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“I saw last year’s girl’s unbelievable transformations and I thought these are real people, not too different to me, and if they can do it, I can do it!”



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I gained a lot of weight once I started to travel with eating out and drinking all the time and now that I've been back and settled I can't seem to drop it.

I don't feel like myself and find myself feeling very self conscious, uncomfortable and unhappy day to day. I've tried fad diets, exercise programs and sadly even random diet gimmicks and pills but nothing has ever helped me.

I want to feel good and confident wearing clothes and a bikini again and I want to have muscles and definition and a body that ppl look at and say wow she works hard for that! :)

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The thing I liked most about the challenge is that there was always help there when I needed it. The forum was always open and the coaches responses were quick and knowledgeable. I also liked that everything was kept simple, the food plan was simple and easy to follow and the workout plans were well explained and there were great how to videos for the exercises I had never done before.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest thing about my challenge was getting over the halfway mark. I was tired, cravings were high and my body was trying to fight the changes I had been making. I had to push myself really hard in week 7 to keep going and not to break my healthy eating regime but once I made it through that week and over the halfway hump it was like a new me had come out the other side. I had more energy than ever and felt great and started to see huge results which made me work even harder.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The challenge has had a huge impact on my life. Not only do I feel better physically, have more energy, more confidence and love the way my body looks, but emotionally I feel stronger and I feel like I’ve learnt so much about myself. I’ve found I’m so much happier now and I wake up each morning with lots of energy feeling great. I have learnt how to listen to what my body is telling me and to respect it. What I’ve learnt about nutrition and training will stay with me for the rest of my life and enable me to make better choices when it comes to a healthy lifestyle for myself and for my family in the future.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

What I would tell anyone thinking of doing the challenge and what I’ve already told people who have asked about my transformation is to just DO IT! And commit 110% because your health is totally worth it and you will thank yourself later. It’s only 12 weeks, that time will pass no matter what so you might as well be doing something for yourself and making yourself happier and healthier! I am living proof that 12 weeks can transform your life and body in such a huge way if you only trust the program and give it your all!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I would just like to say a huge thanks to all the coaches, you guys have been so motivational and helpful and it really makes the process so much easier! The information on the forum was always a step ahead of what was happening so I could read up and prepare myself for what may happen week to week with my transformation. The challenge has opened my eyes to a whole new world of fitness and I can’t wait to see how far I can take my progress in the coming months!


  • Lindsay Turner
    19 Oct 2014
    10:53 PM

    Last day of the challenge!!! it feels sooo surreal... This journey has been an amazing time. Hard, motivating, educational... so many words could describe it really. I took my final pictures yesterday and afterwards I was wondering what now? lol I wanted to go to the gym actually... haha funny eh? My final measurements have been taken and the results are: weight: starting - 74.8kg week 4 - 68kg week 8 - 67kg week 12 - 60.5kg!!! (Can I get a HELLLL YAAAAAA!!) total weight loss of 14.3kg!!! (AH-mazing! :) measurements: start: finish: difference: arms: L - 27cm R - 27cm L - 25cm R- 25cm L - 2cm R - 2cm Chest: 90.5cm 84.5cm 6cm Belly Button: 87cm 71cm 16cm Hips: 107cm 95.4cm 11.6cm Thighs: L -59cm R - 59cm L - 54.4cm R- 54.6cm L - 4.5cm R - 4.4cm Calves: L - 37.5cm R- 37.5cm L - 35cm R - 35.1cm L - 2.5cm R - 2.4cm Total cm's lost: 51.4cm Seriously... sooo happy with this!! I think I'm still in shock that my body can look like this... I can't wait to see what happens when I keep working out and eating clean and try and up my strength!! Get Strong Program here I come!!! :) This AM I had some Max's pancakes and boy were they delicious... haha such a treat having them with strawberry jam and a tiny bit of maple syrup too!! Also this AM I tried on my motivational piece of clothing... I bought this bikini 12 weeks ago when the challenge started and hung it on my bedroom wall so that everyday I would be forced to look at it and remember what I was working towards and why I started. Today putting it on and having it fit felt soooo good!! I can't wait to wear it to the beach!! haha :) Such a huge difference between then and now... its insane. I've been telling everyone they need to just do the next challenge! It's so basic, there is no magic to it, there is no gimmicks and it works... clearly looking at my results it works! I started showing my friends my before and after pictures and they can't believe the difference... its funny because when I tell ppl how much I've lost no one can believe I had that much to lose... I had started to wear baggy clothes when I put weight on and as the weight kept coming the clothes just kept getting bigger to hide it, now I try the clothes on that I bought early this year and they are literally falling off me! I need to go shopping!! haha It's amazing... Thank you Maxine's, thank you coaches and a HUGE congrats to all the ladies that completed the challenge.. there are some truly inspiring and amazing transformations and I'm so happy I got to witness them and meet such amazing people throughout the challenge. :) :) :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    18 Oct 2014
    2:33 PM

    Well this am was the day for my final pictures!! What a process!!! Spray tan last night and then had my friend show me how to do some makeup and then tried to sleep! Ya right too excited! Haha was up so early this am, did my makeup and hair and started snapping pics!! Hopefully they turn out ok! I seriously am so amazing by what I have achieved in 12 weeks! I look down and I don't even recognise my stomach! Never have i looked this good! So proud and happy! ita funny bc before I was always like "if I ever get abs I'm never going to wear a shirt" and now I have them and I'm Shy with them hahaha my friend helped me take my pics and I was so nervous to strip down and let her see... No idea why eh... Oh well guess I will just have to learn to flaunt em!! Crop tops here I come!! Hahaha seriously tho it's pretty amazing! Thankfully I stubbled across this challenge when it was about to start and I was in the proper mindset and really knew I needed help and to change my unhealthy ways! :) So happy!!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    17 Oct 2014
    11:39 AM

    FLEX FRIDAY!!! Last one of the challenge! Well, seriously starting to sink in that its almost over. I think I have my bikini picked out, but I always change my mind last minute so who knows. My boobs are non existent really so no use trying to make them look good but want to do my best! Getting a spray tan tonight, will be locked inside for the night that means as you look so dark the first day but its worth it. Last night went and got my body scrub, they only had a time right after work so couldn't go to the gym first, but man was it worth it! Felt soo good to have the scrub and moisterizer! OMG.. my body needed some pampering... and then I hit the gym... haha I know crazy right but I felt so guilty if I would have missed it! I couldn't stop smelling myself hahaha pretty funny! Anyways so did my weights, kept them semi high but did drop down a bit, I think because I haven't been having as many carbs and I have been sick that I was a bit weaker than normal but it says to drop the weights down anyways so I didnt feel too bad doing it. Got home and tried to relax but really I'm just so excited for my after pictures! I can't believe how far I've come... sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm like is that really me?? And I've been checking out so many other ppls instagram accounts, everyone is doing sooooo well!! Just goes to show you the program works if you stick to it!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    16 Oct 2014
    10:35 AM

    Well feeling better today thankfully! My head is a bit stuffy still but with some medicine feeling better. I think I'm just getting so excited to take my final pics! I got my wax yesterday, tonight I am treating myself to a body scrub and tomorrow a spray tan and than this weekend I will take my pics! Trying to pick a bikini to wear is another hassle too! haha I bought a bunch online and they arrived which is great but over half of them don't fit! I think I'm still in the mind frame that I am still bigger like before and now they are all saggy and too big... thankfully two fit so will have to choose between them. its crazy when I put on my bikini I've been wearing in the pics since the beginning and see how saggy it is now. I can't believe it, I picked to wear that bikini in the beginning bc it was the only thing that fit me! I remember being like "omg I can't believe I'm going to post this fat picture of myself for everyone to see" looking at myself now I am so so proud of myself. I have finally stuck to a plan, followed through, trusted, worked hard and am finally reaping the rewards! and I can't believe it took me this long to take action! It has not been easy, not one bit, but I've pushed myself past limits I thought I had, my body is an amazing machine and really when I put my mind to it can do anything. I remember at the beginning the workouts seeming so hard and being like far out how am I going to get thru this. I saw everyone with their personal trainers helping push them and show them the way and I had myself only. I had to just do it, no one else was going to do it for me and push me to work out or stop eating crap. My gym is small and bc we live in a rural town so far North of Perth we don't have the best facilities or equipement to work with. We don't have 24hr gyms, or PT's you can hire anytime you want. I've learned to use different exercises when I dont have the equipement, I've asked the forum and the answers I've gotten are amazing *thank god for the forum!!* I just can't believe how far I've come. I am sooo sooo pleased! and don't get me wrong I'm not done! haha I will keep pushing on and I think try and do the get strong program to gain some more muscle definition and strength. I have not yet reached my full potential but I have learned that I can do it!! Last night we had fresh cray fish for dinner and prawns with veggies, one of the pro's to living up the coast is the fresh seafood at our doorstep! :) This AM I was up early as usual for my walk with my dog Max. He has been a great motivator this challenge too bc as soon as he gets into a routine he will not let me miss a morning walk! lol His nose is in my face at 5am telling me to get up and get outside! My last pic today I put up is just a pic showing what I have to wear to work everyday now, tights! haha because none of my old work pants fit me and I haven't had a chance to get to the city to go to the shops! but next week we drive to Perth so will have to get some there! Anyways, got my weights tonight as normal and then my body treatment! So excited to do something to treat myself!! :) --------------------- So had my friend cancel my body treatment for tonight because she came down sick this AM, really was looking forward to having a treat for my body after these 12 weeks so that was a bummer, tried to call the only beauty salon in town to see if any chance they would have a spot tonight and no luck... lunch came and just about to head back to work and the salon calls me to tell me they had a last minute cancellation and I can get in tonight!!! Talk about lucky!!! :) Feeling good!

  • Lindsay Turner
    15 Oct 2014
    11:09 AM

    HUmp day!! So this week is extremely exciting for me and I've had to deal with being sick... a hurdle... no big deal. Took the afternoon off work on Monday went home and slept and then hit the gym thinking I could sweat out the cold... did not work and woke up Tuesday feeling worse (but my workout Monday night was so worth it and BetaPump helped heaps!! :) ) Anyways took a sickie Tuesday to heal, slept alot, filled up on cold and flu medicine and rested... but I couldnt rest all day and did a small HIIT session in the mid morning and then went and did my normal weights at night... I kno I shouldn't but seriously LAST week!! I couldn't miss it! I haVE A PERFECT record with my workouts over these 13 weeks! Never missed one! So again grabbed my BetaPump and hit the weights. Surprisingly managed to do them all very well and keep my weights up to the usual, felt a lil exhausted by the end, more so than usual but thats to be expected really when you're sick. :) Feeling a bit better today, head still feels stuffy but managing. Did my walk this AM and will do a small cardio session tonight. Hopefully all goes to plan and I will take my pics Sat AM! Exciting!! I see so many crazy insane transformations and it just shows you if you work hard you can achieve great things! I may not make top 50 or top 10 but I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and I will continue on with my journey with weight lifting and being healthy because I feel so amazing and love my new body!! :) Strong is def the new SEXY!! :):):):)

  • Lindsay Turner
    13 Oct 2014
    1:56 PM

    So its Monday week 12... and I'm sick!! My throat is so sore, nose stuffed, head feeling like its going to explode... This weekend was so busy I think I just got run down... now Im feeling horrible... Im going to try and get home to have some rest and see if I feel better but I have a dilema... I dont want to go home from work sick and still go to the gym later.. haha but missing the gym is not an option at this time... what to do what to do! I need rest, and work should come first but really I just wanna pound out another workout tonight as this is the last week!! LAST week!!! Oh well, will see how I feel in a bit and go from there! You only live once right? lol :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    12 Oct 2014
    3:37 PM

    Abs abs and more abs!! My stomach is finally starting to take shape... I should say take shape the way I want it to rather than round as it used to be! Lol one week to go, I slipped up last night on nutrition a little but not going to dwell on it too much. Life happens sometimes and you learn to deal with it! Back on it today with cardio and clean eating. Did my meal prep and ready to the final week!

  • Lindsay Turner
    10 Oct 2014
    11:06 AM

    Friday! Week 11! I can't believe its been 12 weeks since I started (one week before official start date)! I remember telling ppl I was starting the program and everyone was like ya ya another health and fitness program for her... etc etc.... I have never before in my life fully finished a workout/health program... I've started and always managed to find an excuse to fall off the wagon, eat crap and stop working out. Making it this far is such a great feeling and I'm so happy I did it. I'm so proud of myself for all the times I stuck to my guns and said no to junk food, to alcohol, to eating more than I should. I'm proud I never missed one workout... NOT ONE!! that is an accomplishment in itself!! Yes I did have a few moments of weakness and I will admit I did have a few times where I ate bad food but I did not let it take over my life, I didn't let it get me down or quit, I accepted that I'm not perfect and said I'll do better tomorrow, and I have. I am down 11.3kg. I see muscle definition and I can squat, bench, press, pull down and chin up more than I ever could before. I am strong. Both physically and mentally and I'm so proud of it! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me along the way. The forum, the coaches, the program has been a blessing and I am so greatful for it! One week to go! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    9 Oct 2014
    10:24 AM

    All dolled up in my Pink Breast Cancer Awareness PPE fluro today for 4 wheel drive training! Should be fun, something different than sitting at my desk all day. Last night did a good hours worth of cardio, hard too, did workout 1 again but got to 10 sets!! woot woot! legs were sore but pushed through and then did a HIIT workout and 15min on the bike intervals. Trying to get the fat moving off my body!! Went for a big hours walk this AM too, got up earlier than usual to make sure I got it all in before work. only 10 days left of the challenge!! Oh and all my new bikinis arrived and guess what... some are too big!!! eekkk!! how good does that feel!! now only thing I need to do is pick one for the final photo!! Loving life thats for sure! Thank you Maxine's! My life is so much different than 11 weeks ago!! :):):):):):):):):) Oh and in other news got on the scales last night and I'm at 63.5kg!!!! Past my goal weight!!!! :) So many reasons to celebrate!

