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"It has made me aware of how important the mind is and if you have the right attitude going into something you can and will achieve it.
I have learnt self discipline and self control. I feel confident again and I am now setting new life goals which will not only positively impact me but my family and others also."



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I am entering to get my life back and hopefully by committing to this it will keep me on track. I am sick of starting again EVERY bloody MONDAY... I want to be fit and healthy and although it is a cliche, i just want to be happy with the way i look and feel..

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I honestly loved everything about the challenge. I loved the team spirit, feeling supported and encouraged to succeed by all involved in & with the challenge.
I loved reading, learning from and participating in the FORUM. It was such a helpful & motivating part of my challenge experience & knowing there was always someone there to answer a question or support you was fantastic.
I loved that everything you needed to help get you in the best shape of your life was right there set out for you.The training, the nutrition, the support etc it’s all there in the one program. All I needed to do was bring the right mindset and have the guts to follow it through to the end.
The coaches and ambassadors were so helpful& inspiring & I honestly felt like they had their arms wrapped around me genuinely caring about my results. Theres nothing else like it, I loved every minute.
I also loved (I told you I loved everything lol) that this program is REAL. It’s real people, real food, real exercise, real mindset & real results.
It’s a lifestyle change & not a fad or quick fix .. It’s the real deal..

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest part for me was during week 5 and week 9 where I felt quite exhausted. There were a few days where I thought if I fell down I might not be able to get up again . The coaches actually discussed this on the FORUM & it helped me understand that my body was just going through change and that it was quite normal to be feeling this way. So although those few times were hard I was still able to see the positives and for me my mental strength & determination far outweighed the physical exhaustion I was feeling.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

It has made me aware of how important the mind is and if you have the right attitude going into something you can and will achieve it.
I have learnt self discipline and self control.
I feel confident again and I am now setting new life goals which will not only positively impact me but my family and others also.
When I posted some pictures on Facebook the feedback from my friends was mind blowing. People have been contacting me asking all about the challenge and how they can get involved.
They keep telling me I have inspired them. Me? Inspiring others? Wow I haven’t really had people say that to me before so I would say that has impacted my life in a major way. I really believe that it’s time to pay it forward and if I can help others experience what I just have with this challenge then I can’t wait…

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

If you 100% want to change your life both mentally and physically, DO THE CHALLENGE….
Don’t procrastinate, now is the time..Spend it on YOU.
You have to go into it with the right mindset (which the coaches will help you with) because it will get tough at some stage and you will have to fight for it. But that’s not a bad thing. You have to understand that from day 1 you will need to earn and work for the body you want because nothing comes for free. ‘But again that’s not a bad thing. You will learn and grow along the way.
If you are ready, this is the challenge for you. Just trust in the process & you will take your mind and body to places you never thought or believed you could. .
Oh and although you will work hard, it’s a heap of fun. It’s exciting watching yourself change. Challenging yourself along the way becomes a journey of not only physical changes but habits and strengths for life.
It is fun going through the experience with other challengers. People you have never met before will inspire you and help encourage you throughout the 12weeks.
It is 12 weeks. It goes so fast so seriously make the decision and GO FOR IT…

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I went into this 12 weeks with the mindset of giving this 100%. I had to. I was broken. I gave it my all and left nothing in the tank because I didn’t want to get to the end of the 12weeks and wonder what else I could have done, if I could have done more. I simply did as I was told, followed the plan and trusted in the process. The results started coming and in turn I started trusting in myself again and that feeling is priceless.
Things I have learnt along the way:
*I learnt that consistency is the key. Be consistent and you will get there.
*I learnt what my mind and body is capable of. The body will do what your mind tells it (they may fight lol but the mind wins every time)
*I am worth it
*I have learnt to stop rewarding myself with food and alcohol
*I learnt to be organised
*I learnt that I want more in life & it is important to set goals and work towards achieving them. It makes you feel alive.
*I learnt that my husband is my best friend & the support he gave me throughout the challenge was more than I could ask for. What a guy..
* I learnt to appreciate this opportunity to change my life

I will be telling people for a long time to come about The Maxine’s challenge because it works. It just simply WORKS.. Oh and they keep asking me 
Thank you to all involved in making this challenge what it is. It was a great experience & my life has changed for the better.



  • Lyndal Trott
    19 Oct 2014
    11:51 PM

    DAY 84 - Day eightybloodyfouromg Seriously is this it???? Far out day 84 THE END..... I almost feel like I am leaving re-hab and entering "the real world"again.. I am ready though. Ready to take on the next chapter.. Thanks to Maxines Challenge I am ready for a NEW challenge... I have learnt many many things since starting this and one of them is that you NEED to challenge yourself and you need a goal in life to feel appreciated, not only by others but by yourself... yep... Appreciated by the one that know's and loves you the most..... YOU YOU YOU..... Man I hope all the mummies out there read this and know that they are worth it.. Spend some YOU time and you will be a champion.... Ok so for today.. Didn't sleep well and my lil one was sick during the night therefore Matt and I had a crappy night's kip.... Move on lol..... *8am an old pal of mine came and beautified my face... Was great to catch up..... Then I had my lil photo shoot. Nope nothing spessshhhhh, my hubby's mate who looooves photography came over and took a few pics. Yeah I was a bit embarrassed but who cares, I did it...It was slightly weird posing and smiling etc but hey I did it and I am proud. WOW – 12 weeks of challenging myself... I have learnt: I don't have to reward myself for having a GOOD/BAD/UGLY day with food and alcohol.... ( a day is, well a day and just get over it) NO seriously, it's a moment.... Learn to deal with it appropriately..... I have learnt I am important too................. Yes mummies WE ARE IMPORTANT.... I have learnt that the MIND will take you and your body to places you never thought or dreamed it would.... It is the (although science will beg to differ) biggest and most powerful muscle in your body.... If your mind is not with YOU, don't proceed............ Yep I was physically exhausted a few times during the challenge BUT I rode it, I went with it, I got on the forums which helped me understand it , proceed and then (after yelling at my hubby) just go with it. Ok so I could honestly write on here forever but in reality I will be booted off soon... Damn you WA time. lol.... I am sad to say goodbye but happy and excited that I will be taking what I have learnt into real life.. What an experience, what a ride and what a 12 weeks.... Thanks Maxine's... Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EXERCISE: Nil except for the pump up Diet: Let's not go there (but feel free to look at every other day during the challenge) Weight: 61.2kg (-13.9kg) Mindset: Bloody awesome.... The mind is the battle, so conquer it.....

  • Lyndal Trott
    18 Oct 2014
    11:26 PM

    DAY 83 - Living the challenge life 1 more sleep and The Maxine's Shape Up Challenge 2014 will be over boooooooooooo.. I went back and had my tan re-done this morning as i didn't think it was dark enough. They didn't charge me which was nice but it wasn't their fault, i just wanted to be darker... Lovely girls xx Well i hate to say it but i did ZERO exercise today as time just didn't permit. Plus Sammy was a bit off today & still running a little temp.. Without re reading all my blogs i think i have only missed a handful of training days due to sickness or scheduled rest days in the first few weeks. I am proud of all the training i have put in so even though i feel a bit crap for not training today, i am ok with it.. No training tomorrow as i have final pic being done, then going to give myself the day off. Back to training on Monday... Not going as hard as i have been but i WILL train every day (except Sunday) still as it is a lifestyle now. Geeeezzzzz it is pelting down outside..... Now i am not making excuses for all the weight i put on but a lot has happened in the last 4 yrs... I have had 2 children, one 2mths premmie, i have an under active thyroid ( after first baby,which i take meds for) & the day my doc told me that she also gave me the news i had Ross River virus... The last 15mths for us has been an emotional rollercoaster as our 2nd boy has been diagnosed with Autism.. It never ever leaves your thoughts and i really just ate and drank to get through the emotions i think.. This challenge has made me understand that food and alcohol actually make the situation worse. I would feel good for 5 minutes and then hate myself for 5 hours. Then it turned into 5 days, 5 months but i have STOPPED it now before it gets to 5 years... Things happen to everyone and i am so glad i am now just getting on with it. I don't know if i believe in fate or not but i am sooooooooooo glad i walked into that health food shop that day and picked up the Maxines mag... What a bloody great day :-) The Maxines program you can stick with for life. Yeah i have had some shitty days but all in all i have found it to be quite easy. It is a simple plan and if you are willing to put in the effort and just ride those crappy days the benefits to your health and self esteem are life changing... You just have to be ready... The mindset has to be there. I was ready, my mindset was ready and look where i am now... 13.5kg gone in just 12 short weeks. I feel strong, fit and healthy. I am looking forward to my final pic tomorrow.. Then im having a FLAT WHITE damn it lol...... Oh did i mention i have NOT had milk in a coffee or tea for the whole 12 weeks? Nope none at all. It's going to be a crappy day here in Perth tomorrow so not looking good for outdoor pics.. Oh well, they will be what they will be... I might have control over my mind and body but when it comes to mother nature, NOPE ;-) Exercise: ZERO Diet: 100% clean nutrition (as if it wouldn't be)... When i was out i stopped in to grab a Maxine's bar and they had sold out... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that'll teach me for running out... Weight: 61.5kg.... Gotta do measurements tomorrow morning... Mindset: Really good. Happy, focused, re assessing my goals for literally the day after tomorrow. Gotta have a plan man xx

  • Lyndal Trott
    17 Oct 2014
    10:37 PM

    DAY 82 - well i think.. Can't get into my profile page to check... Cardio today - just a light 40mins on crosstrainer.. Well it wasn't really light, i sweated my butt off for the full 40 and didn't slack off.. I am just doing what i am told lol... I don't read alot of blogs but have read the odd one today and ladies still doing weights etc... Makes me wonder if i am doing the right thing but i am just following the advice given on the site.. Added a pic of my Sammy who missed his second therapy session today as he fell asleep.. Had a temp also so thought it was best to leave him snoring away.. Bless.. Went for my tan tonight so waiting to have a shower.. I was reading my original blog earlier today and realised i have reached all the goals i set for myself YAY.... Geez what a great feeling to have grabbed this challenge by the bollocks ;-) and smashed what i wanted to... I am bloody proud, a bit tired hahaha but proud.... My Goals for this challenge:* To get back to my wedding weight (4yrs ago) of 63kg, feel fit and strong again and participate in life. TICK * be a happier mum and wife because i have achieved what i set out to achieve (right now i think i am doing a crappy job at both). TICK* Fit into my size 10 jeans WITHOUT a muffin top (the double choc chip 2000cal kind) :-) TICK (THEY ARE TO BIG NOW)* Learn how to stop rewarding/sabotaging myself with food and alcohol just because i have had a good/bad day. TICKThat's pretty much it (i think)... Simple goals that will make a huge difference to my life. YAY for simplicity..How will i get there?* thats pretty simple also (although i am 100% sure it will be tough) did that make sense? I think what i am trying to say is that it is a simple plan but i am sure it will be tough along the way... Follow the Maxine's bible and just go for it... TICK* Get husband on board for support (he is doing the challenge aswell..) TICK* Suck it up princess... TICK Exercise: 40mins crosstrainer cardio Diet: 100% clean nutrition... Weight: ? Mindset: Happy happy but getting tired daily which peeves me off a bit.. But after Sunday i have decided to add a lil more carbs but stick to the Maxine's diet. Will see what suggestions the coaches put out there.

  • Lyndal Trott
    16 Oct 2014
    11:19 PM

    DAY 81 Was laying in bed this morning at 5:30am flicking through Facebook and decided to put up a progress pic. I haven't told alot of my friends on there what i have doing. OMG comments galore & likes likes likes hahahahahaha. Everyone wanting to know what i have been doing. I am happy to tell them.. Very happy to spruke Maxines to the world lol...... Up early for fasted cardio. Got the fam sorted, Sammy had therapy (two sessions again), took Tman to kindy etc. Home and did weights session in home gym. Shoulders/Legs/Triceps/Abs. PT boxing session at 5pm. Was pretty tired after. Finally had dinner, cleaned up etc & now blogging yay. Wow hey 3 days left of the challenge... It's flown. Light cardio as suggested the next 2 days.. I am off to get a tan tomorrow arvo.. Think i am sorted for everything.. Exercise: 6am fasted cardio crossy 1/2hr flat out.. 10am weights session home gym 70mins.. 5pm Boxing PT 1/2hr Diet: 100% clean nutrition.. Oats, almonds, shake, egg salad with avo roasted beets & sweet spud YUMMO, more almonds on the run (naughty) egg, fish & vege, night shake & lots water.... Weight: 61.7kg (-13.4) i keep dropping weight this last week or so.. Must be all the extra cardio ???? Mindset: Focused & determined to get to the finish line xx * sneaky undie pic this morning lol

  • Lyndal Trott
    15 Oct 2014
    9:23 PM

    DAY 80 - Living the challenge (4 days to go eeeeeeekkkkk) ohmyfreakingoodness..... I have said it before but i can't believe how much the mind controls the body... Get the mind right and you can push your body to get the job DONE... I have loved realising this throughout the challenge. It has been all about the head space and getting in the ZONE... 6am fasted cardio this morning then a flat out busy morning. Thomas went with hubby (3yr pre kindy) and i took Sammy to the AUTISM ASSOCIATION for his once a week 3hr session. He is a trooper man... 2.5yrs and doing 17hrs a week therapy. 3hrs there then home and another 2hrs ABA with therapist... It has been a massive emotional rollercoaster for us this last 12mths but i am thinking we just may be making progress... I was pretty tired this afternoon and didn't feel like doing anymore exercise but i quit my gibba jabba, the mind took over and i laced up the boots and got in the gym.. Because we have to slow down in a day or so, i didn't want to miss a weights session this week so i did Thursdays session today and will do Sat's session tomorrow. Not lifting super heavy as suggested but not going all weak ass either.. I still want my body to know it's alive lol... So 1hr weights (Maxines) then 1/2hr bad ass cardio on crossy.. I was a sweaty mess afterwards due to it being 35 today in Perth... So there ya go, once again the head ruled yippeeeeee...... I can't stop drinking water ahhhhhhhhh my tummy is sticking out all bloated... I wish my boobs were lol. Seriously have not a lot there these days... Can't believe the difference. I will do my measurements on the weekend for my final blog.. I can't believe it's all going to be over soon.. I am sad but also kind of happy because i have given so much to this challenge and it's time now for me to just live it. Walk the talk and move forward with our healthy habits.. YAY i have loved it xx Had salmon for dinner yuuuuuuummmmmmm. I love salmon but haven't had it really this challenge. Been sticking to white fish but tonight it felt like a treat lol... Exercise: 6am fasted cardio 1/2hr crossy... 2pm 1hr Maxines weights session home gym (chest,back,biceps) + 1/2hr full on to exhaustion cardio on crossy (again).. I'm tellin ya the best $180 ever spent ;-) GO GUMTREE.... Diet: 100% clean nutrition.. Was a bit hungry today but just told myself to push through it.. I did.. Weight: ? Mindset: Bloody great... Feeling strong, happy, proud (a bit tired but pppffffffttttttt whatever) and willpower is 100%....

  • Lyndal Trott
    14 Oct 2014
    11:15 PM

    DAY 79 Had a pretty good sleep YAY for that... Up at 5:30am and did fasted cardio on crosstrainer. Got everyone sorted, Sam had therapy at 8 so i did my scheduled weights session in the gym of Shoulders, legs, Tri's & abs... Seemed to take forever but i do add more exercises in. Started to drop the weight a bit and up the reps as suggested by the trainers. Busy morning/arvo then mum came over to look after boys whilst i went to PT @ 3:30pm. PT boxing 1/2hr with John.. Lot's of kicks again today, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my hammies are already sore from the stiff leg dead lifts i did Sunday arvo.. But no pain no gain so i sucked it up and worked as hard as i could... That pretty much sums up this last 12 weeks for me.. I have worked as hard as i can & sucked it up when things got a bit tough in weeks 5 & 9 (oh and almost every Sunday lol).. For some reason i got cranky every Sunday arvo hahahahah... Maybe it was the TUNA lol.... Stopped in at the Supps shop for some supplies this arvo on the way to training. Had a great chat to the guys there about the challenge. There was a guy there that knew heaps about it and said it was the best out there & yep i agreed. Awesome challenge & i have had a blast. Yeah hard on the odd occasion but it has been good for the mind to be challenged etc. Well i am pretty beat now after 3 lots of training today, kids, chores, groceries etc blah blah blah. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone has gone.... I think i am sorted for my pic on Sunday.. My hubby's friend who has done a photography course is coming to take mine and hubby's pic... Nothing fancy :-) Exercise: 5:30am fasted cardio 1/2hr crossy + 8am Weights session 70mins + 3:30pm PT boxing/conditioning 1/2hr...... Diet: 100% clean nutrition. Oats with Protein Powder, 10 almonds + shake, egg salad with sweet potato, Maxines bar while doing groceries, chicken & vege, night shake & about 3.5ltrs water... Weight: 62.3kg (-12.8kg) Mindset: AWESOME... Got a bit tired around 12pm and that messes with me a bit BUT didn't last long and felt good all arvo especially after training...

