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178 cm


Tone & Shape - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I have completed the Maxine’s Challenge 3 times previously and have had amazing results. I made the top 50 the last challenge I completed and had the most amazing results in time for my wedding. I then fell pregnant and my diet and fitness went out the window, with a weight gain of 25kgs at the end of my pregnancy. My beautiful baby girl is now 4 months old, but my diet and fitness is still lacking. Now that we have our baby in more of a routine, I can’t wait to get my diet and training back on track.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I love the structure of a meal and training plan. It makes each day so easy to stick to a plan when you know exactly what to eat and how to train at the gym. I loved the variety of having a new plan to follow every four weeks as well as the support on the forum. I loved being able to do the challenge with my husband, it was easy to meal prep and have someone alongside for support.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest thing for me was adjusting to my new life as a Mum and finding time to get to the gym to do my workout. My daughter was only 4 months old when the challenge started and I was up 3-4 times per night feeding, resettling etc. I really struggled from being so tried in the early days as I was waking at 4:00am to go to the gym before my husband left for work. I knew that if I didn’t go at that time, I wouldn’t be able to go. It was really tough to begin with, but after a few weeks my body clock adjusted and it became a part of my routine. As exhausting as it was in the beginning, the feeling of getting your strength and routine back made me feel so much better about myself.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

It has reminded me that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and it’s how you use your time that you can effectively achieve whatever you put your mind to. The Maxine’s challenge has made me stronger, fitter and healthier. After really letting myself go during and after pregnancy I really needed some structure and routine to get back in to the swing of things.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

I would 100% encourage anyone who is considering completing a challenge to give it a go. The results are amazing, it’s 12 weeks of your life to kickstart your health and well-being. No matter how busy someone is, the programs are so flexible that you can make it work.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Throughout the 12 weeks I lost 17kg! I never thought I would be able to get my pre baby body back, I still have a long way to go but this has given me the kickstart I needed to get back in to things. After delivering my daughter via an emergency cesarean in January, I never thought I’d be able to get my strength back. I feel so much healthier and fitter and it’s all thanks to the Maxine’s challenge!


  • Jemma Shields
    1 Jun 2018
    1:07 PM

    What a challenging week this has been. My 4 month old baby spent a few days in hospital with a high fever 🤒 She was so out of sorts and unsettled which just broke my heart to see her like this. They ran a heap of tests, everything came back fine and they put it down to a viral infection, thank god! Although we were in hospital, this did not stop me from sticking 110% to the challenge. I never gave in to the hospital food, thankfully I had meals already prepped for hubby and I. It was a few days of sleepless nights running on sleep from many days ago, it was tough, but I had to push through. My husband and I tag teamed so that we could each duck out to the gym to fit in our workouts, I felt selfish but I knew bub was in great hands with her Dad and the medical staff. I much would have preferred an hour to catch up on well needed rest, but I knew what had to be done. We are all back at home, healthy and happy. Here’s to the end of week 3 😊

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