, but as soon as my eldest daughter gets home, he's all over her!! anyway, WOOOHOOOOO look at my other picture. I was reading my posts on facebook and this scolled past. I had to take a double look, cause thats my name on there!! soooo excited. i couldnt stop smiling. my youngest daughter was home (Sick) so i showed her and she squeeled with excitment, like me!! i never win anything. so this is a wonderful boost for me. feel so proud to help others out. i know this is my calling as i love giving presents and watching their faces when they unwap presents. helping others and having compassion should be at the top of everyones agenda. if this were so, then the world would be at peace! i put money on that! inspiring others is what i am meant to do. becoming a personal trainer will be my agenda after this. if i can do this challenge and be motivated and inspiring to others, then this is my calling. very excited about the future. rick should be one too as his physique is amazing and im sure men would love to look like him - especially at 47 years of age thank you very much -. my physique before this challenge was all out of shape! my boobs were getting bigger everyweek and i hated it! hubby loved it, but i hated it! i need to 'look the part' of a PT. not just talk the talk, but walk the walk too. I am closer now to getting the PT body.

  • Gaynor Longden
    21 Sep 2014
    6:48 PM

    My picture is of Donna Hays blueberry muffins. Nothing healthy about them, they are for the kids. Oh dedinately the blueberries which were frozen, they are great. So i made a peanut butter and rice cake for me as i really needed something "naughty" as the muffins were smelling amazing! had a dramatic night. went out for tea. it ended up being a thai restaurant. I had spicy prawns and a salad. it was ok, but they brought out the garlic bread........eeeeeeeeek, i couldve demolished the whole lot. Smelt soooo good. Its a pity we cant switch our smell off!! It would help! came home around 9pm. Kids we to bed then my youngest who is 9 had a terrible ear ache. It became worse and the nurofin didnt even tou h the sides. So off we went to the hospital. Had to get my other daughter up as hubby is still away, back tomorrow, thankgod! Coulndt Sk my mum as my dad has leukemia and needs her. So off we trot to hospital at midnight! waited around until 230am and decided to leave. They had an emergency come in so kt was going to be a longer wait. She was given some pain stop at triage and that had kicked in, so we left, tired and longing for our beds! she woke up around 8am still in pain. Went to chemist and got pain stop and arranged home dr. Pain stop kicked in and shes sleeping. Dr came, its an inflammed eardrum! Virus associated. Antibiotics prescribed, but will hold off as dr said theyre really not necessary as it will heal on its own as shes had a cold all week! And then theres me, heachaches all day and last night. It feels like its all stress related as its at the back of my neck and head. I may need some physio or chiro?! Its annoying as i have to do cardio and i really want to smash it, but the head starts pounding. Grrrrrrr. might take something again. Strong panadol. Ho hum!! noticed fb maxines page has written anything today. Im feeling withdraws!! Loved yesterdays post. It was like silk. So poetic and nourishing! Watched the dvd of last years challenge again today for extra motivation. Wow they are inspiring ladies. Would love to be placed in the top ten. What a privillage! Janet Kane has been amazing. She deserves a prize for the most uplifting, motivational ambassadore! Love her!! chat later x

  • Gaynor Longden
    20 Sep 2014
    3:18 PM

    Woohoo. Scales say im 800 grams off 79 kilos!!! Havent been in the 70s for about 9 years! Very proud of myself. Progress pics are an awesome incentive to keep going. In the gym now in perth at home as hubby is still away. Back monday! Its about 32 outside...phew! Time to sweat ! Xxx just been on the forum. Wow there are some nice people there. So encouraging. Everyone is really starting to pop! I wonder who looks at my profile, if any?! im going to post a happy dance video when i hit 79kilos. Not long now. A few more cardio sessions should do it. Just did shouders, bis and tris. Had a shred shake, and just finished lunch. Salmon with sweet potatoe and salad. Yummy! Coffee now as after meals is when i want a sweet treat. The cravings for chocolate have definately subsided. Coffee is great for that. Still have my monthlies, boy you guys have it good, not having to deal with this crap every month. Ugh!! Having some professional photos done at the end of this with my awesome hubby. So im praying my monthlies come early! off to dinner tonight. I wonder what ill be able to have?! chat tomorrow. X