  • Lindsay Turner
    8 Oct 2014
    11:15 AM

    Hump day week 11!! Crazy!! So today I made this picture up with a quote that I love from Tim Duncan. I love motivational quotes, sometimes it's all you need to get back on track and keep your head in the right space. I woke up this AM with a sore throat and cloggy head, yesterday I was feeling a big under the weather as well and so I went to bed early hoping it would help but seems like it hasn't. I will head to the pharmacy this AM to get some cold and flu medicine, can't afford to get sick right now going into the final week of the challenge! Yesterday had a big day at the gym. Workout was tough, legs, shoulders, triceps and abs but felt good afterwards. Im hoping my legs will tone up a big more, been working them hard lately. Trying to get my booty tight and thighs tighter for the end of the challenge! Food was on point yesterday, did very well and haven't been overly hungry lately so thats good. Keeping on top of drinking lots of water as well and tea. Still went for my walk this AM even tho was feeling a bit sick, made sure I was dressed warm as its cold at 5am and dark still even tho the sun is now rising earlier and its usually light by the time I get home at 6am. Had my 1 egg and 3 whites omelette with onion, mushroom and parsley today and a bit of mustard. Sure glad I love eggs! Weather is meant to be hot this weekend so should be nice out, hopefully will get to relax a little bit between working the catering gigs. Last weekend of them so its busy but at least from here on out my weekends will be clear to go up the coast and camping more in the summer! Love the outdoors. Alright fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow! x

  • Lindsay Turner
    7 Oct 2014
    10:45 AM

    Good morning! Awake good and early this AM for my walk, trying to get some good cardio in for these last two weeks to burn the extra fat off my hips and thighs! Last night had weight session, chest, back, biceps and abs. Chest is getting stronger and so is my core, can def tell when I'm doing push ups now. I can actually do push ups haha and I'm up to 12 in a row! Pleased with that for sure. I've been looking at some bikini competitors and their bodies are just so amazing its so motivational. I would love to see what they go through to be able to transform their bodies to be that lean ready for comp. Dinner last night was steak and veggies and for lunch I had egg white omlette instead of tuna or salmon as I just didnt feel like fish. I watched the week 10 message from Fred last night as well and am so ready to push myself for these last two weeks! This weekend will be key! and It will be hard for me as I have two catering gigs to work at. I will have to stay away from the food!!! NO tasting! :S I've arranged to get a spray tan for the pictures and I will just get a friend to take my pics as there really isn't any professional photogs in our lil town here. So hopefully they turn out ok, I just hope I can get these last two weeks to work for me and lose that last lil bit of body fat covering my abs!! lol Im obsessed with seeing them!!! I want it so bad!!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    6 Oct 2014
    11:40 AM

    Week 11! I seriously can't believe we are down to our last 2 weeks! This weekend went OK, not the best as it could have been but not the worst either. I have been training hard! so hard actually I am so sore! lol my legs have taken a beating and I am loving it and hating it all at once. Had a relaxing Friday night with a movie and early to bed, got up Sat AM for a big walk and quick HIIT session before work and then hit the gym in the afternoon for my weight session. Legs Legs Legs! killlerrrrr!! haha I had a quick nap and then was off to one of my best friends going away parties... can't believe she is leaving, she was the reason I came here to this small country coastal town in the first place and it will be so sad to see her go and not have her here all the time. I didn't drink at all and I was good with the food almost all night but I was in charge of making a Canadian pastry that we used to eat in University together in Canada and while making them I tried one to make sure they were ok... that and ate a couple handfuls of strawberries and I actually felt sick when I went home. Probably from the deep fried pastry but it sure taught me a lesson not to eat something unhealthy!! Sunday woke up early and my bf came with me for a walk with our dog, then is was home for breaky and meal prep and clean the house, off to the gym for a cardio session. Did a couple of different HIIT sessions and finished off on the bike doing 30 sec of full on 1 min normal and boy did it burn!! I never go on the bike so I guess my legs arent used to it and def still feeling that today!! Will keep doing it tho bc I need to change up my routine to shock my muscles!! Anyways then we did some gardening around the house and I had a nanna nap, dinner and then to bed... pretty average weekend really. Excited to scratch off the week 10 and get on to the last 14 days!!! :) Give me my ABSSSSS!!! My first pic is me this AM getting up for my AM walk in the cold... and the second is me cuddling a baby goat from this weekend! so cute!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    3 Oct 2014
    9:40 AM

    Gotta have a quick blog today got so much to do! Training went well last night, felt great! Biceps are getting bigger! Cardio walk this AM and will do cardio this Avo as well and then its the weekend!! :) Food has been tight, eating eggs again this AM, cutting back a bit more on the carbs but keeping the rice in at lunch so I have energy for my workouts. Feeling good lately so don't think my body is missing the oats too much. Anyways loving my flex pictures!! haha Arms bring me my muscles!!! xx

  • Lindsay Turner
    2 Oct 2014
    9:48 AM

    Almost done the work week! now I am counting down the days now til the last picture... can't believe how close it is! Cardio day yesterday did the workout #1 thats recommended on the workout page, boy its hard... did 7 sets of it this time, going up slowly woking with a 20kg barbell, my legs sure did feel it afterwards! After that I did 30min walking on the incline treadmill to finish it off. We went out for a friends dinner last night, I ate my steak before we went and than only had a few oysters at the restaurant, they are now my go to as nothing else on the menus around here as healthy and clean. Stuck to my water and green tea x50 which I love and then headed home to bed. This AM got up and did my AM walk, 3km with my dog Max. He loves it and I love it, such a good way to start the day. And then I did a mini plank session, 30 sec plank, 30 sec side plank each side 30 sec rest. 4 sets of that before it was time to jump in the shower and get ready for work, after of course eating my eggs for breaky. I've decided I will cut back a bit on the oats to try and get that last fat off my butt and thighs and love handles. I don't want to stall my progress so I'm not cutting back on all my carbs as they are important with training but since I train at night I figure it will be ok to cut oats down to only once a week breakfast and then have egg whites and 1 yolk the rest of the week. Protein Protein Protein!! :) Tried some old jeans on last night as well and they are big now!!! My waist has def shrunk, thighs are still pretty wide but I think its bc Im also gaining muscle on my legs so don't expect them to shrink much... Anyways heres to more progress with 17 days left to go!!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    1 Oct 2014
    1:28 PM

    Progress Photos Uploaded!!!! :) My stomach looks a lil lopsided not sure why but hopefully it will even out and my abs will come thru in two weeks!!! :) Happy so far!

  • Lindsay Turner
    1 Oct 2014
    10:49 AM

    Progress photos!! Seeing more muscle definition now and totally excited about it! My arms and shoulders show a lot when I workout and it makes me more and more motivated.. crazy right? I've become addicted to this lifestyle! Dinner last night was chicken with veggies and I had a lil bit of watermelon as well for fun. I've quit the dairy and most fruit this past week as I think I need to change things up to keep my body changing. Workouts are going well, hard, long and fast but they feel great afterwards and I've been doing the cardio workouts that we have been given and they are hard as well but sure gets the heart rate up. I've also tried some Hiit workouts, which are fast and short but again get the heart pumping! Can't believe we are in week 10, baffling to me how fast its flown by. Since and including the pre week its been 73 days! 18 days to go!! I will put up my progress shot that I took this AM up in a bit once I get it sorted with the others pics, trying to make a collage to show the progress... exciting to see it, so glad I took pics. Its funny bc in my original pic I wore the only bathers that fit me at that time and now my bathers are so lose on me but I want to keep wearing the same pair to show the changes... crazy right? Can't wait to get new clothes! I have no workpants that fit me anymore, I've been wearing tights almost everyday to work, lucky I can get away with it. Anyways stay strong y'all!! almost at the finish line!! Wait til we have single digit days left!!! oooooooohhhhh yaaa :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    30 Sep 2014
    12:39 PM

    Another weekend done and dusted... long weekend too which meant extra temptations, extra time to be hungry and bored but for me it meant extra time to do cardio and weights and extra time to sleep and rest and plan for the remaining time ahead! This weekend we had two family dinners, a bbq and a sunday roast... I brought my own meat and veggies to both and was sooo good! Very proud of myself I must say. All weekend, I didn't have a sip of alcohol, or any bad food. Last night we went out for dinner so I couldn't bring my own food but had a salad. It had feta on it so not the best and I did feel a little sick this AM but I had no chips or dessert or anything else bad so yes I am very pleased with how far I've come. I made Janet's rice paper roll recipe this weekend as well and it was a hit! talk about yummy!! will def be making these more often thats for sure! I also realised, after stepping on the scales multiple times over the last few days (bc I haven't trusted the number I was seeing at first) I am down 10kg... I am now 64.7kg, sometimes 65kg but that changes depending on the time I weigh myself, but either way thats insane!!! I am so happy with that number annndddd to make things better I'm fitting into all my old clothes and some are even baggy on me!!! :) I am really starting to see the changes now... something must have happened between week 8-10 bc from week 4-8 I had only lost 1 kg and now in the last two weeks I'm down 3kg already! Wtv it is I'm happy and I'm even more excited for the last 3 weeks! I have been doing some extra core strength exercises as well as I'm trying soo hard to get my abs to show up!! time is running out and I want them babies to show!! 3 weeks to go, (19 days) !!!!! :):):):)

  • Lindsay Turner
    26 Sep 2014
    10:41 AM

    Another morning up early for my walk and another morning checking for more ab progress!! haha Oh man I've become obsessed! I just feel like my body is not made like the ones I see where they have the lines down the sides of their stomachs... wheres my lines? lol I see ribs and maybe some abs that are covered in a layer of skin or fat still... uhhhh its just so hard not to be discouraged but I'm pushing hard. I'm at a tough place now, I've been told by the coaches to stop running and just walk incline on the treadmill... is this enough? I'm doing 45 min at incline of 12, speed 5.5-6 and ya my legs feel sore but I'm not sweating or puffed really at the end... is this enough for me? I've always run and sprinted... Im just wondering now if bc of this I need to raise my cardio... uhhhh so hard!! I will continue to do the workouts they gave us in the cardio section bc that made me feel puffed for sure! I will do that tonight and again walk on the treadmill and see how we go... I just feel like time is running out and I won't get to my goal... but I guess I can always continue on after the challenge, this is a lifestyle change, I'm ready to make the change full time and find the balance between eating clean, working out and living a fun life. I will get abs... haha Rome wasn't built in a day right... Eggs this AM, had mine with mushrooms and onions and some mustard, always good. Lunch is stir fry my fav and we are going to my sis in laws for a bbq but we will bring our own meat and have salad with it. Learning to adjust to outings so that we can still be healthy. Long weekend this weekend, will have to be extra careful not to indulge in anything bad! 3 more weeks to go!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    25 Sep 2014
    3:34 PM

    So yesterday I spent a lot of time and money on brand new bikinis!! haha so excited to get them and they should be in here in 4 weeks which is right at the end of the challenge!! ahhh hopefully I have my new dream body by then!! Slowly starting to doubt I will get my 6 pack by the end but I'm gonna work so hard for it and make sure Im doing heavy weights, less time between reps and keeping my heart rate high so im fat burning all the time... I've been walking my dog in the AMs and doing incline on the treadmill at night in the gym instead of running but I'm so worried its not enough. I tried the workout plan they gave us for cardio option #1 and it was hard! haha I loved it tho, was def a good workout, I did 5 sets and was buggered... next time I will aim for more and see how we go. Tonight is back, chest and biceps and abs... gonna try and target my obliques and lower abs, I've seen so many ppl progress pics and their abs look amazing!! I know you can't compare yourself to others but Im just wishin mine start to show up!! :) I have noticed my butt has lifted lol must be all the squats, I love it and will continue to work hard to a nice booty! Main thing now is keeping what I eat tight... yesterday I was alright, but I had some strawberries and nuts after lunch and then blueberries right before dinner... so much fruit I need to stop with the fruit... Today I've been good, I put some lemon in my water after lunch so my fruit cravin goes away and I have my shake ready for 3pm when I usually have it and will smash the gym and them have dinner after giving my house a good cleaning! hey extra cardio right?? haha anyways so good to see so many ppl working so hard and transforming so well! It def inspires me everyday! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    24 Sep 2014
    11:20 AM

