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156 cm


Get Strong - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I have been through the process of entering the challenge previously but I never actually did it due to a lot of excuses and not being fully committed. I know I can get the results this time as I don't have any excuses and am committed to achieving great results.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

What I liked most was the sense of community between the challengers. Initially I did not involve myself, not realising the benifit of sharing my experiences and achievements with everyone. Once I started I gained so much information from the forum, reading the journals and the social page. Even writing in my own journal gave me time to reflect on what I had done ever couple of days. Having the coaches and ambassadores to answer question and support the challengers was also very helpful.
The format in which the information was given to the challengers was great - emails each week with tips and encouragement, the exercise plans, the easy to follow nutrition plan... the list goes on. There is nothing I could fault with it.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

When I uploaded my Week 4 photo I felt that there was no way I could achieve what past contestants have achieved. I had completed all the exercise and had been strict with the nutrition plan but I was a little disappointed with my photo. My expectations did not meet the reality. But I perservered and by week 8 the changes were becoming more obvious. It wasn't until the last 4 weeks where I noticed significant changes.
Looking back, the hardest thing for me was to accept that change will happen but its a slow, steady pace and I had to just do one day at a time.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

There have been many aspects of my life impacted by this challenge.The last 12 weeks have been an amazing journey for me. It has not only changed my physique, it has changed my attitude towards food and exercise. My eating is clean and I have a much better understanding of nutrition and macros. I don't have food cravings and now that I eat smaller meals more often I don't feel hungry. I know that in future I will be more aware of my food choices.
Exercise has also become an enjoyable part of my life. Previously it was an effort and I would find any excuse to avoid it if I could.
I also wake up feeling energized and focused which has had an effect on all other aspects of my life. I don't have the lack luster mid afternoon feeling anymore. I have become mental stronger and I have noticed I am able to adjust to situations easier.

I have become a much happier person with a lot more confidence.I don't stress about finding clothes to wear that I am comfortable in. I don't have food envy when eating out. I sleep better. All thanks to Maxines Challenge

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

To anyone that is thinking about doing The Challenge I would say to them that if they followed the plan they will get the results - trust the information that is given to you, don't make excuses and give 100%.
12 weeks is such a short amount of time in your life, but it is going to have a positive long term effect. You will not regret it when you see the way it changes your life.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Only that my life has improved so much over such a short period of time.


  • Kristen B
    13 Nov 2016
    11:57 PM

    Week 12 Day 7 "every ending is a new beginning"

  • Kristen B
    13 Nov 2016
    11:30 PM

    Week 12 day 7 what a great 12 weeks.. Had a Dexa scan today and here are my results.. fat loss = 9.8kg Body fat percentage is now 11% (dropped 14.9% from 25.9%) muscle gain = 1.9kg weight loss = 8.5kg visceral fat started at 9g is now zero grams - 😃 I have exceeded my expectations, It's been a life changing experience- I am so confident & happy - I have been inspired by past contestants, learnt about nutrition, portion control and macros. Exercise has become a daily part of my life - how did I live without it?? The information that has been available through the website and the forum has been wonderful.. Being a part of Maxine's Challenge has given me focus and motivation to face any difficulty in life.

  • Kristen B
    13 Nov 2016
    2:45 AM

    Week 12 Day 6 I am amazed at how much my life has changed over the last 12 weeks. Today my photos were taken and I have just got home from selecting the ones I want. Erin Burnett has done a fantastic set of photos and spent her Saturday evening sorting and saving them for me. Thanks Erin 😊 This is past my usual bedtime so I will post my final journal entry tomorrow after I have my DEXA scan. Looking forward to seeing the results.. Night all.😉

