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168 cm


Tone & Shape - Beginner

Reason to start The Challenge

I decided to do the challenge after I saw a family member complete it with great results. I really just want to push myself to new limits and see just how much I can change my body in 12 weeks. Basically, I want to be an absolute bombshell!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The structure, for me there was no excuses. Maxine's Challenge gave me all the tools I needed to succeed in this challenge. The only thing I had to do was put in the effort. The support you get is insanely good, no question will go unanswered and you never feel silly for asking any sort of question. The team is there for you 100%.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

At first it was the number of meals we would have in a day. Working full time in a very busy environment I found it difficult to make the time to have morning tea, lunch and the afternoon shake. I made time but it was difficult at first to keep putting myself first.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

This challenge has impacted my life in a massive way. I love the way I look now, I look and feel great in my clothes, I have a new self worth and I have a greater respect for my body. I look at food in a different way now and have stopped my emotional eating. I now want to fuel my body with great foods that my body needs.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

If you are willing to put in the commitment then do it. There is no room for excuses. If you put in the effort then the results will follow and you won't be disappointed.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

This challenge has literally changed my life. I look at everything in a different way now. I have been inspired by people doing this challenge and have inspired people to do the next challenge. I am so thankful I took the first step those 12 weeks ago to go into this challenge and give it my all. Thankyou Maxine's for showing me how to live the best life I can.


  • Katie Kruske
    14 Aug 2017
    7:24 PM

    Feeling on top of the world! 81kg down to 66.5kg.

  • Katie Kruske
    11 Aug 2017
    12:23 PM

    Oh hello there abs, where have you been all my life? Tan tomoz and pics on Sunday. Hanging out for that feed of bacon and eggs!

  • Katie Kruske
    7 Aug 2017
    4:28 PM

    Cant believe its the last week, where did the last 11 weeks go??? Its been such an amzing journey. This week is guna be huge. Went to the gym this morning and was like an absolute machine! Just kept going and going and going, it was amazing. I am in my absolute element this week. I get to housesit a beautiful house and babysit 3 dogs plus my own so 4 all up and 2 birds. I am soooo busy this week is going to fly by. Tan booked, pretty excited to take my pics. People are saying how toned my arms are looking now. I have learnt so much from this challenge, just how to eat better and what exercises to do, and actually quantities of food. Bring on the pics and also cant wait to see how everyone else has done :)

  • Katie Kruske
    5 Aug 2017
    7:56 PM

    After my normal workout decided to go climb a mountain, pulling out all stops for the final phase! Got some awesome sweat patches happening

  • Katie Kruske
    29 Jul 2017
    2:05 PM

    2 weeks to go and feeling great! Bring on the burn!

  • Katie Kruske
    25 Jul 2017
    1:27 PM

    I am literally pumped everyday. Every morning I wake up at 4.20, have brekky, take some supps and head to the gym where I just crush it! The issue is however, I am currently sitting in the lunch room at work with my skirt being held to stockings and a tight high waisted belt with bull dog clips. Yes the only thing holding my skirt up is stationary. I had to leave my wedding rings at home as they literally just slip off my finger now. Not such bad problems to have I guess but it's quite annoying. In saying that on the weekend I wore a singlet and those really tight high waisted jeans, which are now starting to get loose (i've only worn them twice now) and mat I just say I looked smashing. I actually look skinny now! I am in the 60's now! My arms and shoulders literally look awesome with all the muscles that i've got going on. This challenge would have to be the best thing I have ever done!

  • Katie Kruske
    23 Jul 2017
    3:45 PM

    End of week 9 and feeling great. 3 weeks to go and can't wait to see what it brings. I have learnt soooo much during this challenge. I am such a better version of me now, i'm happier and just feel so much more confident in everything I do. I am 12kg down and never thought I would lose that much! It's such and great feeling knowing I am giving this challenge my all.

  • Katie Kruske
    17 Jul 2017
    3:15 PM

    First workout of the new routine today. Wowza! Legs today and boy oh boy was it a challenge. Apart from the fact that I could barely move after I felt great afterwards. Only 4 weeks left and can't wait to see the final results! We can do this guy's, 4 weeks is not long at all

  • Katie Kruske
    15 Jul 2017
    4:28 PM

    10.5kg down.in 8 weeks, nothing much more to say really ;)

