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"I love the ease of the challenge, everything we needed was onhand, from exercise, food ideas and help when needed.. The Maxine's product are all well priced and easy to purchase as well as very tasty"



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I want to tone my body and make it a lot stronger.. I want to look and feel great.
Coming up to 50 .. i want to be in the best shape of my life....

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I love the ease of the challenge, everything we needed was onhand, from exercise, food ideas and help when needed.. The maxines product are all well priced and easy to purchase as well as very tasty

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

I didn't have any hard times except for maybe week4 .. i was exhausted. I dropped all my cardio for the week and BINGO !!!! all good again... I lifted up my Vitamins and all was good

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Before the challenge started i was in a very dark place after the sudden death of our son.
I was being consumed and needed something.. This came along and i thought this is my time and i can do this and .... DO THIS I DID... i am very proud of myself and i now everyday my son was watching from above and is so very proud of his mum too...

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Give it a go...... You can do this....
All the information you need is given to you, All the help yu will ever need is on hand 24/7

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I love the social media side of it also, i have made a few new friends had some fun and exchanged ideas... I also loved Max's TV and Freds 5 min coaching.. all the extras you need with great ideas


  • Helen Booth
    19 Oct 2014
    9:37 PM

    Well here it is.. Our last Day as a Challenge Team. I have loved folllowing a few ladies and a few of the guys too....... I have made a few friends too.... My day as usual started at 5am... ( my day tomorrow will start at 5 am too ) a 90min walk , shower breaky and shopping with some favorite girls..... Heidi, Mim & my walking buddy Lisa..... I needed adress for the Gala and so did they.. Dress shopping and lunch.. lovely.. Thank Girls. The day flew... i realy didnt think alot about it being the lst day.. I have purchased my new Maxines diary to start my new challenge tomorrow... my journey will continue... During this Challenge i have travelled approx 3000 km's walking ... my poor feet and legs, but thanks Craig for keeping them going... constant massaging, s this is going to continue, the massages prob will have to as well. I am so happy for everyone that has done this challenge whether they finished the challenge or completed part of it... whatever.. if you started then you have accomplished something... I can honestly say.. i would love to do this again..... Thank you everyone for all your support.... GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite Day post from the crew wouyld have to be Day 60.. This post meant so much to me and i have actually saved it....

  • Helen Booth
    18 Oct 2014
    10:13 PM

    OMG !!!!... second last day :( Today started again at 5am.. its the best time of the day to get up and train.... Coffee x 2 and in the car.. Off to Fitlife to get some pics taken and a boxing class to finish.. Thank you to Brooke who invited me to come and have pics taken with her ... Brooke you have done an amazing job with your challenge also.... you look sensational and a HUGE thank you to Michelle for getting up so early and bringing along your gorgeous son to take some snaps of us.... I coudnt believe how great my back looks like... i am so very proud with the results from all my hard work, it definatley has paid off.. After boxing it was breaky with friends and then home for a shower and some much needed R & R.... later today i went for a walk that lasted about 16.2km... LOL !!! great for the mind... My hsuband picked me up and it was home for another shower and dinner.... and now its time for bed.... Along the way there have been so many people, family friends and my trainers that have helped me get to where i am....you guys are just the best.... This challenge for me was very hard to commit to and now we are in the second last day its going to be very hard to finish.... I committed 100% and that is what i gave this challenge 100%... I am so proud of myself. I said in my first blog that i wanted to be in the best condition i have been in since having my 2 gorgeous boys many many years ago... I am there.. i have done it.... to date 17kg has gone and my fitness and body tone is more than i ever expected. I dont comment alot on the forums, but WOW !!!! how much i learnt from them... i read most of the posts and replies and learnt so much... I just want to say a HUGE Thank you to Maxines.....This challenge has changed me in more ways than one..... My mind and the way i think about personal issues, how this came along at the right time, a time where i was in a very dark place , my food and what and how i will eat and what is good for me... my appearance.. WOW !!!!!.. its amazing..i dont look or feel my age and that is very close to 50.... I took on this challenge and completed it 100 %

  • Helen Booth
    17 Oct 2014
    8:44 PM

    We are nearly there...... i started my day today at 4.50 am.... 4.56 i headed to my little gym... and started walking .... since having hip flexor issues i have walked and also used my spin bike alot more..... the spin bike is great to stretch out my lower back and hip.... i did 100 mins this morning and again this afternoon after a full day in the office Invoicing done, trucks clean and loaded, hubbie gone fishing and i walked and jumped on the spin bike... another 100 mins done I have had a few issues over the last day or 2 with alot of thinking of our son .... i miss him so much and i always will...time doesnt heal this wound and it never will ... but instead of dwelling i have tried to turn this into a positive... Matt would be so proud of me.. putting 150%, changing my eating habits and being as healthy as i can possibly be.... He would be proud that i have pushed through the tough times, pushed myself physically to exhaustion and alsobe proud of how i look now. I often post on Matts facebook wall, what i am thinking and how i feel. I Have found this challenge has taken my mind not off Matt but to somewhere else.. i am always thinking about exercise , my food, classes, shopping for food, shopping for new equipment, shopping for new clothes.... I still think of him everyday but not always in a sad way ....which is a huge turning point for me. Tonight is a quiet night at home....no one here but me... Dinner was Stir fry veggie greens with chilli and a small splash of soy and an egg white omelette with chilli & feta cheese... prob my favorite from the whole challenge, i have chilli on everything.. a huge HUGE fan of CHILLI I have another early start tomorrow, so nearly time to hit the hay... xx