  • Gaynor Longden
    18 Sep 2014
    3:51 PM

    Ok, had a rest day yesterday as i worked and got home at 6pm with a throbbing headache. the thought of doing cardion was out of the question! Took panadol and went to bed early. hubby away with work. Check out his pic. Hes looking amazing. We are going to have our photos done by a friend who is awesome at taking pics. Cant wait to do them with my hubby. going to hit the weights at home after i pick the girls up. Been shopping all day for presents for others. Im due for the monthlies thats why ive been having heachaches, but it been very weird so far. Maybe cause im getting older? Its already 2 days overdue...and no im not pregnant!! Lol!!! ;p ive been stalking yolande mitchells blogs. Shes been doing heaps more cardio than me. No wonder she lost all that weight. Time to ramp it up. Cardio everyday. the days i do weights will be light cardio and on cardio day it'll be beastmode....yes, yes ,yes! Got into some jeans i havent been able to wear today. Wore them to the shops. Felt mighty fine, thankyou!!! Love the way clothes feel on me now. No sucking in the tummy and feeling blah! What am amazing journey so far. chat tonight....

  • Gaynor Longden
    13 Sep 2014
    12:53 AM

    Taken yesterday 11th. Last Pic Is Just Now. Bike for 32min. Hubby on nights. Kids in bed. Bored so hopped on bike at 1020 pm. Im addicted! Happy to see abs appearing. I knew they were there but covered in fat for too long! ! Sleep in tomorrow. Yay. Then gym. Will take girls around the lake tomorrow after lunch. 5klm. Kids will be on their scooter and ill use the weight vest. Beautiful weather coming up too. Loving this challenge woop woop x

  • Gaynor Longden
    10 Sep 2014
    1:50 PM

    My abs are still hiding, but starting to sneak a peak. You dont realise how well you are doing until you take some pics. Pretty happy so far!!

  • Gaynor Longden
    8 Sep 2014
    9:52 PM

    8th sept. Havent blogged for a while. Had a mentally challenging week. Head space wasnt right. I still trained, but not to the capicity i wouldve liked. I had 2 rest days. Felt so knackered. Im due next week the 15th so it might be hormonal. monday today and start of week 7. Half way through. It sure has gone fast. Trained at the gym today. Always train better at the gym. Managed to up all my weights. Did some kettlebells swings 12 kilos. Boy they puffed me out. Almost doing another leg workout. I love doing these. My bum muscles feel it the next day. I would like a perky bum! Doing some squats during the day with janets booty challenge, but keep forgetting to go onto the forum to tell her how many ive done!! They are gooood!!! looking forward to seeing myself at the end of this challenge, would love to make the top 10, but would be happy being in the top 50..... Actually i take that all back and want to WIN!!! Hubby looks amazing. Hes building incredible size and starting to cut up. I videod him today doing weights. Amazing!!! Awesome!!! And hes all mine, mine, mine!!! Eating some 85% cocoa lindt chocolate after dinner with a decaf coffee. It was yummy. My treat! not working this week. Lookig for another job. Parttime pref. still deciding what it is i want to do with my career. Ho hum!! Been thinking seriously about becoming a PT, especially helping children or kids that are obese. bed soon as last night was a restless night with a storm. Zzzzzzzz

