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Jo Philp's amazing Maxine's Challenge transformation

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    75.10 kgkg
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    58.10 kgkg

“I made the decision that nothing was more important than my future, so I had to find a way. The Maxine’s Challenge changed my life!”



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I want to lose weight and tone up. I've had a goal of doing a body building competition for about 3 years but life got in the way and I found excuses and some extra weight. I saw this competition and it lined up perfectly with the stars in my world so no more excuses, the first step in my next journey toward my goal and dream. This time I will do it!!!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The challenge has given me the tools and resources to change my life!!! The seemingly never ending source of support and advice was incredible, especially the forum. I made a point every night of reading over the forum. The encouragement to use social media provided me with a support group of like minded men and women all travelling their own journey's with their own challenges within the challenge, yet providing so much encouragement and support to each other. Blogging became a huge part of my day also providing an outlet to empty the thoughts racing around in my head, almost giving me a fresh start to each new day. The challenge wasn't just about the 12 weeks, it has set me up for health, fitness and happiness for the rest of my life.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Changing my attitude about food and initially the confidence to go to the gym both when I am home and at work. I am a single mum, a chef and I also work on a gas rig flying in and out on a 2 week on 2 off roster.

Being a chef I am very passionate about food and did not put a lot of thought into how healthy it necessarily was, as long as it tasted yummy. Everyday I would tell myself that 'food is fuel, it can still taste yummy but it is fuel for a healthier me'.

Working remotely and looking after 26 blokes and 90% of the time being the only girl it was difficult to put my gym clothes on and go for a walk and use the gym for fear of what they would say and think.

That changed throughout the challenge, I found confidence I have never had. The comparison mind game was difficult initially also as well as peoples judgments.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The challenge has had an immense impact on my life. I am more motivated, happier, a better mum, I have more energy, more hours in a day, I take better care of myself and am more disciplined.

Everyday for 12 weeks I found a way to fit the challenge into my life.

I would wake before the girls and even on my rest days now i am up before them ready to go, they aren't coming in and waking me up telling me they want breakfast.

For the first time in over 36 years I LIKE me!! I even love me and I love my body. I even take time now to look after my body, not only with nutrition and exercise but simple things like moisturising.

The girls and I do more active things together, rock climbing, mountain climbing, bike rides and hiking. They even pester me know to pack the picnic and go, it makes me smile. My girls have changed their eating habits also, just from seeing what I eat.

I don't worry about what other people think now and shrug off the judgements. I am now the best possible role model I can be for my beautiful little ladies.

I feel like my dream of competing is within reach now and am so looking forward to beginning chapter 2 of this journey.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Find a way to do the challenge, don't look for an excuse not to!!!

You will be more confident, energised, healthier, happier and you won't regret it. Those 12 weeks will go by whether you do it or not...............

Take lots of pictures and selfies, blog everyday, be accountable, log your food and exercise.

Don't get bogged down in the counting of calories, macros, burning 1000 calories a day. Read the forum, ask questions on the forum, use social media - especially Instagram and read the daily message on Facebook.

Don't get caught up in the camparison game. Everybody is different and everybodys body is different.

Do another rep even when you think you can't.

Most importantly, follow the program 100% and trust the process because it works!!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I do not have enough words to express my gratitude for all the challenge has given me. The recipes, the advice, the support, the nutrition plans and gym programs, there is so much work involved in all of this and that is without mentioning the never ending advice given on the forums, facebook and weekly messages. Maxine's you have changed my life and I am so incredibly grateful. Thank you for everything and also how amazing your products are and taste. I could live on my Maxine's choc latte burn protein and yoghurt and the Max's nite time alone :-) Perhaps a few caramel crunch burn bars may be needs also!!!!


  • Jo Philp
    19 Oct 2014
    5:13 AM

    Day 84/84 Weight : 58.1kg Exercise: gym The last day! I have been lying in bed for the last 45 mins trying to go back to sleep for a bit longer, failing clearly. I just did my last weigh in for the challenge and since registration I have lost 17kg exactly, proud....... understatement!!!! I trusted the process and it worked. So now just a couple more days before pics and I read over forum, completion process and last week info on the challenge site, time to keep trusting:-):-) This means today will be my last day in the gym out here. This means yesterday was my last leg day...... wow!!! I have decided not to walk today, to look after me, rest those muscles and me. I will walk, trying to keep it light monday and tuesday and I am going to just keep following the nutrition plan but change wednesdays eggs to oats. I have asked someone, a different someone this time, out here to take some unofficial pics for me this morning. I just would like to be able to blog me and my body on the last day so stay tuned!! Time to put my gym gear on and smash out one last sesh :-):-):-) ............ What a way to finish in the gym with back and shoulders, my favs! Not sure how I feel about not doing legs tomorrow, trusting, trusting, trusting. Alarm is set though and I will get up and do my walks tomorrow and Tuesday. I had another great day in the kitchen, just feeling passionate about everything such fulfilment. Loads and loads and loads of final pics and cheat meals in social media, I am ok about it though. My head is in the right space only a couple more days to go. I love my pics my campy took for me this morning, wow how I have changed. I have so so many people to thank for all their love and support. The Max's and Maxine's challenge coaches and ambassadors, my mum and dad, my riggers, my PT Kayla when I'm home, my old PT Paula for inspiring me 5 years ago, the Instafam and saving the best for last..... My beautiful lil ladies for making it so incredibly wonderful to wake up each day. I keep saying it but I have learnt so much about me, I love me, I love my new body, I love my life! I am not sad the challenge is finishing, I am excited about fulfilling my dream using the tools and knowledge, self love, Max's and Maxine's products, insight and inspiration I have gained from this journey. A truly extraordinary experience, I really was always extraordinary too, I just had to learn to believe. This is time I did it, from now on I am going to continue to do it everyday. I will get on a stage to compete somehow somewhere next year...... Chapter 2....... Begins tomorrow:-) Thank you from the bottom of my heart Maxine's Shape Up Challenge 2014 xxx

  • Jo Philp
    18 Oct 2014
    9:59 AM

    Day 83/84 Weight: 58.0kg Exercise: walking and leg day yipeeeeeeee I woke up feeling refreshed and energised this morning, finally catching up on my sleep. Just taking 5 out from work as I wanted to write a quick blog. So excited about the next chapter of my journey I read over all the notes from the stepping it up program and Janet's intense workout before I closed my eyes last night. It definitely helped calm me further after my little freak out yesterday. Feels wonderful to be looking forward and planning towards my next goal. Off to make cherry ripe mud cake and red velvet cupcakes of course ;-) till a bit later. ...................... One must check they have cherries to make cherry ripe mud cake hahahaha, So we have exaggerated raspberry and coconut mud cake instead. I must say I am a bit excited about that as I don't like glacé cherries and love raspberries, there is most definitely a slither of that going home with me Wednesday to try after my final pics! I made the cupcakes too as my girls love a treat from work when I come home and this time they asked for 1 of those each, a few of the riggers take them home for their wives too. I am feeling like I need to keep my mind occupied these last few days, more than normal. So I didn't stop again today, had loads of fun. I seem very focused on these final few days of the challenge in the gym and my nutrition like nothing else is happening in the world, kind of hard to explain........ So I haven't been on Instagram as much or Facebook, I don't want distractions, don't want to hear people talking about carb loading and water depletion. Just want to follow the process till the end, I hope that makes sense? I have found this past week or so I am not as hungry as I have been? I still look forward to my meals and eating the same amount, just not watching the clock waiting. Perhaps this means my metabolism has settled? I did legs again today and loved it, I even smashed out my lunges once I stopped looking at the weights sitting in the dirt! I did a 45 min walk before this and today I felt like I could have walked for miles and kept walking some more, love the outdoors :-) Feeling wonderful, just happy really really happy! 4 sleeps till I see my beautiful lil ladies and 4 sleeps before I take my final pics, holy...... The last day of the challenge tomorrow, let's do this! Just need to decide whether to do another leg day Monday........?????? My old trainerr, Paula, in Townsville asked for some progress pics today, so I took some in the gym. I will be pretty happy if I look like this on Wednesday I think:-) I need to make sure I have everything straight in my head about the completion process so I am off to shower, moisturise and read over the forum and completion info:-)

  • Jo Philp
    17 Oct 2014
    9:30 PM

    Day 82/84 Weight: 58.8kg Exercise: walking and gym A great day was had:-):-). I had fun in the kitchen and worked my shrinking butt off all day!!! Just because I could, baking, it soothes my soul. I got up at 4.30 and went for a walk with the cows dodging theit paddys and then breakfast and hit the gym. I was tired walking in there but walked out feeling accomplished and satisfied. Still on the 1 minute breaks but I did back off slightly on the weight. That was hard! The new chef seems to be getting his head around things too, a few small mistakes but I think he should have it sorted in a few days. The riggers can be unforgiving at times and especially of late with the few crappy chefs we have had. I am stepping things up a bit in their training as it can be stressful listening to the guys whinge when they don't get what they are used to. So just being firmer taking pics and showing them what is expected, writing detailed lists etc. It is easier to spend the time doing those extra few things than to fix the mistakes. I guess because I feel awesome those extra things don't feel like so much effort either. I had a bit of a freak out around lunch time, the realisation that the end of the challenge is only a few days away set in. Realising I have to put a bikini on and stand in front of someone and have my pic taken to show all my hard work. What if I eat too many carbs, not enough, what happens if the pics don't show how hard I have worked. Loads of people talking about water depletion and loading and carb loading blah blah blah, yep I had to go sit down for a minute. Quite funny now!!!!! So I checked out the forum and read over some articles to clear my mind. Janet had written a great post on post challenge stuff. I just hit reply and let my thoughts flow, I needed to get all those thoughts out of my head. I know this process works and why the doubt and questioning a few days out??? I feel better tonight and have printed off Janet's intense program. I am going to go shower, moisturise and read over that and start planning my next chapter:-):-). Feeling excited!! 2 days left for most people, I am going to take some pics on Sunday out here too but my completion ones are Wednesday and they WILL be awesome:-)

  • Jo Philp
    16 Oct 2014
    10:30 PM

    Day 81/84 Weight: 58.9kg Exercise: leeeeeeeeg day :-) I am exhausted. Just lack of sleep and long days working, training chefs and rig and camp move today. I have just just finished work and the new chef is really nervous, I suppose it is a lot to get your head around, all the different shifts the guys work, when food needs to be delivered, allergies, likes and dislikes, when crews are waking and coming home to eat, smoko's. I haven't thought about it a lot like that, I suppose it just came easily to me. I have been doing it for a while and know the guys really well so it is easy for me now. Sometimes you just have to decide whether to let someone sink or swim, I can't do everything. I used to be like that but I need to look after me too, I am important too!!!! I stayed working last night with an ulterior motive, so I could do leg day today after the guys had lunch and went to bed;-). It worked out well. I still hate lunges with a passion but did them across the car park lease, in the hot sun and kept telling me I will learn to love them too...... Maybe lol. We are really at the business end of things now and I have found myself becoming quite self focused and a little selfish I suppose. I am not sure if that is just because of the challenge nearing the end or if it is the changes I have made within myself. I have never been selfish! It kind of feels nice to be focused so intensely on something that is really important to me. I was thinking today in the car that it is strange this part of the journey is ending, it has been a huge focus of mine since registering nearly 14 weeks ago. What will life be like post challenge? I very much have my heart set on competing next year, I have done the ground work, it is time to build more on that. I feel as though I will be sad for a while come Wednesday/Thursday next week :-(. Blogging has become just as important to me as the weight loss, mind changes, muscle gains, clean eating has. I started a blog a while ago that I failed to continue, I have been thinking come Sunday I will continue along there too. I miss my girls loads today, I miss them loads everyday but today I just want their cuddles and kisses, to hear them laugh and tell me stories more than usual. Only 6 sleeps left, 5 if I don't count now ;-). I need to clear my head out a little so have set my alarm to go for a walk in the morning, clearly failing not to do cardio for the rest of the week hahahaha. I'll come back and hit the gym too so I can focus my day on having fun in the kitchen. The guys loved the chocolate muffins I made for the move today and nearly fell over when I told them they had coke in them hehehehehe. They usually get red velvet cupcakes, cause they love them but I wanted to be different today. I also made these yummy chocolate shortbread biscuits with chocolate frosting and topped with a slice of mars bar. I love playing with food and spoiling my riggers. I have decided I am going straight to book shop Thursday and checking out some clean eating books apparently protein balls are the bomb so may have to try me some of them:-) Lots of people talking about water depletion and carb loading, I have trusted the process so far and it has worked so I am going to ignore all the hype and continue to trust what is working and the coaches say. I still feel amazing and wonderful, but this chick needs to close her eyes so I'm not feeling exhausted anymore Xxx

  • Jo Philp
    15 Oct 2014
    11:47 PM

    Day 80/84 Weight: 59.0kg Exercise: gym Wow what a day!!! It still isn't quite over yet either, about another hour and I will be done. I have to finish packing down kitchen, cleaning fryer and do the floors and I will be back to report on my day. Feeling wonderful despite only 4 hours sleep in past 28 hours :-/ lol, yes I am tired but just seem to have loads of energy too. ........................ We are rig and camp moving tomorrow so that is why such a long day today, also short change so I can do my week of nights. I have a brand new chef in too which means overtime to train and teach. So I finished work about 9 this morning, 13hr shift, back up at 1pm to hit the gym before starting work again at 3pm. I kept new chef on till 6pm as we also had food delivery today, 4 pallets one of which had 40 cartons of water so does that count for 2 gym sessions today lol? I finished up just before midnight and will get another 4 hours sleep here in the kitchen, up at 4 to make the guys breakfast, working through till 8 tomorrow night. The new chef seems ok but we will see, it was sad to see Jess the other chef go home today not knowing if she will be back. I am going to ring office and talk to my team leader as she is really good and the rig guys have just been far too spoilt for far too long. I make all this extra stuff and special requests as I feel it should be like home for them out here and now poor Jess is just doing her job and being crucified for it. I am going to speak to the riggers as well as it is not fair!!! I had a great session in the gym, I have just followed the Maxine's weights program all the way through this challenge and am now learning new ways to change things up. I am still enjoying the 1 minute breaks between sets, I love the pump. I officially have 1 week left now of the challenge as I am going to have to take my pics a few days later than everyone else. I was thinking today that they will probably be posting all their transformation pocs up which I am excited about but not so excited about all their cheat meal pics hahaha. I am strong though, this is forever now:-) I have to get some sleep x

  • Jo Philp
    14 Oct 2014
    8:35 AM

    Day 79/84 Weight: 59.0kg Exercise: yep, leg day again! I am jsut about finished work for the day, well I am finishd just waiting for shift change at 8. I am a bit excited about resting my bones in the next hour and checking out the backs of my eyelids. I had a good night, just a bit exhausting dealing with work drama's, fitting all my stuff in and still doing my job too. I feel great though, still smiling from the scales yesterday afternoon, I don't think that will disappear anytime soon. There was a bit of banter between night owls and shift workers on instagram last night and in the early hours this morning. Crap some of these challengers make me laugh, such a great community full of positivity and support. I teased them with pics of chocolate mousse and biscuits I was making hahaha. Crew change tomorrow so short change for me and back to working days on Thursday, yipee a week of normality before rocking my bikini out next Wednesday:-);-) I had better finish off some paperwork so I can get outta here. Happy Tuesday beautiful Max's and Maxine's challenge peoples x ............. I had a not too bad sleep today. I have decided to cut back on the cardio these next couple of days as I don't really want to lose more weight. I struggked with this decision a lot as it is very much me time, good for my sould and clearing my head. We will see how I go. I did legs tonight and I still hate lunges lol. Though the video I took of me lunging into the sunset is pretty cool I think. Im excited about all the changes in my body and also working towards more of them. My old PT got 2nd in Australia over the weekend, very proud of her and motivated by it also. I felt a bit faint tonight like I was really hungry about an hour and a half after my post workout shake. I had eggs for breakfast so grabbed the quickest thing I could find and well it was some back up burn bars I bought out with me. I know I need to change my diet up but I am just going to take it day by day until Wednesday and get some advice when I get home. I have posted a question on the forum but aside from a couple of really lovely comments from people no one has given any advice. Perhaps I put it in the wrong section? The coaches are super busy with loads of questions at the tail end of the challenge, I am a smart girl I will work it out :-) Work is really busy tonight as it is crew change tomorrow, I have a new chef out tomorrow too and we are also moving Thursday so loads of prep to keep me busy. Still feeling on top of the world about my goal weight achievement, I will admit to being nervous about getting on the scales tonight in case it was just a dream:-):-):-) I had better get back to it! This time next week I will be getting ready to go home and take my pics, I have been wondering how excited or nervous I will be and if I will sleep.....

  • Jo Philp
    13 Oct 2014
    5:36 PM

    Day 78/84 Weight: 59.0kg Exercise: walking and let's do chest today!! I had fun at work again last night, I baked my little heart out. I didn't sleep too well yesterday so was a bit dumb at one point and had 10 things on the go and I think I circled the kitchen a couple of times going what am I doing hahaha. I made bread for hotdogs and bread for breakfast pizzas, 3 different sorts of biscuits, rocky road cheesecake, carrot cake, pies, the guys wanted devilled sausage and mash when they came home, it looked like cyclone Tracy has passed through! I stopped and cleaned up and sorted my exploding head out, I was laughing out loud. The poor riggers wondered what was going on hahahaha. They were flaring off up at the rig when I took 3am smoko up so got a couple of sneaky pics while one of the riggers stood guard;-). It is very cool to see what they do, it makes it more interesting to talk to them when they get home each day. They are such amazing guys, they make me smile. One of the tradies who comes when things need to be fixed we'd and they often stay at camp told me I looked fabulous, I automatically responded I know right:-):-):-). It is still nice when someone notices though. I had a chance to listens to Fred and Harp's last night. I am feeling very positive about this last week. No anxiety, yet! Just rock my gym gear and get it done like every other day. I have put 110% in everyday and can proudly say there is nothing I could have done more. I am actually really excited to get home and do my photos in my bikins. I want to go out to dinner that night as well. No it is not like harps message about undoing all my hard work. This is a life change, I have eaten 100% clean for the whole challenge. Just 1 cheat meal is my wish, to share an ice cream with my ladies. I was writing this blog when I finished work and fell asleep with it on my lap, so tired lol. ............... Off for my walk, I will be back to finish a bit later :-) How crazy is that I was so tired I just fell asleep with my ipad on my lap! Work has been a bit nuts and my boss was out this morning too. The riggers don't like the chef here, just a select few which is a shame. She is really lovely, clean and does her job well. So the rig manager has decided he doesn't want her here after she leaves on Wednesday. Which means I have a new chef to train next hitch:-/ She is really upset and I am just dissapointed, I feel for her. I had an awesome walk, I was so pumped after getting on the scales my mind was going a million miles an hour and I jsut paced it out and was back at camp before I realised!!!! I am not even sure I heard any of the songs playing on my phone my mind was going that fast hahaha. I posted a question on the forum asking advice about what to do next. I am not sure I want to lose more weight, what should I do about my diet, should i be changing my nutrition plan and exercise plan?? So many things to think about now and I still have a week left before my pics. What a way to start week 12:-):-) such a feeling of euphoria surrounding me at the moment. I am not sure I believed I would make 59kg in 12 weeks all I knew when I started out was, I want to know what it feels like to be under 60kg. I will tell you it feels amazing, I am still me though- just a new fitter, healthier, happier improved version. I had better do some work:-)

  • Jo Philp
    12 Oct 2014
    10:19 AM

    Day 77/84 Weight: 59.8kg Exercise: walking and gym it is leg day again woohoo :-) I finished work about an hour ago, the sunrise was beautiful this morning. I have just finished inputting all my food and exercise into my app as well as reading over the forum. Lots of people asking really good questions, I am learning a lot. I had so much fun last night at work, just feeling really happy. I'm worked my ass off though, but I have always liked being busy. I have had an idea since last hitch I came up with on my walk. We are back at the same campsite so I summonsed up the courage to ask my rig manager a favour and he said yes. Stay tuned for a bit later, it could all end in tears, laughter or it will hopefully be fun and turn out just the way I want. Either way I am a bit excited so I am off to shower, moisturise and get my beauty sleep. Then get prepared when I awaken;-) ................. So my idea was fun and attached pics. I had to get my rig managers permission to take a vehicle so it would bot interrupt operations. 11 weeks ago I was so scared about the riggers seeing me in my gym clothes, now they've seen me in my bra and knickers!!!! I'm proud of my achievement so why not:-) I got up a little earlier so we could do it and then left from there for my walk. It was nice to walk a bit further up the road, as we drove to the photo shoot. I miscalculated a little and walked an extra 1km :-) I walked past these rock last hitch and thought it would be a cool picture. I am so glad I had the courage to ask. Work is a bit pear shaped at the moment as riggers don't like the cook here at the moment on days. So I have a meeting with rig manager in the morning. See what happens, the old me would have been stressed and worried and panicked. Not the new me:-) I just seem to have the mental strength to deal with whatever is thrown at me. I will take some selfies tomorrow too as the pics aren't as clear and close up as I would like but hey they did their best with my phone. I have noticed more body changes too, I caught a glimpse of some calf definition this afternoon and also for about the past week a split in my chest, veins are popping so very cool. I did legs tonight and loved it??? I am enjoying the different dimension only taking a minutes rest makes too. I wonder what post challenge training there will be.... I have to run smoko to the rig and then will finally have another 5mins spare to listen to the weekly message. Wow week 12..... I remember when that counter on the home page read day 1!!!