  • Helen Booth
    16 Oct 2014
    9:22 PM

    Today was meant to be an early start... the alarm went off but the body stayed in bed, until the phone rang at 5.50am.. ( sometimes we need a little bit more rest and i listen to my body ) Time to rise..... 50mins on the treadmill and another 50 mins on the spin bike.... THe spin bike stretched out my hip and with the use of my miracle heat pack..... all seems good tonight... i will heat pack tonight in bed too. I had a fulll day in the office today and again tomorrow. I will fit in exercise in the morning early and again in the evening..... DAMM you work... you are getting in the way !!!!!!! I have upped my magnesium to 3 doses a day at the monent and it seems to be helping alot.... I am now getting ready for the final few days of this challenge, so much to do.... but excersice and my food need to stay 100%..... My Lovely husband bought me another palm tree yesetrday.... Our pool area is coming along nicely, more landscaping and some turf and we should be done NIte All x

  • Helen Booth
    15 Oct 2014
    9:45 PM

    Well what a day....... It was awesome to get up this morning and find i have now lost 17kg...... Down to 61.5 now... Just so happy. I had a tough night last night, a very tight hip flexor....... I walked for about 40 minutes then off to get a massage......Thanks Craig... all fixed up now. I did office work all day today with a heat pack on my lower back... all i could think of while in the office was that i wanted to go out an exercise....My mind has changed so much... i always try to think of things to do where i am as active as possible....i used to drive my car for a service and get someone to pick me up, now i walk home 15 km.... i used to drive to and from the shops, now i drive there and walk back 12 km and my husband drives home...walking is one of my favorite exercises now... i can see what it has done to me physically and mentallly.. just love a long long walk I rested most of the day, another 30 min walk then off for an Hr weights PT session .... I love my weights, enjoy every single class. Home tonight, dinner is omelette and vegies .... Time for bed, another early start tomorrow.. lots of walking to be done

  • Helen Booth
    14 Oct 2014
    8:11 PM

    The end is coming ......... My day started today at 5.00am AGAIN......... Pack all my breaky and lunch up.. I have a huge day... New shoes today .. Yay !!!! Reebok Nano 4.0.... Weights PT at 6.30 - 7.30 Then meet up with a few girls for coffee 9.30 boxing class... bloody Hip Flexor.... i could barely do anything, afer 15mins i pullled the pin and jumped on the treadmill and walked until the end of the class. I headed into the city ... i am having a Dexa scan today... very excited to get my results OK, so i had the scan and WOW !!!! WOW !!!!! and WOW !!!!!!!!! I have just been told i am an ATHLETE. ( if the guy really knew me.. haha!! ) I have lost about 13-14% body fat on the Maxines Challenge and my body fat weighs only 10.79kg. i have bearly any fat from my waist up.... a small amount on my legs and hips.... There are 4 catagories Obese, Healthy, Lean and Athlete.....I scored the Athlete....WooHooo !!!!! I was also told that i am approx 4kg away from where the body builders weight at competition time... OMG !!!!! REALLY !!!!! I cannot believe this... I cannot believe how well i have done... I AM SO BLOODY PROUD OF MYSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now its time to to seriously think about where i go and what i do at the end of my challenge... I know i wont stop doing what i am doing.. I have never felt so good, my skin , hair and everything about me is feeling awesome.... this is the best thing i have done for myself in a long long time.... I have walked again this afternoon .. dinner done... time to rest on the couch tonight... A HUGE day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helen Booth
    13 Oct 2014
    9:18 PM

    Big Day today....... Up at 5am... 100minutes of walking just to start it off.. Coffee , shower, protein shake and off to boxing. ( Nothing wrong with my life, well not now... loving every minute of it ) A fullon cardio class.. loved every minute of it.. When finished i had a massage to get my hips right again....The first minor injury i have had the whole challenge. With all the walking i have done and exercise .. its not too bad for me. Home for another shower and a veggie omelette for lunch. A few hours office work, and off to boxing again..... Went past the post office.. gotta love presents... Got my new Reebok Nano 4.0 today... I cant wait to wear them tomorrow The boxing class tonight was a great one.. sore arms and shoulders, home for another shower and dinner... Time to get my gear ready for PT weights tomorrow morning... i just love this PT session.. my favorite.. An early night tonight.. 15 mins and bed time.. Nite all xx

