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160 cm


Get Strong - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

This is my second challenge and really loved the structure of the nutrition and training plans..with the first challenge I set myself 1 goal and that was to lure my six pack out of hiding again..and of course she came back and brought miss obliques too! I was so excited that morning my obliques popped up out of nowhere. I lost 9.2kgs and 29cm and looked and felt the best I have in years..and to leave the chiropractor the day of the top 50 being announced in June this year and to see my photo in the top 50 made my day..I never expected to be chosen.

So here I am round 2..ding ding! My goal this time is to work on my legs and butt, and to learn more about nutrition and to keep myself on track. Try not to steer off in the wrong direction and continue to stay healthy for the rest of my life.

One of my loves is pole dancing..since doing this February challenge my pole skills have improved 100% and enjoy dancing even more.
Fitness has been apart of my life as far as I can it personal or work. I will train until I can no longer.
And I have got to know some amazing, funny, quirky people (you know who you are)..meeting them @ the gala in December will be flipping awesome..and don't forget the Indian feed.

Bring it maxine...

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The structure of the whole challenge, from the training and nutrition plan to the website where you have access to coaches and ambassadors to answer all your questions. The supplements taste amazing and I love the cookies and cream bars. The social side of it is awesome and I've made a few friends.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Trying to steer clear of all the wrong foods, especially around ladies week :)

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

It has given me a whole new lease on life, more energy, i feel a whole lot better within myself and of course a new body and I haven't been this size since i was in my late 20's

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I love Maxine...


  • Lina Giovannelli
    5 Dec 2016
    5:03 PM

    Well..home now! After an unbelievable and unforgettable weekend with the top 10 ladies and gents. It still feels like a dream..meeting everyone that are apart of the behind the scenes crew was awesome. Thankyou Dianne for helping me with issues that cropped up re accommodation're such a sweety!

  • Lina Giovannelli
    26 Nov 2016
    10:02 AM

    TOP 10 is on my mind...was that phone call from Janet a dream? Aaaaahahhhhhhhh!!!!! I cant comprehend what happened yesterday. :D

  • Lina Giovannelli
    23 Nov 2016
    8:26 PM

    Been a few busy weeks with many things happening..ive had many compliments and wanted to know what i did to achieve my results regarding my progress and final accomplishment from this challenge! I know that my hard work has paid off and I am ecstatic. Congratulations to the community award winners too..well deserved. Ive really enjoyed the challenge and lights out on this maxines burn bar lover. See you lovely people next week @ the gala evening..yes I'm a wee bit excited to catch up with the tighty whiteys.. :)

  • Lina Giovannelli
    15 Nov 2016
    9:35 PM

    Can I call this week 13..yes why not!! So I've compared my pics from the start of February's challenge until now..the first pic is 2 days into the challenge, the original pic that I put up with the newspaper didnt show how much fat I had put on..where this one does. Second pic is end of feb challenge and third pic is now!! Wowsers in the last nine months I've lost alot..ill have to go back and calculate how much loss..for this tiny frame it is a lot..I'm so so so happy with my results and thankyou to maxines guidance and providing all the right tools and knowledge..I have this new body :)

  • Lina Giovannelli
    12 Nov 2016
    8:59 PM

    Day 6 week 12 Last day.. conditioning session done this morning and feel great. Bit sad the challenge is over so quickly and it felt like its only just started. Tan done today, not as dark as I hoped but I can top it up tomorrow! Pic day tomorrow and I cant wait! Can't wait to see all the transformations. Well done ladies and gents!

