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Thanks to this challenge I have become much stronger person both physically and mentally. I am more optimistic and content with myself. I love my new ME.



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Reason to start The Challenge

My husband did the challenge at the start of the year and had awesome results. Seeing him go through the body transformation motivated me to give it a go myself. I have always been slim and now I would like to get fit and strong so I can keep up with my two little boys two and a half and a ten month old.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I liked the fact the food and excersise plan were organized for us - even the shopping list. All we had to do is to put in some hard work.
I also absolutely loved the forum. Wow. What a wonderful, supporting and positive community us challengers together with ambassadors and coaches created. I feel so lucky being part of it and enjoyed posting comments, learning from others and encouraging fellow challengers to be strong and keep going. The forum cheered me up many times and made me laugh countless times. I will definitely miss it.
Lastly I enjoyed having my husband's full support and help as we did the challenge together.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest part was learning to juggle my little kids and getting the food organized. Then sticking to the food portions. Saying that I overcame all the temptations and stuck to the plan 100% Not even teeny weeny piece of chocolate as the Maxine bars were so yummy especially cookies and cream...mmmm my favourite!
I never missed a workout even though sometimes I wanted to. On those occasions my lovely husband swiftly opened the door and gave me a motivational boot :) off I went.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Positive. Incredible. Inspiring.
I found new passion, made new friends in the gym, gained lots of valuable knowledge about nutrition and the way our bodies work and respond to food. Thanks to this challenge I have become much stronger person both physically and mentally. I am more optimistic and content with myself. I love my new ME.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it! Sign up and go for it!
I absolutely loved the challenge and learnt so much in the past 12 weeks. It is for everyone.

Prior to this challenge I had never picked up a pair of dumbbells. Never did weights or used machines. I only joined gym and started excersizing after having my first child. I didn't want to get out of my comfort zone so I stayed safe on treadmill and did the occasional spin class. I would avoid the weights room.
I thought weights area is only for men and serious gym goers. Wrong!
I also thought if I workout with weights I will end up looking like a man. Wrong!
And then I did more thinking....
I thought there is no way I could look better than I did before I had kids. Wrong!

Maybe I should stop all this thinking and assuming :)

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Maxine for creating this awesome opportunity, I have loved every minute of it and will certainly miss it.
I am happy to say I have motivated and inspired many many people in my gym and outside of the gym to take part in the next challenge in 2016.
These people watched my journey without even me knowing and by the end I had all these strangers coming to me and congratulating me on my results. I felt very humble and proud.


  • Hana Beale
    7 Nov 2015
    6:24 PM

    Tan done last night. Pictures this morning. Feeling happy and exhausted. Off to dinner to celebrate. Yay xox

  • Hana Beale
    4 Nov 2015
    6:01 AM

    Gym time. Lets smash it xo

  • Hana Beale
    28 Oct 2015
    5:14 PM

    Its been a few days since I last blogged..so i better make up for it. As the challenge coming to the end i have been experiencing mixed emotions. One day i want to train hard and be the best version of myself next dayI feel low I want to give up. I wonder how many other fellow challengers going through the same confusion as me. I have had such an amazing time participating in the Maxine I have been on high the whole time.

  • Hana Beale
    19 Oct 2015
    10:55 PM

    Finished at the gym. Had a great workout.improved myself since last time . Stoked about it. Exactly what i needed to lift my spirits. Yay. Goodnight all xx

  • Hana Beale
    19 Oct 2015
    5:11 PM

    Less than 3 weeks to go. I have mixed feelings. Excited to be so close to accomplishing my goal yet kind of doubtful whether I will be happy with the results. I feel up and down these days which is not like me. I wonder if the food has something to do with it. Or I should say luck of it. On the positive note I have been getting compliments from strangers in the gym. Its very flattering and i kind of don't know how to react to it. So i say thank you and smile. Hope that will do :) Saying that i have also been in receiving end od comments like - "what you going to do once the challenge is over? Get fat?" Wow. Hello. How rude! I would never say anything like this to anyone. What is wrong with some people. It takes a while before i let go as its bugging me :( another remark which is not as bad bad sadly comes from my close family member is " don't lift weights don't over do it. Its not feminine" i bite my lips, count to 10 take a deep breath and change the subject. This person is very close to me and i have attempted to explain what exactly i am doing but without luck. Luckily i have my husband. He is my biggest fan and supporter. He listens to my good days and bad ones too. He has been amazing through this learning journey. Well thats enough for now. Back another day. This is funny as i have never blogged in my life until now. I am loving it. I guess this is my DEAR Diary i never had xx

  • Hana Beale
    16 Oct 2015
    9:36 PM

    I have been feeling sooo hungry last few days to the point i wanted to cry....haha. Its not even temptations I fight just a hunger for more food. I keep checking the watch - is it food time yet? Is it food time yet? Uh no. Still hour to go. Oh hang on. Maybe my watch is broken. Looke at the clock. Same time as my watch. Bummer. So hopped on forum and it seems i am not the only. There is others doing exactly the same. Hanging for the next meal. On my way from the gym this evening I was daydreaming what I will treat myself to once the challenge is over. Interestingly nothing came to my mind apart from CHOCOLATE :) yes yes. Looking forward to that. But for now back to reality. Few more glassesof water, protein shake then book and off to sleep