  • Helen Booth
    12 Oct 2014
    9:47 PM

    Well here we all are .... our last week...... I will this week work my ass off..... i have worked hard every single week of this challenge. I have worked harder than normal, and i have loved every workout and class. Maxines has taught me alot... alot about myself, my food, my exercise and about my friends.... Myself.. i have changed so much, my minds has learnt what is good for me and what is not, not just in food but other things too... My body has changed alot and my way of thinking has also changed My exercise... I love it so much more now.... i love to walk every single day sometimes twice a day. great start to the day and great way to finish it too.. An awesome way to catch up with friends and still be exercising My friends... i love them all.... a few dont agree with what i am doing and what i will continue to achieve, why ???? i have no idea !!!!! but this is my journey and you can either join me or leave me to travel by myself or with other friends and family. Looking forward to this last week, looking forward to achieving alot more in the next 7 days.... more than i ever thought i would or even could achieve... So very very proud of myself !!!!!!! Good Luck to everyone.....

  • Helen Booth
    11 Oct 2014
    8:48 PM

    Friday / Sat Blog I didnt blog yesterday... i had a very important date with some beautiful friends. My day started as usual at 5.00am.. Down to my shed, tready on TV on and off i go.... 90 minutes walk and catch up on social media and the news..... Back up to the house , shower, breaky... Egg White/ chilli & Feta Omelette with stir fry vegies, mushroom, capsicum zucchini and yes more chilli... ( I love my chilli).. then into the office for the day... Morning tea was Protein Bar and water... Coffee at 11am and then lunch at 1pm Lunch was mince beef and veggies..... Yummmmoooo!!! Afternoon tea, a protein shake. No training tonight, as we have a very specil event to go to...... Shower and time to dress up... I actually dont have a lot to wear anymore and i dont want to buy too much at the moment.. A pair of black pants, a sexy black tank and heels... Hair down .. I wear it up everyday for training... Out we go... I need to be careful with dinner tonight.. no creamy sauces .. Dinner was lovely, chicken , Sweet Potato Rosti and greens.... and creamy mushrooom sauce.... we i ate it all.. It was lovely... Dessert came around, and i said NO THANK YOU.... I drank only soda water and lemon... Lovely night with great Friends. The night was a fundraiser put on by Chicks for Charity... What an amazing bunch of ladies they are... Out to help anyone within the community that needs a helping hand ... The gentleman has just found out he has a deteriorating disease ( motor Nuerone).. very sad to see someone so full of life deteriorating quickly..... What a night, SOLD OUT ... Silent Auctions , many great prizes and alot of laughs. A very late night for me, bedtime is normally 9-9.30pm... i climbed into bed at about 11.45.... Oh My !!!!!!! Up this morning at 5.25... Down to the shed again ( A bit too dark to be walking on the roads) Treadmill and me have become best friends.... 1 hr on tready, in the car and off toboxing at FITLIFE... 50 min boxing class and the breaky.... Coffee, Eggs, Avocado , mushrooms and spinach on toast... AWESOME !!!!! Home to shower and change . make my lunch and off shopping with a girlfriend.... Lunch today will be in the park.. Veggie Omeette and protein shake & coffee..... Beautiful day to rlax in the park Time to purchase new bathers..... I might be getting older but i still think i am ok in a bikini... My GF Deb would tell me if i could pull it off.. well i did it, down to a size 10 and fitted perfectly.... so happy and very proud to be in this size...cant wait to pop them on and swim in our pool this year... the rest of the day we shopped in Collingwood Factory outlets and then home to veg on the couch.... feed the dogs , brush the pool ( great for my arms) cook dinner for me, home alone tonight.. love it !!!... and here i am. I dont normall sit on the couch for very long but tonight.. i am enjoying it.... I think listening to my body today telling me REST, is a great idea... not exhausted but i do alot during the week.. I have eaten clean yest and today and walk alot today so i deserve to just sit... I will also do a bit of homework on what i will do after Maxines.... I have come such a long way , that there is no way in the world i am ever going back to where i was 11 weeks ago....

  • Helen Booth
    9 Oct 2014
    9:49 PM

    What a day !!!!!! i started early with a walk only for an hour today Breaky had to be early too ,egg white omelette with lots of yummy greens and chilli i made 2 today and took one for lunch.. In meetings most of the day Packed my lunch.. Almonds, protein bar, protein shake.. Lots of water and my omelette a boxing class at 5.15 after a half hr walk then off to PT a bit tired tinight .. So we took it easy and played around with some pics too Very Happy with my progress :)