  • Jo Philp
    11 Oct 2014
    5:30 AM

    Day 76/84 Weight: 59.8kg Exercise: walking and gym I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks about editing my intro bio. Tonight I gave it a lot of thought and have decided against it. It was who I was at that time and I want to stay true to me. Instead I have decided to blog it here. A little personal insight I wanted to share having gained so much confidence, awareness and discovery during this challenge. I would like it to say "I was in a very horrible relationship that eventually ended after 5 years. This landed me back in my home town of Toowoomba 3 years ago, a move I did not want to make. I spent 15 years building a life for myself in North Queensland and I lost everything in the separation, house, car, 3 businesses. I gained a lot of debt (which will be all paid by the end of this month) and the full time care of my beautiful little ladies. I started a weight loss journey just prior to this all happening and lost 20kg with the then intention of working towards a body building competition. I fell in a rut I suppose and made every possible excuse I could find not to exercise too. I woke up one day and decided it was time for me to do something about it, to break the cycle for the next generation, of comfort eating and sitting on the couch watching TV, in a nutshell not living and being incredibly unhealthy. I want to live a life of fulfillment, show my girls how to be healthy and active, how to love themselves, respect themselves. I joined the gym and was looking online for a diet that included supplements to support my exercise goals, as I was too afraid to ask anyone. I came across the challenge and it seemed perfect as I had also used Max's products in NQ and loved them. This time I will do it!!" I have learnt on this journey it is ok not to be perfect. I do have flaws and have had some wonderful and horrible experiences so far in life, but have always been grateful for them all. They have made me, me. I have learnt so much in the past 11 weeks it is astounding and I was not prepared at all for the mental journey that arose. So very rewarding, I found the confidence to write what I really would have like my intro to say, but didn't 11 weeks ago. I actually like me and respect me and am very proud of me, I didnt like me 11 weeks ago. My little ladies have noticed a lot of things too so it works!!!! *SHOUTING :-) I AM CHALLENGE AND I AM STRONG ENOUGH ................. I had a really crappy sleep and woke up looking a bit crappy too consequently lol. I feel like I'm fighting off the onset of a chest infection, it won't stop me though!! I still got up and went for my walk and then hit the gym and smashed it out 1min breaks again between sets and exercises; -);-) I love shoulders and back day!!! I even felt great on my walk too. I stopped and took some pics today and even saw a puppy dingo, so cute. The little purple flowers are out here everywhere but there is this one bright green patch that reminds me of my girls each day. Feeling very content on my insides and just very simply happy. I love smiling, must be all those wonderful endorphins. I thought lots about my blog this morning, feeling a little scared saying that stuff out loud. It is my fear that people perceive me to be weak, a victim or feeling sorry for myself. I have never felt like any of these!! I do sometimes think why me but I build a bridge and get over it. My life is wonderful and I will say it again, I would not change a thing. I am having fun here at work tonight, still passionate about cooking and spoiling my riggers. I feel like I give a little piece of me to them when I cook as they honestly give me so much without knowing it. Except for when they are whinging and whining lol. Of which I had better go and organise their midnight meals! Wow last day of week 11 tomorrow, bring it on I still have so much energy to smash out another week:-)

  • Jo Philp
    10 Oct 2014
    10:10 AM

    Day 75/84 Weight: 59.8kg Exercise: walking and gym I have just finished work and had a great night. I enjoyed my night drives to the rig and really pushed myself on chest and shoulders in the gym this morning too. I cut my rest time down to 1 min between sets and exercises and got them all done, with time to spare between rig runs, washing and feeding riggers here at camp. I have just finished entering all my exercises, weights and reps and my nutrition into my phone over my Nitetime shake;-)) I was tagged on instagram to stop drop and take a selfie and I was making my boys mini focaccias. I never used instagram before this challenge and I look forward to certain paoples posts, they make me smile and are so supportive and kind. The Max's and Maxine's challenge people is a fantastic community, I am glad I am apart of it. I forgot the other day, probably due to delerium from lack of sleep so also my sincerest apologies for my blogs being a little erratic over last few days too- dam you night shift lol. Anyways.... to post a pic of me from Christmas. I hadn't looked at these since they were taken and wanted to post something on instagram for throw back thursday as it is amazing to see what changes people have made, not just during this challenge but some people over 12 months of a weight loss journey. I don't have many pics of myself from last few years but found these on facebook. I was a little heavier when I started this challenge than I am in the pics from Christmas. I had no idea I looked that way, I am still me just stronger, happier- much much much happier, healthier and so many other things now. Oh and I have a little gun show now too:-) Well I am going to shower, moisturise and look over the forum and get some sleep. Then up at 4.30 to walk my cattle grids and dirt road:-)))) so nice to walk in the open country air! ............... Woohooo night shift is awesome, lol being positive!!! At least it is nice and cool and not so many people around as during the day, I like my own company a lot. I woke up feeling a bit blah, didnt sleep so well and a few of the riggers have been sharing their germs:-( we even had one rigger last night isolated with vomiting and diarrhea, he better keep that to himself!!!! I went for my walk but felt quite lethargic, but I did it:-) I had quite a bit of spare time once I was home so I thought I would do my legs while I was still moving. Also means I can chill a bit more tonight, take it easy and not be on such a schedule to get in and out of the gym. I really enjoy my time at the gym at home and out here and don't like to be watching the clock. I want to take care of myself and being that I wasnt feeling 100% and still wanting to do my gym stuff I changed it up. I did slightly lighter weights and concentrated on my technique and did them all to the count of 3 up and down. I am sure there are technical terms I will learn eventually. I enjoyed it and even though it was lighter it was just as hard. I also only rested 1 min between sets and exercises too. I am nearly finished my prep for tonight so am looking forward to opening up my computer and doing some study. I love being organised and on top of everything. I took a pic of me in the gym last night repping it out in my crop top just for Janet. She is so super sweet I really hope I get the opportunity to meet her at the Gala and give her the biggest hug and thanks. Back to work I go while the rest of the world dreams;-) I love my life, me and miss my little ladies x

  • Jo Philp
    9 Oct 2014
    10:38 PM

    Day 74/84 Weight: 59.9kg Exercise: walking and gym with extra abs and bum Wow just writing that, there is only 10 days left.... I am training everyday these last 2 weeks and crap it is hard lol. I am loving every moment even the hard parts. I had an awesome time in the gym at 1.30am this morning doing legs. I don't see chicken drumsticks when I look at them anymore. They aren't where I want them to be yet but I feel like I have made amazing progress. Yesterday was a really big day and I flopped into bed after showering and passed out. I am sleeping really well these past few weeks. I got up at 4.30 and went for my walk this afternoon, summer is definitely on its way it was hot out there pounding the dirt road and over cattle grids. There were heaps of bunnies around tonight, they are so cute but way too fast for me and my camera on my phone lol. I then had breakfast and spoke with the girls they are cute:-):-):-) I am in a really great head space thanks to this challenge, feeling awesome. There aren't enough superlatives in the world to describe my feelings these days. I had some spare time so I did an ab and bum workout and then showered for work. I will rock my chest out in the gym again at about 1.30am. I really have lived up to my motto this challenge of finding a way and not finding an excuse. I have to go cook some guys there breakfast but will finiah this off in a couple of hours. ......... Ok breakfast for my midnight starters done and now a quick 5 mins before my midnight finishers arrive home. Time is a little more limited now as I have to spend 1 hour 3 times a night driving food up to the rig as well as washing and cooking so going to have to work something out for my time in the gym. I'm learning all about appreciation for the little things in my day. This morning I took pics of dawn and the sun peeking through, on night shift it is always my favourite time of the day. That moment one side of the sky is in complete darkness and the other is beginning to brighten. The moon tonight was big, beautiful and orange just after dusk too. I couldn't get a great pic on my phone but tried. I packed my moisturiser and have kept my promise to love me more, I do it morning and night. I also love my guava lip gloss which lives in my short pocket or handbag at home. I have posted a couple of other pics of me throughout the afternoon, I like to sit in the sun when I wake up and was looking at how much my legs have changed, I am not very pretty when I get out of bed, but I am me:-) I also did my food prep tonight. I leave enough for myself for the first few days when I get back in as these are the busiest, getting back into the swing of things and cleaning up after my back to back etc. Loving me and my new body and life. Xxx

  • Jo Philp
    8 Oct 2014
    4:57 PM

    Day 73/84 Weight : 60.0kg Exercise : walking and gym Up at 3.30 this morning to do my cardio so I could shower and eat breakfast before being at airport by 5.30. I cooked my eggs last night, I have never been so happy to eat cold eggs lol, aside from boiled ones, I love cold boiled eggs with salt and pepper!! It broke my heart to leave this morning! !!! I say goodbye to my lil ladies the night before and we always talk about mummy being away and their feelings. This morning I was literally half in the car to leave and I heard a cry of mummy, it was my gorgeous Keira. I turned around and I didn't care if I was late, I scooped her up and had the biggest cuddle. It took everything I had not to cry too, not because I need to hide my sadness just because I don't think I would have stopped. She couldnt look at me in my mum's arms as I drove away, I think that is fair enough. She is such an old soul, I always say she has been here before. It was a somber trip out for me as a result. I was straight into it when I arrived at 8am and a drug and alcohol test as soon as I arrived too. We get tested randomly but when you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about either, so all good there. I worked till 2.30pm and then put my gym gear on and found my mood changer:-):-):-) so now off to bed before beginning my looooooong week of night shifts 8pm-8am:-( so hopefully I can get a couple of hours sleep in. Till a bit later......... ............... Epic, epic fail on sleeping. I rested though and got up just after 6 and the moon was stunning. I took some pics before the Eclipse started and then did 30mins of cardio. I was starving when I got back so put myself on my nightshift eating plan and wolfed down breakfast, very literally hahaha. It was tough at the start to change my thinking about food, being a chef, but it is so easy now to eat clean I dont even think about it. I really enjoy it actually, that doesn't mean I dont miss rich, amazing, stunning food though, I do very much. I just like me more and my body more eating this way and in this mindset. I walked into a bit of a crappy day, loads of changes and demands. I found it very easy to brush off and have a positive attitude about it all. Wow, I like this person I have become!! Not stressing, worrying, feels nice to not be exhausted from doing those things. I miss my girls terribly, more motivation to finish my pt course. I received a nice message from Paula my first PT I had in townsville. She told me I look awesome, that means the world coming from her. I'm excited for her to as she is competing in nationals this weekend. Well I have a bit on tonight and want to fit in a cheeky gym sesh too xxx 11 days till the finish of this extraordinary chapter......

  • Jo Philp
    7 Oct 2014
    3:30 PM

    Day 72/84 Weiggt: 60.3kg Exercise: walking and leg day with Kayla I wanted to write my post a bit earlier today as I fly back out to work tomorrow. I want to spend my afternoon and evening hanging with my girls before I dont get their cuddles and kisses for another 2 weeks. Girls were up early today, I still beat them off the treadmill though which is my wish everyday. I went to crawl into bed last night and well unbeknown to me i was sharing with my lul angel and meatlug! They were super good getting dressed and having their breakfast, they even had an hour to play before school! I enjoyed my time on the treadmill this morning it is amazing how much of a difference different music can play on your moods. I did my school drop offs, girls were excited about catching up with their friends after long weekend and holidays. I think it is wonderful they enjoy going to school and learning too, they are such little sponges. I then made my way to hairdressers, one of my fav things to do in the world. I always feel so nice when I walk out and Carmen didn't let me down. I have chocolate brown hair, my natural colour and red foils, I love it. It took nearly 3 hours so I only made it to the gym just in time for my pt session with Kayla. I also had to wait to eat my lunch afterwards so was a bit cranky hahaha. I like to be at the gym and started before I meet Kayla and so being a girl who likes schedules and routines I was a bit out of whack. I sorted it out and used it to my advantage and man my legs are going to be sore tomorrow! Seriously what was I thinking throwing in an extra leg day this last 2 weeks;-) you want it Jo you gotta work for it chick, I just keep telling myself that!!! I am also learning to adapt to lifes situations easily. If I want to be comfortable with me then I need to get used to being uncomfortable. I didn't get to my chin ups today which dissapointed me too but I will make them up! Feeling even more relaxed about these final 2 weeks again today, I want to have fun and enjoy it. I am not stressed about final pics either now. I had a beautiful message from Janet online which reassured me and put me at ease, such a beautiful lady. It isn't nor ever was a body building comp, I have transformed my body and even more to achieve. So I am going to train my ass off and love every single moment. The gym really is therapy for my soul, perhaps like everything else I am learning I will make peace with the cardio too. I do enjoy my walks in the middle of nowhere out at work though.... there are positives in everything. My shoes should arrive today so I can set stuff out to grab as soon as I fly in on Wednesday the 22/10, I have asked my mum to pick my bikinis up next week once I have paid for them and leave them on the table too. I should be able to jump off the plane grab my things, down for a tan then pics, home and finish completion process. It will be straight to pick girls up from school and have a bit of fun..... then out to celebrate:-):-):-) Life truly is wonderful xxx I am feeling like my life is a really good book I don't want to put down because I am excited about seeing what happens in the next chapter. At the same time not wanting it all to end too quickly!

  • Jo Philp
    6 Oct 2014
    8:38 AM

    Day 71/84 Weight: 59.9kg Exercise : walking the treadmill and gym I trust the process and it is an amazing feeling. Such contentment from doing so, no loss of determination or motivation though, I will work harder than ever, set new goals and I will enjoy this journey we call life!!! Smile on my face, sparkle in my eyes, moisturised and off to the gym I go;-) ................ How funny straight after muscle TV watching Janet's workout and Amanda's recipe for sweet potato hash is a retail ad for 'the cookie diet' hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Anyways... Last day of school holidays today:-(:-(:-(. My mum rang last night and wanted to take girls for the day, I was a bit disappointed. Dad rang this morning and said she wouldn't be, yeay for me. Dad watched them for me for an hour this morning while I went to the gym, mum was on a road trip. Kayla met me when I was about half way through my workout and showed me a few different ranges of movements for my bicep curls and helped me with my bench press too. I only had her for a half hour so used her for the stuff I really wanted to push myself on. We had a good chat about my diet and also these last 2 weeks. I think I am going to do an extra leg day these last 2 weeks. I am happy with where I am at with everything else but would like to see how far I can push my leg sessions. I got up after lunch and noticed veins in my arms, so of course I had to take a pic, that's amazing. So many body changes it is crazy! I have decided to see how I go cutting the yoghurt out of my diet and replacing it with my oats or egg, very sad about that as it is my favourite breakfast. I have also cut the burn bars and replaced them with 30g almonds. My previous issues with almonds I.e. Overeating them, has been cured by portion controlling them, just like I do everything else:-):-). I will see how I go. I have read over the forum tonight and Janet wrote a great post re. Final pics etc. I found it very calming as I have been stressing about it a little. Probably more so due to the fact I only fly in that Wednesday more than anything. I don't have a couple of days to take more pics etc if I don't like them. It is what it is, I have done my hard work so far and pulling out everything I have these last 2 weeks, pics hopefully will be the easy part:-) Letting go go of the comparison game has been wonderful. It is amazing how much energy you can waste on that and also worrying about what others think. I thought about that lots today after a conversation exchange this morning. Sundays is linen change day, so nice to crawl into bed last night with fresh sheets, oh the little things. Speaking of little things, my girls pick me flowers, sometimes they are just those yellow weeds that grow in the lawn or clover. Their rule when they pick flowers is they must come with a kiss, I love spring and my kisses and lil lady cuddles. I get loads just from flowers daily. They are such kind giving souls, they passed their baking efforts yesterday around to the neighbours and today I had to take loom bands for Kayla, so incredibly beautiful. Getting my locks chopped and coloured tomorrow so very excited then gym for leg day, give me what I want legs I promise I will work hard for it!

  • Jo Philp
    5 Oct 2014
    8:57 PM

    Day 70/84 Weight: 60.3kg Exercise: walking treadmill An amazingly fun day and productive one too with my beautiful lil ladies. I was a bit dumb though when they changed my phone over and didn't adjust the clock settings, soooooo I was excited when I woke up thinking I had slept in for an hour when I walked into the kitchen and realised it was only 4:15am hahahaha. Daylight savings started today and I live in Queensland, body clock is still in tact! So treadmill time it was and it is definitely time for new mix for my ears, so organised that over my protein shake this afternoon. I had some me time before the girls got up, so had my breakfast and shower and yep more squats both before treadmill and shower and after shower! whilst admiring my hard work I had a revelation. I have learnt a lot through this challenge, a great big lot. I have grown as a person, learnt to love myself, become a better mum, am more motivated, more disciplined about my food, I actually exercise now- daily even twice a day most days but I learnt something new today too. I have never loved the skin I am in!!! I mean love my skin and my body, respect it. Yesterday off the cuff I bought some spray on moisturiser and a tinted one as well. Today I pulled it out of the cupboard and spent me time loving my skin. It felt so nice, so so so very nice. I even did it again after I showered from mowing the lawn. I will love my skin more, respect my body inside and out more from today forward. I have a little saying saying I go through with my girls daily, even over Skype or phone when I am at work. 'are you beautiful?, are you kind?, are you important?, are you special?'. I believe if they hear those things daily they'll grow believing them, but we mirror what we see also. How can I expect those 2 amazing little ladies to be all I hope for them if I don't show them? Those beautiful little ladies and I baked our hearts out today, we made caramel chocolate chip biscuits, chocolate cake and I showed them how to make honeycombe. They make me smile how much they care and love each other. Isabell helping Keira weigh stuff out, showing her how to do things, Keira showing Isabell how to be a free spirit. While I mowed, I wish I had my phone to take pics, they played on trampoline and then I put the sprinkler on for them. Old school fun at its finest, 2 little ladies squeals echoing through the neighbourhood. So happy it has been sunny days whilst I've been home. I took a pic of the shorts I was wearing today, I used to pour myself into these! Now I can put them on and take them off without undoing them;-);-);-) no abs after drinking like 3 litres of water though hahah. Feels a a bit funny not going to the gym today, but enjoyed the break. Looking forward to tomorrow, not holding out for Kayla to meet me but excited about going. I am feeling great, my diet is going well, I did consider doing the shred but am glad I didn't, I have done everything I possibly can, I have no regrets. I've put in my extra 1% this week in everything I have done, not just within this challenge. Life is beautiful and I love it, absolutely love it. Business end of the challenge now, 2 weeks to go wooooohooooo I can't wait to see what I can do in these final 2 weeks, extra 2% everyday this week me thinks:-)

  • Jo Philp
    4 Oct 2014
    4:49 AM

    Day 69/84 Weight: holy holy holy 60.6kg Exercise : walking and gym with Kayla leg day:-) cancelled Just about to do my cardio and wanted to post my weight for the day, I nearly fell off the scales hahahaha. And I've done 30 squats already. ............. Well today started out awesome, scales rocked my world, had to sort through folding on couch to find a 'pair' of socks, did my cardio, had a nice few hours with girls before we loaded up to hit the gym. I even made a loom band with girls to match my gym clothes today hahaha. It is quite relaxing, we have fun. Then...... I'm in the car and on my Bluetooth in car a message comes up:-(. Kayla cancelled! So very disappointed and 2 days in a row. I understand her circumstances and things are a bit shit for her at work at the moment, I just feel let down. I went to to the gym, but my mood was pretty low on the way. Once I dropped girls off to crèche and got hugs and kisses and went out and rocked my legs and bum for leg day, I had fun out there. I seem to be able to take myself away from everything else in my head and just concentrate when I'm on the gym floor, an empowering and unbelievable feeling. Not too many people until just before I was done and I was the only girl too :-). We went and got salmon and stuff to bake on our way home all set up for a nice day. The girls literally spent all day cleaning there rooms, made me a little sad and frustrated. They just made more mess and mucked around, oh well I had a nana nap, even watched a movie while I did the folding- wow for me to sit there for 90mins. I think I am just a bit exhausted from pushing myself so hard, wasted energy thinking about Facebook stuff this week and dissapointment. I believe that emotional energy is far more exhausting than physical energy expended. Life isn't perfect though and I know that I will have some low days, I seem to recover from them quicker these days though. I could have eaten a cazillion donuts, I didn't:-/ Countless squats achieved on top of leg day again ;-);-);-);-) I asked Isabell to take my progress pics this afternoon, the sun was coming through blinds so a bit yellow and some are a bit fuzzy but I don't care they are just for me, I love my new body. Yep loads of improvements needed but my progress is awesome. Those obliques are showing themselves, I feel like I have a fresh sculpture to mould and shape how I want now, if that makes sense. If I keep the self gratification up in the mirror though my ass is going to be rock hard from all these squats hehehehehe. We just have have to clean up Isabells's book shelf in the morning and then Keira wants to make 5 cakes and go bike riding. I'd love to make 5 cakes with them tomorrow and some biscuits as well. I have been dying to show them how to make honeycombe too, love to see their little faces. See how we go, I also need to do a couple of chores, mowing, wash dogs etc but girls love to help with that too. Off to read over the forum and then get some beauty sleep:-)

  • Jo Philp
    3 Oct 2014
    6:52 PM

    Day 68/84 Weight: 61.4kg Exercise: treadmill walking and gym I got brave this morning and tried my goal piece of clothing on, a pair of pants that are a size 28 and have been hanging over my closet cupboard for more than 2 years. They FIT!!!!!! So I wore those babies all day, except for at the gym of course:-). So proud, so very proud. I can't believe school holidays are nearly over. I love spending every day with my girls, makes me feel nicer about flying back out to work on Wednesday having spent so much quality time with them. I still have 3 days and I am really looking forward to a bit of me time on Tuesday too. We loom banded all afternoon! I had a busy morning taking Isabell to doctor and I forgot to get my Maxs nitetime the other day, needed broccoli and cauliflower, forgot to get salmon and celery:-( then home to change and head to gym. You know how good your life is when you get excited about broccoli being $1.50/kg lol. I was a little disappointed today at the gym. I only get a half hour with Kayla, especially today as my appointment was at 11.30am and crèche shuts at midday. I got there at 10.45 and started my workout and Kayla didn't meet me till 11.50am. I was nearly finished:-(. It wasn't completely her fault, her manager called a meeting. Still I pay for my 6 sessions a month and I didn't get my time today. I did a great workout though and pushed myself hard, I get stronger each day and my pec is healing too. Janet's chinups were with elastics today 3 x 12 :-). I realised this morning there is no chin up bar out at work and no door way to even buy a bar and hang one in..... So have been thinking all day and I saw push-ups being done like a handstand?????? Thinking I want to try that.... See how many times I fall on my head hahahaha. One of my long term goals is to be able to do the salmon ladder, I'd love to be able to do that! Tomorrow is leg day and looking forward to it again. I have kept up my promise to squat every time I looked in the mirror...... Yeah I'm not going to admit how many I have done already today and the day isn't quite over :-/. I even caught myself admiring myself in a window reflection here at home so I squated AGAIN. Ooooooooooooh I bought heels online last night for my final pics:-):-) proper stage ones too. I told myself if I bought those then I have to promise myself I compete next year, so I never break a promise. So dam exciting. 3 complete days with my gorgeous girls before the school run starts again, so looking forward to the long weekend. Hairdressers Tuesday, woooohoooooo finally and we won't talk about work Wednesday. 100% clean eating for nearly 12 weeks now, wowsers!!

