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160 cm


Tone & Shape - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I want to look and feel as good as others who have done the challenge. I'd love to be fitter and be able to be more active.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

For me l liked how easy the nutrition plan was to follow, l have tried lots of other food plans in the past but found that most were just to complicated. The food was simple and easy to prepare and l rarely had cravings.

My husband and l ate out a lot during the challenge, l looked forward to these nights. Prior to the challenge we were ordering pasta or protein with chips when dining out. This challenge has taught me we can dine out regularly and just make better food choices.
I never felt like we were missing out, If anything l felt that everyone else around me was envious of my delicious clean lunches, my plate was always bulging with food.

My husband and l both celebrated our birthdays during the challenge we went out for a delicious dinner with our extended family and for the first time in 42 years l chose not to eat cake on my birthday. That was early on in the challenge and from that day on l knew if l could give up my greatest weakness on my special day (previously l would have said its only one day) then the rest of the nutrition days would be a breeze.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

For me the most difficult part of the challenge was by far the training. I can still remember the very first day l walked into the gym with my head to the ground trying desperately not to make eye contact with anyone. I felt embarrassed & intimidated in there, thinking that everyone was watching me. I had never stepped foot in a gym, let alone lift a weight so this was a completely new experience. I remember the first weight l lifted was a 3kg db and l struggled to lift the bloody thing. I kept thinking everyone was judging me for not being able to lift heavy weights. I fought a constant battle in my head everyday questioning whether I could do the exercises. Then when l finally started to get the hang of the new training plan and get my head around all the exercises a new training plan would come out for the following four weeks and it would start all over again. The butterflies in the tummy, anxiety and the battles with myself in my head.

I remember getting the last training plan for week 9-12 and l felt overwhelmed with how many new exercises and days l had to train and no REST day. I remember thinking, l will not let this defeat me! I sat down at my kitchen bench and googled every exercise, l printed a picture and description of each exercise and made a folder and wrote extra notes next to each picture. This became my bible for the next four weeks and l documented everything as l trained. l pushed myself harder as the weeks went by, until l finally made it to my last challenge day and l smashed every exercise, l trained like it was going to be the last training session of my life. I increased all my weights and my tempo was perfect. I remember that last day clearly, l was a different person to the one that walked in the gym 3 months earlier. I no longer walked with my head towards the ground, l held my head up high and walked with an air of confidence l didn't even know l had.

I went home after that session and remember crying to the point of almost sobbing, l did it! I conquered one of my greatest fears, l over came the feelings of insecurity, intimidation, anxiety and embarrassment and look at what l achieved. I now had people coming up to me in the gym and asking me how to use the equipment.

My biggest battle was shaking off the anxious feeling l got every time l walked up to the gym, l'm still not completely comfortable but certainly feeling more confident with the weights and my technique now that week 12 is complete.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

'life changing' - Seriously its been an amazing three months, my husband also completed the challenge and the one thing we both realised was that there are so many things we were eating that we just didn't need in our lives.

We were at a point in our lives were things were the same day in day out, We never really had much to look forward to and the kids activities always seemed to come first.

This challenge has made us reconnect it sounds ridiculous but l feel like we lost each other for a while there. We were both so consumed with our kids lives, work and the regular chores of the day we barley had time for each other.

We started to go for walks together and when we went out for dinner we really looked forward to it and enjoyed looking through the menu to make healthier food choices.

This challenge has taught me to put myself first and to invest in myself, l am happier for it and a much better wife and mother because of it. All the chaos that was around me before is still there but l manage to just make it all happen.

For me this challenge was so much more than changing my appearance it was about finding myself again and reconnecting with the man l love. I felt like l'd lost my identity after having my children and lost the passion l once had for my husband.

The impact it has had on my life is obvious, l have found myself again and found the strength to fight for what l love and work and commit to it!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

It's a no brainer! its so simple and easy, go for it. Not only will you look sensational at the end of the challenge but you will make life long friends along the way with similar goals who have like minded interests.