    Alright so last nights workout was long! I want to do all the exercises like I do for the Monday and Thursday training days but mannn so long!! and then trying to do some cardio afterwards makes it even longer...the gym I workout at does not have a leg extension machine and the leg press machine is broken sooo going to have to find alternatives to those... think I will stick to my lunges and try step ups as well. I want to get my quads to pop as they aren't really right now so will have to work on them... shoulders are starting to feel good now, hopefully I will lose a layer of fat that is on my back so my muscles start to show through more! 3 1/2 weeks to go!! eeeekkk!! I feel like it won't be enough time!! starting to stress out that I'm not going to reach my goal of getting a 6 pack!! I've started doing more ab exercises and keeping up with my morning walks and incline treadmill cardio at night... hopefully my stomach will get shredded!!! fingers crossed!!! I feel like my lower stomach, love handles, butt and thighs are where the most fat is stored and obv is the last to go (bc is hasn't gone yet!!) I'm just trusting the program and hoping they will shred in the next 3 weeks!! Just seems like it's not enough time!! My top abs are starting to show regularly and happy with that... now just to get the lower ones out... Sticking to the diet tight from here on out!! My milk has run out so thats being cut out, my yogurt I have enough left for one more breaky so that will be the last of that... hopefully cutting dairy will help a bit... I'm cut back a small amount on meal sizes, nothing crazy bc I still need energy but a bit, and I'm filling my plate with more green veggies, I love my spinach!!! Yesterday got my delivery of my supps, always exciting! and I'm trying strawberry for the first time... YUM!! I have never liked strawberry flavoured anything but decided to give it a go and Im so glad I did!!! talk about yummy!!! I am so impressed with the flavours from Maxine's and Max's line (my bf has Max'sbanana and I'm waiting for Maxine's banana.... come onnnnn) seriously tho, everything tastes good, I recommend it to everyone I talk to lately! And we ordered pancakes!! for a treat!! lol can't wait to try them, no maple syrup of course but I think I can manage with some fruit on top!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    23 Sep 2014
    9:28 AM

    Hello again Blog! So yesterday was the first day of the last workout regime... I decided I would do all the exercises and not alternate days like it says we can on some of them as I feel like I can push myself more. OH MAN.. am I sore today!! in the best way possible of course! but ya sore.. my back and chest def felt it! it feels amazing really Im so happy I chose to push myself.. now tonight is legs, shoulders and triceps! ekkk leg day!! :) I had my yogurt this AM after my 4km walk with my dog, almost finished my tub and then no more dairy for me for the rest of the challenge. I can't really find much else to tweak so hopefully this makes a difference. Oh and of course weekends I will have to stay strong but thats another story all together... Slowly but surely we are getting there! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    22 Sep 2014
    10:17 AM

    SO we made it past week 8! I'm starting to find weekends very hard... Im not making horrible decisions when it comes to food but I'm not being tight enough in my diet so I need to make some changes. Workouts go well, I do walks in the AM and weights on Sat. Sunday I had a full rest day which I can't remember the last time I had one of them but my body needed it, esp my legs.. my knees have been bothering me this weekend so decided to give em a rest. I was going to do the mini cycle with just shakes and started it Sunday but halfway thru the day and reading the forum I decided no I'm not going to do it, I'm getting results this way and even tho I do have some fat left to lose I want to get more muscle too and so I will continue on with the normal routines, why change something that ain't broke eh? haha I will just have to tighten up my diet. I allowed myself some nachos Sunday and I felt ill afterwards... need to stop eating crap! Went for my walk this AM and had my oats, think I will take the dairy out of my diet after this week, (bc I have some yogurt and milk left and don't want to be wasteful) so I will finish them up and then mix all shakes with water and have egg whites or oats in the AM instead of yogurt. I'm also going to cut out half my fruit intake so that I have shakes at AM tea instead of an apple or orange for half the week. I will see if this makes any difference. I made Banana protein bread this weekend, it wasn't horrible but not amazing either. For dessert one night I heated it up and put yogurt and fruit over it. It was yummy like that and def a treat for us. So, my other pic is my happy day pic.. I am 7.8kg down, and 35.5cm down and I'm so happy with that. I tried on my old jeans yesterday too and they fit!! So I'm def happy about that. And in the AM my abs look like they are comin thru a bit... I can't wait til the end to see the final result and wear a bikini with pride!! :) Thank you Maxines! this challenge has def been a life changer for me...

  • Lindsay Turner
    19 Sep 2014
    10:52 AM

    Alright so did my measurements last night and here are the results!: Week 1: Week 4: Week 8: Difference: Arms : Left: 27cm 26cm 26cm -1cm right: 27cm 26cm 26cm -1cm Chest: 90.5cm 86cm 84.5cm -6cm Belly button: 87cm 82cm 74.5cm -12.5cm Hips: 107cm 101.5cm 99.5cm -7.5cm Thighs: Left: 59cm 58cm 56cm -3cm right: 59cm 58cm 56cm -3cm Calves: Left: 37.5cm 36cm 36.8cm -0.7cm right: 37.5cm 36cm 36.7cm -0.8cm total lost : -35.5cm!!!!!! WHOOOOAAAAA!! talk about happy with those numbers!!! 12.5 off my belly button and thats when I'm not sucking it or flexing! I'm so happy with that! and 7.5 off my hips, can't complain about that! My booty is skrinking and slowly but surely my thighs are slimming down!! very happy with these results so far. So the big talk right now is this mini cycle that is in the program in week 9 or 10 to help drop extra body fat... I'm torn about doing it, I don't want to lose muscle mass but I want to lose the layer of fat off my muscles so they show thru more. I think I may try it for a couple days and see how I go... lunch will probably have to be the meal I eat bc I don't think I could make the whole day without eating and I'm sort of confused if we should replace the snacks with the shakes too or still have the snacks, altho I assume if we are going really low carb than we won't be allowed fruit so that would mean snacks would have to be replaced... which is fine, I love the shakes and they fill me up well so I think I should be able to do it, just worried that I will be weaker in the gym, which is expected but don't want to miss out on any muscle I can get these last few weeks... anyways I think I will decide by Monday what to do... I can't believe there is only 4 weeks left!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    18 Sep 2014
    12:32 PM

    So can you tell yet what my fav veggies are? haha I love spinach, asparagus and zucchini, its what I have at almost every dinner meal and I'll probably never tire of it... Todays other pic is my motivation.. I want that body!! I'm having some serious doubts if I can get there in 4 weeks time but if not I will keep pushing myself until I get my abs! That is one thing I'm sure of... right now I see all these people pics and their oblique lines are showing.. mine are no where to be seen... I know ppl bodies changes differently but like how do I get those lines!?!?! haha Just got the next 4 week plans and even tho there isn't much difference in the meal plans, I think I will do the mini cycle for a few days and see how I go trying to drop the last lil bit of fat around my belly and thighs... I think once that is gone my muscles will show thru like crazy!! and I want muscles baby!! :) Last night went on the treadmill incline of 12 speed 5.8 for 45 min, its getting easier, I wish I had a stair machine those are killer but my gym doesn't have one :( and there are no stairs in this town.. we are on flat land! haha Anyways made my chicken last night with basil and garlic... omg yum!! I was getting tired of plain ol chicken but def yum yum! gonna keep doing that for sure! Went for my 35min walk with my dog this AM 5am, had oats for breaky and then off to work... am snack was a burn bar choc caramel... omg yum so good.. like they are like eating a chocolate bar.. totally love that flavour! going to buy more on catch of the day now to last me until the end.. and past that haha bc I'm addicted to them... Lunch will be sardines and salad, I don't do tuna so I've switched them with sardines as Fred has said in the forum. Can't believe the week is almost over.. flying by! Tonight I will do my measurements again, I wanted to do them yesterday but my tape measure is at my sis in laws so will get it tonight... interested to see what has happened with the cms!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    17 Sep 2014
    9:28 AM

    Check in day today for week 8!! Here are my progress pics! I tried to include my week 6 progress shots but they ended up being too small so will have to do that on the computer at a later date... but overall I see small changes happening... and I have to say I am not flexing in this pic or sucking in... so happy with the natural state I am at now... Im not sure what other ppl are doing if they are flexing etc but I think I would rather see myself in a natural pose to actually be able to see the progress happening... altho in the last pic now thats the time to show the muscles!! haha Anyways last night had a good arms, shoulders abs workout and did 30min on the treadmill at an incline of 12 speed 6... it really does work the legs and gets you sweating! I always thought running was a much harder workout but I gotta say this incline thing is pretty tough! Had my mother in laws bday dinner last night, had fish and salad and I had a bit of nachos and a piece of the healthy coffee cake I made, it was actually really yummy so Im happy that it turned out well! Fat free yogurt, egg, walnuts, blueberries, whole wheat flour, cinnamon and a small bit of suger, pretty yummy for something pretty healthy! Who says you need to eat crappy food for it to taste good eh! :) Got up this AM and went for a 3km walk with my dog Max, usually I sleep in Wednesday AM's but I think my body is getting used to getting up early now and I know Max is used to it as he puts his nose in my face at 5am every morning waking me up to tell me its time for him walk! haha but I like it, it wakes me up, makes me feel good and its a great way to start my day and its not as exhausting as my running was, so I really am enjoying it. Had my eggs this am with onion and mushrooms and my grapefruit, feeling good again today. I gotta say I've completely done a turn around from last week where I was feeling gross and down and unenergetic so I'm really happy with that! Today is not a weight day so I'll hit the treadmill again tonght on an incline and get my body sweating... I tried to jump on the body fat measurer thingy last night and my bf has decided its not acurate which he is probably right bc it was telling us that my body fat was 17.9 and his was 20 haha and he def has less body fat than me... but I hope mine is down to 17 I would be happy with that I think... we tried to do the caliper thingy at the beginning and it was saying I was 30% which who knows if thats right either but ya... We are heading to Perth after the challenge so I think we will try and get a dexa scan done then and see how we did over this challenge... I'm really excited moving forward, these last four weeks are gonna get hard no doubt but its that last little bit that I want to lose that I could never do before!! Lets go get em!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    16 Sep 2014
    9:58 AM

    I have to start off this blog by saying how AMAZING I'm feeling today!! I guess I woke up on the right side of the bed or maybe its because I'm starting to really see changes and am so excited!! I took this pic this AM and am starting to see my abs!! yes my bottom ones need some work but they are there and they are wanting to come out!!! (yes I am sucking in and flexing but still...) Yesterday had a good weight session, I felt great, had some betapump and was on cloud nine in the gym.. pumped out a hard leg/chest/back workout and wait for it... I DID MY FIRST EVER CHIN UP!!! How exciting!!! I've been slowly working my way to being able to do one, starting with jumping up and slowly lowering myself down, then getting halfway down and liftly myself back up and now finally getting all the way down and back up... 1 chin up!! I was able to do 3 reps of 1... not much but am so happy with that considering I could barely hang from the bar for 5 seconds at the beginning! :) This AM I got up took my dog for a walk for 30minutes, a great way to start the day.. I really do enjoy my morning run/walks. Today is my mother in laws bday so we are having dinner at her house later today, everyone is on the healthy page with us now so we agreed on having fresh fish and salad for dinner so thats great and I've made a semi-healthy coffee cake, its got fat free yogurt, blueberries, walnuts and cinnamon and some wholewheat flour and a tad of sugar. So not horrible but I will probably still only have a tiny piece if any at all, but you can't have a bday without a cake! haha Gym weight session right after work and then I'll jump on the treadmill for an incline walk for 20-30 minutes and then off to dinner and early to bed as usual! Tomorrow is check in day!!!! eeekkk

  • Lindsay Turner
    15 Sep 2014
    1:56 PM

    So the beginning of week 8! I have to say week 7 was a rough week! and I mean ROUGH! but we are done with that and on to week 8 with a new mindset and with reviewing my goals and why I started I'm going to give it my all for the next 5 weeks! This weekend was our racing cup weekend and everyone gets all dolled up for it. When going to pick a dress out of my closet I was surprised to see that a lot of the stuff I used to wear doesn't fit me anymore!!! it feels amazing!! not good bc I had really no options of what to wear but it is feeling good to know things are happening in the size department! So I got all dolled up in a playsuit and felt good. Gotta say I think my tan helped... lol One of my friends tho she was so amazed at how much I've changed. haven't seen her in a while and she wouldn't stop saying how great i looked.. it felt great and I was amazed ppl were noticing already... they say it takes 12 weeks for the world to notice.. if they are noticing at week 8 I can't wait to see what they say at week 12!! Anyways it really boosted my confidence and made me realise how great this challenge has made me, and how worth it it is! everyone is also so impressed how I haven't even had a drop of alcohol for the entire time... and I will go the entire 13 weeks (12 weeks + preweek) without booze. I started walking this weekend after Fred said no more running, so took my dog for a big walk Saturday morning before the races and then Sunday went and did my weight session and did 45 min on the treadmill at an incline of 11 speed 5.5. Saturday night I had a big cheat night as my father in law was in town after the races and he wanted chinese so we had some too... I've got to say my stomach was not happy with me! haha just shows you how much eating healthy can affect your body and how eating crap makes you feel like crap! haha Back on the straight and narrow now tho and happy about it! Sunday had a great clean day and this AM has been good, I haven't been starving like I was for the last two weeks so thats good. I will hit the gym tonight for weights and do some cardio, did my walk this AM with my dog but only had time for 30 minutes and no inclines around our town so will go walk on the treadmill on an incline tonight so get the extra cardio in... SO also this weekend I tried on my motivation bikini and its looking better... wayyyy better... still a way to go but happy with the progress.. i couldnt bring myself to try on my jeans yet tho bc I feel my thighs are still big and I didnt want to get down on myself if they didnt fit again yet... they will.. 5 weeks to go!! I'm also starting to see maybe ... MAYBE some ab definition... lol this AM i saw a bit and when I suck in and flex I can see them a bit... soo close!! I just want a beautiful stomach without having to suck it in!! haha 5 weeks to go to get there and Im starting to think I can actually get the definition I want... heres to hoping and working hard for it!! Anyways lunch time for me!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    12 Sep 2014
    11:12 AM