  • Jo Philp
    2 Oct 2014
    6:49 PM

    Day 67/84 Weight:61.6kg Exercise: treadmill and gym So excited Kayla is back tomorrow:-):-). I really have enjoyed training on my own though too. Taking my time, counting my rest break minutes and pushing myself, watching myself in the mirror, just being me. I really have learnt to love me. I love what I am creating within myself, I am growing each and every day in every possible way. I did chest today and Janet's warm up chin up challenge, 2 x 15 sets at 20.3kg again. My pec is stiiiiiiiiiiiiill giving me grief but I still did a good workout, I have veins and muscles and I love it. I have wasted energy today thinking about people's comments on my pictures I posted on Facebook. I am dissapointed in myself for wasting that energy, I understand too that all changes take time. I would have really let that stuff get to me before, sat down and cried, hid away from the world, eaten something really bad- a lot of a lot of bad food, returned to my cocoon. Instead I still got up this morning and did my cardio, I still got ready for the day and went about my chores, I still went to the gym as scheduled- on my own and loved it, I didn't cry, I didn't eat anything bad or a lot more than I should have. So I am proud of the changes I have made Inside and out to get to where I am today. People will always judge, I am still learning what to do when they do. I had had a great day with my girls, colouring in, loom banding, eating, supplements shopping- love love love buying my Supps:-). I still lick the lid and as much as I can of my Max's nitetime every night lol, it is so good! I don't think I could ever give it up hahahaha. The guy at the supps shop was really supportive and helpful too, he told me to stick with what I am doing as it is obviously working and I should be proud, he told me "@&$? What everyone else thinks, they're just jealous!" Sometimes it is nice to hear someone else say what you are thinking. I also explored the challenge page a bit today and reread over the end of challenge info. I was excited to see they'll be releasing maintenance stuff for after the challenge too. I have been wondering about that and just getting my head around what to do the last few days before pics. I think I need to buy heels so will have to look into that:-):-):-). I also read that I should celebrate a 'little' after the challenge. I'm Not sure if I can do it? I have been thinking since I read that though, perhaps I should plan to go out to dinner that Wednesday night I fly home, smorgasbord perhaps :-):-)! I never used to look at myself in the mirror!!! I would leave the house most days before doing so, subconsciously. I have found myself admiring my hard work a little too often lately, so my new thing is every time I stop to look in a mirror I have to do 10 squats, I've done more than I care to count today ;-). I will keep that up till the end of the challenge! I need to finish chores and hang with my ladies, can't wait to see Kayla tomorrow, yipee!

  • Jo Philp
    1 Oct 2014
    7:32 AM

    Day 66/84 Weight: 61.5kg Exercise: treadmill and it is leg day woooohooo I woke up feeling fabulous this morning and thought I'd tell the world before hitting the gym for leg day. AND I am excited about leg day too, I must be a little loopy hahaha. I sat outside and had breakie again though it's a little windy today, eggs yum! Actually food is just yum my favourites are still oats and yoghurt days though. My mum and dad have taken Isabell to brisvegas Xmas shopping, it is only October 1!!!! My mum is the functions co-ordinator at the Regional Council here though and so has to get decorations, Isabell was super excited. So I am dropping Keira at kindy while I hit the gym then picking her up for some mummy and Keira time. It doesn't happen often, one of the hard parts of being a single mum. Until a bit later........ ...................... I had a great day, legs went well, though the smith machine was out of action so did my squats without it. No one bothered me today so it was good. I shamelessly took selfies, I was a bit self conscious but talked myself into them. I am glad I did take them, it is cool to see what you look like working out. I am going to ask Kayla when she comes home to take some pics for me. I was was brave and posted some pics of me on Facebook today. People's reactions were mixed so I spent some time reflecting upon that. I have decided to take Janet's advice and be a bit selfish these last couple of weeks. I need to look after myself, my body and mind and don't want any negativity to thwart my journey so I am going to avoid social media for a while. I am proud of what I have achieved and this last few weeks are going to be tough. I have found the courage to respond to a couple of messages on the forum and got some nice feedback from Harp's tonight, very positive stuff, makes me feel like I am on the right path. I loom banded with with the girls tonight, so frustrating those little rubber bands. I spent 20 minutes setting one up and messed it up royally so now, apparently we are loom banding again tomorrow. Really??????Hahahaha. Oh oh I went dress shopping today..... toowoomba customer service sux very badly! I went into every formal shop in the city and not one sales attendant asked me if I needed help! Also the dresses or should I say lack there of are terrible :-(. It may very well be a last minute buy up in Melbourne. I did however layby not 1 but 2 bikinis for my final pics. They were way more than I should spend but they were exactly what I wanted and well, I have worked my ass off. I better keep working too as they are size 8's:-/:-/:-/. My first ever bikinis as an adult, I don't know if I ever had one as a kid? Well I am lying in bed and my eyes are closing, I love bed and sleeping! Them muscles need their rest to grow :-). I need my rest too if I have to loom band all day tomorrow too!

  • Jo Philp
    30 Sep 2014
    7:38 PM

    Day 65/84 Weight: 62.1kg Exercise: treadmill and gym I had another wonderful day hanging with my girls. I didn't drop Keira to kindy till 10am and picked her up at 1, I just wanted to hang with them. I had to get them new headphones today and walked past a clearance rack in target, a pair of size 8 denim shorts were on there for $7 I thought I'd just get them to see if they'd fit as they were so cheap, HOLY crap they did! oh my god, oh my god, I was jumping for joy. The girls also found my burn bar stash for the first time in 11 weeks hahaha, the sharing is about to begin, mind you I hid them somewhere else so hopefully out of sight out of mind. That didn't work too well for me with the almonds though, so I am not buying them anymore:-(:-(. Pretty sure I can cope with no almonds for 3 weeks??????? I have a love hate relationship with my treadmill. It is a necessary evil I understand, I would just rather walk in the sunshine or at least outside, it is soooooooooo boring some days lol. I had a great session working out in the gym, I did back and shoulders today, my favourite:-). I tried to take some selfies but there was a lady that kept wanting to chat and I was a bit frustrated by it. I don't get any me time this break aside from my hour a day at the gym and I would just like to be left alone. I feel really selfish and mean for saying that as she was really nice and all. She did tell me I had an amazing back, that made me feel nice. I failed badly on the relax time last night, I did what I do every night and read over the forum. I posted a comment, I have been thinking about it for a few days but just had to find the courage. Janet, as always said some lovely things. I have also joined the chin up challenge and did 3 x 10 assisted chin ups at 23kg today. I'll make sure I get them unassisted before this challenge is over. I have been treating my sore pec, love the burn of the dencorub. Makes it bearable to do my workouts and also taking some voltaren tablets too. Tomorrow is leg day and I am actually looking forward to it, I am enjoying going to the gym on my own too. I definitely have the motivation and my confidence, well,,,,,,,, I don't even worry about walking in there now, I just walk in and do it. Day 2 of week 10 down, day 3 beware this lady is going to smash legs tomorrow and run amok with her girls.

  • Jo Philp
    29 Sep 2014
    8:27 PM

    Day 64/84 Weight: 62.1kg Exercise: treadmill, gym and then Mt. Climbing Loving the school holidays, not having to be out of the house by any particular time. I even lay in bed till 5am this morning:-). My girls slept in too which was nice so I still got my cardio in before they woke up and got to eat my oats outside again today, loving the spring weather. I miss North Queensland on days like this and every other day too, I have made peace with my life here in Toowoomba though, I just miss my friends. We are all where we want to be and need to be in this journey of life. I am grateful for my journey so far and am now enjoying every day learning more about me, becoming the person I want to be. I want my girls to be proud to call me their mum, as much as I am proud of them. The challenge message last night resonated as always, particularly Harp's segment. I feel like I need to justify myself all the time to people about how I live my life. Yes I am a single mum, yes I'm a fifo worker, yes I have my beautiful girls 100% of the time, no it is not because I choose it to be like that, yes, yes, yes. I have gotten better through this challenge with that though, learning more about me and being comfortable with me. I don't believe in judgements as no one gave me the right to judge anyone, nor do I know what their life has been like or the struggles and joys they face daily. It is difficult for me to not worry about what every one else thinks about me as people judge all the time. I Remind myself and think before I now try and justify myself as to whether it is necessary. I like that I am getting stronger within myself. I have not faced a lot of judgement about doing this challenge, as for the most part when I am home the only people I see are those at the gym and my mum and dad. Dad doesn't understand but he is proud and mum well she is on her own weight loss journey and whilst she doesn't really understand what I want to achieve she supports me 10000%. My parents are amazing people I am very lucky. I did wake up this morning thinking about what was said about being average, I really don't want to be average. I really want to see what I am capable of, push my body to see what I can achieve, I want to get in a bikini- a sparkling one next year and do a competition. Someone commented on my Instagram that they weren't ready for this journey to be over, I too am feeling sad about the end of this challenge but really feel it has been the best opening to the next chapter in my journey. I had a look at some bikinis today and had no idea what I was looking for hahahaha, the lady said I should buy a size 8??????????????? Really? I have never been a size 8 well maybe high school grade 8 lol. I have a couple of ideas so will check out some ones online too. Soooooooooo after smashing myself for an hour on the treadmill this morning, a gym session after dropping Keira at kindy, Isabell tells me she wants to go climb tabletop:-/:-/. I told her I needed a nana nap first, that didn't really work, but I rested for an hour and well, off we went. If my girls want to do physical things I will never say no! That and I just adore my time with them. I really wanted to have a proper look and play with Fred's new cross fit video but not tonight now lol. Tomorrow night for sure! I haven't watched any TV aside from a movie with the girls last night in about ummmmmm 11 weeks so I was going to lie on my couch after this and watch an episode of something from my hard drive. I still find it difficult to relax but that is a part of me I can work on too. I am sleeping heaps better these past 2 or so weeks and perhaps having that chamomile tea nightly is helping, perhaps it's the still perplexing question of no coffee for a couple of weeks now. Whatever it is everything about my lifestyle has changed over these past couple of months so it could just be everything too. Whomever writes the daily quotes on Facebook does an incredible job. They are my thought processes for the day and I so very much look forward to them. Thank you xx. Week 10........... It has officially begun;-)

  • Jo Philp
    28 Sep 2014
    8:44 PM

    Day 63/84 Weight: 62.0kg Exercise: treadmill walking, bushwalking with my lil ladies, extra abs and bum Another beautiful spring day and fabulous day with my girls. I was up at 4am (body clock has definitely changed!) and onto the treadmill. It was so nice when I finished, in toowoomba of all places- I know!, I sat outside and ate my yoghurt. Love, love, love yoghurt days and I was always a hot breakfast sort of girl when I had breakfast. Now I even eat my oats and protein powder cold AND I look forward to breakfast daily. If I ever ate breakfast before this challenge it wasn't until about 10am and then it was usually something bad. I made pancakes for thegirls for their breakfast and there is even enough left for tomorrow, they'll be in heaven! Isabell slept in a bit, probably had something to do with her and Elana, her friend who slept over, staying up chatting till 10.30 last night. Once she finished her breakfast we made red velvet cupcakes, my girls love to bake and help with meal preparations, Elana wasn't so into it. While they were cooling and waiting to be iced I loaded them into the car and we went for a bushwalk through a local park, Redwood Park. It was quite hilly but pretty and the girls had fun. We had a picnic and looked for birds and other wildlife, there wasn't much other than birds though. Keira found a pretty waterfall and was in awe, she makes me smile so much. We came home and iced our cupcakes and the girls devoured a couple. I found crackle sprinkles at the shops on Friday so they had fun with those. Then dropped Elana home and the aftermath of a big weekend began for my girls, they were rather overwhelmed and emotional so we all had nana naps, them under protest lol. Mind you they both slept for 2 1/2 hours! Mine was just 45mins, just enough to be refreshed, rest them growing muscles and fill the rest of the afternoon with more fun:-) Isabell played under sprinkler while Keira coloured in and they both had warm baths. We played hungry hippos again, magic monkeys and painted our nails. I love my time with my girls, it is so precious and the holidays means it can be movie night again! So just the 3 of us tonight and we were all snuggled up on the couch with doona and pillows and the girls with their popcorn. Life is beautiful and I wouldn't change anything, well except my gains and a few other body modifications currently underway!!! I also spoilt the girls with a giant bowl of strawberries and a small scoop of cookies and cream ice cream after dinner. I don't normally buy ice cream, but I did the other day as a treat for the holidays. While the girls were still napping this afternoon I threw in some extra abs and bums. My pec is still sore, so will see how I go tomorrow at the gym with chest. I will do everything I can but will be mindful not to injure it further. Well this marks the end of week 9, look out 10 here I come:-) still ready for anything you have to throw at me!!!

  • Jo Philp
    27 Sep 2014
    9:18 PM

    Day 62/84 Weight: 61.5kg Exercise: walking and gym Life is wonderful, so very wonderful. I can even say that after mowing the lawn, shovelling dirt, washing my car and vacuuming it too, 10 loads of washing, will do folding after this blog, changing all linen over, looking after one of Isabells's school friends for weekend, entertaining Keira so she doesn't feel left out, baking with the girls, oh and let's not forget the cardio and leg day. I am astounded, my weekends used to be trying to find the energy to do all that in 2 weeks before I would go back to work! So much energy, positivity, feeling very blessed. I was up early and walked the treadmill and really loved it this morning. Of course walking outside would have been better but we do the best with what we have and can do. Kayla was supposed to train me at 8 so loaded girls up and off we went. Long story short she couldn't so I DID LEGS ALL ON MY OWN :-):-). In the big scary public gym too. That guy was there too but I put my head down and didn't make eye contact and just did my thing, confidence is growing astronomically. I was so happy with myself. Kayla was there and she was super proud too hehehe. I think I have been thanking this challenge every day for a while now, but I can't thank it enough!!!!!! My pec is still hurting but feels a little better today, just taking it easy. Hopefully it will be ok for chest again Monday :-/. I got got some quiet time tonight too while girls watched a movie and ate popcorn. They even made their own dinner, pizzas. I thought it would be fun for them and they loved it! They made choc fudge biscuits too with caramello chocolates in the middle, played under the sprinkler because it was a beautiful spring day here, made loom bands, did hair and makeup, crafts and laughed a lot. Tomorrow we are off walking in the morning and then making cupcakes, red velvet of course! I also have to sit down and do some study which I'm looking forward also. I had had a nice moment just before as well, Yolande commented on my progress pic and started following me on Instagram. Wow, the winner from last year thinks I am doing well! Makes me feel nice, I am already a winner and the challenge isn't over. I forgot to post my measurements the other day too so have added them to today's blog. I keep meaning to ask Kayla about cm's lost, I.e. When someone says they've lost 67cm for example are these particular measurements that are set? I just guessed which measurements to take, I haven't had a heart rate monitor for pretty much the whole challenge either. I will also attach some selfies I took at home here this morning, wasn't super confident to put them on Instagram but I'm of the delusion that nobody really reads this hahahaha. Last day of week 9 tomorrow, wow only 3 weeks and 1 day left:-(:-( what will I do without this challenge? Ok ok Jo, let's get through these few weeks first xxx

  • Jo Philp
    26 Sep 2014
    8:25 PM

    Day 61/84 Weight: 61.9kg Exercise: treadmill, shoulders at gym and Zuu class Oh my pec:-( it is sore and I hate it!!! I have been rubbing him, telling him I will love him and look after him and HE will do as he's told lol. Kayla couldn't fit me in today as she is organising a new program so she told me to do this zuu class downstairs, I hated it. I should trust my instincts more. It was bear crawls and squats and bear crawls and bear crawls and yep you guessed it mor bear crawls. I just want to lift heavy stuff!!!!! No more group boot camp like classes for this lady! I left feeling a little jipped as I didn't do my full weights to do that class and it is school holidays so I have to use crèche. I know better now though and will smash out extra stuff tomorrow. But otherwise I had a wonderful day. I am still feeling awesome, oh my god I also bought gala tix today too, such a surreal feeling. Now to book flights and accommodation:-):-):-). So dam excited. So excited to buy a sexy dress, do makeup and hair, meet people's from Instagram and amazingly helpful and talented Max's and Maxine's coaches and ambassadors. Will be an amazing night at the MCG. OK back to my wonderful day, I got groceries for weekend so the girls and I can bake, we are doing nails and makeup too apparently , Saturday night here is movie night so have been trying to find a movie we haven't seen, more so they haven't seen. I got lollies and cheezles and a whole bunch of other cool stuff for us to do seeing as Isabell has a friend over for the weekend too. So excited for her. We then picked Keira up early and just hung out, nice and relaxing. Friday night is picnic night here too so the girls decide what is for dinner and tonight they wanted to go to the spotted cow, a boutique pub here in toowoomb. We invited mum and dad and it was lovely, I put some makeup on and heels too. I had barramundi and salad was so yummy, cooked to perfection. Love going out to dinner, one of my fav things in the world. Keira has decided we are going out again next Friday too, it is usually a picnic on floor here at home or in the park so this is a bit different and nice too. Oh and I will try and upload a funny moment I captured this morning! I have to go organise my world to be out of the house early in the morning and I'm having an early night too. Treadmill and I have a date at 4am! Bring on a weekend filled with loads of laughter, baking, fun, smiles, cuddles, kisses and even more love. Because life is amazingly awesome;-)

  • Jo Philp
    25 Sep 2014
    9:16 PM

    Day 60/84 Weight: 61.8kg Exercise: EPIC DAY!!!!! Treadmill walking, gym with Kayla then she told me I had to be back with my girls at 5.15 for kids gym and 'after burn' for me oh my, oh my, oh my Well all I can say, well not all is what a day! But a great one too, I kept Keira at home from daycare today too :-). I love hanging with my lil ladies. We had a relaxing morning at home then off to the gym we went. I went early to do abs and start my chest before my time with Kayla. I got Isabell to take my progress pics this morning and well,,,,,,,,, I'm super, super proud. I could not be happier with my progress and I trust the process. I am not at all nervous about these next few weeks, just head down ass up and get it done with everything I have. Clearly it works and I cannot believe I ever doubted it, nor can I thank Max's and Maxine's enough ;-x I have done something to my right pec, I have known for a few days I did something in the gym at work Monday but wasn't sure doing what, well doing chest today I worked it out. I went too far on my flies, so resting him and loving him to get better for Monday. It has made me feel a bit off colour too today. I did awesome today though and don't feel bad about not being able to complete my flies. I did other stuff to compensate and know I need to rest it. Still no coffee????????? Still feel amazing, still feel like I can take on the world, still feel like nothing is too much trouble, still feel like I have oodles of energy, ooooodles and oooooodles actually! I have also had a nana nap for a half hour yesterday and an hour today which has been nice. Thinking about it now I am not sure how I fitted that in? Between 3 workouts, out to lunch with my girls- I heated my lunch up at gym and took it with me, dinosaur exhibition and activities, shopping and meal prep lol how did I fit that in? Still loving myself stupid hahahahahaha still can't believe I haven't done this sooner. No regrets still! I love my lil ladies time, we had so much fun today. I have offered to look after Kayla's boys tomorrow and Isabell has a frien over for the weekend too while her parents go to a wedding in Brisbane and I'm actually excited about all the cool stuff we can do. I've told Elana's mum to make sure she brings her walking shoes, cause that's what we do here now, active weekends, active happy family:-) I am just about finished my chamomile tea and then time for my Max's nitetim:-). Little bit excited about bed tonight, crawling into it and sleeping all the way through. Another epic gym day tomorrow too, can't wait!