  • Lina Giovannelli
    9 Nov 2016
    9:13 PM

    Day 3 week 12 Woke up feeling drained and of rest I decided.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    8 Nov 2016
    9:31 PM

    Day 2 week 12 I had to reschedule my training..and I know I should of done legs but arms take less time to arms it was today. Im feeling a wee bit sore in the back today again..rolled out on my foam roller tonight which made a difference. Tonight I had a client and we tackled billygoat cardio for an hour..if anyone has been to Cowra and has been to this hill they will know how steep the exit is!! The pic doesn't show how scarey it the left you can see the top of the hill It was humid and flys..but Amelia went extremely well and will be back next week..thank god I didnt scare her off. Staying fit and healthy should be apart of everyone's everyday life..I feel energetic, walk with better posture, it helps with my scoliosis, I sleep better these days, but ive been getting mixed comments, am I sick? Are you on a diet? You'll fade away! You have no bum now! Not liking those comments! But the positives look so good! What have you been doing? Omg look at you, you look amazing! I tell them about the challenge and they say oh thats too much hard work..yes its hard work but worth every rep, every set, every increase in weights or reps. I'll be the one running around with my future grandchildren, enjoying life! Maxine's all the way..

  • Lina Giovannelli
    7 Nov 2016
    10:10 PM

    Day 1 week 12 Final week..I still cant believe its gone so quickly. I trained shoulders and back this morning and was feeling fatigued, and Still weary from the sydney trip so I took it easy. Refreshed my memory for this last weeks nutrition and training plan, have my photographer and spray tanner beautiful daughter Steph has volunteered her services. I had a professional shoot last challenge and was pleased with my photos but I'll just use my professional camera this time.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    4 Nov 2016
    8:29 PM

    Day 5 week 11 After 3 days in Sydney we are finally home. My precious cargo (parents) are home, fed and all ready for bed. Everything has gone well except for there may be a slight cut in my papa's left lung. We need to organise another xray next week and hopefully the radiologist read the xray wrong. Everything crossed its all good My diet has been all over the place but back on track..and exhausted so no training today because I dont want to injure myself in the last week. Ill just double up tomorrow. Yesem thats what is happening. Lights out on this little challenger xo

  • Lina Giovannelli
    2 Nov 2016
    8:38 PM


    Loving the lighting in the hotel bathroom..and I have veins popping out of my jeans are a size 8 and are hanging off my hips and I could just do the button up..that meant jumping up and down to get my bits in and a muffin hanging over the top before the first challenge in February..1 1/2 weeks to go and I don't really want to lose anymore.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    2 Nov 2016
    8:33 PM

    Day 3 week 11 Arm session this morning and hammered myself to failure..then breakfast, showered, packed and ready to hit the road to Sydney..mums the backseat driver and papa is cool as a cucumber! And im bald hahahaha! Safe and sound in Sydney for papa's operation in the morning..and we have my brother visit. Been nearly 10 months since we've seen him.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    1 Nov 2016
    9:56 PM

    Day 2 week 11 Had a wee bit of a sleep in this morning..then up I got and jumped on my spin bike in my leopard print onsie and did 20 min HIIT session..breakfast and walked to work. Melbourne cup day..and yep my luck not a win! Maybe next year.. Tonight I did legs B..shortened my rest period and pushed harder. Need to utilize these last two weeks and cut more BF. Tomorrow I'll be taking my parents to Sydney for my papa's defrib operation at RPA..bit of a stressful time but ill try and fit in training. The Rydges at camperdown has a pool so ill get bit of cardio in. Time to sleep and recover..good night all

  • Lina Giovannelli
    31 Oct 2016
    9:36 PM

    Day 1 week 11 And we're on the countdown..not long to go! Time to push harder...gala night soon ladies and gents :)

  • Lina Giovannelli
    27 Oct 2016
    9:13 PM

    Day 3-4 week 10 Day 3 I trained arms..I pushed myself that hard my arms were stiff at the end..just kept repeating in my head you can push through one more rep..and yes it does work just to get you through. I know it takes time to gain but I WANT IT NOW! ☆☆☆☆ Day 4 Rest day!!!! I don't think so...cardio on spin bike for 30 min this morning and then 20 min tonight! I left my car at home and walked to work..its a great day and I feel amazing ♡♡♡

  • Lina Giovannelli
    25 Oct 2016
    11:07 PM

    Day 2 week 10 Second entry for the day..cardio HIIT on spin bike this morning and legs B done this evening. I can feel myself getting stronger and it wasnt the supplements as I had forgotten to take my betapump and creatine tonight. I'm feel great knowing this and I wasn't struggling at all. At 46 yrs I think this is best shape I've ever been in..yes I need more sleep but who doesn't..and I am so so happy with how I have progressed this time around. Oh and there's this vein that is popping out on my hip.. :D can you get excited about veins?