  • Lyndal Trott
    13 Oct 2014
    10:58 PM

    DAY 78 - I cried today This morning i got up after a not so great sleep & weighed myself. Yep i know i shouldn't but the scales have been my friend this challenge so why not hey?? All good there. So as i was getting into my gym gear for fasted cardio i thought i would try on the jeans i was wearing nearly every day before the challenge started... I put them on, looked in the mirror and started crying... I can't believe how far i have come in just 11 weeks. Now these jeans were tight on me. Tight to the point i used to hate going to the loo cause it was an effort to push them down and pull them back up... Seriously.. They are sooooooooo huge on me, waist, butt, legs.... I was in shock. I knew they would be loose BUT i did not expect what i got or how i felt..... See pics attached.. 6am fasted cardio on crossy for 1/2hr. Got the hubby and kids sorted, Sam had 8am therapy so i did my weights session in the home gym.. Maxine's weights schedule of Chest, back & biceps... The kids and i didn't get up to much today.. It's before 8pm but i am off to bed real soon.. I have decided after reaching my goal weight (63kg) that the next challenge for me is getting to 60kg... I am giving myself till christmas to shed the last couple & that's where i want to stay.. I am over the moon with my results from this challenge and it ain't over yet :-) Exercise: 30min fasted cardio xtrainer 6am + 70min weights session 8am Diet: 100% clean nutrition - i was a bit hungry today but maybe more bored than hungry... I was pacing a bit wanting to eat & had a few black coffee's. Possibly ate to much but it was all healthy like boiled egg or almonds.. Weight: 62.6kg Mindset: Great So much for heading to bed.. Just as i was hitting the submit button hubby rang to tell me he had locked his car keys in the boot after playing volleyball..... Had to pack kids in the car (ONE FAST ASLEEP) and go to the rescue.. It's a fair hile to...... He owes me lol...

  • Lyndal Trott
    12 Oct 2014
    11:31 PM

    DAY 77 I haven't read any blogs today but i bet they all start with OMG i can't believe theres only 1 week left lol... Well i guess it's true... I had a pretty good nights sleep so woke up chirpy and ready to tackle the day.. My youngest woke at 5:30am so up and into some fasted cardio. 40 minutes hard on crosstrainer. Seriously GUMTREE thanks for my $180 bargain ;-) The rest of the household woke some time later & we went for a brisk walk to the park. A lil more cardio pushing the pram lol.. Home to the chores etc then i hit the wall.. Not literally, but physically.. Man i was tired.. I had said to hubby last night that i wanted to do a leg session today and more cardio BUT i was bloody exhausted.. To which he replied ÿou said you were going to do a leg sess and more cardio so you HAVE to do it"... Honestly i procrastinated for ages and then he said "cmon it's what's in the basement (and pointed to my stomach), babe what have you got in your basement?" Ahhhhhhhhhh he loves quoting lines from movies and this one was from one of the ROCKY movies... WEll it worked and it got me in the gym.. 30minutes legs followed by 30min hard again on crosstrainer. Glad i did it & thanks to my hubby's words i felt more motivated... Great nutrition as always but def lacking carbs today... Very tired tonight so off to bed for this wee chick... Exercise: AM: fasted cardio xtrainer 40 minutes,+ brisk walk with kiddies... PM: 30 min home gym leg session followed by 30 minutes cardio on xtrainer... Diet: 100% clean nutrition... Lots of water as usual... Weight: 62.8kg (-12.3kg) Mindset: Morning was great & full of energy BUT later in the day was tired and didn't feel like exercise. But i did it & felt great for it. Tired but great... Last week starts tomorrow. xx

  • Lyndal Trott
    11 Oct 2014
    11:29 PM

    DAY 76 Gym this morning. Weights session with Brig - see attached pic of me looking just stunning after my session lol... Gym was dead this morning but good as you don't have to fight for equiptment. Plenty of mirror to look at my MASSIVE muscles lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ;-) OK so the rest of the day was spent looking for a bikini for my final shot. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh there was nothing i liked, so had to drive around a bit. Oh and not to mention i begrudge paying $120 JUST for a top... Anyway i eventually found something that was ok. Well i hope it will be ok.. Not much else to report today, feeling pretty tired right about now. I have a massive day planned tomorrow cause it's time to bring this baby home... I really can't believe we only have 1 week left till it ends. What will i do with myself lol... Keep going that's what i will do.. NEVER EVER going back... My lil peepers are closing so i am off to bed xx Exercise: 1hr weights session gym followed by 20 mins HIIT Diet: 100% clean nutrition. I forgot to take a snack whilst out (naughty me) so stopped into the health food store and grabbed a Maxines bar... Saved me for sure.. Weight: 63kg Mindset: Mind is good but i really felt strange trying on bikinis. I am still my harshest critic. Last time (other than my progress shots) i wore a bikini was on my honeymoon 4.5yrs ago.. I weighed a little less than i do now.. I remember feeling great back then so why do i not feel as good now? I am within a few hundred grams. I have had 2 kids since then so maybe that has something to do with it.. Maybe i have more muscle and it feels different??? Not sure... But hey i am happy...

  • Lyndal Trott
    10 Oct 2014
    11:43 PM

    DAY 75 - Living the challenge life (still woohoo) Wow i was really tired this morning so i didn't do my fasted cardio. Yep it played with my mind a bit but i knew i would get it in at some stage and the small rest did me good me thinks :-) Caught up with a friend today that i haven't seen in ages. She couldn't believe how much i have changed. I loved telling her all about the challenge and how it is changing everything about my life... Sam had therapy at 1pm (second for the day) so i went into the home gym and did a 40 minute leg workout and a quick HIIT on the crosstrainer. Man o man the logs were firing.. Or should i say on fire. Wowweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 4 sets: 30 weighted sumo squats 20 weighted lunges 20 weighted curtsey lunges 1 min wall sit 20 calf raises 20 ball curls 12 leg extensions This was my own lil workout as i will do the scheduled Maxines legs tomorrow at the gym. Hubby keeps bloody taking pics of me. I will be cooking and i hear stay still, CLICK.... Give it a rest dude... I seriously do not take a good picture... So it makes me worried that my final pic won't show how hard i have worked cause when i look at the pics that he takes i look HUUUUUUUGE... Oh well, it will be what it will be.. I just did 35mins on the cross trainer watching the Maxinés dvd... Hubby on there now watching it.. I said "do you want me to get the mens one?"... He say's "nah i'd prefer to watch the chicks".... lol yep i bet ya would hahahahahaha.... We are getting close to the end... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i don't want it to end.... Exercise: 1PM: 40mins leg smash + 10mins HIIT xtrainer..... + 7:30pm 35mins cardio crosstrainer Diet: 100% clean nutrition. Been roasting beetroot YUMMMMMMMMMMM...... Adding it to my meals. Lots of H2O.. Weight: 63.3 (gone up) not stressing though Mindset: tired early in the day but improved as the morning went on and on fire the rest of the day :-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    9 Oct 2014
    11:21 PM

    DAY 74 Up at 6am & did fasted cardio on the crosstrainer 35mins. Always go hard.. Sammy had two back to back therapy sessions this morning so mum came over & Thomas and i went to the gym (his first time in the creche) PT at the gym. 1hr weights session as per the Maxine's plan. Attached some pics. Busy arvo prepping food etc. Tonight i did another stint on the crosstrainer, just 1/2 hr. I said earlier in the week if i could push myself harder and do more i would, i felt like i could and DID :-) Pretty tired now so i am leaving tonights blog short and sweet. Not long to go now, ahhhhhhhhhh i still have so much more to do to get this body the way i want it.. Work in progress Lyndal, take a deep breathe................ Exercise: 6AM: fasted cardio xtrainer 35mins. 10:30am 1hr weights session at gym. 7:30 PM: 30mins xtrainer Diet: 100% clean nutrition. Oats, kanga, almonds, shake, egg salad with sweet potato, burn bar, chicken & vege, night shake & loads of water during the day. Getting through 3/4 litres a day at the moment not including shakes and a tea or coffee.... Weight: ? Mindset: Spot on happy mindset & outlook :-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    8 Oct 2014
    11:22 PM

    DAY 73 Damn i wish i was a morning person lol..... I'm not but i have to be #1 my 2.5yr old is an early riser & #2 i gotta get the body movin with exercise.. Up early & did 1/2 hr fasted cardio on the crosstrainer... Busy morning with kids & chores. Home in the eraly arvo & backed my car into the bloody letterbox.... WHY?? Honestly, i was thinking about what exercise i was going to do next.. Ha ha YEP i was. The back of the car is screwed but hey i didn't even get angry. Sam went to sleep so i just put on my gear & did an hour of cardio... I did 2 dvd's. Cardio/weights then 10 mins on crossy then Cardio kick boxing. All up was just over an hour :-) OMG i had some choc cravings this afternoon. I didn't cave as i am stronger than i used to be but it did mess with my head a bit. Sooooooooo glad i stayed strong as the feeling of empowerment is so much more rewarding than the feeling of caving in... YAY for me... I am a bit sore today lower body wise. I think just from upping the sessions a bit and working extra hard on the logs (yes i said logs :-) I just read the FAQ's section on the website re the completion process etc. Honestly this is a great program. Really well organised & all info really well set out.. I am off to have my shake and hit the sack ready for early cardio then gym.... Soooooo many great transformations. I don't get a huge chance to read alot of blogs but i will click on some and also some from the forum (i do get on there alot to get info etc) & it is amazing the changes people are making... Myself included. YAY for us strong powerful CHICKS... Exercise: AM: fasted cardio on crossy 30mins... PM: 25min dvd weights/cardio + 10 mins crossy (flat out) + 25 mins cardio kickboxing dvd... Just over an hour all up.. Diet: 100% clean nutrition Weight: ? Mindset: Really good although felt a bit down later in the day as i had a craving that wouldn't go away. Chewed some sugar free gum and had a decaf black coffee to get my mind off it.. It's good practice for after the challenge if it happens (and i am sure it will)....

  • Lyndal Trott
    7 Oct 2014
    11:35 PM

    DAY 72 Alarm went off at 5am and we hit the snooze 3 times... Really have to get to sleep earlier. We were watching an autism doco & it went longer than expected... Anyway after the 4th ding ding we got up (5:30am)... I started with fasted cardio on crosstrainer. Then had breaky etc then did my scheduled weights session in the home gym whilst Sam was having therapy. Felt a bit weak today on the chest press. Was good with everything else :-) This afternoon i had my 1/2 hr session with PT John. Mummy looked after kidlets :-) Hard session started off with 10 rounds of 20/20 kicks.. WOW my legs were worked, then into boxing rounds with conditioning exercises eg: push ups on knuckes (with gloves on), jumping lunges etc OH and more kicking of course lol..... Nutrition has been spot on as per usual.. Oats, almonds, protein shake, egg salad with roasted beetroot & sweet potato, kanga banger, fish & green vege & protein shake..... Have a bit of a yuck tummy tonight, hope it's gone in the morning... OH I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT: I hit my goal weight today.... Officially -12kg since day 1. I am 63.1kg. I did actually start on day 1 and not before. BUT my goal weight is now 60kg. I may not get there by the end of this challenge but it is my goal by christmas. I think it is important to have goals in life. This challenge has taught me that. If you don't set yourself challenges and goals you don't actually move towards anything.. You stay stagnant & that's exactly what i was doing before i jumped aboard the train to MAXINE's.... Pics today hubby took this morning just before i jumped on the crosstrainer... Far out i can't believe how much i have changed and i am still going.... HIGH FIVE..... Exercise: AM: 30 mins fasted cardio on crossy + 1HR Maxine's weights schedule... PM: 1/2hr PT boxing Diet: 100% clean nutrition Weight: 63.1kg (-12kg) Mindset: Could not be better... Loving what i have achieved and want more more more....

  • Lyndal Trott
    6 Oct 2014
    11:17 PM

    DAY 71 - 2 weeks left Well well well week 11 hello there..... I seriously can't believe we are at week 11. CRAZY stuff... I have been all over this thing like a rash lol.... All jokes aside i have been giving this my all BUT i have decided for the last 2 weeks to push my mind and body to where it has probably never been before... I am going to train harder & keep my diet strict. I actually can't really change much with my diet as i have been super super strict this whole challenge so if it ain't broke........ I have had a long hard think about it and i won't be silly about it, if my body can't handle the extra training i will pull back BUT if it can then BRING IT ON.... I just really want to challenge myself and see actually how strong physically and mentally i am... So today i went hard... And the awesome thing is my husband is the best support i could ever ask for... So yeah i am excited about the next two weeks and what i can do. Trying to transform my body has been fun.. Hard & challenging at times but exciting & fun.... I really need to get off here and put my lil one to bed (8pm aaaahhhhhhhhh past his bed time).... My husband said to me this morning whilst i was on the cross trainer "your transformation so far has been unbelievable, infact the whole thing has been unbelievable".... It really has been. He has lost a heap of weight doing the Max's and we are just loving it..... Exercise: AM Fasted cardio 1hr.... Later, Weights session Maxine's + 10min HIIT crosstrainer. PM 30mins weights Diet: 100% clean nutrition plan Weight: 63.4kg (-11.7) OH YEAH... Mindset: Couldn't be better. Excited about the next 2 weeks and how i can transform more :-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    5 Oct 2014
    10:17 PM

    DAY 69 & 70 (Sat & Sun of week 10) Didn't get a chance to blog yesterday as had a wedding and flat out day/night... SATURDAY: Up early for weights session in home gym. Didn't have PT at gym as i had to get dolled up for the wedding lol & organise a few things... Good session, Maxinés scheduled weights but instead of alternating certain exercises on different days i did all. Off to wedding in the arvo. Was a beautiful day. Lovely wedding. The reception was on the water and just gorgeous. I DID NOT eat anything i shouldn't have YIPPEE... I drank water YAY... Skipped the bread, skipped the entree (except a mushroom that was on the plate), had a steak for main and asked for sauce on the side & vege (skipped the potato).. Dessert was also skipped (brandy basket with icecream etc)... None of the food was wasted as it was shared amongst the table.. I had a Maxines bar for dessert (see pic) lol.. I am pretty proud of myself for staying so strong. I love a good wedding but i didn't feel i was missing out re the food and grog.. SUNDAY: OMG sooooooo tired today as we didn't get home until 1am and to sleep just before 2am then of course up with the kids at 6am.... Even though tired still did my cardio on the crosstrainer... Busy day etc. GRAND FINAL DAY NRL: Unfortunately my BULLDOGS just lost booooooooooooooooo... Ya know 10 weeks ago i was drinking alcohol every weekend and lots of beer whilst watching the games. I have not had one sip of grog this whole challenge & today wasn't hard to not drink at all... I can't believe how much this challenge is changing my thinking. Before this i would have been looking forward to the game so i could cheers with a drink but now i am happy to cheers with a protein shake. I feel it is a huge achievement for me and one for the greater good.... Proud as YAY.... Such a rushed blog as still have a heap to do tonight before i fall into bed... Busy 2 weeks ahead of the challenge. Bring it on and bring on the best me i can possibly be (well in 12 weeks) xx Exercise weekend: Weights and cardio Diet: 100% clean nutrition even at wedding.. Really flexing my willpower, what an awesome feeling Weight:? Mindset: GREAT all weekend, even greater for being so bloody strict. GO ME....

  • Lyndal Trott
    3 Oct 2014
    10:54 PM

    DAY 68 Well today did not go as planned for me. Up early & hubby took some pics of my progress. Cardio day but i was unable to do anything due to bad stomach pains. I tried about 6 or 7 times to do a few different things but i just couldn't get rid of it. Then the rest of the day was filled up with the kids etc.. So it's been tough for me mentally as i really know i need to do cardio but i just have to let it go today... Deep breathes innnnnn ooooooout.... ahhhhhhhhhhh.. Nothing much else to add today. Still feeling good etc, happy with my progress but need to strip this damn fat... So tired so off to bed, massive day tomorrow. Exercise: NIL due to stomach pain then kidsstuff Diet: 100% clean nutrition Weight: 63.9 Mindset: Good but upset i wasn't able to train

  • Lyndal Trott
    2 Oct 2014
    3:56 PM

    DAY 67 Had a really bad nights sleep for some reason.. Tired but up at 5am when Sammy woke. Hubby and i did our weights in the home gym. Took ages this morning and suprisingly i didn't feel tired anymore. I definately think that just getting up and doing the session made my mind happy and i pushed past the tiredness of not a lot of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Sam had a therapy session after 8am so i took the opportunity and did some cardio. Half an hour on the cross trainer pretty high intensity. Was definately disgustingly sweaty afterwards.. Which although grose felt awesome lol.... Well i am off to get a spray tan tonight for this wedding on the weekend... Should be interesting lol. I just rang them to ask what to wear etc. They probably think i am wierd haha.. And no bra afterwards... HUH?????? No bolder holder ahhhhhhhhhh, that is NOT how i roll at all but hey i shall just go with it.... Will write a bit more later after the tanning experience, that's if i don't get taken to work in the chocolate factory with the other oooompalumpas lol.... -------------------------------------------- Ok back from tan and just washed it off... No job at the Choc factory for me yipppeeeeeee.... Was dark before i washed off but now doesn't really look that much different. 6hrs to develop apparently.. We will see in the AM. Exercise: Weights session in home gym then 30mins cardio a bit later on crosstrainer Diet: 100% clean nutrition as per usual Weight: ? Mindset: all good xx

  • Lyndal Trott
    1 Oct 2014
    10:57 PM

    DAY 66 Busy day and almost didn't manage cardio BUT yeah i did ;-)... 45 minute on crosstrainer. Worked hard but mentally i keep telling myself if i do under an hour it doesn't count (which is stupid i know)... I weighed myself this morning and i have now lost 11kg. 64.1kg now. Slowly getting there. My goal for this challenge was to get to 63kg. After i will keep going as my goal in life is 60kg... I was thinking today about getting my bikini for the final shot & i must say im feeling terrible about it. I am really happy with my progress but a bikini??? It actually stresses me out a bit as i just don't think my body deserves it just yet. Hopefully in a couple of weeks i will be a bit more confident about it.... Tomorrow night i am getting my very first YES my very first spray tan hahahaha... Have a wedding on Saturday so thought i would give it a go... I am nervous about that also. What if i look stupid or like an oompalumpa?????? OMG the stresses of life hey lol..... Anyway this challenge has removed me from my comfort zone and this is just another thing... If i look like a freak i will just have to fake gastro... It's going around right????????? Exercise: 45min cardio on cross trainer Diet: 100% clean nutrition plan.. I went to Coles today for a few things and my goodness i canno't believe what is on the shelves these days.. Talk aboout convenience... Everything you can think of is there already made and prettily packaged for you.. Seriously it is just getting ridiculous.. I know we are busy but it doesn't take long to cook a healthy meal. There were pizzas in the counter (ready to be boxed) pre made salads beetroot salads couscous salads chicken salads carrot salads bloody every salad known to man you can buy pre packaged now, pastas, breads covered in shite, coffee & cakes FFS in Coles... Like there isn't enough crap, hey stop and have a double choc chip muffin and wash it down with a caramel infused soy flat white friggin lattee whilst you shop the aisles full of pre packaged convenience crap...... Ahhhhhhhh ok rant over... I know i am a bit over the top but seriously no wonder we are getting so darn lazy... Thank god this challenge came into my life when it did or i could be that person with that latte thingy lol.... Weight: 64.1kg (-11kg) Mindset: Bloody fantastic... I know i'm boring but it's all good in the hood (head) for me xx

  • Lyndal Trott
    30 Sep 2014
    11:02 PM

    DAY 65 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my fave time of the day... Kids in bed, hot protein shake & some me time to blog YIPPPEEEEEEE... 8am weights session in home gym today. Maxine's weights schedule + some extra legs (lunges, sumo squats, wall sit). Felt great after and did some housework cleaning windows, bathrooms etc... 3pm i was pretty tired BUT no slacking off for me.. Had a PT session with John as per usual Tuesday arvo. Mainly boxing with conditioning exercises in between. WOW today i had to do a stint of burpees holding a medicine ball, place it on ground then do the push up but as coming up my hands had to jump onto the ball. Then i had to get up from the burpee holding the ball. Ok ok when i read this back i probably won't even get it but it was HARD.. The first one was terrible but he gave me a pep talk and said if i believed i could do it i would and shazzam I bloody did it.. Over and over for a minute and got every one.. Amazing this mind i tell ya :-) Before the arvo training i was a bit flat so rang hubby to discuss. Then driving home from training he calls. Come home i have a present for you that just might cheer you up... No idea what it was but was trying to hazard a guess.. Hmmmmm a treadmill? lol.... OMG it's that dress i loved last week ( i loved 2 but only got 1)... Yep i had made my mind up it was THAT dress... Oh he is so sweet......... I get home and was presented with a pair of fat measuring calippers... OMG... How romantic lol..... Seriously a pair of freakin callipers... I do appreciate it & find it quite funny also... Love him xx Well i must go as it's nearly my bed time (9pm WST)... "Hey honey let's go to the room and, MEASURE MY FAT"........ Ahhhhhhh who said romance was dead lol.......... Out of choc protein noooooooooooooooooooooooo... Trip to the store tomorrow :-) Exercise: AM: 1hr 15min weights session in home gym.. PM 1/2hr PT boxing Diet: 100% clean Maxine's nutrition plan Weight? Mindset: Great most of the day but felt a lil flat before training. Once at training i was fine and all good 100% head on rest of the day....