  • Helen Booth
    8 Oct 2014
    9:21 PM

    My day started at 5.00 am..... Off to 6am boxing class.... Great class as usual I find i have a lot more productive day when i start early BY 7am i was at the supermarket getting all my veggies for the next few days.... I love my veggies, enjoying them so much... CHicken as well.. If i am well organized i make the family dinner early and then cook my veggies just before i eat.. 7.30.. parked and time to walk... 10.4 km done and dusted... time for a massage.... These massages have become a weekly appointment... My Hammies, Glutes and hips hate the massage but love how they feel afterwards..RELIEF !!!!!!!!! Off to the pool shop and then .... Home for lunch... Asian Greens and and Eggwhite , chilli & Feta Omelette...... Favorite meal !!!! Washing , folding, wood, emails, pay wages, book freight and a shower..... Now to get ready for another short walk and another boxing class.... I walked another 5 km with my best walking buddie Lisa... then stayed and did another boxing class. Home, shower and dinner ( thank god its already made) and my COUCH !!!!! A leg rub from my husband and time for bed in about 20 mins.. LOve this time of the day.. BEDTIME After our son died, i found i never slept more than about 3 hrs.. all broken sleep .. an hour here and an hour there. Now i go to bed alot earlier because i am so tired i am sleeping alot better.. so now prob about 5 hours but still boken sleep. I wake alot at 4.28am.. ( thats when i heard the knock on the door).. i wake up at that time every week without fail.. It is amazing how the mind controls everything.....EVERYTHING !!!!!.... Its amazing how i have controlled this challenge.... There is a first time for everything and this is my first time actually controlling my life and winning too.

  • Helen Booth
    7 Oct 2014
    8:23 PM

    Woooooo Hoooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!! Never ever thought i could ever get to this weight. I started at 78.5...now 62.9 My muscle has increased so much.....LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helen Booth
    7 Oct 2014
    8:20 PM

    Two weeks to go...... OMG !!!!!... i cannot believe how quickly the challlenge has gone.... I have loved every minute of this challenge. I am going to try and blog everyday for the next 2 weeks.. Tuesdays are big days for me..... 5am Start.... off to Essential Health and Fitness for a 1hour Weights PT.... i look forward to this session every week.... from there i meet a lovely girlfriend Lisa, we meet every Tuesday at about 8.15 for a chat and coffee.... i also look forwadr to this as well.... At 9.30 Lisa and myself do a 50 minute boxing class.... my PT was really hard this morning so my arms for boxing were really broken... After boxing today, i jumped in the car and off to the hairdressers, so Breaky was a protein shake and a protein bar... love my shakes.. MAXINES BANANA of course After an lovely hair session, relaxing and a bit of me time....back home for Lunch... Egg White Omelette with Chilli and feta and asian green.... favorite meal at the moment 2 hrs office work then time to walk, but the rain pelted down so , off to my shed and on the treadmill for a 99min walk.... Up to the house, shower , washing on, dinner done and now blog time..... I love blogging, sometimes i just dont get time to do it, but have alot of ideas to write in it. I have found during this challenge , blogging and the fb pages and Instagram are ways to keep in contact with other Maxines girls, see what everyone else is doing, sharing of ideas and opinions.. and alot of valuable help is out there too.... I have also learnt during this challenge that there is alot of jealousy out there too..... there is no need for anyone to be jealous, be happy for people , dont be jealous... If you really want to be like the person doing the challenge ( losing weight) then jump in along side them and travel your own journey rather than put them down and bitch about them..... Bitching is very hurtful.... I am very very proud of myself, from where i started 10 weeks ago 78.5 kg to now weighing 62.9 kg and my state of mind is alot clearer now... I have learnt so much about myself and i am looking forwadr to my future where ever that takes me...xx