  • Gaynor Longden
    3 Sep 2014
    11:29 PM

    Facebook challenge page was talking about the word cant. I tell my girls all the time that word doesnt exist. I think there is a difference between cant and wont. I wonted last night (my word!!) such a tiring day. Got home around 6pm. No hubby as hes on arvo shift. So i had to make dinner for the girls and myself. after putting them to bed at 8pm i had a decaf coffee and collapsed on the lounge. So i didnt do my weights sessionas i wouldve injured myself as i had no energy to fully commit. Actually my eldest daughter shelby said 'why dont you do cardio and weights tomorrow', shes a clever cookie as thats what i did today. actually i lie as i did my weights this morning in the gym. I love the gym. So easy to have the weights already to go! I said to myself ill do cardio and abs this arvo. Well that didnt happen.!!! i can see a familiar standard with some of the other challengers. We seem tired and grumpy. I am starving at around 4pm. I stuffed 2 slices of lean ham and A strawberry down my gob to keep me happy. Im so pleased with myself. There is chocolate here for the kids and rick and i have not touched it, not once! Yay me!!! made sausage rolls again for kids. Didnt touch one. Smelt so good though. We had rump and lamb chop. Cut all the fat off. And salad. Having my shake shortly then bed. Gym in the morning. :)))

  • Gaynor Longden
    1 Sep 2014
    11:13 PM

    Ive made some great friends already doing this challenge, ali and christina. Ali lives in tassie and christina is in melbourne. Pity theyre not in perth. 1st day of spring today. I worked so that always means being tired when i get home. I couldve fallen asleep on the train. Got home and did weights. I was not motivated! Finished it, but hubby has put all his heavy weights on all the bars again. Couldnt go to the gym as hes on arvos. So did my best with what i had. My work pants felt baggy today, i mean really baggy. Woohoo. did my measurements. Over 12 cm goNe. Put on 100gms. Hopefully thats muscle. Wanting to lose more body fat. Went for a 5klm walk with my weight vest on. Felt easy. Might need to up the 5kilos to 7 next time. Daughter was with me on her scooter and i had the dog. It was great. body is comstantly aching. Which is good cause i know ive trained hard. The kettlebell swings are def my favourite exercise and good for the hammies and bum..yeah! been a lottle naughty tonight. Had 2 maxines bars. One mint and other caramel crunch which is my fav. Needed it. I couldve murdered a block of chocolate. Ali eats dark choc so might try some. very tired tonight. Bed now. Zzzzzzzz ZZZZZzzzzzzz p.s. My pic is so funny. Hubby took some napalm and sent him loopy last year. Not good. He hated it. This pic reminded me of him!! He he he

  • Gaynor Longden
    28 Aug 2014
    12:59 PM

    Have been suffering headaches for a few days. Better today. Missed my first training session on tuesday. I could not find anything in myself to do the weights session which would require proper form and lifting heavy! So instead of injuring mys,ef i had an early night. Which paid off. It seems that when i work my energy levels are depleted. Got home from work last night and felt the same. it was cardio day so i found some energy (music in my ears always lifts my moods). Hopped on the stationary bike at home and did 30mins. Then felt guilty for not doing weights yesterday, i did shoulders and biceps. It was definitley the music that lifted my mood. sound cloud is the best!! And free. Great music. hubby made the yummiest chicken breast stirfry last night. Kids had theirs with honey. We had a little oyster sauce, which i know has calories but it needed something. Then had my berries. Missing the greek yogurt to go with them! Made some soup on monday. Chicken stock, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, garlic, onion and lots of pepper. Soooo good. had it for lunch everyday, with some rice and chicken. hubby loves it too. Kids wont touch it...too peppery for them. daughter home today sick. Will do weights now at home. So lucky to have a pretty good set up here, but hubby keeps leaving the weights on all the equipment so i end up doing a weights session lifting his heavy weights off the racks!!!

  • Gaynor Longden
    24 Aug 2014
    9:50 PM

    Hubby and i did our fitness test. My results were suprising as a couple of things my numbers were down from my first attempt. My fitness is better as i improved with my burpees. Poor hubby had terrible lactic acid build up in his thighs from the jump squat. We both had the deafness aswell. Dont know if anyone else gets this but apparently its normal and its to do with the mucus in our ear tubes. So nurse Gaynor put ice on his thighs and helped him recover. He hopped on the bike to unwind. took the kids to the beach for an icecream. Such a great day in perth today. No icecream for us older kids! Scales said 81.8...... The 70's are getting close. Cant remember the last time i was in my 70's. I was 69 when i got married. That would be awesome, but my goal is 74, with muscle!! off tomorrow. New weights session at the gym. Looking forward to it. Bring it on !!!