  • Lyndal Trott
    29 Sep 2014
    10:55 PM

    DAY 64 - still living the challenge :-) Went to bed mega early last night as yesterday afternoon i was knackered... Up early with kiddies. Went to the gym for 11am weights session with Brig.. Was the busiest i have ever seen the gym today.. Thinking there is a lot of guilty weekend grand final goers in there today lol... Not me baby hee hee.. 1hr Maxine's weights & pushed heavy.. Lovin it. Felt strong. I was feeling a little fatigued before i got there BUT once inside i felt like i could do anything OH YEAH.... Went grocery shopping after and got some Max's BCAA's... Also a burn bar as i was pretty peckish. Home after that and did 1/2hr cardio on cross trainer... Your mind has to take you there sometimes especially when your body is feeling like being a sloth.. The mind is a bloody powerful thing and i have decided to use it for good since starting this challenge rather than evil (rubs hands together)..... I'm a good guy now who exercises, eats clean & is consistent... Consistency is the key also... That is a HUGE thing i have learned during this challenge... Well it is almost my bed time, come at me SLEEP..... Exercise: 1hr weights at gym with PT, Maxine's schedule of Chest, back & biceps then cardio at home 30 minutes crossy Diet: As usual ate clean & stuck to the plan Weight: 64.6 (up 100g ppppffffffttttttt) Mindset: Felt fatigued earlier in the day but got my mojo back once inside the gym and felt great the rest of the day. Mindset 100% switched on for the remaining weeks. YAY...

  • Lyndal Trott
    28 Sep 2014
    1:47 PM

    DAY 63 - Wow blogging before 8pm, look at me go..... lol.. Went to bed early last night and had a decent sleep. Hubby went for an early bike ride so waited till he got home to do some cardio... Jumped on the cross trainer for 35 minutes of HIIT.. Only did a quick stint today as i feel a bit guilty that the kiddies get bored (and maybe a bit neglected whillst mummy does exercise ;-) Tried to get some abs in after BUT my lil one had other idea's. He has a cold again so cuddles were more important.. Worked hard and sweated for the short time so felt good. Oh and i got on the scales this morning and was pretty darn happy... 64.5kg... What the hell???? This is fanbloodytastic. So that's -10.6kg gone in 9 weeks... Man this program works. And hey so do I.. So have to give myself a bit of a pat on the back.. My goal was to lose 12kg during this 12 weeks and i am on track just got to keep working my butt off.. I know i shouldn't weigh (and i don't everyday like i used to) but when the scales are going down why not? If they don't or they havent moved much i am realistic and know that that is ok.. It doesn't de-rail me or get me upset, i just move on & keep it up. I think if i let the scales rule my life it would make my life hell. So all good :-) Well i think i might just spend the rest of today doing a few things around the house and entertaining the kiddies... Ahhhhhhh it never ends this housework stuff.. Exercise: 35 mins HIIT cardio xtrainer Diet: Feels wierd cause i don't blog till the end of the day usually but my diet is spot on and will be for the remainder of the day as all meals are planned (thanks Maxine's)... Weight: 64.5kg yeehaaaa (happy but not about to become complacent) Mindset: 100% as usual.. Feeling happy and determined...

  • Lyndal Trott
    27 Sep 2014
    10:50 PM

    DAY 62 Gym session early this morning.. 1hr PT weights, shoulders, legs, triceps and abs as per the Maxine's plan.. Followed by 20 mins HIIT on tready... Had no more in the tank. But that's a good feeling. I am sooooooo very lucky to have a gym at home but love actually getting out and going to the gym.. Home for the rest of the day with hubby and kids. Crappy day in Perth so we didn't get up to much mischief lol... Watched my beloved Bulldogs play in the semi tonight and YAY we did it... Grand final next week. Had my chicken & vege dinner whilst watching it instead of the 6 or so beers and a pizza i would have had if not changing my life :) It actually doesn't bother me, i love the changes i am making to my lifestyle & i will wake up happy and healthy tomorrow ready to tackle a cardio session... Then just 3 weeks left of the challenge. Well 3 weeks of the challenge but the changes will stay. I am never going back to how i used to be. I can't. It's to draining mentally and physically.. Much more so than than this challenge... In fact the last 9 weeks have been easier for me knowing i am working to achieve my goals rather then sabotaging them... Well it's 8:41pm on Sat night and i am off to bed... Soooooo tired... Exercise: GYM weights session 1hr followed by cardio HIIT Diet: 100% clean nutrition plan. Yum i made a roo salad for lunch, was deelish.. Weight: ? Mindset: Woohoo all in :-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    26 Sep 2014
    11:54 AM

    DAY 61 - YES YES YES kids both slept all night... Feel much better today for having a decent sleep... Just finished my cardio.. 1hr. I think it's all i will get in today as i am going dress shopping for a wedding next weekend. I am looking forward to it as i have now as of theis morning officially lost 10kg.... So should make it easier also... YAY YAY YAY... So this morning i did a cardio MB dvd Project Ripped then a few minutes on the crossy to make up the hour. Worked hard & felt strong... Looked like i had been run over by the cardio bus at the end but hey that's what it's about.. Cardio ain't pretty lol.... Well i am off to shower and go shopping (well as soon as mother arrives to look after my 2 littlies) Will write more later.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I GOT A DRESS.... Hubby helped me choose.. See pic attached. From CUE and i love it. I see on FB the Gala details have been announced. Pity we can't go. Just a bit to far & pricey from Perth... Hubby out witha mate tonight so fish & vege for me (and maybe a Maxine's bar hmmmmmmmm).... Heading to bed soon as weights session in the morning at the gym with Brig xx Exercise: 1 hour CARDIO... 50min project ripped dvd & 10 mins HIIT on crosstrainer Diet: 100% clean but i added a burn bar tonight (not sure why, just felt i had to have it) WEight: 65.1 Officially -10kg Mindset: spot on 100% as per usual... I sound a bit boring these days but it's just coming naturally.. I love it.

  • Lyndal Trott
    25 Sep 2014
    10:56 PM

    DAY 60 OMG my lil one woke at 4:30am this morning and would NOT go back to sleep ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... So early AM weights session for me in the home gym. Shoulders, back & biceps today.. Hubby took some pics.. BUsy morning running kiddies around etc.. Sammy had 2 therapy sessions today (2 yesterday, today and 2 tomorrow). Busy 2.5yr old he is ( so why does he wake so darn early lol)... Not much on in the arvo so did cardio. 60 minutes. 25min cardio kick boxing dvd + Janets skipping challenge + 10 mins on crossy... Sam wasn't impressed as he hates me doing exercise so was a bit of a challenge in itself but i got it done :-) Lots of comments by challengers feeling over the whole thing... I haven't really felt that way. Sure i have a day where i am tired and lacking a bit of energy but i haven't wanted to give up (oh hang on that binge night in week 7 was bad) but i know in my mind that i am in this till the end.. Yep on the odd occassion i crave something or want a dash of milk in my coffee but i promised myself that whilst i am committed to this 12 weeks i would just give it my all. So since day 1 i have not had any milk in tea or coffee. Not a massive coffee drinker anyway (maybe 1 a day and a tea). I also committed to no carbonated soft drinks including soda water/mineral water. Also not a big soft drink fan and am happy to say not even 1 carbonated drink has touched my lips... The biggest deal for me is the ZERO alcohol... I wondered if i could do it but again i made the committment and waaaala... NIL NIL NIL yeeeha and feel great for it.. I am pretty happy with some of things i have achieved so far doing this challenge.. Definately things that i will stick to. Exercise: 60 min weights session AM + 60 min cardio session PM... Diet: 100% clean nutrition... Hubby made my stirfry tonight and yeeewwwww the cayenne pepper was intense.. Weight: 65.3 Mindset: Great but lacking a bit of energy in the arvo... Ok though after dinner (thanks to hubby and his heavy handedness re the cayenne lol)

  • Lyndal Trott
    24 Sep 2014
    11:26 PM

    DAY 59 Wow woke up feeling that feeling of exhaustion again. Arms felt really weak and felt tired BUT it's cardio day and no rest for the wicked. Even though the body was tired the MIND said bad luck lady you are doing it lol... So the mind won and i jumped on the crossy for an hour.. I love working hard on that thing.. I have been doing the same cardio for a week or so now because it really is making me work hard but i know i have to change it up a bit so the body doesn't get used to it. So next cardio i will do something different. I was going to try and fit another session in this arvo but just couldn't... Off to the land of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz now so i can re-charge for tomorrow.. Pic attached: was outside with the kids today, looked up at the sky and just thought, i am loving this challenge THE SKY IS THE LIMIT BABY........ So took the pic of the beautiful sunny sky here in Perth.... Exercise: 60minutes cardio on crosstrainer.. 1 min level 12-14 (hard) then 1 min level 6 (fast) then 1 minute backwards. Diet: 100% clean nutrition , egg white omelette, shake, almonds, steak salad, almonds, fish & vege, night shake.. Weight: 65.3 Mindset: Great although feeling tired. The feeling tired thing is also my fault as i need to go to bed earlier... Ahhhhhhhhhh just go to bed lol....

  • Lyndal Trott
    23 Sep 2014
    11:19 PM

    DAY 58 Early Maxine's weights session in the home gym today... Shoulders, Legs, Triceps, Abs... I forgot to check the time but i think it took around 1 hour. I also did a few SS. Then i did a quick 20 minute HIIT on the crossy... Felt really good after so did some housework (nothing new there, i am a mum of two boys lol) then swept my patio area. That took forever (again) as Sammy likes to spread dirt from every pot plant known to man all across the backyard.... Ahhhhh drives me nuts but hey i sweep like a crazy woman who hates mess so probably burnt a few calories lol.... Well why not i say. Then i really hit the wall. Energy was low and just felt like slopping on the couch... But of course i did not.... Had PT boxing session with John this arvo 1/2 hour.. Rounds of boxing then suicides, burpee's, tire hits and kicks etc... Energy was a bit low so popped a teaspoon of honey beforehand ( a tip from my trainer).. I think it actually works to give me about 1/2hr worth of get up n go....... I needed it.. Oh and he won his fight on the weekend... Good job.. My mum looks after the kids while i do this every week and i really appreciate her help... MMMMMMmmmmmmmm i have been having my night time shake HOT every night... Yummo... Also decided this morning i would have it warm and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just what i needed.... Ok so tomorrow is cardio day.. Might try and fit 2 sessions in for max fat burning opportunities... Ummmmmmm hang on.. I WILL fit 2 sessions in... Maximum results require maximum effort Lyndal... Nitey nite (9:10pm) xx Exercise: AM 1hr Maxine's weights session followed by 20min HIIT. PM 1/2hr boxing PT session. Diet: 100% clean nutrition plan (as always).. Weight: 65.3kg (-9.8kg) Mindset: spot on, lovin it, proud of myself, feeling good (a lil tired sometimes but that's my fault for sitting on the forum for ages after i blog ;-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    22 Sep 2014
    11:08 PM

    DAY 57 Up at 5:30am. 1hr cardio session HIIT on crosstrainer (550 cals). Busy morning running kids around then Weights at gym with PT. Chest,back & biceps 1hr. + 40 minutes cardio after. Busy arvo then finally home. Been feeling good allday and just now have hit the wall.. *YAWN*... I have been having a Kanga banger for a snack the last few days YUMMO... Hubby bought a smoker for the webber yesterday and smoked a batch... OMG deeeeelish... It sounds yuk but love just throwing one in my bag (wrapped of course) for a quick snack on the run.. I know i can have fruit or a burn bar etc but this is just something a lil different and only 70 cals each.. So i started thinking today about final pics and what i should do... I have never had a spray tan so i am a bit nervous but i need to do something to this lily white body of mine... Also never had my nails done or a wax (except for my eyebrows and lip)... People think im crazy and don't believe i havent had these things but i dunno, i just haven't.. I'm not tom boyish at all and i love girly stuff but for some reason i have just never been into the waxing, nails done scene... I think i MUST get a tan and prob a wax down there & legs but not sure about the rest. Hmmmmm will ponder this for a few days.. I wonder what i am going to look like in another 4 weeks????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hope ok... Geeeez that wall has seriously slapped me in the face, i must go to bed as up early for another weights session... Exercise: AM 1hr HIIT crosstrainer (home) worked hard... PM: 1hr weights session at gym with Brig (PT) then 40 mins cardio rower/treadmill... 30mins tready on incline 10 speed 6.. Got the legs a pumpin ;-) Diet: 100% clean nutrition.. Oats with PP, almonds, kanga banger, tuna salad/rice, shake, roo & steamed vege, shake before bed... Weight: ??? weighing in the morning Mindset: 100% ready for this next 4 weeks. So happy to be doing this challenge still and loving my transformation so far.. Need to strip the fat NOW... Ihope it happens, just happen please please please lol...

  • Lyndal Trott
    21 Sep 2014
    10:35 PM

    DAY 56 Up early today with my lil one.. Pottered around for a while until hubby surfaced lol.. He usually goes for a Sunday morning early bike ride but the weather wasn't great. He did cardio first so i waited patiently for him to finish as we were using the same thing. YAY my turn.... 60 minutes HIIT on cross trainer. It's funny as the first 10 minutes are always the hardest then you kind of get a rythem going and you just work hard without stressing about it.... Later on i did my fitness test for week 8 end.. Hmmmmm a bit disappointed as some things were the same and one was actually less then the last result.. I honestly did the best i could.. I had a chuckle to myself today whilst doing some housework. It's funny how this regime just takes over your life.. When i bend down to pick up the kids toys etc i find myself squatting and squeezing muscles etc then doing a few more... Why not hey?? I swear when i mop the floors you would think i was on the olympic mopping team.. I work my butt off on purpose cause i want to work every muscle.. If the opportunity is there lol........ Looking forward to the new 4 week program tomorrow. The diet hasn't really changed but the training has.. I was also thinking today about the people who didn't check in after week 4 & the people that may not check in after week 8... I really felt sorry for them as they didn't take on this 12 weeks and get the benefits of this program. I know i know everyone has different circumstances etc but they signed up in the first place which suggests they wanted to change... I am so glad i have stuck with this and realised along the way (and i know we have 4 weeks to go still) that this is a life commitment, not just 12 weeks.. I really wish those people had stuck with it... Anyway i am off to bed as i promised hubby i would be up before the sun to spot him before he goes to work... Exercise: 60 minutes HIIT crosstrainer + fitness test Diet: 100% clean... I just had protein today to see how i would go on a cardio day... Went well, no different really from not having carbs... Am trying also to stay away from dairy as i read in the forum if you want to strip a bit more, cut out the dairy.. I'm not going to be super strict on the no dairy, but i dont really have alot anyway, only what is on the plan like the yogurt etc.. Weight: ?? Mindset: Switched on woooohooooooo feel good and want to/ready to work hard the next 4 weeks...