  • Lina Giovannelli
    25 Oct 2016
    9:25 AM

    Day 2 week 10.. Ive hit the slump again..I know what this feels like from last challenge. Didnt have the motivation for pole last night but I went and had a fab night..holding the isha 4 times which is a pb for me. I owe it to maxine's and of course my hard work! So today im going to have some good fat and wait for the pick me up that I need. On the plus back is coming along nicely

  • Lina Giovannelli
    22 Oct 2016
    6:47 PM

    Day 6 week 9 Conditioning day...I have an imprint of my heart on my chest. Holy dooly did my heart rate soar! Im just so loving this leg of the challenge..I'm starting to see more definition in my legs. They have always been strong but never defined..and I may not get them to how I want them in another 3 weeks but ill keep chipping away at my sculpture until I'm happy. I feel the best I've ever been in years and one of my clients grandfather gave me a compliment this week..he thought I was alot younger than I am.. God bless his cotton socks..

  • Lina Giovannelli
    21 Oct 2016
    11:13 PM

    Day 5 week 9 Chest and abs today..omg what a killer workout. Decline pushups love love love. And I love how this session smashed me to failure. I hope I can burn off these extra carbs in the next 3 weeks..time to step it up even more!

  • Lina Giovannelli
    20 Oct 2016
    8:40 PM

    Day 4 week 9 I forgot to journal my measurements from Sunday. L arm- 28 cm's R arm- 28 cm's L leg- 50 cm's R leg- 50.5 cm's Chest- 81.5 cms waist- 71 cm's Hips- 87.5 cm's From week 1 until now I have dropped 14.5 cm's in total. I didnt see much of a difference until I put week 8 pic jaw dropped! I'm so happy with my progress. Since I started maxines in February and that being my first time I have lost 44 cm's so far with both challenges..pic on left from day 2 of February's challenge 2016.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    19 Oct 2016
    9:02 PM

    Day 3 week 9 Can't believe we're into week nine already..smashed my arms this morning and I'm feeling pretty good but feeling a tad stiff in legs from last night. Chiropractor again tonight and he picked up that I've been grinding my teeth..sometimes I'm aware that I do it..could be a cause of the migraines! But overall positive feedback from Adam which is great. Tomorrow is a rest day..not sure if I know how to! Yes I won't be able to and I'll end up doing something.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    18 Oct 2016
    10:25 PM

    Day 1-2 week 9 Day 1..back and shoulders day. I am really loving this next phase of the challenge. Still need to concentrate on the cuban shoulder press..too many components to remember hahahaha. Had pole at 6.30 to 8.30 and im going really well with the finding that balance point where I need to be to hold it. And our new dance is very theatrical and fun..ant wait to perform it at Christmas. Day 2 Had my car assessed today as skippy tried to hitch a ride with me on Sunday morning..mazda 3 1 skippy 0. Not a great day I can tell you.. Legs session tonight..was loving every minute until my glutes were going to melt off..felt like they were on it love it. Would like to say that ladies you're all going so well... the changes to date are amazing.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    16 Oct 2016
    12:12 PM

    Day 7 week 8 Check in pics done..I can't wait for the last 4 weeks because I'm impressed with my progress..

  • Lina Giovannelli
    13 Oct 2016
    11:07 PM

    Day 4 week 8 Check in pic tomorrow?? Maybe? Hmmm!