    So as you can see in my pics I got my first spray tan!! haha we have our big race cup this weekend and I felt I needed a pick me up from my slump so decided why not get a tan and feel great about my new and improved body! so yes... it looked so dark at first but today it looks good... my hands and feet are a bit "dirty" looking but think that will go away shortly.. hoping I look smashing in my cup outfit.. nothing crazy special but nice to get dressed up once in a while! Anyways I've taken Fred's advice and Im going to stop running and start incline walking... I haven't seen much of a change over the last two weeks so I think I need to change something up.. never thought walking instead of running would do it but we will see.. what do I know about it anyways right? trust the experts! if they say slow down and walk hills than I will slow down and walk hills and hopefully see a change! Also, i've been a little lax with my eating so I'm tightening it up... only 6 more weeks and then we are done so nows the time right! Don't get me wrong I haven't eaten poorly but just more of what I'm supposed to have... yesterday had some strawberries and peanuts after lunch and at my workout I just didnt feel as good as I usually do having a shake in the afternoon... so will stop that and continue with my shakes!! so this AM got up and did 45 min on the treadmill, my treadmill doesn't incline so that was no good but I will go to the gym this avo and do another 45 min there on the incline and get it right! this weekend is a big weekend and while everyone is drinking at the races and eating poorly I will remind myself why I'm doing this... how horrible I felt looking at myself in the mirror 6 weeks ago and how my clothes were so uncomfortable.. and remind myself that this is a life change and Im doing it for me! I don't need to drink to have fun and I sure don't need chips or cake to enjoy a night out! Go ME!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    11 Sep 2014
    10:21 AM

    rough day yesterday... rough rough rough... time to get over this slump Im in a remember why I'm doing this! I feel like my body has stopped changing and nothing is working... yesterday I was craving food.. all food.. any food! my hormones are flying my monthly visitor is back 2 weeks early and with a vengeance and I feel like I can't overpower her!! uhhhh so yesterday was a bad day.... my head is all messed up and im grumpy and tired and well just blah... I was hungry all day yesterday and so I ate... I had an extra protein bar at snack, fruit, almonds, and at lunch I felt like nothing its so weird.. i couldnt eat my steak and veggies so i didn't eat anything... had my shake at 3pm went home after work and had some peanuts (bad bad bad) and a huge bowl of fresh basil and ricotta pasta with tomato sauce and went to bed.. def not on the plan but i seriously couldnt stop thinking about pasta so I did it... i figure either i just do it, cheat one meal and get over it or it will continue to haunt me... i feel better now (the 13hrs of sleep could have helped) but getting up this AM I felt good, went for my run and Im feeling ok now... will take it hour by hour until this day is over and until this week is over and next week is week 8 and time to ramp up the workouts and food... I'm not sure what more I can be doing workout wise except more weights and less cardio... not sure what to do exactly... I think i may ask the forum today and see if anyone can help me... I see ppl seeing huge changes and I get upset that I don't feel the same.. i kno I have changed a bit but these last two weeks I haven't seen any change.. it will be good to see the progress pic next week and really have a good hard look at what has happened and what I need to do for the last 4 weeks to reach my goals.. anyways time to pick myself up and move on... week 7 is almost over!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    10 Sep 2014
    9:48 AM

    HUmp day again! it feels like only a few days ago I was writing about last hump day! lol Yesterday I had my first really hard day... firstly the day was going by sooo slow.. at 8am I was starving and i usually don't even think about having my mid morning snack until 930 so had to very slowly pick at my maxines burn bar.... 11am I was ready for lunch and was not feeling the chicken and veggies I had prepped... I had an orange and some almonds around 11am bc I actually couldnt move without my stomach making this huge growl! by lunch 12pm I was at home slowly trying to get thru my lunch and decided I wanted sushi... healthy right? well I went for it, I decided this is a life challenge and I have to sustain it from now on not just the 12 weeks so after 6 1/2 weeks of being good give myself a break and get a sushi roll and enjoy it... and I did it was great... and I wasn't hungry again until 315pm when I had my afternoon shake. After work had to go get a wax done and then was off to the gym... energy levels weren't as high as usual but they were alright and I made it thru the workout... then it was off to dancefit class and I wasn't feeling it at all! like I wanted to leave halfway thru but my friends wouldn't let me! I finished the class (lazily... is that a word?) went home had my dinner of chicken and salad had half a maxines cookie instead of my berries and went to bed! I had no idea why my body was so tired and feeling so blah yesterday.... until I woke up this AM and realised the monthly frienemy had come... two weeks early... ever since week 2 my periods have been all over the place... first they were non existent.. then I was spotting for days and now two weeks early my body is ready to explode... at least I know now why I was feeling so weird yesterday... must be all the exercise and eating clean that has affected my system! Anyways today is a new day and I'm ready to kill it again! had a bit of a sleep in this am as I don't run on Wednesdays so that was nice, got up had my egg white omelette and some grapefruit and off to work... tonight is a cardio night and will do the skipping challenge again to see how many I can get in this time over 10 reps. Let's do it!

  • Lindsay Turner
    9 Sep 2014
    9:43 AM

    This AM's run was fueled by the annoying fact my heart ratre monitor kept falling down... which only means one thing; Im losing size around my rib cage where it sits = losing fat!! woot woot!! only thing that makes the annoying feel great! :) Yesterday had a great workout at the gym... I love going to the gym now its like I don't even have to think about it, just get home change into my gym clothes and bam off to the gym! Betapump helps for sure when I'm feeling a lil low from sitting at my desk all day and I pump out the best workout! Chest, back and legs... lots of leg exercises to get em toned up! Looking at myself in the gym mirrors its crazy to see how my body is changing... from being bottom heavy its starting to look like I'm leveling out my body to an hourglass shape and I love it! My shoulders and arms are looking stronger, my hips seem to be shrinking a bit and my legs are looking toned... best feelings ever!! Last night had a clean dinner, steak asparagus and spinach. Not sure if I've said this before but I LOVE spinach!! Always have... love it with vinegar and a lil salt... and it makes me think of Popeye the sailor! how he used to eat spinach to get strong haha well hopefully the spinach is helping me get strong too! Skipped the berries last night as I had some dried fruit at lunch to get my stomach back on track again and so figured I could do without the fruit at night. I'm really excited to see what will change in the last four weeks with the meal plans and the workouts. How do we lose the bloat I have? and how do I lose the water weight I'm carrying from drinking sooo much water?! I hope they let us know all this.. I would love to learn more about all this. Im thinking about getting a spray tan this week too, we have the big Race Cup day this weekend in town and I would love to have a glow to me.. lol I also owe myself a massage... I told myself at week 6 I would get one and haven't even had time to do it yet! Time to treat myself I think! only 8 more days til the next check in!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    8 Sep 2014
    10:26 AM

    So check out my muscles!! haha I've found that if I stand a certain way my arm looks that toned!! gets me so happy!! SO finally got my beta pump!! my bf and I love it! the taste is amazing!! wait for it...AH-mazing!! and the energy it gives me is quick to come and lasts through my whole workout and beyond! I felt like I killed my weight sessions this weekend while I was using it! So happy with it! This weekend went OK, was a bit of a rough one. First off mid last week my belly was acting up and was not happy with me... too much info but I wasn't being regular and it was starting to hurt!! Friday night my body had had enough and I ended up spending wayy too much time in the toilet feeling sick and bloated and nothing was helping! So Sat AM I went and got some medication and Sunday when it wasn't helping I decided to do it the old fashion way and went to the grocery store and bought dates, prunes, apricots and all the other dried fruit filled with fiber I could get! haha and I ate it... a lot of it.. I know it's full of sugar and not the on the healthy plan but I needed it!! and it did help so it was good... i did feel sick afterwards but all in all Im feeling better now so thats what matters... I saw on FB this weekend a lot of ppl had fallen off the wagon with their eating and had cheat meals or bad food and they were just picking themselves back and up getting back on it properly! so good to hear! I sometimes even when I eat healthy food thats not on the plan I feel like a fatty or so bad about it... haha it sounds funny but I just feel like I'm cheating myself and really I am... but I've been doing really well for the most part and will continue onwards!! This AM got up and went for my run, only did 4km but did it faster than normal. It was super windy out and hard to run against the wind but we got thru it. Last week I ran 5 times and did cardio in the PM 3 times... been doing so much cardio I just can't wait for my fat to drop off!! hopefully it will!! :S Weights tonight and we start another week.. only what 10 more days until the next check in? time is flying by!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    5 Sep 2014
    9:30 AM

    Well its Friday again! This week has flown by!! Last night had an awesome session in the gym, chest back and leg day... took some of my bf's arnold preworkout, still waiting on my BetaPump to arrive! so excited to try it!! Arnold was good I felt a good lasting 'high' if you wanna call it throughout my workout and busted my legs out. They are a little sore this AM and I had some trouble sleeping last night which is why I hate taking preworkout thats loaded in caffeine bc I never am able to sleep through the night. So last night was up 3 times in the night, not sure if I can blame the preworkout or all the water and shake I drank before bed but usually I get up once a night to pee and last night was 3! And the last time around 3:45am I had the hardest time getting back to sleep bc I knew my alarm was going to go off at 5AM for my run. Got up went for my run, just over 4km and in a bit faster time than usual so that was good.. trying to push myself faster than farther I think will help me more. I don't want to lose muscle and my bf thinks that me doing all this cardio will do exactly that but its not fair he has like no fat to lose so he doesnt need cardio... me on the other hand... these thighs ain't going to thin themselves out! haha Dinner last night was steak stirfry.. I'm getting better at making them, found the greatest thing in Woolies, in the freezer department they have frozen mini blocks of garlic and ginger that you can just pop in the fry pan and they are great! no mess, no prep.. so easy! Im in love! pop and few in my stir fry and I've been adding a bit of beef stock for sauciness, with my meat and veggies and some chili flakes and bam! great tasting easy stir fry! Winning! :) Going to head to the beach after work and do Janet Kane's skipping challenge! had to go out and buy a rope yesterday just for it so I'm ready! Will try and do it Friday, Sat and Sun to get my 3 times/week in, only just read about it yesterday so I'm a bit behind I know! This weekend should be uneventful, nothing planned but some cleaning and housework... will be good to chill out again, makes me enjoy the week more when I've relaxed all weekend. All for now folks! enjoy! xx

  • Lindsay Turner
    4 Sep 2014
    10:14 AM

    So we've past the half mark day of the half mark week.. how exciting! Last night I did my beach circuit, switched some stuff up as I don't want to get my body used to anything so did some more sprints and felt exhausted by the end. Didn't have my heart rate monitor on so not sure about cals but for 31 minutes I was working hard so I'm sure I did alright. I find my legs are finally starting to feel tired after a workout but it doesn't last long... think bc of all my running and basketball training in previous years they have grown to recover quickly but running up and down the sand dunes sure makes them burn! Dinner last night was fish with salad, my bf cooked the fish and it was amazing, he caught it this weekend, it's called Robinson Seabream and he says it's the best in the ocean. And my protein arrived! Woot woot now just waiting on my order of protein bars(choc caramel my fav!!) and beta pump!!! Gotta try this new pre-workout!! I'm not a fan usually of pre-workout bc I don't want my body to need a supplement every time I want to work out but I think for the big days it will be good to have a lil extra boost! And everyone seems to love it, but I've only seen the reviews on the blue ice and I got the pineapple flavour so we will see how it tastes! Went to bed really early last night like 7:45pm bc I was feeling tired and wanted to get a good night's sleep in bc I knew I was gonna get up and go for a 5am run this AM. And I did, it had been raining all night but it was stopped when I stepped outside so I was happy with that, I hate running in the rain... about ¼ of the way tho its starts raining! Haha hate it! I finished my run but I was not happy... but felt good to do it and I did the long version of my run without even thinking about it... might be time to try and extend the run but don't want to lose muscle only fat so gotta watch out! Tonight is chest back and leg day again and I'll hit the gym after work and try and push it out in time to get to circus training at 6pm. I missed it last week and don't want to miss too many more classes bc its fun and its good muscle building exercises that use body weight! Eating has been going well, haven't cheated and have eliminated the lil things I had been adding in lately like rice crackers and peanut butter. Hopefully all this work pays off!! Until next time! chow! xx

  • Lindsay Turner
    3 Sep 2014
    10:11 AM

    Progress photos week 6!!! small differences here and there... will need to work hard everyday to get my 6 pack by the end of the challenge!! Im ready for it!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    3 Sep 2014
    9:53 AM

    Another hump day is here! So wed of week 6... I decided to take another progress photo today and will load it up later to see the difference. Last night I had a good workout in the gym, shoulders, biceps and triceps and abs... was feeling my abs thats for sure.. i feel them a lot when I do tricep pushdowns... but ya felt the burn yesterday... skipped dance last night tho, all the girls I go with usually weren't going and then I got my new curlstick in the mail and ended up trying it out and by the time I was done class had already started so I was like stuff it, I did my cardio in the AM anyways so all was good. Dinner last night was chicken and salad, very yummy and the other pic is of this new ice cream flavour... caramel pocorn!! wat!!!?!?! like three of my fav things in one.. .caramel, popcorn and icecream.. lucky that Coles is the only place that sells it and we dont have Coles here in our lil country town.. haha Talking to my bf last night and he asks me after the challenge if I will continue on the food plan... I was like well Yes but no... I feel like I've learned a lot and know more about the different nutritional needs for my body and so yes I will continue to eat healthy but you know what if I feel like a treat some days I will let myself have it but in moderation... its all about moderation.. and my workouts. I'll def keep them up, they make me feel soooo good! I feel so good about this challenge being a new way of life and not just a "diet"... Had a bit of a sleep in today and so was late getting ready for work so had to bring my breaky to work with me.. lol not too bad, egg white omlette with one yolk and mushrooms and onions and a grapefruit... oh man I love grapefruit! haha Anyways beach workout tonight for Cardio.. hopefully its not too hot after work, either way we will get through it... keep pushing.. keep going... my body will be better than my mind! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    2 Sep 2014
    10:31 AM