  • Gaynor Longden
    23 Aug 2014
    10:26 PM

    Early morning, no sleep in for me this morning. Saw Queen last night with Adam Lambert.....shawiiiiing!!! What a hottie. Pity hes gay. Beautiful eye. Fantastic night. Was very loud. My ears hurt at the end! Amazing gig. Would see them again!! rick and i had sauteed asian vegetables, more like bok choy with bok choy!! And the had our max and maxines bars. The coke zero was soooooo nice. Makes a nice change to water or soda water! went to gym. Did my weights. Feeling amazing. Have i already told you how much i love the gym!!? Feeling tired now. Havent stopped all day. Sitting down after a great chicken meal. Having my lifesaver decafe coffee. It helps curb the sweet cravings!! had to go down the lolly isle today to buy lollies for my daughters camp on monday....mmmmm lollies!! Luckily the packets are still closed and packed away. Im not really a lollies kinda girl, more a chocolate freak!! Going to have half a protein bar in a minute. Bit hard to stop at half!! still no bloating or indigestion. Woohoo!!! my pic is of me returning from the gym trying on my jeans....i need new jeans!! Too baggy. I need to keep up with janets bootie call as my ass is disappearing. I want a nice peach bum!! Lol! sleep in tomorrow. I do love my bed. Rick and i will do our fitness test tomorrow. Be interesting to see the result. :)))

  • Gaynor Longden
    21 Aug 2014
    8:15 PM

    Wow wow wow. Loving the pictures, especially Rick. He is cutting up like anything. Look at those abs. So proud of him. I can see changes in myself too. I look 'smaller' everywhere. Especially my boobs! i wrote a whole blog yesterday and went to upload it and it booted me out. And this was after i posted my photo. Im praying that this one will work. went to gym yesterday and did weights. It was awesome. Love going to the gym. Great atmosphere. Would go there more but having kids makes it difficult. went for a 3klm run and 2klm walk this morning. I have a headache now, waiting for thr panadol to kick in. Hubby working this arvo so dealing with my kids who are currently playing up and fighting is driving me up the wall. They are 11 and 8. Grrrrrrr.....breathe breathe. we are winning powerball tonight. Have many dreams. Ill still be doing the challenge and i promise ill buy everyone a bottle of moet at the end. speaking of moet we have a bottle for the end celebrations. Looking forward to that. Will prob be pissed on half a glass..yay!! going to see queen tomorrow night. Should be great. Meeting friends for drinks. But wil abstain and have soda water with lemon lime. And eat before we go. getting my hair re blonded tomorrow. Havent had it done for monthS. Really needs it. making dinner now. Xxx

  • Gaynor Longden
    19 Aug 2014
    10:41 PM

    Today my picture is of home made soup. I thought why not put all the veggies with some low cal chicken stock and make a soup with my ninja, which i love. I love soup so it was a no brainer. Cooked all the veggies up with loads of garlic and pepper. It turned out yummy! Made chicken with tumeric and tuscan herbs in foil in the oven. So i plonked the the chicken in the soup for dinner. Turned out great. Hubby had some too for entree. He had spag bol with the girls as hes allowed pasta on maxs challenge. Im not missing it at all. Thats what bloats me. So i will prob steer clear of pasta and have zuchinni instead. did a great weights session at the gym yesterday. Feeling it today. Soreness in the shoulders....yay!! Watched freds message. Very inspiring. Will put up picture tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see how they compare. 4kg gone so far. Very happy. Pants are baggy at work today, which is just a constant reminded how awesome ive come in a short time. feeling lethargic and tired today. Had soup and chicken again for lunch. Came home and have been craving sugar. I thought that by now id be over sugar. Been snapping at the kids. One in particular. Breathe breathe!! kids in bed now. Today was my cardio day, but have done nothing. Had a headache all day. Feeling blah!! Tomorrow is a new day and gym....i love the gym...