  • Lyndal Trott
    20 Sep 2014
    10:38 PM

    DAY 55 Gym session this morning - weights.. PT session. Felt good today, i even walked through the shopping centre in my gym gear lol.... First time ever.. Confidence was ok but needs to keep getting better... Had a bit of a weird day food wise... Just snacked alot today.. Few nuts, kanga banger, few nuts etc... It was all healthy but i think maybe just a little to much of it... Attended a high tea this afternoon for my hubby's cousin who is getting married in 2 weeks.. Was a lovely afternoon. Sooooooo much yummy food but i resisted and had a cup of tea and a burn bar.. YAY for me.. I also wore a dress today that i have not been able to fit into since my honeymoon 4.5yrs ago.... Woooohoooooo what a great feeling pulling out all my nice clothes again... Pics attached... Cardio tomorrow and i am going to go nuts.... Work my butt off and then some.... Only 4 weeks to go... Exercise: 60 mins weights session PT gym Diet: 100% clean BUT ate to many snacks throughout the day Weight: ? Mindset: Great

  • Lyndal Trott
    19 Sep 2014
    10:41 PM

    DAY 54 _ living the challenge Cardio today.. I did another 60 mins of HIIT on the crosstrainer. I felt like i really worked hard the other day so gave it another go. I also read a post last night on the forum where someone was concerened with their legs and what they should do to strip the fat etc... My thoughts exactly lol... Fred answered by saying to do the cardio on treadmill for 45 minutes on a certain incline & speed. I dont have access to a treadmill and figured that i pretty much did that the other day on the xtrainer so i have stuck with it. Honestly it is a full on cardio workout and i work my ass off. I have attached a pic showing me before & after... Almost passed out in the after shot lol..... Rest of the day i cleaned the house and swept my back area (it's huge) and probably a workout in itself :-) I have decided NOT to do the mini cycle shake plan... I read a few posts on the forum & saw a few comments from challengers that have tried it last year and also coaches who say don't do it... I do have to strip fat but if i can't do it the healthy and safe way then why do it... I want to be able to train hard, eat well & not have my family leave me lol.... I have a cracking headache so i am off to bed... Can't believe we are nearly at the end of week 8. It has gone quickly & i am still really enjoying the changes. I have a kitchen tea/high tea to attend tomorrow. I am not in the slightest bit worried i will be tempted but i will report back tomorrow... Gym in the morning :-) Exercise: 60 mins on crosstrainer cardio... 1 min fast pace at L6, 1 min pumping legs at L12/13 repeat 60 minutes... No rest & working hard the entire time... Diet: 100% clean nutrition. I have tweaked the diet slightly.. Not alot just no fruit.. Still having evrything else on the Maxine's plan.. Weight: ? Mindset: Great, switched on & can't wait for the end result..

  • Lyndal Trott
    18 Sep 2014
    11:22 PM

    DAY 53 AM Mid morning weights session today whilst lil Sammy was having his therapy.. Maxines Training but with a few added exercises, heres how it went.. 4 x sets of 10 reps with small rest (very small) in between sets. Flat machine bench press, incline dumbell press with ss pushups. Lat machine pull down, seated cable rows. Barbell squats (my gym machine) with ss weighted lunges.. Sumo squats with bar (28kg) Calf raises with ss plyo lunges x 20 & 1 min wall sit.. The last 3 exercises one after the other really made my legs burn which felt great as it takes alot for those buggers to burn. But they seem to be a trouble spot for me. Can't seem to get rid of the chubb gggrrrrrrrrrrr... PM Had afternoon PT session with John. 1/2 hr boxing/conditioning... I felt weaker than usual today.. But good session.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Starting to get a bit worried about the whole fat stripping thing.. Worried that it won't go.. Not sure whether to do the 5 day shake diet that is suggested for stripping fat or not... Im worried i might go mental hungry and act like those people in the Snickers ad where they are mega nasty because they are dying of FLAMIN hunger lol... Hmmmmmmmmmm what to do what to do??? I guess i could try it and see how i go.. Part of me thinks well it's only 5 days and i have been so strong mentally this challenge that i just have to pull out all mental toughness and prove to myself i can do it... OR as i said, just try it out and take 1 day at a time... Hubby doesn't really want me to do it as he thinks i will get CRAZY lol.... Well crazierrrrrrr..... Anyway i will have a think about it for a few days. I bought the latte flavour protein powder today. Haven't tried this one yet so look forward to having it tomorrow :-) Exercise: 70 minute weights session (home gym) + 40 mins at PT (cardio/conditioning) Diet: 100% clean nutrition plan (i have been warming my shake at night and OMG - deeeeeelish) Weight: Mindset: Great... But thinking alot... Bit nervous for the last few weeks as there is alot to think about re stripping, cutting carbs, reloading carbs etc etc...

  • Lyndal Trott
    17 Sep 2014
    11:30 PM

    DAY 52 - upload day Hubby took my week 8 pic this morning.. Happy with my progress but i want more more more lol... Still unhappy with my legs, just not sure what i am going to do there... Had a busy morning then home to do some cardio. I was a bit time poor today so thought i would jump on the cross trainer for a quick 25 minutes of HIIT.. I haven't done HIIT on the crossy before so i did 1 minute flat out on level 6 and 1 minute at level 12 REPEAT... It goes up to 16 so level 12 was hard. For the flat out minute i used arms but for the other minute just really concentrated on pumping my legs and squeezing those butt muscles. I was loving it so at 25 minutes i thought ah what the hell, the washing can go in the dryer and the house can stay a mess... I'm going for it... Ended up doing 1 hour like this.. I was sweating my heart out by the end.. Worked really hard and felt great after.. So i jumped on the scales this morning and i have now lost 9.4kg since day 1.. I can't believe it.. I really think i may just get to my goal by the end... But now i may just after the challenge try and get to 60kg... My goal was 63 but hey, why not see what i can do. I am realistic though that's why i will keep it up once the 12weeks ends.. A few pics up tonight of the 3 stages of the challenge... Week 1, 4 & 8... I can see a difference this time. Last check in i was a little upset.. Trust in the program they said lol... I have and it's working woooooohoooooooo.... The pic of me in my jeans blows me away... Janet asked the question a while back in the FORUM about motivation clothing pieces and this was mine. I said mine was simply to get back into my old jeans..... YEEHAAAAAAA.... Exercise: 60 minutes Interval training crosstrainer Diet: 100% clean nutrition Maxine's Weight: 65.7 Mindset: Awesome & happy with my progress. I am mindful though that i have a way to go and the work is going to be more intense...

  • Lyndal Trott
    16 Sep 2014
    10:35 PM

    DAY 51 - STARTED WELL BUT.......... Started today really well... Usual morning, Sam had therapy & i went into the gym. Did a 1hr weights session as per plan followed by a 25 minute HIIT session on the xtrainer... worked really hard & sweated my butt off. Felt good. Directlt after that, the day turned to crap and i had a shocker... I felt really emotional allday, angry, upset, tired, exhausted, could hardly be bothered to move. The kids must have sensed it and they were fighting and agro allday aswell which made me even more stressed. I was hungry and wanted to eat everything in my pantry. For the first time since day 1 in the comp i wanted to give up. Not because i feel it is to hard (i have been smashing it) because i was just emotional. So yep i must be an emotional eater... Well i kinda knew that but today definately confirmed it.. Well it's time to fess up and admit that i am only human after all. At 6;30pm (yep the day was nearly over) i caved and ate half a box of cookies.... Yep i did... Then i had toast for dinner, then a few scoops of my sons coconut ice-cream... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what an idiot... THAT IS THE VERY FIRST TIME IN 7 weeks i have eaten off the plan.... I am majorly disappointed in myself as i have been 100% strong but today just sucked beyond a joke and well it happened. I have been reading the odd blog at night and thinking öh no why did you cave over the weekend, why would you, how could you etc etc and now i have done just that. I wonder if someone will read this one and think the same thing? Well i am not going to dwell on it, just learn from it cause i feel pretty shit right now.... NOTE TO SELF: DAY 51, remember it, learn from it and do not go there again..... Exercise: 60 minute weights session + 25 minute HIIT cardio xtrainer Diet: Clean UNTIL night when i well read the above... Not good... Weight: 66.0 (-9.1) Mindset: SHOCKER SHOCKER SHOCKER.... First bad day since the start... Learnt from it and tomorrow will be 100% again......

  • Lyndal Trott
    15 Sep 2014
    11:06 PM

    DAY 50 Ahhhhh these kids of mine really know how to make me tired. Eldest had trouble sleeping so i was up a fair bit last night then my youngest woke at 5am... Yay awesome lol... So Monday mornings my youngest has therapy so i do cardio (home) then he goes to the Autism Assoc in the arvo and i go to PT for my weights session at the gym. But today nothing went to plan. His therapist called in sick then my mum couldn't sit my eldest as she is sick & poor Sam couldn't go to AAssoc as he was snotty.... These things happen i guess but cause mum is sick i have had to reschedule the whole week... Anyway still got my weights session done at home. 70 minutes of the Maxine's weights session plus extra legs, ball curls, wall sits etc to get them to burn a lil more.. Also did a fair few pushups between sets of chest & back. Still feeling a bit average on the cold front but not to bad. A little cup of green tea with lemon was in order this afternoon :-) I have had 3 lots of almonds today oops... 30 in total... I really need to get a few other snacks as i can't go eating this many almonds every day.. Exercise: 70 minute weights session - home gym today Diet: Meals today were: Oats/protein powder + black coffee Protein shake (after workout) + 10 Almonds Tuna/salad/brown rice 10 Almonds + green tea 150g Kangaroo + steamed greens 10 Almonds then protein Shake before bed So almost 100% nutrition plan just a bit of difference (no fruit & too many bloody nuts) Weight: 66.3kg (this is the least i have weighed since i got married 4.5yrs ago) Mindset: A bit pissed off because of all the changes i have had to make to this weeks schedule but hey it happens. Other than that all good :-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    14 Sep 2014
    10:33 PM

    DAY 49 - Ahhhhhh still sick Well i am upset today as i decided to not do cardio as i am still unwell. Terrible throat again and short of breath.. I am so over it.. Lacking energy due to coughing all the time blah blah whinge whinge.... C'mon cause it's week 8 tomorrow and i have some major goals to go get :-) Watched the nrl finals today with hubby. I am a die hard Bulldogs fan YAY and we belted the Storm. Hubby and i watched the game with a protein shake... Usually it would be half a dozen beers but not today... Getting used to celebrating things without having a drink.. It's actually been pretty easy suprisingly... I really have to get to bed as i need this shitty cold to go ASAP.... EXERCISE: NIL due to being sick (still) DIET: 100% clean nutrition Maxines plan (as usual) WEIGHT: ? MINDSET: I am full on not going to cheat or cave BUT i must say i wanted to eat crap today. Must be TTOTM about to hit. Of course i did not cave. Mind is to strong... 5 weeks to go and i got goals in sight....

  • Lyndal Trott
    13 Sep 2014
    11:07 PM

    DAY 48 - Up early this morning to help spot hubby in our home gym.. He is doing really well and upping his weights a fair bit. Yay bring on the sexy guns babe..... I went to the gym for my 9:30am PT weights session. Doing the PT thing (only been with Brig a few times so far) so i can push heavier weights and get me out of my lil comfort zone.. She is off overseas for a comp in a few weeks and wow she looks so muscley. Love it.. Fit is the new skinny wooohooooo... I just have to get there first lol....... Good hard session.. Loved it.. Then home to hubby and kids. We went for a lovely walk to the park.. It was a pretty brisk walk actually as i was pushing the pram and the boys were riding... Beautiful day here in Perth & so good to be feeling great in my gym leggings and not covering up with big trackies and baggy tee's... Happy days :-) Went to Bunnings this arvo for a sandpit.. OMG.. Ok rant time. Been feeling a lil hungry today for some reason and when i got to B they had the usual sausage sizzle thing... Cool, never had one while at B but it's all good for fund raising etc. BUT i get to the door and they offer me lollies, then i walk three more steps and they offer me a bag of popcorn... What??? Then just around the corner is a cafe where Thomas starts carrying on wanting a cookie they had on their junk ridden counter.. Ummmmm you are a Hardware store not the friggin Royal Show..... Seriously no wonder the world is turning FAT... I know people can choose to say "no"which i did but for many it is hard when it's shoved in your face.. Plus the amount of kids running around with this crap was unbelievable. It's hard enough going to the shops where you expect it but at a hardware store???? Anyway i said no to the cookies and popcorn for Thomas but i let him have one lolly on the way out... YEP they offered me more on the way out... Sheeeeeeeeeeesh.... Ok rant over lol.... I had to drop into the supermarket on the way home for one or 2 things, i was soooooooooooooooo hungry, seriously i wanted to punch something hungry... I ended up buying a small 145 cal protein bar and devouring it in the carpark like a crazy woman... Why o why did i do that?????? I know its not the end of the world but i should have just waited till i got home. I should have had a Maxines in my bag. Won't make that mistake again... Fish & vege for dinner yummo and now for a protein shake before bed... 7 weeks with no grog... Feels great but when the sun comes out it's hard to not have a beer.. Well not really that hard, the thought came and went just as fast.... Tomorrow however my beloved Dogs play the Storm and it would be nice to have a beer BUT i made a committment and no way in hell i am renegging on that... I got this :-) OH i got into my jeans today YAY.... No muffin top... Only a few weeks ago i could NOT get them any where near the doing up stage... Feeling proud but still lots more to do.... Exercise: 70 mins at gym.. Weights session with PT. Worked hard and to failure on a few things. Maxine's weights plan Diet: 100% clean nutrition but i did have that protein bar (145 cals) WEIGHT: 66.4 (-8.7) Mindset: Great but seriously hungry today for some reason. Will need to monitor this as my training gets harder. I dont want to turn into freak starving lady like this arvo lol....

  • Lyndal Trott
    12 Sep 2014
    10:16 PM

    DAY 47 Woke up this morning feeling quite a lot better. Not 100% but waaaaaay better.. Friday is usually CARDIO day but decided to do yesterday's missed (due to sickness) weights session instead. Chest/Back/Legs day.. I added a few bits and pieces to the Maxine's program like pushups between chest sets, lunges aswell as squats, stiff leg dead lifts & 1minute wall sits etc.. I was excited today as i got to properly use for the first time our new gym attachment.. It is a bit annoying as you have to dismantle bits and pieces to use it but well worth it. So it is a Lat pull down/seated cable row attachment. The gym has another part that we were using for Lat pulls but it just didn't feel right to me... But it was great today. Really felt the difference. Pic attached :-) I really wanted to try and fit some cardio in this afternoon but it just didn't happen time wise & i actually started to go a bit down hill sick wise. Had to do a quick dash to Mr S for a protein purchase. So lucky as they have just opened up around the corner from me. And they are the cheapest in my area so WIN WIN... Must hit the hay as feelin a little ill again & must get to the gym in the morning.. Exercise: Weights. Chest/back/legs/calves 70 mins Diet: 100% clean nutrition. No fruit for snacks. Replaced with protein (egg white/nuts) Weight: ? going to weigh tomorrow morning... Mindset: AWESOME DETERMINED & COMMITTED.... Although i keep thinking about chocolate for some reason.. BUT i will not have it.... It is dead to me lol...

  • Lyndal Trott
    11 Sep 2014
    2:18 PM

    DAY 46 -Are you freakin kidding me??? Yep crook again... I knew it was going to happen as the kids keep getting sick & i guess it's inevitable. BUT it still SUX.... Feel really weak, head cold, sore throat - the usual suspects... Had planned to train while Sam was doing therapy but i just can't... My head is going mental because there isn't alot of time left to get the results i want but my body is saying no way lady, not today... I find it hard mentally as my mindset has been great the whole challenge so when i can't do something (like train) it freaks me out.. even if like yesterday i didn't feel like it, i still did it & the mind said good on ya girl & i felt good. I know i am probably over thinking it but i think i would rather have a mindset like this than just saying "F it, who cares". Nutrition will be spot on and will makesure i drink lots of water (what's new lol).. Will write later, Sam nearly done.. Trooper, he is just about done with his second ABA session for the day. That's 4 hrs of play/teaching therapy and he is only 2.5yrs... There may not be a cure for AUTISM but he will get everything he needs to be the best he can be... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok nothing much else went on today just felt terrible so i am off to bed... Please be gone in the morning as i need to train, head is driving me insane lol...... Exercise : none (due to being sick) Diet: 100% clean nutrition Weight: ? Mindset: It's all good but no exercise gets my guilts on... I really need to learn how to deal with that...