There is so much support from the Maxines Team you never feel alone. The regular emails were very informative and l looked forward to reading them. The forum was another tool l used regularly and found that most of the questions l had in my head were already answered on the forum.

It was certainly challenging at times, l guess that's why its called a challenge. You may find you get very emotional and cry regularly at the beginning and question why you would continue to push yourself when you feel so tired. But its so worth it, just get off your arse and do it. If l can do it there is no reason you can't do it too!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

The support from fellow challengers was amazing, without them l think the journey would have been so much more difficult. Their wisdom and guidance got me through the more "challenging" days. I remember injuring myself twice during the challenge and feeling defeated both times but it was the support of these amazing strong women that kept me focused and driven. To be honest if it wasn't for their support and encouraging words l'm not sure that my results would have been so great. I am so grateful for the life long friendships l have made through this challenge.

This Journey is not over for me, its the beginning of a new chapter. This week l am going to revisit my week 1 to 4 training plan and l am confident l am going to complete each exercise with more strength and confidence. My next goal is to make these abs pop l know they are hiding and waiting to make their debut.

Today l sent my before and after pics to my closest friends and clients, surprisingly l am humbled at the thought that l am now inspiring others through my achievements to follow the same journey as me. I have received so many texts and calls telling me how proud they are of me and what l have accomplished in just 12 weeks. One even used my very own quote "if you can do it then l can do it too".

What better gratification is there than that!


  • Leanne Jones
    30 Apr 2017
    8:54 PM

    So it's here, the final day. I'm sitting here feeling mixed emotions, the end of an incredible journey and the beginning of a new journey. It's been a weird kind of day, l've been quite emotional. Relieved that it's the end but also sad at the same time. When l saw those last pics of myself l was overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn't believe what l was seeing, was that really me. Holy shit, not only have l made it to the end but l look soooooooo much better. I skipped my early cardio session and decided to take both my girls to their swimming lesson. It's something my husband normally does but l just wanted to spend a little bit of time with them. We then went off for a bit of girly shopping and l came back with quite a few bags. Then l went off to the gym for legs B and l was determined to make this last session my best one yet and l smashed it. Every exercise l did l increased the weight and the tempo was perfect. I had a new found confidence in the gym today and l didn't want to go home. I had to leave because l had my little girl's 6th birthday party. My daughters party was fabulous, l ate a couple of sweet treats and they tasted delicious. My husband and l went back to the gym after the party to take a few pics of us working out. We both felt like tools at first, l had my hair down, makeup on and was showing my belly for the first time ever! Soon all these random people came up to us asking us what we were doing and telling us how great we looked. They all asked us what challenge we were doing and couldn't believe our pics when we showed them. We both went home on a high, now l sit here at my kitchen bench thinking about tomorrow and the day after and the months to follow. I know what l want and what l need to do to achieve it. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new journey for us we are going to revisit week 1-4 training and make sure we do it better than the first time. Well for me that will be easy because l had never even been inside a gym before let alone lifted a weight. I am so grateful to my client Jo Court who introduced me to this journey. Her amazing transformation inspired me to do the same. I have not been active with my journal entries because l never thought l had anything interesting to write. Now that l look back l wish l had written a few notes about what was going on in my head every day. To sum it up it's been a very emotional journey. I've shed quite a few tears, l still can't believe l did something for myself. I have connected with like minded people and made some life long friends. I will be forever grateful to Jo, my husband and my Maxine's girl friends who encouraged, inspired and motivated me along the way. Without their wisdom and guidance l'm not sure l would have achieved such incredible results.😘

  • Leanne Jones
    4 Apr 2017
    1:19 PM

    I am loving the challenge, it's quite challenging to get my head around the new exercises. But l love how much l'm learning about weight training. Legs day A was a killer yesterday and l really struggled but felt l'd achieved something after l completed it. It's school holidays at the moment and l have a day off relaxing by the pool. Cardio and weights done!

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