  • Jo Philp
    24 Sep 2014
    3:31 PM

    Day 59/84 Weight: 62.1kg Exercise: walking and gym with Kayla I am home, I love being home:-):-):-). I was so excited this morning when I woke up I stripped my bed and made it for my campy, I had packed my food yesterday for today to take with me so grabbed that out of the cold room and jumped in the car for the 2 hour drive to the airport. We had to drive to Roma due to all the rain out near Injune but I was up at my normal time of 4am so no big deal for me just meant I had to do my cardio at the gym. I ate my breakie in the car, boiled egg and 3 more with the yolk taken out, then my morning tea on the plane, celery and burn bar. I also took my chicken and rice for lunch with me so all I had to do was boil my broccoli when I got home. Straight back into it. Isabell picked me up with my dad and we came home had a chat with dad then got into my car and went and got my supplies from supermarket, 100kg broccoli lol, chicken boobs, steak, tuna and fresh fish for tonight, love fish nights! Then home, shower and off to the gym we went. Kayla is hilarious, so good to see her and as always she is so proud. She had me doing the funniest exercises, I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow! I will upload some videos From my phone once I've posted this. And again as always so cooooooooooolllllll to workout with mirrors, I'm even a bit excited about going to gym on my own tomorrow and taking my time in front of mirrors to see muscles, geez I sound a bit vain:-/. But I've worked hard for this body and I want to watch it! I have come along leaps and bounds since yesterday, I guess we all have our rough days. Have had a lot of mixed feelings about sharing my pain yesterday but trying to stay positive about it. I wanted to write my blog a little earlier today as Keira will be home soon and I want to hang with them for the night, that and I usually die in the ass around 6pm on my first night home. I have put on my jeans I usually live in, they're stretchy and were getting to the point they were to tight to wear, uh uuuuugh not anymore, now they are just like pants, no need for even the stretchy part, WOW. I may even build the courage to try my goal pants on while I am home. I am going to get Isabell to take some pics for me tomorrow too and I'll do my measurements tonight. Can't believe my scales at home here say I have lost 13kg! Holy that is 13kg, 13kg yeay for me. But more importantly is the way I feel on the insides, happier, healthier, stronger on the inside and out. I truly love my life, it is amazing. I was getting dressed and Isabell randomly says wow mummy your bum is looking good. My girls make me smile;-). I have spoken to them lots about the importance of nutrition and exercise and they know it is all about fitness, being healthy and not being skinny. I do not want my girls to have body image problems. They are easy to talk to and reason with, most of the time lol, they also get treats and understand that is what they are, not a regular part of their diet and I don't reward them with food either, they are not dogs! I want them to grow up with intelligence surrounding their food and lifestyle choices, I want them to respect themselves and treat their bodies as temples. I have had a lovely day with Isabell, hungry hippos, loads of cuddles and kisses and I am being summonsed again to make loom bands so I had better go, tomorrow we are off to see the dinosaurs at grand central, love love love the school holidays:-)

  • Jo Philp
    23 Sep 2014
    4:03 PM

    Day 58/84 Weight: 63.6kg Exercise: HIIT and gym I woke up very emotional today and the first day I haven't been excited about going to the gym. I mean I wanted to but just felt my heart wasn't there. I gave it everything I had and pushed hard, but lots of my just wanted to lie down on the floor in the foetal position and ball my eyes out. I try so hard to be this strong person, sometimes I just can't keep it in check and it all comes out. I hide it from the world because I don't want to be seen as weak. But as a part of this challenge I have discovered it doesn't make you weak for admitting things. I see lots of girls and guys on Instagram sharing the dark parts of their days and lives but I have never once thought of them as weak, very much the opposite. I admire their candour, their honesty, showing their real selves, I want to be able to do that without fear too. So I started today. I posted a pic of me on Instagram a little sullen in the gym as I was with comment about how I was feeling. I felt it was easier to throw it into the universe to virtual strangers rather than speak to someone I know and burden them. I received loads of support, I didn't need anything from anyone just perhaps to know that someone knew how I was feeling. I did however receive comments and not just support but more honesty about themselves. We are never alone in how we feel, it made me feel reassured knowing that, not that I wish anyone to feel how I did today. Everyday of this challenge it amazes me the changes that are possible, I like it..... Lots! So I am learning about my inner warrior, her shield and spear and strengthening myself. I will not allow my past to hurt me anymore. I don't need to use my spear but my shield to protect myself from the thoughts of my past. I also don't need to use my spear to hurt anyone. I have always confronted my battles but have just never been very good at showing people. I have faced many troubles and will in the future too. I have faced a couple of battles that were mightier than me too but I came out the other side. My inner warrior has only and will only ever fight for peace and fairly. I need to learn not to use them to hurt myself and to decide for myself my path. I am a strong woman and a really good person too, it is ok to be me and show people too. Thank you Maxine's challenge for this post on Facebook today, it resonated deep within xxx It was still raining this morning so HIIT session again then Maxine's weights. Camp days for the guys means they turn the rec room/gym into an Xbox lounge room so I had to clean up a bit and kick a couple of them out this morning hehehehe. I have been feeling better and better as the days gone on and I have some space this afternoon, the rains stopped and the guys have gone back to work wooooooooohooooooooo :-):-):-). Mind you they tortured me at lunch with a packet of chico's, they are my absolute favourite lollies. They were ripping them up and throwing them into my lunch and saying you can have half a one come on Jo. They make me laugh and I resisted the temptation too. Only 1 more sleep and home to my ladies tomorrow and leg day with Kayla too. I wonder what she will say this time? I can take measurement too and workout in from of a mirror, lie in my own bed, cuddle my girls, kiss my girls, laugh with my girls, movie nights, reading, going to the park and bush walks. I am also getting my hair done this break too, oh my god I think it has been like 6 months so dam excited! And I will be buying my first bikini, holy crap I'm scared about that! Lots of exciting things to look forward too;-) Thank you Maxine's challenge for all you are teaching me, the roller coaster is wonderful, the ups and downs. Oh and I have veins in my arm see, see, see!

  • Jo Philp
    22 Sep 2014
    10:28 AM

    Day 57/84 Weight: 63.6kg Exercise: HIIT circuit and gym Just a quick blog this morning and I'll be back later:-) It has been raining here for last 24hours so the guys have a camp day. I normally love them but have found more and more I need my personal space. Today is one of those days and there is no escaping them lol. The tv in the dining room is up as loud as it will go and it will be like that all day, the kitchen and dining room are one shack so I get to listen too. So I couldn't walk this morning obviously, so I did my HIIT circuit and went hard. I then had breakie and back in there for my chest, triceps and ab workout. My chest is sore already lol. I could only push out 10 chest press on my final 2 sets, I dont have a spotter out here. I went hard on everything, I gave it my all. Ok lunch prep time... ...................... The day was better than I expected, the guys weren't as needy as they usually are on rain days. Yep I said it they can be needy, really needy! I have never met a bunch of blokes that require so much attention, can gossip more than a bunch of women at a CWA meeting and if there isn't any they make it up! They make me laugh so much and cry too sometimes lol. We found out today where the ball is, the MCG, WOW. So exciting!! I have been looking online for dresses but have decided I will buy it in Melbourne, have some fun shopping for something special to show off all my hard work. That is a bit strange for me as I normally hate clothes shopping but am a little excited. I could happily get paid to grocery shop for people though, I love grocery shopping, a little too much. My chest has been sore all day, on the positive side it has made me forget about how sore my legs are. I hope it stops raining so I can walk in the morning. I know it is good to change things up but those walks are good to clear my head. Perhaps I could cut my walks back and add something else in? Back to the how much is too much and not enough argument in my head. I listened to Fred's talk last night and feel I fall between the first and second category. I know I am doing great, but that plateau is hard. I was good and disciplined today and didn't eat any extra almonds, which has been the only thing I have changed about the nutrition plan, oh and my celery with the burn bars which is yum! I feel good about where I am using my energy too, I haven't played the comparison game for a while now. They are right it is an incredible waste of energy when we are all so very different in mind and body. I do the best job I possibly can being a fifo worker and a single mum, I have my mind demons and am incredibly self conscious. I have worked very hard on my confidence and many other things throughout this challenge, it will continue on forever now. Only 2 more sleeps now, so anxious to get home to my girls and hang out Xxx

  • Jo Philp
    21 Sep 2014
    10:09 AM

    Day 56/84 Weight: 62.6kg Exercise: walking and walking and walking my hills and gullies in the middle of nowhere :-) The scales moved again, I can't believe it. I am on top of the world again, it is such a wonderful feeling, feeling like I can take on anything the universe has to throw at me. I hope it never ends!!!! I also can feel the muscles in my bum today, hooooolllllyyyy crap theyre under there somewhere and they're sore lol. Just a quick sneaky blog before making my riggers some breakfast and sending lunch to the rig. Only 3 sleeps now till I get cute lil lady cuddles and kisses, feeling warm and fuzzy. ................. I have had another great day today. Been a bit interesting bending down to get into service fridge with sore legs though lol. My boss came out today to sort my chef out so we will see how he goes tonight. Putting my pants on this morning I was shocked how much room I had in them. Everywhere in them, around my bum, thighs, waist it is awesome so of course I had to take a pic, wow what a difference:-) I have also been enjoying chamomile tea at the end of my day out here. I usually drink earl grey late afternoon and evening but thought I would try the chamomile to help me sleep better. I still haven't had a coffee, it must be about 5/6 days now at least...... That one still perplexes me. I slept well again last night so maybe the chamomile is helping???? I tried to sleep in today and set my alarm for an 1.5hrs later than normal as I didn't have gym, I did wake up at 4am but went back to sleep. I felt like a naughty little kid when I finally got out of bed lol. But back to the 4am wake ups tomorrow. Official last day of week 8 today, which means I have 28 days to get my shit together and pull out everything I have to make the best possible transformation. I know I have put everything I possibly could into the last 8 weeks but I know I really have to push myself harder, I can do this it is only 4 weeks. So definitely no more extra almonds Joanne!!!!!!!!!! Stick to that diet 100%, train like my life depends on it and you will finish with a six pack and visible obliques! Happy days ahead I can't wait:-):-):-):-) Week 9, throw everything you have at me I am ready.

  • Jo Philp
    20 Sep 2014
    7:38 AM

    Day 55/84 Weight: 62.9kg Exercise: walking and yep I have been naughty and done week 9 legs ;-) I had to write a quick blog before work cause this morning scales said 62.9kg WTF hahahahahahahahaha wowzers I have not been that light since high school!!! I might also add my 20 year high school reunion is in about a month lol, I'm not going. Not too many great memories from high school. Anyways back to how amazing I am feeling again today and the scales just compounded it 10 fold. Loving myself stupid :-):-):-):-) Ok enough self gratification shower and work time. ........... Well my day has been ok. I still feel amazing which makes these challenges easier to face. I received a phone call from my rig manager at the beginning of my shift telling me how crap the other chefs are and something needs to be done about it. It is a difficult situation given the remoteness of our work and also the fact we are all qualified chefs. It is also not my job to teach chefs how to cook, there are menus and recipes, just follow them it isn't that hard:-(:-(. I rang my bosses and they are coming to sort it out, just makes me more determined to finish my fitness course and get out of here onto doing things that make me smile. I have a lot of love for my job, I put 100% into anything I take on and I guess I have made it difficult for other chefs, well my bosses told me that too, by spoiling these guys. I make them whatever they want and don't always follow the menu, they get extra treats, they've just had it too good for too long. My little ladies both went up a belt at karate yesterday, they make me so very proud. They'll be little ninjas in no time hahaha. They are at the carnival today with my mum and dad and mum bought Isabell a new dress, cause apparently she doesn't have any????? I think mum just likes to spoil them, it is cute. Only 4 sleeps till I get to spoil them and get their cuddles and kisses :-):-):-) I am am thinking I will get up an hour later for my walk tomorrow as there is no gym on the schedule...... Hmmmm wonder if my body clock will allow for it! I ordered more burn bars so they arrive before I get home on Wednesday as I have none left at home, I didn't order any protein as I'm sure I still have enough....... I hope lol. I have been looking at dresses online for the ball too, so many pretty ones, I wonder what I should wear???? I have never been very conventional in that way, but it has been years since I bought a dress, I'd even say 5 years lol. Wee bit excited and can't wait for them to announce the location! I said on Facebook somewhere at Docklands, but it has been years since I have been to Melbourne so not sure what's hot and what's not these days. It doesn't matter anyway I am sure it will be wicked wherever it is. I am so excited to meet some of the amazing girls and guys I have been chatting to on Instagram, it will be nice to have a face to face conversation. the riggers requested honeycombe again so chocolate should have set by now, I had better put it in containers before the humidity ruins it:-). Last day of week 8 tomorrow!

  • Jo Philp
    19 Sep 2014
    3:56 PM

    Day 54/84 Weight: 64.0kg Exercise: walking and gym I only realised this morning I haven't had a coffee in 3-4 days?????? Prior to this challenge I would drink 6-8 espressos a day, I cut this back to 2-3 when the challenge started. I could never start my day without a coffee, well so I thought!!! I'm quite perplexed............. I even reverted to old habits about 6 months ago of putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream in my espressos! FYI I haven't done that in 10 weeks either. I haven't been as hungry today which is a nice feeling and I am also back to feeling amazing again, Whooohoooo thank you universe! I was pumped to go for my walk this morning and it was freezing again, but I was smarter today- I wore my thermal shirt :-):-) I also tucked my hands into it too for about 80% of the hour lol. I smiled and sang the whole way, well tried to sing when I wasn't puffing and of course despite 36.5 years of practise I still can't hahahaha. Loved the gym this morning too, did chest, biceps and triceps. I also did abs and had an epiphany too while I was in there on my lonesome, my happy place. Anyways back to my epiphany, my tummy doesn't roll over and hurt when I bend over anymore!!!! I hated that and hated it for a long time, but still not doing anything about it, until 10 weeks ago! The last few days have been tough at work which probably didn't help my mental well being the last couple of days either. The chef that flew in on Wednesday is very messy, unclean and in a nutshell a terrible cook:-(. I have had to work my ass off redoing his prep as well as my own stuff, it has been quite a challenge. It isn't going to get any better either as this is his 3rd hitch and not a single thing has improved. I feel good though so it is easier to deal with, just frustrating at times as he doesn't listen to what I say either. Oh well only 4 more days and I can go home and not worry about it all for 2 whole weeks:-):-):-) I miss is my ill ladies, miss their cuddles and kisses, their stories and smiles. It is also school holidays when I get home too so that is pretty cool as well. My company man requested cinnabuns today, everyday is a challenge out here with all the pastries and chips and roasts and I could go on and on hahahaha, lucky I have discipline and am amazing :-). Well it is Friday in the real world and my little ladies have grading for karate this afternoon, can't wait to hear how they go, they look so cute in their uniforms. I better go finish up dinner prep, not long and I can go to bed, oh yeah I slept so well last night! Only woke once cause I needed to go to the toilet and straight back to sleep, I haven't slept like that in months, awesome!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone x

  • Jo Philp
    18 Sep 2014
    2:44 PM

    Day 53/84 Weight: 64.0kg Exercise: walking and I cheekily did week 9-12 shoulders and back workout ;-) I had a real down day yesterday. I try so hard to be positive everyday, not to feel sorry for myself, to be so god dam perfect. Well I'm not perfect, I am me, I make mistakes, I try to do too much, I try to be everything else everyone else wants me to be, but I do get sad sometimes and I do feel sorry for myself sometimes but that is ok. I have learnt a lot in the past 9 weeks about me and still am, I want to be able to admit I'm not perfect and all those other things to other people. I want to be able to be myself and not worry what others think, because this is my life my journey, not just this challenge but my whole life. Hell yes this is me and this is who I am, I'm not perfect, I may not be proud of some of the things in my past but I'm proud of who I am today, so take me as I am or watch me as I walk away. I exhausted myself yesterday emotionally worrying about my progress pic, feeling crappy I work in the middle of nowhere trying to be amazing doing this challenge and having to take a selfie. It is quite funny really now that I think about it. This is my life, I work away for half the year, I have my girls full time cause their dad chooses to not be apart of their world, I don't have anyone to give me a cuddle when I need it and am too afraid to ask anyone for one, I don't have anyone to tell me it is all going to be all right when I think it isn't. I choose not to date because I'm not sure how to without dragging different men into my girls life all the time, they are my priority, their well being is of the utmost importance to me. I believe in fate and destiny and karma, whatever will be will be. But my life IS wonderful, I just need to remember it is ok not to be perfect. I am really surprised I am not giving myself a hard time about my rest day yesterday, I feel good about it. I went for my walk this morning, it was so dam cold I took a pic my nose is so red I felt like I had wind burn hahahaha. I came home had breakfast and did the new shoulders workout. I was right yesterday, there is definitely going to be tears over the next 4 weeks hahahaha. It was pretty intense going from 8 reps to 12, I found I had to drop the weight on a couple of sets, like the dumbbell shoulder raises and the bent over side raises, but is did my best and finished my sets. I am getting more comfortable with my food too, knowing when I need something extra and when I don't but also choosing the right foods to snack on like celery and ok a few extra almonds here and there. I make sure I am drinking 3-4 litres of water a day still. In light of my day yesterday, today's Facebook post, one of the many highlights of my days these past 9 weeks :-) meant a lot. Yes there are always obstacles, it is just about our attitude in dealing with them and building my confidence. I will not become content when this challenge is over, I have worked too, too hard to go back to my old ways. This is a lifestyle change and an immensely gratifying growing experience too. Bring on the tears, the gains all the obstacles you can throw at me in the next 4.5 weeks, I am ready for it all!!!

  • Jo Philp
    17 Sep 2014
    8:58 AM

    Day 52/84 Weight: 63.8kg Exercise: I rested :-/ Well I am a bit frustrated :-(. I finished work at 8am and have to be back at 2pm for another 6 hours today and have spent the last 45 mins trying to get a good week 8 progress shot. I have uploaded my pic but the lighting in my room is terrible and I took 100 pics, well it felt like it haha but it is done. I am not 100% happy but that is the way it is when you don't have anyone to take it for you cause you work with a bunch of blokes and you don't want them to see you near naked. I will get Isabell to take some for me when I get home next Wednesday. I need to get some sleep but will write again when I finish work tonight. Feeling a little deflated, not with my progress, just the situation. .................... I slept like a log this morning, sooooooo good! I think I was exhausted from taking pics and of course night shift takes it out of you. Short change is done so off to shower and bed so, wash away my day and worries and get some sleep again. I decided to rest today, I haven't written a lot about it because I don't want to really admit it out loud but my knees give me grief. I struggled a bit doing legs Tuesday and I guess the running and walking out here on compacted hard dirt doesn't help them. I am also exhausted from the shifts and this would make it only my second proper rest day in 10 weeks. I sound like I am trying to justify myself, another of my demons. I am disappointed about my picture still, only because there is no one to take it for me and I wanted it to look nice. I will get over that when I get home I think and Isabell can take some more for me and I can post them on my blog. Think I am just over tired too. I have printed off all the new training and nutrition program's and my folder is full now lol. I must say I am a bit scared about the training for the next 4 weeks, am thinking there may be a few tears :-/:-/. But I want this more than anything so lets do this!!!!!! I pale in comparison to Dana Linn Bailey but I can't help but visualise her tears doing her last leg session before Olympia in a few days. I have a long way to go before that stage, if I ever reach it, taking one day at a time at the moment. The saying 'it doesn't get easier, you just get stronger' resonates with me immensely right now. I took my time reading over the information with the plans too, loads of useful info, good advice and I will have to reread again heading into the final week Just to get my head properly around the carb loading etc. One of the guys who flew in today was asking me if I am doing Isagenix, I hadn't even heard of it. So I did some research, that stuff can't be good for you! I feel so healthy doing what I am doing, there will always be people who question me and others I guess. I think that says a lot about them and I just need to learn to not worry about it, believe in myself and not justify myself to people that really don't want to hear what I have to say. Well I am heading into the last phase, it is going quickly still. So excited, I'm smiling just thinking about it while I type:-):-). Shower time, dream time and up early for my cardio woohoooooo xxx

  • Jo Philp
    16 Sep 2014
    7:32 PM

    Day 51/84 Weight: 63.8kg........ I guess that plateau is over huh! Exercise: LEG DAY hahaha gym and walking Woooooaaaaahhhh, I did legs at 2am this morning and got back from my walk about an hour ago. I swear my legs weren't my own lol, they were like jelly hahaha. I took it easy, still did my hour just 6k tonight though. I feel good about that, I know when to push myself and when to take it easy as I've learnt about how I am feeling and what my body can handle. Well I told myself I would push myself with legs last night and I did! I kept repeating to myself how much do you want this, how badly do you want this, do you want it more than anyone else, it felt good. It is much more difficult to workout out here with no one around, having people around makes you push yourself harder I think. But it is a mind play and I'm all over it :-):-):-) I got some nice pics, well I think they are nice anyway, on my walk tonight. I don't always stop and smell the roses when I should, but smelling roses doesn't get you strong and lean either lol. I have to short change tomorrow so work all night then have 5/6 hours off and back at 2-8 tomorrow afternoon to go back to working days Thursday. I have decided that I am not going to push myself and will see how I feel tomorrow about exercise, it is important to look after myself and fatigue causes injuries and stress, both of which I don't want. Well 8 weeks progress pics due in tomorrow, I'm all over that too this time round. I didn't realise last time I wouldn't be able to blog or have access to anything last time so I have all my sexy bra and knickers to take them tomorrow too. Sadly my boobs barely fill half that bra now :-( positive, I have pecs hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Blogging has become an important part of my day and one of many things I will take from this challenge and continue with. It creates space in my head, it gets all the thoughts out - good and bad and helps me have more clarity. Tomorrow also marks hump day for my hitch and it has been a great one so far. I feel really passionate about my food and have been enjoying playing around with different things. I can't help but think that because I feel amazing and happy that it shows in my work too. Posting a pic of the choc honeycombe I made last night:-)

  • Jo Philp
    15 Sep 2014
    8:49 AM

    Day 50/84 Weight: 64.2kg Exercise: c210k, walking and gym I am sitting on my bum waiting for camp to turn up at the new location so I can go to bed. I had another fun night at work last night though I am excited about going to bed soon. Gym was awesome last night and after watching the week 7 talk on you tube you can bet I did every set like someone was going to hand me $100 :-) would have been even better if they actually did! I dropped another couple of hundred grams so hoping this plateau is finally over. I have also seen a few other girls on instagram feeling similar to me about my legs and bum. Reassuring I guess I am not the only one but also that others are saying it does come off. My friend Paula won her comp last night, so very proud of her! Facebook and instagram are full of pics and videos of all the comps on the weekend it is really cool, can't wait for it to be me:-):-):-) Check in day wednesday too, I wonder what the comparison will be like, will there be many changes, hmmmm??? It is hard when you don't see yourself as having changed. Well week 8 here we go and I have started strong, I haven't given up and I am feeling amazing. Ok camp is now here, I had better move my ass and set up so I can get some sleep. ................. Well I got 5 hours sleep, not too bad. I may have a chance to grab a nana nap on one of the seats tonight due to the guys shifts after rig and camp move. I did my fasted cardio when I got up and holy crap there were some hills, I'll definitely be challenged these next 8-9 days with my cardio at this location:-):-). I like it! Legs tonight, I am going to push myself hard and make sure it hurts tomorrow! I really feel these days there is no better feeling than the pain the next day, it makes me smile. I have been thinking lots about the many hats I wear and complexities of my life through this challenge. I am a mum, sister, daughter, chef, friend, fifo worker, counsellor to the guys here at work, student, but most importantly I am me. I have never really felt like I have been me, especially these past few years following the break down in my relationship. I really feel like I am starting to be me again, not allowing people to decide who I am, what I should do and be. It is a powerful feeling, I'm taking charge of my life and really beginning to live again. I live a life I didn't choose, the one of being a single mum, but I wouldn't have it any other way, I am finally making peace with it. My beautiful girls are only one reason for living now, I have a million other ones too. I can't wait to not rely on my mum and dad to look after them anymore and be there 100%. I miss you Isabell and Keira, I loved speaking with you tonight. I am am off to have some fun in the kitchen, honeycombe, mousse and i wonder what else I can create......?