  • Gaynor Longden
    16 Aug 2014
    11:58 PM

    After reading a friends facebook post it reminded me of working as a Police Officer at child abuse and the lack of anyone there noticing the changes of peoples behaviour around them. Police officers are human too, and working in an area of this nature can be devistating, especially to the mind. its been 14 years since working there but not a day goes by that i dont have a thought or a smell or a sign that brings back a memory or two. i remember the little girl that was killed in the public toilets at the Cannington shopping centre. That night i ran on the treadmill so fast and for so long.....i felt so enraged i was like a wild beast on the thing!! Nothing could stop me. Exercise for me is my one great release from all these thoughts, which sometimes i have no control. I suppose you could call it PTSD. Ive never suffered depression, luckily. I think being fit and not giving in to the thoughts and not turning to alcohol and food has saved me becoming a statistic. This challenge is changing me everyday, not only physically, but mentally. Its been a saviour. We find our way, and this challenge has found me......i'm truly grateful :))))

  • Gaynor Longden
    13 Aug 2014
    9:58 PM

    Loving these 'period shark panties' cause thats exactly what it feels like right now. Curse being a woman sometimes. Had loads of pain today. on second lot of panadol. Nearly fell asleep twice today and thats not normal. So tired. home and all i wanted to do was lay on the couch with my warm wheat bag on my tummy and feel sorry for myself.....i got changed into my gym gear and went to the home gym for my weights session. Struggled a bit with the pain. Hubby was awesome with spotting me and correctly my form. I managed to get to the squats but only managed 8 and started to feel light headed. So i listened to my body and stopped, stretched and made a protein shake. Glad i ended up doing my weights session and listened to my body. When you want something so bad its amazing how the beast mode can switch on and keep you going. Love it. relaxing now with my wheat bag. Hopefully smash out a good cardio along the beach tomorrow doing some stairs and wear my weight vest. Fingers crossed tummy should be good by then. bed early me thinks....still loving this....dont want it to end... xx

  • Gaynor Longden
    12 Aug 2014
    10:33 PM

    Work today. Had my yummy chicken, rice and salad for lunch. Protein bar for morning tea. a little sore today from weights last night. Still waiting for my periods to arrive...slightly bloated with fluid. Hate being a woman sometimes but i am alive and healthy.. which brings me to the suicide death today of Robin Williams due to depression. Such a tragic loss. Hope he has finally found his peace hes been searching for for years! Not only do we need to feed our bodies with nourishing foods we must also look after our minds. Body, mind and soul. All very important. I might take up yoga on my day off for the soul. I know i will love that. got home late from work. A long day with a stress at the end of my day. So i hopped onto the stationary bike and did 30mins. Phew, my legs get so pumped up. Really sore and tired i was tempted not to do anything, but feel better now ive done it. I love reading the posts on here and fb. We have a commaradre that i really enjoy. Its going to be hard when this is over. Ill miss everyone and the connections. about to have my nitetime shake, shower then bed. Looking forward to my shower. I seem to love them more than ever. Mjst be the warm water on my sore muscles. gym after work for weights tomorrow. I love weights. Cant wait. :))))

  • Gaynor Longden
    11 Aug 2014
    6:34 PM

    Ive just read that they are reviewing the before photo. The reason i held the paper so you could see the sports page of the west australian is because the front page was too distressing to look at. Showing the kids faces that died on flight mh17. I couldnt bring myself to pose showing thos precious faces. I really hope this will be ok. ive taken a 2 week photo today to compare. Ive noticed that instead of one big tummy i now have lots of rolls and it looks like my stomach is shrinking! The bather shorts were very tight, especially around the butt and legs and now it sits nice without any pulling. Happy days. Ive also put some bicep muscle back on after all these years! Went to gym this morning. Struggled with strength this morning. Didnt feel as strong as normal. I am due for my girly things this week and showing signs they are coming. So maybe thats it?! Was going to do a little cardio tonight, but have decided just to stretch. Listening to my body has really paid off. I used to thrash my body to the point of injury. As i am 46 i really cant afford to get injured. day off today and work for tue and wed. I have tue lunch already prepared. And bars and powder. Prep is everything. :)