  • Kristen B
    11 Nov 2016
    10:58 PM

    Week 12 Day 5 Back and shoulders done

  • Kristen B
    11 Nov 2016
    6:37 AM

    Week 12 Day 5 Another busy week. Training and nutrition has been planned and prepared, making it easy to stay on track. I have noticed my weights could go up slightly so I will try it next week. The plan for the next few days includes a spray tan, photos and DEXA scan. I will also plan out my training schedule for next week and get my food prepared. I don't see this as a chore but a way of life. I enjoy going to the gym and having a plan of what set of exercises or cardio I want to complete for each of the sessions. Before this challenge it was very easy to skip a training session, thinking I would go the next day, and then before I realised, I had missed a whole week. I was forever in the "I'll start on Monday" mindset. If I did do any exercise or diet it would only last until Wednesday, mainly because I couldn't be bothered planning the week. So glad I have learnt that I need to be organised, not so much to motivate me now, but to make sure I can cover everything I want to. Time to get ready for early gym session now. 😊

  • Kristen B
    6 Nov 2016
    8:45 PM

    Week 11 Day 7 Tomorrow may be the beginning of the end of the challenge but for me the end of the challenge is just the beginning of my new healthy, fit happy life. I am enjoying the exercise and I can see the amazing way my body is responding to it, especially in conjunction with the nutrition plan. I have not been low in energy and have not felt hungry (real hunger -I had boredom hunger once) since starting the challenge. I have more energy during the days and I am more focused at work - I have noticed I don't have that afternoon slump that I have had in the past... This challenge has been an incredible journey for me. I have never been this happy with how I feel and look. Every day I find that I can do something else with more ease than before.. there is never any stress or anxiety about what to wear when I go out, although I have had to buy some new clothes as the others are too big now. Usually at this time of year, as the weather warms up and the winter clothes are put away, I try on my summer clothes and have to shop because they are too tight... not this year 😊

  • Kristen B
    4 Nov 2016
    11:20 PM

    Week 11 Day 5 Arms workout today... it's a hard workout on the biceps but I guess it's working.. my arms have become quite strong and definitely leaner than 11 weeks ago.. they are 2cm smaller now. I had a spray tan today to see what the colours like.. I was a bit worried about having one right before the final photos.. I had a bad experience a few years ago - I looked like an orange 😳 This tan looks very natural.. thanks to Rachel at Runway Body and Makeup in Perth. (The photo attached is pre tan 😊) I love what this transformation has done for me.. I have enjoyed every part of it.. Planning ahead and being prepared has made an incredible difference between giving up or continuing smoothly on the journey for me. Each week I planned all my weight and cardio training. The first few weeks it was a great motivational tool but as the weeks got busier it was the best way to ensure I had completed it all.. and when I started to notice results I didn't need much motivation to get to the gym. 😊

  • Kristen B
    2 Nov 2016
    11:18 PM
  • Kristen B
    2 Nov 2016
    10:50 PM


    Week 11 Day 3 Wednesdays are remedial massage day - its like pushing the reset button. All muscle tension is taken away and I'm ready to start another week of training. Spent some time in the pool at Beatty Park. Completed 2km with ease in comparison to 11 weeks ago. Its amazing how much easier everything has become now that I don't have to carry the extra 8 kilos around, and that I have more strength. Also did chest and abs today. I'm feeling fantastic. I have loads of energy, I'm sleeping well, I'm happy and I'm so much more confident. I am enjoying the training and have got into a routine that has variety - I find that I quickly lose interest in exercise if I have to do the same workout at the same time on the same day week after week. So I'm going to stick with it for a while - its all about finding a routine that works for me.

  • Kristen B
    31 Oct 2016
    10:52 PM

    Week 11 Day 1 I am so happy with the way my body shape has changed. I have put the effort into the training and been strict with myself on the nutrition and admittedly, it has not been as difficult as I anticipated. It's a challenge but it's not impossible. I am getting comments on the changes and nearly all are positive which reinforces how much I have achieved and it has motivated me to push myself a little bit more. However, there have been a few negative comments. They don't bother me, they make me laugh. I'm sure others have experienced this too... suddenly these particular people are nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, doctors, psychologists.. you name it.. they know more than you ... bottom line is that they have noticed that I have changed, so I say all comments are welcome :) I feel great, I'm happy with how much I have improved my body and my outlook on food and exercise - I wonder why I didn't take on this challenge sooner..

