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Reason to start The Challenge

I am striving to become the leanest, fittest and strongest I have ever been! I want to ooze confidence in a bikini this Summer and finally love myself. I want to achieve the body I have dreamt of for years!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The support I received from the coaches and ambassadors was honestly unmatched. I never felt judged for the questions I asked and there was always an informed, educated, understanding, and considerate response coming from the other end. The coaches were amazing and really helped me stay on track throughout the entire challenge! They were super supportive! The nutrition plan and training plan were also so simple to follow. I loved that this year you could change the nutrition plan to suit your taste and preference. I modified my eating plan and created something that was sustainable and enjoyable for me whilst still hitting the same macros and calories which the challenge recommended. I also loved that this year the plan took into account your physical activity and worked out an individual calorie amount just for you based on your lifestyle!

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Starting!!! The hardest part (I believe) is always starting. It is so difficult to break habits and change an eating routine that is so familiar. In saying that, I made sure the foods I ate were delicious and I was satisfied after every meal. Although saying that starting is hard (which is very true), the challenge is now over and I don’t have any temptation to resort back to old ways… like, at all! The coaches also help you to reverse diet which is neglected in so many other challenges and plans!

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I achieved my goal of being back in the 60s and I can’t even explain how excited and thrilled I am seeing the scales start with a 6!!! The last time I weighed this amount was 4-5 years ago! This challenge was absolutely the boost I needed! It helped keep me accountable and has left me feeling even more determined than ever to achieve greater results. For the first time in YEARS I am comfortable wearing shorts and a crop top and am actually excited for summer and to show off my leaner physique! I actually feel like I am also ready to start dating again… This is a huge step forward mentally for me!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

JUST DO IT! It sounds so cliché but seriously, what do you have to lose? Coming from someone who has yo-yo dieted their whole life… there is literally nothing you can lose doing this program! You will gain so much knowledge and confidence throughout and you truly will finish the challenge feeling nothing short of proud (like how I feel right now). I have preached Maxines Challenge to multiple friends now and already have 20+ of them signing up for the November challenge. It’s so simple and achievable. Just do it!!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

It’s the one challenge I feel supports me during the entire experience and the one challenge I would recommend my friends to try. It doesn’t deprive you of the foods you love but rather encourages you to find a healthy and sustainable balance. Furthermore, the exercises are great and can be tailored to whatever equipment you have access to. It’s just brilliant and I cannot thank the coaches and ambassadors enough for their support and help! ❤️


  • Lauren McInnes
    10 Oct 2021
    8:13 PM

    Well… It’s officially the end to another Maxines challenge ❤️ I am so incredibly proud of my transformation in such a short amount of time. What’s even better is that when I compare my body from the beginning of the year to right now there are significant changes and Maxines challenge definitely helped elevate my physique to a new level (see photos). A level which I haven’t seen in years. I reached my goal of being back in the 60s which I was stoked with 👙 I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I finally saw the scales start with a number 6 😂 I was almost in tears from the joy I was feeling!!! 🥲 What’s even better is that even after taking my after photo and knowing that the challenge is finished I am still going strong 😊 I plan to go strong for the next three weeks by reverse dieting, and then eventually get into the November challenge which I’m stoked for • I have one last goal I want to tick off which is out of my control now, that’s being a Maxine’sChallenge finalist. January 2020 I manage to make top 50 this time I’m hoping for top 10 or top 3. BUT… Whatever the outcome I am so proud of my achievements, I’m so proud of my commitment and dedication, and it has showed me that I can bloody well do it 💪

  • Lauren McInnes
    9 Oct 2021
    1:38 PM


    Before photo ➡️ After photo! - 72kg in the first photo, 69.3kg in the second! - I am actually stoked with the progress I’ve made. I really didn’t think I was improving my physique at all but looking at these pictures side by side I can see obvious differences and I am just so happy! - • I reach my goal of getting back into the 60s ✅ • Managed to complete the challenge with about 80% compliance ✅ • Chose to eat food I enjoyed and followed a plan which was sustainable for me but still meeting the calorie and macros requirements of the challenge ✅ • I am really happy with these photos honestly and proud 🥰 - I am even more excited now for the next challenge when gyms will be back open and I can take my training and nutrition to a whole new level ☺️ @maxineschallenge #MaxinesChallenge #MaxinesChallenge21