  • Lina Giovannelli
    12 Oct 2016
    9:50 PM

    Day 3 week 8 Today has been a roller coaster of highs and lows..firstly today I have been hungry all day long..everyone looked like snickers bars again. Straight after I eat..and I even gave my stomach time to settle..nope no good! Tonight I added more vegetables to my mince and mixed in half an avocado...dont judge until you try it! Then had my berries mixed in with night shake..omg delish. Trained legs this morning..what a pump I got. Must say the legs are starting to take shape..fairly pleased with the progress I'm making..and just thinking about the next 4 excited! Was looking through some of the journals tonight and I am impressed with the progress I see..congratulations ladies you should be proud of yourselves.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    11 Oct 2016
    8:00 PM

    Day 2 week 8 Feel alot better today but started losing my voice but no sore throat..migraines yesterday sent me home from work and slept solid for 3 no training and no pole and was my rest day. You just need to do these changes now and again. No pt tonight as still not 100% and hopefully ill be back on track tomorrow. My supplement order arrived today..yay! They taste so good...double choc bars are the best.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    7 Oct 2016
    9:29 PM

    Day 5 week 7 Today I had a chiropractor session and my back is better than last week..with all his poking and twisting I feel like a pillow..but I feel amazing a few days later. Big shout out to Adam Wild in chiropractor ever :) Been crazily busy @ work and has been mentally draining..bit of betapump and an increase in weights always wakes every part of me! So I hit the garage and hammered my shoulders and back..had mince and steamed greens for dinner. Its lights out for this tighty whitey..have a fab weekend all.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    4 Oct 2016
    9:25 PM

    Day 2 week 7 Been one of those days... Today cardio and a challenge...I did a PB on my plank. Woohoo! 6 min 7sec. Aiming for 6 min 15 sec next time around.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    3 Oct 2016
    9:54 PM

    Day 1 week 7 Been extremely busy with day to day life and haven't had a chance to journal everyday but been training everyday and and Nutrition has been 99% good. Arms chest and abs today and pole for 2 hours tonight..I conquered the isha held it unassisted for about 10-15 seconds. I was extremely excited as its a freakishly hard move!!

  • Lina Giovannelli
    29 Sep 2016
    9:59 PM

    Day 3-4 week 6 Day 3 I trained legs and increased in weight again and felt really good the back and front squats hurt my back so I've gone back to lunges (reverse etc)and im feeling it in my legs today..chiropractor said im all locked up and need to see him again next week..thats what happens when you sit in car for long periods. PT with my 12yr old client..half court basketball as he loves B ball. And he is very talented..winning as I got my cardio as well. Day 4 chest arms and abs this morning..pushed myself until I couldn't finish a full set at the end..visited my papa tonight in hospital..he may be out tomorrow. Such a beautiful person and fighter..he said I have my kids, my family, im not going anywhere. I didnt want to leave without him :( Hope you're all winning in challenge town.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    27 Sep 2016
    10:00 PM

    Day 2 week 6 Shoulders and back session this morning increased weights..all I can say is I can feel DOMS setting in

  • Lina Giovannelli
    26 Sep 2016
    10:12 PM

    Day 1 week 6 Been a long stressful few papa has been in hospital with pneumonia again.. he was due for a defibrillator op this friday but now has been postponed. We visited him in Orange hospital tonight and as we walked in they said he's being transferred back to Cowra tonight a few minutes to give him a kiss and cuddle and he was gone..he's off the oxygen and looks a million dollars. Im so relieved that he's on the mend..

  • Lina Giovannelli
    21 Sep 2016
    8:37 PM

    Day 3 week 5 Ok so up I got @ 7am and trained my legs..felt really good and increased my weights. Had eggs on toast for breakfast and a green tea..and could of ate so much metabolism is on fire ATM which is great. I am going away tomorrow afternoon and there won't be any gym where we are so i'll have to take my weighted vest so I can @ least do something. Challenged approved food is also ready to go. Now to pack my clothes!!!!!!! I was thinking I should do Abs shoulders and arms tonight...I'll see how I go for time.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    20 Sep 2016
    10:09 PM

    Day 1-2 week 5 Been all over the place the last 2 days..had pole for 2 hours last night which was my cardio and a bit of strength training and went quite well got home had dinner late which put me out. Got to sleep wakes me up outside my window around then couldn't sleep lying there thinking so I jumps on forum and did some reading. Didnt want to get out of bed this I slept more and trained shoulders and back tonight. I smashed myself to the point where I couldn't finish some of my sets. I was thinking about measuring every 4 weeks but decided not to because im going to leave that to the final week and compare it to week one..don't want to have high expectations and be let down. Let the body do its thing and believe in the process.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    18 Sep 2016
    11:45 AM