  • Jo Philp
    14 Sep 2014
    9:27 AM

    Day 49/84 Weight: 64.6kg Exercise: walking and gym I just want to write a quick post before I close my eyes. I had the most wonderful niget at work last night. I baked my little heart out and didn't stop. I woke up feeling really lethargic so I am really surprised. I made 3 different types of focaccia, Anzac slice, biscuits, peanut butter muesli bars, proper chilli con carne with steamed rice and fresh herbed flat breads for the boys who finished at midnight. I just felt like I had some passion back. We are rig and camp moving tomorrow and I made lots of extra special things for that too. Just really excited and wanted to tell the world! My camp attendant (housekeeper) told me the riggers have been speaking about how skinny I have gotten. This got me down a bit this morning as skinny is not my intention, I want lean muscle, I want to be strong. I just finished looking on the forums for something about this but couldn't find anything. I will listen to Fred's message tonight and see what he has to say as he is usually pretty spot on with how I am feeling, failing that I will find some courage to make a post and get some advice. How amazing is Dana Linn Bailey! !! I watched her most recent blog coming up to olympia, we are all only human, very moving. Dream time for me though now :-):-) .................... I woke up cranky this morning so kept to myself lol. I put my walking shoes on and off I went and well wouldn't you know it I came back cheery, lucky for the world hahahaha. I sang at the top of my lungs on my walk to Pink, she is such a powerful woman makes me want to be strong. Just lucky cows, rabbits, kangaroos, emus and goannas can't talk cause they'd sure be laughing their asses off to the world right now :-) I can't sing,,,,, not a single note lol! I slept a bit better today, I still wake up but have sort of gotten used to it. My gym gear is in the gym ready to go for my Monday 2am workout and I am pumped already. Just get in the kitchen, smash my prep out and off I go. I still feel like a dork posing and posting selfies but kind of feel cheeky and have fun at the same time. I took a couple today and have attached. We don't get muscle TV out here so I will watch Fred's message a little later on you tube, can't wait to hear the message this week. I thought lots about the skinny thing on my walk and have decided it is my body and my journey and I need not worry about what others think. I think I am a good judge of my own character and self and I am going to run with that! I like that I am getting better at controlling my mind, one of my biggest demons. Actually I like that I am liking me more. I have never, not once in 36 years, liked me but I am learning. I said at the beginning of the challenge I wanted to turn ordinary into extraordinary..... I now think we are all extraordinary, including me. I always have been, I have just needed to learn a lot about me to recognise that. I wonder what amazing things I can achieve in the next 5 weeks on the inside and out? Thank you week 7 it has been swell, week 8, I am going to give you all I have!

  • Jo Philp
    13 Sep 2014
    11:27 PM

    Day 48/84 Weight: 64.8kg Exercise: walking I slept crappy again last night and felt awful when I got out of bed, just really lethargic. I knew I wouldn't be able to run today which is ok as my right knee gave me some grief trying to do lunges last night. I just did an hour walk at half pace, guess my body is telling me I have been overdoing it a bit. I have also decided not to do abs and butt tonight to give my body a break. While not a complete rest day, I am feeling a bit crappy about it. Learning about my body is interesting. I have never really taken that much notice of it. Now I feel like I am being attuned with my body and it is nice. I swapped my rice for sweet potato in my tuna today to punish myself I suppose, less calories, for my walk. I still feel as I did yesterday that time is slipping away too quickly. I spent some of my sleepless hours today searching the forum for answers to all the questions racing around in my head. There was a post that says women sometimes lose the fat around their legs last, god I hope that is true in my case. There are all the bodybuilding comps on at the moment and I so desperately want to make next year my year. My old PT, Paula Pool is getting up there tomorrow night in Nth Qld. She looks amazing and I can't wait to see and hear how she goes. I also hope I get to see some of the olympia as well, Dane Linn Bailey, my ido,l is competing. I have made so many desserts, cakes, slices and biscuits these past few days I can't believe I haven't tried any of them! Tomorrow it will be 9 weeks of clean eating and exercising everyday, ok I had 1 rest day;-). I made the guys chilli beef with rice and fresh herb flat bread for midnight meals tonight, I so want a piece of the bread:-(. I am also making fresh focaccia for our move Monday, I do miss white bread but I also know how bad it is. One thing I haven't missed is come zero, it has been weeks since I had one and there were even cans in the fridge at home too. I hope this doesn't jinx me but I think my plateau may be over, weight is steadily coming off these last 2 days, more consistently. I am still not worried though. The boys last night commented on how skinny I am looking and told me not to get too skinny. I don't feel that I am and will talk with Kayla about this when I get home. I don't want to be skinny, I want to be fit, healthy and dam strong:-):-):-). It is odd I find that they never commented on how overweight I was but are sure to tell me not to get skinny???? I took a silly video of me doing the ljmove last night in the hope I can win me a $1000 lorna jane wardrobe:-) that would be brilliant considering I really need new gym gear with the weight I've lost! I have loaded my night up tonight with prep to keep busy seeing as I'm not gyming it so I had better get back in there. Still amazes me how much I am learning everyday :-):-)

  • Jo Philp
    12 Sep 2014
    4:06 AM

    Day 47/84 Weight: 65.1kg Exercise: walking & C210k, extra legs in the gym I just finished my workout and took a couple of videos. Feeling a little corny all these selfies but it is awesome to look at when you don't have mirrors! Gotta run and make my riggers breakfast :-) Oh and yep I workout in my work beanie cause it is cold at that hour!!! .......... I slept terribly today :-(:-(:-( So I have been awake since 2pm and soooooooooo didn't want to go for my walk/run, but of course I'm glad I did. I just took it easy but still did my c210k. It feels good to be running again, I think my body just wasn't ready for it a few weeks ago. I loved my shoulder workout earlier today and looking forward to doing extra legs in the morning. I am still feeling like I am running out of time to be where I want to be at the end of the challenge but I also know I am putting in 110%. So no regrets, the time is just going so fast. I was was starving when I woke up a bit earlier and ate when I finished my cardio but felt like I could have eaten a kilo of oats and protein, my fav breakie:-). Fish day today and burn bar day too, win win!!!!! Can't wait to have dinner in the morning and my burn bar and celery soon. We got fresh whitting in so i am having that And it is also a sweet potato day too I just realised woooohooo lol, so excited about food. The guys are smashing the baking these last few days so I have to go and get stuck into it. Enjoying work at the moment which is nice and I will get some study done tonight too.

  • Jo Philp
    11 Sep 2014
    7:50 PM

    Day 46/84 Weight: 65.5kg Exerciese: walking & c210k, gym Oh night shift how I hate you lol. We gotta do what we gotta do and it is ok, I get to gym it at 2am when no one else is around. There are positives in everything if you can look to find them. I have gotten very good at that lately and am enjoying my new outlook on my world. I have a new chef out here at work and it is going well, I was exhausted yesterday thinking about it but no need anymore. Loving putting on my work pants and having heaps of room in them it feels amazing. I just need to remember to do the buttons up now after 18-20 months of not being able to, could end badly hehehe. My favourite workout today, shoulders so looking forward to smashing that out as well as some extra bums. It definitely feels like i am on the down hill run with time to make an extraordinary transformation running out. I am determined though and have really ramped it up this week, loving it and my mind is playing the part too. My weight has gone up and I'm not worried, just concentrating on my eating, not eating extra almonds more to the point, and smashing myself in the gym. Isabell had had her special day at school today and loved all the food I made for it. It feels nice to be able to do special things like that for them when I'm not there. I spoke to them a bit earlier and they are so cute, I miss them! Well more baking to be done for my riggers and an oven to clean cause my back to back was too lazy to do it:-(. Good for him, a bit of extra arms workout for me tonight scrubbing, oh and maybe I'll make the guys some fresh bread too. Till tomorrow.......

  • Jo Philp
    10 Sep 2014
    2:55 PM

    Day 45/84 Weight: back to night time weigh in due to night shift:-( Exercise: c210k 40mins and 30 mins walking, abs & bum I flew back into work today and am short changing to nights, this means I flew out at 6am work till 3pm then back again at 8pm for a 12 hour shift. Big day so trying to take it easy, I got up and did my cardio before I flew out this morning and will get up and do another 30mins before work tonight as well as my abs and bum. I just need to stay in a pattern and feel this is the best way I.e. Doing my cardio as soon as I get up. I have had lots of comments from the guys already about how I look and asking lots of questions about how many kgs I have lost and how. One of them even grabbed me on the ass, they make me laugh, these guys are like my brothers so I wasn't offended. I had a cousin I haven't seen in about 25 years private message me on Facebook today too and ask me about how I have lost the weight and for advice. It is nice to think I may have inspired someone. I am am off to get some sleep and will write again a bit later. .................... Meh, sleep is overrated anyways hahaha I got probably about an hour! I have been for my walk etc and had breakkie for the second time today. Ready to tackle 12 hours of baking and cooking yummy food I'm not allowed to eat. This morning we had to fly into Roma as injune had had heaps of rain, then drive up here. We usually fly into Montana, a landing strip on a guys property. It was about a 2 hour drive and the IVMS was broken so beeped the WHOLE way! The guys made a stop in Injune at the Spar there and loaded themselves up with pies, sausage rolls, lollies and milk drinks, I sat in the back and ate my burn bar and celery. I was curious to know how many calories they were eating so put it into my fitness pal, 600 calories for a snack, hoooooollllllyyyy. I used to do that too, not anymore and it feels great! There was cheese oozing out of pies and I don't know what to say but yuck! I do miss cheese though, the nice cheeses, the expensive ones lol. I also miss potatoes, bread and real butter. But I'm happier so I'm not sure at what point I will eat those again. I got a lovely message from Janet on the forum last night and she told me to do a wicked workout today, I did my abs and butt and yep it was wicked:-) Off to work for me, till tomorrow:-):-) Backs tomorrow, baby got back, hell yes I do and I'm going to make it stronger and better too!

  • Jo Philp
    9 Sep 2014
    9:16 AM

    Day 44/84 Weihht: 64.5kg Exercise: C210k 45mins and gym with Kayla I am feeling really content within myself today. I am happy with my progress and not worrying about the scales. I am excited about leg day and feeling incredibly motivated, I love it!!!!! I have noticed I have started taking more care of myself too. Little things like painting my nails, looking after my skin more, my diet well that's a whole other Oprah show. I was so terrible with my eating, most days I would live on coffee until dinner time. I would think 'I'll just do this and I'll eat', or 'I don't know what I want'. I would pick at really bad stuff. I love eating cleanly and can't believe how much I eat a day now and how many kg I have lost but also how much my body has changed. I want to look nice, instead of 'oh im fat and unhealthy so it doesn't matter anyway'. Chores to be done before my gym time :-) .................... I have just put my girls to bed, an hour later than normal because I just didn't want to say goodnight before flying back out to work tomorrow:-(. Breaks my heart to hear them say they hate it. It has been for the greater good as I lost everything and was left with all the debt from my separation so this job has helped me pay that all off, nearly there too! I call that my previous life and my wonderful new life began 4 1/2 years ago. Motivation plus to get this course completed and begin the next chapter. Even more motivation was today at the gym. Kayla took some pics for me and I had no idea my back looked like that!!!!! I felt like a real goose her telling me to pose in all these different positions but holy crap I am so happy with my hard work. I posted some pics on Instagram and Facebook too, the online family is just beautiful. They say the most lovely, inspiring and motivational things, it feels nice. It kind of makes me feel like I have friends lol. I know that sounds sad, I do have friends just not really here in Toowoomba. I moved here 3 years ago and with working and having the girls full time it is difficult to get out and meet people, that was part of my reason for joining the gym in the first place, to make some friends and meet people hopefully. I did too I met Kayla :-) I have to go and finish packing for work and get some sleep. I want to be up at 4 to do my cardio before flying out at 5.30. More motivated than ever, I love my life!

  • Jo Philp
    8 Sep 2014
    4:28 AM

    Day 43/84 Weight: 64.6kg Exercise: walking and gym with Kayla I am awake and happy abou it too. I don't really feel like stepping on the treadmill, just because it is boring but I am determined. I haven't stepped on my scales yet as I do that after my cardio but I am not going to stress about number this week either. After watching the week #6 challenge message last night I've decided it is time to really ramp things up so today is the first day of the second half of the challenge lets do this!!!!!!! ................... My mum and I weighed ourselves together this morning and she has lost another 500g. I am really proud of her as she is doing it on her own with just me to chat to about it I.e. Not doing the challenge. I have finished the school run and raided my money box to put $12 of petrol in the car, so poor but so rich:-). Just having a coffee and checking emails before heading to the gym. I am going to do extra abs today on top of my workout and then home to do some more study. ................... I had a nanna nap this afternoon, it was so nice and very decadent. I always feel like this when I have a nap during the day like it is a huge treat. I spent some time this afternoon while Isabell was at gymnastics reading some other girls blogs. It is interesting how a lot of us have similar struggles but comforting to know I am not alone. I struggle to admit I am not perfect and have the need to appear that way. Blogging has been comforting in that regard, to admit to the world my life is far from perfect and I struggle sometimes too. I never feel sorry for myself though, even on my darkest days I feel lucky. I'm writing this while I listen to Isabell read her books and watch Keira colour in, they grow up so fast. I saw something really cool today about growing strong girls, I promise to show my girls everyday how to be strong. I also make a huge effort to ensure they know it is ok to be angry, sad, happy, excited, all emotions we all feel. I was never allowed to feel these things and have struggled to express myself at times, I don't want my lil ladies to feel like that. Very sentimental I think because only 2 sleeps till I have to say goodbye to them again for 2 weeks. Still a whole day and 2 nights though so I am off to make the most of it. Thank you so very much for this challenge, I am learning more and more everyday:-)

  • Jo Philp
    7 Sep 2014
    1:49 PM

    Day 42/84 Weight: 64.9kg Exercise: hiked Mt Tabletop with my ladies I'm feeling quite fat today, just one of those days giving myself a hard time. I know I need to remember how far I come and I can still do so much more in the next 6 weeks too. Wow half way today!!!!! Also thinking lots about Father's Day and how much the girls dad isn't apart of their lives, his loss but theirs too as they don't have a real positive male influence in their lives. I feel like I have failed them :-(. I place a lot of pressure upon myself to be a good mum but this is one role I cannot fulfil. We decided it hike Mt Tabletop this morning and had a blast. My girls are so independent, not wanting my help, it makes me really proud of them. There was a whole lot of rock climbing and really steep parts as well. I carried a back pack with snacks and we sat at the top and had our morning tea. I took Fred's advice and added some celery to my morning tea and made my version of ants crawling on a log with my Maxine's burn bar. It was so yum and was more filling too. I'll write again a bit later, I just felt like it would make me feel better if I got some of my negative feelings out of my head. ........................ It does help getting stuff out of your head! I spent the afternoon reflecting upon all the things for which I am grateful instead of dwelling on all the negative. I have an amazing mum and dad who do so much for me and never make me feel bad about it, they are my guilts. I have 2 wonderful and beautiful daughters who are healthy, smart and make my world shine. I am healthy and on the path to being healthier, fitter and happier. I have amazing family and a handful of beautiful friends I know I can count on. I have a roof over my head, I'm independent and want for nothing. Whilst I am by no means money rich, we live a fulfilling and rich life in so many other ways. I have been fortunate enough to experience bad and good in my life and have learnt and grown from both. There is much more I am grateful for and promise myself I will not dwell on the negatives but concentrate on these. I had a nice afternoon with my girls playing outside, until it rained. I then coloured in with them and made them their favourite for dinner, butter chicken with steamed rice and garlic naan. Keira fell asleep on my lap, I love that! Isabell helped me make some caramel fudge for a special day she has at school this week and then I put her to bed too. I have then spent the remainder of the evening making chicken and bacon sausage rolls and quiches :-( sooooooooooooo want one or 10!!!! I have been really hungry last couple of days and have wondered if it is because I'm a bit bored? I have done a few 3 weekends out at work lately which only gives me a week off so perhaps it is just because I'm not used to having 2 weeks off? Because I have been so hungry I've some time thinking about what my first cheat meal will be after the challenge. I'm going to the ball and I do miss the Vic Markets down there, well more so the French cheese shop and just around the corner from there the HOT DOGS, so I was thinking lol. But honestly I just don't think I could do it. I have found myself wanting to try Janet's clean eating recipes and have been doing research about that. I am looking forward to getting creative with clean eating! I just need to get through the next 6 weeks:-) Bring it on!!!!!!

  • Jo Philp
    6 Sep 2014
    3:53 PM

    Day 41/84 Weight: 65.0kg Exercise: walking and body pump I love weekends with my girls, they are so beautiful and special. My youngest, Keira, was talking to me last night and wanted to know how she could help me finish my course faster so I don't have to FIFO anymore. She is so little, she will be 5 in November, but so amazingly intuitive. I have always claimed she has been on earth before. Isabell helped me do groceries today, I can't believe how quickly she has learnt to read and what a great help she is, they both are. My little ladies slept in this morning and didn't want to come to the gym with me so my beautiful mum, who has lost 6.5kg mind you, came over and watched them for me. I did body pump, it is the only class I know how to do and feel comfortable doing. It also makes me feel like I'm working hard cause it involves weights, probably not the greatest idea I've had after leg day though. I pushed myself hard this morning with extra weight and feel great for it And there were loads of people and I didn't care. I set myself up down the front and didn't even think about it :-) I am feeling better about the whole comparison mind game too. This IS my journey and there is no one else in the world like me, so how can I compare myself to others? I feel strong, the strongest I have ever been in my life I feel, both mentally and physically. I am so excited to see how far I can take myself on both levels in the next 6 weeks. Wow I just realised tomorrow marks the half way point, it is going so fast. So glad I stumbled across this challenge and everyday I find myself wondering what was I thinking before? The Max and Maxine's family have become a huge part of my life and I don't even know any of them. It is a beautiful spring day here so I'm off to get the last of the sunshine with my girls of the day. My life is amazing in so many ways :-):-):-) xxx

  • Jo Philp
    5 Sep 2014
    6:42 PM

    Day 40/84 Weight: 65.2kg I KNEW IT!!!!!!! Exercise: abs, walking and gym with Kayla I knew those scales were lying to me yesterday!!!!!! Never mind I still feel amazing :-). I asked Kayla if we could do another leg day today as I did it on my own on Tuesday and wanted to be pushed a little more. I had done all my other workouts as well. It was great to use some machines for my legs, very different to my workouts out at work. Yesterday and today the clients Kayla had after me had cancelled so she gave me some extra time, so very grateful and feel special. I am feeling a little lazy not doing my 1hr cardio, quite lazy if I am honest. I did 30 mins incline 20 speed 6.4 this morning and while I know I worked hard just questioning if it is enough. I have messaged my trainer I had when I was living in Townsville, Paula, to ask what she would have me doing so just waiting to hear back from her. I just respect her so much, I think it is also we have a connection and she was incredibly kind to me during such an awful period in my life. Friday night = picnic night at our place and girls choose what we eat. Tonight it is pizza and garlic bread, it smells so good I want some! Not willing to sacrifice myself that much though hahahahahaha. I finished off my anatomy and physiology subject of my cert. III today woooooohooooo, that is 2 subjects down in a week. Clients subject next :-). Smashing it and so awesome to learn more. I can't wait to make health and fitness my new life. Feeling really crappy about flying back out to work next week but trying not to think about it too much as I still have another 5 sleeps. I think it is a combination of being on track with my little ladies, enjoying going to the gym here, wanting to have access whenever I need it to resources for this challenge, loving being able to study during the day and wanting so badly to be finished so I can properly begin the second chapter in this story. Mostly though for my girls, I really want to be home and not rely on my Mum and Dad. Still learning some patience clearly :-/ Well it is officially the weekend and I'm so dam excited to hang with my girls. I have $0 in the bank very literally after paying for my course, but still feeling rich and there is so many super cool fun thing my girls and I can do that doesn't cost money. I did want to go away for the weekend but am grateful my girls don't want to as I hate saying no to them and don't have to often. This is for the greater good of the 3 of us and I have spoken with the girls lots about it. They are such beautiful and kind souls and never complain, I am very lucky, I guess being 100% honest with them is paying off. Bring on my weekend with my girls ;-);-);-)

  • Jo Philp
    4 Sep 2014
    7:23 PM

    Day 39/84 Weight: 64.8kg really??????? lol we shall see tomorrow just to make sure :-) Exercise: walking and gym with Kayla After all that stressing last night about the scales I was under 65kg this morning which is wayyyyyyyyyy over my 10kg lol. Not really way over but it sure feels like it. I am glad I spent time looking through the forum last night as it gave me lots of ideas and also answered a few questions that I had. I did sleep in today until 5.30 (body clock seems to be set for 4-4.30am now, but I stayed in bed for another hour :-) ) The girls were up around the same time so I had them ready for school and kindy early and had drop offs done by 8.25 so went to the gym straight away and did 25 mins of cardio. I followed Fred's advice I found on the forum and did my time on the treadmill at 10% incline and although he seed speed setting 5, I did 6 as 5 was a bit slow for me. I also had a really good chat with Kayla about this too, between sets of course, and she agreed to cutting my cardio back to 30mins a day and my walks out at work to make more leisurely. She said she understands how important these are for my mind when I am at work so to keep it up but just not so intense. She is right and although I know I am happier, motivated, invigorated even, I had not considered the grand importance of all of it. Even here at home I am more relaxed, doing simple tasks like housework and organising girls is so much easier and less of a chore. I feel more organised, patient, I feel like I am a better Mum!!! This is something that is incredibly important to me given I am pretty much the only parent they have. Setting this example for my girls makes me feel wonderful. I feel like I am getting more open with people, people that I know but because I am shy and lack confidence haven't made the effort I necessarily should and I am sure my body language before was offputting I suppose. A good example of this is the mums at school. They have even started talking to me more and Isabell even had a play date at a girls house on tuesday afternoon. I am also looking after one of her friends overnight during school holidays while her parents go to a wedding. Something as simple as this a few weeks ago would have made me incredibly anxious and I am sure they would never have asked me. I have jumped so many hurdles and faced so many challenges in the past 5 1/2 weeks and I am not quite half way there. Reading the Maxine's challenge Facebook post today made me realise that for the first time in 4 1/2 years I am ready to begin the next stage of my life and it began nearly 7 weeks ago. I have been existing for those years but not living, I have allowed my past to hold me back and keep looking back there without realising it. I am not going that way anymore and I am still young, it is time to really and truly begin my new life. I am grateful for my past and all it has taught me good and bad, but that is where it will stay now, in the past. Exciting things to come for me and my girls, so dam excited xxx PS I have not had a single almond today :-( I inhaled my burn bar, oats, salmon at lunch AND my dinner. Now just waiting till 8.30 so I can have my amazing Max's choc mousse nite time :-):-):-)

  • Jo Philp
    3 Sep 2014
    9:46 PM

    Day 38/84 Weight: 65.2kg Exercise: walking and gym with Kayla I had a great day at the gym this morning, Kayla and I worked out downstairs in the vault. I like it down there bit more rustic and not so commercial. I had some comments from a couple of ladies doing a boot camp down there on my back, that made me feel really nice. It is funny how different appreciation from different sexes can make me feel. I have thought about that lots last night and today, about my experience yesterday, it is just confidence and I will work on that. Mind is is playing games again tonight so I spent a couple of hours looking through forum at cardio and nutrition posts. I have been wondering if I have been overdoing my cardio a bit. I do an hour a day, just wanting results but have only lost 400g this week. I have lost cm but gained some too around my chest and boobs, am thinking my back has gained muscle? Not sure, I will speak with Kayla tomorrow. I am going to sleep in tomorrow though and I have Kayla at 9. Despite the fact I hate group fitness I checked out the timetable and Kayla has grit at 10.35 so if she thinks I should do cardio I will do that class. Again a confidence thing...... Working on it!!!!!!!! I had salmon for dinner, so dam YUM, I cooked extra so I'm having that tomorrow instead of my tuna. It was really hard to not eat it all tonight. I have been really hungry these past few days and my sister, the nurse, pointed out it could be the pill they changed last week? Mind games suck! I've had a few problems these past 6 months with girly stuff so DR just playing around. This seems to be working which is awesome but I hope it isn't interfering with my grand plan. I can conquer anything and I will Just watch me. OK OK time to finish off this anatomy subject :-):-):-) You will give me my 10kg tomorrow scales!