  • Helen Booth
    1 Oct 2014
    2:38 PM

    THANK YOU MAXINES CHALLENGE I have exercised for about 5 years, well i thought it was keeping my body in shape. Little did i know, and have really only just worked out that i was exercising to work off the pizza, pasta, alcohol i consume.... all the things i loved .. LOVED is the word now... i still like them but i don't eat any of that food now 2.5 years ago a knock on our door turned our world upside down.....A knock that no one ever wants to hear at 4.28am. The police were on the other side of the door to tell us that our oldest son Matt had passed away. I wont go into details but it was the worst thing i have ever and will ever hear in my life. Food, alcohol and work consumed my life for the next 2.5 years.We have our own business so i had to continue to work everyday.. maybe i may have coped better if i had taken time off, who knows.....I drowned myself in food and alcohol everyday.... EVERYDAY !!!!!I needed an outlet.. something, anything !!!!!!!!I started boxing... I love it and still today boxing 3-4 times a week at FITLIFEBoxing wasn't enough though... the kilos were creeping on , you can hide them under some clothes and thats what i did... everyone thought i was fit and healthy......My weight went up and down up and down.... and up and stayed up... i never felt great in clothes or even bathers.... i could wear a bikini top and then wrap a towel around my stomach .....After speaking with a Friend at Fitlife ( thank you Mary) about the Maxines Challenge i decided to look into it. I looked at it once twice maybe even 3 times.... then i decided.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.... i am doing this.I started the Maxines Challenge, purchased my protein powder and bars( I must admit, these are the best bars and Protein powders around). Got my shakers ready gym clothes all ready told no one because i was scared i would fail. I was scared that something would give me the excuse to give up.Day 1 came and went and it was all fineWeek 1-4...... i stuck to everything 100%....Loved all the food, the eating plan was great... as i exercised more , i required a bit more food, so i had to add to each meal each day.. I have got it right with help from a Friend ( Craig) and its still working for me with the added food.Week 4 came and 6.5 kilos had gone already...The light switch flicked on ........ I WILL DO THIS... ITS TIME TO TAKE CHARGE OF MY OWN LIFE and not let life rule me. I cannot control what is happening outside my life so i need to learn to go with the flow Week 6 i had lost another 1.5 kilos. I know i can finish this challenge..... and at the end i will be so proud of myself and what i have achieved....I find i walk a lot now... an average of 15 km per day sometimes more..... this really helps me clear my mind, think about things i have to do, places i have to go to and i always everyday think of my son and how proud he would be of me now.... How far i have come and how good i have started to look. There are still issues with Matts Death and they are there everyday and still under investigation and i am sure for quite a while longer, but this challenge has given me the strength to think of myself again... to live my life againMy Husband Steve and Son Nick , His Girlfriend Emma and a few very close Friends as well as a few special people Craig at Fitness for Life, Tommy at Fitlife who has been there the whole 2.5 years and Glenn at EHF you have all been a mountain of support for me during this challenge, not just at home but at training , PT and even just when the body needs a massage and is very tired i can't thank you all enough ....My husband has commented that i am looking a bit homeless with all my baggy clothes... nothing is fitting at all but that is a good thing.... shopping soon will be awesome Week 8.... well i held my head up so high and even did a happy dance ...my weight is past my goal...and all my muscles are really popping out and i love the feeling of strength I really haven't faced any obstacles with food or training because i am 100% committed to this challenge..I enjoy every training session whether its weights, cardio or boxing, even though it hurts, its not forever. These last 2 weeks i can see and feel my muscles growing and popping out.. and i love it..With anything like this there are your supporters and your critics... all i can say is this is MY Journey and you can come along with me or you can fade away into the background.... I love the forums and the Facebook groups are sensational.... everyone is so happy to help strangers with anything at all, the support is just amazing.... To date i have lost in excess of 14kilos and also 39 cm I am so very proud of myself taking on this challenge and so far i have accomplished EVERYTHING i thought i couldn't achieve and more....I am looking forward to the last 4 weeks and i am facing it head on.... Thank you Maxines, you have pulled me out of dark hole... somewhere i will never go back to..... :).... going forward i certainly would love to continue to improve my body

  • Helen Booth
    27 Sep 2014
    7:32 PM

    Suprise in the mail yesterday, well not really a surprise. I purchased the pack and a tank top...... i really need the journal again so i can continue to log my food exercise and everything else i log.... I am so glad i started Maxines.... it has changed my view of my life

  • Helen Booth
    27 Sep 2014
    7:07 PM

    This week has been a HUGE week in more way that one. We started our last 4 weeks, very excited but also a bit sad that it will be over soon..... Over as in the end of the challenge, but def not the end of my Journey. I started the week at 65.3kg.. 300gm above my goal weight, by Wednesday that 300 was gone plus another half a kilo down to 64.5.... then down to 63.4 today ( Saturday).... A refeed day was in order... After getting up at 5.10am i walked 7 km then picked up along the way to boxing.... Finished a 50min boxing class and then Breakfast... Scrambled Eggs, Mushrooms, Spinach and avocado.... SENSATIONAL !!!!!.. HOme for a shower , washing done and hung out, time to relax and watch the grandfinal ( GO HAWKS!!!).. LUnch was about 2.30 Steak and salad. Well the steak did not sit well in my stomach... Too heavy !!!!... and to tell you the truth, i enjoyed it but it wasnt as nice as i thought it was going to be. I used to love my steak.... So fish and chicken for me.... This week i have: Walked for 1050 minutes ( Morning & Afternoon ) 5 boxing classes and 2 x 1 hr weights PT sessions Amazing when you add it up just how much i have exercised. I love every minute of it... there is no class or walk that i do not enjoy I do work fulltime sometimes... haha!!!!.. I have the best husband in the world.... he never complains about my training....