    Tuesday... I'm gonna call it Tired Tuesday today... haha I have been feeling so very tired lately and this AM on the forum I read a post by the wonderful Janet and she explained what is normal feelings for week 5-6... tired/sore/hungry... all normal feelings.. it means your body is adjusting and testing you and trying to make you quit putting it outside of its comfort zone.... well that made me feel better and I will push through and keep going... Yesterday had weights after work, chest, back and leg day... I've decided I will do all the leg exercises in the leg days as only one or the other never makes me feel sore... and started doing fit ball curls and deadlifts instead of lying leg curls bc in our lil country gym we don't have that ya had a good leg workout.. got my sweats going and been practicing my chin ups everyday... I jump up to the bar and slowly let myself down... now I can get half way down and bring myself back up again which is amazing... now to just get all the way down and back up again... one day we'll get there... this AM got up and went for my run, did the 5km version which was good... felt very thirsty today half way through which was weird but maybe just bc the temperature is starting to heat up nowadays... running in the afternoons will soon be close to impossible! Anyways happy with the amount of cardio Im doing.. really couldnt do much more, I'm doing it everyday, some days morning and night... weeks 8-12 when i need to increase my cardio im not sure what i will do.. but will decide when i get there... anyways the only thing left for me to do is tighten up my nutrition plan... going pretty good, just a lil extra here and there for taste sake.. will need to keep it clean and to the plan to keep seeing results!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    1 Sep 2014
    3:55 PM

    Hey Monday here again... week 6! which means we are almost half way through! So Friday I had a mental fight with myself... I was feeling low and like nothing was changing... after work on Friday I went to the beach and went for a run, I felt exhausted but I pushed myself to do it to get in the extra cardio so at the end of this I can tell myself proudly that I did everything I could to help myself get to my goals... Saturday I was feeling better, had work in the morning and then hit the gym and went to the races.. brought my lunch with me and didn't cheat at all. Came home went grocery shopping and then had a nap until dinner. I've been feeling so tired lately so had to have a nap. Then Saturday my bf and I had a chill out night, we stayed in made dinner and watched movies... it was nice and relaxing... Sunday AM we hit the gym, I did my boxing circuit and sweat heaps, felt good. Its starting to get very hot here so night work outs will start to get harder. Again on Sunday I had another nap.. haha nothing better than having a lazy weekend. Did my meal prep for the week and actually did nothing. It was great. This AM got up at 5am and went for my run, was not feeling too keen but I did it. Takes me about 5 minutes to get into it but once I am there is no stopping me. I love running and love when my mind can just wander and think of random things while my body does the repetitive motion of running without even having to think about it. I think I'm going to take a week 6 photo this week and start taking them every 2 weeks like the winner did last year, I feel like you can see the changes in 2 weeks and hopefully will push me harder to keep up the hard work. Food wise I've been good, I've swapped out tuna (I can't do it) for sardines and tinned salmon. Those I can handle. And for the times I feel hungry I reach for my all natural organic peanut butter (absolutely nothing in there but peanuts!) and some brown rice crackers. I feel like they fill me up and satisfy me when I have a craving for something extra, I never eat them in the afternoons, only morning or lunch bc I don't want the extra carbs at night. Anyways this blog is so random today, I feel like my mind is in a 100 different places all at once.. lol Here's hoping to more highs than lows this week!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    29 Aug 2014
    10:16 AM

    Friday! SO having a big of a mental fight with myself today... first off last night I had a great workout in the gym, chest, back and legs and for the first time I can say my legs are sore today! That didn't stop me from getting up and doing a 5am 5km run tho so thats all good... I skipped circus last night bc my shoulders were sore and I needed sleep.. was feeling so tired for the last couple of days and needed a break and just a chill out night so thats what I did. This AM like I said I got up, not planned and went for a run. I wasn't going to run on Fridays as I do cardio in the PM but I was awake and said wat the heck why not... also bc I've been feeling blah lately with my body and even tho I'm seeing small changes my belly is still so huge... its like i have a baby in there.. its gross and it makes me depressed...and my love handles dont help!! This is my mental fight, I know it's going to take time and I do see small changes in my upper body... my shoulders are more defined, my back, my chest is pretty much gone but that doesn't really bother me I didn't have much there to begin with and Im sure if I ever were to lose my belly fat I was look proportioned but its just not going away! and neither are my thighs!! I just want to see the start of some changes there so I know that it will happen but nothing! My boyfriend is seeing so much change in his stomach region that Im getting envious to the point I don't even want to look in the mirror anymore. Its bad... I try and tell myself there are 8 weeks left to go and a lot can happen in 8 weeks but its hard when Im working so hard in the gym, doing extra cardio and eating right and not seeing the changes I want to see... I just need to suck it up and continue the hard work and believe that it will pay off.. easier said then done for sure... also another thing my arms are def getting stronger but they are also looking bigger! with no definition they just look big now... uhhh body fat just go away!!! I'm hating myself right now for letting myself get to this point but I have no one to blame but myself and will have to deal with it, suck it up and work harder... Weekend here I come, gonna put the work in, eat clean and get some progress (hopefully) uhhhhh keep going.... keep going..... Alright thats my winge off my chest... now to get back to the grind!

  • Lindsay Turner
    28 Aug 2014
    10:41 AM

    Well today I am feeling so tired, again... it's only 830am and I feel like I need a huge nap! I'm not sure what it is, doesn't seem like much has changed on the plan but maybe that lil change is affecting my body... but as the forum says... tired-lethargic... good! it means its working... Last night was feeling pretty low but forced myself to get to the beach and put in the work... 30 min of sprints, squats, hill runs, situps pushups, got my 300 cals burned and went home.. had to use up all the tomatoes I got from the plantations so made a salsa but that takes two hours so it was late getting to bed. This AM got myself out of bed (surprisingly easy) and went for a run. Feeling goog I extented my run even more and did 5.5km. Felt good. Only thing I notice is my shoulders are always soooo sore!! whats up with that? Im not sure if i sit at my desk wrong or what but my shoulders feel like they are taking the brunt of this body makeover... at least its not shoulder day today... but ya gotta figure out a way to relax my shoulders!! was thinking today that next week is week 6! half way! how crazy is that? So i've decided im booking myself in for a massage as a half way present! I think I need it! lol I think I need it now but I will wait until next weekend after I've gotten thru week 6! Im so excited!! lol something to look forward to!! Also I've decided no more altering the food plans... I add cottage cheese and feta and other good but not good things and I need to cut back and take it back to basics... back to the plan exactly bc that was working for me before and I got to keep it up! I have felt tho that I've gotten my appetite back so thats another thing thats changed since week 4... seems it has been coming and going for the first 4 weeks and its back with a purpose now! lol Anyways weight day tonight and I think I might skip circus if my shoulders are still feeling sore bc shoulders are a huge part of circus and I don't want to kill them too much... we'll see.. also I think I need a good and early nights sleep tonight to make me feel normal again! Anyways you can see by the pic of my hand the weights are getting the best of me! lol gotta get some gloves! Have a great Thursday everyone! almost thru week 5! :):):)

  • Lindsay Turner
    27 Aug 2014
    10:51 AM

    Hump day today!! Yesterday was shoulder/bicep/tricep/ab day and boy do I feel it! My shoulders are def showing some improvement and probably my body part that shows the most muscle definition right now, and they hurt! lol My arms are as my boyfriend says "getting bigger" but I need to get them cut!! who wants bigger arms without the cut?!?! ahhh... hopefully that comes soon... abs well they are hidden still at the moment but I'm working them hard and working on the cardio to cut the fat so hopefully they decide to come to the party soon too! :) Last night after weights I had dancefit class and I felt flat and exhausted, think I need to get used to the two AM runs in a row as Im used to having a sleep in day between them.. oh well no excuses I did the class and got thru it. I went and saw one of my friends that owns a plantation yesterday and got the biggest box of beautiful strawberries! so fresh and juicy! and my bf and I indulged a bit too much I think, I felt sick afterwards... so now I will make sure to stick to 1/2 cup!! lol but they were soooo yummy!! Lunch yesterday was steak, broccoli and sweet potato with cinnamon.. yum can I just say adding cinnamon changes everything!! will be doing that more often!! :) Dinner was chicken with veggies, and I had spinach and asparagus.. prob my two fav veggies.. i could eat bucket loads of spinach... add a lil bit of vinegar and salt and pepper and bam love it!! I was so exhausted that I pretty much went to bed right after dinner so I skipped my night shake as I was so full from dinner, but I had an extra one throughout the day for snack before my weights so I think we are ok... :) Today I'm feeling tired.. I think I need to have a nap but don't want to after work bc I need to do cardio! Cardio will be a beach session today, not sure if my friends will come again but I'll be there running those sand dunes and sprinting those sprints! lol its only 30min and I make the most of it.. and then I will nap... lol one good thing that happened this AM is my work pants are getting so big!! I dont see a difference in my bottom half but something must be happening there bc my pants are getting loose! want to try my jeans on but am scared to bc if I haven't lost enought i think i will feel deflated so may wait a bit longer to try them on again... we'll see... Anyways, happy hump day! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    26 Aug 2014
    11:05 AM

    hey another Monday over and done with! Last night was the first night of the new workout program and gotta say it went well... my gym has no machine for leg curls so I tried to use the leg extension machine standing up with one leg at a time... i did feel my hammy's working but my knees were hurting too so I was on the forum first thing this AM asking for different exercise ideas and got some great new ones to try on Thursday! Such a great place the forum is! Everyone is so helpful and encouraging! Loving it!! I went to jokingly flex my back muslces last night to my bf and I caught a glimse of myself in the mirror and was like woah woah hold up! I actually do have back muscles!! they are starting to show through!! woot woot! Had to take a good look in the mirror to make sure I wasn't imagining things! :) Cardio this AM again, first time this challenge I've gotten up twice in a row for a AM run... it wasn't easy I'm not gonna lie, I liked having a sleep in between AM run sessions for the last four weeks it was manageable... but I did it, got out of bed and dragged myself out for a 5km run, which halfway through it started to feel good and I'm glad I did it... at least tomorrow I get to sleep in (by sleep in I mean 6am haha not much of a true sleep in but that extra hour is Ah-mazing!) I've decided to add these extra cardio mornings in bc I feel like I'm not losing fat in the bottom half of my body and since I've always been a pretty decent runner I think I need the extra cardio to kick start my body again... so I've decided to do AM runs Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat when I do weights at night and then on Wed/Fri/Sun which are cardio days do my beach circuits and boxing at nights, which I may start to extend more than 30minutes as well, that and my dancefit and circus classes should give me 4 weeks of heaps of cardio and good weight sessions to burn off that extra fat hanging around my midsection and thighs! So I haven't tried tuna yet... I kno I will have to but I'm putting it off and have been eating salmon or chicken instead. I've just never liked tuna and the thought of eating it from a can with salad is just blah... but I promise I will try it tomorrow... I have tried tho the salad dressing recipe Janet put on the forum with mustard and lemon and olive oil... yum! so tangy and fresh, love it! I feel like I'm starting to really understand the food portion of the challenge and am making smart choices in food when I don't follow the plan to the T. (altho I have been 80% following the program) I have added a bit of cottage cheese and feta cheese here and there for taste, and when I don't feel like eating rice just add in a few rice crackers which I know aren't AS good but still aren't bad... these small choices I feel like I will take with me after the challenge and really this is what I wanted.. a life changing experience, not just 12 weeks of following a set plan and learning nothing from it... so I'm super happy with the program so far and can tell my mind is started to change to the better, healthier version of me! I can't wait to see more results from all this hard work!!! GO me! (and go everyone else too!) :) :) :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    25 Aug 2014
    11:16 AM

    Week 5... new program this week, excited to get into the new weights program! Had a good weekend this weekend, had a bit of a slip in my nutrition plan but worked hard with cardio and weights. Friday night after work I got in a quick boxing circuit than I was off working for my friend the caterer and stole a bit of her amazing crap pasta dish throughout the night which was not good but I didn't allow myself to over eat, rather just got a taste... then Saturday had a great weight session, my shoulders are still sooo sore! and we had a girls night planned... well I decided at the beginning of the challenge I wasn't going to drink any alcohol and I stuck to that, I brought a veggie platter as my food dish and some hummous and brought my protein shake and green tea x50 for my drinks... had such a great time and we stayed out wayyyy past my normal bedtime but it was a fun night and good to get out! Sunday AM had a bit of a sleep in which was nice after staying up so late but I was up and going for my 5km run before lunch and then cleaning my house and meal prepping for the week and had it all done before 3pm! Feels great to get so much accomplished... feeling happy with myself I had a nap haha Had a healthy chicken and veg cook up for dinner and relaxed before heading to bed so I could get up early for this AM's morning run. This AM got up and did my 5km run, felt good, was really cold this AM so it was harder to get out of bed but I didn't allow a sleep in! Tonight we do weights, at least my shoulders will get a bit of a break as we have chest, back and legs today... leg day! can't wait!!! it baffles me how fast this is going... its like one day I'm writing about week 1 and the next I'm on week 5! only 8 weeks left!! :) :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    22 Aug 2014
    9:50 AM