  • Jo Philp
    2 Sep 2014
    2:09 PM

    Day 37/84 Weight: 65.3kg Exercise: walking and leg day I was awake at 3am this morning:-( I tried desperately to go back to sleep but gave in at 330am and got up and did my cardio. That hasn't served me so well today, tired, temperamental, bit teary and I am embarrassed to say nearly prompted me to drive through the nearest fastfood outlet and pig out. The first time I have felt like this all challenge. I came home from gym about 10am and had a nana nap. Feeling a bit better this arvo just trying to get motivated to study now. There's a lot of muscles to learn lmfao!!!!!!! I know what I need to do when I am like this so just concentrating on building myself back up. I'm not sure if the gym had anything to do with it either as I was really pumped up about going today. Kayla had to cancel due to a meeting but I went anyway, third time on my own, and did legs. I couldn't do my deadlifts in womens area as there were no large free weights, which meant I had to go out the front. I left them till last and my abs so I could super set them and not be left standing around too long. There was this man there and he was there yesterday too and was constantly making eye contact. It made me very self conscious and I don't feel like I went as hard as I could with my deadlifts. He even went to his locker as I was leaving and tried to make small talk, sooooooooooo self conscious. I have often been told I can appear rude when I am like that but anyone who knows me knows it is just because I am shy and again, self conscious. I ran into Kayla as I was leaving and was nearly in tears and we had a chat about it, it was nice to talk to someone about it. My demon, I will learn to control you, I'll be stronger than you and you will not control me anymore!!! Right enough procrastination just needed to get that all out of my head, I love blogging:-):-) Not as much study achieved today as I would have liked but it is important to look after my insides too. I am happy to say I made progress in that department. I received a really nice message feom Kayla this afternoon telling me I inspire her every time she sees me and she is glad she met me. So special to recieve messages like that. I asked my girls to take some pics of me this morning to see any progress. One of my fave pics is the one that was an accident me walking towards the camera as you can see muscles. I love my girls so very much. Ok sleepy time now! ! And no getting up ridiculously early!!!

  • Jo Philp
    1 Sep 2014
    7:21 PM

    Day 36/84 Weight: 65.3kg Exercise: walking and gym i did it again, I went to the gym all on my own. I wish I had the courage to workout in the general area as the women's area was so crowded by the time I was done. Perhaps that is my next hurdle....? I also used a voucher my girls gave me for mothers day and went and had myself a massage, for an hour and a half. It was so goooooooood. I will have to see if I can fit one of those into my budget every so often! I am addicted to roast almonds, I can't stop eating them, they taste so yummy. Isabell my eldest takes about 30 for lunch everyday too. We had a big fight about dinner tonight So she ended up wanting brown rice, tuna and greens, I hate fighting with my girls and even worse seeing them upset. The food thing is really frustrating as they both eat differently, I can't afford to waste food and I ask them what they want and they say 'I don't know!' I am trying something different and have them sitting on the floor looking through Cook books to tell me what they want. It is times like these I wish I had someone to share the frustration, lucky I'm amazing and tough, I work it out. I did an hour on the treadmill this morning 1 min running 1 min walking, felt good to push myself and gym was great today too, I love lifting heavy stuff lol. I am looking forward to not having appointments tomorrow and getting straight home after gym for some solid study. I have squeezed a bit in already today and am about to put girls to bed so will get some more done tonight. I am up to anatomy so need to be really focused. So hugely motivated and positive, feeling awesome. Fred's message last night was about comparisons, I really needed to hear that and he made very valid points about people achieving goals and changes in different time frames. Everybody is different and everybody's body is different. Study time rime and bed time for my girls.

  • Jo Philp
    31 Aug 2014
    8:19 PM

    Day 35/84 Weight: 65.4kg Exercise: walking 2/2 promises to myself kept, yipee:-):-):-). 90 minutes on the tready smashed. Now no more extra almonds and chicken!!!!! I went to go to bed last night and it was taken over, I had even warmed it up with the electric blanket:-( they were so cute though I just slept elsewhere. I see lots of people having cheat meals and think to myself ohhhhhhhh yum why oh why don't i do that??? Then I stop and really think about it and just don't think I could. I have eaten 100% clean for 7 weeks now and feel that if I were to eat anything fatty or sweet I would probably be sick. I have even found myself looking at Janet Kane's recipes and drooling, but I just know I have to stick this plan out as is for 12 weeks. This will give me a firm foundation to build upon. I can't wait to learn more about nutrition and buy some cookbooks that aren't by the latest chef or best seller, WOW did I just say that? So excited. My mum rang me this morning about kidnapping my children for a few hours and taking them out to Jondaryan Woolshed, so I had unplanned me time. I quickly got the girls organised, lightening speed hahahaha, sent them over to Nannas- they live across the road, finished off my chores and showered. I contemplated trying on my goal pants but did not want to be disappointed, also because I'm not where I want to be yet, so just looked at them. I instead pulled out a pair of beautiful black jag jeans I bought about 9 months ago but have never worn, they fitted and felt amazing and I think I looked hot. Huge confidence boost, off I went to the shops via the lifeline bin. I was sitting on my front steps last night and there are twin 19 year olds that live with their mum over the road. Such a beautiful family, I hope I can do as good a job as Darlene has done with those young men. Anyways...... Mitch had left his car windows down and I had lingerie and shoes to go to lifeline after my clean out yesterday. So Saturday night boredom was cured as I lay bras, g-strings, heels all over his car and topped it off with an unused condom I found on his steering wheel:-). Apparently he knew it was me straight away, he thought my g-string were the girls knickers? Don't 19 year old men know what a g string is lol. Oh well I had fun:-) I was lucky enough to chat with a sports nutritionist this morning at the health food shop, it made me feel heaps better about the path I am on. I am working so very hard on not worrying about what others think of me and learning to love me. Like my outsides I have made progress on the inside, one day at a time. Looking forward to getting my mitts on the new Max's supps tomorrow! I need to go catch up on Fred's talk from tonight and do some study. I'm up to my second subject woohoo. Goodbye week 5 it has been grand, bring on week 6.

  • Jo Philp
    30 Aug 2014
    9:31 AM

    Day 34/84 Weight: 65.5kg you just won't give me that last 400g will you scales, to make it 10kg loss Exercise: walking and small bike ride I have kept my promise and did my extra half hour on the treadmill! !! Just saying :-) Housework and study to do and bike ride with girls this afternoon. Magical day today hanging with my girls, oh how I love being home with them. We cleaned this morning, well I cleaned and they played outside and with their Lego, then we went for a bike ride this afternoon. I can't wait till they get better and we can go for big rides together, practice makes perfect. Saturday night at our house is movie night, so lollies, popcorn and a cool movie. We drag our donnas and pillows out onto the couch and snuggle together, I have snuck away to write my blog though before I fold the million loads of washing I did today and then settle into a few hours of study. I am still feeling very proud of myself for all I have achieved so far but the comparison game is back:-(. Dam mind! I will conquer this as well, just another hurdle to jump along the way. I cleaned my closet out today, very long overdue and it certainly made me feel good. So 2 garbage bags to drop off to lifeline and I am also selling a couple of dresses and my old chef uniforms to help fund my Melbourne trip. So excited about getting dressed up, I think it has been about 5 years since I have gotten dressed up to go anywhere special. Also excited about taking girls to the zoo and lots of yummy restaurants and museums etc. Last day of week 5 tomorrow, I can't believe how fast it is going. Still so much I want to achieve and 7 weeks to accomplish it. You got this Jo just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just swim faster, kick harder and drive those arms, make it hurt, give it all you've got!!!! No regrets.

  • Jo Philp
    29 Aug 2014
    10:27 PM

    Day 33/84 Weight: 65.5kg Exercise: walking and gym Isabells arm isn't broken, my parenting reputation is semi back in tact! Phew, I'm so relieved and lessons learnt all around. I am powering through my fitness course, though not as much as would have liked today. I didn't stop all day and have just crawled into bed. X-rays, Dr's, late school drop offs, I had a practise spray tan today and eyebrows waxed- about 4 months overdue, gym- will get back to that, school pick ups, unplanned after school meetings with teacher planning specials days and fete, kids karate lessons and finally home at 6pm, wowsa this mum thing makes for busy days. I achieved another challenge today, for the first time in my 36 1/2 years I went to the public gym on my own and did a work out. I was so anxious I had nausea lol but just went in, kept my head down and got it done. I actually had fun, took my first gym selfie in public and did a few extra exercises. I looked at a few pieces of equipment I hadn't used before and looked at what they did and which muscle groups they worked. I feel amazing for jumping that hurdle, while I'm under no false impressions that it's going to be easy to walk in there on my own again, I believe it will get easier every time. I wonder if I will ever get to a point where I don't even think about it or worry? I was super hungry tonight and feel a bit like I cheated, I ate about 20 almonds and another 50-60g of chicken. I promise myself I will do an extra 30 minutes cardio Saturday and Sunday To make up for it. Spray tan I am not so sure about..... Kayla was telling me about this stuff you rub on with a mitt so I may have to try that out. My dilemma is I fly home on the Wednesday that is the final day to submit photos so I need to be super organised. I am getting my hair cut, appointment booked, the Tuesday before I fly out and will keep trialling the tan thing. I don't want to look like a Brazilian just nice you know? I had a brain fart tonight and wondered if I will be locked out of website until I upload my last pic like weeks 4? Must check out the forum tomorrow! So cool to exercise in front of mirrors, I wonder if I should take one out to work with me hahahaha. Sleepy time, hopefully is sleep all the way through:-/ alarm set for 4am so I can do walking before girls get up and I've told them we are going for a bike ride tomorrow, wee bit excited about that. Bring on the weekend, can't wait to hang with my lil ladies :-):-):-):-):-)

  • Jo Philp
    28 Aug 2014
    10:15 PM

    Day 32/84 Weight: 65.8kg Exercise: Walking and gym I slept in today yipee for me!!!! I was amazed when I looked at my clock and it was 5.30am but still had time to walk the tready, thank my lucky stars. Gym was a bit later this morning so did some errands, buying very sadly small bras:-( bonus was they were $30 reduced to $10 and cheekily bought myself a couple of new gym clothes and latte flavoured maxines burn protein OMG yum!!! I love supplements shopping and gym clothes shopping, who would ever have thought??? BUT my exciting news for the day and the reason for my late post tonight is "I ENROLLED IN MY CERT. 3 & 4 IN FITNESS" so dam excited I have nearly finished the first subject. My bank balance is looking rather poor but I feel so amazingly rich. Big changes in my world. My girls, my beautiful girls are embracing these changes too. Isabell ate another tin of tuna tonight before her steak and broccoli for dinner and bothe Keira and Isi loved it. I was starving for my dinner and it was 4 hours between my shake and dinner tonight because...... oh dear mother of the year right here! Isabell was walking on the treadmill and tried to take her shoes off at the same time and well her arm got caught against the belt going around so has bad friction burns and a possible broken arm:-( we are off for x-rays in the morning. It is all bandaged up tonight with a layer of silverzine ointment and in a sling. Hopefully it isnt broken. She was so brave though my girls amaze me every day! I am quite tired now, good tired though so off to bed for me and up early for walking before Dr's. My life isn't perfect but it is beautiful, filled with love, peace and loads of quirks, I wouldnt change a thing:-):-):-) PS I have nearly lost 10kg.....

  • Jo Philp
    27 Aug 2014
    8:05 PM

    Day 31/84 Weight: 65.0kg Exercise: walking (treadmill), 20mins boot camp ordered by Kayla:-(, gym I was so dam excited this morning. I bounded out of bed at 4am, stripped it and made it for my campy Sherri, got dressed and helped finish packing down camp and I was out of there faster than Pamela Andersons innocence! Straight home on my little jet plane, into my gym clothes and off to the gym I went. I did a half hour on the treadmill and burnt 300 calories, the receptionist interrupted me saying Kayla rang and told me to get my ass down stairs to do the boot camp class as my warm up! I'm not a boot camp girl I have decided. Kayla was training someone else but giving me a hard time. She was so amazed at my progress she told me she was really proud. That felt so amazing coming from a personal trainer. I spoke with her about my intentions of becoming a PT and she guessed it before it came out of my mouth and said she thought I'd be really great at it. So that is it selling my shares tomorrow and look out exercise world hahahaha. She was sitting on the ground talking to me while I did my plyo push ups and told me I had to compete, out of nowhere. I was like where did that come from lol, I told her it was my dream. I also said I have missed this year but next year definitely and I can't wait:-) Still so incredible how much this is all changing my life. I have cuddled my little ladies all afternoon, they are so adorable. Isabell even commented on how small my bum has gotten and was asking me if I was still trying to get healthy and fit. I bought myself some Himalayan pink salt today and a piece of fresh tuna for dinner, oh yum I was in heaven, it nearly didn't even make it into the frying pan I could have eaten it raw. As I was plating dinner, Isabell was speaking to me about my food and asked if she could have a tin of tuna. She wasn't interested in the fresh but ate the whole little tin then her dinner and topped it off with a box of almonds, is my 6y/o normal???? I like how my girls are learning too. Still smiling, love it, go me!!! I am off to crawl into my own bed, accompanied by 2 gorgeous little ladies. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow already, life is wonderful:-):-):-):-)

  • Jo Philp
    26 Aug 2014
    10:20 PM

    Day 30/84 Weight 66.0kg Exercise: Walking, gym, abs and butt I am so excited I'm going home tomorrow, I didn't even care I had to work 14 hours!!!!! I found an extra P to add to Fred's persistence and perspiration, patience. This is something I am not very good at. I have all the patience in the world, most days lol, for my girls but myself...... zip! I want it all and I want it all now. I am heaps better than I used to be and with this challenge I am seeing progress so it is getting easier. Seeing other peoples progress and updates on instagram is a constant reminder that it works too. I had a good day in the gym, though not having mirrors sucks. I was a bit silly today and superset my 2 deadlifts together. I obviously wasnt watching my technique and my lower back is quite stiff. I have taken it easy for the rest of the day and will speak to kayla about it tomorrow. I also knocked a few minutes on my walk, really pushing myself these next 4 weeks. I am booking myself in for a massage this break and even considering a practise spray tan. I have no idea where to get one in Toowoomba so maybe that's another question for Kayla. I should have lost about 10kg today when I went to walk from kitchen to coldroom, there was a goanna outside waiting for me. I didn't lose 10kg though, im ok about that though! I have never felt so positive about me, it has been quite a few days perhaps even a couple of weeks. I never want it to go away. I have to be up early tomorrow for rig and camp move plus go home day so im going to go to the gym early and do my cardio before my appointment with Kayla. I wonder if she will notice any changes?? Sleepy time for me, I'm going home tomorrow yipee:-):-):-)

  • Jo Philp
    25 Aug 2014
    3:51 PM

    Day 29/84 Weight: 66.6kg Exercise: walking, gym and extra abs & butt I kept my promise and did my extra abs and butt this morning. I felt better after finishing, thank you Max's Shok shot for getting me through :-) I woke up at 4am so had plenty of time to do all my exercise this morning and first day of the new program, very exciting. I'm not sure it is a fantastic idea to do that too often though as I get quite bored in the afternoons and feel like I am being lazy, I should do something. Where is that line between doing enough and doing too much? After I showered and got ready for work I sat in the sun, so lovely, and dried my hair. I may have supposed to have been working ;-) I can't believe we are up to week 5!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I have stuck at it for 4 weeks, very proud of me;-) And I don't even feel like giving up. I have been lucky to have support from a few of my work colleagues, my sister and mum and dad. I feel a bit alone at times given I don't have a partner or any close friends in toowoomba. I miss having someone to talk to at night, but it isn't like I don't have anyone. The poor people I do have in my world cop an ear bashing hahaha. I have just finished watching the weekly video from Fred, all over that persistence and perspiration Fred lol. I have been keeping a food and exercise diary on My Fitness Pal app on my phone and ipad and you are so right, it is a great tool to keep myself accountable and on track. I input everything either the night before or in the morning after my cardio as I'm having breakfast. This way works for me because it shows me how much I can eat and also means I can't add any more food in or take any exercise out. I have another app that syncs with MFP for my cardio so there's no cheating! Mind coach, Craig, I love my progress photos and am still smiling 4 days later. It is fuelling my fire to get me to 8 weeks! I will make it to week 6, week 7, week 8, week 9, 10, 11 and I will finish week 12. I have a few $$$ saved in shares and made enquiries today about selling them. There is enough there to pay for my cert. 4,,,,,,, you can do it Jo, if you can do this anyone can do it. I am viewing it as an investment in my future, just a bit scary as that money while only a couple of thousand was my safety net. I still feel amazing and whilst I'm a long way from where I was, I am still not quite there. I will make it though, for myself and for the promise I made to myself for my beautiful little ladies. 2 sleeps till I get their precious cuddles and kisses.

  • Jo Philp
    24 Aug 2014
    9:46 PM

    Day 28/84 Weight: 66.7kg Exercise: walking Epic....... That was my day today. I feel really bad for my chef who was up for 18hours! I have given him 12 hours off, work for 4hrs then another 12 off, poor guy. I have done it many times but it is different when it is a collegue you are responsible for. I got up at 4am and went for my walk and have just finished work now. I was going to do some abs and butts though I have to be up again at 4.30 for my walk to be back in time to show the chef where the rig is. I am giving myself a hard time for not going as I promised myself but tonight I need sleep, I am going to make it up by doing them in the morning straight after my cardio. I don't want to look back and go 'if I had just done that workout instead of skipping it!'. I am so very excited about week 5 and am still smiling and on a high from my progress so far. The diet has changed slightly as have the gym program's. I have been thinking lots about doing different things for cardio when I get home. I have a tendency to find something and run with it so I want to challenge myself a little more, go outside my comfort zone. I know there are a few different things at my gym so I will chat with Kayla about them on Wednesday. I have also been seriously looking into doing my cert. 4 in fitness and have some information. I think I am going to enrol when I get home, very nervous. Not only because it is a lot of money for me but because I have never imagined myself doing anything else except cooking. I just have so many questions about my training, nutrition, how my body is changing I think it could be motivating and I could help others like me. I would like to know a lot more about nutrition too but one step at a time. I feel like I am achieving things, overcoming challenges, I'm happier, more motivated and I'm learning to like Myself and my body. The human body is an amazing piece of artwork. Look out week 5 I'm going to smash it, time to up the anti I think!! Falling asleep, till tomorrow :-) The picture I've attached is of the view on our camp and rig move today, just beautiful!