  • Helen Booth
    23 Sep 2014
    8:07 PM

    What an awesome week i had last week. My weight is where i like it, just below my goal weight... So happy and so very proud of myself sticking with the program 100%.... This is something i had NEVER done.... I am still enjoying every minute. The start of the week 9 and last night i hit a wall, well not really but had a comment from someone so close to me. The comment was STOP LOSING WEIGHT...... WTF !!!!!!! . where did that come from when we were just chatting. I asked where it came from and the reply was " its what i think ,you need to stop now. " I replied with ... i am sorry but no i wont stop my journey... i have never done anything like this before. This is something i want to do .. I am enjoying this journey... and i am very proud as to what i have achieved so far and i am going to finish this I asked what had changed in the last 24 Hours to make you change your mind and not want me to continue. The reply was i dont know... I struggled to sleep last night thinking about where the comment came from and what it meant. I have no idea what the answer is ...... THis morning i asked , The comment you made last night, did you mean it..... the reply i got was NO i didnt mean it... why did you say it..... I DONT KNOW..... I still cant get it out of my head. I also had a few saying to me , stop losing weight..... i am eating everyday, 6 meals a day... if its still coming off, its obviously there to lose.... A comment i got today was " How long to go in the challlenge ", when i replied 4 wks, the reply was .... " You better stop now, you cant lose anymore weight". This was from someone who is on the larger side. They dont care to ask what i am doing, if they asked they may find i am weight training... i will build myself up with muscle...i am NOT under weight.... i was OVER WEIGHT... (i must have hidden it well )... I have learnt to eat so differently to pre challenge....and i am enjoying the food still... so why change... I have thought about it all day..... the conclusion i came to is ..... THIS IS MY JOURNEY .. I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO SUPPORT ME, ITS UP TO YOU. Tonight... i just want to blog this....i understand how different my life has been over the last 8 weeks, not just for me, for my whole family.. but please support me not judge me.

  • Helen Booth
    20 Sep 2014
    7:11 PM

    Well...... What a week it has been This week i have walked over in excess of 24 hours.... WOW !!!!!! I love walking i do it no less than 2.5 hr each day.... some days 3 + Hours. I think this being check in week, has made me realize that i will go all the way without FAULT... no faulting on my food at all.. exercising everday..... and i am just loving the way i feel and the way i am looking. This new life is the way i am going to live after this challenge.... To date i have lost 13.3 kg and 39.5 cm ... WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!..... It is amazing how the mind works... i dont have to do this , i WANT to do this.... i WANT a new me... and that is what i have. The next 4 weeks are a bonus for me.... i have achieved everything i wanted to achieve..... so bring on the next four weeks. Today... I was awake at 4.30.... Grrrr!!!!.. cant sleep.. Photo of todays activities, well some of them Up, coffee and time for a walk... 1 Hour walk before 50 min Boxing class, Breakfast with my friends and then stock up on my Maxines Protein Powder and home. Moved 4 metres of red gum and time for another walk... 100minutes, while watching the HAWKS play the Prelim Final with my Bulldog I love bloggin too... it great to read other blogs and to see what everyone is doing..... I hope everyone is enjoying this challenge like me...... Lets do this last 4 wks. wooohooo !!!!!!!!!

  • Helen Booth
    16 Sep 2014
    9:01 PM

    MY 2 Day Blog Monday....Up very early today.. 4.50 coffee then onto the treadmill ..55 min walk and then in the car and a sprint to the pool 45 min swim with a girlfriend, then home for breaky..... Hit the office for about 4 hrs and then off to babysit and walk.. love it when you can do both at once....Gorgeous little Ollie didnt disappoint either, slept the whole time we walked... Another hour walking A 50min boxing class, home for dinner and back onto my treadmill..... might as well walk and watch TV.... another 9km & 95min done.. total walked for the day 210minutes of walking... gotta love that Bed 9.30 pm.. I am still on track and finding this alot easier than i thought.... i think i have the drive as a few out there dont think i can do this... but I WILL FINISH and I WILL HAVE GIVEN THIS CHALLENGE 150% ************************************************************************************************** Tuesday.... Up at 5.10am... I am finding getting up early i can fit alot more into my day. My days are alot more productive than they have ever been... I can fit in all the exercising i want and need to do each day 6.30am.... PT... The smiling Assasin said this is a great session and its called 1000 reps... OK.. so its 100 Pushups 100 KB Swings 100 Dead Lifts 100 DB Press 100 Barbell Squats 100 Med Ball bounces 100 BIcep Curls 100 Burpees 100 Tricep Ext 100 weighted Lunges then he added 100 russian twists without a weight and 100 with a 7.5kg plate. Then we had to do 100 x 2 sets of boxing hooks and 100 mountain climber with the TRX straps on yr feet.... Time to change the name of the PT session... far from 1000 reps.. but in saying that it was an awesome session.... def feeling it tonight. Then left there and drove to meet a girlfriend for coffee before a 50 min Boxing session.... Home for lunch or a late Breaky.... a lazy afternoon... I think after yesterday and today this afternoon on the couch is derserved.Tonight i had dinner and then decided to walk again... another 90mins on the treadmill..... I know all my walking is the key to my huge weightloss.as well as my food which is perfect.... i enjoy every step i take, every stroke i swim and every weight i lift.... thi is my new life and i am loving it Bring on the last 4 weeks.....