    Friday!! Glorious glorious Friday!! Can't believe it's already almost the end of week 4! how fast this is flying by! Last night it was a lil rainny but still make myself go to the beach to do a circuit for 30min. Only one of my friends came this time.. but its good, it pushes me.... I did feel a little tired yesterday but did my fitness test before my workout. All exercises went up except crunches but to be fair to myself the first fitness test I did i think I was cheating on my crunches and not going up far enough haha so this time I did them right and still only was 7 behind my last score.. everything else was good and improved, my lunges stayed the same... another excuse but my dog went in between my legs half way thru and i tripped up, so I prob could have got maybe 2 more done in that time but oh well, next time I'll kill it even more!! My biggest improvement is by far my push ups! 13 more than last time! I'm still doing them from my knees but man I'm feeling sooo much stronger in that region! feels amazing!! After the beach workout went to circus and we practiced more on the trapeze. I'm finding it easier to get up now and my body is getting used to the bar so its not hurting as much. Yesterday I did a hanging upside down split spin on the bar. Its a cool move and looks great when you watch it, you're hanging from the bar by your arms and your legs are almost over your head in the splits so you're upside down and then you slowly spin around the bar so that you're now facing the other directly.. hard to explain on paper but I found a pic on google of what the looks like and then you just spin from that position... i was pretty proud of myself for being able to do it! one day I'll get my camera in there so I can get pics of me doing these tricks.. but let me get a bit better first! lol Also practiced my head stand more and hand stands... need to learn to trust my strength bc it scares me to think I will drop myself on my head when doing a hand stand... but I did it and it was fine... will practice more this week and be even better for next class! Didn't feel much like dinner last night, wasn't too hungry so I opted just for a salad of tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, green pepper and feta chesse... not feeling the protein last night eh.. but still had my half of cookie and my night time shake... looking at the next four weeks plans we don't get cookies anymore so I'm enjoying it these last few nights! anyways hopefully this day doesn't drag on too much... going to work at my second job tonight.. this will be tough... my fav pasta dish is on the menu.. Im going to have to stay away!!! so hard!! but I'm gonna try... gotta do it for my booty!!! :) Happy Friday y'all!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    21 Aug 2014
    11:50 AM

    wow big day today! Got our week 5-8 plans and i've spent the last 1 1/2 looking over and planning my workouts and meals haha I love being organised and it helps me to have a binder of all the things I need to succeed. So in weeks 1-4 I had a cardio and weights plan where I could record all my activities and reps/weights etc... its so good bc now I look back and can see my progress... I've just done the same for weeks 5-8 and its all very daunting... a lot of workouts! haha The good thing is that I've already been adding cardio runs in the AM on weight days so I'm used to getting up at 5am now two days a week.. now I just have to up that to 3 days a week before work which shouldn't be too hard. Also, weights on Tues and Thurs will be a small issue as I has classes those nights, dancefit and circus but I think I'll have enough time between work and classes to get my weights in so that should be OK...will be knackered the first week I reckon though after all these changes! Just when we were getting used to the old programs! haha guess that's how you keep your body in fat loss mode!! And the nutrition plan!! no more yogurt after dinner :( that was by far my fav part of the whole plan... oh and no more toast with eggs!! eeekkk!! and no more Maxine's Cookies!!! yeeshhhh talk about withdrawals!! :S But its time to crack down!! Last night we made a fish curry, was so yummy. Will have to find a way to make it healthier then using coconut milk though bc its high in fat but it was a nice treat for our four week mark.. and after a good weight session I needed a good meal! I'm so looking forward to these next 4 weeks and seeing more changes!! I find myself even more motivated then before now and it feels amazing! Bring on weeks 5-8!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    20 Aug 2014
    10:41 AM

    My first headstand

  • Lindsay Turner
    20 Aug 2014
    10:12 AM

    Eeek!! Week 4 picture time!!! I wasn't seeing much of a difference but man there is something happening!!! Front on you can see a small difference but side on it the biggest difference to me! I'm not even sucking in or anything my belly is just shrinking!! YAY!!! Best feeling ever!!! Back shot from the first week wasn't the best bc I took it myself but there is def less back fat near my bra strap! So exciting to see changes! Stepped on the scales this AM too aaaannnnddddd 68kg!!! WHAT?! crazy!! Thats 6.8kgs down in 4 weeks!! amazing!! so glad to see all my hard work is paying off!!! Also did my measurements: Week 1: Week 4: Difference: Arms : Left: 27cm 26cm -1cm right: 27cm 26cm -1cm Chest: 90.5cm 86cm -4.5cm Belly button: 87cm 82cm -5cm Hips: 107cm 101.5cm -5.5cm Thighs: Left: 59cm 58cm -1cm right: 59cm 58cm -1cm Calves: Left: 37.5cm 36cm -1.5cm right: 37.5cm 36cm -1.5cm total lost : -22cm!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!! results are coming!! Couldn't be happier!! small progress in all areas... can't wait until my thighs lose more but small wins everywhere!! Last night was beach circuit night and my friends decided to join me! So good to have ppl there and I think I missed my calling and should have been a PT!! It gives me such pride and energy to help others work out and feel the burn like I feel it! And keep them from giving up when they can do more! such a great feeling... we burnt 360cals at the beach in 30min which is amazing and then we had about an hours break between that and dancefit class.... had my shake between bc I was hungry and couldn't wait for dinner time and did some practicing of my headstands... I'll try and put a video up of it... holding it for longer.. so proud of myself.... Dancefit was good burned another 350odd cals there which was good and lots of fun. Dinner was chicken and salad, added some feta, I know not allowed but I was really looking forward to a greek-time salad so I had a little bit in there... I'm sure my diet will be even more restricted next 4 weeks so thought I'd sneak a small cheat in there while i can! :) Also great news my new protein arrived just in time!! and Cre8 carnage!! tried some with a sample of a preworkout I got with the protein and had lots of energy for the night! will take some tonight before weights and again after in my shake! Can't wait to see more results!! Come at me muscles!!! Anyways good start to the day today, did my 4.8km run this am at 5am and then eat my yummy eggs on toast, my fav breakfast, did all my measurements and am very pleased with myself over these last 4 weeks... bring on the next 4!!!! :) :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    19 Aug 2014
    9:59 AM

    Well its a sad sad day today... I ran out of protein!!! :( :( I so hope my order comes today!! Thats the problem with living far North WA away from any city... bad postage service!!! Yesterday was the first day in about two weeks that I actually felt hungry! Guess my body is starting to adjust to everything. Around week 2 I found I just was never hungry and couldn't even eat lunch or barely any dinner. But yesterday! I was hungry at AM snack time, hungry at lunch, hungry after the gym and hungry for dinner haha and then I was hungry after dinner which was NOT good... caved a bit and had two rice crackers with no suger peanut butter and cinnamon... a little off the nutrition plan but I didn't cave and eat bad food so small steps to progress... Yesterdays weights were good, felt tired a bit but managed to get through it all, and put a couple extra sets in there as well. I'm trying to work on my chin ups... haha pretty funny to watch but I'll get there. My bf this AM wanted me to take a pic of him as he couldnt wait til tomorrow to see the progress pic... and holy moly... I guess bc I live with him I don't notice it but man what a change in 4 weeks!!!! its crazy!! I must say I was very surprised! I knew he was getting leaner but not by that much.. very proud of him.. now can't wait to see what mine will look like tomorrow!! such a good feeling. Think this will help him stay on track and keep motivated for the next 8 weeks! Can't wait until tomorrow!!!! :) :) I put up this "this could be us" pic that made me laugh so long ago... now all I want is to replicate it at the end of the challenge with my boo... haha we will see how we go!!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    18 Aug 2014
    11:30 AM

    AH Week 4 has arrived!! Can't believe it's already here! Seems like time is flying by... altho my friends and family here say its seems like we've been doing this forever butttt I don't feel that way at all! I'm so excited for what is to come! This weekend went really well... starting to get a hang of the weekends... altho I know I still need to drink more water thats my down fall.. when I'm at my desk at work all week I drink litres of it but when it's the weekend it's like I need to carry around a water tank with me! haha something to work on! Friday after work I decided I wanted to do something a little more fun for my cardio workout so I decided to look up a boxing workout and went and did some boxing at the gym. I've never really gotten in to boxing but man it's actually really tough! I was puffing and sweating up a storm! and my arms and shoulders afterwards... ohhh mannn I'm still sore! Could be from circus too on Thursday night as that was a killer shoulder and arm workout! but it feels good! We had a friends dinner Friday out at the restaurant and decided we were going to eat our dinners before and only have a tiny appetizer at the restaurant. So I ate maybe half my dinner bc I wasn't too hungry and went and had soda water and oysters at the restaurant! Felt kind of like a cheat meal but wasn't even that bad! and I even made it through without stealing any chips or dessert! Winning!! Saturday my bf and I went fishing all day, we packed our lunches and snacks and happy to say succeeded in eating healthy all day! Was buggered when we got home and I was in bed by 7! Sunday AM I got up early (prob from going to bed so early Sat night) and went for a 5km run and then we cleaned the house and headed to the gym as Saturday was my rest day, so had to do weights Sunday instead. Decent weight workout, not the best I've had but I just felt so exhausted! My arms especially, so tired! But I pushed through and finished my workout and then it was back home for meal prep. We decided this week we are going to try and cook the meat for dinners on the night of as reheating it all the time gets boring. So lunches are all made and everything is chopped up for dinners ready to go. If this goes well, we will continue on this path, if not back to pre-making everything! Than Sunday afternoon I had a big nanna nap, think the sun all day Saturday just buggered me. Got up early this AM went for my usual run but went a bit further than normal almost did 5km rather than 4km and felt good. Ate my oats and shake and was off to work... weights tonight and hopefully my order of protein arrives as we are running very low!! and can't wait to try my cre8 carnage!! :) Happy Monday everyone! Also I almost forgot... stepped on the scales on Sunday AM, don't do it a lot and don't really care about the numbers as long as my size is getting smaller and toned but surprisingly I'm under 70kg now!!! woop woop.. hard work pays off!! 69kg and counting!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    15 Aug 2014
    10:04 AM

    Friday week 3!! Can't believe we are almost at a picture point!! Last night I invited some of my friends out to do a beach workout with me, they are always telling me they want to come and try it and see how I do... well only my sis in law showed as everyone else bailed out... said they would come next week tho (we'll see) so ya we did my 30min circuit of beach cardio stuff. Sand dune runs, squats, lunges, jumps, burpees, sprints, all the good stuff for a cardio workout to burn 100 cal/10minutes.. and you know what I did burn my goal in cals! Hopefully I didn't scare my sis in law off, she did great for her first time, she just had a baby not long ago so she gave it her all! After that and a quick cuddle with my new lil nephew I was off to circus class... I swear ppl don't give enough credit to circus performers.. they are soooo strong!! I was trying the trapeze last night and I can barely get on the bar let alone do flips and swings on it! and it hurts!! the bar hurts my hands, the back of my knees, my hips... man its so intense!! then I was on the silks.. I love watching ppl on the silks I think they are so graceful... me = not so graceful but I did manage to learn a climb! Didn't climb too high tho bc I'm scared of heights haha but I did it!! Then after my hands and shoulders were shattered, we started doing head stands and hand stands.. I did my first head stand!!! reminds me that my core needs some work... but it feels good to accomplish something new.. and I'm able to practice that at home so I'm going to and hopefully in a few weeks a head stand will be that easy for me.. and I'll be doing hand stand push ups!! :) :) Need to bring my camera with me to circus I always forget and never get pics of me trying to do my stuff! (prob for the best at the moment) but I will I promise get some pics! Anyways I was absolutely exhausted after those two workouts and burned over 700 cals.. pretty good I must say! and it feels like I did weights too thats they best part... circus is cardio as much as it is strength training... two birds with one stone. Today is Friday and we are going out for dinner for a friends bday. I think I will eat my dinner or most of it before we go and then just order a small appetizer like oysters or prawns, something tasty but healthy and small... and then Sat we are off fishing all day, I'll have to be super prepared and bring all my snacks and water with me so to not cheat and buy fast food on the way! :S I'm motivated more than ever.. I will succeed... my boyfriend is already seeing his 6 pack come in... jealous... but I won't give up.. mine is there somewhere I just need to find it!! haha That's all for now folks!! :) Have a great weekend!