  • Jo Philp
    23 Aug 2014
    4:47 PM

    Day 27/84 Weight: 66.9kg Exercise: walking and gym Woke up feeling amazing again and smiled my whole walk too. I am getting a bit over the same tunes day in day out so I downloaded the new Hilltop Hoods album last night and listened to that this morning, very awesome! I did my gym this afternoon. We are moving again tomorrow so the guys that finished at midday have 18 hours off, one of the guys went to the gym after lunch and I didn't realise. I walked in and got a bit of a shock, I didn't really know what to do but he asked if I was joining him. I have gotten very comfortable going to the gym out here on my own, still working on my confidence going to the public gym at home. I already had my clothes on and had had my Max's shok shot so it was too late to back out, so I joined him. He did his thing and I did mine but we chatted about workouts and supplements, it was nice. I haven't been as hungry today, but have also managed to keep myself fairly busy too. I am on the countdown to going home, can't wait to see my girls I miss them terribly. I sent them pics of the emus outside camp today and chatted to them earlier. I also can't wait to train with Kayla again, do my new Maxines gym program and have 2 weeks off:-) Well it is time to organise my boys their dinner and another 11 truck drivers too tonight, for the move tomorrow. I have to be up earlier if I'm going to do my walk in the morning. Wonder if the smiles will continue 3 days in a row???? Im back.... I have just finished dinner service and fed all of the truckies. I had one of them, a regular, ask me if ive lost heaps of weight:-):-) I smiled and proudly said yep sure have nearly 8kg!!! People are noticing, feeling wonderful. Ok back to cleaning now:-(

  • Jo Philp
    22 Aug 2014
    4:27 PM

    Day 26/84 Weight: 67.3kg Exercise: walking, abs and butt I woke up feeling fantastic at 4.30 this morning. So jumped out of bed put my walking clothes on, as normal, put my high vis vest on, as normal cause I'm at work, headphones, also normal, and off I went. I smiled the whole walk, not so normal hahaha, still on a high from progress pics I think. I thought about the last week and what else I had done to make me feel so good. I haven't read over my blog from last week but thought about it and how loopy I was lol, dam night shift sends me nuts! I got back to camp and was back in time enough to do my ab and butt workout before work, that felt really good. I am feeling a bit lost this afternoon as a result of doing all my gym this morning and am finding myself watching the clock a bit, actually a lot, wondering when I can eat again! Sooooooo hungry today, I had 8 almonds this afternoon with my protein shake which is the first time I've properly deviated from the meal plan. I justified it to myself saying I shouldn't have done any gym today anyways, so is that an excuse??????? Old habits even showed their face for a split second as I went to grab a biscuit from the tray, I was like wooooooaaaahh what the @&$?are you doing Jo! I had a proper looked over the gym and cardio program for next week so I know what I'm in for. I reckon I'm in for a whole bunch of hurt :-/:-/ Lucky I'm stronger, more confident - much more confident, incredibly motivated and determined. So ready to smash out weeks 5-8, but should I rest on Sunday to prepare myself? I will see. I had better organise my riggers dinner to go up to the rig and clean my kitchen down. I hope I wake up the same again tomorrow and everyday afterwards, such a wicked feeling.

  • Jo Philp
    21 Aug 2014
    8:40 PM

    Day 25/84 Weight: 67.5kg Exercise: walking and gym So dam excited I haven't been able to stop looking at the changes I have made in 4 weeks! Now I know what I can do in 4 weeks and that is a third of the way there, imagine what I can do in another 8 :-):-):-):-):-) I thought about posting my images on Instagram alllllllll day but made the decision to do it and the support is so incredible, people are so kind! Loving seeing everyone else's progress pics too there are some really amazing ones! I was devistated last night when I couldn't put my blog up without my progress photo. I didn't do too bad with my timer on my phone camera, it would have been nice to get a full length one but space and privacy is limited out here. I'm stoked I have the new meal and exercise plans so I can prepare myself for the next stage, I've put them all in my Maxine's folder so I'm ready, bring it on!!!!!! I've never worn a bikini in my adult life and now I find myself wondering what I will wear for my last pic, very excited. I asked my mum if she would go with me to the ball once the challenge is over and she said yes. I did not even consider it at the beginning but I want a lovely reward for myself at the end. Being a single mum I don't get dressed up to go out very often and I think it will be a great incentive to finish the challenge. My my next reward is once I have lost 10kg, I wonder what I will do....... Suggestions? Maybe a new heart rate monitor, mine is broken, sad panda! I was was doing my paperwork last night and one of the guys wanted me to make him a chicken twister, yep the KFC ones. So he was sucking up and started massaging my shoulders, it felt sooooooooooooooo good. I think I am going to get one of those when I get home next week! I am off to bed with a very large smile on my face, trust the process it clearly works!

  • Jo Philp
    21 Aug 2014
    8:41 AM

    Day 24/84 Weight: 67.5kg Exercise: walking, abs and butt I wrote my blog last night and will copy and paste a bit later As I've started work already. I couldn't blog it here last night as I didn't have my progress pics:-(. But as you can see I know do....... So motivating, confidence building. Big day today:-( I started at 8pm last night and finished at 1pm this afternoon, back here at 8 again tonight till 2am. I had an extra Maxine burn bar and gave myself a really hard time for it too. I don't think I will have my protein before bed?????? Non negotiables....... My exercise, my diet and not completing this challenge! I got up at 6 and went for my walk tonight and I did an abs and butts this morning before the camp and rig move, no excuses, I'll find a way! I am honestly exhausted and still have a bit of work to do before I get up again and work 8am-8pm tomorrow, I HATE short change lol. On the up side I'm half way through my hitch and can't wait to go home and see my girls.

  • Jo Philp
    19 Aug 2014
    7:46 PM

    Day 23/84 Weight: 67.4kg Exercise: gym and walking Nearly time to start my day, I have a camp and rig move tomorrow so a big day as I'm supposed to finish my 12 hours at 8am but won't be till midday. I worry a bit about my diet on these days as I eat a bit extra food I.e. A shake and almonds or burn bar. I'm seeing results though so I will try not to give myself a hard time too much. I was pretty buggered when I finished work this morning so decided to do my cardio this afternoon. I was worried that I wouldn't get up and do it thinking perhaps I was starting to get unmotivated, but I actually felt better doing it tonight than in the mornings. I just need to get up a bit earlier to ensure I'm back before dark out here. Only one night left of night shift though but good to know for the future. I have been meaning to say for 4 weeks now that I messed up my burpee count in my registration fitness test! I thought a burped was something way different than what I obviously did, so no I am not superwoman and definitely cannot do 40 burpees per minute hahahahahaha. I have lost nearly 8kg since registration, feeling very proud of me. I still don't feel like I've earned the right to a Maxine's singlet yet though, I think I will allow myself one when I have developed my six pack. Speaking of six packs I can feel my obliques and can start to see them forming :-):-):-):-):-). Still a lot of work to be done though, that pesky layer of lower belly fat needs to go!!!!! I will do some more work on them and my butt tonight!! It is looking a lot like a hiit workout tomorrow too instead of my walk. I have to short change to days so limited sleep due to camp move + short change means I'm wiser to do a hiit session than 1hr walk to try and achieve more sleep. I had better go make some food for my riggers I suppose:-/ 5 days till progress pics, can't wait!!!

  • Jo Philp
    18 Aug 2014
    4:17 AM

    Day 22/84 Weight: 67.7kg Exercise: Walking and gym I have just finished my monday gym workout and am having another attempt at uploading a video. Felt great to be back in there after a day off. Now just chilling having my max's protein shake before getting breakfast organised. I'll be back a bit later:-) I love my diced apple and finely chopped roasted almonds. I'm sitting here having my morning tea while I type :-) I didn't sleep well again last night but still feeling great. The mind coach on Fred's talk last night said these next few weeks are the hardest, I'm incredibly committed so I am hoping this will be enough to get me through. I have never taken so many selfies in my life, I hope I never lose my phone and someone goes threw it lol. I enjoyed watching my back muscles work from the video I took this morning, makes me want it more. I want to spend some time tonight looking for more bum exercises so I can include these in my workouts too. I have been doing abs and bums on my off day still. I think weighing myself twice a day is a bit much, obsessed...... I think so lol. I am just going to weigh myself at the start of each day whether that is at night or morning. Getting excited about taking my progress pics this weekend. I wish I was at home so I had someone to take them for me but I will work it out. I'll probably get Isabell, my little lady to take some when I get home too so that they are in the same spot and I'll do my measurements also. I had had better get back to work and smash it out so I can get into the gym for legs and chest at 2am ;-);-). Loving feeling sore all the time, I know my body is changing!

  • Jo Philp
    17 Aug 2014
    8:10 PM

    Day 21/84 Weight: 68.0kg in the am 66.8kg in the pm Exercise: I had my first rest day in 5 weeks Feeling really rested after not exercising today. I'm not going to lie it was a struggle to not do anything but I just kept telling myself I needed it. I'm very much looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow though. I spoke to to my sister tonight and shared my thoughts about a career change. I love that my sister is so very supportive of all that I do, she never just tells me what I want to hear. Ellen is an amazing woman and always has logical reasoning, I feel lucky to be her sister. I sent her some of my practise pics too and she thinks it's the beginnings of a six pack too, maybe I'm not delusional after all. I did some more research about developing my lower abs and obliques this morning and have written up a list and put it on the white board in the gym, must remember to copy and take it home with me. I don't feel like I have ever wanted anything more for myself than this transformation, feeling very determined, motivated and really happy. I see lots of people changing their diets and adding things into their food. I have not felt the need to change anything or that I am missing out on anything either, determined or just obsessed????? Tonight I have to make creamy mash, a weakness, tiramisu, trifle, kingstons, triple choc biscuits and fried rice, another weakness, among many other yummy things. One thing as a chef I have found difficult is to make things without trying them, I'm relying heavily on experience and know how, no complaints yet though touch wood! I want a body like Dana Linn Bailey when I grow up ;-) Now she IS extraordinary! Loving Fred's weekly inspirational talks:-)

  • Jo Philp
    16 Aug 2014
    7:55 PM

    Day 20/84 Weight: 69.0kg Exercise: gym and hiit Another shitty nights sleep, I feel good though! I got up and googled a hiit circuit and found a few on the men's health magazine website. I did 30 mins but only burned 175 calories according to my HRM?...... I did my Maxine's gym program and am feeling stronger. I am looking forward to a new program though as I'm getting a bit bored. I spent some time reading through articles on the Maxine's challenge website this morning after reblogging and got some good ideas. It is amazing how much help and information is out there, learning so much But also starting to feel like I'm a bit obsessive too :-/ It is good to be connected to people via social media travelling a similar journey for that reason. Today I purposely left my gym things in my room so I try and rest, just have to tell my mind to not get up early tomorrow and make up for it. I am definitely feeling like I need a rest day. I have heaps more energy, I'm happier inside and out but my body is a bit tired. I think I will read some info on the importance of rest days to satisfy my minds attempts to thwart the process. I cannot not believe we are nearly 3 weeks down and only 1 week to progress pics. I practised taking some in my room just before. The lighting is terrible in our rooms but I only used my phone so I will try again with my camera too. Time for me to start work making lots of yummy things for everyone else and some food prep for me:-)

  • Jo Philp
    16 Aug 2014
    7:32 AM

    Day 19/84 Weight: 68.5kg both am and pm Exercise: walking, abs and butt Grrrrrrr I lay down on my bed as I had a half hour to spare last night before I started work and wrote my blog. Unfortunately working in the middle of nowhere sometimes means that the internet drops out and so it happened to me last night and I lost it all :-( This is the first chance I have had to sit down and rewrite it. I miss my girls and am not sure how much longer I will do this job for. I know that I am the only parent they really have and that I should be home instead I am relying on my Mum and Dad, a few guilts yesterday. I am thinking I need to seriously consider those PT pamphlets I picked up the other day. I believe if I can keep on the track I am on with this challenge i can achieve anything. My weight was the same both morning and night yesterday, however I didn't forget to weigh myself as soon as I woke up. Although I am not completely focused on the scales, having a taste of being under 68kg was pretty sweet. I spent some time yesterday morning going through ladies from last years challenge profiles and blogs. It made me feel heaps better, knowing that others had similar hurdles and challenges to overcome. I am glad I took the time to do that!!! I still haven't succombed to any temptation, sticking to the diet 100%. It was a bit tough yesterday making red velvet cupcakes, rolo choc fudge biscuits and southern fried chicken though, who doesn't like cream cheese icing??? Well I am off to do my handover with my chef and get some sleep. I am exhausted this morning so I am going to do my cardio this afternoon. It is raining out here too so I am going to look up some HIIT schedules to find something I can do in my metre by metre space in the gym.

  • Jo Philp
    14 Aug 2014
    11:47 PM

    Day 18/84 Weight: 68.8kg this morning 68.0kg tonight Exercise: Walking and gym Clearly I was a little miffed when I jumped on the scales this morning, hence I got on again tonight when I woke up. I might do this for each day im on night shift just to track how changing my eating habits may affect my weight whilst on nights. I am back to trying not to give myself a hard time about my progress. Needing to remember that this is my journey and not to compare it with anyone elses. Social media is awesome for support and inspiration but can play with my head when I see others making amazing progress. I am also armed with the knowledge this hitch that I dont have mirrors ao I cannot see changes either. I struggle to sleep on this shift too, so when I'm tired it is a little harder to keep my mind from wandering. I did some hill runs this morning half way through my walk. I found it a bit harder than I thought I would but I will perservere. I am going to stick with my plan of doing abs and butts on my off gym days so bringing my gym clothes to kitchen each day and do my workouts about 2.30am. I do my walk when I finish work, just thinking this probably has a lot to do with how my weight tracks throughout the day. There are many other factors though too I know. I have also taken to hanging my gym clothes in front of the oven to dry at work as we only have dryers as a means of drying clothes. Despite givi myself a bit of a hard time I am feeling really good, I havent even tried any of the yummy things I make my riggers!!!! Everyday I awake is an extraordinary chance to make myself a better person both inside and out!!!

  • Jo Philp
    13 Aug 2014
    11:19 PM

    Day 17/84 Weight : 67.8kg Exercise: Walking and butt & abs Back to work today, so sad to leave the girls for another 2 weeks and im on the count down already....14 sleeps to go! I had a nice surprise this morning when I put my work pants on thougj, for the firat time in 18 months I can do them up!!!! I am on night shift so have swapped my diet around. I have been weighing myself in mornings after cardio so it will be interesting to see what the scales say in the morning. I will still do my cardio in the mornings when im finished work and my weights around 3am. I am going to keep my diet as breakfast when I wake up and dinner before I go to bed. I also did an extra cardio session this morning, one at 4am and the other when I got to camp around 930am. That was probably over doing it as I definetly noticed my legs wouldnt move as fast hahaha, but I needed to make myself tired so I could try and sleep today. I was awake at 4pm so I got up and had my shok shot and did abs and butts. I think on my off weights days I am going to work on these areas as my bum is where I carry my weight and I desperately want to finish the challenge with abs. One of the guys when we got to camp saw me walk past and said 'holy crap youve lost some weight!' I just smiled and said Yep:-) such a nice feeling when people notice. I notice I am feeling more confident within myself too. Well I had better get back to cooking for my riggers. These blokes are definitely not ordinary and my world is a better place with them all in it:-) PS having a little trouble uploading videos from yesterday but will keep trying.

  • Jo Philp
    12 Aug 2014
    9:19 PM

    Day 16/84 Weight: 68.0kg Exercise: Walking and gym with Kayla I feel heaps better today, all the positive thinking must have paid off. Is it really possible to lose 800g in one day???? Will see what the scales say in the morning. Either way im definitely noticing a huge difference in my clothes. Such a nice feeling. I don't, however, want to go back to work tomorrow:-(:-( one week at home with my girls just isnt long enough. I miss them so much when I am at work, it is really hard. I've found myself thinking lots about a career change and sneakily grabbed some pamphlets at the gym today about becoming a personal trainer. This journey is most definitely changing me and I like it. Going back to work tomorrow also means I had my last gym sesh for 2 weeks with Kayla today. She is a really beautiful soul despite the fact that she works me like a dog lol. So I am back to self motivation and my little gym at camp. I have stuck to the plan 100% so far and each day temptation is easier to resist so just keep swimming:-) I asked the forum today if I was able to gain access to the weeks 5-8 and 9-12 programs before I put my progress pictures up. So just get them beginning of week 5 and 9 as I will be out at work when these weeks begin and I dont want to have the guys at work take pics of me in my underwear, oh god I'd never hear the end of it!!! I am unable to which I understand completely so I have packed my camera and underwear and am going to see how I go with some selfies :-/ I just don't want to miss any days by not having the program correct. I promised videos of my life at home, my beautiful world of Isabell, Keira and myself. So I am trying to upload those as I type. We live an extraordinary life my girls and I. They are apart of this journey too, how can they not be? I wouldn't have it any other way either!

  • Jo Philp
    11 Aug 2014
    9:47 PM

    Day 15/84 Weight: 68.8kg Exercise: walking, rowing machine and gym Week 3 begins :-) Another low day. I am not really 100% sure what it is! it could be that I have to go back to work on Wednesday, perhaps (I know I am) over doing it a bit, what ever it is I will beat it. Kayla told me to try and have a nanna nap today as I was probably exhausted too, so I did and slept for 2 hours!!! I did an hour on the treadmill at home, 20 mins on rowing machine at the gym and then, I'm very proud of me, ventured into gym on my own and did abdominal workout on my own Kayla had me do on Friday! It was daunting but I just didn't look at anyone and went through my workout, yeay for me!!!! I need to trust the process, I think I have come a long way and seeing some results has definitely helped. As I always say I am an all or nothing person so I think I may be trying to do more to achieve more and probably wearing myself thin. I need to turn it around though as the body achieves what the mind believes and this negativity is bad. Lots of positive self talk happening in my head these last couple of days. I have a whole bunch of stuff to finish off before I fly out Wednesday morning, stuff I always seem to leave to the last minute, but I wanted to share my life at home, so adding that to my list. I have also included the picture of the pants that have been hanging on my cupboard these last 18 months, I will wear you again!!! Isabell packed her own lunch tonight and I'm proud of her choices, it is nice to see these changes I am making can influence my girls. Late night tonight as my sister just rang for a long chat but I better get my soon to be extraordinarily firm bum into bed. I trust this process, I believe in me, you can do this Jo x

  • Jo Philp
    10 Aug 2014
    8:02 PM

    Day 14/84 Weight:69.0kg Exercise: walking I can't believe we are 2 weeks down already! I tried really hard to rest today, but failed. I seem to wake up around 5am these days and just roll out of bed straight into gym clothes without much though. Clearly my little chat with myself didn't go so well last night. I spent most of the day trying to get the girls to clean their rooms, even offering to take them to the bike park. I failed at that one too, the mess just grew. Consequently after finishing my chores for the day I was rather bored, which I think led me to doing quite a lot of clock watching seeing when I could eat again. I also missed going to the gym today and felt quite lazy as a result. Yep it seems I'm giving myself quite a hard time today. Feeling fat and crappy :-( woe is me pull out the violins lol I'm enjoying Freds talks on Sunday nights, I hope I can get them while I'm out at work. I've just realised I've probably been a bit down today to because I know I'm going back to work soon too. Feeling guilty I'm only home for a week, know I don't get to see girls for 2 weeks again blah blah blah. I feel a bit lonely today too, seeing everyone on Instagram with their partners, or talking about them and their support. I've been single for nearly 4 1/2 years and sometimes things make me miss that support and companionship of a partner, someone that is your best friend you know to talk to. I have found ways to get around this in the past 4 years so I just need to find a way for this challenge too. Another challenge within this challenge, learning more about myself. Feeling much better already after just writing here. It is a wonderful idea to make a blog for the challenge. 2 days left at home and 2 days at the gym, I am happy about that. I still have 2 whole days at home so I promise myself I will make the most of it, I will not be so hard on myself these next 2 days, I will cherish every moment with my girls. I am grateful for everything I have and everyone in my world. I am not fearless or without despair but I have the strength to conquer them. Tomorrow is a new day and the beginning of week 3. I am ready to grow as a person, learn more about me and lose some more fat!!!!!!!!! Extra motivation, ordinary but very, very precious life xx

  • Jo Philp
    9 Aug 2014
    8:41 PM

    Day 13/84 Weight: 68.8kg Exercise: pump class and walking I made it to pump class and did it. Confidence is building or perhaps it was because I got my times wrong and was about 5 minutes late I didn't have time to think about it too much. I just picked a spot at front of class and ran and got my weights etc and started. I enjoyed it a lot. I didn't burn as many calories as I thought I would, but I did something out of my comfort zone which makes me proud of me. Because I didn't burn as many calories as I would have liked, I went for a walk this afternoon. I got the girls to grab their scooters and off we went. I would not have in a million years, 4 weeks ago, envisaged myself getting up to go to the gym on a Saturday morning let alone walking again later that day. I find it a little sad really that I haven't done things like that with my girls on a regular basis. We had fun, Keira struggled a bit as we went for nearly an hour, but I will find a way. I know she needs a new bike so we can go bike riding together instead perhaps as Isabell and I both have suitable bikes. Mine just hasn't been riden in about 10 years. Isabell had a blast, I'm so proud of her and the way she is growing up, I'm proud of them both. Isabell was crossing roads on her own, way ahead of Keira and I, she is getting very independent. Kayla sent me through some pics tonight she took of me at the gym on Wednesday. I can't believe I have back muscles like this, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also asked Isabell to take some pics of me today too and did a comparison, it is amazing in nearly 4 weeks the changes that I have made. Taking one day at a time is definitely the way to do it. So I will share my pics here. I am buggered tonight so am lying in bed writing already had my Nite Time :-):-):-) I am struggling to get my head around rest day tomorrow, just so scared if I stop I won't keep going Monday, will see what happens. I know it is important, I'll have a chat with myself hahaha. I wonder if extraordinary people talk to themselves???? Last day of week 2 tomorrow which mean only 70 days to go, no slowing down!

