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171 cm


Get Strong

Reason to start The Challenge

I want to feel good in my own skin again after having my second child. I have not been prioritising myself and believe this is so important mentally.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

So many positive about this challenge, it's hard to name just one.

The fact that there was both a nutritional guide and an exercise program for a reasonable price, it was a great investment for my body, soul and mind. All the hard work had been done and all I had to do was follow it - simple.

I also loved that both nutritional and training were flexible. This allowed me to accommodate for my family and the whole 12 weeks was a pleasant experience in the kitchen. Training wise, I could adjust the program to what limited equipment I had available.

The accountability, support and education provided came at the right times and I learned a lot from not only the educators who have extensive experience and knowledge, but from the public, whom I have never met.

I am grateful for the friendships I have made using the mentor program available and think this is a wonderful tool to assist in getting those results I wanted.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Not having access to the gym and regular gym equipment I would use. I struggled to adjust to what little equipment I did have, only small weights and resistance bands to start with.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

1. Its now a regular routine.
2. Being organised with food.
3. Mentality, just get it done rain hail or shine.
4. Constantly learning and challenging myself what my body is capable of.

Treat your body well with nutrition and daily movement and in return you feel rewarded and energised.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Sign up asap. It's definitely over and above worth the money. Be dedicated and commit to the challenge, trust the process, don't doubt yourself and don't compare to others. This is your race and you run it how you want.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Thank you Maxines for taking all the hardwork and thinking out of it and allowing me to follow a plan that works. It's a lifestyle change for both myself and my family. The wealth of knowledge and support from the coaches, ambassadors and mentors have been amazing and I can't thank you all enough for the positive influences this had had on my transformation.


  • Kylie D'amico
    10 Aug 2020
    4:40 PM

    After challenge celebratory meal.

  • Kylie D'amico
    9 Aug 2020
    11:03 AM

    Trying to get that final completion photo. We are our own worst critics right? My husband and daughter have two different opinions on which one I should submit. Hard work has been done and I am looking forward to having a little celebratory lunch tomorrow.

  • Kylie D'amico
    8 Aug 2020
    8:01 PM

    Current stats: 2.3kg lost Bust 86cm Waist 65cm Hips 89cm

  • Kylie D'amico
    8 Aug 2020
    8:15 AM
  • Kylie D'amico
    31 Jul 2020
    8:55 PM

    Happy with my VO2 max.

  • Kylie D'amico
    27 Jul 2020
    1:22 PM

    So grateful for the work gym on night shift. No excuses for me. Juat get it done.

  • Kylie D'amico
    20 Jul 2020
    1:35 PM

    Pancakes - Challenge approved 1 egg 1/2 scoop protein 25g oats 80g banana (pre workput fruit) 170g YoPRO yoghurt 100g berries Dash of sugar free maple syrup

  • Kylie D'amico
    19 Jul 2020
    9:53 AM


    This is how i feel right now. Strong AF 💪

  • Kylie D'amico
    17 Jul 2020
    10:01 AM

    Week 9 Day 5 Tested 1RMs Back squat 90kg ⬆️ 7.5kg Deadlift 95kg ⬆️ 5kg Pendlay Row 55kg ⬆️ 5kg OH Press 42.5kg ⬆️ 7.5kg

  • Kylie D'amico
    16 Jul 2020
    6:12 PM
  • Kylie D'amico
    15 Jul 2020
    12:53 PM

    Week 9 for me is all about muscle mind connection. Sticking with heavy lifts at start of program, then doing alot more resistance band training and supersetting with high reps, low weight.

  • Kylie D'amico
    11 Jul 2020
    1:04 PM

    My new favourite meal - Peanut Satay Tofu and Vegtables. Dont even need to include the grain portion it's so filling. I'll use the extra for my birthday treat in 2 days time. Loving this healthy lifestyle change.

  • Kylie D'amico
    11 Jul 2020
    9:25 AM


    Week 8 check in completed. Only very small changes visible. Im hoping strength starts to increase after getting my body to the chiropractor and some much needed remedial massage.

  • Kylie D'amico
    1 Jul 2020
    7:29 AM

    Week 7 Day 2 Was going mentally strong until today, those cravings for salty crunchy chips hit hard. Spoke to a few mentors who said to stay strong. It's also such a mental game and amazing I have people who are terrific mentors. Ben and Adriana - you guys rock!

  • Kylie D'amico
    23 Jun 2020
    1:29 PM

    Feeling extremely flat. Just finished night shift and need to train and get my steps in before tonight's night shift. Don't feel 100% well, body is fatigued, mind is fatigued. Procastinating....sleep is important too right?

  • Kylie D'amico
    17 Jun 2020
    2:18 PM
  • Kylie D'amico
    17 Jun 2020
    2:16 PM

    Week 5 and feeling the decrease in food. I AM STARVING! Not sure how to curb this hunger. Feeling slightly low in energy also.

  • Kylie D'amico
    8 Jun 2020
    3:48 PM

    Zucchini Polenta Pots

  • Kylie D'amico
    7 Jun 2020
    4:29 PM

    End of week 3. Not much changing on scales - 400g here and there. Increased weight on all main lifts. Feeling stronger. Will aim to maintain weight and increase reps for week 4.

  • Kylie D'amico
    2 Jun 2020
    10:02 AM

    Week 3 Workout 3 Deadlift 4 reps 5 sets at 80kg. RPE 8. Bring on the thick life =)

  • Kylie D'amico
    25 May 2020
    1:55 PM


    Week 1 done and dusted. 100 percent nutrition and training, at least 10000 steps per day, stretching daily and drinking plenty of water. Increasing weights in all compound lifts. Feeling strong and still very excited to see what results are to come.

  • Kylie D'amico
    21 May 2020
    1:50 PM

    Tofu vegetable curry Easy to prep and cook. It smelt amazing and was delicious also.

  • Kylie D'amico
    21 May 2020
    9:37 AM

    Absolutely loving ISO training. No shoes, trackies and unwashed hair. Just in the zone, giving it 100% and just getting it done.

  • Kylie D'amico
    18 May 2020
    9:36 AM
    19 Burpees
    0 Push Ups
    50 Crunches
    56 Alternate Lunges
    91 Plank
    53 Jump Squats
  • Kylie D'amico
    16 May 2020
    1:25 PM

    My go to breakfast Overnight oats Porridge Different combinations Absolutely delicious 🤤

  • Kylie D'amico
    16 May 2020
    1:13 PM

    Excited to start this challenge. Trialed a few workouts in prep week and am suprised with my strength already. Lets see what the next 4 weeks bring. Back squat 82.5kg deadlift 90kg Bench - na Pendlay Row 50kg OH press 37.5kg

  • Kylie D'amico
    15 May 2020
    9:13 AM


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