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157 cm


Tone & Shape - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

Although my weight is ok I would really like to gain some muscle tone, more definition and strength. I am a busy mum that works full time in a stressful job and I thought this challenge would give me the best possible chance of attaining my goals!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I loved the fact that all my workouts and meals had been carefully planned by professionals, clearly set out and easy to follow. I really needed the sort of structure that this Challenge offered. Just being mindful of what I was eating and attending the Gym if I was lucky a few times a week with no real aim other than obtaining a little bit of fitness. This was not working for me and I still had a layer of annoying body fat and very little muscle definition.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

In the beginning the hardest thing about the Challenge for me was changing my normal everyday routine. Starting the day with household chores, getting kids ready and out the door to school, a challenging full time job, after school sport / dancing commitments, getting dinner ready and then finally rewarding myself with a couple of glasses of wine and settling back on the lounge feeling exhausted!! My excuse in my mind was always that I was time poor and I knew had to change that attitude quick smart!!

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The Challenge has really made me think about how entrenched bad habits can become, especially after you have kids and are trying to juggle many jobs all at once. You are tired and stressed, you become overwhelmed and make bad choices just to make yourself feel a little better. Once I started the Challenge the earlier part of my day did not change greatly, but with weekend food preparation for my daughter and myself and my supportive husband’s assistance to get his and our sons dinner organised during the week. I was able to head off to the Gym between 7 & 9pm and I no longer need that glass of wine to unwind! I feel fitter and stronger both mentally and Physically than I have ever been and my skin tone has greatly improved.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

If you are looking to improve the way you look physically, the way you feel mentally or what food to eat, then this challenge will completely change your life! You definitely will not be disappointed. Just trust in the plan, make use of the wonderful support, assistance, & advice that the Challenge team and ambassador's give and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I started this journey with my daughter but unfortunately with the added stress of Year 11 final exams and starting year 12, she was unable to completely commit to the training side of the Challenge at this time, but has stayed on track with me with nutrition! In completing this challenge I have managed to lose that stubborn layer of body fat and have made a good start on building the muscle tone that I was seeking. I am now excited to take the next step with the "get Strong" program next challenge.


  • Melissa Erken
    7 Dec 2017
    3:32 PM

    Wow what a week!! was blown away that I actually made the Top 50 Yesterday. Super proud of myself and the effort I put in to achieve what I set out to do, had been rewarded. But then when I found out that I made the Top 10 today!!!! I actually was overwhelmed and a little teary. Super excited to be able to meet all the other Challengers and swap stories.

  • Melissa Erken
    28 Nov 2017
    11:00 PM

    So happy to have been able to say that I have finished the Challenge and proud that I have achieved the original goal that I set myself and several new ones along the way. Completing this has given me the inspiration to keep going now and move to the next level. A very big thankyou Maxine's x

  • Melissa Erken
    24 Nov 2017
    6:16 PM
  • Melissa Erken
    24 Nov 2017
    6:10 PM

    Almost there!! Did some extra Leg exercises with this mornings workout, not normally at the gym at this time and had my pick of machines. Tan done this afternoon ready for my photos tomorrow afternoon. Still got a cardio session to do in the morning and then my upper workout. A bit of belly bloating today so hopefully I will be all good for my final photo's tomorrow. Super excited to see other challengers final results, as I know that from reading others blogs all the effort they have put in! Good luck everyone x

  • Melissa Erken
    21 Nov 2017
    10:50 PM

    Week 12 Already!! So proud of myself that I have stayed completely on track with training and nutrition. When I set out on this journey I doubted that I would be able to make the Gym every day, nor be able to not have my regular glass of wine after a long day. But I have succeeded in changing this bad habit and I don't intend to go back now! As I feel fantastic...thanks Maxine Challenge😁💪🏻

  • Melissa Erken
    14 Nov 2017
    10:44 PM

    My back injury has cleared up nicely and with my physio and the Maxine teams advice, I managed to get through My Legs A squats on Monday night with a lighter weight and intense concentration on my form. To my surprise no pain afterwards, stretched out nicely and I felt really good! Saw physio again today and all good she just had to iron out a few kinks in my upper back as a little tense😁. On the final run to the end now 💪🏻

  • Melissa Erken
    9 Nov 2017
    6:04 PM


  • Melissa Erken
    9 Nov 2017
    6:03 PM

    When I started this challenge I didn't in my wildest dreams think that I would be do depressed missing a training day. But sadly I had no choice Tuesday night☹️. Managed to get to the Gym again Wednesday morning and did an uphill walk on the treadmill for 1/2 hour which loosened me up and then did my chest & back workout that I missed on tues. Unfortunately i am still really stiff on my lower RHS back and basically lying in bed and sitting down is the most painful. Back at the physio this afternoon a little more manipulation but still not 100%. She has ruled out my legs workout for today so I am going to do the uphill walk again and the other upper workout instead. Hopefully will be able to complete a modified legs workout in next couple of days and my other cardio workouts! Can't even imagine doing a burpee at the moment, so 🤞 The lesson learnt is never to let anyone pressure me to rush through my workouts ever again🤔