  • Katie Kruske
    14 Jul 2017
    10:19 PM

    Progress pic time tomorrow! Am feeling excited. Only 4 weeks to go! This week I went to the origin and then the next night we went on a dinner cruise along the brisbane river. Didn't eat anything I shouldn't have. On the dinner cruise there was heaps of options I could eat and all greens which was great so I still got to have a huge plate of yummy food. Just didn't drink and surprisingly it was pretty easy. With only 4 weeks to go I am getting excited for what I am going to eat after the challenge. Basically going to have a day of eating everything then back on the wagon the following week, ain't putting my weight back on, it's too bloody hard to get back off. My legs are finally starting to change, I knew those babies would be the very last thing to budge but thank goodness it's finally happening! Feeling great in clothes, on the dinner cruise I actually wore high waisted jeans and a midriff and you know what? I looked amazing!!!! Crazy feeling wearing stuff you would have never worn before. Anywho, will post some pics of me in all my glory tomorrow :)

  • Katie Kruske
    9 Jul 2017
    2:42 PM

    Well today marks the end of week 7. I weighed in today and I am officially 10kg down. I took some more pics today and can't believe the difference. What a change is happening right now. 5 weeks to go and this is the push point. I need to work harder, lift heavier ans the results will come. Here's to another great 5 weeks and some amazing end results.

  • Katie Kruske
    3 Jul 2017
    7:21 PM

    I see the beginning of some abs, could it really be? No it can't, it just can't.... or can it truly be. Start to week 7, half way home, 8.5kg down! And feeling fine. Getting comments left right and centre.

  • Katie Kruske
    26 Jun 2017
    8:40 PM

    Day 1 of week 6, can't wait to be half way and the whole time I have been 100% on everything. If you don't put in the effort then don't expect great results. I am 7kg's down and still 7 weeks to go, feeling great, really starting to notice big changes, I feel the magic happening, haha. This would be the best thing I have ever done!

  • Katie Kruske
    21 Jun 2017
    6:30 AM

    Mid week 5, can't believe how quickly this is going. Really enjoying the challenge, learning a lot and still really motivated. There's nothing better than your husband saying, holy shit where's your ass going? I don't know where it's going but it's not coming back! Starting to get a bit hungry now between meals which must mean my body is working awesomely. New workout is great, really sore muscles again which means it must be working. Nothing fits me now, what a shame, haha

  • Katie Kruske
    18 Jun 2017
    1:27 PM

    4 weeks in and 6 kg's down. Fully pumped and prepared for the coming 4 weeks.

  • Katie Kruske
    15 Jun 2017
    6:24 PM

    Progress shot, taking my proper 4 week shots on Sunday. Really happy with how I am coming along. I've noticed my shoulders are looking a lot more rounded and stomach is getting nice and flat. Still a lot of work to do on legs but they are heaps better then 4 weeks ago.

  • Katie Kruske
    8 Jun 2017
    9:39 PM

    Sums up how i'm feeling at the moment :)

  • Katie Kruske
    8 Jun 2017
    6:36 AM

    The mind games continue this morning. Cardio day so tapout in the lounge room it was. Sweated it out for an hour, went to have a shower and saw my ass in the mirror, thought to myself, gee that ass is smaller and more rounded. Woohoo! Back to feeling better. Getting fit certainly is just as much a mental game as a physical one. Everything has been on point since day 1, no slip ups, i'm kicking ass, literally!

  • Katie Kruske
    7 Jun 2017
    9:16 PM

    The mind is such an interesting thing. This morning was at the gym working hard, saw myself in the mirror and thought gee you do not look good, then I was thinking 'what if I get to week 12 and have done everything right and still look the same?' Panic set in big time. What is my mind doing to me? I just need to trust the process and believe in it!

  • Katie Kruske
    5 Jun 2017
    7:59 PM

    Starting week 3 on a high, fully pumped for this week, went up in weights today which is awesome! Starting to get hungry now, if i'm late for my food, I know it! My body seems to be well adjusted to eating times but doesn't like it if i'm late. Haha. Still saying positive, I had a few bad days last week, big days at work, would have loved nothing more than to come home and have a malibu. I didn't obviously, that's not how I want to go out. I want to get to the end of this challenge and know that I tried my hardest and that I crushed it.

  • Katie Kruske
    1 Jun 2017
    7:25 PM

    So today I had a day off work. Went to the gym did some housework and then decided I would clean out my wardrobe. I had a few dresses I had bought online that never fit. Not only they didn't fit, they were heaps off fitting. Now..... they fit. I cant believe it, we're only week 2 but I seem to be shrinking at a rapid rate. I'm not complaining I just honestly can't believe this is happening so quick!

  • Katie Kruske
    28 May 2017
    2:30 PM

    As week 1 comes to an end I feel I couldn't be in a better place. I'm sure the challenge will have its moments but at the moment things are going along nicely. My clothes already sit differently on me and my husband is already noticing a difference. The next 11 weeks are going to be tough but I am off to the best start possible

  • Katie Kruske
    20 May 2017
    1:40 PM

    2 sleeps until I officially start! I am so excited! Have done all my prep shopping and meal prep begins tomorrow. Literally am so pumped and so happy that my best buddy is doing it with me.

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