  • Lauren McInnes
    7 Oct 2021
    9:25 PM


    With the end of the challenge in sight… I need to reflect on how far I have come in 4 months. • Lack of gym… next to NO weights to use to train… smacked with a lockdown 🔒… I need to give myself credit for making progress and improvements within my physique. I may not be exactly where I want to be & I am PRAYING I wake up lean on the final day of the challenge to take an epic pic… BUT, if that’s not the case then I know I did the best I could considering the circumstances and my mental state 💜 • I’m excited to see how my physique improves out of lockdown though 😍 when I can throw around some heavy weights again at gym and when I’ve regained motivation to train and do some condition work 💦👙 • Side note, my day of food was fricken delicious!!!!!!

  • Lauren McInnes
    6 Oct 2021
    5:16 PM


    I absolutely love my daily walks on the beach. I can only imagine how amazing they’ll be come Summer 🌞😍 side note… have managed to put on a kilo and a half this week. So disappointing considering it’s the last week of the challenge but just hope it’s mainly water retention. I really want a solid after picture but I am feeling so fricken bloated right now and it’s getting to me 😢 will try and push through.

  • Lauren McInnes
    6 Oct 2021
    3:25 PM

    Back to remote learning… back to sitting on my laptop for 5+ hours. I had pesto pasta lunch at 3pm, which was followed by an afternoon meeting and then a beach walk. Back home to shower and cook up some chicken and veg! Was also able to squeeze in a small 63 calorie treat for dessert 🍰

  • Lauren McInnes
    29 Sep 2021
    3:40 PM


    Another day done 💪 It’s strange… Usually when I complete a Maxine’s Challenge (12 Weeks) it seems so long and that the end is nowhere in sight. However, with this six week challenge I find that I’m already keen to start the next Maxines Challenge! I feel 6 weeks has been a super doable!!!❤️ • I don’t actually think my body has changed from week 2 which is a little frustrating but I know I feel better in myself! 🍐 In saying that, I fully understand and accept that this challenge is a health kickstart and I shouldn’t expect to change my whole physique in such a short amount of time 👙 • I’m super excited for the next challenge already and super pumped to absolutely kill it given that gyms will also (hopefully) be open again 💖😁

  • Lauren McInnes
    20 Sep 2021
    12:18 PM


    MIDDLE OF CHALLENGE ❤️ • I don’t feel as lean as I did a few weeks ago, which makes sense as I did have a slip in my diet last week. It’s a little disappointing 😢 BUT I’m still happy with the shape I’m creating. Hoping to lose 2 more kg by the end of the challenge ☺️ reminding myself that my journey will continue beyond this 6 week challenge!

  • Lauren McInnes
    10 Sep 2021
    4:50 PM


    Before VS Week 2 Check In ✅ • Learning to trust the process. 1.7kg down! Ultimately I would love to get down to 66kg by the end of this challenge but understand that weight training may not mean this. But that’s okay, learning not to just rely on the scales and to sometime ignore them and rather focus on how I feel and comparing progress pics 📸❤️

  • Lauren McInnes
    10 Sep 2021
    10:10 AM


    I have decided to increase my calories slightly. I have been really sluggish, tired and hungry to the point I feel physically ill. Hardly been getting through workouts so I’ll increase it for the next 2-3 weeks then decrease for final week photo! • Had a go at making “pancake cereal” 🥞 for breakfast today! I’ve seen these pictures all over my personal Instagram lately so thought I would give it a go using my protein pancake recipe! Added 150g of milk to make it seem like cereal, 50g banana & a drizzle of sugar free maple syrup. Not bad 😋 very filling! Swipe right for my Insta inspiration 🍌 • On another note, I am so close to making it back into the 60s! So, so, so close 😩