  • Hana Beale
    12 Oct 2015
    3:17 PM

    Only 4 weeks left. Time has flown by super fast. Went to watch AWNBS comp yesterday. Wow so inspiring and the girls looked amazing. There is lots of hard work and dedication that goes into their training. Some of those girls were so ripped i couldn't take my eyes of them. On Saturday i finally did my 1st aid course that i have been postponing for a while. Thought it will be one of those boring all day have to sit and try not to fall asleep. But i was wrong. Thanks god. It was actually entertaining as well as educational of course. So now only few more modules and soon I will be PT qualified. Hurray. That was my weekend. Went to gym this morning did my Monday workout but felt like i could ve pushed myself harder. For some reason i don't seem to find these superset excersises as full on. I need to check i am doing them all correctly. Also my right shoulder is still playing up slightly so thats one reason i m bit causious not to hurt myself as i still need my arms fully functional to lift my not so light baby and toddler.

  • Hana Beale
    4 Oct 2015
    10:05 PM

    Have been feeling a bit flat last two weeks plus hurt my shoulders so fixing it with some postural therapy. Good news it is helping bad news i haven't been able to work my shoulders the way i planned. Only five weeks to go. Time has flown so fast all of a sudden. Somewhere deep I wish this challenge keeps on going forever. I have been having such a great time, enjoying making new friends in the gym, being part of the forum team, having a go at the challenges Janet posts, trying new recipes and just being in my happy bubble :) i know i will miss all this but for now I will push hard and do my best to finish this as best as i can. I start having sweet cravings. Inly five weeks to go then I ll reward myself. Yummy

  • Hana Beale
    28 Sep 2015
    3:55 PM

    Some gym action And my younger one just turned 1 :) and i ate some of his black forrest cake yesterday and potato salad and few others that are definitely not part of my nutrition plan. Felt bad afterwards but back to on track today with my eating and excersise. One more birthday party next month and this time i will beat my cravings and come prepare with carrots and celery sticks.

  • Hana Beale
    28 Sep 2015
    3:43 PM

    Reading Craig Harper's book Pull Your Finger Out. Loving it. Its straight facts no fluffing around. I like how this book makes me stop and think... for example... We don't deserve success. We create it! People are always told you deserve or not deserve this and that...the meaning is much deeper. Very enjoyable read.

  • Hana Beale
    25 Sep 2015
    1:11 PM

    I hurt my shoulders probably but not using proper form when performing some of the excersises. Now have clicking shoulders and started postural therapy. Hope it helps. It sux as my shoulders never get break picking up a heavy baby and a naughty toddler non stop. Its even painful driving a car stirring the wheel. Oh i guess could be worse. I might look into hot yoga and see if that would be any help

  • Hana Beale
    22 Sep 2015
    1:18 PM

    I am so tired right now. Feel like flopping on the ground and falling asleep. I missed my leg day today. Will have to make up for it tomorrow.

  • Hana Beale
    21 Sep 2015
    11:53 AM

    My xtburn finally arrived. Can't wait to test it. Bring on this evening

  • Hana Beale
    20 Sep 2015
    8:03 AM

    Beautiful morning. Off to the beach with the kids. Family fun time

  • Hana Beale
    19 Sep 2015
    6:43 PM

    Hurray i can see my abs! Well only when i laugh or taking my top off. I am such a bad poser. Can't pose to save myself. Lol. But had a good giggle taken these. Also I have come across this simple quick and yummy receipy as a snack. Damm it.Forgot to take a picture. Ok. Next time. Was hungry after my workout and it disappeared in my stomach too fast. Off to do my skipping challenge. Fingers crossed my rope jumping technique will improve soon :)

  • Hana Beale
    17 Sep 2015
    2:10 PM

    Yesterday i started Janet's skipping rope challenge. I loved it. Its interesting how few little excersises added to skipping makes it all more fun. I decided to skip for 1.5 min instead of one and was surprised how well i did. Well apart from those blisters on my fingers. Yes. I am probably the only person who managed that. I was using my husband's rope that is extra long as he is much taller so to make it shorter i was not holding the handles but the rope itself. As i was getting hotter and hotter jumping in our garage there popped the blisters on my sweaty fingers. Not nice to look at.next time i ll put gloves on. Anyways i was happy i kept on considering I jump like a mamoth... thats one of my little goals to master my skipping by the end of the challenge. In the evening i did some biceps triceps workouts and fell really good afterwards. The day before i did legs and next day my legs were not sore at all. I was bit bumped about it. But this morning. Ouch i couldn't walk. Must be those DOMS. Lol I am still waiting for xtburn. Hope i will not wait forever. Ok. Back soon again