  • Lyndal Trott
    10 Sep 2014
    10:17 PM

    DAY 45 - Living the challenge Had a bit of a rough night with my lil one (again).. He wakes up screaming and won't go back to sleep FOREVER........... Then my eldest came in saying he was having bad dreams "sigh"... Cardio day today... To be honest i really did not want to do it today. Sore throat, tired from a crappy night BUT i just did it. I enjoy exercise but just could not feel it today... I am sooooooo glad i got my mindset right and completed a pretty gruelling 60 minutes. I was stuffed afterwards but hey i made it & felt good for it... Body not so good maybe but head space good lol.. I just took a couple of cold & flu tabs as i feel like i am getting sick.. Nooooooooooooooo no time for that... Let's hope i wake up peachy after a good nights rest :-) I signed up to Instagram a few weeks ago but i just can't find the time to get on there.. I went on today for a few minutes (all i could spare) and there are some pretty amazing bodies coming together.. I actually got off there thinking, crap i got no chance... But ya gotta be in it to win it.. I am transforming also, just have a long way to go... 8.4kg so far is nothing to laugh at that's for sure and i am proud of my hard work so far.. All the clothes i put on today were falling off. Such a good feeling. The total opposite to how i was feeling 7 weeks ago. If i didn't start this journey i probably wouldn't fit into my big clothes right now... Thank god i got the balls to make a change.. Weights tomorrow... Hope this crappy headache goes please please please.... Exercise : 60 minutes cardio (project ripped) Diet: 100% clean nutrition plan.. Oats with protein powder, 10 almonds & boiled egg, Chicken brown rice salad, 10 almonds, protein shake, fish & vege, protein shake before bed.. Weight: 66.7 Mindset: Well didn't feel like workout today but i just did it & happy i did.. Other than that lil hiccup, all good

  • Lyndal Trott
    10 Sep 2014
    12:03 AM

    DAY 44 - Post says 10th Sept but it is still the 9th here in the WEST... That's what happens when you blog late.. Weights this morning as per the plan plus a few extra sets. PT tonight my 1/2 hr boxing... I have had a bit of a sore shoulder and tonight it is quite bad... Pretty painful actually and getting worse... Half an hour doesn't seem long but man o man he gets me working for that time.. I think my fitness is coming good then he smashes me down a peg lol... Hurried blog tonight as i am totally stuffed and must get as much sleep as possible... Arms feel tired all the time but trainer said it's normal as my body is going through changes and also getting used to lifting heavy... Same as Janet's post "what to expect"... Ok over n out... Exercise: 60 minutes weights session + 40 mins cardio (boxing/conditioning/pain lol) Diet: 100% clean nutrition plan... Boiled some eggs today to start having as snacks for another option.. Weight: ? Mindset: Was a bit hungry today (or bored) so it messed with me a bit BUT i didn't cave.. No way... Just had water & kept my mind occupied... YAY for me... This gal doesn't put her face in the junk no more lol xx

  • Lyndal Trott
    8 Sep 2014
    11:43 PM

    DAY 43 - Time to ramp it up After much thinking i have decided a trainer is in order to help me up the anti.... There is a trainer at my gym who is a friend of a friend so she is helping me out for the next 6 weeks. I decided although i have made some great progress this first 6 weeks on my own (well except for the half an hour a week i see my PT for boxing) i want to take it to the next level and see how far i can push myself... Now i am not sprouting here but for 6 weeks i have been 100% committed to the Maxine's challenge. I have had PERFECT nutrition, not one slip up, i have had 1 scheduled training day off due to feeling exhausted in 6 weeks. My mindset has stayed focused and switched on & i do not want to finish the second half of the challenge thinking i could have done more. Seriously i really want to see what i can achieve in 12 weeks. I don't want to say at the end of it "what if i didn't eat that"or maybe i should have trained more"etc.. I want to push hard so i can say "i could NOT have done any more"... I know everyone is different. People slip up.. Shit, i have been slipping up for 4.5yrs. But i will finish this to the best of my ability. It's a challenge for 12 weeks then a lifestyle. ENTER TRAINER... I met Brig last week and have had a couple of sessions late last week and today. I like that someone is pushing me. So today i had a spare 35 while my lil one was in therapy so i jumped on the cross trainer for a bit of cardio.. Doesn't matter that the washing wasn't done, the house was a mess etc... Ha ha.. Ramping it up.. Priorities ;-) Then off to the gym after running kids around etc.. Brig is working with the Maxines weights training schedule for me but supersetting things to make me work harder. I love being in the gym. It's so much more exciting than home weights even though i am spoilt with the equiptment we have... Busy late arvo blah blah blah & now it's zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz time. Oh i must remember to do measurements in the morning.. Exercise: 35 min cardio on crosstrainer AM + 60 min weights session at gym PM Diet: 100% clean nutrition Weight: 67.1 (-8kg) sooooo stoked with the result so far... 8kg in 6 freakin weeks... Bloody lovely :-) Mindset: Focused & upping the anti....

  • Lyndal Trott
    7 Sep 2014
    11:16 PM

    DAY 42 - Fathers day Wow the end of week 6... It really has gone fast. I feel like i am getting back into life. I am starting to like putting my clothes on again because i feel soooooo much better. I have a way to go still to achieve the results i want but knowing i will get there is making it the more exciting. Fathers day today so let the hubby have a lil sleep in then we made him breaky. Egg white omlette & oats for him today. It's so easy being on this plan & knowing what to have every meal.. Prep is easy, clean up is easy WIN WIN... Cardio today. As it is Fathers day i let hubby do his first lol while i looked after the kiddies then my turn.. Today i did Janets skipping challenge again & 35 minutes on the cross trainer.. So an hour all up.. My 3.5yr old wanted to do all the exercises in the skipping challenge so had to show him a burpee and star jumps even though he see's me do them all the time... Couldn't quite get it but he will... I love that he see's hubby and i exercising every day. I thought about my dad alot today. He was killed in a work accident when i was 3. I honestly dont know how my mum coped with 2 kids under 5 & that happening... Went out for the afternoon to inlaws for lunch. Had a lovely steak and vege for lunch. They are healthy eaters so it was nice to have nothing tempting there. Although in saying that, we are switched on mentally so we wouldn't have caved.. I still can't believe it's been 6 weeks.. Half way.. Weights tomorrow but i think i will do some cardio in the morning and weights at the gym later... I am so thankful that my wonderful hubby is so supportive. He is a great dad & works really hard to make us all happy. So YAY for him... Exercise: 60 minutes cardio (skipping challenge/cross trainer) Diet: 100% clean (a bit different to the nutrition plan today so i counted calories and had 1200) Weight: 67.5 (-7.6) Mindset: Feeling good, mindset great, ready to tackle next 6 weeks of this challenge

  • Lyndal Trott
    6 Sep 2014
    11:22 PM

    DAY 41 I went to the gym this morning (i joined earlier in the week). Love my home gym but have 2 opportunities during the week to go. It's great as sometimes working out in the same place can get a bit boring.. I did my scheduled weights workout. Worked hard and even sweated lol.. My arms have been a bit tired this week and today was no exception BUT i just got on with it. I loved watching everyone also ;-) Rest of the day was pretty busy but not much else to add today... Bit of a boring blog today lol... Exercise: gym weights session & 1/2 hr walk on treadmill Diet: 100% clean maxines plan Weight: ? Mindset: good but had a few stresses today and i wanted CHOCOLATE.... NOt cool but of course i didn't have any. Hot protein shake it was

  • Lyndal Trott
    5 Sep 2014
    11:00 PM

    DAY 40 - Ok ok ok so i didn't get up early today like i said i would ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Today has been terrible for me energy wise. We had a busy morning with therapy, then visitors then more therapy for Sam. All day i had in my head that at 1pm when Sam was in his second session i would do an hour cardio but i just honestly could not get my body to move... I usually like exercise but the thought of having to expend that much energy today almost had me in tears... WHAT THE HELL??? Who is this weak whiney chick???? Argh i just had to tell myself that i needed a rest. I have NOT missed a training session since day 1 so my head was really messed up with guilt but i have since had to let it go as it was driving me nutto....... I found by posting on the Maxine's Shape up mums FB page about how i was feeling really helped as the girls supported me and even made me laugh... I also was getting dizzy every time i stood up (not that i sit down much, i should really say stand up from picking up the kids mess lol). Anyway tonight on the forum i read a msg from Janet about what to expect between wk 5-6 and it soooooo hit home and made soooooo much sense. My body is feeling like this as it is experiencing change. It's out of it's comfort zone etc... Well i had today off so now it's time to step it up... We are nearly half way... I have a huge morning in the gym tomorrow so i will go as hard as i can... My nutrition was (as usual) 100% clean. I had some friends over this morning & just had a black decaf coffee and 10 almonds. 6 weeks ago i would have had 10 choc biscuits and ate the left overs when everyone left... It feels good to have willpower and a goal. I am off to bed as feeling tired and really need to sleep for a big gym session. PLEASE sleep tonight kiddies (both of them had me up at times last night)..... Mummy is trying to get fit :-) Exercise: NIL Diet: 100% clean Maxine's Weight: ? Mindset: Yeah good although not training messed with my emotions a bit BUT it didn't derail me

  • Lyndal Trott
    4 Sep 2014
    10:51 PM

    DAY 39 I am starting to think maybe just maybe i'm not a morning person lol... Couldn't get myself up until just after 6am.. I knew i could train whilst my son was having therapy so it wasn't the end of the world.. BUT.... I had made a few plans that fell through (through no fault of my own) and things got a little stuffed up.. Unreliable people really upset me... Anyway, i ended up having to break up my weight training today so did legs in the morning and chest/back etc in the afternoon. It was ok though as i did a few extra things in both sessions.. It did however result in 3 showers today ;-) Hubby is currently in the gym putting together a new piece of equipment. Our gym has a sort of lat pull down section but i find it hard to use and don't feel i am able to do the exercise with 100% correct form. So it just happens that there is a proper lat pull down extension & seated row that attaches so YAY can't wait to use it.. I put on my bra today and wow it is massive so i took my chest measurement and i have lost 9cm. WOW that's pretty exciting i must say.. I am sort of in between sizing at the moment.. All my current clothes are to big (jeans, bra's etc) and all my old skinnier clothes (size 10) are just a bit to small at the moment.. But i will get back into them... It's sooooooooooooooo bloody awesome that this is happening finally... I am so glad i got my head in the right space and made this commitment.. NEVER looking back baby..... Right... I am putting it out there that i AM getting up early in the morning to do cardio.... I AM I AM I AM..... Nighty night... Exercise: Weights (legs) AM & Weights (chest/back) PM.. Broken up today due to time restraints OH and unreliable people :-) followed Maxine's plan but added some things (leg burners, squats, pushups etc) Diet: 100% clean.. Stick to the plan man... Weight: 67.7kg (-7.4) Mindset: 100% ON ON ON....

  • Lyndal Trott
    3 Sep 2014
    3:54 PM

    DAY 38 - Living the challenge Well today is a massive YEEHA day for me... Took Sam to playgroup (special needs kids, Sam has autism) and as soon as i walked in everyone's jaws dropped as i havent seen them in a few weeks. None of them really know i am doing the challenge and they all said "OMG have you lost weight?" YAY it was really nice to hear it from other people other than family and hubby... So i am in a great mood. 7.2kg gone since day 1... Nothings going to stop me, bring on my goal. i still have a way to go but i just know i will make it. Maybe by the end of the challenge? Maybe not... But hey let's see how far i can take this.... Just finished my cardio workout. Jillian Michaels kickbox cardio then did Janet's skipping challenge. I couldn't time myself or see calories burnt today as my stoopid polar wouldn't pick up my heart rate... I probably should have timed myself using another means but, well, i just didn't think lol.... Ok will write a bit more later as the mother in law is coming over and i probably should clean the floors, yay more cardio ;-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok i'm back... Not much to report this afternoon really so will just go into my stats for the day.. Exercise: 60 inutes cardio... Kickbox cardio + skipping challenge Diet: 100% clean (of course) Weight: 67.9kg Mindset: Really good as usual.. Even though i have been feeling quite tired this week i am still able to exercise & keep my mind strong & focused. I honestly am so proud of myself for what i have achieved so far, mind body & soul....

  • Lyndal Trott
    2 Sep 2014
    11:53 PM

    DAY 37 Could NOT get up early this morning. My body was tired (again)... So i got up at 7 sorted the hubby and kids and then did my weights session. I love todays session. mmmmmm skull crushers i love you... I am becomming a sicko lol... I had no training gear so i put on a pair of running shorts i bought a few weeks ago at KMart ($8 bargain) with the intent to NEVER EVER wear them on their own or out in public... Well i wore them this morning for my training. I was training at home so that was ok. I still felt wierd though as i never wear shorts... I had another training sess at 3:30. PT today as per usual boxing/conditioning.. I actually felt tired and didn't want to go but once i was there i got stuck in and went as hard as i could.. Maybe it was the teaspoon of honey i had beforehand.. My trainer told me to have it and it would give me a bit of energy. He was right.. I got through the session YAY.. Well it's nearly 10pm and i must sign off... I hate rushing the blog but the eyelids are closing on me :-) Bring on tomorrow YEEEEEEHAAAAAA.... Exercise: AM Weights session as per Maxine's plan + PM 40 minutes boxing (and other fun stuff pppppppfffffftttttt) kettle bell swings, pushups on kettle bells, turkish thingo's, etc etc.... Diet: Spot on followed the nutrition plan but had an extra shake instead of fruit Weight: ? Mindset: Awesome as asual, i got this shit ;-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    1 Sep 2014
    11:33 PM

    DAY 36 Today was such a busy day, i have to be honest and say i was in a bad mood alot of it. Why is it when things are going wrong more things go wrong? Anyway all good now. I joined a gym.... It isn't near me but i have an opportunity on a Monday for 2.5hrs of me time so i thought oh well, use it to exercise. My lil one goes to the Autism Association for 3hrs on a Monday afternoon & usually i catch up with a friend nearby but i really want to use the time to better myself so thanks to GROUPON i got a great deal... I think i will go on a Saturday to when hubby is home. I really think it is important to have some time away during the week for yourself. It ended up costing $89 for 2 months unlimited access. I went today and spent an hour with a PT who showed me all the gear. I havent been in a gym for a few years and geez it felt good. Sometimes when i work out in my own gym it can get boring but it was nice today surrounded by like minded people. Hubby took a few snaps of me this morning, rushed though as he was running late for work (whats new lol).. I can see a difference now especially in my mid section. So i guess what the boss says is correct, stick with it and you will see changes,, I am soooooooo off to bed now...I really need to try and blog earlier but i just can't seem to find time during the light hours... Pics: some progress shots. Oh i bought a bag of spinich leaves (yum) but found a few tree leaves in there... I hope i didn't pay extra for those ;-) & tonights dinner Kangaroo (omg i love it) & vege... Exercise: 1hr gym... Did weights all over due to session with PT showing me around * Leg press, barbell squats, sumo squats, stiff leg dead lifts, leg extensions, lying leg curls,walking weighted lunges, Triceps push downs, chest press, shoulder press & a few others.... Diet: 100% nutrition Weight? Mindset: All good although i have had a few times the last few days where i have thought oh yeah that would be nice (food)... But i never cave cause i want this for myself so badly and i want to complete the challenge knowing i have done my 100% best...

  • Lyndal Trott
    31 Aug 2014
    10:15 PM

    DAY 35 - Living the challenge ManOMan i am sooooooooooo tired... Muscles sore again today. Just my shoulders really but soooooooo sore... OK whinge over :-) Ahhhh i had to laugh earlier.. Life has changed so much for me in this last 5 weeks. I spent the morning weighing hubby's nuts lol....... I actually did spend a bit of my morning counting or weighing mine and hubby's almonds for the week. What has my life become hhahahahahahah... Sunday mornings used to be half hungover, lazing around & having takeaway for dinner. Now they are about getting up early, doing a workout, eating clean & weighing nuts.... AND I LOVE IT...... Hubby went for a ride early this morning so when he got home i did my cardio... Did the same as Friday, Janets skipping challenge & crosstrainer. My shoulder muscles were sore ( i think i may have mentioned that already ) so the burpees, pushups etc were harder than the other day.. It actually took 4 minutes longer to but that could have been the interuptions from the kiddies... Busy afternoon/evening & i am sooooo ready for bed it's beyong stupid.... Had the worst bit of steak for dinner tonight. Seriously it was like chewing an old boot. My mouth got a good workout at dinner that's for sure.. But in the end probably only got half the serving as alot of it went to the pooch... That's it today, i can't do/type/think anymore lol.... Exercise: 28min skipping challenge + 22min crosstrainer (475 cals) Diet: Maxine's nutrition plan although i have decided to cut down on the fruit & replace with nuts some days & eggs or eggwhites... Weight: 68.6kg (-6.5 since day 1) Mindset: spot on 100% ready to tackle week 6..... YES YES YES bring it on......

  • Lyndal Trott
    30 Aug 2014
    11:37 PM

    DAY 34 - ouch Woke up sore today, just upper body. Traps & Triceps mainly. Had a 7:30am boxing session with PT. 1/2 hr session consisting of: Boxing rounds, kicks, 1 legged burpees, jumping hurdles, push ups, etc.. Trainer is dropping weight as he has a fight coming up in a few weeks.. I only see him once a week and today he said every time he sees me he can see a change. So thats cool :-) Went home & helped spot hubby while he did his weights session. Few other bits and pieces through the day including shopping for next week. I put my jeans on and wow they are so loose i felt stupid wearing them. Not as stupid though as i felt 5 weeks ago when they were skin tight. So i have a dilemma... Jeans to big but my old jeans i am trying to get back into are to small. Oh well just have to work harder to fit the smaller pair... Hmmmmmmm 2 weeks maybe?????? I had lunch before i went grocery shopping today but for some reason at the shops i was hungry & couldn't help but look at all the junk... I of course did not even think about touching anything as i am not about to ruin all my hard work.. No way in hell am i going down that path again... So i took out 6 almonds from my handbag stash & bought a 750ml water.. I was sweet after that... It feels good to look after my body. YAY YAY YAY... Did weights session late afternoon (just before 5). Hate doing it that late but had no choice. It was good though as hubby spotted me this time.. I love this workout, shoulders, biceps, triceps etc.... Dinner was Salmon (I OVERCOOKED IT) & stir fry greens... I LOVE salmon and although it has good fats it was really oily to me. I havent had salmon for about 6 or 7 weeks, been sticking with white fish. Salmon is pretty much double the calories of white fish so i think i will stick to the white from now on. But oh how i love my salmon... One day we will meet again my ol salmon pal lol.... I am sooooooo tired so i am off to bed (pppppfffffffttttttt who am i kidding? i will sit on here reading the forum for a good while yet) Well it's Saturday night so i can stay up a bit heehee.... Exercise: 40mins at PT early am + 1hr weights session at home (maxines) Diet: 100% Maxine's nutrition plan (although i swapped the bar today (ran out) for eggwhites after training) Weight: ? Mindset: 100% on... Happy with how i am going and craving more

  • Lyndal Trott
    29 Aug 2014
    10:54 PM

    DAY 33 - Another restless night with the kiddies. Up with both. Both not well... Hubby got a cold... Please o please keep me from sickness... It's not in my plan man.......... Cardio day so did Janet's skipping challenge. It was good to do something different. My pic shows the time it took etc. When you read the challenge it sounds pretty easy BUT by the last 2 rounds i was buggered & sweating. The burpees bloody hurt the last few. Then i jumped on the cross trainer for 35 or so minutes and went pretty hard. Works ya butt and legs that's for sure (only when you do the hard levels though). Had a bit of a wierd eating day today. All good, but missed my breaky fruit, only had 2 boiled eggs for lunch & a tiny bit of brown rice. Then some almonds in the arvo etc. Busy day so was all over the shop. But i ate clean & it worked out less calories than i should have had.. Maybe that's why i currently have a headache... It's the first day i have swayed from the plan. But i am not worried as it was all good food.. Not much else to report today.. Got boxing PT in the morning as i missed my 1 session on Tuesday. YAY i get to punch things lol..Then weights later in the day.. Bring it on.. Exercise: 1hr cardio, skipping challenge + crosstrainer. Was a good cardio session. Diet: A bit all over the place but ate CLEAN. Probably not enough food though. Back to the plan 100% tomorrow.. Weight: ? Mindset: Same ol same ol lol..... LOVING IT..... HAPPY HAPPY lalala......