    Day 5-7 week 4 friday morning was leg day, oh my lord I felt like I ran a marathon as I upped my weights and my legs were giving way. Saturday I had work...drove to Bathurst to find my bridesmaid dress and organised to have it taken in. Got home around 5ish and cooked fritatas for Maddys christening and first today was my rest day. This morning pt was on even though it was home and trained shoulders, arms and abs..breakfast 4 eggs toast and green in love with green tea and mint. Week 4 check in pics done. Anyway enjoy your Sunday challenge land..time to enjoy family time.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    15 Sep 2016
    7:24 PM

    Day3-4 week 4 Chest and back done yesterday increased the weights..oh how did I feel it in my lower back after finishing. Cardio on bike this morning 20 min HIIT. Turned up resistance quite high to give my legs a drilling. Diet has been great and had a few temptations which has been hard.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    13 Sep 2016
    9:53 PM

    Day 1-2 week 4 Yesterday was an exhausting day done legs in the morning and upped my weights and surely did feel the impact today, and 2 hours of pole dancing in the evening. Wasn't that hungry so I had eggs on toast..this isnt like me to not be hungry. Was extremely tired and went to bed early. Tonight I done 30 minutes cardio on the spin bike after PT..had chicken and vegetables tonight and mixed berries into my night shake..this nutrition plan is definitely keeping me content where the last challenge I was always hungry..

  • Lina Giovannelli
    11 Sep 2016
    9:28 PM

    Day 3-7/ week 3 Been a crazy week with work etc..had to shuffle my training around a bit but have been going well. Upped the weights again this week. And I've noticed a few changes especially my upper body. My lower back feels it on leg days..may have to make some changes so my back is protected and no injuries occur. On this nutrition plan, I rarely feel hungry which is a blessing..last challenge I thought about food all day..

  • Lina Giovannelli
    6 Sep 2016
    9:44 PM

    Day 2/ week 3 Ive had to change my training plan the last 2 weeks..with my injury and other things going on. So tonight I trained with my client..more cardio. Tomorrow morning I'll do my weight session..see how I go.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    5 Sep 2016
    9:53 PM

    Day 1 week 3 Week 3..where did the last 2 go? The last challenge didn't go this quick.. Anyway I've done my cardio HIIT tonight, then 2 hours of pole. OMG..I held the Isha on my own for about 10 seconds. Woopwoop! So excited and @ 46 I find it amazing that my body can do this..Maxines has helped so much! Thankyou..

  • Lina Giovannelli
    4 Sep 2016
    7:00 PM

    Day 6/ 7 week 2 Nbn works are happening's messing with out internet. I can't journal everyday. So yesterday I worked on chest arms and quite happy with my progression especially my deltoids and biceps. Food was well behaved..only good food jumped down my throat. Today @ clients and I ran billy goat hill..twice on the goat track and down and back up the exit..if you've ever been to Cowra or born know how hard it girls rocked it. And the rain held out for us. Then this afternoon I worked on my chest and back..loving tempo training. Today

  • Lina Giovannelli
    2 Sep 2016
    10:58 PM


    Day 4/5 week 2 So just a catch up from yesterday..leg session "omg" by the time I was finished..fatigue town set in. Staggered from the garage to the house. Bit sore today in the lower back from the dead lifts..time to invest in a belt I think..trip to Bathurst in the morning. 20 minute HIIT on the spin bike tonight..put the intensity on a wee bit more and can feel my cardio levels improving even further.. I hope you're all enjoying your journey so far..strive to achieve!