  • Hana Beale
    15 Sep 2015
    9:25 PM

    Well well today i got unexpected compliment. Actually few of them. First one at my waxing appointment. Yes. Waxing.lol. This lady who de hair me noticed i have put muscle on my arms. She hasn't seen me since the challenge started. She was so impressed she asked me to train her. Ha. I m one of these people that need to learn how to take a compliment but i must say it felt really nice. Then went to gym to do workout and a complete stranger came up to me to say i look very strong. And finally friend i haven't seen in ages was surprised how my body has changed. I was on high for the rest of the day. This doesn't happen every day but when it does i make sure I say thank you smile and enjoy the compliment. Anyways back to planet earth..so.... My first leg day. I must say its not my favorite one as I would rather do bicep tricep and abs but has to be done. I am not sure how to do seated calf raise so will ask someone tomorrow to demonstrate. Did stand up one instead on smith machine with some weights. Also i am still waiting for my xtburn.hope it will be delivered tomorrow. Can't wait. I should post some pict of working out..i keepforgetting Ok bedtime. Goodnight all Ummm feeling like one of Janet's blueberry muffins. They are delicious. Sweet but its not chocolate:)

  • Hana Beale
    13 Sep 2015
    6:42 AM

    Completed my fitness test this morning and submitted my results. Satisfied with the progress i am making only a bit disappointed i couldn't hold the plank longer. Did plank yesterday in the gym and was holding for 2:38 which was massive for me. I wonder if its because i had an audience lol. And my mind wasn't as strong when performing at home on my own. He he. Everyone is still asleep so I either tidy up the house, clean the kitchen or take our dog for walk. Yes dog has won

  • Hana Beale
    12 Sep 2015
    10:02 PM

    Second day of my new workout program and getting used to the new excersises. Spent almost two hours at the gym which was a bliss. I am loving my new mummy time, feeling relaxed and happy after each session. I think i m becoming a little gym addict

  • Hana Beale
    10 Sep 2015
    9:45 PM

    Finally back from the gym and ready for bed. Had a good workout and even made some new friends. Thats a bonus. Being shown few tricks and also corrected my incline db press up form. Was advised to drop my weight and master the form before moving to heavier db. Also started on my week 5-8 program and my leg excersises actually helped to ease my sore back. Hurray! I was questioning whether to go to the gym this evening as my back became really painful but now i am glad i did. Looking forward to tomorrow doing abs tricep biceps. Yupee

  • Hana Beale
    9 Sep 2015
    10:10 PM

    Added my 4week photo and my older boy was funny copying me as the photo was taken. He is camera shy so that was unusual for him to stand next to me and actually look into the camera. He copies me when I do my pre meal Janet squats :) and is really into it. But once he sees the camera he stops. Anyways i was hoping to see more definition and difference from week1. This is a good indicator as to where I am and that I need to step this up. Liking the new 5-8 week programme looks much more challenging. Off to the gym tomorrow after a days of absence having upset stomach big time. Can't wait to. Gym is my 2nd home now :)

  • Hana Beale
    8 Sep 2015
    6:10 AM

    Google Morning. So second day of week4. I m definitely getting stronger but don't think there will be a big visual change on my progress photo yet. I took a sneaky one last week and yes barely any difference even though my husband says he can see changes happening. Well few more days and i will know for sure. Also I am loving the forum. Full of handy tips and useful info, loads of them funny too. Awesome to see such an amazing support from the coaches ambassadors and fellow challengers. Some of the comments are crackers too - good to know so many people have a sense of humor :) Had a great workout yesterday both morning and evening but took some supplement prior to my evening session and was up all night. Uggrgh 11pm.12am 1am 2am 3am 4am... read a book tried to sleep paced up and down the house read a book.. finally got up after 4 had breakfast .Hmm might be super tired today. Ok back soon. Have a good day everyone x

  • Hana Beale
    30 Aug 2015
    8:11 PM

    Had my first rest day but really missed the gym. I find in order to keep my motivation up i need to be in the gym every day even on rest days. So second week gone only two more before next photo at week4. I can't see any changes yet so hopefully they will start happening soon. I don't have a problem with the diet as i have been always eating well i mean not to this extreme but basically i avoid takeway food at any cost. But i LOVE my chocolate. Yum!!! Not a fan of ice cream or savory but yes chocolate anytime. Day or night. I feel like a dog each time i pass the chocolate isle in the supermarket drooling over the imaginary taste. Anyways enough of that. Did my 30 squats before each meal again so thats 180. Tomorrow cardio in the morning weights in the evening. Oh and i better do some studying too. Back tmrw.

  • Hana Beale
    29 Aug 2015
    3:02 PM

    Almost two weeks in time to start blogging he he. Did weights in the morning thought i could squeeze definition class in afterwards but was buggered so went home and had a nanna nap at lunch time. Aaah when does it ever happen. Was soo nice. Now saw 30 squat after each meal challenge posted on the forum by Janet. I am in. For sure. Starting now. Then clean the house and off to movies to see Southpaw. Hope i can stay awake.

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