  • Kristen B
    29 Oct 2016
    9:06 PM

    Week 10 Day 6 This morning I decided to go to the lake and do exercise outside. I have been doing most of my exercise inside and thought a change would be good.. fresh air.. sun.. nature... All ready to go, walked out the door and it's raining lightly.. previously I would have gone back inside and given up.. but instead I went back inside and got my umbrella.. As it turned out there was a 5 minute downpour then the clouds cleared and I got an hour walk in.. so happy that I persevered. When you're determined to achieve great results, the small things like a bit of rain will not stop you.. rather than use the rain as a reason to not exercise (as I would have in the past) I decided that the feeling of exercising in the rain would outweigh the feeling of sitting at home... and it did.. Had a great 8.5km walk 😊

  • Kristen B
    28 Oct 2016
    7:35 AM

    Week 10 Day 5 This was yesterday at Fitness Renegades. I am definitely getting stronger.. and really happy about it. Having increased strength and energy I have found the day to day chores are not an effort anymore.. 😊 Off to do weights now - have a great Friday 👍🏼

  • Kristen B
    26 Oct 2016
    9:52 PM

    Week 10 Day 3 This morning I had an InBody scan at the gym and i'm so happy with the results.. I've gained muscle mass and dropped body fat - overall weight has also dropped. It is such a great feeling seeing these results after the effort I have put into my training and the discipline I have had with the nutrition. I swam 2km for my cardio today at Beatty Park then had a 1hr remedial massage. i've been having a remedial massage every wednesday which has really helped with the training.. hardly any muscle tension or soreness. enjoying the warmer days in Perth.. looking forward to summer 😊

  • Kristen B
    25 Oct 2016
    2:57 PM

    Week 10 Day 2 Early start this morning - I was at the gym at 5am doing arms. This is a fave workout - lots of bicep work. I'm happy with the weights I'm lifting and the definition I'm getting in my arms. At the start of the challenge I had the chicken wings hanging down from my arms whenever I lifted them up... they looked like big sausages which made me really self conscious when I wore a singlet. Now I feel comfortable wearing tee shirts & singlets.. Surprisingly my arm measurement has only dropped about 2cm. It is amazing how much more comfortable and confident I am now that I feel happy with my body. I am sticking to this 100% as the effort so far has surpassed the results I expected.

  • Kristen B
    23 Oct 2016
    10:13 PM

    Week 9 Day 7 I thought that the last 8 weeks of training had found and worked every muscle but I was wrong!! The last week has found some areas that were a little tender the following days.. honestly, I love the feeling 😁 I'm enjoying this change of training. Did Legs B today.. the gym is almost empty on Sunday mornings.. it's a great time to do a workout.. Only 3 weeks to go on this fantastic journey - it has changed my life in such a positive way. My initial goal was to survive the 12 week but now I am planning on continuing the clean healthy eating and the exercise as I feel great in so many ways.😊

  • Kristen B
    22 Oct 2016
    10:50 AM

    Week 9 day 6 this week has been the first week that I have felt a little hungry.. I'm not extremely hungry but i'm always ready to have my meal.. also noticed that I have been thinking about different foods.. I'm sure lots of us are feeling this way as it's close to the end.. but I am going to work through the feeling.. the fact that my muscles are showing must mean my body fat is dropping - that's enough motivation for me 😃 enjoy the warm day in Perth everyone 🌞

  • Kristen B
    20 Oct 2016
    6:48 PM


    Week 9 Day 4 Look at that.. I'm concentrating so much on the cameras self timing function and that flashing light that I can't smile. :) I have noticed my abs are just starting to show - I'm so pleased (not that the face shows it) but this is the first time in my life that I've had even the slightest hint of abs showing.. I happy with my weight - I have been lighter than this on the scales perviously but I have not seen any abs back then - it has proven to me the scales only tell one story - your mass overall, not muscle v fat.. My clothes and the tape measure are my true gauge of my changes. On the Friday prior to the start of the challenge I had a DEXA scan and I'm having another on on the 13th November - I can't wait to see the results. For those who have not had one I would say its worth it - It was a bit of a shock but very informative about more than just fat/muscle content. I'm off to do cross fit class - bye for now :)