  • Helen Booth
    14 Sep 2014
    9:03 PM

    What an awesome day today.. YAY !! to me , today i felt on top of the world.. finally 26 years after having my first child i am back to my very early twenties weight... and wearing a size 10 jeans again..... Up early 5.40 coffee and off for a 12km walk, back home for my favorite breaky of all time... Oats & Maxines Vanilla Protein Powder.. Time for a day out, shopping and eating Today is refeed day for me...... Waghu Burger and a few fries... soda water and lemon.....Steve ( My Husband) had Pork Burger with Fries and a cider.... Looking forward to a cider at the end A few pairs of new jeans and off to Lorna Jane for new shorts.... fairly disappointed as they had nothing new in stock, just black and blue.. BORING !!!!!!! Time to hit the fresh fruit and vegggies and pickup some fish for dinner My dinners have become very light meals, i enjoy them so much more and i am never bloated or over full.... Home by 4pm, time to walk again .. 10km this time and i took my trusty four legged friend this time... Arnold is my Staffy and he loves his walks.... Fish ( Flathead Tails) and stir fry veggies... so yummy now.... Tomorrow is another early start... 5am rise for a walk and then a swim at 6 am back home for breaky and in the office for a few hrs... The key to time and exercise is getting u early... i am in bed by about 9.30 so its easy to rise early..... Still enjoying this new life i have....

  • Helen Booth
    13 Sep 2014
    10:03 PM

    Very Busy Day today My day started at 5.20am... up for coffee and a walk. I started my walk at 6.00am and it was bloody freezing only 2....I walked for an hr then off to boxing at FITLIFE...... about a 25 min drive.... A tough boxing / Cardio class Breaky as per usual on a Saturday with a great group of friends.....we chat swap ideas and recipes and generally catch up. Home for a shower, grab a coffee, protein shake and a protein bar... dont think i will make it home for lunch Running around, doing the things i dont get time for during the week.... maybe because i exercise too much.. its so nice being able to exercise at basically anytime...... Off to AAA Supps, time to restock my protein powder........ what a gret assortment they have, the choices..... going again for the faithfull BANANA.. yummo!!!! Out with a girlfriend for a few hours and then home to walk for an hour before dinner. Only a light dinner tonight, not really that hungry tonight.... After dinner each night i love to walk for an hour and some weights too...... Thank god for footy tonight...Hubbie is glued to the TV....bit of a late one for me ..10pm... because i can and i love the early starts

  • Helen Booth
    10 Sep 2014
    9:09 PM

    Wednesday 10/9.. I didnt sleep last night very well.. I had pain in my glutes.... OMG !!!!!. I really havent experienced pain like this for a long time....Its a good pain so i know i did really work hard on Tuesday in PT. PT on Tuesday was a bomb of a session.. one of the best ever PT i have had..... Today i felt the pain alot..... i though maybe walking it out might help , so i got my husband to drop me 10km from home, off i went.. what a beauitiful time of the day to walk... then home for lunch... Loving egg white feta and chilli.. and some stir fry green instead of salad.... very tasty with chilli and garlic. A snack of carrots and some ricotta in the arvo and off to boxing. Tough session tonight, no breaks a full on 50 min class... LOVED it. Protein shake on the way home, shower and dinner Dinner tonight is Fish and Salad.... Prob my favorite meal Early to bed again.... i find i like to get to bed about 9-9.30... i dont believe i get too much more sleep , but i cope alot better with my day. P.S I havent struggled with my food from day 1 to today.... i enjoy each days food , make a few minor changes to change the meal and its working a treat for me...

  • Helen Booth
    9 Sep 2014
    6:01 PM

    What a Day.. Early Rose at 4.50 am.... left home at 5.20 .... Drove to Hallam for an hour weights PT... OMG !!!!! i am broken... one of the best PT i have had. Back to Ferntree Gully for coffee with a girlfriend then boxing at my local hangout FITLIFE.... ( love this place) Totally exhausted after boxing...... Protein Shake for Breaky after boxing Time to head home.... Home for Lunch, Lunch was veggies with chilli and and eggwhite omelette with feta and chilli.... Yummy !!! Protein shake about 3.15 and then time for a walk... 8.9km Home showered and i think i have done my exercise for the day... Early to bed and then up early for Boxing at 6.00am I love this new lifestyle...