  • Jo Philp
    8 Aug 2014
    9:37 PM

    Day 12/84 Weight: 69.2kg Exercise: walking and gym with Kayla :-) I am am not sure if I am just exhausted from 3 weeks work or if I am over doing it but I have taken to having nanna naps in the afternoon! I haven't done that since the girls were babies. I have decided I will take a rest day on Sunday, I am not feeling very positive about it but I will see how I go. I am loving seeing everyone wearing their Max's and Maxine's shirts and using same shakers etc. Perhaps it is part of my learning to love myself part of this journey but I don't feel like I have earned that right yet. I think I will make that my final reward though as this journey is proving very rewarding. I wore my new Lorna Jane tights and shirt to the gym today (pics attached) and felt really good, apparently my legs looked hot lol, so says Kayla anyways. I still think they look like drumsticks!!!! Kayla was pretty cruel today, it was her birthday so I had to suck it up too haha. Perhaps I'm a bit of a masochist but I'm loving 'the burn', the more it hurts the more I feel I'm achieving. I see Kayla 3 times a week and I know tomorrow is weights day, but as I did 3 weeks at work I missed 3 sessions so I am seeing her 5 times while I'm home this time. I have decided even though I've done weights on days I was supposed to only do cardio I will do a pump class tomorrow So I don't miss a day. I have booked girls into crèche, but am nervous. I struggle to walk into the gym on the days I know I'm meeting Kayla, so going on my own to exercise in front of other people makes me anxious. I thought by booking the girls in it would make me feel bad enough if I didn't turn up that I have to go. They are excited about going to the gym with mummy, it amazes me how much confidence they give me sometimes. I am taking progress pics on Monday, well Isabell my 6y/o will for me, looking forward to seeing if there are changes. I am off to enjoy one of my favourite times of the day, my Max's Nite Time,,,,,,,,, Mmmmmmm :-) What an extraordinary journey this is.

  • Jo Philp
    7 Aug 2014
    9:09 PM

    Day 11/84 Weight: 69.4kg Exercise: treadmill / gym with Kayla I had a wonderful day today. So nice to be able to take girls to school and pick them up and of course spoil them with a lollipop after school:-). We all slept together last night, it doesn't make for the most restful sleep but I wouldn't have it any other way. I forgot to put a pic of me up yesterday on the chopper. I have slipped into my clean and healthy eating habits quite nicely now, even taking my lunch with me today whilst shopping with my sister. She had super rooster chips and chicken roll, a toowoomba icon and an old love of mine and I found it quite easy to resist. My sister lives in Darwin and we only have a couple of days together before she flies home so trying to fit lots in, in a short space of time. I ate chicken and sweet potato for lunch, complete with toy story fork hahahaha while my sister shopped for a new bag. I am pretty dumb first couple of days home from work it is a wonder I get anything done, I hadn't cooked my steak but had cooked my chicken. Everything is organised now!!! I forgot to mention last night, due to being dumb again, my mum had fish for me and I cooked it off with my steamed greens, the fish was so awful I had to throw it away and have tinned tuna instead:-( I look forward to my fish night so was a bit disappointing, I made everyone try it to make sure it wasn't just me though, they all concurred. Ellen, my sister, wants to buy a house with me which is a pretty big deal for me. I have come a long way in 4 1/2 years and am so grateful. I will not live in the past, this is my future now and it is filled with beautiful people, family, laughs, cuddles, wonderful times and whilst it is tough at times I wouldn't have it any other way. I lost everything in my separation, house, businesses, car and have built myself back up again, THIS IS OUR TIME now, myself and my 2 gorgeous girls. I try hard every day to be positive for them, but also for me. I get down on myself don't get me wrong but if I am outwardly positive, then my insides will follow. I like this saying I have attached from Mahatma Gandhi. I was awake at 4.30 this morning probably due to sleeping with my lil ladies, so I did an hour on the treadmill and also had another gym session with Kayla. Not sure how but she managed to find muscles in my bum and work them, cause they're really sore! So nice to workout with mirrors! I also have set milestones with rewards at certain points during the challenge and I reached one today. I made it down to 69kg so I spoiled myself with a new pair of gym shoes, attached, and a new Lorna Jane outfit, I feel really special. My next milestone is losing 10kg so that's getting down to 65.1, I haven't decided on a reward yet though............ Only one more day till the weekend and I can hang with my girls all day! I'm extraordinarily crazy sometimes and I'm ok about that!

  • Jo Philp
    6 Aug 2014
    8:55 PM

    Day 10/84 Weight: 70.0kg Exercise: walking / gym with Kayla :-):-):-) I flew home this morning a chopper ride then a plane. I was so excited about my chopper ride, I even got to sit in the front, it was awesome! It is so great to be home with my girls, they are just so special to me and I missed them so much. They always run up and give me the biggest cuddles it makes me smile so much I nearly cry. But I'm home now and we have plans :-) I got up early and went for my last walk through the state forest, it was dark the whole way and the stars were amazing. I got home just before lunch and had gym with Kayla at 1315. I was so excited to see her and see if she noticed any changes. I had a quick shower just before I left and as I was taking my shirt off I noticed my back in the mirror, it dawned on me I don't have mirrors out at work. I have back muscles!!!!!! I pulled out a gym shirt I haven't worn in 2 years and went to meet Kayla. I walked in and she said "oh my god look at you!" I was just so happy someone noticed and for my PT too. She had me doing elastic assisted chin ups, squats, rolled push ups, lunges and rowing machine today - not sure of proper technical terms. As I was doing my chin ups she ran off and came back, I had my back to her and she says "hold it there" I'm like what are you doing let me down lol. She was taking pics, I didn't get a chance to see but I will tomorrow I can't wait! I feel really good tonight knowing I'm making progress and only a week and a half in too. Very proud I've stayed motivated enough to do all that work, while out at work on my own. I am exhaustednd am lying in bed with my beautiful girls writing this but it's time for sleeping. Feeling like extraordinary is within reach.

  • Jo Philp
    5 Aug 2014
    9:32 PM

    Day 9/84 Weight:70.1kg Exercise: walking & gym I was a bit cranky and unmotivated today, I think mainly because I have worked 21 days straight of at least 12 hour shifts, a few 16hour ones and a couple of short changes thrown in ie. changing from nights to days and vice versa. I was up early again and got a nice pic of the forest at dawn, I will definitely miss my walks up here. I wonder what I will do for cardio when I get home, oooooooohhhhhhhh I have options :-) i messaged Kayla today about times for PT tomorrow, and I am so excited to see if she notices any changes after 3 weeks of not seeing each other. I'm also just excited to see her, she is an awesome lady. Looking forward to have someone push me as I'm sure it will be different from doing it on my own out here. I'm going on a helicopter tomorrow for the first time ever, very excited I will take pics for my girls. I can't wait to pick them up from school tomorrow and cuddle on the couch, listen to them laugh and tell me stories. I promised them a weekend away because I did 3 weeks and I believe they've decided on seaworld. It should be wonderful, I love my weekends away with the girls, might even be decadent and stay there. i cheered up heaps after I, again, snuck my gym workout in during work today. I even felt like I had more energy and was calmer. I had my sister pick me up some preworkout yesterday for when I got home so I am looking forward to trying that. Off to get my clothes from the dryer and crawl into bed. Have to be up super early to fit my last walk through the forest in before my chopper ride!

  • Jo Philp
    4 Aug 2014
    7:40 AM

    Day 8/84 Weight: 70.3kg Exercise: walking & gym Wow I have lost 1.8 kg in a week :-). I can nearly do my work pants up even! I am pretty proud and wanted to post this straight away. I have only been posting on my blog once a day due to working 12 hour shifts and also being into my third week straight at work. This morning though I was up earlier than normal so went for my walk in the dark, bit creepy through the state forest on your own the adrenalin was certainly working lol. So I have time to do a quick post before work, week 2 is here;-) looking forward to getting home on Wednesday and killing it in a normal gym, seeing my little ladies and my sister who is visiting from Darwin. Also can't wait to see what results this week brings, take some measurements and pics too. I went through the important dates and my work calendar and I am at work when the challenge finishes:-(. All good I fly home on the Wednesday which is the last day to post final pics etc so it will just be a busy day. I don't want to torment anyone out here to take my final pics, I am also pretty sure I couldn't get down to my underwear in front of my work colleagues!!!!! Well time to brush my teeth and do a hand over..... Till later :-) Sooooo tired right now. I have had a super busy day here at work. I managed to squeeze in my gym session during work hours again;-) Feeling a little frustrated and let down today as I found out my back to back whom I have worked this extra week for quit today. I didn't cave though I just pumped my chest harder in the gym:-) Speaking of chests, my boobs are shrinking. I knew it would happen just did not think it would be the first transformation I would notice lol..Having said that though for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - thank you Einstein, I noticed pecs moving in the mirror! My beautiful sister sent me pics of be gorgeous little ladies today, so I will share. My sunshine, my laughs, my reason for waking each day, my motivation, my little angels I love you so much Isabell and Keira xxxx

  • Jo Philp
    3 Aug 2014
    4:10 PM

    Day 7/84 Weight: 70.5kg Exercise: walking It is supposed to be a rest day today! I am scared if I get up and don't do something that I'll do the same the next day and the day after etc, so I jumped out of bed at 5.50am. What a rude shock when I stepped out of my beautifully heated room out here at work I got! -3.5oC, holy!!!!!!!!!!! I stepped straight back in and rocked my walk with my thermal long sleeve shirt over my skimpy singlet and completed the whole walk in it hahahaha, it was freezing. I have put up a couple of pics of me this morning one in my room before I left and yes I sleep in a bunk bed. One of me still wearing my thermals on the way home, I was still cold when I got back I could barely crack my eggs this morning lol. Just so you don't think I am fibbing, a screenshot of my phone at 5.57am and an awesome quote I found last night. I have been loving Instagram. I went through all the emails from the forum just before and added a whole bunch of people. Still can't believe that we are 1 week down today and the changes some people have made is astounding. I have also found people's transformations from last year, doing it again this year very inspiring. I hope I can do half of what some of them have achieved. Still learning patience. I love tuna normally, but I am struggling a bit with the tuna salad days. I much prefer the brown rice, chicken, steak days, I will not stray from the plan though. It was a huge treat to have my burn bar today as I had to make a whole bunch of desserts for the riggers. Only 3 sleeps till I get to see my little ladies, I am so excited and also to see my PT, Kayla and smash it at the gym. I don't want to wish my challenge time away but bring on Wednesday :-):-). Can't wait to see what week 2 brings....... I'm going with crazy ordinary today, that being because I still chose to walk even though it was -3.5oC this morning.

  • Jo Philp
    2 Aug 2014
    5:05 PM

    Day 6/84 Weight: 71.0kg Exercise: walking & gym As I continue on this journey I have been thinking about an amazing lady I met 4 1/2 years ago, Paula Pool. I started seeing Paula post babies to lose some weight and get into shape. Back then I weighed 82kg and over 8 months she helped me lose 18kg, the lightest I have been since high school. Paula changed my life and in the process became an amazing friend. Sadly Paula lives in Townsville, where I lived for the better part of 15 years. I suppose in a lot of ways I have tried to find a trainer who was Paula, that could never happen. Paula supported me through my separation, breakdown and through the hard decision I had to make moving back to my home town. I miss her everyday!!!!!!! Once I had lost the weight I was inspired to compete in a body building competition, it was just after this I moved. I have held onto that dream though and this is the continuation of that dream. I always remember the look on Paula's face when she was asking me about my diet and I told her how many iced coffees I had a day and how I made them lol. I haven't had one since! That is 4 1/2years without an iced coffee, I still miss them but Paula's face is a burnt imprint on my mind when I consider having one. There are a few other changes I have stuck to thanks to Paula..... No more lattes or cappuccinos, instead I drink a short black and only 2 a day instead of the 6-8 milky ones I was having, I only buy wholemeal or rye bread for home and soft drinks, I can't remember the last time I had a full strength soft drink!!! I changed to coke zero, now since starting this challenge nearly 3 weeks ago I haven't even felt like one of those. I was having 2 cups of tea of an evening with milk and 1 sugar but the last 3 weeks have also seen that change to black tea. It is amazing what a difference little changes make and how quickly you become accustomed to them. My knees are still a little puffy so only a walk again today, a bit frustrating again but I don't want to injure myself so much I can't do anything. I have always enjoyed working my arms in the gym but today I discovered a new love for working my shoulders. I smashed that gym session today, very proud of me. Dinner service time and they are having rump with wedges and gravy tonight, how yum would that be, followed by tiramisu. Nearly a week down...... Wow it has gone fast.

  • Jo Philp
    1 Aug 2014
    7:55 PM

    Day 5/84 Weight: 70.5kg Exercise: walking :-( I have had a great day today, nearly slept all night without waking, up before my alarm....a little struggle to get out of bed, and went for a walk. It got me down a little I couldn't run, but my knees felt good while I was walking. I did a bit of googling, my sister who is a critical care nurse gets mad at me all the time for googling when the kids or I are sick so sorry Ellen lol, but I think I have fluid on my knees. My own fault of course from trying to run before I was ready or a bit too much too soon, too often. I have faith I will get there eventually. I know my weight keeps going down every day, which makes me smile, though for me it is more about the way I look more than anything. I have a pair of jeans at home that I've had hanging over my cupboard for about 18 months now for inspiration. I'm really looking forward to be able to wear them again. I will put a picture up when I get home. I'm really enjoying my food now, the thought of a whopper with cheese, a weakness of mine, nearly makes me vomit. I plate up some of the guys food out here and I think to myself 'wow that one plate of food would be way over my food budget for the whole day'! I enjoy baking out here at work though, im not sure why as I've never really baked in my profession. I guess I just started doing a bit here as we are away from home for so long, I try and make it like home for the guys. That has now turned into a nightmare and I'm baking daily. I've never really had a sweet tooth but over the last 12-18 months I've found myself not eating all day and then just picking when I'm hungry.... A biscuit here, muffin there, the last few chips in the bowl, white bread, baked potatoes, trimmings off the roast meats, cheesy coleslaw, cake and slice edges when I'm portioning..... Now I know what got me into this situation!!! So I've included in today's pics a few of the things I bake every day and have to resist the temptation to eat. Another thing I enjoy out here is baking bread, oooooooohhhhh how I could eat a whole loaf of fresh bread lathered with butter, yum! I am changing and I feel they are positive changes, despite the nay sayers. I saw a good quote today on Instagram 'now they are asking you why you are doing it. Soon they will be asking how.' I liked that and I like thinking about the future and little things like that on my journey, it keeps me motivated. Merriam-Webster dictionary: ex·traor·di·nary adjective \ik-ˈstrȯr-də-ˌner-ē, ˌek-strə-ˈȯr-\: very unusual : very different from what is normal or ordinary : extremely good or impressive Well I am already a little unusual haha. Off to have my Chocolate Max's nite protein, my favourite meal of the day!!! Bring on day 6!!!!

  • Jo Philp
    31 Jul 2014
    9:09 PM

    Day 4/84 Weight: 71.1kg Exercise: walking/running & gym Positive Jo is back. I had my I feel sorry for me day yesterday but enough is enough. I've had a great day, I am starting to sleep better- for the first time in over 6months, feel more energetic and hoooollllyyyyy I'm enjoying my gym and cardio. I never thought I would say that!!!!! I know I'm only supposed to do cardio 4 times a week but I am waking up before my alarm everyday and I don't even think about it. I just put on my exercise clothes and off I go. I knocked another 2 minutes off my time this morning, very proud of myself, although my knees aren't lol. So tomorrow it will be just walking, I actually feel sad about that. I am not very good at cardio but have been trying to push myself as hard as I can on my own. I put my headphones on and I do about a 5 minute warm up walk and theN every chorus I run, there are some long choruses! I speak to my girls everyday when I am away and they were super cute this morning, "come home right now mummy we miss you!" I love them to bits, can't wait to see them, only 6 more sleeps :-):-):-) I am am also looking forward to getting home and using a real gym, well a little apprehensive. I have grown comfortable in my little box of a gym here at work as there is no one else in there, there isn't room anyway hahaha, so I don't need to be self conscious Like I would be at my gym at home. I am looking forward to using more equipment and doing the 'gym' program though and having my PT, Kayla, there to push me. I feel like I have made a friend too in Kayla. We have similar lives being single mums etc and she is super cool and funky. Perhaps my first friend since moving to Toowoomba over 3 years ago, it feels nice. When I was due to go home the other day and I was organising my times to see her she asked me if I wanted to train with her. That was very flattering, to think she thought I might be good enough to train with her? Wow really? I hope I get that opportunity again! Part of the reason for me joining the gym, aside from getting into shape was to hopefully meet some people and make some friends. Serving dinner was a challenge tonight, corned silverside and roast chicken! I love the chooks bum on roast chickens and that nice layer of fat on the corned silverside with mash made on cream and butter........YUM! I went to pick a couple of times but stopped myself. The guys were winding me up in the kitchen telling me it was really yummy, cheeky monkeys! I have age been working my bum off during the day so I can sneak my gym session in, in the afternoon. It has been working and today legs, oh I hate you legs. Learning that like many other thing perhaps I'll learn to like them too. still loving the challenge immensely, ordinary still but I am ok with that!

  • Jo Philp
    30 Jul 2014
    8:31 AM

    Day 3/84 Weight: 71.4kg Exercise: walking/running Feeling very sad today. I have spent the best part of the day trying to remove the dark cloud over my head because I am stuck at work for another week. My mum sent me out a care package with the guys who flew in today, containing a paper with Isabell's school picture in it, a letter from both my girls- see picture attached, and burn bars for another week. I don't get to see my girls for another 7 nights which will be 21 all together. I miss their cuddles and kisses incredibly, but more so our quality time and hearing them laugh. My mum isn't doing the challenge but is on her own weight loss journey. I introduced her to the burn bars when I was home last and she had a stash at home...... Lucky me as I only found out at 7pm last night I was staying another week and the guys leave at 6am. I was pretty upset when I woke up this morning @ 4.45am mind you, so my walk this morning consisted of more running than walking. Our emotions can be a pretty powerful motivator, our mind isn't even attached to our bodies!!!!!!! I took another 2 minutes off my time. I am my harshest critic, no one can make me feel worse about myself than me, another challenge to complete. I see everyone putting their pics up on Instagram of their changes to date and there are some incredible ones too. I find myself constantly reminding myself that this is my journey and to not make comparisons. I don't have the faint lines of a six pack yet, I desperately want a six pack and those awesome two obliques as well. I have had trouble noticing any changes aside from the scales. Be patient Joanne, be patient, trust the process Jo, trust the process. Today I promise I will learn to be kinder to me, to be more patient, try harder to trust the process. Despite being so negative today I feel so incredibly empowered by this journey, a wonderful feeling. And I have Maxine's Burn Bars especially choppered in ;-);-);-) Watch out...... Extraordinary coming soon lol x

  • Jo Philp
    29 Jul 2014
    3:56 PM

    Day 2/84 Weight: 71.7kg Exercise: walking/running & gym I was so excited this morning, I really feel like I am getting somewhere. I went for my walk/run and in 8 days I have taken 8 minutes off my 6.5 km walk, I then jumped on the scales when I got back to camp and seemed to have lost 1.4kg overnight??? As I progress and hit little personal goals I have decided to reward myself. My first one is getting down to 69kg, so I should probably start saving my $$$$$ to buy myself my new gym outfit I promised myself!! I have been looking on Instagram for motivation and inspiration and people are doing some amazing things with their food. I have been following my diet and exercise regime to a T, consequently I find myself chopping everything really small and eating it with a spoon, I do use spices, fresh herbs and salt and pepper but mine never looks as beautiful as some pics i have seen. I do this because I am an all or nothing person and feel if I deviate from the plan I am setting myself up to fail. I have decided that my legs look a lot like a chicken drumstick lol, gotta fix that!!!! My campy, Sherri, out at work timed my fitness test last night so will be interesting to see how I progress over the 12 weeks. I go home from work tomorrow and am so excited to finally give my little ladies a big cuddle, and I get my first helicopter ride too. We are on a lease in a state forest, about 5hours drive from the airport we usually fly out from so the are choppering us out, I am incredibly excited. Todays pics are of my gym here at work and today I forgot to get my gym shoes out of my room before I started work, oooooooops:-/. I share a room with the other chef, we are never in there at the same time but when I'm working he's sleeping and vice versa. Day 2 nearly down! My little lady, Isabell took my challenge photos, so proud of her. I have already asked if she can take some more when I get home tomorrow. ordinary still...... Extraordinary is in the making :-)

  • Jo Philp
    28 Jul 2014
    3:56 PM

    A little insight into one half of my world

  • Jo Philp
    28 Jul 2014
    2:33 PM

    Day 1/84 Weight: 73.1kg Exercise: walking/running & gym I am so excited to be starting this journey...... Time to turn ordinary into extraordinary!!!!! I am a single mum of 2 gorgeous little ladies, Isabell 6y/old and Keira 4 1/2y/old. They light up my world, they make the sun shine on even my darkest days. I work away from home on a 2 week on 2 off roster and my mum and dad look after my lil ladies when i am away. We lead a simple life, just the 3 of us and I love my beautiful little family. I started at the gym about 4 weeks ago and was searching the web for a diet plan when I came across the Maxine's challenge. I read over it and thought why not. I am quite a shy person so I struggle to walk into the gym and sharing my pictures on Instagram gave me nausea. I asked my trainer, Kayla, what she thought about it, she went to her bag and pulled out the Maxine magazine and DVD and said yep lets do this. I lost just over a kilo before registration and have lost another 2kg since then. I am quite impatient also so waiting for the challenge to start has been difficult as has not seeing results straight away. I keep telling myself to trust the process, "trust the process Jo!!!" I am out at work at the moment and go home on Wednesday, can't wait to cuddle my girls!!!!! I have been following the plan for 2 weeks since registration started. I am surrounded by blokes everyday and have found it difficult to put my exercise clothes on knowing I have to walk in front of them when I am ready to go. There are also a lot of other rigs around too so going for walks with riggers driving past has proven a challenge also. I have learnt a lot about myself in these past 2 weeks and found many more challenges I need to overcome. I need to learn to love myself, be more confident, don't worry what others think and a few others. I have learnt this journey is going to fulfill so much more than my simple goal 2 weeks ago of changing my body and fulfilling my dream of doing a natural body building competition. 4 weeks ago if someone asked me about running I would have laughed in their face. After 2 weeks of walking, this morning it just wasn't enough and I ran for a bit....... Amazing wow!!!!!! No more excuses Jo, find a way. I want to show my girls how to love themselves and that women can do anything. This journey isn't only about me it is about my family of 3 as we are a package. Off to the gym I go before dinner service:-):-):-)

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