  • Lindsay Turner
    14 Aug 2014
    10:19 AM

    Today is Thursday.. almost done week 3! I've posted a pic of JLo today bc her legs are my motivation! How amazing are those things!! haha Had a good workout last night after work. Got a sample of a pre-workout with my protein and thought while I'm waiting for my Cre8 Carnage to arrive I'll just give this one a try.... HOLY... talk about shocker... haha Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but man I felt like I could go for days... and my heart was pounding haha not sure if I can handle that stuff... but in other news and not sure if its because of the pre workout or not but my weights went so well last night. I knew on Monday that I could increase a few things but I almost increased everything! Getting so happy with the way I'm working out... can't believe there are only 4 more workouts until the next 4 week program comes out! I'm so excited to see the difference and possibly start working out parts of my body on certain days rather than everything on each day. Tonight I have circus class and I'm def going and plan to do a beach workout after work. My friends have all been telling me they want to come and do one with me so think I will put it out there and see who will come down tonight for a bit. Its actually not too much if you think about it as only being a 30minute workout.... my beach workouts are actually killer tho, they get the heart pumping and sweating but it feels soooo good! Ahhh just love it! I love sprinting... I used to play university basketball in Canada and we used to do sprints non stop, you would think I hate them but I love the way they make me feel. The hill runs up the sand dunes.. now those are killer... haha feel the burn in the legs!! Food is going well, I've been putting an extra shake in everyday so far between lunch and dinner and yesterday thought I would just try having a few almonds instead and some tuna... that went well and I'm wondering if it helped to fuel my workout more than the shake does usually... not sure but think I may continue to just eat something small in that time rather than have a shake.... they are so simple though thats why its nice. My food right now looks like this: Breakfast 6-630am AM tea 930-10 Lunch 12-1230 PM snack 245-315 After workout shake (on weight days/no shake on cardio days) 530-6 Dinner 630-7 Nightime shake 830-9 Hopefully this is right, I'm trying to just follow the big rule of eating something every 3 hours, and this is working for me now... I am finding tho at lunch I'm not really hungry so don't even eat my full lunch so I should really just start eating half at lunch and the other half at PM snack time but it gets boring eating the same meal twice in a day! haha so I'd rather have half my lunch and then a different snack at snack time... think next week I need to tweak my meal prep to make my lunches smaller... even my dinners half the time I don't finish, which is weird for me bc I usually eat a lot but since around the end of week two I just haven't had that big of an appetite in the PM's. Mornings tho I could eat a cow! haha Weird... Anyways tomorrow is Friday and then comes the dreaded weekend.. I say dreaded bc its so hard to have a routine on weekends... and this weekend we have a friends bday dinner friday and we are going on a fishing trip Saturday.. gonna have to be extra prepared!! Chow y'all xox

  • Lindsay Turner
    13 Aug 2014
    9:32 AM

    Hey again! Hump day today! Woot woot! I am feeling great today! Got up 5am to go for my run, didn't fight it just did it! Kept my goal of burning 100 cal every 10 minutes too. My AM runs are 4km and it takes me just under 25min, buring 250+ cals.. think I may need to start either running faster or further to try and push myself more as its starting to feel too easy but thats a good thing!! Last night got my wax right after work (ouch) and I was in pain so just had a bit of a nanna nap instead of going to do my usual beach cardio session but got up and went to dancefit class for an hour, burnt 320 cals there so that was good, its a really good leg workout and if I try and remember to always hold my core tight I can feel it in my abs as well... great class and fun at the same time! Dinner was salad with chicken, ate all the salad, not all my chicken but my boyfriend gladly eats any meat I leave behind, and than had my half of cookie... so yummy... and I'm loving my nighttime shake warmed up! So relaxing before bed! I was trying to look in the mirror this AM and compare myself to my registration pic but its so hard to do... I still feel like I have my lil baby pouch (thats what i call it, even tho I've never had kids yet... :S) and cant wait to see that gone... I'm wondering if ppl are pushing their bellies out for the pics, sucking in or what... some progress pics are looking so amazing and I feel like I'm no where near where they are at this time... but I can't compare myself to anyone else, trying to remember that. We are all different and our bodies will react differently.... I'm gonna keep pushing and take my own advice from yesterday and trust in the program! :) One thing I have noticed is when I'm running my pants are falling down which must mean my butt is getting smaller.. haha thats a good thing.. annoying when I'm running but a good sign! Off to weights after work tonight and then babysitting my nephews, hopefully they don't bring any naughty snacks with them.. lol Enjoy hump day y'all! x

  • Lindsay Turner
    12 Aug 2014
    10:20 AM

    Oh man... I just wrote this whole big blog and it deletes itself somewhere between when I press submit and when it posts.... arrrggggg.... Anyways let's try this again!! Week 2 day 2... or day 16 as I like to think of it, Im not sure why but I find it easier to think of the days rather than the weeks.. makes it seem shorter. Yesterday had a good day, back to the program... Food went well, I wasn't really hungry at dinner so had a small salad and my fruit and yogurt and that was it, but I felt satisfied. Had a great weight session last night, I'm getting so much stronger. My bench went up and my leg press and I'm almost ready to move up in shoulder press but wasnt game enough last night to try the 15kg dumbells in each hand so stuck to the 12.5's. Wednesday I'll try the 15's... Leg press machine at the gym we have here in town is pretty crappy but I'm making the best of it. Thats the downfall to living so far North in WA... theres not much happening and no options for gyms.. we have one.. lol Anyways all is well, I'm pushin forward and ready to work out even harder. I ordered some Cre8 carnage with my protein yesterday so can't wait to try that. I've been reading the forum and Janet's posts are just so amazing! She is so helpful, informative and super supportive. I love reading those posts. Great to know that we have such an amazing team backing us up during these 12 weeks. Sometimes I read the forum and see people writing about how they are changing this and changing that.. meal plans, weights, workouts... I don't get it... The challenge it there to help you change your life, which obviously you hadn't done up til now... so why not trust the program 100%, it obviously works just by looking at all the success stories. I don't get why you wouldn't just trust it!! I know that I haven't had any major transformation yet but its only week 3! it took longer than 3 weeks for me to get this way so I can't expect my body to become fit in less time than that! That's my rant for the day.. haha No major transformation for me yet, I look in the mirror and don't see much changing but I noticed yesterday when I put my hands on my hips that I didnt feel as much fat there... hopefully its not just all in my head and my love handles are really disappearing! That's all for today from me folks! My message for the day : TRUST THE PROGRAM!!! :) :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    11 Aug 2014
    10:02 AM

    Monday again... this weekend was a lil rough for me. Friday night after work I felt so tired and still had to go to work at my second job that I do every other Friday night which is helping out my friend who is a caterer. I took my dog for a walk, couldn't even get myself to jog or run so walk it had to be, we did our 4 km and then it was off to work. I brought my dinner with me but in the end I ended up eating some of the food from the dinner. I had some broccoli salad and some vegetarian tagine which is all healthy and no worries, beans, pumpkin, spices, all good... and then I had some cheesy macaroni... duh duh duh... I know it was bad and I only had a forkful but I felt pretty guilty but man I was craving carbs!! SO that was Friday night, my first cheat off the meal plan. And then came Saturday. In the morning I work at the local markets (I know I work A LOT!) All was good but I forgot my snack! So midmorning I got myself a green smoothie, almond milk, kale, spinach, banana and dates. Prob a little more than I should have had but still pretty healthy I think... and then I was off to the races for the day. I brought my lunch and my bar with me and all was going great... and then I won a big race and told my nephews who were with me I'd buy them some lollies... I ended up stealing 1 sour strap... bad bad bad but sour candies are my weakness!! But I only had one and stopped myself there... by 4pm I was starving and still at the races and so went to see what they had at the canteen that was healthy.... Nothing... I grabbed a chicken strip, took one bite and felt instantly ill... the grease I think made my stomach turn and so I gave the rest away and that was that... got a call that my friend needed some help at another catering event so off I went straight from the races, didn't have my dinner with me so knew that would be trouble. All was good, we were busy and then time to clean up and I was starving. Had some broccoli salad and some crab pasta! Again me and my carbs!! It was so yummy tho... I didn't have a lot but could have eaten a whoolllle lot more but didn't. Then comes Sunday, since my boyfriend was away Saturday for a footy trip I didn't go to the gym bc I didn't have a spotter so Saturday was my rest day. Sunday we got up and headed to the gym. My weights are going up and I'm getting stronger. It feels great to be able to finish sets with weights I could barely do two reps with two weeks ago. Then I did all my meal prep for the week, included some vegetarian dishes to switch things up a bit and cooked the chicken in some different herbs and spices to try something new. Once that was done we headed to the beach bc it was such a nice day out, spent about half an hour there and then headed home as we promised to take our nephews to the movies to see Rio 2. Now here is the big problem with me... I am a popcorn fanatic!! Love it, always have, always will... its sooo yummy.. esp the stuff from the theatre... I went in there thinking I could go without eating any... but that was a joke... bought a box for the boys and I was snacking away with them... it was bad. Need to stay away from the movies from now on.... Well week 3 is a new week... I'm ready to take it on full speed ahead!! Went for a 4km run this AM, felt great to do that. Feeling a little tired but will push through and get my afternoon weights in and then off to early bed for me! Clean eating from here on out!!

  • Lindsay Turner
    8 Aug 2014
    12:12 PM

    Well it's Friday! Made it through another work week... this week has been a little different than usual, had a late night on Monday, late night on Wed and I've still been running in the AM Mon and Wed so I'm feeling a little run down. Not to mention my appetitie is pretty much non existent this week, no idea why. But I feel a little bit less energetic than normal. Last night I got home from work and went for a jog and some sprints, I try and sprint for 25sec and then rest for 20 sec and do that 10 times. It gets my heart rate up and my legs feel like jelly afterwards but it feels good. I burnt just over 350 cals and felt exhausted. When I got home I had 15minutes before heading out to circus and I sat down and just couldn't get myself up again soooo I didn't go to circus... I was angry at myself at first for skipping it but when I think about it, its only week two and I don't want to burn myself out this early in the competition so I think I decided correct, and its not like I skipped cardio all together, I got my 40 minutes in! haha That's me fighting with myself in my head... Today I work all day and then go to my second job at night so I have about an hour between to get some cardio in. I'll go do some sprints again I think and do that. Work at night is at a restaurant so I have to be really good not to eat the food there.. its tough bc its sooo good, but i didn't eat any last time and I'll do it again tonight. I've been looking at the recipes online here and think for next week I'll switch things up and cook some different type meals for the week, kinda of getting tired of plain old chicken and steak and veg. So ya that will be fun to try and cook, I'm not much of a cook so it will be interesting. Another thing, I saw so many people writing on the forum and facebook about how much they have lost in cm around their body and even though I told myself I didn't want to measure myself until week 4, I had a lil bit of a measure to see if I was losing like all the others were losing... No surprise the biggest loss was around the chest with -3cm, but I also lost -2 on my belly and -2 on my hips so that was good as well... I just keep telling myself.. trust the program... work hard... results will come... it's only week two... Well thats all for now! Have a good weekend everyone!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    7 Aug 2014
    9:54 AM

    Week 1 day 4!!! Day 11!! woot woot.... Well it was extremely hard to get out of bed this am, went to hit my alarm snooze and my arms felt like they weighed a billion pounds... haha I must be doing something right in the gym!! Had a good weight session last night, I've upped more of my weights and some have stayed the same but I can feel myself getting stronger. I've decided on those exercises that I don't feel strong enough to go up on yet I'm doing slower and making sure my form is perfect and I feel great doing it. Bench press is getting easier on 30kg and I'm leg pressing pretty much my weight right now (70kg) and prob could go up next time so that feels good. Also my crunches are getting so easy to do!! Yay for ab muscles!! :) Last night was my first night of temptation in the challenge!! We had a big family get together as our place so not only was the food there but I was making it!! I usually snack and try things as I'm cooking and this time I didn't do that once! We had crumbed prawns, fried fish, garlic bread, potato bake, pasta bake, grilled fish, fresh prawns and salad and for dessert deep fried pastries with cinamon and sugar. Me, I ate salad, a tiny bit of grilled fish and some fresh prawns, lucky for me I wasnt even feeling that hungry, think my body is adjusting to eating smaller portions at dinner time so that helped. And for dessert I had my yogurt and berries. It felt great to be able to resist all that temptation and you know what... it wasn't even that hard!! Afterwards I felt soooo great... and thats just the best feeling in the world!! I'm winning my battles with food!! :) And everyone is being supportive and saying how good I am for being able to do it and not even skip a workout when I get an excuse to! It feels great!! Can't wait to see more results! I wish my arms would start to tone up a bit, I can see my legs starting to tone but my arms are still just thick and flabby... oh well it takes times!! gotta remember that!! Tonight is going to be a quick run for me and then circus class! hopefully my abs will get stronger with these classes.. its def a core strong program and my core is just not up to par with some of the others! Gotta work on core more, gotta work on core more... haha Anyways hope everyone has a great day!! I need some energy might go get a green tea! chow for now! xx

  • Lindsay Turner
    6 Aug 2014
    10:13 AM

    Well another day done and dusted! Yesterday I read on the forum that Fred said that you should be burning 100cals every 10 minutes in the cardio sessions so after work I set out to do my session and make sure I hit that goal. Off to the beach it was and hill sprints, lunges, squats, jumps, fast feet, more sprints, reverse sprints and jumping jacks got my heart rate up and for 25 minutes I worked hard and.... I DID IT!! 100cal/10minutes! at the end of the 25min I was just over 250 cals... boy I was happy.. and hot and sweaty haha but if felt good to do it and I told myself I will keep aiming for that now that I have something to go by. After the beach session I had to get home and clean my house bc I have in-laws coming tonight and so did that for an hour (shouldve kept my heart rate monitor on prob burnt cpl hundred more cals! :)) and then it was off to dancefit class!! So much fun and good cardio and leg workout at the same time, burnt 350 more cals there in an hour so was a good night of cardio! Got home to dinner, which I wasn't really hungry for but ate most of it and had my first ever half of a Maxines cookie.. yummo! such a treat!! Watched a bit of tv and then it was off to bed bc this AM is my early morning run day! Got up at 5am and my body wasn't really fighting me so that was good, and it wasn't as cold outside so another plus. Did my 4km run and even sprinted the last cpl hundred meters home just to get my heart pumping even more... and yet again I did it 100cals/10minutes so I'm feeling good! I'm going to have to buy a long dog leash though bc I got stopped by the ranger and given a warning for not having my pup on a leash... in my defense its 5am, dark, no one is around ever so don't see the point and my dog does not run well on a leash so I just rather let him roam free, he never goes far from me and he's trained to not go on the road but oh well.... rules are rules I guess... Breaky was good this am too eggs on toast, love it with mustard!! yummo! my fav! and even got to skype my sister and niece in Canada so it's been a great start to the day! Weights session tonight and then.... family dinner... uh oh!! temptation time! we are putting on the dinner and are planning fish, prawns, salad, potato bake, garlic bread and for dessert cinnamon and sugar pastries that are really popular in Canada called Beavertails. It will be tough but I'm going to be strong!! I know what I can and can't have and I'm sticking to it!!! no drinking either!! I can do this!!! Bring on hump day!!! :) oh and my pics today are of me before my beach session feelin good and a pic of my legs!! starting to show the definition of the muscles!!! bring on leg day!!! Oh and one more good thing from this AM... my heart rate monitor has now gotten too loose!!! you know what that means.... I'm losing size!! woot woot!! best way to measure is with items you wear everyday and its showing not only with the heart rate monitor but with my work pants as well!! YAY!! makes me happy!! :):):):):)

