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I went from frumpy to fabulous in 12 weeks. I put in the hard work and focused on eating correctly but would not having gotten the amazing results that I achieved without Maxine's.



165 cm


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Reason to start The Challenge

II did the challenge last year and really enjoyed it and got great results. Loved the products and the plans. In November I started working at a bakery and started nibbling bits of strudel and then I went on a cruise for my 40th in May this year and ate way too much. I chose Maxine's again because I know it works and I trust this process. I think everyone should do it at least once. There is so much to learn and benefit from doing it. Why wouldn't I do it again!!!!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The results!!! Watching my body change inspired me to push harder. I loved all of the products. The flavours are the best I've tasted and the products work. I love the Burn bars and enjoy my frozen Night time. In the last few weeks especially, I relied on the XT Burn to give me the energy that I needed to do my workout, that otherwise might not have gotten done.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Leg day.
Injuries. I had several minor ones so I can't complain too much. Sprained finger, bruised heel, slightly torn hamstring etc. Luckily I didn't injure anything that stopped me working out.
Cravings in the first couple of weeks were hard sometimes but I knew that it was only temporary. DOMS were bad sometimes after a good workout. The post workout protein shakes helped with that, thankfully.
Super sets when the gym is busy. I didn't want to hog too many things, lol.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Our whole family has benefitted from this challenge. Myself and my husband both got amazing results. We now cook, shop and flavour our food differently and make sure we read food labels. Both of our teenage boys are now also coming to gym and are making better food choices

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

DO IT!!! Results are amazing!!! All of the products taste so good that it's like having a treat and THEY WORK!!!!! I went from frumpy to fabulous in 12 weeks. I put in the hard work and focused on eating correctly but would not having gotten the amazing results that I achieved without Maxine's.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I found great comfort in the forum. Any help and support was right there when I needed it. We were always over prepared when it came to meals and workouts. We had everything ready the night before so there was no panic in the morning and we did meal prep on weekends. I'm going to continue to build on my strength and muscle. I never imagined I would look like this at 40.


  • Katrina Pape
    6 Nov 2015
    6:45 PM

    I was so excited to have oats back today. I enjoy my pats!!! In saying that though, i felt really lethargic after eating them. I guess my body has to get used to them again afyer not having them for about a week. fell asleep when i got home from work. Still felt lethargic after lunch so i had some XTvand then went for a walk. Im happy to just walk today and tomorrow as i twinged my left hamstring a few days ago doing hill sprints. Happy to have a rest from running. I have been chewing a lot of gum for the last few days. My metabolism is going 100/mph so Im hungry most of the time. I tried my bikini on before and it looks great with mynpatchy tan so it will look even better when i get my fake tan and its all even

  • Katrina Pape
    3 Nov 2015
    2:17 PM

    busy week this week and have to fit in waxing and tans for us, and a couple extra hair clients this week for 2 other challengers. Everyone is getting ready to look their best. Nutrition still on track. We have booked in at a pizza place for our challenge party but we don't want to eat pizza anymore so we are going to change it. Healthy eating feels better than pizza! I am going to continue to eat healthy and do weights when this is finished and work on building some more muscle. Hubby and I are going to do some of our workouts together

  • Katrina Pape
    31 Oct 2015
    3:41 PM

    Smashed another leg workout. Went up another 5kgs on front squats!!!!! I did 30 minutes of HIIT this morning. Got my body fat % taken at gym yesterday and it was 14%. Hopefully I can get it down a little bit lower. My resting heart rate the other night was 44 beats per minute. It worried me so I googled it and it said it was equivalent to an elite athlete. Wow!!! have had a hard time working out by myself while watching my husband working out with someone else. Can't believe I've made it this far on my own!!!! Go me!!!!!!!!

  • Katrina Pape
    27 Oct 2015
    5:16 PM

    Callouses were really annoying at gym today. Not sure if they show up in the pic or not. I'm out in the sun. I've been doing some hill sprints in the mornings this week and last week to strip off some excess fat. That has been my cardio as well as the usual weights in the arvos. Chest and shoulders today. PT at gym said I look amazing for 40 year old, which made me push harder. Great session!!! We love our gym!!!! It has only been open since May this year, but it just keeps getting better and better. They listen to what we want and take on board our suggestions. They are getting in Max's and Maxine's products!!!! Woo hoo. We can't wait. Love the bars and I'm soooo excited to try the new flavours

  • Katrina Pape
    26 Oct 2015
    3:09 PM

    Totally smashed my chest, bi, tri and ab workout. Feeling pumped!!!! Doing 2 workouts a day most days for the last 4 weeks so im making sure im hydrated and getting plenty of sleep. I have been using my hubbys Intraboost for 2 weeks and am feeling good the whole way through my workouts. It will definately help keep me from getting run down. Im making sure i get plenty of sleep too. Wish i couldve taken arm pics at gym today but my phone camera is still beoken from when i dropped a dumbbell on it

  • Katrina Pape
    22 Oct 2015
    7:10 PM

    Wasn't even tempted by this muffin. Was happy with my burn bar. I've learnt that it feels good to say no to sugary things and I have redefined what I consider a 'treat'. Haven't had any alcohol for the whole challenge and that hasn't bothered me either. I was really lacking energy today. Nearly fell asleep at the table after lunch. I made it a one workout day today. I have been doing 2 since last Monday, one cardio and one weights. i listened to my body as I don't want to get sick. I want to make it to the end!!!!!!!!

  • Katrina Pape
    21 Oct 2015
    6:57 PM

    I've been way too busy to blog. Working 6 hours in the morning, then doing 1/2 hour cardio, some haircuts and colours in the arvos, then off to gym for weights, then home to cook tea etc. Used my last scoop of XT Burn today so I was really happy that hubby could get one for me.