  • Gaynor Longden
    10 Aug 2014
    10:32 PM

    My photo is a needle of my "OLD" favourite Nutella. I feel strong saying OLD. Very empowering. the kids eat this delicious stuff and im a self confessed spoon eating nutell freak!! Yes by the spoon loads. Id ever there was no chocolate in the house i would hide from the kids in the pantry with spoon in one hand and jar of nutella in the other. Im sure i would let out a satisfying moan. then of course the following day it would go straight to my hips!! ugh....but no more!!! I even made toast this morning for one of my daughters with nutell on it and i didnt lick the knife or fingers.......impressed. Supposed to be a rest day today but this challenge has me by the b..... !! And loving it. One thing i have noticed is that i cant seem to sleep in anymore. I normally love to stay in bed for as long as i can but once im awake then i cant roll over and sleep. my body must be rested enough. I am going to bed fairly early. Trying to get 7-9 hrs sleep. Probably the nitetime shake. Feeling a little sore but nothing compared to the first week. Bonus!! went for a walk with family and power walked the hills. Feeling alive! bring on week three...woop woop.

  • Gaynor Longden
    9 Aug 2014
    11:52 PM

    Here is my photo from yesterdays walk with hubby and boss. I dont mind this photo. Funny how we are so critical of ourselves, especially in photos. Im wearing my favourite puma pants. Had these years. Love them. They never wear out of shape. went to the gym this morning and did my whole body weights. Lighting at the fym is awesome. My upper body has definition in the mirrors. Halleluya! I was pushing heavier weights today and keeping my eye on proper form. I warmed up on the lat pulldown machine and nearly fell,over on my first rep not realising how strong i am and how light the weight was. No one saw...luckily!!! I have always been able to lift heavy on the lat machine. Strong back. Just need to remove the spare tyres of fat now to see the muscles!! reading the girls posts has made me realise that we are all different but seem to think the same way. A coulle of us have only lost a small amount compared to the first week. Im a little peeved with the scales but as i wrote on fb, throw the blasted things away. I usually have full large breasts, but noticed my bra was fitting better and even a little baggy. Hubby will not be happy about that...may need a boob lift at the end of this! hubby did his weights sessions at home. His pecs are starting to show...lucky thing! He is starting to shred already! Really looking forward to see his end result. We are going to look AWESOME. Cause we are Team Awesome. have an idea up my sleeve which i need to get onto. Looking forward to sharing it with the challengers. ive had my nitetime shake. Ready for bed now. Supposed to be rest day, but i can feel a cardio of sorts session will happen tomorrow and stretching. go TEAM AWESOME :)))

  • Gaynor Longden
    8 Aug 2014
    10:56 PM

    Fantastic workout at the Gym yesterday. On the cross trainer for 35 min doing one minute sprint then one minute slow. Phew. I was soaking wet at the end. Then did some bum work - that sounds terrible - with old fashioned exercises. It worked as my bum muscles are sore today!! Lol imjst say im really enjoying me hot hot showers after a great workout. Its like a treat. went to bed last night exhausted. After reading the forum and adam's post it all makes sense now. And that im not alone. I dont ever remember hitting the pillow. Sleeping very well. Must be the nitetime shake. Love it! woke up not wanting to get out of bed. Had to get kids ready for school. I knew that i had arranged with my hubby the night before that we would take kids to school then walk along thr coast. Before my feet hit the ground lying in bed, there was no way i was doing that. But because once im up im fully awake (unlike hubby). So got kids ready, put sneakers on and walking gear and weight vest with 5kgs. Walked along the gorgeous coast with our dog Boss. The weight vest made a big difference. I was pooped! Walked for about half an hour and managed to get the heart rate up. when i do cardio now i seem to want to push myself harder each time. Must be these suppliments. :) my tack pants which were slowely getting tighter and tighter felt lose today. Feels great. Im loving this so much. reading everyones posts on fb. Some girls are doing so well. Others are giving into their temptations, which is a shame. My way of thinking is if i give in once then it will keep happening. I have not swayed from the diet by eating any junk food or alcohol. Feeling amazing. Skin is great too. These side affects are awesome. hubby working tonight and he was a good boy and took his meals with him. I made home made sausage rolls for the girls. OH MY GOD!!!!!! How strong was i and so proud of me....i didnt eat one....yay go me!!!! I made three chevup sausages in the oven with veg and avocado. A little greek yogurt (cause hubby is a piggy and its nearly all gone) and berries. Having a decaf coffee as i NEED IT. Will have the nitetime shake soon. Before bed. going to gym tomorrow morn for my weights session. Beast mode ON!! I can do this :))))))))