  • Lauren McInnes
    9 Sep 2021
    10:08 AM


    Day 1 vs Day 11 • God damn beginning a weight loss journey is so confusing and mentally difficult at times 😂😅 • For the last 4 days I have fluctuated between 70.4kg and 70.7kg. This means I haven’t dropped any weight since last week. I really felt like I hit a plateau and that if anything I was starting to go backwards a bit 😓 (I know, I know… it’s only even a few weeks but it’s how my head works haha 🤪). I was pretty disheartened waking up this morning to again see the scales read 70.4kg. I am trying so hard to get back into the 60s!!! 😩 I went for a walk and when I came back I thought to take some progress pics and compare day 1 to day 11 and these were the pictures and…….. Ummmmmmmmmmm…. Surely others can see a difference too? 😳🥲 • Okay, so despite being the same weight on the scales I actually feel like my waist has gotten smaller! I’m excited to see this as I am chasing for the hour glass figure (tiny waist and larger hips/ Glutes/ thighs). It was good seeing this comparison because I know what I am doing surely is putting me on the right track. Im trying to hard to trust the process but I do recognise some days will be harder than others! 💥❤️

  • Lauren McInnes
    8 Sep 2021
    8:19 PM


    Today I managed 18k steps ✅ A cardio workout ✅ A full day of calorie controlled eating!!! ✅ • Really have been in the slumps the last two days… weight has plateaued despite being in a calorie deficit but I’m not letting myself fall off the tracks. I understand a number of factors could be influencing this and am keeping an open mind. Sticking with that calorie limit… however have been a bit kinder to myself and making sure I included things I enjoy into my daily diet 😋 to avoid a binge. • Dessert tonight was unmatched 🤤😍🤩 2x banana protein muffins (homemade) + 50g light and creamy ice cream + a drizzle (5ml) sugar free maple syrup!!! Yummo!!! 300 calories… not overly filling but it’s tracked and feels naughty and helps combat those late night sugar cravings!

  • Lauren McInnes
    4 Sep 2021
    10:09 AM


    Coming into the end of week 1 and my weight is the lowest it has been in years! Today, I weighed in at 70.3kg!!!! 0.3kg off the 60s and I cannot remember the last time I was in the 60s 😍😩 so exciting! I’m feeling good. I am waking up from my first alarm and feeling ready for the day with some energy. I don’t think I have ever actually woken up from my first alarm and felt like I could take on the day, usually I need an extra 30-40 minutes of snoozes. I am feeling a little “weak” and my body feels a little tired so I may increase my calories just a little ☺️ All in all, I am working hard to make sure the food I eat is delicious and is leaving me satisfied (for example my Hawaiian chicken Parma 🤤).

  • Lauren McInnes
    2 Sep 2021
    10:02 AM


    Decided to go for my morning walk today in shorts and tried on a pair that previously were a little too tight. Today they fit perfectly! 🤩 YAY! After my walk today I enjoyed the most delicious banana protein pancakes from the recipe suggestions in the challenge. They were so good!!!!! The last time I tried making protein pancakes they were dense and just not right. But these ones were perfect! 🍓🥞 I think it’s crazy how much the body and weight of my body fluctuates!!! Yesterday I was not feeling myself at all. A big downfall of this weight loss is that I have lost almost all my bum which made me a little sad yesterday (LOL)... because I loved my bum! Haha 😅 Yesterday I was also feeling bloated and fluffy and not great. It felt like I wasn’t making progress or my progress was coming to a plateau. Woke up today though…. 0.6kg down from yesterday🔥and felt flat through my tummy again! Although I love this fat loss I need to rebuild my butt because having a pancake ass is just not cutting it for me 😂😂

  • Lauren McInnes
    30 Aug 2021
    3:28 PM


    So, it's the start of another Maxine's Challenge ❤️ This will be my third challenge (my second in the last two years). I got great results in last year's challenge (pre-COVID and pre-lockdown). I grew substantial muscle in my legs and bum and was feeling really great. I did not miss a workout throughout the entirety and my diet was on point 80% of the time. I even made top 50! And then... lockdown hit 🤦‍♀️ and as a result, I have lost all those gains over the last year and a half. This Challenge I come in with a fresh mindset and will to succeed. I started improving my diet and getting steps in about two weeks prior to the official start of the Challenge and I am already feeling great!😍Excited to see what I can achieve in this Challenge with limited equipment. Working out at home is a huge battle for me but I want to work hard in not missing a workout this Challenge again. MY GOALS FOR THIS CHALLENGE: - Lose 6kg (get back in the 60s)🤩 - Build muscle in legs, bum & shoulders💪 - At least 8000 steps at day🚶‍♀️ - 3L of water daily💧 - No cheat meals🙅🏼 - Feel confident in a bikini👙 - Make Top 10👑 Let's do this!

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