  • Melissa Erken
    7 Nov 2017
    6:46 PM

    So a Slight hiccup! I pushed a little to hard and lost some form last night doing my legs workout and now my back has ceased up on one side. The Physio has loosened a little this afternoon and taped up but still very stiff. Unable to move this morning so cardio was out of question. Not supposed to go to gym tonight but don't want to miss it! 🤔

  • Melissa Erken
    29 Oct 2017
    10:59 PM


    Mid Week 8 has been the first week that I felt a little flat in the challenge. But I went back and spent an hour or so just reading all the previous challengers Journals and felt better, I really just needed a little reassurance that how I was feeling was ok...So by breakfast was back in the challenge mindset and had a strong end to the week Yay!! Looking forward to these last 4 weeks and hoping for some more muscle definition.

  • Melissa Erken
    22 Oct 2017
    10:19 PM

    Had a busy finish to week 7. A Charity Zumba class at my sons school was not only a lot of fun but a great cardio workout too!! Sat morning 1/2 hr ABT class rolled by 45min Fightfit, then home to do some housework. Gym again in the afternoon to do my Shoulders,Arm & Abs workout. Out Sat night for a 40th birthday. Finger food was served and luckily there were a few challenge approved items that I could eat as I was famished. I had initially thought that I would allow myself a glass of wine at this outing, but decided to stick to sparkling water!!!stayed strong💪🏻. Today did an hour Pilates class and then did my conditioning workout. Grocery shopping after Gym and then spent the afternoon cooking and prepping this weeks food😀Week 8 seems to have arrived so quickly! Looking to push my weights up this week and I am going to treat myself to a good remedial massage.

  • Melissa Erken
    11 Oct 2017
    9:59 PM

    Missed the am Cardio yesterday due to meeting at the office. But had a great Chest,Back & Abs workout last night and then finished with quick cardio. Today missed my normal Hiit class so did a 30min Rev class, was absolutely saturated and then a 30min Abs class to finish off! Feeling really good and the food is not a problem at all! Have been upping my weights every session , but I would really like to push up my weights even more and really try and do some extra cardio if I can for the back end of the challenge.

  • Melissa Erken
    6 Oct 2017
    9:49 PM

    Feeling a bit tired tonight! But I really want to get an extra cardio workout in before bed, so I am going to push through and get it done! Looking forward to the new Saturday workout 'shoulders, abs and arm's' tomorrow.

  • Melissa Erken
    1 Oct 2017
    9:43 PM

    My Week 4 Check in: Weight 53kg. The photo doesn't show much change yet! But I know I have lost a little bit of body fat that has been sitting around my hips and over my Ab's but will really need to work hard to build up those ab muscles to distract from the stretched lose skin I have here. My Legs don't really show any change yet with regards to Muscle tone, but I am definitely much stronger and fitter now than 4 weeks ago. My whole mindset has changed with regards to working out and now I look forward to fitting the weights and extra cardio into my schedule even if it is after 7.30 at night. Previously I would have sat on the lounge and consumed a couple of glasses of Red wine after a full on stressful day at work, getting dinner ready, washing, cleaning and organising the kids before and after school. My husband is proud of my commitment and so am I. Just have to ensure that I can get my daughter back on track with the challenge now that her Year 11 exams are over....So bring on weeks 5-8 I am ready to continue this Challenge and determined to get the results I want!!

  • Melissa Erken
    18 Sep 2017
    11:38 PM

    Can't believe it's week 3 already! I have been working really hard and trying to fit in as many work outs as I can and am definately feeling much stronger💪🏻.. Physically and mentally. Can't wait to see if I can tone these shapeless legs of mine and get my abs back. Tried a few new food options this week just to add some variety and the turkey muffins were a winner, very tasty. So flat out at work at the moment but will try and blog a bit more regularly after this week.

  • Melissa Erken
    11 Sep 2017
    12:21 AM

    Week 1 is done! Although a little tired & sore I am feeling good, Considering I was sick for 5 weeks prior to the challenge starting. Food is good and I have been trying to prep as much food as possible for my daughter (also doing the challenge) and myself. My main concern was always how I was going to fit in the additional workouts but with a little juggling of my daily schedule I have managed to fit in the extra gym visits I needed to do, so really pleased. Bring on week 2.💪🏻

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