  • Lyndal Trott
    28 Aug 2014
    3:43 PM

    DAY 32 - Holy crap OMG i don't know whats going on, but i feel on top of the world today. I have had a great mindset since day 1 but today i just want to jump up and down screaming I FEEL AWESOME... I have heaps of energy today & am just, well HAPPY... Did my weights session this morning and did really well. I seemed to be able to push the weight easily so will go up next session. Maybe it was the whole positive energy vibe that just made me go nuts lol... Or maybe it was the cr8 carnage i stole from my husband (chuckle chuckle)... My jeans are hanging off me, hubby calling me MC Hammer.. Who i used to love by the way.. Was in the front row at his concert many many moons ago... Ha ha.. Well i guess i should go and see what the kids are up to then off to grab dear husband some more protein powder.. I love that he is doing this with me... He is such a support. I am so lucky. Maybe i should tell him more :-) Back later xx Ok i am back.... Not much to report this arvo... Got to read a few forum posts which was good... I am off to bed as i must get some sleep... Cardio in the morning and i am looking forward to taking on Janet's new challenge. The SKIPPING challenge. I am always looking for new cardio ideas so i am excited.. So 1 min skip, 1 x burpee, 1x star jump, 1x push up... Rest 30sec. Repeat but add 1 of each exercise every round. So 2nd round is x 2 burpees, x 2 star jumps, x 2 push ups etc etc until you reach round 10 where you will be doing 10 of each. Exercise: Maxines Weights session.. 1hr Diet: 100% Maxines nutrition plan Weight: 69kg (-6.1kg since day 1) Mindset: 100% again.... Surely li gotta have a low day at some stage, it's getting boring reading i'm sure lol...

  • Lyndal Trott
    27 Aug 2014
    11:29 PM

    DAY 31 - Going fast Wow it has just hit me that this challenge is going way to fast... Now i keep thinking am i going to get to where i want to be in the next 7.5 weeks? I have lost almost 6kg so thats great but i need to lose another 6 atleast. My body needs to get it's shit together asap.... Didn't have a great sleep last night due to mr 3.5yr old feeling sick. So it was up/down from 3am. Didn't get to do cardio till about 10am and not for as long as i would have liked. But hey i still got it in.. Today i did 2 dvd's with the kids running around me. They were pretty good actually.. Ate perfectly to plan (no extra bars today lol) yep still feel the guilt from yesterday's extra bar,.. I think i will weigh myself in the morning ( i can't help it). Hey it's an old habit, one that i am slowly removing. Atleast it's not the same sort of habit i used to have like eating crap, drinking to much etc... I have kicked them to the curb.. I am feeling so in control right now when it comes to the nutrition side of things.. I have always known what to eat from years ago & being fit & healthy, i just had to re learn i have self control... It's only up to me, i am the only one who can say no... Well i should have said no to that burn bar yesterday bloody hell... Ok ok i am over it ;-) Well it's off to bed as i am spent... Weights in the am.. I might have some of hubby's cr8 stuff and see if i can push a bit more weight.. Exercise: 53 mins cardio dvd's.. 462 cals.. next cardio i am not stopping till i hit 600 atleast. I normally do more than today but had to stop due to time & having to be somewhere... Diet: 100% Maxine's nutrition plan ( i don't have to write down each day what i eat as i just follow the plan) Weight: ? Mindset: woop woop 100% on baby :-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    26 Aug 2014
    11:44 PM

    DAY 29 & 30 This is the 4th time today i have sat down to write this blog..... I didn't blog yesterday as my kids were sick. I usually sit down at night to blog and reflect on the day but was to busy cleaning up vomit. By the time i had finished i was to tired to even think so just hit the hay... Ok so did the weights workout yesterday morning early with hubby. Diet was perfect, had a busy day etc etc. I have decided im not really that keen on leg workouts. I know they are essential as they are the biggest muscle group but i just don't get that excited by them... Must learn to love them.. I must ;-) BUT i loved todays session. I am following the Maxine's weights program. It took a little longer today as i stopped alot to attend to my ill son who chundered a few times whilst i was in the gym. Poor lil man. Seems to be on the mend though now... I have PT on a Tuesday but had to cancel as mum usually looks after the kids for me for an hour or so but she was sick also. BUMMER... So didn't get to punch anything today DAMN. lol. Loooove me some boxing... I feel strong today in my upper body. Must be those wee muscles building under that massive layer of lard lol..I hope to meet them one day haha.. Had a fairly easy day as kiddies wanted cuddles allday due to not being well. I was really hungry today and naughtily had a burn bar in the afternoon. I had already had one in the morning (morning tea on the plan) so i shouldn't have had it. I was just hungry hippo.... It's only the second (i think) time since the start of the challenge i have done that & hopefully the last. Bloody bars are to good...... I am happy with my progress but i want more.. The problem with today is that we want everything NOW & this is no exception... I want a good healthy fit body.. I don't want to be skinny, i want to be fit... I want muscles you can see... Ahhhhhhhhh i gotta go it hey so im off for some rest & recharge this tired old body.. Exercise: Weights program both days (Mon/Tues) week 5.... Diet: 100% Maxines Nutrition plan (had one extra bar) Weight: ? Mindset: Good but the hunger today messed with me a bit. Im thinking it was a bit of boredom sitting around the house with sick bubs...

  • Lyndal Trott
    24 Aug 2014
    11:11 PM

    DAY 28 - Last day of wk 1-4 Happy 4 weeks yay... It has actually gone quite quickly and i have loved it.. Felt exhausted here and there but so what..... Life is getting better & better... Started the day with doing my fitness test. I bettered most my exercises exept the jump squats. They stayed at 24. I don't know what was going on with those today, i was so unco & really tired doing them. Glad it was just me and i wasn't doing it in front of anyone lol.... Burpees Round 1 = 14 R 2 = 17 Push ups knees R 1 = 33 R 2 = 40 Crunches R 1 = 29 R2 = 34 Alternate lunges R 1 = 31 R2 = 40 Plank ON TOES R 1 = 1min 34sec R 2 = 2min 19sec Jump Squats R 1 = 24 R 2 = 24 After FT i did a weights session as i missed yesterday's.. OMG note to self: DO NOT DO WEIGHTS WHILE KIDS ARE AWAKE..... Hubby went for a ride this morning and both kiddies were up... See pic for details lol... It was tough trying to navigate the gym with them in there. Of course they didn't want to do anything else except sit under mums feet............ I have a nearly 4yr old that NEVER stops talking like EVERRRRRRRRRR...Ha ha.. I had to answer 350 questions like 4yr old: Mum whats this on the cross trainer? Me: It's a water bottle holder... 4yr old: Oh a water bottle holder... What does a water bottle holder do???????????????? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..... AND 4yr old: Mum what's that man grumpy at me for? Me: What man? 4yr old: That man there (pointing to a picture on the wall)... Me: What are you talking about? 4yr old: That man he is looking grumpy at me (almost starts crying).. Me: Jesus, it's john Travolta & he's NOT angry AT YOU....... and it went on & on & on.... Deep breathes mumma deep breaths lol.... Love em but hard work when trying to lift weights/count reps etc... Took the kids for a walk to the park, stunning day today & loved getting out in the sunshine. Rest of the day was busy as usual.. Went grocery shopping ready for week 5 etc etc. Probably should get going as up early tomorrow to start new weights session.. Looking forward to it :-) Time to step it up a notch me thinks........... Pics today, wore my new Maxines top for my weights... Kiddies helping mum in session (not).... Shake... Dinner... Got the new menu up & ready (with hubby's Max's behind it)... Exercise: 70 minute full body Maxinés weight session + fitness re test + decent paced walk 30 mins Diet: 100% Maxinés Nutrition plan Weight: 69.7 Mindset: goodo :-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    23 Aug 2014
    11:27 PM

    DAY 27 - Things don't always go to plan...... Well today has been sucky from start to finish.. To cut a long story short, no exercise, busy fixing disasters allday but ate well and stuck to the plan. I am peeved that i couldn't fit in my weights but i will make up for it in the morning. It has really messed with my head as i haven't missed a training session yet. But i guess i am only human and i have to expect that things don't always go to plan.. I have a busy week next week & DO NOT want to get caught out so just did a schedule to ensure i know exactly when,where and what i am training. Gotta have a plan man.... No pics today (my very slight OCD will not like the fact i am missing a photo on my blog page lol) I was going to do my fitness test this morning but will have to do tomorrow morning instead (it's scheduled in :-) ) Ok it's 9pm and i am off to get some shut eye ready for a big training sess in the AM.. Oh but before i go i just want to add that this is weekend #4 alcohol free wooohooooooo. Booze has contributed big time to my weight issues over the past couple of years. Especially over the last 10 or so months when we started suspecting our son had autism. Weekends were seriously just a food & drink marathon (i don't mean i was drunk all weekend) but we had wine at night (and more than a few) just to relax and forget about the stresses we were facing. Then the bad food choices began, oh and ice cream etc etc... It became for a while there my thing to look forward to.. I would get through the day because i knew there was something to make me happy later (food) but it never made me happy. It just made me feel like shit. It was a vicious circle and one i HAD to break... If it wasn't for this challenge i can honestly say i would be still riding that vicious circle. Before this, i always thought i would not be able to go a weekend without this comfort food/grog BUT i can go without it, I AM going without it and I AM loving it... It's such a good feeling to be relying on my willpower rather than relying on my weaknesses to make me feel good... I know theres a long way to go but i am not scared nor worried that i can't do it. I know I can & will. I wasn't going to blog tonight because of the crappy day i have had but soooo glad i have as it's helped me realise a few more things... Yay.. Strong mind, strong body.... 23/08/14 Exercise: NIL Diet: Maxine's nutrition plan BUT i ate a whole cookie after dinner instead of the half... Not cool.. Weight: ???? will weigh on Monday Mindset: Good but hated myself for not getting my weights seeion in (but will do tomorrow) PS: Still stressing about the no pic on my blog page... lol

  • Lyndal Trott
    22 Aug 2014
    10:52 PM

    DAY 26 Cardio day & today i did a cardio dvd followed by crosstrainer, just over an hour. Man my legs on the xtrainer were tired. I always makesure i am working at a high level so i can feel my legs and butt pushing.. Go hard or go home right? I have been feeling a bit tired the last few days but i am just sucking it up & getting on with it.. Really looking forward to starting a new phase next week :-) I did measurements earlier this week: Bust: 95cm (-5cm) Waist: 94cm (-6cm) Thigh: 62cm (-1cm) Arm: 32cm (-1cm) Arm flexed: 36cm (+.5cm) Nothing much else exciting happened today. Ate well, clean & simple & to the plan as always.. i must say i looooove my arvo shake. I always have the strawberry. Can't fault the diet & the supp's... I probably need to blog a bit earlier from now on as this time at night i am pooped & can hardly stay awake. Although i will crawl into bed and be wide awake lol... 22/08/14 Exercise: 60 minute cardio session (dvd cardio & cross trainer) Diet: 100% Maxine's nutrition plan Weight: 69.7kg Mindset: No way i am falling off this band wagon baby :-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    21 Aug 2014
    6:45 PM

    DAY 25 - JUST GET OVER IT.... Ok so last night i was pretty down as my week 4 pic wasn't what i had hoped. I feel so much better than i look but i just have to get over it.. Still a long way to go to get the results i want. I am following the plan 100% so i can't go wrong right? BUT..... I am still a crabby cow today because of it.... I did a late cardio session today as had so much on with the kids. My little man (2.5yrs) had 2 therapy sessions this morning one after the other. He was so tired after the 4hrs but of course won't have a sleep... 50 min dvd project ripped & finished off 10 mins on crosstrainer. I was going to go longer but the good ol Jehovah's came a knocking. Which is fine, it's not my religion but they are nice people.. I did answer the door red as a beetroot, mascara dripping down my face & probably smelt like an old sock but hey, THEY knocked lol... i have been hungry since my workout, had a burn bar and shouldn't have. First time i have done that so i am upset with myself... Checked out the week 5-8 plan earlier today.. Looks good. I have been doing all over body with the weights session so will be good to break it up i think. And i am not bothered by the no rest day. I will do as the boss say's lol.... Stirfry for dinner yummo. Keeping it simple with all my meals, exactly to plan. Hubby doing Max's and he doesn't know whats hit him as i have been making his lunch every day. Usually he has to fend for himself. I am enjoying looking after him for once :-) That's about it today, off to get sorted so i can have an early night... Exercise: 60 min cardio (dvd + cross trainer) Diet: Maxine's nutrition plan (although had the bar that's not on the plan. I won't have the 1/2 cookie after dinner) I know thats still not good but it's happened and i have to get over that to.... Weight: ?? Mindset: Yeah still upset but all good... Not going to bother me after NOW...........

  • Lyndal Trott
    20 Aug 2014
    11:16 PM

    DAY 24 - upload day... Today started off with an early am weights session. 70 minutes. Full body. Maxinés. Was going to take my week 4 pics and post on Saturday but realised today we would be locked out of site until we put the pics up... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Hubby got home tonight and we took pics. Ok so i have lost 5.2kg since day 1 (i started on the first day of the challenge, not before) and i feel so much better, my clothes feel looser etc BUT after looking at the progress pic i feel like shit.. Yeah i am really unhappy with how i look. I have such a long way to go, which is cool and i am up for the challenge, i just thought i would look a lil better cause i really feel it. Man my legs neeeeeeeed some major work. Everything does :-( My diet has been perfect and have NOT missed training. Time to step it up a notch me thinks... Maybe more sleep also... Well that's my cue, go to sleep woman... Plus i'm a shitty sooky la la right now so im throwing a tanty & going to bed... A few pics of me tonight & of my eggs and coffee for breaky.. I just can't write anymore as i am deflated (well not as much as i would like to be lol) 20/08/14 Exercise: 70 minute Maxine's weights Diet: 100% Maxines nutrition plan Weight: 69.9 (-5.2) Mindset: well i'm upset but it only makes me want to fight harder. I am not about to stick my head in the biscuit jar and cry "woe is me"... I don't do that shite anymore :-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    19 Aug 2014
    11:57 PM

    DAY 23 - Livin the challenge Cardio day - Tuesday's i do 2 cardio sessions. Today was 60 minutes on the cross trainer (AM) & PT boxing (PM). I was on the cross trainer for no more than 30 seconds this morning and i felt my legs were tired. I just thought my god i am not going to be able to do 45 mins on here BUT i pushed through that shitty mindset and kept going. At 45 minutes i was then thinking, hey i got a bit more to give here so continued on to the hour mark.. THAT BLOODY MIND... I'm tellin ya, it's all in the head... PT this arvo. I am always nervous driving to PT. I was really thinking about it today and wondering why i feel like that every week. I only do a half hour session once a week for a bit of ME time. I think i am scared i am going to fail in the session (in front of someone heaven forbid lol).. Maybe it's because i know i can't rest or quit even. But i don't quit in my own sessions & i push myself so i dunno, it's wierd... Maybe it's because i know it will be a hard and fast 30minute burst & it hurts.. hmmmmmmm ????????? Got some pics of today's session at trainers place. Nutrition was good as always. Still have not slipped up & am following the plan 100%.. Tired as now so off to catch some z's.. Hubby calling me as we have an early weights session in the am.. Pics today 1. Polar evidence 2 sessions. Suprised at the PT session as i normally burn 500 odd cals. Not sure what happened there.. Pic 2/3 morning tea mmmmmmm & my lunch. Rest of the pics are my PT session.... Oh & me and my arch nemesis THE BATTLE ROPES............... Over n out.. 19/08/14 Exercise: 60minutes cross trainer & PT session boxing/cardio/burpees/leg burners etc etc Diet: 100% Maxine's nutrition plan Weight: ???? Mindset: Need i say ;-)

  • Lyndal Trott
    18 Aug 2014
    11:27 PM

    DAY 22 - Come back sleep Ahhhhhhh had a crappy nights sleep last night & mr 2.5 decided it was party time just after 4am... Husband snored & weather was terrible. All reasons for the lack of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's... I waited to do my weights session until 8am when the above mentioned child had his therapy session. But it put me behind for the day doing the session late. That'll teach me for snoozing when i should have been up before day break :-) Anyway was a good session although had a slight twinge in my right arm so ditched the dumbell tricep and did dips instead. I don't think i am working my legs enough though. I have added a few new exercises so will see how it goes.. I have actually had a chocolate craving today but of course i didn't cave. Theres no way i am caving this time. I wonder if it's the whole challenge thing? Cause it's a challenge my mindset has shifted to ït's on baby & im not giving up.. Not sure what it is, all i know is that i am in the zone & quitting this time for ME is NOT an option. I am sick of being a quitter when it comes to health & weightloss... Annnnyyway.... Time for this mumma to hit the hay. Yay i love this time of day :-) Pic 1.. ewwwwww sweaty red faced exerciser in motion.. Pic 2. Today's meals to the plan (as it is every day) 18/08/14 Exercise: Maxine's weights (with a few extra exercises) Diet: 100% Maxines Nutrition plan Weight: ahhhhhh i can't help it, today 70.1 (exactly -5kg in 3 weeks) man this thang is workin WOOHOO Mindset: Surely i don't have to say.... Just look at all my blogs, it ain't changin, i am 100% committed.