  • Lindsay Turner
    5 Aug 2014
    11:20 AM

    So day 2 of week 2. Had a good weights session last night, I can feel myself getting stronger every time I go in the gym, it's such a good feeling. Food has been good, had a late meeting last night and so I ate my dinner before going and while everyone was eating pizza and garlic bread (which smelled amazing) I just sipped on my water and really after getting over the smell realised I didn't even want any of it. In my mind I was saying "it smells good but I want my body to look better than any smell" and so I'm happy with that. Such a big change in two weeks can't believe it. The next couple of days we have family coming to stay with us and we usually always have drinks and snacks and take away food with them so it will be interesting to see how we go. My boyfriend had a big night out Saturday night drinking etc. but I decided to stay home and chill out with my protein shake instead. So glad I can do that and still be happy. I've just realised that I want it so bad now that nothing will be better than that bikini body at the end of the 12 weeks!! NOTHING!! :) Also yesterday got my order of bars and cookies and with it came the female Maxine's challenge video from 2013 which I watched and got even more motivation from!! What insane transformations!! I want a six pack! That's my new goal!! Haha I've had some people asking me what I'm doing and why and people haven't been overly supportive. They tell me that I'll never win because I'm not huge to begin with and they can't seem to grasp the idea of a woman being muscular and fit. I try and explain to them it's not about losing weight per say, it's about getting toned and in shape and being happy with what my reflection shows in the mirror. After seeing some of the top 10 last year they weren't huge to begin with either and still they made it to top 10 because at the end they were so fit! And that's where I want to be in 12 weeks. Anyways so I'm ignoring the haters and doing my thanggg... lol It's only 12 weeks and hopefully this can lead to life changing habits and a body I'm proud of!

  • Lindsay Turner
    4 Aug 2014
    11:15 AM

    It's week Two!! SO its Monday of week two. This weekend went really well for me. I went for a couple km walk with my dog Saturday day to watch my bf play footy and then went and had a good weights workout after dinner. Don't really like working out after dinner but had no choice as I had no other time to do with my bf who is my spotter. And good thing he was there bc I'm increasing my weights and could barely finish my 10 reps for the bench and the leg press. I love working out legs can't wait until one whole workout is for legs! Bring on weeks 4-8! I've been so good with my eating too, following the plan to a T! Sunday was a bit off timing wise bc I went for a long (9km) walk with my pup in the AM and didn't get home til around 830am to have breaky when I usually have it at 630 so the rest of the day was off by a couple hours but it all worked out well. And let me tell you, meal prep has become my b*#$h!! :):) I killed it this week, and did it in just over an hour. So proud of myself being so organised. Even grocery shopping was perfect, I got the perfect amount of food for the two of us. And to top everything off I stepped on the scales and I'm down just over 4kg! Woot woot! pretty pumped with that! This morning is my early morning run and boy gotta say my mind was trying to get out of it big time! Got out of bed at my alarm but when I was brushing my teeth my mind was saying "just go back to bed you can run later.. you want sleep" haha I had to push myself to put on my workout clothes and get outside (also bc its still dark and so cold outside at 5am!) but I did it and it felt great after a couple of minutes. Did 4km, my usual morning distance and it felt good. Tonight is a weights session after work and I'll try and pump out some extra reps I think in my arm exercises. My arms need to tone up big time.. how bad is it when you take pictures and ur side on and all you see is your fat arm.. gross.. getting that sorted ASAP!! And my Maxine's cookies arrived today!! so excited to try them! and my new bar flavours! Oh and also last night at my nighttime protein shake I made it with hot water instead of cold - O.M.G. choc latte protein tastes just like a mocha!! loved it!! think I'll be doing that more often!! feels like I'm cheating but I'm not!!! Love it!!! Oh and I guess I should explain my pics today. Well I bought this new bikini for the end of the challenge and wasn't going to put it on before the end but thought why not, I wanna see the transformation so yes, even if the pic is gross I put it up (omg i cant believe i did it!!) so that is extra motivation to keep on the plan and the other pic is my fav pair of jeans from high school.. yes high school my bff and I bought the same pair of jeans and they are so amazing I love them, but not right now I can't wear them bc they give me such bad muffin top!! I feel gross in them so this is what they look like now and I can't wait to wear them again with pride in 12 weeks!! Keep on plugging ladies!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    1 Aug 2014
    11:08 AM

    Hello Again! Well it's Friday!! Can't believe how fast this week has flown by! Almost time to meal prep for next week! I love meal prepping. Never been a big cooker but when you have a plan and its so simple it's easy to pump it all out in a couple hours and then the entire week is hassle free! Had a good beach cardio circuit training last night, hill sprints, sprints, lunges, squats, fast feet, burpees(I hate you Burpees!), high knees.. got the blood pumping and then it was off to circus training. Sounds funny to say and ppl kind of look at you funny when you say it but its so much fun and its such a good workout! Mainly for arms and core which is exactly what I need extra work in. Last night we were working on aerials and the trapeze. I'm scared of heights so standing on it was kind of scary but I did it, and I was learning some swings which really get your abs working but it was all fun at the same time so it barely feels like a workout and we are still burning over 300cals! and then we get a great stretch in which I never really do after a workout and I really need to start stretching after each workout to help my muscles... Feeling a little sore today(last night I was really sore) but I think the stretches helped and I got a good nights sleep last night so I feel great. Meal plan has been great too, love eggs on toast, prob my fav breaky, but I love the others too, even the oats which alot of people don't seem to like but I used to eat them as a kid (with brown sugar which Im not using anymore) but you get used to the taste. I'm trying to set a goal to follow the meal plan to the T! I'm waiting on my cookies to be delivered this week so I've been skipping that part after dinner so far but I haven't been cheating at all any other way, and I think leaving them out is better than substituting something else that may not be as good. Other than that, my hunger has changed and the meal sizes are just perfect for me, prob could increase the amount of veggies bc sometimes it's barely a cup and I think we should be having between 1-2 cups but so far so good otherwise! Haven't had any temptations yet but we will see how this weekend goes. Have a great weekend guys!

  • Lindsay Turner
    31 Jul 2014
    10:18 AM

    Goodmorning! Had a tougher time getting out of bed today but that could be because my body is feeling sore after last nights weight session. Hit the gym last night and aimed to start my weights off on a medium weight and build up until failure.... let me tell you failure came quick! haha I felt exhausted, expecially my arms and shoulders! Killer! But it felt good and my boyfriend made me throw in some drop sets at the end of my reps just to push out that extra bit of energy I had! It feels so good to hurt though, I love that feeling! And then to go home and have a choc latte Maxine's burn shake... yum yum! Love that flavour! Also got my new runners in the mail which made my day! haha living in a small rural town in the middle of WA there's not much shopping (actually there's none at all) so any packages in the mail are such nice surprises! I'm still waiting on my new burn bars and cookies to come! Can't wait to try the other flavours - and my boyfriend even bought some Maxine burn bars for himself because he loves them so much! :) Had a nanna nap before dinner as I couldn't keep my eyes open but dinner was great, fresh fish and veggies. Sometimes we forget how spoiled we are living here, we get all the fresh fish we can catch and they are so tasty! Today is a cardio day and my day to go to gymnast/circus class. I take my dog for a walk after work and then hopefully will get a good cardio session in with some body weight exercises in class and I'm sure it will be another early night to bed for me! One thing I have noticed is I'm getting over wanting junk food... my boyfriend though makes jokes everytime an add comes on for junky food... haha think we need to stop watching all the adds! lucky we live in a small town and the only fast food place we have is Chicken Treat (which I don't like) but man if there was Macca's here we would be in trouble! $1 burger?? how is that even possible?!?! :S Clean eats! Clean eats! Clean eats!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    30 Jul 2014
    9:23 AM

    Today is day 3 of the challenge. Got up this AM at 5 to go for a run, its a weights day today but I'm trying to get some extra cardio in to burn off some of the extra fat I want to rid my body of. My weight session will be tonight after work in the gym with my boyfriend again pushing me to go further than I think I can. It's been going great. I think that my mind is starting to get the drift that this will be a big change to what it's used to. As soon as I get home I'm changed and in my gym clothes, I find if I put them on right away even if I'm not going to go for a run or walk right away that I'm more motivated to actually do things. If I change into my sweats or pjs as soon as I get home its the couch for the rest of the night so I'm trying to change that! Weight days I'm not even giving myself the chance to back out, I'm going straight to the gym from work... no excuses! Breaky this am was 3 egg whites, 1 yolk scrambled with toast and I always put mustard on it because I love how it tastes and mustard is one of the condiments that we are allowed so it's all good. Last night I had a great cardio session down at the beach, did some hill sprints and than a cardio circuit I put together from looking online at some good cardio excersises. Burpees, squat jumps, mountain climbers, sprints, high knees, fast feet.. these are all the kinds of exercises I've been doing at these beach sessions. Its good because it's switching it up from plain old running and it still burns just as many calories if not more. Then I was off to dancefit class, which burned just over 300cals so I'm happy with that (and I can't dance so its just a lot of jumping around and swinging my arms around but it's fun and with some friends there we have a ball). I'm trying to keep things simple and do more than what is asked but without burning myself out. I hope that I can keep up the intensity and keep switching things up so my body doesn't get used to any one routine throughout the 12 weeks. I watched the dvd that came with my Maxine's supplements the other day and boy was it motivation! Even though they didn't do any interviews with the top 10 female finalists (shame because would have loved to hear from them on there!) the guys were great to watch and see the transformations! My boyfriend was even pumped up after watching it! Think that will be my go to for the days when I'm feeling down or lazy... they didn't give up and I won't either! Alright y'all I'm signing off! Talk soon and keep pumping!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    29 Jul 2014
    12:36 PM

    Day 2! I just spent so much time writing the blog and it got deleted!!! boooo!! AH so here I go again!! lol Woke up this AM pretty sore from my big workout yesterday. It was the first time in the gym with my boyfriend as my spotter (or PT as he would call himself). I love feeling it the next day though because then I know I did a good workout. I've gone up in weight in mostly all of my exercises so I'm feeling good and hoping to keep that up. My biggest improvement has been shoulder press, I did 12.5kg in each hand yesterday and when I first started I was only doing 8kg in each hand. Food wise I've been doing well and think my body has adjusted well to eating every 3 hours. I find myself not feeling hungry after dinner anymore which is the time I used to snack the worst. Popcorn, chips, sour candies, those were my go to's when I was watching tv after dinner and I haven't craved one yet! Hopefully that stays like that because I'm not very good with temptations! :S The only time I feel a grumble in my stomach is around 11:45am and I eat lunch at 12pm so I usually grab a green tea and sip on that until its time for lunch and so far its been holding me over just fine. I feel way better too, not feeling bloated anymore and I feel way more energetic, usually by 2:30pm I've hit my wall at work and just want a nap but now I'm reaching for my shake and getting pumped up to go to the gym or go for a walk/run. Today is a cardio day and I plan to go for a walk at the beach with my dog max after work and maybe get some hill sprints in and then I'm heading to my second dancefit class. This time I'll wear my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I lose in the class. I wanted to post my measurements that I took when I registered so that I would have a starting point to refer back to in 12 weeks time to see how far I've come. SO here they are: Weight: 74.8kg Arms(measured 4 fingers up from elbow): L=27cm R=27cm Chest:90.5cm Belly button (fully breathing out):87cm Hips (widest point):107cm (mannn how big my butt and hips got!!! ) thighs(measured 4fingers from crotch):L=59cm R=59cm (this is where I wanna lose some size can u say THUNDER thighs!) calves (widest point): L=37.5cm R=37.5cm Well hopefully in a few weeks these numbers are improving and showing something for all the hard work! Anyways time to go have my snack!! mmmm Maxine's Burn Bar so yummy!! :)

  • Lindsay Turner
    28 Jul 2014
    11:48 AM

    Day 1!! It's the first official day of the challenge and I'm feeling great. Motivated, energetic and ready to take on the next 12 weeks as best I can! My boyfriend has decided to do the challenge with me so I'm hoping that helps keep me on board for the whole 12 weeks. I've followed the meal plan for the last week to test things out and see how I would go with eating and training. All went well and I think I've gotten meal prep down to an art! I was training at the gym and found my max weight increased already from when I started which feels good. I'm ready to start increasing even more over the next few weeks and losing some of this extra body fat I've gained over the last few years. Looking at the back view of my before pics makes me even more motivated because I can see the rolls which I HATE!! Can't wait to lose those pesky pounds by my bra strap and love handles! This AM I got up at 5am to go for a short quick run before work. I work at 7am so early morning runs have to be really early for me, had breaky while getting ready for work and will head to the gym for weights after work today. I will try and continue to do early morning runs on the days that I'm weight training just to get some extra cardio in as I sit at a desk all day and don't get much in the way of cardio thoughout the day. On my cardio days I plan to switch things up and try and keep my workouts interesting. I've joined a dancefit class on Tuesdays and joined a gymnast/circus class on Thursdays which is a great class as it incorporates cardio and some body weight training as well, these classes as well as walking my dog should get my cardio in for the week. Alright better get back to work now! Good luck to all doing the challenge!! :)

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