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160 cm


Tone & Shape - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I'm a mother of two and have never been good at eating healthy. I have always gotten down a size by not eating. The older I get and working more in my desk job the less active I have become and the harder it has become to keep my diet in check. I want to be healthy and be confident again!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I liked the structure most of all, the nutrition was planned and I didn’t have to overthink it. Training was everyday -so boom! Set my alarm for 5:45 every morning. Didn’t have to think, just go to the gym, whip out the program and smash our leg day, or back day -whatever!!

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest part of the challenge for me was getting up early and going to the gym every day. I was a Friday morning body attack class girl only. At first I struggled but it had become routine now.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Other than loving how I look and feel? I don’t crave sugar!!!! No late night snacking, so no waking up lethargic (or feeling guilty I ate the whole block of chocolate) I’m never “hungry” - always thinking of my next meal, but it’s a positive attitude towards it, not “I can’t wait for Friday night when I can smash some pizza”. I don’t think the challenge will stop for me. I plan so keep eating the same and keep waking up early and going to the gym.
I wake up easily now, sometimes before my alarm and I WANT to go to the gym. It’s not something I have to do.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it! Commit 100% You won’t regret anything. It’s hard to begin with, but when you see those small changes it inspires you to keep going! There is so many support avenues you can channel- you will never feel alone.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Having the support of my husband was amazing. It was great to do this together and help each other in the gym and in the kitchen. It has given us another opportunity to bond and have something else in common. At the beginning of the challenge my husband called us #powercouple (as a private joke) and now I really feel we are!!! -feeling powerful!


  • Kim Leyland
    22 Jan 2018
    4:07 PM

    First day of the challenge.... LEGS!!! Got up early and smashed out the work out. Felt really good but having some minor issues with right quad - will take some fish oil, have a massage and monitor. I might be bending funny in the squats so will ask someone for their opinion on my technique.

  • Kim Leyland
    31 Oct 2017
    9:33 AM

    After looking AMAZING for the 8 week check in, I attended a 40th - I didn’t do too bad but the lemon curd cupcakes were calling my name bad!!!! I didn’t have any alcohol- which I’m very happy about 😃 I’ve felt a bit bloated since the weekend- probably the sugar, not the best protein and not enough water. But I feel much better this morning. The new training plan is challenging- I’m YouTubing every thing!!! I must say I was ready for a change and ready to step things up a notch. At the gym this morning I was asked if I was training for comps (insert massive blushing face! 😊) -So I must *look* like I know what I’m doing! Another 40th party this weekend -definitely going to be a LOT stronger willed -every time I get tempted I’m just going to hit the dance floor!!! Looking forward to smashing these next 4 weeks!! 👊🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Kim Leyland
    15 Oct 2017
    9:34 PM

    At the end of this week I was feeling fantastic as I've started to show some real definition in my abs! A personal trainer at the gym commented that I was looking amazing! Well I think I let it get to my head... this weekend I've felt "munchie" I snacked on some popcorn and had some banana bread 😣 I'm determined to look 100% the best I can, so no more cheating!!!! Keep looking at my selfies and strive for more!

  • Kim Leyland
    30 Sep 2017
    10:30 AM

    So I uploaded my week 4 photos today! I'm impressed with my changes but disappointed the photos don't show what I can see in the mirror! Especially in my legs -I have a lot of definition that just don't show. Makes me appreciate the changes other people have made when I look at their photos!! 👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻👌🏻 I'd love to see my abs by the end of week 12. I think I can get there. I just have to keep on the track I have been these last 4 weeks - I can do it!! I didn't take 'before' side and back photos - I'm wishing I did now, cos my butt is looking goooood lol 😂

  • Kim Leyland
    17 Sep 2017
    10:03 PM

    Ahh rest day- it's becoming my favourite day of the week! Today I got to sleep in till 8am! I still had an outing with the dogs and managed to get over 15K steps. Food is still 💯 even though pizza and Cadbury chocolate was on offer!! I'm feeling fitter, and I love how my muscles are feeling tight. Yesterday's gym workout I added and extra 3 sets to my planks. I'm going to try to keep that as 1 x60sec plank didn't feel 'enough'. I didn't quite make the last set so that's my goal, finish strong 💪🏻

  • Kim Leyland
    11 Sep 2017
    7:31 PM

    How good was rest day yesterday!!! Been following food to a T for a good 10 days! I upped my weights again this morning in my legs and feel on Wednesday my rows can go up too! Might have an espresso tomorrow with brekky after cardio, because I am so tired right now!! 😊👊🏻

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