  • Lyndal Trott
    17 Aug 2014
    10:53 PM

    Day 21 - Willpower a go-go REST DAY... I did have a rest today as i have had a bit of a sore back. Thought it best to rest the old body ;-) In saying that though i did all the housework and cleaned the backyard, so not like i sat idle allday. We had a family do at our place this afternoon. Now on these occassions i would normally pig out and drink alot of wine but not today... I had an apple/water and a protein shake... Yeehaa for me. I organised a couple of healthy platters (some naughties for the others) but did not touch the bad guys.. Part of me thought, yeah eating that would be nice or having a glass of red would be rather bloody lovely right now but it's just not part of my bigger picture. Pardon the pun ;-) So yeah pretty proud of me... Couple of family members commented that they could see i had lost weight.. That always feels nice. Not much else to report today. I can't believe we are in week 4 tomorrow. It is flying by.. I am loving this challenge a bit to much i think... Bed is calling, up early to hit the weights... Pics today are pretty average lol 1. My 3.5yr old exercising for me (he definately is not average) 2. My staek and vege & 3. A quote i saw on FB tonight Exercise: NIL as i took a rest day (Sunday) Diet: 100% Maxines nutrition plan WEight: No idea Mindset: I am sooooooooo boring or is it predictable?? I am still switched on YEAH (throws fist in the air)

  • Lyndal Trott
    16 Aug 2014
    11:29 PM

    DAY 20 - Had my usual Sat sleep in today. Then up and in the gym at 9am. I was a bit of a cranky pants today so got pretty mean in the weights session. It felt good lol... But i must say i have had a sore back the last few days. Nothing is stopping me though :-) Did the Maxine's weights plus a few extra's. Chest press,lat pull down,shoulder press,barbell curls,fly's,Triceps,barbell squats,walking lunges with weights,calf raises,stiff leg dead lifts and finished with abs & ball curls..... Still not sure if i should be isolating the muscle groups yet, but i am happy with this at the moment as i think it will change in week 5. Busy day just doing chores etc. My meals were all a bit late today & found myself at the shops & starving. I just went home and had my late lunch instead of being sucked in to the food court. Soooooo pleased i am doing this challenge as i know i would have eaten out otherwise. 16/08/14 Exercise: Maxine's weight session with a few extra exercises.. 1hr 15mins. Diet: 100% Maxine's Nutrition plan (5 extra almonds in the car on the dash home to eat) Mindset: SPOT ON... No going back now Weight: Yeah yeah i weighed today.. 70.4 (-4.7) PS: my mother in laws birthday tomorrow and we are having a family afternoon tea at my place. I am not at all worried as i have bought healthy. I am sure people will bring temptations but i am not bothered.. Will power of stone right now... Fingers crossed lol...

  • Lyndal Trott
    15 Aug 2014
    10:39 PM

    Day 19 - Living the challenge Life. Woke up with a sore back this morning.. Oh well boohoo, get ya cardio on girrrrlll. :-) 30minutes on crosstrainer then straight off and into a cardio kickbox routine. I can definately feel in my clothes i have lost weight.. Which is noice.. Still keeping it simple with my meals. Following the plan 100% is so easy. I used to over think what i was going to cook for dinner (and eat the kids leftovers in between) but now i know exactly what i am having. What,when,why,how..... Love it... Simple = works for me. I also get the kitchen spotless in record time as all clean, easy fresh ingredients... Couple of pretty boring pics today, my dinner and dessert.. I swapped my chicken & beef around today (wow Lyndal, riveting stuff lol) Once again off to bed early as i have been wrecked the last few days... 15/08/14 Exercise: CARDIO. 30 min xtrainer followed directly by cardio kick box circuit Weight: ??? Diet: 100% Maxines nutrition plan Mindset: no change. All good & feeling proud i have stuck to it, proud i have kicked some bad habits to the curb & proud of my hubby who is doing the Max's. Oh, & once again i cheered my beloved bulldogs to victory tonight with a water in hand... (it used to be 6 or so beers)

  • Lyndal Trott
    14 Aug 2014
    6:20 PM

    DAY 18 - Off my game & JINX Today has been a bloody shambles. My blog yesterday mentioned how i have been sleeping soooo well lately and then BOOM.... JINXED myself big time. Tossed and turned all night and when i did get to sleep both kids woke at seperate times and i had to go and settle them. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Alarm went at 5:40am so i could do my cardio but i just could NOT get up, sooooooooooo tired. So it just threw everything outta wack.. Busy morning & on the drive home my body was so exhausted i just did not want to work out. It's really the first time i have not wanted to exercise in this challenge. But i knew i had to. I knew that the guilt of not doing the work out would far out weigh the pain of actually doing it so i geared up and SUCKED IT UP... Got the kids sorted and did a cardio/tabata style workout. 55 minutes then went hard on the cross trainer to finish. After that i had lunch, didn't know whether or not to have my post workout shake, as i normally workout in the morning and have it before breakfast, then move my night time one to the arvo and it was already 2:30pm etc etc etc etbloodyc, brain to tired to think and then i became starving (just after lunch) & freaked out cause it was the first time i have actually felt so hungry during this challenge. I was pacing thinking i can't eat anything, i just had lunch but i caved and had a burn bar DOH DOH DOH..... Then realised i forgot my sweet potato at lunch and well it was just a shitty shitty day... Damn it having that bar. I think i will just cut out the 1/2 cookie after dinner. Geeeeeeezzzzzzz what a ramble hey but thats the day i've had. I spose these days will happen, atleast i got my workout in.. All organised for stirfry for dinner then an early night for me.. Hope the kids want to play that game :-) Pic 1. OMG needed a coffee & couldn't even put it in a travel cup lol.. Pic 2. Just before my workout (not happy) Pic3. My trainer for 55mins. Pic 4. Lunch minus the SP. Pic 5. Gone in a flash oops. Pic 6. Polar evidence Over n out :-) 14/08/14 Exercise: 1hr 8mins (haha gotta put the 8 minutes in) CARDIO dvd + 10minute go for gold xtrainer burst Diet: 90% Maxine's BUT had the burn bar after lunch.. Won't have 1/2 cookie & forgot sweet spud at lunch. I am a bit shitty as it's my first day i havent been 100% to the nutrition plan. Damn you sleep...... Weight: didn't weigh Mindset: Well, 100% committed but felt devo'd after having the bar. Ok ok enough banging on about the bloody bar lol (but it was so yummy)....

  • Lyndal Trott
    13 Aug 2014
    10:36 PM

    DAY 17 - Living the challenge life I have been sleeping really well the last week or so. Before this challenge i was a really restless sleeper. Would wake in the wee hours and not be able to go back to sleep for hours.. I hope it stays like this. It also helps that my youngest is back sleeping through the night. Up just before 6am, hit the gym and did weights session. I added a few extra things in today so it took about 1hr 25mins to complete. I am struggling with upping the weights for my shoulder press and it's frustrating me. Nothing much to report today, just busy with kidlets & therapy for my lil one. Although i have stuck to the nutrition plan 100% & not missed a training session i am still stressing that i am not doing enough.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's freakin me out... I really enjoy reading other blogs but then i see some people are doing 2 sessions a day, not having a rest day etc and i am wondering if i should step it up.. I will tell you what i am doing a lot of..... Going to the loo... Geeeeeezzzzz... I have always been a big water drinker but i am drinking more than i ever have. LOVE the H2O :-) Pic 1. My lovely chicken/salad/brown rice lunch. Pic 2. My beloved water bottle never leaves my side lol. Yep today's pics are scrapeing the bottom of the boring barrel lol.... I am seriously off to bed, cardio in the AM.. 13/08/14 Exercise: 1.25hr Maxine's weights session with a couple of added exercises. Really pushed the squats today.. Diet: 100% Maxine's nutrition plan (although i swapped the vege at lunch for salad. Weight: 70.9 (-4.2) Mindset: Still 100% focused however wondering if i am doing enough?? Must think about this over the next few days (when i can keep my eyes open)

  • Lyndal Trott
    12 Aug 2014
    1:04 PM

    Day 16 - Top Tuesday. Cardio session early.. Tried out my new cross trainer this morning. It's a second hand one i bought off gumtree on the weekend. Best $180 spent & works like a treat.. I used to use a cross trainer a lot for cardio when i was getting in shape for my wedding 4.5yrs ago but haven't used one since. Worked up a sweat for 45mins and burnt 515 cals. It really worked my legs which felt good as i think my legs are needing some major work. PT this afternoon. Half an hour of pain (boxing) which i love but i am pretty worn out after. I love the kick boxing but hate the conditioning bits in between (battle ropes, a million different types of burpees etc) i wish i loved those bits but it's hard. Ok here's a challenge for myself: learn to love the hard bits.. Hmmm we will see.. Pic 1. My shoes were ready to go early.. Pic 2/3. These are my size 10 jeans i desperately want to fit into by challenge end. They were loose on me only a couple of years ago.. I was pretty down after trying them on but hey that's what ya get for eating to many spring rolls over the years *SIGH*..... Later that day........... Went to PT boxing session.. AND OUT COME THE FREAKIN BATTLE ROPES.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate those damn things... Meet my friend paaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnn......... But i got through that whole minute lol... Rest of the day good :-) Pic 4. My new gloves.. Pic 5/6 evidence from my 2 sessions.. Pic 6. My dinner (keeping it simple & as the plan says) Once again i'm beat so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 12/08/14 Exercise: AM cardio cross trainer + PM cardio PT boxing WEight: 71.4 Diet: 100% Maxine's nutrition plan Mindset: Good as gold.

  • Lyndal Trott
    11 Aug 2014
    11:22 PM

    DAY 15 - Living the challenge Life.... Up at 5:30am with hubby to hit the gym.. Soooo glad it's in the next room lol... My youngest (2.5yrs) is an early riser so he was up also. He hates it when i work out usually but i think he is slowly getting used to it. See consistency is the key :-) Glad to get the weights session done before 7am as Monday is a busy day with my youngest. He had a full on session this morning with his therapist then off to the Autism association for 3hrs in the arfternoon. Prepped my lunch and ate it in the car on the way.. Nothing better than a fresh crunchy salad with juicey tom's... I am still loving the food.. Stopped off to grab some more protein powder. I have the vanilla and chocolate so today got the strawberry.. OMG deeeeeeeelicious... I had hoped it wasn't going to be to sweet but it was perfect.. YUM.. Started feeling like i was coming down with another cold so grabbed some tablets from chemist to try and keep it away. I do not want to get sick again...... No-one got time for that shit..... For the first time today when i was in the supermarket i thought mmmmmmm chocolate but of course i just brushed it off. I feel so strong at the moment. Things enter my mind and they are dismissed before i even know it.. Yay for me and Yay for being in control... Bed is calling... Cardio in the am.. Havent had a good go on my cross trainer yet so will give it a whirl in the morning. Then PT in the arvo. Go Tuesday YEAH.. 11/08/14 Exercise: 70min weights session (maxine's full body) + added stiff leg dead lifts & ball curls.. Weight: ??? Diet: 100% Maxines Nutrition plan (if it ain't broke n all) Mindset: Awesome as usual (when am i gonna be over it all lol???)

  • Lyndal Trott
    10 Aug 2014
    10:40 PM

    Day 14 - Woohooo 2 weeks in.. Can't believe it has been two weeks already. Well today was pretty uneventful. REST day for me. I did go for a walk & do the housework like a mad woman though. Even though the plan say's it's a rest day i felt bad not doing something.. I tried to get on the cross trainer for a while but it just didnt happen (kids wouldn't allow it).. I spose it's just inground in me now that i should be exercising.. Reading alot of posts on FB etc that people were doing this and that and it made me feel guilty :-( Anyway i shall go hard tomorrow... Something dawned on me today... There are alot of folks saying they are sick of chicken or the menu is getting boring etc. Now i am NOT judging here as i am a massive believer of everyone is different, people have been raised one way or another, people are entitled to their own opinion etc. BUT i just thought, you know what? I haven't been bored at all because i am focused and determined to do this forever.. I also couldn't help but think there are people in the world that get next to nothing to eat and look at all the choices WE have on our menu.. Ya know what? Maybe i am becomming a better person to. I am thankful that this challenge came along when it did and i will continue to be thankful as i see myself turn into the me i know i can be. Changing my mindset & attitude at the beginning of this challenge has been paramount to my staying on track. I can't believe how i have changed in such a short time. I know it's early days but i am head strong and the will to succeed is finally out weighing the need to eat crap over and over again.. Anywaaaaaayyyyyyyyy.... It's amazing the things that come out when you thought you had nothing to say lol :-0 Bed soon so i can up an at em bright and early..... * a couple of pics added of my dinner of steak and vege & Berries/yogurt (which i didn't find boring at all) Exercise - REST DAY. Went for a walk & did housework. Diet - Maxine's Nutrition plan 100% Mindset - Full on 100% WEight - ??? but felt bloated and no change today

  • Lyndal Trott
    9 Aug 2014
    11:06 PM

    DAY 13 - Living the challenge Life Had a sleep in this morning then out and about with the kids and hubby. I felt the guilt close in as i normally train in the morning, but i knew i would train at some stage. We bought a cross trainer off gumtree today just as another cardio option. Hubby works long hours so it's hard to get out with the kiddies (3.5 & 2.5). That way i have a back up plan if my other cardio options fail. Trained at 5pm, weights & abs. Good session & was able to up some of my weights. I have said it before, i feel so lucky to have a home gym. Lucky lucky lucky :-) I had my first craving today... A flat white coffee... But honestly it left my thoughts pretty quickly. I have been having 1 black coffee a day and 1 green tea. Oh and how could i forget the 2.5ltrs of H2O... Just as well i love water and have always been in the habit of drinking plenty daily. Hubby is doing Max's and he bought soda water and a diet soft drink yesterday but i won't have any. I am sticking to the simple... Not much else to report today so i'm off to get some shut eye (which really means i will go on the forums for ages and then finally go to bed)... Pic 1. Our new addition to the gym. Pic 2. Me ready to lift some weights. Pic 3. My 1/2 a Maxine's cookie after dinner as per plan xx 09/08/14 Exercise: 70 minutes weights/ab session. All over body. I haven't started doing isolated days yet. Just sticking to the plan man.. Diet: Maxine's Nutrition plan, although i swapped the chicken at lunch for egg as i forgot to thaw chicken out. Weight: 71.5 (-3.6kg since start) and i know i know i still haven't learnt..... Mindset: still as strong as ever even though i had that momentary thought of a coffee

  • Lyndal Trott
    8 Aug 2014
    5:06 PM

    Day 12 - Living the challenge life.. Wooooooooohooooo day 12.. Hubby got up at 5am to do his weights session so i left him alone this morning. I could hear him working hard in the gym. Up i got a bit later - did the JM cardio kickboxing dvd. Again i did it twice (only goes for 25 minutes which just isn't enough) then did some abs. Good cardio. I love punching & kicking.. Hmmmmmm should i be worried lol.. My 3.5yr old son joined me for about a minute, and as i am huffing and puffing he looks at me and says "don't worry mummy, it's only jumping".... ha ha only jumping???? Kids are funny. MY day has been good so far. Nutrition good, mindset good. Looking forward to weights tomorrow. Bought an olympic bar yesterday to add to our gym so looking forward to using it :-) Pic 1. Evidence. Pic 2. Getting my kickbox on. Pic3. Grose beetroot shot but hey, whocares... Pic 4. A bit more inspiration on my bedroom mirror. I have this stuff everywhere lol... Will write more later.

