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Reason to start The Challenge

I've always struggled with my weight. Especially after my two children. I found myself in a gym and got myself into a really good headspace, lost a heap of weight and was looking and feeling great. But when my life hit the fan I let it all go. I have lost a lot of fitness, put on over 10kg and have since been diagnosed with a case of depression and anxiety (which is something I've kept fairly quiet). I owe it to myself and to my children to make a change and get off this ridiculous road I have started walking. People I know had had some success with the challenge and I felt I needed to do something different to my normal gym stuff so here I am. I want to feel better, look better, and be me!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I liked how the challenge set out exactly what I had to do and how. There was so much information. But at the same time it had the flexibility that if I needed to swap stuff out or move things around I could. Also the food plan. It made things so easy to follow and track.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Mindset. I was not in a good spot when we started. Flipping out of that negative headspace was hard and is a fight I will continue every single day but seeing the results helps a lot.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I have a hectic personal life as a single parent to 2 not so small humans and a university student along with 2 jobs, including one as a group fitness instructor. Some days I had nothing left to give but having the structure of the program made me see it was doable. It has helped me be fitter, stronger, able to do my job better and has helped put me in a better mental state then when I started. Heck I can smile when I teach now as I feel good which I hadn't in a long while. It has given me confidence. The confidence to know I am strong and good at my job but most importantly the confidence to say hey I am not ok help.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

What have you got to lose. Give it a go. All the tools are there, from the workout and food plans, to the Facebook groups and beyond. If you want to make a change just give it a solid crack and see where you land.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I had a lot of fun. I learnt more about a different style of training that will complement my other. I cannot thank the Facebook crew enough. They picked you up when you had nothing left and let you know you weren't alone. With 14.1kg, 86cm and 5.8% fat gone from my body, along with the addition of 3% muscle I will be back in January to continue the journey.


  • Kristy-Leigh Lang
    7 Sep 2020
    4:42 PM


    Day 1. A little background....I am a mum of 2 crazy hot heads (miss 11 and mr 6), studying 2 university subjects while working 2 jobs. I am a hardcore Les Mills fan and also a Bodypump instructor. I got stuck in a rut and too set in my ways so I decided to do something a little different to help me get back on track after being diagnosed with a dose of anxiety and depression and losing my fitness way and putting on too many kgs. #beforephotossuck Workout one out of the road early and doing some things I have not ever done or not done in a long time. Note to self: watch more videos on how to use various machines. Not having a set weight was a bit strange for me but I picked weights based on my bodypump weights, allowing for the fact that I was going heavy with less reps. I think I did ok here actually. Food for the day could be better organised on my end as I wasn't exactly prepared and my supplements are still on the way. With that said I believe I stuck to the program pretty well and am on track calories wise. I will begin better tracking and planning tomorrow and figure out my food spread as I generally don't get breakfast in before the gym and a lunch hour is non-existent in my main job so stuff has to be easy to eat. With all that said I stacked it on my rear at home this afternoon and can barely sit or bend as my tailbone took the brunt of the fall soooo hopefully that doesn't affect training much. Measurements done today too with fat/muscle/weight being done on my scales which have proven to be fairly accurate in the past: - weight: 96kg - fat: 34.6% - muscle: 34.4% - thigh: 78cm - hips: 118cm - stomach: 103.5cm - waist: 88cm - bust: 96cm Aim: reduce those numbers and get better at tracking that food.

    13 Burpees
    40 Push Ups
    33 Crunches
    34 Alternate Lunges
    57 Plank
    23 Jump Squats

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