  • Katrina Pape
    16 Oct 2015
    11:28 AM

    Love this stuff!!!!! Started at 4 this morning so I was up at 3.30. you can see by the picture how tired I am. I've had a hectic week and it's starting to take its toll. Really wanted to lay down and go to sleep when I got home from work but so much to do. Just had some XT Burn and am now ready to workout

  • Katrina Pape
    6 Oct 2015
    7:17 PM

    My leg workout. Getting stronger and leaner

  • Katrina Pape
    6 Oct 2015
    12:09 PM

    Got hubby to take this the other day. Back progress. Love it! Just had my XT burn and am about to smash out another leg workout.

  • Katrina Pape
    5 Oct 2015
    12:54 PM

    Got to sleep in till 9 yesterday. I needed it!!! Slept in a little bit today too. Has been a long time since I've had 2 consecutive sleep ins. The Nighttime helps a lot. I feel like it helps my muscles relax. Everything is better after a good nights sleep!

  • Katrina Pape
    2 Oct 2015
    8:05 PM

    I'm happy with my progress so far. I've been working out every day. I've only missed two days and then I have done two workouts either the day before or the day after to make up for it. I had the best leg workout on Tuesday. I really pushed myself harder than I had before And smashed some of my PBs. Thanks to XT Burn. You know you've had a good leg workout when you cringe when you have to bend over to pick something up. Ouch. Luckily the Maxines Burn helps with the recovery. I'm increasing my weights all the time and starting to get some definition. I wish I had the XT burn earlier. It really helps with my workouts! I've had a pre-workout once before and it was horrible. This is gentle but effective. Pleasantly surprised!

  • Katrina Pape
    22 Sep 2015
    2:19 PM

    Finally got my XT burn and it was worth the wait. I was smashing PB's during my leg workout today and can't wait to use it again. Didn't think that tiny scoop of stuff would do much but I was impressed!!!!! My legs and butt are going to be sore tomorrow. I feel like it's just what I needed as I was thinking about getting a PT to help me push harder but now I don't think I'll need one. Also wasn't really feeling it with deadlifts so i got someone on the floor to check my technique and now I know how to do it better. Fantastic gym session all round

  • Katrina Pape
    18 Sep 2015
    7:38 PM

    Another busy day. Did my back and abs at gym after work. Won't get time to go to gym tomorrow so I went back later and did shoulders and triceps. Both great workouts!!!! After checking in on Sunday I ordered my xt burn online. I'm very annoyed because it still hasn't come so I won't get it till next week. I feel like I'm now a week behind with my fat burning. Grrrrrr. Frustrating!!!!!

  • Katrina Pape
    17 Sep 2015
    11:56 AM

    This is what I work with every day but no longer eat any of it. This was a really big challenge at the start and some days I got really grumpy because I just wanted to eat it. Im really happy to have my progurt and berries, proats or eggs now. I think my body has gotten used to it being its fuel and therefore now craves it. I'm finding now that we are well into the challenge that my body is used to its routine. The last couple of days I haven't been starving hungry all the time. I'm finding that I get hungry just before food time. I'm feeling skinnier again and a lot more positive.

  • Katrina Pape
    13 Sep 2015
    3:46 PM

    Busy day yesterday. Work, then sons footy. Did my bi's tri's and shoulders. Went to a 40th costume party. We had tea just before we went and then only stayed a few hours and came home and had our nitetime. Wasn't that bad. Didn't see anything tempting anyway. Only drank water. Some friends said we'll have to catch up after the challenge. I guess they like it better if we drink. Don't know why it matters. Did cardio today and the abs that I didn't get time for yesterday. Did 20minutes on the stair climber and 30minutes on the treadmill. Was spent after as I have a cough and am feeling flat. Hope that ticks off quickly. Checked in today and was stoked with my results so far. I hadn't been on the scales since the start of the challenge. My hard work is paying off!!!!! Got my week 4-8 plans and then quickly ordered my XT Burn. Haven't tried that product yet so am excited to try it. I often pinch some mouthfuls of hubby's Intraboost and really like it so I hope I like XT as much. I am fully trusting the process as i believe it gets results

  • Katrina Pape
    25 Aug 2015
    1:44 PM

    I just read 5 step to winning. I am very organised with food. I follow the nutrition and exercise programs to a tee. I take all required supplements. I read and sometimes write on the forum. I just haven't set any goals. Well, here goes. I want to lose 12kgs and give my thighs a hammering so they are more muscly and less flabby.

  • Katrina Pape
    24 Aug 2015
    1:15 PM

    Oh poo!!! I just realised that I forgot to get a receipt for my nighttime and my box of bars. Hope this photo will pass as proof of purchaste. Just pulled box out of recycling. Luckily it hasn't been emptied yet. Love love love the Maxine bars.

  • Katrina Pape
    21 Aug 2015
    10:01 PM

    Busy day yesterday but managed to fit in a 45 minute upper body workout. Was glad that I did! didnt have much energy yesterday and had a even less energy today. Fell asleep on the lounge for an hour after work. Did 1 hour of moderate cardio today. I'm now pooped!!!! Will be having my Nitetime and going to bed. Getting up at 4.15 for work tomorrow. Can't wait to sleep in on Sunday

  • Katrina Pape
    18 Aug 2015
    6:48 PM

    Came home from my friends on Sunday to this. Hubby (who is also doing the challeng) had premade lots of meals for us. What a great start.

  • Katrina Pape
    18 Aug 2015
    6:45 PM

    Here are my before photos. Looking forward to getting fitter, healthier and sexier!!!

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