  • Gaynor Longden
    7 Aug 2014
    11:57 AM

    Its now Thursday and ive been wanting to write on my blog everyday, but i will confess i have been working for three days straight and had no time, and i mean no time to write my blog. but the good news is that i have been very strict with my diet and training. Ive put a couple of funnies on the fb page to keep me motivated. I love that page. The ladies are great and so supportive of each other.really enjoying the family side of things with this challenge. Just wonderful. my picture is a pic of my cup of a long maciato which i have when i work in town, and as you can see it has a sugar biscuit, which tastes amazing i can tell you, but so far so good ive either thrown it away or given it to someone else. It didnt even take much will power to do it. Yay me!! hubby has been working all week too and not getting home till later so ive been running around picking up the kids and making tea. I have literally been making tea during my home workouts. Amazing where you can find time when you really really want something so bad. i can visualise hubby and i at the end of 12 weeks posing together with awesome bodies and minds. This challenge is not only changing my body but also the way i think about things now. I havent felt really hungry. My sugar craving are all but gone. And im the chocoholic from hell!! The protein and bars are the saviour of this challenge. Thank goodness they are included in the challenGe. Love love love. The Max's Nitetime protein chocolate mousse is absolutely yummy and thicker too. Its a treat before bed! hubby loves it too. seeing the results in my hubby. so proud of him. His abs are poking through. I have abs but just waiting for the rolls (which Re getting small and less of) to shed their true light!! Loving doing weights again. Forgot how awesome feeling strong feels. My DOMS have come back today probably because i did an awesome home gym session. Really pushed it. I would normally go to the gym but as hubbys not home i have to do them at home. We have an awesome gym set so it makes it easier. just watched the national day of mourning for flight mh17. Very moving. Im a puddle. Going to the gym now to do some cardio and cheer me up. Put some good tunes in my ears and blast away the fat and release those great endorphines. im going to look up some of the other girls today to see their before photos as they so inspiring i cant wait to see how they progess after week 4. might write more later.

  • Gaynor Longden
    30 Jul 2014
    10:03 PM

    Weights today. Feeling a little tired. Hubby away so looking after my two girls. took photo after weights session. Bought this everlast top today for 14.99. Happy about that. Just had fish and salad. Feeling the need for chocolate. Will make a decaf. Have a nibble on maxines bar. Shake before bed. Cardio tomorrow. Joining the gym tomorrow. 100% committed. I think this may become an obession. Never ever been this commited before. Loving it.

  • Gaynor Longden
    29 Jul 2014
    10:50 PM

    Proof of purchase yay ✔️✔️

  • Gaynor Longden
    28 Jul 2014
    4:21 PM

    Found these Awesome pics. Go Team Awesome

  • Gaynor Longden
    28 Jul 2014
    12:34 PM

    Ok. Fitness test done with hubby. Phew. Had to change the leg ones due to my left knee. Will see how is goes during the challenge. i actually woke this morning and had butterflies for some reason. i can see Rick and my final photo together. It looks amazing. We are so toned and buff. And smiling for ear to ear. We are going to win the couples challenge, because we are awesome!!

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