  • Kristen B
    18 Oct 2016
    8:54 AM

    Week 9 day 2 i have finally been able to do 10 pull ups in a row.. it has taken me a while to get there but i've made it :) so happy with my achievement that i posted my first ever instagram video.. 70_KB

  • Kristen B
    16 Oct 2016
    3:40 PM


    Week 8 Day 7 Front shots :)

  • Kristen B
    16 Oct 2016
    3:35 PM


    Week 8 Day 7 I'm so happy with the results. It is amazing how much you can change your body shape in such a short time. I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks. My exercise schedule has been worked out and the food is quite similar to the last 4 weeks. I hope everyone else that is doing the challenge is achieving great results and are as happy with their changes as I am with mine. I am impressed with the benefits that I have discovered through eating clean. I rarely eat any packet food now and my body really appreciates it.. no more bloating, no headaches, no sluggish mornings, no afternoon crashes. I can't image that I will revert to my old eating habits when I feel this good.

  • Kristen B
    14 Oct 2016
    11:27 PM

    Week 8 Day 5 Have had a stressful week so spent some time at the driving range today - felt great after taking it out on the golf balls.. followed up with a 30 minute steam.. exactly what I needed. I have managed to stay on track with the training and nutrition. I've increased my weights slightly and been able to push myself hard with the cardio. When I started this challenge I was expecting the changes to be physical only. I thought I would lose some weight and tone up but I didn't really consider how it would affect my mental state. This week I have surprised myself with the strength of my determination and willpower. I have had to deal with an emotionally stressful situation which is never pleasant.... Instead of drowning my sorrows in alcohol and junk food I have been determined to focus on my goals, my training and nutrition. I cannot change what has occurred to cause the stress however I can choose how I will deal with it. Having a strong mind has certainly helped and i know that doing this challenge has given me that mental strength. It has been an unexpected benefit of the journey which I am so grateful for. Looking forward to the 4 weeks ahead.

  • Kristen B
    12 Oct 2016
    6:42 PM

    Week 8 Day 3 Finally there is some warm weather. Did 2km swim and Leg session today. I look forward to doing the training now, whereas it was once something I did if I had time or could be bothered. Now my day isn't complete without doing some form of exercise. Really starting to notice changes in my body shape :) Muscle definition is just starting to show on my shoulders. Enjoying the process...

  • Kristen B
    9 Oct 2016
    8:50 PM

    Week 7 day 7. Did my leg workout today as no time yesterday. I am ready to increase the weights next time. I have been on the same weights for the past 2 weeks and today I did more reps than I have done previously. I have been a bit hungry today but I think it's because I've had a quiet afternoon.. it's better to stay busy 🙈🙊 Looking forward to seeing the training and nutrition for the last 4 weeks 😀

  • Kristen B
    7 Oct 2016
    11:28 PM


    Week 7 Day 5 It's Friday night and I've just finished one hour of cross training. This is such a turn around from my Friday nights before starting this challenge. I began this challenge with a really positive attitude and strong mindset and I am really proud of myself for still being as strong and determined this far into it. I have surprised myself that I have had the willpower to stay on track with the diet and exercise. I haven't had many journal entries as i had not really noticed that much of a change in my body shape and was uncertain if I was going to see much of a change. However, now I am starting to get comments about my physical changes which has made me even more determined and focused. I am so happy that I have achieved so much in 7 weeks. It has only been little changes from week to week but now all these little changes are adding up. My measurements are improving, I am lighter and my clothes fit better.

  • Kristen B
    26 Sep 2016
    2:13 PM

    Week 6 day 1 - Now I'm starting to see results.. I've trained hard and consitantly for the last 5 weeks. My diet has been exactly what's on the plan. I'm defiantly becoming stronger. Perth is still cold - it's ridiculous. I need some warm sunny days ☀️

  • Kristen B
    18 Sep 2016
    5:31 PM


    Pretty happy with my results so far. Not only has there been a change with my measurements but I'm feel more energetic, sleeping better and my skin is definitely looking healthy. Bring on the next 4 weeks - I've enjoyed the first 4 thoroughly :)

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