  • Helen Booth
    7 Sep 2014
    8:17 PM

    MY day today started out with a beautiful walk at sun rise, followed by a lovely Fathers Day Lunch for the Bestest Dad in the world... Lunch was Calamari and Salad and a piece of Gluten Free Pizza, a small refeed today.. the body was asking for just that bit more food..... After lunch the the couch called... But no... the legs decided along with the full Tummy time to walk again.. so off we went another 9km stroll and watched the sun set..........then back home for a light session of upper body weights....followed by a Maxines Shake... Shower and couch Dinner now My bed is calling early tonight 2 lates nights in a row and i am really feeling it..... I have had alot more energy going to bed at 9-9.30 pm rather than 11.-11.30 I am still enjoying the challenge and i am on track to be where i wanted to be.... Looking forward to the next 6 wks.... Also lost another 10 cm overall... very happy with that :)

  • Helen Booth
    6 Sep 2014
    5:55 PM

    What a beautiful day today... Up nice an early for a boxing class, followed by breaky with some awesome people.... Home for lunch wash the car and hr of weights training and a huge walk..... a PERFECT DAY.. now out for dinner. Tommorow is also planned, up early for a 2 hrs walk home for half hour of weight.... Taking my Dad out for lunch bck home another 2 hr walk.... my day is done...... maybe squeeze in a legs workout.. Refeed lunch i think is in order.... sometime i need a bit more food than on the menu.....

  • Helen Booth
    5 Sep 2014
    8:37 AM

    Yesterday was an awesome day. 100% with my food again... I am finding this so easy at the moment.. Maxines Shakes and Protein Bars are very filling and enjoyable. Legs Day yesterday, wow!!!! huge day Leg Pressed my PB 185KG Looking forward to the upcoming weeks ...

  • Helen Booth
    4 Sep 2014
    8:05 AM

    Woo Hoo !!!!!! Very Happy Camper here today..... The sun is shining, the scales were and are my best friend today..... I am exactly where i want to be ..... Looking forward to the next few weeks onwards and upwards.. BRING IT ON !!!!!! I am loving this challenge.... I cant believe how this makes me feel

  • Helen Booth
    3 Sep 2014
    8:24 PM

    Lunch and dinner today...add in a Protein Shake for breaky.... I love this challege... everything is just so easy. Boxing session tonight plus 2hr walk this afternoon..... I am lovng my daily walks , enjoying my music and also great to clear my mind.... and plan ahead for the next day.... Tomorrow a swim in the morning and PT in the evening and i might just try and slip in a 2 hr walk sometime in the arvo.

  • Helen Booth
    3 Sep 2014
    8:07 AM

    Is anyone else a bit tired week 1-4 ??? Week 1-3 were fantastic, i couldnt believe how easy it was.... not 1 hiccup ... So proud of myself weight is where i want it ... VERY VERY proud of myself making it this far without fault When i got to the end of week 4 i felt a bit tired, NO , i was very very tired. I decided to drop my cardio and walk and stick to my food 100%. Well it worked.... For 1 week i did 1 cardio class. the rest was weights and walking. So i think now for the 2nd half of the challenge i will back off on my cardio and walk walk walk.... a little it of boxing and maybe a cardio class or 2... I have also taken up swimming again after too many years... A girlfriend and i meet at 6 am 2 days a week and have a lovely swim and even better a chat.. someone i can TALK to .... Thank you my friend So week 6 .. i feel awesome, alot of energy BRING ON the next 6 weeks... lovingit

  • Helen Booth
    2 Sep 2014
    9:20 PM

    How i am loving this Challenge.... making my lunches is the easiest...If i had known it was this easy i would have done this years ago. Just so easy.. I have 3 different flavours in the shakes so this makes a different drink each time.....Sometimes i add my protein powder to my yoghurt.....Loving my omelettes too ... lots of chilli is the key for me

  • Helen Booth
    10 Aug 2014
    10:12 AM

    This is my first ever blog. This is my first ever challenge ( well...the one i will do from day 1 to day end)... I have made this a very serious goal in my life. A friend where i train told me about this challenge and told me to look it up, she has in the past done the Maxines Challenge as a private person, but now going public. I looked Maxines up, and decided this is me, this is my time and this is what i am going to do Week 1 Well, what a wake up call my body had..... ( I am not a big sugar eater) the Protein bars were and still are a huge treat and something that actually tastes like food. My body depleted all the excess fluid first... that was nice.. By the end of the first week my sleep was needed a bit more, so into bed by about 9.30 - 10pm and awake at 5.30 approx.... then i can exercise really early everyday... walking usually most morning and more intense in the afternoon.... Walking is me time.... i think about the challlenge , what my day will bring and listen to my music... Week 2 So much easier..... i am not craving foods and its amazing how you can change the simple things like salad and veg to be different tasting meals Water is my best friend....... soda water too with lemon... Training is going well so is my weight loss..... Sleeping is something i have in the past 2 years not been able to get alot of. A good nights sleep for me is prob 4-5 hrs.. still broken sleep, an average night is 3.5 hr a night... (tossing and turning all night) i have tried every sleep remedy on the market and nothing works.. My body has got used to this sleep pattern and now just live with it I also purchased a treadmill..... for the raining mornings.. NO EXCUSES for me now... haha!!! Looking forward to the up coming weeks where hopefully big changes happen... I already find my jeans fit better... thats awesome !!!!!! I have just added a few pics of what i lookked like when i started... NOT HAPPY AT ALL Bring on Week 3 ....

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