  • Lyndal Trott
    7 Aug 2014
    4:47 PM

    Day 11 - It's all in ya head... Strong mind & the rest will follow... Soooooo silly i am.. I got off the Maxines site last night with intentions on going to bed but i ended up staying up for a while chatting with my hubby about the challenge. I am very lucky i have his 100% support. So i didn't get to sleep till after 11, my son woke me 3 times during the night (why do they always wake mum???) and up at 5;40am to do cardio. I was absolutely knackered in the first 10 minutes. I am still trying to get rid of this hideous cold so my breathing and chest aren't great. BUT i worked through it and burnt ok calories. Seriously though i was spent. Another lesson learnt, go to sleep at a decent hour. I did a cardio dvd at home & this particular series is darn hard but i know it works me that's why i keep going back for more :-) I am glad i got it out of the way though cause had a busy morning running around with the kids (sam therapy & Thomas 3year old kindy) I have been doing a bit of research this arvo as my wonderful hubby bought us an olympic bar today. Yay i want to work my legs alot harder, i knew i had to and reading the coaches messages today about how important leg day is i knew the day was here. Havent got weights session till Saturday so get myself clued up a bit more i think... I am still 100% committed to this challenge and have NOT faultered once.. I am pretty proud of myself actually as i have normally given up by now... But in all seriousness i have not craved a thing & not felt as though i am missing out. I feel head strong and that's what is going to get me through the challenge.... Pic 1. My man's lunch. Max's has the chicken/salad sandwiches today. Pic 2. Weighing my breakfast oats. Pic 3.Calories burnt from cardio today. Pic 4. Yay my new weights bar (just the bar is bloody heavy eeekkk... 5. My 2.5 yr old decided he would rather do this than have a day sleep. Me being the opportunist decided to do a few squat sets whilst cleaning up :-) Pic 6. Getting my stirfry on I am sooooooo tired tonight so heading to bed (yes i really am soon, i promise)... 07/08/14 Exercise: Cardio dvd 55 mins. 545cals but really struggled as still a bit sick & tired Diet: 100% Maxines Nutrition plan Mindset: 100% focused but i am wondering if i am working out enough. I am doing what the program says but it seems others are going harder. Weight: Ok ok i was naughty and got on the scales, 71.8 (-3.3 since day 1)

  • Lyndal Trott
    6 Aug 2014
    5:23 PM

    DAY 10 - Living the Challenge Life Still crook so didn't work out before the sun came up, a little later though it was a different story.. Wooooo felt good in the weights session today. I have been a little disappointed with the calories i burn doing weights, which is stupid i know (it's a mental thing) so i added some cardio between each set to burn a few extra cals. It worked. I worked hard with my weights and puffed a lil with the cardio. WIN WIN.. Bench Press + jump squats (warm up + 3 sets for all) Lat pull downs + lunges Seated dumbell + star jumps Bicep curls + Mountain climbers Triceps + side winders Barbell squats + in & outs Calf raises + flys Ab crunches + ball curls Off to my sister in laws for our family night tonight (we get together every fortnight) and she is a brilliant cook. Always puts on the yummiest spread. I am taking my fish and she said there will be veges & salad there. You know what the funny thing is? Normally i look forward to the food and wine etc but today i am not at all bothered. Infact i am looking forward to the challenge because i know i won't be tempted. # FEELING IN CONTROL YEAH.. Pic 1. Polar evidence Pic 2. Another motivational sign in the gym Pic 3. Glamming up my after workout shake Pic 4. My eggs and salad lunch (i forgot to defrost chicken as per menu so boiled an egg instead).. Back from dinner: I survived hoobloodyray. I knew i would so all good. Had my fish and salad & a green tea.. 06/08/14 Exercise: Weights session with a bit of cardio Diet: 100% Maxines although i did have eggs instead of chicken for lunch Mindset: Haven't faltered once & i love that feeling.. Come at me challenge lol Weight: ??? I'm outta here as up early for cardio... OMG - Just watched this and now i want to workout (but it's 10pm)

  • Lyndal Trott
    5 Aug 2014
    11:09 AM

    Day 9 - I have decided to give my journey a name : Living the challenge life... If people ask me what i have been doing i am going to answer "living the challenge life".. Crappity crap crap crap.. Slept in today as sickness has taken over. I have decided to have a rest this morning as alot of people on the forums suggest. Tuesday's are a good workout day as i can do an early session at home then my once a week PT session in the arvo. I plan on going this afternoon as i don't want to waste the day... Gotta stick to the plan man.. PM : Felt pretty pooooooo most the day but went to my PT session. Trainer decided "NOT to smash me" as i was ill so did more teqnique work today with my boxing & abs. I still worked hard and i'm glad i went. When i walked in he asked how i was going so i told him i had lost 3kg and he said he noticed it my face straight away.. Yay GO AND GET SKINNY FACE lol... I put my PJ's on tonight and they feel looser but i could be imagining it.. Chicken & vege for dinner tonight and 1/2 a cookie... Noice... I really can't think of much more to say as my head is pounding and i feel shitty.. Sorry for the "woe is me attitude"... Just want it to bugger off... Like NOW... 1.Added some pics of me at PT today (before workout, as i am still smiling lol) 2. My good mate polar & 3. a pic in the gym, i love this quote from MA... That's my day: over & out xx

  • Lyndal Trott
    4 Aug 2014
    11:35 AM

    Day 8 (week 2) She's down but NOT OUT..... Yep sickness has taken hold but i'm not dead so therefore i got up with the 5:30am bell and did my scheduled weights session. I feel lucky that i can do my weights at home. Before last week i probably would have stayed in bed but not today. Building a new me & it all starts with the attitude baby..... Pic 1. my breaky oats with protein powder (vanilla) Pic 2. Some breaky reading material (even though i've read it 3 times lol) Off to bed as the sickness has taken hold booooooooooooooooooooo....

  • Lyndal Trott
    3 Aug 2014
    11:28 AM

    DAY 7.. Wow one week in. I am loving living the challenge life. I feel healthier already and can't wait to keep feeling like this. I have been following the plan to the T and today is supposed to be a rest day. BUT i feel guilty if i have a rest. Ahhhhhhh what to do what to do? Maybe a walk with the kids? Yay just got back from a walk with the family & was hanging out for my burn bar YUMMO.. Not a heart pumping session but it was something.. Give the bod a rest me thinks :-) Felt a bit hungry this afternoon so ended up having 1/2 a Maxine's cookie with my shake. Felt bad but i had to have something... Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo i am getting sick nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... Been fighting it for a few days so fingers crossed i don't wake up with a full on cold. Off to z land (if i can sleep).. DAY 7 - 03/08/14 Exercise : Casual walk with family (rest day) Diet : 95% to plan although had 1/2 cookie as extra. Didn't have the berries/yogurt at dinner. Mindset : 95% just got a bit crabby in the arfternoon when feeling hungry Weight : 72.4 (yes i weighed again damn it) but happy as -2.7 for week)

  • Lyndal Trott
    2 Aug 2014
    10:32 PM

    DAY 6 It was nice waking up today (Saturday) unfoggy lol... Had a little sleep in as Saturdays hubby gets up early with the kids YAY. Had breaky then did my weights workout. Bit of Thomas the Tank on the tele for kids and hubby came in to spot me as i was upping my weights on most things. Still getting used to where my start/limit is but it is week 1 so all good... Did the full body workout as per the plan. At the moment i am sticking to the plan 100% and not changing anything. I have noticed that alot of people are doing certain body parts one day and others the next etc but for me i really want to stick to the format as i feel it's going to give me the best chance.. Loved the weight session then we went for a little walk to the park. Off to the shops to get organised for next week food wise. It's amazing when you look at all the crap the supermarkets sell. And flicking through the catalogues is terrible, so much crappy food available. My sister in law visited tonight so i told her all about the challenge. I love telling people about it, i love changing my life :-) Attached some pics of my day: 1/2/3. Gut hanging over/muffin top just lovely NOT.. I hope to be rid of this in 12 weeks. Pic 4/5/6 - doing my weights. Pic 7 Evidence. Pic 8 My yummo chicken stirfry for dinner. DAY 6 - 02/08/14 Exercise: Weights session 1hr 17mins (added a few more crunches and ball curls) Diet: 100% Maxines Nutricion plan Weight: ok ok i weighed myself today (i couldn't help it) some habits are hard to break but i am going to, I AM... Anyway i was 72.7 (since Monday that's -2.4kg) Mindset: Again 100% focused, have not had any weak moments yet. Feeling happy and determined to get my life back...

  • Lyndal Trott
    1 Aug 2014
    5:41 PM

    DAY 5 - The weekend is almost here eeeeeeeekkkkkkk Up just before 6am.. Did cardio workout 45mins & 425 cals burnt.. Thomas (3.5yrs) woke just after 6 and was sooooooooooooo excited to see me exercising. He joined in as per usual for about 30 seconds then got bored and did other things.. He came back a few times today and said keep going mummy & this is hard work". I love the things that come out of that kid's mouth.. A friend came for morning tea and instead of the usual spread of biscuits and cakes i would do, i put a plate of fruit out and offered her a BURN BAR... Then explained the challenge to her.. She was happy for me but i did wonder if she was thinking OH here we go again..... But she did ask plenty of questions and i was excited to talk to her about it. OK so let me chat about the weekend... Normally i will eat pretty healthy during the week and do a bit exercise but when the weekends arrive i lose my mojo and fall off the wagon on a massive scale. Eat/drink/no exercise etc. It is not uncommon for me to drink more than a bottle of red on a Friday/Sat/Sun night... And i mean a bottle or more each of those nights. NOT over the 3. 6 or so beers watching the footy then maybe a wine or 2. I feel terrible admitting that but hey my blog my truth right..... Drink and then make poor food choices - my weekend in a nutshell, or should i say more like a spring roll. I ate heaps of those bad boys....... I am happy to say that it is Fri arvo and i do not wish to touch or feel i am missing out on any of those things. I am switched on baby and i am going for gold.. I'm not saying it won't be tough cause i am positive during the next 12 weeks it will be at times but i feel so committed to this it actually feels easy at the moment. Wooooooflippinhoooooooooo what a top feeling.. ok i am back - just watched my beloved footy team with a water in hand. That has happened NEVER so i am so proud of myself. Feeling shattered so off to sleep. 01/08/14 Exercise : Cardio - Cardio Kicker dvd. 48 mins 425 cals Diet : Followed nutriction plan but forgot to have the rice for lunch.. Must read properly. Weight : No idea - not weighing on the advice given but must say i feel my face has lost what i call "The Puff". Mindset : 100% still focused YAY Pic 1. Motivation pic, Pic 2. Polar watch, Pic 3. Enjoying my arvo shake, Pic 4. My greenery prep for dinner.

  • Lyndal Trott
    31 Jul 2014
    12:48 PM

    DAY 4 Wake/wee/weigh/workout... That was my morning. I woke this morning feeling pretty good BUT then i weighed. I weigh every morning (have forever) and was peeeeeeeeeeeeeved to see i had put on 100grams from yesterday. I WANTED TO PUNCH MY SCALES IN THE FACE ;-) I know i probably shouldn't weigh every day but i am just in that habit. Oh well it buggered me off for a few minutes and then i got over it. My 2.5yr old son woke just after that (5:40am) which was hard because he HATES it when i work out. He was diagnosed with AUTISM earlier this year and for some reason when i put my training shoes on he goes crazy. Screaming yelling etc BUT i have to deal with that just as he has to deal with mummy working out.. Hopefully it will become a routine and things will settle down. My other son however loves it when i exercise. He came out after i had finished wondering when we were going to start. He was very upset when i told him i had done it.. Cardio this morning and for now i choose to train at home as it is much easier with the litttle people.. Except for my ME time once a week with my trainer in his gym. Did a Jillian Michaels Cardio Kick boxing dvd but after it finished (25minutes) i didn't feel it was enough so i did it AGAIN.. Pic 2 shows my time and cals burnt. Had my shake, got the chocolate Maxine's burn yesterday mmmmmmmmmmm it was deeeelish. Later had oats with the vanilla protein powder. Lot's of people on Facebook and the forums saying they hate the oats with the powder but (insert Jim Carey's voice from Dumb & Dumber) i like it ALOT.. Must go for now as my son is almost finished his thereapy (he is currently doing 13 hours a week and will be upping that soon to 17).. Pic 1. Crazy biatch JM. Pic 2. From my polar Ciao for now :-) 1pm - ahhhhhhhhh my mum just bought over a packet of m&m's for my 3.5yr old.. I was horrified, get that shite outta my house.... Anyway, he ate them.. 8:12pm - Not much to report this afternoon. Loving the menu and how i don't have to think of meal planning. Stirfry tonight was yummy and i didn't even add a sauce/marinade. Man i am tired so off to bed ready for another early cardio session.. Seriously if i wasn't doing this challenge i might have given up already this week but there is NO WAY IN HELL a negative thought has entered my mind. Oh except the scale thing but OVER IT.. 31/07/14 - DAY 4 Exercise : JM Cardio kickboxer dvd (twice) Diet : 100% Maxine's Nutrici Weight : 73.6 (+100g) BUT i have decided to put the scales away after reading a post on the forum by Adam Gee... See i am learning :-) Mindset : upset at the gain on the scales but got over it quickly. After my workout i was ha hap happy YAY Pic 3. Some of my Maxine's. Pic 4. My stirfry dinner (as per the plan)

  • Lyndal Trott
    30 Jul 2014
    9:49 PM

    DAY 3 Finally get a chance to sit down and get on here.. Husband can hardly walk due to his weights session on Monday (probably went to hard as he isn't used to training).. It has been painful (for me) listening to the whinging lol... my eyes are hurting from rolling them so much :-) Then i woke up this morning and BAM i am sore.. That'll teach me.. Anyway i had a good stretch and forgot about the soreness and trained. Did weights session as per plan. Might have to up a few next session which is good. will see how i go :-) Busy day running kids around and prepping meals etc. Early night tonight (if i can get off here).. Woner how all the other challengers are going? bye for now.. 30/7/14 DAY 2 Weight : 73.5kg (-1.6kg since Monday) Exercise : Weights session 1hr Diet : 100% Maxine's nutriction plan Mindset : still the same, COMMITTED AS :-) Pic 1. My fish & vege dinner Pic 2. Had a quick dash to the shop as i had run out of a few things Oh and my measurements.. Hope i did them correctly. Bust 100cm Waist 100cm R thigh 63cm R arm 35.5 (flexed) hahahahaha flexed... R arm 33 (relaxed) Calf R 35cm Hips 107 OMG i am still on here looking at the forums with eyes hanging outta my head... It's getting addictive...

  • Lyndal Trott
    29 Jul 2014
    10:22 AM

    Day 2.. Morning :-) ahhhhhhh had a crappy nights sleep again and pressed snooze when the alarm sounded at 5:30am BUT got up on the next ding ding 8 minutes later.. Cardio this morning. I did a DVD which i have done plenty of times in the past but geez i struggled. It's a mixture of cardio & strength training although no weights. Dear husband came in after his walk and suggested maybe the mix wasnt what i should be doing as yesterday was weights. Now i am a bit confused but hey i burnt 575 cals and i'm pretty happy with that. I have a PT session this afternoon so will ask him what i should do.. Ok i'm back.. Such an idiot i had just written the rest of my blog and didn't save it so here i go again (sounds like my past health/fitness life).. Had a PT session this afternoon. I go once a week for a bit of ME time. I have been doing this for about 6 weeks now before i knew anything about this challenge. Been doing my own stuff also but to be honest my head and heart hasn't been in it so i have just been going through the motions really. I have had an ok diet during the week but geez my weekends were a free for all. Ate and drank anything only to have to start again on Monday so i never got anywhere.. Anyway back to today.. My trainer is a Muay Thai fighter and once i told him i was doing this challenge, it was on. Ha ha. He smashed me today to the point he stopped me after one of my last boxing rounds and said "have a 30sec rest and some water cause your lips are BLUE". WHAT THE HELL??? MY LIPS ARE BLUE??? GEEEEZZZZZ mate, that sounds like a problem lol.. Anyway i survived to tell the tale and will be back for more next week.. That's it for today i am beat.. I did my measurements today but will add tomorrow. 29/07/14 - Day 2 Exercise : Morning - Workout DVD, 55mins 575cals + Afternoon - PT boxing etc 48mins 519 cals Weight : 74.3 (weighed early this morning) Mindset : Tired but committed Diet : 100% Maxine's nutrition plan Pic 1. Todays lunch. 2. Just before PT. 3. Scales late this arvo. 4/5. Some horrid before shots (yuk)... But have to do it..

  • Lyndal Trott
    28 Jul 2014
    10:25 PM

    Wow day 1.. I must say i feel a little wierd writing about my daily life. The last time i did anything like this was writing in my diary as a teenager. I guess the only difference is i am writing about my adult adventures rather than boys and New Kids on the Block :-) A bit about me: * I am a mum with 2 boys (3.5yrs & 2.5yrs). I am 38 & from Perth (originally from NSW). * Before i had kids i lead a pretty healthy and active lifestyle. Worked out alot, lifted weights, loved boxing etc. When my babies came along things just stopped in that respect. I dabelled in it again here and there but just kept/keep falling off the wagon believing i would just give it another crack on Monday... Pppppppfffffftttttt... * 4 yrs ago i was probably in the best shape of my life. I was 62.7kg and training almost every day. I got married, went on a honeymoon, lost my nan that week, then fell pregnant 2 months after... My first boy was born at 32 weeks (2 months early) and that's when the downhill spiral began. Eating at the hospital for 2 months, eating at wierd times, stress eating etc etc. Then it just piled on, fell pregnant when my eldest was 6 months old and the story goes on...... * I am fairly outgoing but the last few months have really knocked me as i just can't stand to look at myself. i have let things get away from me health wise & it's amazing how one aspect of your life can effect the rest of it. In this case NOT in a good way. I hate to admit it but it's hard being a mum when you dislike yourself. It's hard being a wife and friend. I think about my weight every minute of every day and let me say THAT is bloody hard.. My Goals for this challenge: * To get back to my wedding weight (4yrs ago) of 63kg, feel fit and strong again and participate in life. * be a happier mum and wife because i have achieved what i set out to achieve (right now i think i am doing a crappy job at both). * Fit into my size 10 jeans WITHOUT a muffin top (the double choc chip 2000cal kind) :-) * Learn how to stop rewarding/sabotaging myself with food and alcohol just because i have had a good/bad day. That's pretty much it (i think)... Simple goals that will make a huge difference to my life. YAY for simplicity.. How will i get there? * thats pretty simple also (although i am 100% sure it will be tough) did that make sense? I think what i am trying to say is that it is a simple plan but i am sure it will be tough along the way... Follow the Maxine's bible and just go for it... * Get husband on board for support (he is doing the challenge aswell..) * Suck it up princess... Ok enough of the past, let's talk about the future.. DAY 1: Well last night i hardly slept. Not sure if i was nervous or excited? Maybe both? Pretty sure i had butterflies. Hubby is doing the challenge and he had sleep issues also, which trust me,is not like him... #snore We ran through our workout programs last night to ensure we were good to go first thing this morning. We have a gym at home but for the last year and a half it has sat idle in the "gym room".. Well its called the gym room as it has the gym in it BUT really it has been used as a kids play room. NOT ANYMORE.... ATTENTION KIDS.... The jungle gym is now for mummy and daddy and will not be used as a climbing/jumping apparatus.... Alarm sounded at 5:30am, i was awake anyway and off to the newly dusted off gym I went. Did the weights session (took 63 minutes) but i felt a little disappointed as i didn't seem to burn many calories. Polar watch did quit a few times though... Probably didn't"know what had hit it lol. Had my first MAXINE'S shake and really enjoyed it. Had a MAXINE'S choc mint bar yesterday and OMG... Anyway to cut a long day short, ate clean & kept busy with the kids allday. I even had a coffee at a girlfriends place (black) where i was offered some cake to which i replied "no thank you"... I then told her about the challenge and why i was refusing.. They probably won't want to hang out with us for a while lol... All in all it has been a great first day and i am so pumped for the next 12 weeks. I am mindful though that it is only week 1... Better do some measurements tomorrow (if i can move my arms). 28/07/14 - DAY 1 Exercise: 63 minute weights workout (home gym) Weight: 75.1kg Mindset: 100% ready to rock this challenge Diet: 100% Maxine's Nutrition Plan Pictures: 1. Food for my week 2. Lunch today 3&4. My home gym (used today for the first time in FOREVER) 5&6. A lil inspiration on my fridge and in pantry...

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