  • Lina Giovannelli
    31 Aug 2016
    9:08 PM

    Day 3/ week 2 What a day..quite busy @ work then work meeting tonight. So I got home and ate and done 20 minutes HIIT on spin bike..sweating big time. Got a special gift in the mail from my man. Some new gloves and lifting straps..he's such a sweety..looking out for me.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    30 Aug 2016
    9:33 PM


  • Lina Giovannelli
    30 Aug 2016
    9:12 PM

    Day 2/ week 2 Such a long day..ive decided to start listening to my body this challenge round. Im exhausted today and I havent got it in me to train rest day is today! I will add a session in on Sunday. But on the positive I had a surprise pack today...

  • Lina Giovannelli
    29 Aug 2016
    9:08 PM

    Day 1/ week 2 Big day today..legs done and feeling quite good minus the lower back pain. Hopefully tomorrow it will be all good. My forearm is holding up after a wee injury after last challenge. 2 hours of pole dancing tonight..pre advanced moves 2nd term and feeling a bit more confident in the moves. And we have a fab song for intermediate dance..just love it. Early night for mwah! Goodnight all

  • Lina Giovannelli
    28 Aug 2016
    10:05 PM

    Day 7/ week 1 PT this morning with my gorgeous clients @ 7am..they are a great group of ladies that train their asses off and give me a laugh @ the same time. Beautiful day to do some weeding..a tad sunburnt but ok..daughter cooked up garlic beef, vegetables, and brown rice for lunch. Delish! Shoulders, arms and abs was a challenge and towards the end of my sets I was on fire. So I'd say ill have spaghetti arms tomorrow and sore it. Hope you all enjoy the new week ahead and make great it big or small. Goodnight challenge land.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    27 Aug 2016
    9:40 PM

    Day 6/ week 1 I have decided to have my rest day today and do shoulders, arms and abs tomorrow after PT. Hope everyone's weekend is awesome? Good night, early start in morning.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    26 Aug 2016
    8:45 PM

    Day 5 / week 1 Was a wee bit naughty today. The rep turned up @ work with baklava so I held out all day..then boom it jumped down my throat. :( I felt guilty so I skipped for half an hour tonight and will incorporate more cardio tomorrow.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    25 Aug 2016
    9:22 PM

    Day 4/ week 1 Extremely tired today..struggled to get out of bed this morning and the flu virus is still hanging around which isn't helping. So I trained tonight..legs again of course. Loving legs twice a week as this is one of my goals..hopefully I'll reach it. Hope everyone is well?

  • Lina Giovannelli
    24 Aug 2016
    8:51 PM

    Day 3/ week 1 HIIT cardio done today...still feeling sore from flogging myself on Monday's leg session, so it was hard to get going. I must of dropped everything I had in my hands today..omg it was a long way down and up! I really love the new intermediate body is reacting differently and its great..can't wait to see the difference in 12 weeks.

  • Lina Giovannelli
    23 Aug 2016
    9:09 PM

    Day 2/ week 1 Fitness test done this morning..very happy with my results. Pushups on toes, lunges all the way to floor..compared to intial test from last challenge, my pushups were on my knees and lunges were only half way down..go me! Tonight chest and back completed..I dare say ill be sore my legs are today.

    24 Burpees
    34 Push Ups
    45 Crunches
    39 Alternate Lunges
    305 Plank
    46 Jump Squats
  • Lina Giovannelli
    22 Aug 2016
    9:48 PM

    Measurements Right arm- 29cm Left arm- 29cm Right leg- 52cm Left leg- 52cm Chest- 81cm Waist- 77cm Hips- 90cm

  • Lina Giovannelli
    22 Aug 2016
    9:38 PM

    And the flip side...lets sculpt those legs and butt :)

  • Lina Giovannelli
    22 Aug 2016
    9:37 PM


    Day 1week 1 How awesome to be back..oh how I missed thee journal..and reading everyone elses. Have been sick with a fluey virus and struggled through legs this morning..but I done my best and it is only the first day. Im looking forward to the next 12 weeks of watching myself change even more from February's challenge..ive had an injury so was unable to train properly and have put on a few kgs which isnt too bad considering. Testing my will power and pushing my body further and sculpting it the way I want is exciting..tomorrow I'll do my fitness test to see how much condition I've lost.

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