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165 cm


Tone & Shape - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

So technically this is my third time accepting the challenge and also the most unfit I have ever been in my life. This needs to change!!

I have always been an active person and I have a big passion for Pole Dancing which led me into weight training.

I fell pregnant with twins November 2014 which was a very planned pregnancy however twins were not planned and the complications that followed with such a high risk pregnancy. I had to cease all sorts of exercise when I fell pregnant which was hard for me but as my dr said its just not worth it (in my case anyways).
At 19 weeks I went into labour and was on strict hospital bed rest for 12 weeks (A lot more to this story but details are not necessary for why I am participating into this challenge) . During those bed rest days I was loosing weight which was actually all my muscles melting away. I weighed 62kg at the end of my pregnancy which is what I am starting off this challenge with.

Fast forward my bed rest days and a great milestone I made it to 30 weeks pregnant when I went into labour and had my twins via an emergency cesarean. The spent the next 2 months in NICU and SCN where I was torn between being home and recovering from being vertical for 12 weeks with no muscles as well as the C-section recovery and also being there for both my babies who I couldn't even hold daily due to them being on breathing machines and UV lights with unstable body temperatures.
My two adorable girls named Sophie and Scarlett are healthy thriving almost two year olds!

Having kids is hard and having premmie twins has been a roller coaster and ive been very blessed with all the love and support of my family and friends. Without them I probably wouldn't be here telling this story I would be struggling and hiding from the world.

So here I am third time lucky and this challenge is all about me!! No more eating my kids left overs lunch for my breakfast and living off coffee in the day and wine to relax at night.

My amazing supportive husband is going to be right by my side this whole challenge to help me with meal prep and motivate me to go to the gym and smash my goals. Especially on the cold winter mornings that are around the corner!

I cannot wait to see what the next 12 weeks brings and beyond because this is only the beginning!!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The most I liked about the Challenge was the results! I noticed them right away. Not just physically but mentally. It was so easy to follow, there was no over thinking what to do but trust the process and the rest speaks for itself. I love how I could document my journey via IG and connect with current, past and present challengers to keep eachother accountable and motivated. The drive they gave me especially in hard times was fantastic.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest part of the challenge was being surrounded by temptation and foods that were not challenge approved. As much as I tried to ensure the family were eating the same meals as me, my young twin toddlers and darling husband were a little bit bored of my meals. Week 4-8 I used the alternate menu and they were back with me for my dinners but again that didnt last long. So ensuring I stayed on track I would cook the family dinner, feed my twins and smell their food to keep me sane and then once they were done I cooked up my dinner and lunch for the next day. Of course then they decided to want to try my food and I really didnt want to share by that time of the night! Birthdays, social events, dinners, funerals, you name it, I had to be super prepared and organised to ensure I had my meals so I didnt get caught out and tempted to take the easy way out and get take out. Waking up super early to train wasnt easy either but it was the only time that suited my family/work life. Being winter it was freezing so that didnt even stop me. I was involved in a car accident on my way to work (not my fault and no injuries thank goodness) and sadly the worst part of my day was it was eggs day and my eggs went cold!

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I am holding back tears trying to not get emotional writing this but I havent felt this amazing in so long. Physically the changes are obvious and I have had SO many people reach out to me praising me or asking me for fitness advice its overwhelming in an amazing way. I feel alive again! I have a fire in me that was always there but it needed to be lit and thanks to the challenge it has done that. I was afraid of it finishing as I wasnt ready to face the world alone and revert back to my old ways but its done the opposite. Ive stayed strong and true and it just proves how much I have changed mentally. Our pantry in the house is full of healthy choices and my girls and husband arent eating any processed foods anymore. Yes they have the occasional take out and I joined them especially when we were on holidays but I was lucky enough to be able to order food that was challenge approved. The difference was I didnt have an entree, main and dessert, before dinner bread or 5 glasses of wine. I have blown myself away with how strong I am mentally more than physically as thats what needed to change the most.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Ive already started to tell them, if they are thinking about it, DO IT! I could speak from expereince as ive done it three times and this is the first time i finished it. First time I gave up week 6, second time week 4 and well I hit rock bottom and thought nope I need to do it again and finish what I start. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to get back up to the top and if you want to transform your body and mind this is the place to start. Being told I am an inspiration to them has driven me to help them and I hope they accept the challenge and not look back.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Thank you to all the amazing Coaches who have taken time out of their lives to help us. I had some dark times on this challnege and never went a day without craving "bad" foods and someone was always able to bring me back up and remind me why I started this Challenge. The supps are AMAZING such great flavours. The recipes and alternate menu is fantastic. Only feedback I have for that, the beef winter soup for eg, when you cook the mince I found it near impossible to portion out once you have cooked everything up it was hard to know how much beef went into each dish but I wasnt too fussed for a couple of portions to eat but then went back to single serve meals so I could ensure I ate the correct amount of food. Its been a pleasure. Thank you for transforming me I truly am blessed.


  • Monica Hyne
    19 Jun 2017
    7:38 PM


    Where do I begin?? I wanted to post s journal weekly and haven't been able to but have kept it up on Instagram!! I have been through a lot lately!! My family and I losses our grandma (the twins great grandma) and it's been horrible! The last two months in general have been hard on all but we are still pushing through and smashing goals! I know how proud my grandma would be right now! Just after I started feeling ok BAM hit with tonsillitis and out of action for two solid days which is pretty good considering how sick I was!!! And now my next challenge, I start back at work tomorrow after almost two years off! I'm super nervous and excited!!! No matter what life has thrown at me I have not caved to all the physical and emotional urges that I usually would of! I'm feeling so fit and strong and motivated!! Starting week 5 using alternate menu to spice up my meals and it's amazing!!! Protein cookies, beef and winte Soup, stew, stir fry you name it!!! Let's see how week five treats me!!! I need some stability and positive vibes!!

    15 Burpees
    20 Push Ups
    40 Crunches
    20 Alternate Lunges
    1 Plank
    20 Jump Squats
  • Monica Hyne
    28 May 2017
    9:29 PM

    Week one down!!! I have been on target with my nutrition and exercising I'm extremely proud of myself! I've been tempted beyond measure and when I prepare my meals for the family they smell Devine but I have incorporated herbs and spices to my meals and they are super tasty!!! Looking forward to week two where my twins turn 2!!! No cake for this mummy 😭 But I'll bake it and ensure everyone else has a slice hehe

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